I know two episodes back to back what is he thinking. No doubt people are going to gte confused with this one but read it though I think things will make sense. I have been pondering with the what if ideas and wanted to see how it would play out. I hope you enjoy. Ok now the boring stuff This is Fiction I do not know any of the celebrities or any of there sexual orientations if this offends anyone don't read it.

"Sweetie is Charlie around" I pushed my head through the kitchen door checking for Charlie. Trying to hide the fact that I had most of his Christmas gifts in my hands.

"What Caleb? What's going on?"

"I got the Christmas gifts with me. Is Charlie around?"

"Nope he is at mom's today so get in here and put those bags down so I can ravage you" Kevin pulled me to him crushing myself against him. Pushing his lips to mine he invaded my mouth. I lost my self in the moment letting some of the bags fall to the floor. Kevin pulled away smirking at me. "I hope you didn't break anything?"

"Maybe the x-box but I can also blame that on daddy."

"Oh I see how it is I give you some loving and your going to rat me out to our son"

"When it comes to Christmas and especially a certain x-box that our son has hounded us for the last 8 months .You bet your sweet tight ass I will." Charlie was an awesome kid. Kevin and I adopted him when he was two. It took some wheeling and dealing on behalf of lawyers to allow two openly gay men adopt. Yeah Kevin was open from day one about being Gay and we have been together going on about 15 years and still not married but hey that's another story. I never thought I would settle in Kentucky but I couldn't leave after I met Kevin all those years ago. It like home base for us.

"Oh you think I have a sweet ass huh. Even after all these years?"

"Oh yeah baby it's the only reason I married you"

"Huh I thought it was because you loved me?"

"Well that too, but mostly its about your ass." Kevin swatted at me before reaching down and searching through the bags.

"I swear you are worse then Charlie. If you are looking for anything for you then your looking in the wrong place."

"Wow Caleb you got him all the accessories for the x-box and these cool games" I swear Kevin's eyes lit up. "I thought that Nick was the big gamer in the group"

"No man toys are always cool."

"Yeah well remember this for Charlie not you." I said pulling the bag with x-box away from him.

"Oh sweetie"

"Don't sweetie me you have only a week left and then you can play with it. Are Nick and Brian coming over for the holidays."

"Well Brian will, not sure about Nick I invited him but he might want to spend time with the family and his new girlfriend. What about Melissa will she be here?"

"Yeah she will be here taking some time from law school apparently she is bringing a date some new guy she has been seeing. She said its someone that you would have something in common with. I hope she didn't pick herself up a singer. I mean that is so passť."

" Ha, ha. Keep it up chuckles and someone else might be passť. I hope she found the one this time."

"Yeah I guess but I doubt it."

"You won't like anyone that she brings home and you know it."

"Your wrong I mean why couldn't she like date someone like Nick?"

"You know the answer to that. Nick said it would feel like he was dating his sister since we were like fathers to him growing up."

"Oh well you can always wonder what if?"

"I know a shame that huh."

"So you guys don't have anything planned this week right?."

"No Caleb we have the whole month off. Everything I planned for the move to NY after Christmas and I plan on spending the holidays with my man"

"Are you disappointed your not going to be touring for a while.?" I said sitting down on Kevin's lap.

"Not at all I am going to enjoy the break besides I get a chance to do Broadway and that is amazing. We all need this break it's a long time coming. And I get to spend time with my honey and my son. How about you. You excited about your stint on TV."

"Oh I am stressed I can't believe I let Kelly talk me into this. Its kind of eerie you know. seeing I'm trying to fill in Regis's shoes."

"Any word on how he's doing?"

"They say he is recovering but its going to take a while it was a pretty bad stroke."

"I'm sure he will do well and besides he will be back. remember your just covering so don't feel bad. Maybe you will get the acting bug and come on Broadway with me. We can have hot sex scenes on stage." He wiggled his eyebrows

I laughed. " I love you Kevin Richardson"

"I love you Caleb Richardson as well"

"So the whole family is coming this year." I cringed. I mean I love Kevin's Family they are all great and really accepted Kevin and mine's relationship but when they get all together they can be really intense. "Are you sure it is our turn?"

"Yes sweetie it's our turn besides mom and the family love you I don't understand why you get nervous about this. In my mothers eyes you walk on water."

"Well the feeling is mutual cause I think her son does as well."

"Well thank you. I think someone is looking for a little afternoon delight."

"Oh I think you called that one wrong." I laughed getting up and grabbing the bags and pulling them down to the bedroom. "Kevin give me a hand" I hollered

"Why are you yelling" I jumped as Kevin grabbed me from behind. I turned around holding my chest " Dam it you scared the shit out of me" I laughed . "I didn't realize you followed me."

"Oh course I followed you to the bedroom." He grinned and winked at me as he continued to try and pull me towards him.

"Well someone is horny today"

"Of course we have the whole house to ourselves and we don't have to be quiet."

"Tell you what leave me to put away these things and you call your mom she if she minds having her grandchild for the night and we can make a night of it." Before I knew it Kevin was out the door. Dam that was fast, at this rate he will be back and all over me. I better get these bags away. I opened the closet door and pulled down the ladder to the attic and climbed the ladder dragging the bags with me and placed them upstairs.

"Caleb? Caleb where are you?"

"Up here Kevin." I yelled as I started my way down the ladder. Before I could get halfway down the ladder I felt a pair of hands grab my waist and pull me back at first I was startled and gripped the ladder harder. When I realized Kevin had a secure hold I let go and he pulled me into his arms before turning around and bringing me over to the bed where he dumped me. I looked up to see Kevin pulling his sweater over his head. His jeans were already half unbuttoned. He looked at me and smirked as he gently rubbed his hands over his tight six pack and gently pushed the jeans passed his hips and they fell to the floor. He stood over me pulling at his dick with one had and gently flicking his nipple with the other. "I think you're a bit over dressed honey. I really don't want me to be naked alone." I was still staring, Kevin was a site to behold but when he was horny and being seductive he was down right gorgeous. I gulped and licked my lips. I could feel my pants becoming quite tight and I reached down to make myself more comfortable and adjusted my crotch.

"Hmm I see you like what your seeing. Let me see you. Let me see your hot body." Kevin continued to stroke and caress his body as he stared at my crotch. I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up and over my shoulders. Tossing it the floor I slowly moved my hands over my abdomen and chest before undoing the first two buttons of my jeans. Kevin was staring intently at me unblinking unmoving except for his hand.

"You like what you see?" I asked. He just licked is lips and made a low sound that reminded me of a growl. I smirked before I put my hands to my lips and pushed down my pants and underwear. Then falling back on the bed I kicked off the clothes to the floor and placed my hands behind my head. Relaxing I said " What are you waiting for?" Before I even finished my question Kevin was over me grinding his body against mine. It seemed like his hands were everywhere I relished the feelings of having Kevin touching me as I always had. I reached up and pulled his lips to mine and began exploring his mouth all the while pushing my self up against him as if I was trying to merge with him. The sweat of our bodies was covering me. Causing me to slide underneath. Reached between us and grabbed m dick and massaged and rubbed it making it harder then I thought was possible. I had one all consuming idea on my mind.

"Kevin, now I want you now. I want you inside me."

"huh baby your sure you want me inside you."

"Yes Now." I pulled his mouth to mine and crushed our lips together I was focused on trying to devour him. He was not to be distracted and before I knew it my legs were up over his shoulder and he was sliding into me. "Oh my god"

Kevin quickly began pumping into me this was not about love making this was about pure lust and need something we both needed. We could spend all night with the slow passionate love making now was about fucking.

"Dam it Caleb you are so tight I love this hot ass of yours." He slapped my ass he fucked me. Kevin had this wild look in his eyes and I knew it wouldn't take long now. The faster he plowed the more he rubbed against my prostate sending me over the edge I was leaking precum. "Oh God Kevin that's it harder faster fuck me baby. I want it all"

"Oh your going to get it" He picked up speed plowing into me faster. I could see the sweat running down his face which was becoming hard and contorted that was a sure sign Kevin was close. I threw my head back and enjoyed the sensations that seemed to be traveling up my entire body. My balls pulled tight I knew I was close to coming. I could feel it and couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh god Kevin" I screamed out. As I came all over my chest.

"Caleb oh fuck "I could feel Kevin cuming inside me his body tensed and shook until he collapse on top of me. Oh this was definitely going to be a good night hopefully more then just once.

Christmas eve

"YOUR WHAT!!! Kevin Get me my GUN!" The house was packed with all of our relatives there is no doubt everyone heard me but I didn't care.

"Caleb you don't own a gun"

"Don't argue with me Mr. Man you just get me one. I am going to kill this... this... this."

"Calm Down your going to have a stroke."

"Yes Caleb relax. This is about me and Joey we both did this you know it takes two to have a baby."

"but your not even married and how long have you been dating."

"We have been dating for 7 months and this wasn't planned but it is going to happen whether you like it or not and would appreciate you not yelling at me and being happy your going to be a grandfather." I could hear Kevin start to giggle.

"Don't you start Mr. Man this is not funny and besides that makes you a grandfather as well." The entire time Melissa's new boyfriend was sitting there looking terrified. Good I wanted to instill fear in him. I looked to his friend he brought with him apparently he was planning on hanging with Joey, something about his family not being pleased with a gay son. So of course Melissa insisted he come.

"Melissa I just don't know how you... What about school? Have you thought of that a child is not going to be easy to raise and still go to school. What about you young man? you going to be stand up guys and be around for this child of yours?"

"Yes Sir I will. I take this responsibility seriously. And beg your pardon nothing you would do could compare to what my mother would do to me if I ever turned my back on my child."

"I'm glad to hear that. You singers are a fickle bunch. I turned to walk out of the room.

"Hey you. You better watch it or this singer will be kicking you butt to the couch tonight" Kevin laughed hoping to lighten the mood. Melissa didn't say anything I guess she knew not to say anything yet.

"Imagine a daughter of mine dating N sync. The competition." I was mumbling to my self as I left to enter into the living room to see what my son was up to and check on the rest of the guests. Entering the living room I could see all of the family watching me obviously they knew what was going on I could tell by the looks on their faces.

"Daddy why are you yelling?" I scooped Charlie up in my arms and put on my best smile.

"Daddy was a little upset but I'm better now. I see you have your pajamas on. You ready for Santa clause?"


"Ok did you get cookies and milk for him?"

"Nope not yet, can we put out carrots for the reindeer too?"

"Yep you go get your father to help you get it ready." I put him back down on the floor he was getting heavy. Either that or I'm getting old." Watching him run out into the kitchen I had to smile this is what Christmas is all about. I sat down on the couch next to Anne as Lance walked into the living room. He looked kind of nervous like I was going to attack him. "Its ok Lance I'm not going to bite your head off. I Hope you are going to enjoy yourself this holiday despite me."

"Its cool but if I can just say something on Joey's defense."

I nodded begrudgingly

"Ok well he is a really good guy and very responsible and he takes this situation seriously. He is not going to bale and he will be a good father. I know you don't know either of us but I just needed to say it so its out there."

"I appreciate that Lance I can see that you are good friend Joey is lucky. Its going to take me a while I wasn't expecting this. I will need time to think about it."

"Hey that's cool I'm sorry to get involved I know its none of my business but I thought someone should stand up for Joey."

"That very Admirable young man. I'm Anne Kevin and Caleb's Mom. So tell me why are you spending the holidays here and not at home with your parents I'm sure they miss you." The look on his face said everything I didn't have a chance to warn Anne I thought his heart was breaking but he kept a tight smile on his face as if desperately holding back the tears.

"Well I was supposed to spend it with Joey and his family. My parents didn't take it well that I was gay they disowned me and don't want anything to do with me unless as they put it I reorient."

Anne got up and pulled Lance into a hug and gave him a kiss on the forehead." You can always come here."

"Thank You Mame I appreciate it. I am looking forward to Christmas it looks like it's going to be fun. I never had and younger brothers around and its going to be cool to see it through Charlie's eyes."

"Yeah its all about him its pretty cool seeing him getting so excited, But Kevin is worse he is the biggest kid here."

"How so?" Before I got a chance to say anything. Kevin came bounding in the room with milk and cookies for Santa and a couple of carrots for the reindeer. "Ok Chuck where we going put out Santa treats."

"By the fireplace of course Papa cause Santa has to see them right away." Charlie had his hands on his hips

Kevin slapped his forehead "Duh.. Your dad forgot"

"Your silly Papa" Charlie laughed as he crawled up into my lap and yawned. "I'm tired daddy."

"Ok buddy I guess its your time to go to bed. Santa will be here in the morning. Say goodnight to everyone."

He slid off my lap and ran to give Anne a hug . "Night Grandma"

"Night sweetheart."

"Don't forget me." Came the voice from the hallway. Charlie turned and ran toward Melissa. And stopped.

"What no hug?"

"Is it ok, I'm not going to hurt the baby in your belly."

"No sweetie he likes hugs to."

Charlie gave Mel a hug and then gave her belly a hug . "That's for the baby. I want a little brother to play with he stated matter of factly."

"Well I'll see what I can do " Melissa laughed I could still feel my face red hot I just ddn't want to imagine here having sex.

"So you going be my uncle?" Charlie was looking at Joey. Who had the decency to blush and pull at his collar. Lance giggled I turned and looked at him and he stopped and turned red . I just smiled at him. I thought it was cute.

"Um yeah I guess I am would you like that?"

"I guess as long as I don't have to listen to your CD's. Papa makes better CD's" Kevin and I started to laugh.

"That's my boy" Kevin said as he grabbed Charlie and started down to the bedroom with him "Come on little man time to go so Santa can come"

"You coming daddy?"

"yeah buddy I'm following." I jumped up excusing my self and followed Kevin and Charlie. Well it wasn't to bad getting him to bed he was really anxious but he wanted to close his eyes so Santa would come. It only took us a couple of reassurances that we would try and catch pictures of Santa. So we decided that Kevin would dress up as Santa and I would get pictures of him putting presents under the tree. I was the last to leave and closed the door I let Kevin cop a feel of my ass I stood there listening to Charlie's room.

"Santa's need to get ready and stop being a horny boy"

"Oh really did you ever fantasize about kissing Santa clause under the tree."

"No I didn't so go get ready I'm going to get the gifts. Going into the hall closet I started pulling out some presents . "Can I help?" I was startles an dumped. Back

"Oh sorry didn't mean to scare you I was just coming back from the bathroom and saw you thought you might need some help. Where's Kevin?"

"Oh getting dressed as Santa Claus. We told Charlie we would try and catch a picture of Santa cause he is starting to doubt."

"Oh that's sweet and I bet Kevin is going to look hot as Santa ." Lance winked and smiled at me.

"All right buddy you keep your hands off ok."

"Ok, ok sorry." he smiled and grabbed some of the packages taking in them down. Someone must be playing the stereo. I hope they don't wake up Charlie. And what are they listening to it doesn't sound like Christmas music. Some kind of pop music. I know I have heard the song before.

"I hope they don't wake Charlie up with that music." Lance just stared at me but didn't say anything as we continued to lug gifts into the family room.

"Hey Sweetie where my son?"

"He's getting into the mood?" Melissa and Joey just looked perplexed that was short lived because Kevin came out half dressed. "Hey I need help with the hair and beard sweetie."

"Oh come hear I swear you are helpless at times." I laughed pulling the wig and sitting it on his head.

"You know so was his father."


"Shush honey. Listen to your mother. Ok where's the beard at?"

"Oh hear it is " Lance passed it to me

"Cool thanks I grabbed the beard and pulled it back over Kevin ears and attached the back snaps together of course doing that meant I had to pulled Kevin close to me which was also right in my book. "I think your getting frisky with Santa there young man" Kevin let out a belly laugh trying to intimidate Santa. I leaned forward and whispered into his era. Wait till later and save the costume. I show Santa a real bad boy." Pulling back I could see the redness in Kevin's face.

"Ok guys get out of the way ok Kevin lets start putting the gifts under the trees I got the camera ready."

"This is pretty cool you guys are doing this for Charlie. Did your parents do this for you?" Joey asked.

Kevin replied first "not this but Santa was around every Christmas usually friends of dads I believe right mom?

"Yeah for years it was uncle Harold and then Your dad would play Santa for Brian"

"Wow I never knew."

"That was the point sweetheart. Besides I think its great you seem to have taken up after your father." Kevin blushed a little and gave me a peck on the cheek then laughed a hearty ho ho ho. "I believe I have gifts to deliver he laughed and started putting gifts under the tree we all moved out of the way and snapped a few pictures. I could hear that music again I know I know that song its familiar wait sounds like Lance is singing. I sat down and turned to Lance "Hey Lance what is that your singing?"

He looked at me with this weird expression "What song"

"The song your singing"

"I'm not singing anything" and just stared at me. I felt a headache coming on so I just rested my head back and closed my eyes I could hear the music louder now and clearer it was Lance singing I could make out the words but they didn't sound like they were coming form the room.

I saw fireworks from the freeway and behind closed eyes I cannot make them go away Cause you were born on the fourth of July, freedom ring now something on the surface it stings that something on the surface it kind of makes me nervous who says that you deserve this and what kind of god would serve this? We will cure this dirty old disease if you've got the poison I've got the remedy

It was so hard to open my eyes I didn't know why I felt even more tired but o wanted to know what was going on things never made much sense my head was clearing a little I opened m eyes and things were blurry but the room slowly came into focus this wasn't the living room wait I needed to focus more I turned to the direction of the sound and saw him My James that it James I saw him singing he looked great.

The remedy is the experience. It is a dangerous liaison I say the comedy is that its serious. Which is a strange enough new play on words I say the tragedy is how you're going to spend the rest of your nights with the light on So shine the light on all of your friends because it all amounts to nothing in the end.

James was so hot looking but where was I. Looking at my arms I saw tubes and such dam was I in the hospital. I tried to croaked out something my voice was ragged.

"DAD!" I turned and saw Jake and Justin sitting there watching me both had huge smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes.

"Dad your awake that's so great he picked up his cell phone and started dialing quickly shaking the entire time.

"HE"S AWAKE tell dad to get over here he woke up watching dad sing hurry."


The remedy by Jasan Mraz and the matrix