Yeah, I know it has been a while, been busy with moving again and then getting my computer up to date. Just enjoying living in the desert, and all that lovely heat :). OK getting to the important stuff. THIS IS FICTION. I don't know Britney Spears BSB N'Sync, or anyone associated with the groups. I don't know about there sexual orientation as well nor do I care. Feel free to contact me, here's mye-mail

"Yaehhh" Jake screamed . Everyone at the table was sitting there laughing.

"Well I guess that is settled, then I take it Jake is Happy"

"So Lance what's it feel like to be a Daddy" Josh laughed patting him on the shoulder

"I'm not a daddy I'm an uncle"

"You don't want to be my daddy" Jake asked starting to pout his lip started to tremble

"Oh no Jake it not that I would love to be your daddy" James looked up to me pathetically. I think his heart was breaking and he didn't want to do. I looked to Mary but she just looked back at me.

"You need to deal with this, you need to learn boy" and she turned and walked away. Great I wasn't going to get any help from Mary but I don't blame here she is right James and I will have to deal with this.


"Yes Uncle Jacob, You know that James and I would love to be your daddies, but we don't want to take your Mommy and Daddy's place."

"How can you take their place , they are Mommy and Daddy"



"Come on guys you have to come up with a better answer then that"

"Come here Jake" Josh said pulling Jake off of James' lap. Which I quickly took back up again.

"Jake was lighter" James laughed.

"Well you better remember that tonight" I didn't give James time to say anything I just placed my finger to his lips to silence him as I wanted to hear what Josh was going to say.

"First Jake do you know what respect means"

"Yes, Nanny taught me, she says it's to be nice and polite to someone even if you don't know them cause it's the right thing to do"

"Yes that is very good. Ok Jake, I know Lance and Caleb would like to be your daddy's but they are just a little scared that they might not be respecting your mom and dad."

Jake looked a little confused and was staring at Josh with wide eyes. "Um what is wrong Jake do you understand what I am saying"

"Um yes...but who is Caleb?"

We all laughed at the look on Josh's face it appears he wasn't expecting that and he was stumped as to what to say.

"Jake, he's talking about me my name is Caleb"

"But your Uncle Jacob"

"Yes but I have two names like you, my friends here call me Caleb."

"Do I have to call you Caleb"

"No you can call me Jacob its ok ? So do you understand know."

"Yes I think so, I still coming to live with you and Uncle Lance right"

"Yes you are still going to live with us."

"Good I like that. Where did Nanny go?"

"Over there look she's with Uncle Nick and Melissa, go on over and tell her the good news."

"Ok I will " he gets up off Josh's lap and runs over to his grandmother with a lot of energy. "You know I don't think we will get that grin of his face ever" Howie said

"Your right, but it's worth it."

"I don't think were going to get the happy look off of Lance's face" Josh said I looked down and saw the look on his face of sheer contentment. It was very inspiring to see.

"So, why the smile Mr. Bass?"

"Well I am going to have a family" he said smiling

"I just smiled and kissed his nose. " You deserve it as well.

"We honey are going to have a very busy month" I can see Melissa making here way over I guess Jake spilled the beans I laughed as I watched her approach with a big smile being pulled by Jake towards. Our life was definitely going to get hectic the next month. Even so I was looking forward to it. Looking forward to it with vigor.

"Hello Jason, we are here to see Marc I think that he is expecting us."

"Oh God Caleb" Jason responded he was in his mid Twenties and Marc's receptionist, very young but very much Marc's Type Caleb smiled inwardly Jason still hadn't changed as he held on him and shed a few tears.

"Hey Jason I know its ok . Stop crying but its ok I'm back"

"Sorry " Jason wiped at his eyes and pressed the intercom button. "Marc, Caleb Sark is here to see you and I cleared your appointments as you asked"

The door to Marc's Office burst open and Marc stood there staring out at me and James. Not really saying anything. Jason stood behind them smiling at the entire scene.

"Well Marc no hug for your old friend who has returned from the grave. Caleb held out his hands and smiled. Marc moved quickly and grabbed Caleb holding him in the air and spinning him around. I can't believe it that it's you, I thought I was looking at a ghost."

"No ghost Marc he is real" James spoke.

"I can see this come in since I heard the news on TV. I started pulling the paperwork together for your return."

"I knew I made the right choice with you as my attorney you are so efficient"

"Well what can I say, Come in to my office sit down. You said you had other issues you wanted to take care of . Jason, get us some coffee and join us inside"

Jason made his way to fetch the coffee. Caleb was walking into Marc's Office with him and quietly spoke. "So how are you, staying out of trouble"

"Jason is keeping me in line." Marc blushed Caleb laughed at this what most didn't know was that even though Jason was his receptionist. It was Jason who ruled the roost at home. Caleb never got the intimate details but he could infer that Marc and Jason relationship wasn't that mainstream, many may think that they are kinky. Caleb didn't acre he thought they worked well.

"So Caleb what exactly can I do for you and Lance"

"Well, one thing is that James and I are getting married in a month. I understand it's not legal in Florida but I wanted you to draft some domestic partnership agreements if you could. We could file everything through Vermont. I do believe that I still have a residence there. As well since I am not dead what do I need to do to get everything back to normal my Social security , etc.. I also need to get in touch with my Insurance company the money received from the policy will have to be returned."

"He-he, Is that all you need done. And Congratulations Caleb I am glad you and James are getting married. AS far as the Insurance Company I have contacted them they will be getting in touch and have some documents for you to sign. AS far as declaring you alive I have already begun initiating the various documents. To get your assets back in your possession. It's really not that difficult while your executors did their jobs well, your will was still in probate due to the fact that no body was recovered. Another month and the process would have been difficult. You will have to go directly to the bank to fix up your accounts and get your cards reinitiated. Well as for the partnership agreement I had that drawn up before and that is here, just sign on the dotted the line." Directing some documents towards myself. I sign all the documents. I then handed the partnership to James who eagerly signed it with a smile on his face.

"Ok so was there anything else." It was James who spoke at this time, just then Jason entered the room with coffee and poured us each some. And handed them out. Before picking up some legal pads to begin taking some short hand.

"Ok Jason, Lance and Caleb have signed there partnership agreement and I will need you to notarize those documents."

"Ok Marc will do"

"OK James there is something else you needed."

"Yes Marc well we want to adopt Caleb's Godson."

"Um well this may be trickier Florida and gay adoptions are not exactly kosher."

"I understand this, But As his Godfather I can petition for adoption, Mary his grandmother is in town and prepared to give up here rights. She is getting to old to take care of him since her Son and daughter in law passed away. So know I will just adopt him and then James will petition later . As well Jake is from Haiti so it would have to be a foreign adoption. "

"Ok This is doable. Let me have the documents drawn up. How long will Mary be in Town. She is scheduled to return on Friday. Will that be a problem"

"No I should be able to have the documents drawn up by then."

"So anything else" Marc laughed

"Oh I will have to adjust my will to allow for Jake. I want to set up a trust fund and college fund."

"About your will Caleb Do you want me to add these codicils to the current will or do you want a new one." Marc seemed rather nervous and James kind of paled. I Noticed this.

"Um the current will is sufficient I believe, is there a problem?"

"It's just... Caleb do you remember your last will. Yes I left everything with James and Melissa and then a few other things to others."

"Ok Caleb that's not your will you never signed it so unfortunately I was legally bound to follow your previous will."

"Ok" I said as I thought back I looked at James and hen paled He turned away he could see the pain in my eyes and didn't want to see me in such pain. I remembered that will I had so much anger in me towards James at the time. To think of the pain I caused James when I died only to have him stabbed in the back when my will was read. I began to tear up.

"I am so sorry James oh god I am so sorry."

"It's ok Caleb really Marc explained it to me about what happened its really ok" I noticed that James still had this far away look in his eyes this hurt him more then he let on.

"Ok, Um .. Well give me that will to sign and add the codicils."

"OK" Marc gestured toward Jason who got up and retrieved the will that I had not signed. I very quickly signed it and handed it back to Marc"

"Ok I will get on the other documents for you. I should have something for you by the end of the week."

"Thank you" I got up and made way to the car not really talking . I heard James say thank you and told Marc and Jason they would get their invitations soon. But it didn't matter the pain I caused James was intense not only did he suffer because I died but he also suffered because I put something off something simple as signing paper. I procrastinated and in turn hurt James most by snubbing him at his most vulnerable. I made it too the car with James close behind I did make it before he did and sat in the passenger seat and handed over the keys without saying a word. I couldn't even look at James, He never said anything on the way home. I turned to look at him very once and a while when I thought he wasn't looking He had this sad contemplative look on his face. Several times I tried to say something but I couldn't bring my self to say anything so I just turned my head and went back to staring out the window. Watching the scenery pass by. Before I realized it we were back at home. I opened the door as soon as we parked and made my way into the house and went to my room and just sat down turning on my music. It was so strange even after everything and all this time my room was still my room nothing changed it was like a shrine I guess that's how everyone viewed it. I am not sure if that's eerie or not. James left me alone I know he wanted to come in but he didn't he just stayed away. I could hear him climb the stairs a couple of times but he stopped when he reached the top. He would stand there and them eventually he would return back down stairs. It was this last time that I heard the Joey shouting out looking for us AS James went down the stairs I could here James call out to him.


"Hey Joey I'm coming"

"Oh Hey lance sorry didn't realize you were so close." Joey noticed the heaviness in his Lances eyes "What's wrong Lance, Caleb ok isn't he"

"No Joe he's not"

"What happened" Joey was a little panicked

"We were at Marc's Office talking about the wedding and him being not dead, looking at all the legal aspects. Then Caleb mentioned his will and wanting to add Jake to his current will."

"Oh God he knows"

"Yes and he completely shut down I want to help but I know he needs some alone time. You don't know Joey how hard it is to just let him have his space"

"Yes I do Lance"

"I'm sorry Joe, yes you do know. What should we do"

"Give him his space and help him through it"

"Thanks Joey Can you hang out here for a while I would like the company"

"Sure no problem. Mary is out in the guest house napping and Kevin and AJ took Jake to Wet and Wild"

"They didn't need to do that Jake is going to get spoiled"

"I know, but I Think AJ and Kevin have the baby bug"

"Really Wow that's great "Lance spoke they fell into an uncomfortable silence both Joey and Lance haven't really talked in a while and Lance realized how badly he treated him and was upset with his actions. Their Friendship has never been the same since He and Caleb broke up after Brian's wedding. It always seemed that one was wanting what the other had. Lance decided that he needed to change that. He wanted his friendship with Joey back.

"Joey... I'm sorry for everything, sorry for the way I acted not just the last few months but ever since Brian's wedding. I haven't been the best friends and I would like to get our friendship back somehow."

"Thanks Lance I appreciate that you're sorry I know and I am not holding any grudges.."

"I sense a but coming here"

"But I am not sure we will ever be close friends Lance, a lot has happened and you have hurt me a great deal. I do accept your apology but not sure how well our friendship would grow. It may be different if we were still working together but were not."

"I know and that is my choice and I am happy with it"

"Well as long as you're happy and you understand where I am coming from"

"I understand Joey I do and I don't expect anything I just wanted to apologize for everything"

"I know and if you ever need to talk about C let me know I will listen"

"Thanks, I appreciate that" Lance turned toward the upstairs and sighed trying to figure out what was going through Caleb's mind . He had a good idea what it was but without speaking he wasn't sure how to approach him about it.

"Lance he is going to be ok you know that he is just scared and hurt. He feels like he hurt you too much even though it's out of his control he hurts because you were hurt. Before you say anything I realize that it's very corny to say that ok."

"Yeah it is but I know that and thanks"

"No problem you going to go chat with him" Joey gestured pushing me toward the stairs.

"Not too subtle"


"OK I get the hint" Lance made his way upstairs and this time he didn't stop at the top of the stairs he continued forward until he was standing in the doorway to Caleb's room. He watched as Caleb sat in his room on the floor with his elbows on his knees and face peering down. He must have stayed in that position for several minutes. Then Lance decided to speak.

"Caleb, look at me we need to talk"

Caleb's POV I heard James speak , I didn't need to know he was there I heard him come up the stairs I hoped he was going to pause at the top again but he didn't. I don't think that I can deal with him I can't look at him after all the pain I caused him. I sat there with my eyes closed and head bowed as I sat on the floor, contemplating everything. I was also silently wishing that James would return back down stairs , but I knew better.

"Caleb I would like to talk with you, you don't need to say anything just let me talk and listen ok" James asked timidly. I understood why he was being so timid. He didn't want to upset me. Even after everything he up set me.

"So, can I come in"

"You already are!" I smiled slightly

"I meant up here" James tapped a finger to he skull.

I looked up into his eyes and smiled broadly " James, You are already there; always are and always will be. You are also here." I placed my hand over my heart. " That is why, I am so sorry and hurt over what happened, all because I procrastinated and was stubborn."

"James smiled and sat down next to me trying to copy my position. " Your legs might cramp"

"Its ok, If you can do it, I should be able to do it" he grinned James looked around the room "This is really amazing you know, I think you improved upon this room, its much more serene then the old one."

"Yeah I know, I had it planned from the start when Joey and I built the house. The old room I had to adapt to what was already built,"

"So you like this room better"

"No I like this room differently, it's the same room just slightly modified. I love the original the best. This is just a modification of that one. As you can tell they each have the same makeup and enduring qualities. There differences are less then you would think" I leaned over and kissed James gently on the cheek.

"So what are we talking about anyway"

"Not sure maybe about rooms maybe something more" I grinned

" Caleb I love you, I am so happy you are here with me, I don't want to lose you again." James stared straight ahead at one of the walls.

"You won't, I don't know how I deserved you"

"You deserved me by being you"

I grinned and looked down. I thought about how well James knew me so well. How easily he could make everything alright with me. "I am so Sorry"

"I know, I won't lie to you Caleb I was hurt by the will reading but not for the reasons you may think though. It brought back the memories of what I did to you in the past and how we almost lost each other and I regretted all the time lost. I never wanted your money that didn't bother me. I knew how you felt about me when you left that stormy night. My hurt came from my actions that caused you to act that way. I don't care if you ever leave me anything as long as you never leave me" James turned and grinned at me hitting my shoulder with his own. James then groaned and grabbed his legs.

"I told you they would cramp. Here let me help you." I changed my position and moved in front of James slowly taking his legs I straightened then out and began to massage them very carefully bringing blood flow back. James cringed at first but soon relaxed and sighed as I worked.

"Thank you, I can't believe they cramped up so fast. Now I get to ask, how did I deserve you?"

I just laughed " You were born" I leaned forward and kissed James forcefully on the lips as I kissed him I leaned forward slowly lowering him to the floor. I began to passionately kiss him as I slowly ran my hands up his body enjoying the feel. I pulled up slightly and then moved back down to his neck where I began to nibble on his neck I was sucking vigorously I could feel lance chuckle. "Are you trying to mark me?" I mumbled against his neck my response . He probably didn't here my but he started to laugh apparently my mumbling was quite ticklish. I would have to be careful laughter was not the reaction I wanted.

"I never hurt what you said lover, but I like what your doing" James reached around and grabbed my ass pulling me closer to him. He began to knee my ass slowly as I ground into him. "Oh Caleb" I pulled up from him and quickly swept up his shirt up to his shoulders so I could have access to his nipples. I loved that they were pierced made it so much fun playing with them. I was gently nibbling and puling at his right nipple while I tugged n the left one with my fingers. James began to Moan loader " Oh Caleb, please, harder." he had a firm grip on my ass like you wouldn't believe. I was going to cream in my pants I needed release and the way that James was writhing so did he.


"Dam!" James and I quickly broke apart and rolled away, just as Jake ran into the room. He stopped at the doorway and stared at us. He was wearing a pair of surf shorts and a t-shirt that were still a little wet. James and I were still panting, we could hear the sounds of foot steps coming up the stairs. Moments later Kevin and AJ appeared in the doorway they surveyed the scene and chuckled. They caught on right away.

"What are you doing" Jake asked, causing Kevin and AJ to giggle even more

"Um well" James stumbled

"Uncle Lance was being a pest so I taught him a lesson" I responded Jake smiled and ran in the room " Can I help too" And enthusiastically jumped on James and began Tickling him. James began laughing " Oh stop, stop" Jake was giggling the entire time. The rest of us laughed. I could tell James was getting tired so I picked up Jake and threw him over my shoulder laughing.

"Ok big guy leave your uncle alone I think he is getting tired in his old age" James shot me a look, that said guess who's not getting any now.

"So Jake did you have a good time" I said as I Put him back down.

"I had a great time, Uncle AJ and Uncle Kevin took me to the water park and we slide down slides and I had blue cotton candy and then Uncle AJ and I splash uncle Kevin, and they had this swimming Pool with great big waves in it but I kept getting knocked over by the waves, cause I'm too little so they took me on more slides. It was very cool."

"Well looks like you had a busy day." I smiled he was so happy and excited talking a mile a minute . Kevin and AJ were beaming at him. I thought so, they have the baby bug. I looked down at James who was smiling away at Jake.

"Ok Buddy go get changed for dinner"

"Ok" he ran off but came back in and hugged Kevin and AJ's waist saying thank you.

I thought Kevin was going to cry, that's so sweet I will have to raze him about it. I picked up a loose towel and threw it at him he looked at me puzzled. "There go wipe your eyes you big softy" he blushed and grinned.

"So Lance, what do you think about being a dad now"

"God, is this what its going to be like, he almost caught us"

"Yeah he did!" I laughed

"Why are you laughing"

"Cause you have been spoiled Melissa was basically an adult when we met, so you never experienced the precocious years"

"Its only going to get worse isn't it" James looked at Kevin when he spoke.

"Oh well I guess it's about time I learned"

"Yeah" I said as I ruffled his hair.

The Interview

Good Evening and Welcome to My First Prime Time Interview. I am pleased to bring to you one of pop music's greatest love stories. My next two guests have overcome many obstacles and hardships. They have even conquered death so to speak. I am pleased to welcome you to the home of Lance Bass of the Pop group N'Sync and his Boyfriend Caleb Sark."

"Well Actually Rosie Caleb is more then my Boyfriend He is my FiancÚ"

"Congratulations Both of you, let's see that ring"

I held out my hand to Rosie and the Cameraman. Letting them get a good look at the ring. It was the same one James had given to me all those years ago I hope the third times is a charm.

"Wow quite the rock there Lance you have good Taste."

"Was there any doubt, after all he did choose me?" I laughed, both James and Rosie groaned at my lame joke

"I love him anyway even after that lame joke" James leaned in and kissed me on the cheek

"James no PDA's God the poor censors will go nuts" I smirked Rosie just laughed at my foolishness

"See what I have to put up with"

"Yes I do but somehow I doubt you would have nay other way"

James looked at me and smiled " You are right Rosie I wouldn't he took my hand and held it tight"

"So I guess the first thing everyone and including me would like to know is how it is you are with us. If everyone remembers six months ago you were believed to have died in a fatal car crash with Kidnapper Sam Banks and Brian and Leighanne Littrell's son. I believe that there was an Angel on your shoulder that day. Why did it take so long for you find your way back?"

"Well that's a long story very complicated, I am so glad to be alive, and yes I believe that there was an angel watching over both myself and Sebastion that day." I began to tell the story the same one I told the guys at the wedding rehearsal taking my time. I needed to stop a couple of times because of thought of James and my family what they went through because I couldn't remember who I was. James was helping I was still feeling some guilt but it was getting better. During those times when I needed to pause James just held my hand tighter and kissed my hand. When I finished telling Rosie called for a break and the cameras turned off allowing myself to sit there for a minute and take everything in. I looked around I saw my Family all around watching and listening to my story I saw some fresh tears and some slight smiles. Kevin just grabbed at his Medallion and kissed it then pointed it at me. I did the same thing and smiled. I knew what he was doing . Rosie noticed this.

"That's and interesting Chain what is it,?"

That was something I wasn't ready to talk about neither was Kevin. I could see him looking at AJ nervously. "It's a friendship charm, giving to me from my Best Friends mom. She gave me and him similar chains.

"Oh an Old Boyfriend maybe"

I laughed "No, not at all were like brothers."

"Ok" she laughed thought maybe I would get a scoop.

"Well he is here if you want a scoop."

"Really who is it"


"Kevin Richardson, Of the Backstreet Boys"

"Yah that would be him."

"You seem so non chalant about it like everyone knows a pop star" Rosie laughed

"Don't they" I smiled James smacked me on the knee

"Your perception of reality is slightly skewed I believe" James laughed

"Moi, I do believe anyone here with a skewed perception of reality would be you my dear"


"Where were we two nights ago"

"The blockbuster awards"

"And where were we for lunch yesterday"

"We had lunch with Madonna..." he stopped

"And what about..." James placed a hand over my lips "I get your point"

After he removed his hand I just smirked at him.

"I believe Caleb had a point" Rosie stated "You too defiantly belong together its so refreshing to see that a nice normal couple in love , not letting there life hamper them. I'm so happy you are going take that next step as I believe a lot of American's are"

"Thank you Rosie"

"So what about the big day any secrets tidbits you want to tell me"

"Sorry Rosie that's our secret we don't want to be hassled too much by the press, but we will be getting married where it's legal." James laughed

'That bugger what is he doing ?' I thought I just smiled at him and Rosie.

"Oh well that narrows it down fro everyone out there" Rosie replied

"You will be coming right" I asked "I need to get an accurate guest list" I shot here one of my smiles. I could feel James squeeze my leg when he saw it. 'Getting horny' I thought

"I will definitely, I will be there, So lets talk about something different Fist of all let me comment on your look Lance, quite the change from your normal look, care to tell us about it" I knew this would be touched on I did, considering the extent to which James mad these body changes . It didn't help much that he had worn a nice black tank top for the interview. We decided to go casual since we were doing it out in the yard. I decided to help ease the sudden tension because I know James was uncomfortable explaining the reasons behind the change.

"Oh you didn't know Rosie, James is trying out for Blink 182, but they wouldn't let him audition until he made a few changes. " I said pulling on one of his eyebrow rings

James slapped my hands away, "Get off me you freak"

"That's not what you said yesterday

"Oh really" Rosie winked

"You had better be good" James wagged his finger at me.

"So tell us how exactly you guys met, I'm sure everyone will love to hear about it"

"Not much to tell, we met at a party and then we had our first date a week later"

A series of snorts and chuckles were heard from the guys. This was terrible I should never have allowed them to sit in on the interview. I should have known this would happen.

"It would appears that some of our guest don't agree. Why don't we take a beak and we will be back in a moment with some surprise guest to tell us the story of Lance and Caleb's first date."

As the camera operator paused taping, the other guys ran forwards and began arranging themselves around us. Josh, Justin and Britney were to Lances' left while Kevin AJ and Howie were to my rt. Brian and Leighanne were behind Lance while Nick and Melissa were behind me. Chris and Joey were sitting on the ground in front of us. I sat with Bastion on my lap as he cooed and slapped my leg. Rosie was laughing at the scene "Like a Norman Rockwell picture"

"I doubt Norman Rockwell ever imagined something this dysfunctional" I smirked I received some boos and glares from those around me. I was feeling a little nervous. "Protect me James"

"Maybe, what's in it for me"

"You should rephrase that as to what won't be in it for you" "OHH" the group responded.

"Ok peanut gallery keep it clean" I spoke as I looked around at all of our friends a Family. I noticed AJ and Kevin were holding hands and cleared my throat to get there attention. Kevin and AJ just smiled and continue to hold hands. I must have been glaring because James pulled on my hand and turned my attention towards him.

"What's up he spoke quietly in my ear."

"Look, they are going to get caught" I mumbled returning my gaze back top Kevin and AJ.

"Caleb relax,."

"Relax" my voice must have raised because everyone was looking

"Sorry" I spoke

"I mean relax, Kevin and AJ came out not to long after your accident everyone know about them and they were accepted quiet well. Don't worry ok"


Just then I heard Chris squealing. "Oh get off me"

I looked don to see Zeus pushing his way between Chris and Joey well actually he was walking over Chris knocking him don and out of the way. Chris was vainly trying to get out of the dogs way everyone else was just laughing at the scene before us. I just watched as Zeus Pushed his way and laid his head on my lap before sitting his body down. I swear sometimes he still thinks he is a puppy. Zeus sniffed at Bastion and then barked. Bastion jumped as did Brian and Lieghanne. I was expecting Bastion to start crying but he just startled laughing and patting Zeus on the head.

"Woof, woof" Bastion cried as he giggled "Woof, woof"

Zeus started to lick at bastions feet which only caused bastion to giggle more. Brain and Lieghanne relaxed finally. Everyone was always scared of Zeus but he was just a harmless kitten wouldn't hurt a flee. Well since I knew where Zeus was where was Jake hiding he two of them were off playing with the babysitter. I looked around there he was hiding behind one of the camera lights. I looked at his direction and wiggled my finger suggesting he come here.

"Zeus" Zeus immediately looked at me keeping eye contact.

"Down" he understood and laid don at my feet pushing Chris and Joey of to the side.

"Dam Dog" Chris muttered under his breath.

"Woof, woof" bastion cried trying to reach Zeus which was definitely out of his reach sitting o n the ground. I gently picked him up and placed him on the ground and sat him in front of Zeus. He quickly began patting Zeus and playing with his fur. Jake was standing before me and James. James reached over and pulled him onto his and my lap Jake looked a little nervous

"Its ok buddy you can go back to playing if you want" James said

"Can I stay here with you"

"Sure you can." I said just then Rosie returned from talking with the producers.

"Well what have we here, quite the show we are going to have. Oh my god what is that thing by your feet." Rosie looked a little nervous while she looked at Zeus and bastion playing with him.

"You sure that is safe" pointing to Bastion

"Definitely I would trust Zeus with my life he won't hurt a flee. "

"Ok " she said she looked a little skeptical.

"Ok Rosie 1.2.3. and action" The director spoke

"Well welcome back everyone I am sitting here with Lance Bass and His fiancÚ Caleb Sark as well a few surprise guest" the cameraman panned around to the large group collected around us. The guys were in typical form fake smiles and interview persona's in full swing.

"Well I think all of our Audience would recognize N'Sync, BSB and Britney spears. Who else do we have here guys"

"Well this is my wife Lieghanne and our son Bastion his sitting there with Caleb's dog Zeus"

"Oh I believe he is sleeping actually" Rosie laughed and everyone strained to see bastion sucking his thumb curled up against Zeus holding some of Zeus' think dark fur."

"Well in that case the little Angle is ours"

"Yeah he's an angel when he sleep" Nick joked and we all chuckled. "This is my beautiful gorgeous sexy wife Melissa, also Caleb's cousin"

"Newlywed" Joey coughed rolling his eyes

"Ok that seems to be everyone, Oh wait know who's that little guys sitting on Lance's lap"

"This is Jake Droga, he is Caleb's godson, he is staying with us"

"Hello Jake, aren't you just a cutie poototie".

Jake just buried his head into James shoulder, I smiled and ruffled his hair "he is a little Shy I think."

"that's alright maybe he will want to talk later on" Rosie smiled I could she Jake smile and look back into James shoulder. I was glad to see how ell Jake and James were getting along I meant so much that they did. James had taking to parenting like a pro. I was so lucky. I felt Kevin poke me and lean in pay attention. I turned to see Chris waving his hand in the Air like a fool. "I know I know"

"Know what?" He turned to me and looked at me with this strange look and rolled his eyes. " About your and Lance first met"

"You were not there for our date"

"Not talking about your date about when you guys met so Shush" Joey replied.

"Ok let me tell it" Chris bounced up and down

"Careful Chris Bastion is asleep"

"Oh Sorry, Ok so here is how it went we were hanging out in the dressing room after a concert ..."


"Lance get out of the bathroom I want in there don't you sue all that water man" Josh yelled as he banged on the door.

"I bet you he is giving him some Lance love' in"

"Oh an image I didn't need" Chris Justin screamed

"I think we need to find him a man then we will be able to shower" Joey laughed

"So why the rush josh"

"Sam you know the new PR guy they hired."

"Yeah he seems pretty cool closer to our age, So you want to shower and smell nice for Sam something you no telling us Josh" Justin smiled

"No, Curly , but he said he was bringing someone back to meet us, someone he met here. I think he is trying to impress this guy. "

"Ah getting some by pulling the famous by association bit...Smooth" Joey laughed. "well he seems like a cool guy like Curly said so lets help him out."


just then the door open and in walked out Pr rep Sam pulling this other guy with him. He seemed a little older then most of our fan base. I would guess he was closer to Joey or Josh's age. Sam was definitely doe eyed over him swooning and smiling. This guy seemed to be pleased with Sam.

"Hey Guys I would like to meet Caleb Sark" Sam smiled

"Hey" Caleb responded he didn't seemed phased by us like he was over the whole celebrity thing. Which totally impressed us

"Hello Caleb" Joey rode an shook Caleb's hand

"Hey man" Justin shouted from over on the couch.

"Hey, I'm Chris, the smelly one by the door is Josh" I smiled although I felt the back of my head connect with a pillow.

"Hey I'm Josh"

"I thought There was Five"

"Oh yeah Where's Lance at guys"

"Still in the shower"

"Hey I'm sorry maybe we should leave, Sam."

"No don't its ok"

"You sure?" Sam said

"Yeah no Problem So tell me Caleb about yourself" Justin said, but just as Caleb was about to speak Lance burst out the bathroom looking extremely pissed and extremely naked with only a towel

"You Know Josh I would appreciate..." Lance stopped in mid sentence as he realized that they were not alone. Lance stood sating ahead at one of the guest he knew Sam both his other guy was a stranger. A nice stranger but stranger. He should have rushed back into the bathroom to get dressed but he didn't he just stared at this beautiful man. He never believed in love at first sight he was sure he would never find love considering the pop lifestyle they are in. But here before him stood this man that he was in love with. He couldn't break eye contact with him and stood speechless and dripping with water.

Caleb watched as this man came from the bathroom dripping with water and perspiration he had intended on answer the young teenagers question but somehow this was more important his hole body was slightly quivering as he stared into the deep green eyes it was like having his breath taken away and he couldn't understand it he never felt that instant knowledge with AJ, close with Kevin but Kevin never left him feeling complete as this young man. He had not prepared to met someone or find love he was just out to relax get away from the guys especially with everything going on between him and Zander. He was totally ignoring Sam who was talking a mile a minute in his face. Sam seemed nice but he liked Lance more, he knew there names of course from being around AJ but never paid attention until now.

"Um Lance dude you wanna get dressed," Chris laughed as he slapped him Lance on the back. Lance turned bright crimson when he relaxed what was going on and turned quickly back into the bathroom.

"Hey lance I thought you were done, I am using the shower now" Josh was yelling

The guys were all laughing at what was gong on. It seemed so comical with Lances quick departure.

"Sorry about that so tell us about yourself , Caleb is it?"

"Um nothing to tell, just wanted to check out the concert not really a fan juts wanted to see what the buzz was all about?"

"Really well we appreciate you coming to the show" Sam smiled

"Thanks" Caleb blushed at he attention he was getting this guy was getting uncomfortable. How was he going to get rid of him just than an answer from god by way of a knock from the door.

"Um Hello guys I was wondering if.. Hello Mr. Banks we need you up front the tour manger would like to speak with you"

"Ok, Um Caleb"

"It's ok go ahead."

"Ok I will e back" with that he left the room with PA. Caleb felt some relief and sighed.

"I better get going you guys look tired Nice meeting you"

"Wait you don't have to go, besides you can wait for Sam"

"I would sooner not" I smiled

"Aww, not your type ok got it"

"So what is your type" Justin asked

"Yeah what is your type" Chris jumped forward as he was speaking

"Not him. I need to go really, tell your friend in the towel I said goodbye" with that Caleb left.

The door had just closed when Lance burst out of the bathroom sweaty but dressed. "Hey where did he go"

"He Who?

"Sam Left to talk with Phil"

"No Sam the other guy"

"Oh the guy to sported the woody over"

"Um" Lance turned bright red

"Ha ha ha ha" They all laughed.

"Actually he just left you might be able to catch him"

Josh at that time came out from the shower, hey where did they go. Sam had work and Caleb just left but scoop won't go say hello"

"What ? Lance come on you were so nervous in the bathroom go see this guy go say hello won't let possible happiness slip you by"

"Beside lance did you see how he was staring at you he definitely was interested and liked what he saw. He never paid attention to anything same was jabbering on about I was watching" Joey said.

"Joey I don't know its too dangerous"

"Yes, but you have to try otherwise you never know what may pass you by" Josh said

"Yes Go"

Lance looked at all of his friends and then took off out the door to find Caleb. He turned down the hallways of the stadium weaving in between workers hoping he went the right way. He was just about to stop when he noticed Caleb's back. Its now or never he thought.

"Caleb" he shouted

Caleb turned around after hearing his name unsure of who here would know his name who exactly it would be. It was pleasantly surprised when he saw Lance running toward him.

"Hey Caleb, Just wanted to apologize earlier you know.."

"Its ok no problem. Shouldn't you be getting ready to take off"

"Na plenty of time actually we are in town for another two weeks, appearance and recording and that stuff"

"That would be cool, be nice to have some days off, well not really off but in one place you know..."

"Yeah I know"



"Where did Sam go?"

"Not sure went to talk to a boss I think I was just going to head home"

"Oh, not going t say goodbye"

"No, better this way"

"So you guys"

"No, not my type, so its not freaking you that you know..."

"Oh no not at all, were all cool with that. I'm very cool with it" Lance smiled

"Oh, cool"

"ASK HIM, GOD DAM IT" A voice came from behind them. Lance and Caleb turned to see all the other guys looking around the corner. Caleb was smiling and blushing, Lance was just turning crimson red.

" I would like to" Caleb said

"Huh, would like what?"

"Um, would like to go out I thought that's what you wanted to ask" Caleb looked a little freaked


Everyone's attention was turned to Josh who was now approaching Caleb and Lance with the rest o the guys following behind him.

"Sometimes Lance you are totally without social skills, God, I am not letting you screw this up at all. Caleb Lance here wants to know if you want to hang out like on a date he really digs you. I know how much he really digs you cause I aw that first hand when he ran back n the bathroom interrupting my shower. Caleb what do you say?". Caleb looked at josh and then to Lance who was totally covering his face in his hands. With embarrassment. Caleb liked that look.


"Yes " Lance spoke shocked as he slowly removed his hands from his face and began to smile broadly

"Wow dude tone down the wattage on that smile" Chris laughed.


"So if it wasn't for JC then the two of you would never have gotten together "

"yeah, That's why I asked him to be my best man" Lance smiled

"Well congrats JC"

"Thanks Rosie, I take this seriously."

"We will talk more with lance and Caleb after this."

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