Yeah, I know it has been a while, been busy with moving again and then getting my computer up to date. Just enjoying living in the desert, and all that lovely heat :). OK getting to the important stuff. THIS IS FICTION. I don't know Britney Spears BSB N'Sync, or anyone associated with the groups. I don't know about there sexual orientation as well nor do I care. Feel free to contact me, here's mye-mail

The Wedding part 1

"Come on guys you really can't be serious about this , its ridiculous"

"No its not C, its tradition"

"Well this wedding is not exactly traditional, so it really makes no sense to me"

"Traditional or not You and Lance are not spending your last night together, You can't see the groom before the wedding. I couldn't see Melissa so if its good enough for me its good enough for you."

"That sounds a little like revenge"

"Aw well whatever, besides I have the muscle to back it" Nick looked around the room to see the rest of his band mates standing in the room playfully flexing there muscles.

"I get it and I give up so when do I leave."

"Well we are not evil you can have till 6 pm then its time for your bachelor party" Kevin said " As best man I have all the details planned out"

"What about James is he going to be with us"

"Uh no Josh has planned one for him as well so we had to divide resources" AJ laughed

"what does that mean?"

"Never mind Caleb let Nick and Kevin worry about the bachelor party, and Lily and I will take care of Tomorrow" Howie softly spoke

I looked around the room at my friends, no not friends at my family at was at awe at how they were all excited for me and James. It truly felt like a traditional wedding with family gathered around us. I just wish I knew what was going on with James now. The last I heard was he was heading to the office to finish up his vows. How he could leave those to the last day were beyond me oh well he has been busy this week. He has been spending everyone little bit of spare time with Jake so that he doesn't fell left out. I think that Jake is going to get spoiled and what about when all of this is over what is he going to do. We will have to see how he reacts to all this, I definitely want to make sure he knows the difference between right and wrong I do not want to raise a spoiled child.

"I need to talk with James guys I will be right back"

"Ok don't be too chummy though, we will take care of your clothes and all that " Nick said

"Fine, thanks Guys I appreciate all of this" I left the room and made my way down stairs.

"You don't think he is going bolt with Lance do you" Brian said

"Yeah, It's a possibility, better keep an eye on him" Kevin said

"Will do Captain" Brain said as he saluted, and dodged the shoe that had been thrown at him by Kevin.


"Now lets just see if James is still in the office or not"


"I'll Get it" Britney said as she moved towards the door.

I continued down the stairs, as I turned down the hall to the study I could hear Britney talking with someone at the door, and saw Justin appear around the corner before me . He looked a little white as he starred at the door and Then he noticed me walking towards him causing him to pale more.

"I really don't think this is a good idea I think you should leave" I heard Britney say

"Hey Caleb wait come this way I know where Lance is"

"Who's at the door?"

"No-one just the UPS guy."

"don't lie.", I said as I pushed my way passed to turn the corner as I did I could hear someone talking.

"I told you young Lady we are not leaving till we speak with our son."

That voice it couldn't be, not today of all days. It was them I felt a cold shiver run down my spine as I looked upon those in the doorway It was James' parents.

"What are you doing here." I asked

"Hello Caleb we came to talk to James" Mr. Bass spoke

"Oh you remember my name how charming and here I was getting use to being referred to as the Demon bastard from hell, my how times change" I spat I couldn't stay here with them I needed to get out of here I didn't need this right know not today. It didn't take long for the word to get around the hallway had become suddenly quite small.

"I think my son asked you to leave" Anne spoke from hind me

"Yes do as my boy says or you will deal with me" Mary spoke.

"We came to talk with our son please"

I turned to leave to see James and Justin running to the small crowd as I was leaving.

"C wait stay here"

I turned to look at him. I couldn't help I could help it I know he could see the trail of tears forming down my cheek. I know I shouldn't let them get to me but they do. Just today the day before my wedding I am just so emotional and nervous waiting for the next shoe to drop I am so scared of what is going to happen next to stop this wedding from happening. I made my way into the study at sat down in lances big leather wingback chair and curled my feet up. I swung the chair around and looked out the bay window that looked out unto the large back yard. I could see lily a directing various people around setting up stuff for our wedding it had been very hush, hush. We had announced that we were getting married in Vermont. I went so after as to rent out a hotel and the hall Lily arranged caterers and all that jazz no one would be the wiser until the last minute by that time we should already be married and starting our reception. This will all be for not if James' parents have there way. I knew this was too good to be true.

Back in the Hallway

"What do you want anyway, why did you show up at this time now."

"We want to talk James can we please come in" Dianne spoke

"I really don't think we have anything to say to each other."

"I think you should listen to your mother Son"

"Excuse me who are you talking too I believe you disowned your son, conversely I don't have a mother, not one that I want to recognize"

"Please baby we want to talk we want to apologize to you. We are so sorry for the way we acted we shouldn't have done it."

"What the change of mind know" Josh spoke up from the crowd

"We saw your interview and saw what you and Caleb had and went through. We should have saw your love for what it was. It was wrong of us to judge you"

"Pretty words, but what about Caleb" Lance spat

"We wish to apologize to Caleb as well Son we shouldn't have said those things to him" Mr. Bass spoke

"NO that's right you shouldn't have.." Anne began but was stopped by Lance as he raised his hand to silence here. " Please guys if you would give me a minute with the Bass's I would appreciate it." He scanned the crowd pleading with his eyes to give him the time and privacy he wanted. His friends didn't like it but they did as he requested. Kevin started to head down the other end of the hall towards the study . Lance turned and stopped him. " Kevin No, Please let me"

Kevin didn't look to happy with the prospect but agreed to it anyway. Lance then turned back his attention to Those two people who he once refereed to as parents.

"Ok you have 10 minutes to have your say"

"Ok, son both your mother and I want to tell you that we love you and we are sorry for the way we treated you and Caleb. WE didn't understand it we spent our lives listening to a church interpretation of the bible instead of interpreting it for our selves. I couldn't understand that my son was in love with another man, and instead of trying to understand we both spent time trying to change you. When it didn't work we were desperate out minister told us that we had to reject you and your lifestyle. We prayed everyday that you would see the light and come to your senses. But you didn't" Mr. Bass spoke with

"Then we saw you interview and we saw how much love you and Caleb had and how much your friends cared about you. I felt horrible because strangers knew my son better then I did." Diane was visibly crying at this time.

Lance listened and saw how visibly upset his parents were over this. They seemed genuine about their feelings and apology. They had even referred to Caleb by his name which he never thought they could. His eyes were wet because he always hoped this day would come but at the same time he realized it wasn't that important. After the last few months this seems so unimportant to seek acknowledgement from those that despised him. He knew he should have felt better about there apology but somehow he didn't, he finally realized that he didn't need it.

"You raised me to be honest and to accept people as they are. However, you never practiced what you preached." Both Lances parents looked down instead of at their son.

"Do me the honor of looking at me when I am talking." Both Lances parents looked up and were shocked at what they saw in Lances eyes. They saw nothing there He looked at them like you would look at someone off the street polite but without much interest.

"That being said I accept your apology and I honestly believe that you are sincere. But I don't want it. I don't want to be part of your family any more. I have made my own family here with Caleb. Caleb loved me unconditionally and never tried to turn me against you, always held me when I was upset with you. He took me into his heart and made me his family and extended his family to me. What I can't do is accept any apology regarding Caleb you will have to apologize to him directly. When you hurt him you hurt me. Now I am going to find my fiancÚ and future husband and spend time with him. Tell him how much I love him and just hold him in my arms. I have a wedding to get ready for, If you will excuse me I need to go I am sure you know where the door is." Lance turned and began to walk down the hall to the study. Just as he reached the corner he paused and turned.

"By the way, after Tomorrow I will be James Lance Frost. I am taking Caleb's Name." With that he turned around and headed into the study as he approached the study door. He could hear the main door open and close. He shook his head and sighed then opened the study door. At first he didn't see Caleb but then he noticed his desk chair was turned around facing the window. He approached the desk and sat on the corner of the desk looking out the bay window.

"So they look kind of busy don't they. Hard to believe that tomorrow its going to finally happen. I am looking forward to it, can't wait actually. Penny for your thoughts Honey"

"Thank you" James looked confused.

"For what"

"For choosing me, you never should have been placed in that position, but I wouldn't be honest if I wasn't happy that you did"

"Of course I would chose you. I chose you because you never made me choose it was simple." James paused for a moment " Wait how did you know"

I smiled and Pulled the intercom box from where I had stashed it beside me " Sorry I eavesdropped but I was desperate to know plus I wanted to know if I needed to save you I would have been there in a second if it was necessary" I looked at James he smiled and leaned down and kissed my forehead "I love you, thanks for being their and thanks for being nosy" he laughed.

"So what do we do this afternoon, you know they are going to separate us tonight separate Bachelor parties."

"Yeah I know the guys told me I wasn't Happy but they provided a united front flexing their muscles " I laughed Nick and the other did the same with me.

"So where do you think that they are taking us"

"No idea I couldn't get anything out of Josh, or the others they are keeping it very hush, hush."

"Oh well I guess we just need to go along with it. We could elope?" I laughed

"They would kill us if we did, plus I want my friends and family around when I tell the world how much I love you."

"I agree with you. It was just an idea"

"A bad idea, at that so how will we spend the afternoon?"

"Not sure lets just lock the door and hang out here"

"They will eventually get in"

"True but think of all the fun we can have while we are waiting for them " I wiggled my eyebrows

"What about food, I haven't had lunch yet and I am getting kind of hungry."

"You and you stomach I swear you are as bad as Joey"

"Joey, yeah that's funny " James laughed unenthusiastically

"James, talk to me is Joey still a sore subject?"

"Well, yes it is to be honest. We still don't talk like we use to plus you guys spent quite a while together because of my actions of course but still It bothers me. I can't express why just that it does. Probably some insecurities inside me."

"Understandable, I will always love you and have no interest in loving anyone else."

"You misunderstand I am not jealous, Its just that I have some regret for the time I lost because of my own ignorance and stubbornness is all, I know you love me. So Joey reminds me of what I almost lost nothing else."

"You've come a long way baby, You were a very jealous man at one time, I am so proud"

"yeah well I was I have grown up quite a bit lately , I'm just glad that you hung in there with me."

"Always James, Always"

"So we seem to be having all these deep conversations before our wedding, I wonder if that's normal, or if we are just be Drama queens"

"HAHAHAHA, could be " James laughed heartedly

We just sat in silence for the next while, nothing needed to be said we just held hands and watched out the window. After a while we ended up changing position and lying in the window seat. I laid facing the window with James spooning me from behind. We continued to watch everyone quickly moving around placing up small tarps for the service in case of rain. At one point we saw Lily and Howie look up and see us lying in the window, they were smiling and waved with a grin on there faces like they caught us doing something. I was getting really comfortable with James on the seat, very comfortable tired even. I turned around and laid my head into James chest and pulled him tighter I could feel him shift position onto his back that was the last thing I remember until I felt someone pulling my eye open.

"Wake up beautiful"

"Nick" I slapped his hand away I got up and stretched yawning . As I turned and looked down I could see James watching me.

"You have a good nap sweetie"

"Yeah what time is it "

"almost 10 to six"

"Oh, I jumped up, Dam we slept our afternoon away" I pouted

"Well I'm not complaining couldn't think of a better way to spend the day but with you in my arms."

I smiled at James and leaned down and began to kiss him, softly at first then with more passion. I slowly lowered my self back down and began to lose myself into the kiss. It was becoming increasingly more intense. I forgot I wasn't alone in the room. Nick was not impressed with the show that we were providing for him so he smacked me on the back.

"Knock it of and come on time to get ready for your bachelors parties." Nick said

I removed my self from James and sighed "I guess the time as come"

"Oh guys you will see each other tomorrow."

"I know its just.."

"Lance don't you think I above anyone, I understand don't worry about it."

"Well where are you guys taking me"

"Not sure"

"what do you mean no sure"

"Well you are going out with the girls, we are all taking Lance out for his bachelor party"

I stood there shocked, I am sure my face was one of total shock with my mouth hanging open. I looked to James to confirm what I heard he had a similar strange look. Then I thought Nick is just pulling my leg. "Funny Nick. Very funny"

"Not a joke, the girls are all ready god knows what they have planned I was too scared to ask"

"Your serious, what I suppose I am the Bride huh, don't even get a bachelor party with my friends, this totally sucks..."

"Dad you ready come on we are all ready to go the girls are all ready"

"Um just wait Melissa I just woke up let me get into the shower and I will be with you in 15 minutes ok"

"Ok but hurry"

I left the room trying to keep the disappointment off my face so mel wouldn't notice anything wrong. Well I suppose there is no sense in pouting over it. I'm sure the guys didn't mean anything about it, I just can't believe they didn't think I would want to hang with them . I made my way upstairs into get a quick shower and get dressed not sure where they will be taking me though probably something casual. I entered the bathroom and started the shower as I waited for the water to get hot I quickly undressed and ran out to the closet and looked for something to throw on. As I searched I came across a lot of James clothes his taste definitely has gotten more extreme. I like some of these maybe I should.

The study

"Nick, I think he was upset, he expected you guys to take him out"

"Na, its going to be ok Lance don't worry about it ok, you guys are going to have a great night out. Caleb is going to enjoy it, Beside the girls wanted to do this, Right honey"

"Yes sweat heart, Lance don't worry , worry about tomorrow."

"Why should I worry about tomorrow do you know something? cause if you do you need to tell me. I need to know so I can fix it" Lance was frantic now pacing the room and beginning to babble.

"Why did you do that Mel," Nick sighed " look Lance relax that's not what Mel meant. There is nothing to worry about , if you continue you going to give your self a heart attack. Everything is going according to plan. You need to just go and get ready ok."

"You sure that there is nothing wrong Nick"

"Positive, by this time tomorrow you will be blissfully happy and we will be in laws" Nick smiled

"Ok" Lance looked skeptical but decided to trust Nick and Mel hey wouldn't lie to him. Besides he had better get dressed and showered if he was fast he could catch a shower with Caleb. That might help calm his nerves. That thought brought a smile to his face.

"Oh Lance hold up"

"What Nick?"

"Hold up man, lets just hangout until Caleb is done then you can shower."


"Busted dude no more hanky panky till the wedding tomorrow."


"Well where are we going anyway, Never mind that you will find out later"

"You definitely are a nosy one aren't you" Mel Laughed " Well honey" she kissed Nick " I better get lost and catch up with Caleb so we can get out of here, Do we need to drop off Caleb's stuff at Kevin and AJ's ?"

"No, the guys took it when they headed home to get ready. So that's one less thing you need to do, take care sweetie and have fun" Nick returned the Kiss to Mel as she left the room.

"So Lance know that we are alone talk to me, how are you doing after your parents visit"


"I need more then that my friend"

"That's a difficult thing to tell Nick, I honestly do believe that I am ok obviously it hurts and brought a lot of painful memories to the front. I am also happy ha they finally accepted me but at the same time there acceptance means very little. I guess I came to terms with my family disapproval and moved on."

"Well I am happy you are ok an I am happy for Caleb, he is a getting a great man in you and that fact that you defended him so greatly. So you have my blessing, not that you probably wanted it."

"Thanks, Nick I appreciate it and I appreciate that I got your blessing being that you are part of the family. It means a lot because I know it means to Caleb"

"Well with that being said I have one other thing to say." Nick cleared his throat "If you hurt him in any way I will personally rip off your nuts like a paper sack" Nick then grinned widely.

"Um, Oh, ah that was a visual" Lance stuttered

"No problem dude just my duty as a friend and Family member. You can count on getting similar messages from the rest of the guys, but they are just doing it out of concern."

"I understand and I think its great that Caleb has such great friends, well actual Family and I am very lucky to be getting into that family. Nick do you think I should have let my parents attend let them in our life"

"That's a hard question to answer you know Lance, but you have to go with how you feel. I don't judge you know one does. I believe that it was best not to have them here at the wedding, Maybe in the future you will be able to work through things but I think it would be too soon to get them to accept everything at your wedding. I know for a fact that it would only upset Caleb. He wouldn't tell you that and would put up a front so you would be happy but it would rune his day tomorrow."

"I know Caleb likes to protect me, especially when he does not have to. But I really don't think I would have been comfortable with them here maybe later besides I already decided to take Caleb's last name and I imagine that would have been like a slap in the face for my parents best they not have to be there I suppose."

"You're a Good man Charlie brown" Nick laughed "come one lest get you ready for your last night of debauchery and single life."

"Ok lets go"

Lance and Nick made there way out into the hall way just only to catch Caleb coming down the stairs."

"What in the hell"

"Those are mine" Lance yelled

Caleb POV

I was finished and dressed might as well make my way down stairs the shower felt good, decided there was no sense in pouting it would only make James have a bad night. So I decide to make the best of it. I was making my way downstairs when I heard Nick and James behind me

"Remember Community property now What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine" Caleb laughed " Besides you don't like?" I asked

"Well Yeah but where did you think your going?"

"Out with the girls hopefully to pick up something?" I smirked

"You better not pick up anything other then a beer" James smirked.

"Well that maybe hard with the way he's dressed"

"Note I am dressed you should have seen what I was going to wear" I grinned flashing my teeth

I don't know what they were worried about I was completely dressed everything was covered. Mind you there were James so they fitted a little tighter on me. I was wearing a pair of patchwork leather pants and biker boots with a tight sleeveless muscle shirt that's it. I really don't know what the fuss is about.

"I really don't need to think about that" James replied

"I don't want that image" Nick said

"Well I better get going I guess" I just stood there looking at James as he watched me. Neither of us going to move.

"Yeah you better , Um well I will see you tomorrow ok?"

"Definitely" James smiled " have a good night" neither of us moved

"Come on you." Nick pulled James away up stairs go get ready. We will make sure both of you are there tomorrow.

"Ok Caleb lets go we have to meet the girls out ok"

"Yeah come on" I moved to the door with Melissa making our way outside, It felt heavy in the air. " I can feel rain, its not supposed to rain"

"Its not going to rain relax besides we have it covered if it does. You are worrying to much you need to relax."

"You don't think I should be nervous I am getting married in the morning"

"Well yes you should be nervous, but good nervous not terrified that something is going to fall apart."

"I know" I said as I got in the car and buckled the seat belt. I realized I had no idea where we were going and with everything that happened I never bothered ask. "Mel honey where are we going "

"We are going over to Leighanne's we are going to have a pool party bachelor party"

"Sounds like fun" I said half heartedly

"I know you are upset that you are with the girls but we are all your friends plus AJ will be there. Oh he was relegated to wife status as well huh"

"Well yeah " she laughed

"Plus he really wanted to hang out with you make sure you didn't get into any trouble"

"Cool, least I won't be the only guy there"

"See I knew that would perk you up"

the rest of the ride was spent in silence as we made our way through the city to Lieghanne and Brian's house. Traffic was surprisingly light tonight usually everything is bumper to bumper. I watched out the windows as the scenery walked by enjoying the sites and thinking about James and us and tomorrow and how we will be happy ever after tomorrow. For all my anxiety I guess I always knew that we would be together.

"Hey were here"

"What? Ok cool, that was fast"

"Zoning out are you, yeah I was just thinking"

"from the smile on your face I would say that you were thinking of Lance"

"Yeah hopeless huh"

"No just in love is all , well come on lets get in there ok"

We made our way to the door we must have been expected cause we were met by AJ and Britney at the door.

"Hey man" AJ hugged me tightly, you ready to party I noticed he was drinking orange some milk. " hey there, here have some wine buddy and lets get this over"

"Wine not fair being separated from James"

"He, he, he true my friend true, but it will add to the wedding night all this built up frustration."

"A true friend " I laughed took the wine from him " well lets gets this party going" I shouted.

"I hope there is going be a stripper at least"

"Oh there will be" AJ laughed


"Come on Lance get ready we are having a pool party garb your swim suit and let go we have to meet everyone else over at Brians tonight

"Why a pool party?"

"Simple you are not supposed to be here so we can't be seen out whooping it up when you are supposed to be married elsewhere in the morning"

"Ok makes sense" Lance blushed at not thinking about it earlier."

"No problem I am sure you have other things to worry about"

"yeah Just wish you guys hadn't sent Caleb away with the girls"

"Will you stop worrying about it, he is going to have a great time with them I promise and you will too"

"Ok Nick I believe you, but where's Josh? shouldn't my best man be here."

"Well he is doing some last minute best man things"

"Like what"

"Like picking up the stripper"

" A What?"

"I'm sorry did I Stutter?"

Lance rolled his eyes "You spend too much time with Caleb, your developing his lip"

"Wouldn't that make you happy"


"I thought you liked Caleb's lip after all you always seem to be hanging off it" Nick laughed slapping Lance on the back "Come on grab your suit and lest go"

"Umm I really don't have one"

"Yes you do Caleb said you bought a new one for your honeymoon"

"yeah but I bought I speedo, that's all I have"

"Well then that's what you will have to wear"


"Oh come on Lance we won't care, beside I am sure you look ok with one on, its not like your 300 lbs, I have seen you with your shirt off"

"Ok fine then , are you sure Josh should be picking up a stripper though" Lance looked doubtful

"Oh will you stop worrying he's not picking up a trick off the street."

Ok let me get my suit" Lance ran around the room grabbed one of the suits he got the week before and a towel as well not sure what else he needed "Nick do I need to bring anything else"

"Nope that's fine come on let's go"


Lance and Nick made there way over to Brian's they parked a little way down the street and walked talking the garage into the back of the house. Lance never paid attention to the amount of cars in the driveway. Nick hurriedly pushed him out the back and into the pool house.

"Jeese Nick what's the rush "

"Just come on hurry up" Nick said looking around

Lance was a little suspicious. He would say a surprise was waiting but he could not understand it. He knew about the party so what would the surprise be. They opened the door and entered the small pool house with everyone gathered around in shorts laughing and drinking. They all shouted when Nick arrived.

"Hey Lance" the room responded

"Ready to party, your last night at being a single man"

"Well actually I would prefer to be with Caleb"

Lance heard a whip cracking sound behind him and turned to see Chris and Howie smiling. " Dick whipped" Chris replied

"True" Lance responded with a smile on his face "After all it is long enough"

"OH" everyone responded laughing wildly

"TMI" Chris screamed "TMI"

"So how much does Caleb pay you to say that?" Howie laughed

" Its true, he's hung like a horse"

"Whatever" Howie looked around the world he noted AJ and Joey blushing wildly and being awfully quiet.

"What you too. OMG its true" Kevin and Joey just blushed more and nodded

Everyone else in the room just hung with their mouths open. "Well now that over with I need to change" Lance made his way to the bathroom and change. As soon as he had the door close nick made his way to Nick quick get up to the house and tell them were almost ready to start. "

"Ok let's do this" with that Nick made his way to the house he didn't make it far because he saw Leighanne at the door. " You ready"

"Yeah lets start remember stay quite"

"Ok" she replied and disappeared into the house.

Inside the house

"Hey Leighanne, where you been hiding girl" I shouted I really didn't need to shout but AJ had been plying me with wine all night while he just drank soda, bastard, and here I am getting quite horny. Lieghanne had taken off to the kitchen a little while a go to get more drinks . I have to admit it was nice having AJ here and I was having a good time I was not so worried over the fact that I was out with the girls.

"Ok man hold on a sec we have the stripper ready but first you need this" AJ produced a blind fold for me

"Oh kinky AJ , But been there done that got the t-shirt" sweeping up my arm to indicate him.

"uh um, maybe I will make Lance a widower before he is married" He smirked I just smirked at him and blew him a kiss. Lily took the blindfold "Here put this on and no more talking you need to be quite"

"Ok " I said pretended to zip up my lips. " Lily came over and tied the blindfold really tight I couldn't see anything very well. I could either everyone laughing and talking in whispers I strained to hear. Then I must have been making a face because I heard a shush and everyone vent quiet.

"Hey Caleb its me its ok I have some ear plugs"

"AJ wait" I was unsure of what they were up too. I was shaking a little form nerves.

"C relax you trust me right"

"Of Course." I leaned forward and whispered "just don't leave me promise"

"I won't know relax I promise you are going to enjoy it" next thing I knew the ear plugs were in I wasn't completely deaf but it definitely dampened the sounds everything was mumbled and low very hard to distinguish voices. The next thing I knew I was being pulled out to the back yard by AJ he was very careful and slow making sure I was ok. I was relaxing a little knowing he was here.

Pool house

"Ok Guys lets get this party going, Josh I thought you were getting the stripper"

"Oh he's up at the house with AJ."


"But first we have to put this on"

"Oh kinky Kevin"

"whatever" Kevin laughed "just put it on"

"Ok" Lance placed the blindfold over his eyes and said "ok guys lets have your fun"

"Oh your going to have fun as well"

"I doubt it Caleb is not here"

"Well don't worry about that now" Justin laughed lets go find that stripper for you"

Justin took Lance's arms and brought him outside and headed towards the group of women and AJ who was whispering something into Caleb's ear

"Ok Caleb one last thing no talking not one word ok"

I nodded what were they up too I trusted AJ so I knew I wouldn't be hurt. Probably trying to make up for the other guys not being here. I felt someone touch my chest and slowly rub around. Nice must me the stripper, definitely could tell they were a guy's hands. This was nice. I felt someone push the small of my back causing me to move forward with the blind fold I fell into the stripper. Wow! he had his nipples pierced Nice. Oh my god. Dam AJ and that wine ,I am getting a hard on. Ok come on think of something think of something baseball, no football dam those tight uniforms. Umm Nick and Mel. That did it I shivers at this thought I could hear muffled laughter.

Justin took my hand and pushed it forward until I touched the stripper. Well he's still wearing his clothes. Am I supposed to undress him. Hmm nice chest oh nice nipples. I wish Caleb were here. I am getting aroused by this and with my swimsuit you can't hide much. Have to think of something. "Umpf" Force full isn't he this stripper. Oh that feels nice having him stroke my chest, very nice indeed. Oh my god I shouldn't be thinking this. " Oh" I can hear the guys laughing at me now I feel Justin pushing me further. " Come on dude undress him" he whispered I decided to play along. I slowly put out my hands and started to tug at the bottom of his shirt to loosed it I slowly began pulling his shirt up his chest and body.

Wow I thought. He's taking of my shirt, not sure how comfortable I am with this. I was shivering . I could fee AJ still had his hand on my shoulder. He was trying to fluster me make me run. AJ always like to play games to see who would back down faster. Well I'm willing to let his go further. I just hope no-ones taking pictures. This could be good blackmail material. I let him pull my shirt up passed my nipples . Oh he's good. Feeling my nipples playing with them why am I shivering, this seems so familiar. Well if they want a show they will get one. O slowly pulled his hips towards me leading in a bump. As I grabbed his ass and started to grind against him.

I could feel him shiver while I was pulling his shirt up. I almost got the feeling that he didn't want me too. I pulled the shirt above his pecs and began to massage. And tug on his rings. The guys definitely know what I like. I feel my self shivering. This feels so right. What am I thinking. It just feels so close to home. I can feel him get into more. About time I felt like I was just pawing at him. Lets see the stripper do some work. I feel his hands on my hips and he's pulling me closer . Ok I'm shocked wasn't expecting him to thrust his hips at me like that and know he's gyrating 'wow' . The man is definitely a professional. Still he's wearing a lot of clothes for a stripper.

Oh well the man is definitely a stripper he feels like his only in his underwear body feel nice but familiar. I gyrated and massaged his ass I could feel hands move around my chest they touched my medallion. Better be careful guy. His body feels really familiar. I ran my hand around his waist when I hit it as scar.

"Wow like a said this guy is good the right move oh this is interesting jewelry nice medallion feels like a C



I ripped off my blindfold to see James holding a blindfold in his hands I reached up and pulled out the ear plugs. I looked shocked as he did and he definitely was embarrassed. Those bastards I decide payback was due. I ran into the pool house knowing that James would follow me.

"Caleb wait"

"No AJ let me do this ok"

"Ok" Lance left and entered the pool house closing the door behind him. He noticed Caleb with his back towards him "Caleb are you ok I didn't know anything please don't shut me out"

"You nervous"

"Umm well yes"

"Glad to hear it." I turned around smiling with my finger to my lips "Ok how about a little revenge just follow my lead"

James just smiled and nodded

"James You bastard why did you pull this stunt , did you want a laugh at my expense"

"No I didn't Caleb I didn't know they were doing this"

"Well then you thought I was a stripper"

"Well umm yeah oh course I wouldn't have done it if I knew it was you"

Oh he was good " Excuse me! you want to repeat that for me"

"You know what I meant"

"I don't think I do, you thought I was a stripper and decided to have some fun before you got tied down with the old ball and chain"

"No, wait! what about you? what did you do? you thought I was a stripper and were quiet friendly"

"So that was it you wanted to test me, you set me up, You don't trust me. You Prick! I should never have bothered with you again I was nuts to think we should be together"

James paused not sure to say. I smiled and mouthed I love you. He mouthed the same back to me

"FUCK YOU! its over give me my ring back." James screamed trying to keep the laugh out of his voice.

"FINE you fucker. I stormed out of the pool house only to be comforted by a terrified group of our friends and family. I knew they were there. I could see their shadows under the door. "Wait" AJ and Kevin said

"Yeah you can't break up you need to get married" Brian said

"Why " I said

"Yeah why should we" James spoke form behind me

"Because you love each other" Brian said

"You belong with each other " Chris supplied

"We can all see that" Mel said

"You are like two peas in a pod you deserve each other, even I can see that Caleb" Lilly spoke.

"Don't break up over us" Nick said biting his lip

"Nick is Right this is our fault Lance and you were both in the dark we wanted to surprise you apparently it backfired"

"Oh I don't know about that" turning to James, I never give up the opportunity to see him nekkid" I laughed

"I am hardly Nekkid " James said mocking me

"Close enough, plus why are you wearing that, its for our honeymoon"

"Well I had nothing else" he whined

"Yeah, yeah. You are just a big kid. You could not wait to wear you new clothes" I laughed

I looked around and everyone was looking even more shocked and highly confused at what they were watching. I walked over to James and held him by the back to my wait he laid his head sideways on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around my waist. We smiled at our thoroughly confused friends I squeezed his bum .

"Gotcha" we both said in unison.

"You know we were worried that you guys were breaking up that is not funny. I was panicking" Mel said

"Yeah" Kevin said slapping me

"Sorry serves you right for trying to pull one over on us"

"Ok we get it " Leighanne laughed "but how did you figure it out you must have peaked through the blindfold"

"Nope" we are just smart

"Yeah whatever" Chris laughed " really how did you."

"Well stupid" James stuck his tongue out, " His medallion" "Ok I understand about that, but what about you" AJ asked pointing towards me "James has a scar on his waist just above his pant line. You actually don't think I would not know every inch of my FiancÚ, you are silly".

"Fine I guess we deserve that but I just want to get this straight so to speak, you are getting married tomorrow" Chris laughed

"Yes" James and I answered together

"What are we waiting for let's party" James yelled pulling me with him towards the pool.

"Wait , I don't have my swim suit" I laughed

"Too bad with that " James said as he jumped in the pool pulling me with him.

"WOW" too late next thing I knew I was spitting up water and brushing my hair form my eyes "You bastard " I sputtered

"But you still love me" He said pulling me towards him

"Yes I do" I began kissing him there we stood in the pull both wet passionately kissing. I could here others yelling at us I felt something hit the back of James head I could see an inflatable pool toy floating by. James finally pulled away " I know that was you Chris and when I finish with Caleb I will take care of you." James spoke but remained looking at me the entire time. He then leaned in and began kissing me again. I could kiss him for ever his lips are so soft. I think this is going to be a great bachelor party after all.

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