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We made our way to the limousine that was going to take us to the club. A lot of the guests had went ahead and the rest of the wedding party would meet us there. I crawled in the limousine and immediately pulled the window up between us and the driver.

"There we finally have some privacy" I laid back in the limousine with my eyes closed. God I still had a headache.

"Oh someone looks tired, didn't get much sleep huh, Shouldn't of drank that much huh"

"What do you mean." I opened my eyes and stared at him.

"Well you are hung over, I know you plus you are wearing a lot of makeup." He made a wipe at my eye and cheek I batted his hand away from me.

"Don't James." But I was too late he smudged enough to see the blotchy parts and the bruising I apparently got when I took the header to the floor this morning.

"How did that happen" he looked concerned

"Well hmm"

"James just watched me and held my hand gently squeezing it I could tell he was a little concerned. "Well this morning I woke up and was a little rushed plus I did feel a little nauseous. When I got up it was a little too quickly and I did a face plant in the floor before releasing all of the contents in my stomach from last night. I didn't realize the bruise was that bad I kind of popped all of the blood vessels when I wretched so AJ and Kevin helped hide them for the wedding. I thought they did a good job."

"Oh they did but you forget I am use to seeing and wearing makeup for the shows so I could tell you were wearing some. Does it hurt "

"No just looks bad and know its going to be terrible since you rubbed the concealer." I laughed

"Don't worry I am sure some of the girls will have some makeup to cover it up" he laid his head against my shoulder and rested it while playing with the ring on my hand"

"Hmm this is so nice do we have to go to the club can we just go home and enjoy each other"

"You are such a horn dog at times, beside I want to show off my husband to everyone, so humor me"

"Ok if I have too, but you have to promise to never leave my side this night"

"Well I don't think that it will be too hard to promise that now will it I can deal with you being right by my side."

Then it's a date lets just rest here until we get there ok" I said as I yawned

"Ok baby" he said kissing my cheek and then went back to playing with the ring on my finger. We sat there in silence for some time just watching the city move by as we drove by in the limousine. This was what is was all about just the two of us and peace and quiet. I am definitely looking forward to married life. I laid my head on James and sighed smelling his hair. He had washed it with some scented shampoo It smelled like raspberries. Hmmm I liked raspberries. I was beginning to drift off asleep again. Ah but that was not to be.


"Yes Driver" James said.

"We are here"

"Thanks, Come on Caleb lets go" James sat up and looked over at me. I was just sitting there staring at him with a dopey grin. He brushed his hand across my lips and I kissed at them before I reached up and grabbed his hand and held it. We Got out of the Limo to be met with lots of cameras Flashing.

"Oh well sweetie I guess they finally caught on"

"Ah yeah but so what you know they never got near the ceremony. Plus they can't get inside I can deal with this. " I laughed and waved at the camera's as James and I made our way in. I could see Howie and Lily standing inside the doors. James squeezed my hand and I stopped and looked at him.

"I didn't know you could work a crowd " he laughed

"Oh you wanna see me work the crowd huh" I laughed and then pulled him into a kiss. It wasn't a long kiss but it definitely was passionate. As I pulled away I laughed at his expression and pulled him into the club.

"I am so sorry Guys I never thought they would figure it out."

"Relax Lily it doesn't matter we kept them a way from the ceremony"

"Still I feel bad."

"Ah they were going to find out eventually. So lets get this show on the road I want to get out of here so we can start the honeymoon night" I winked to Howie

"Like I said a horn dog" James laughed

"What ok we can stay longer"

"Umm No that's ok "

"Ah huh I thought so"

"Quiet you, Dance now, leave early fuck like bunnies" James grunted caveman like

"Sorry guys the caveman cometh " I laughed

We met up with the rest of the wedding party and were about to make our way into the main part of the club the dance floor was empty. We made our way in to applause from the guests and some cat calls from Chris. We stood in the center of the hall and waited I was nervous made no sense what so ever we both had danced with each other many times before but this was different. I was nervous and I could tell James was as well ]he was looking at his shoes while we waited for the guys to get ready. I won again on the music . I always win , me and mighty mouse. The music began softy, a piano at first. I reached up and took James hands and pulled him tight to me and looked into his eyes and began to sway to the opening riff. He just sighed softy and danced with me. The music began and we started slow and progressively danced around the dance. I could here Brian's voice begin.

"You know I'm glad you chose this song"

"Really huh, I promise not to tell the guys"he laughed at my coment

"Besides none of your music would have worked without you singing it " I smiled

"Aw your sweet" he laid his head on my should and we continued to dance

"you happy"

"He nodded his head" I rubbed his back and hugged him tighter to me as I continued to lead him. It felt nice just moving to the music. Its so rare that I get to waltz with James yes we go out and dance but we rarely get to slow dance with one an other. James is such a good dancer not that I should have been surprised but, its just one of those things that you never really think about until it happens. I know I sound corny but this feels nice just dancing with him. The song was coming close to the end I could hear Kevin singing now. I looked up at the stage and mouthed thanks then gently laid my head back on James shoulder. Finally the end came . We stood there for a minute really not wanting it to stop.

"Ok guys its over you can separate guys." AJ laughed

"Its time for the wedding party to dance now. So if we could have everyone out on the dance floor at this time" Howie asked as AJ passed him the microphone and grabbed Kevin's hand dragging him out on the Dance floor. I remember feeling a tap on my shoulders only to find Jake and Melissa there waiting. I . I took Melissa in my arms and quickly twirled her around the dance floor . I saw James and Jake wave at us . Jake was laughing but I could tell he was not up for dancing. I think James understood it as well because he never pushed it just nodded and pointed at everyone making faces with Jake.

"Don't worry Caleb. I took care of it. I figured Jake wouldn't want to dance."

"What do you mean" I didn't get the reply because I watched as Anne came up to James and pulled him onto the Dance floor. She pulled him right over to where we were dancing.

"I just thought that I should at least get a chance to dance with my new son here. Don't worry Caleb I will have him back to you in no time." She then whisked him away. I leaned forward and kissed Mel on the cheek thanks for everything. Thanks for taking James in and making him feel like family I know that it means a lot to him to have Anne here especially with his family not here celebrating with him.

"You don't have to thank me, I considered Lance Family because he is your family. Its just natural"

"I raised a good girl"

"Yes you did and I will hold you to those words." She laughed as we danced. Melissa is so beautiful when she laughs it comes from the heart she throws her head back when she laughed and then brushes here long hair back.

"So what do you have planned for the honeymoon, more importantly the wedding night"

"Never mind about that needless to say I will have a good time."

"I am sure you will but what about Lance" she laughed

I laughed back and slapped her " stop it"

"Oh something tells me that I will have the best time of my entire life, as long as Caleb is there with me" James responded.

"Ah, You know I love you more and more"

"Well that's good I wouldn't want it any other way." James smiled at me

"Oh my boys are so happy, I just " Anne started to sniffle. She was such a softie at times.

"You know Anne know all you have to do is make sure that Kevin follows through and Gets himself hitched"

"You think they will, Kevin is so stubborn and slow at times always dragging his feet."

"Just give him a nudge"

"I think I will. With that Anne danced off with James towards Kevin and AJ. I could see James mouthing something to me not sure what it was though.

"You know Kevin is going to kill you. Anne is not going to stop you know until they are married." Melissa spoke to me

"yeah I know but better her then me and James. Anne can be intense at times, even though I do love here dearly. Less attention on us could be nice. I looked over to where Kevin and AJ were dancing I could see Anne and James there already. Kevin had this weird pained look on his face. He made eye contact with me that's when I think the realization came into effect. He was shooting me daggers Oh I would pay for that later.

The song had ended and we finished our dance it is now time to turn the dance floor over to everyone I couldn't be happier I just want James back. I swept up behind him and wrapped him in my arms squeezing gently.

"Miss Me"

"Umm Who is this?"

"Why you!" I spun him around and Looked him in his eyes. They were sparkling with light. I just smirked at him " What was that again"

"Oh its just you" he smiled

Hm just me is it." I rolled my eyes . " It's a good thing I don't take you seriously" as I pulled him tighter to me and gave him a quick kiss now come on and lest make our way around here and say hello to everyone.

"Oh do we have too"

"Yes we have to , they came to see us it's the least we can do, then we can leave"

"Ok I guess your right but I still don't like it"

"Ahh, my little soldier" I laughed " So did you like your Dance with Anne?"

"Yeah I did She is so sweet but it wasn't the same. I still feel a little lose."

"I know, You could have allowed them to come you know "

"Yeah I know you would have but ultimately it wouldn't have been fair to you."

"James it not always about being fair, you can't always be fair to everyone, sometime you have to be a little selfish. I know how you feel about me, You can call them you know and talk to them if you want." I looked at him, His eyes were a little wet. I leaned forward kissed his forehead and spoke softly. "Go and call them now" James looked at me and smiled and turned around looking for something I watched where he was looking and noticed he was looking in Howie' s direction "I will be right back." He said I just smiled at him I knew he couldn't see me but I smiled anyway. Well I better make my way around the hall and be a gracious host. Where to start I wonder. I scanned the room OH I think I see my First Target. I smiled and rubbed my hands together. Good She was facing away from me She won't even see it coming. I was just about to pounce.

"Don't even think about it"

"Dam Busted, How did you?"

"I have Kids Honey I have eyes in the back of my head. I thought you would know that being it seems you're a Daddy as well"

"ha ha ha, you got me, Have you met Jake?" I smiled

"Of course he is so charming just like his Daddy" she pinched my cheek for Fun

"So where is the little Devil anyway, Oh I think he is playing with my Little Devil" She laughed

"Where's the hubby? you loose him already."

"Nope he had to make a call, He'll be back"

"My aren't we secure letting him out of your sight this soon after being married"

"Well I do I have this" I lifted my hand showing of the ring " It's a very short leash " I laughed

"I'm Sure it is. Congratulations By the way I will Congratulate Lance when he gets back I suppose."

"You will just have to do that"

"So where is you husband anyway"

"Ah, see over there " she pointed to a crowd of people "He's Talking to Rosie about something"

"Dam he is Fine looking" I teased

"You Just Keep your hands off my man" She threatened

"Yes Madonna Queen of all thing Pop" I bowed . When I did I received a slap on the head and someone Pinched my butt that surprised me and I jumped. I was even more startled when I saw who It was.


"What I couldn't help it, wanted to see what Lance raved about"

"Well your can't begin to understand what Lance see it this" I waved my hands over my ass "by Pinching it. You need to be a little more intimate with it " I winked

"No, no, that's ok. I guess I will never know" He laughed

"Don't Feel Bad I am sure you could ask quiet a few here and they could tell you" Madonna smirked


"Yes I am" she laughed

"I didn't Mean to interrupt you two Queens just wondering where Lance had gone"

"Oh He's making a call he will be a few minutes, Is there something you need"

"Oh no just wanted to remind him to throw the Garter, We got some bets going on who is suppose to catch it"

"Oh There's a garter" Madonna spoke up obviously her interest peaked.

"Yeah Caleb is wearing It"

"Caleb I didn't know you were a cross dresser"

"I am not these nuts almost ripped my clothes off putting it on today." I turned to Josh "and thank you for reminding me and everyone else about it"

"Oh come on Caleb be a sport I know Lance is looking forward to doing this"

"Hmm" I folded my arms scanning the Crowd for my man at this moment. This could be a good Sign or a bad sign hard to tell how these thing go. I am praying for a good sign, I hope I didn't make a mistake.

"You are Hopeless. Even when you know where he is you pine for him" Josh laughed.

"Sorry" I blushed

"Never apologize for loving someone, I think Mr. Chasez is just jealous." Madonna smiled. " Well I better get going as it appears my hubby need some rescuing." With that she left making here way over to the other side of the room. Leaving me with Josh who now was getting a little nervous as he began shifting from foot to foot.

"What is it Josh?" I asked

"Caleb who exactly is Lance calling. I mean how important is it to make a phone call at his own wedding reception."

I looked around to see if anyone was nearby that could overhear before I spoke " He's speaking with his parents"

"He's WHAT" Josh yelled a little loudly. I quickly Shushed him " Josh quiet please"

"Sorry but why in gods name is he calling them after everything I thought they were out of the picture finally after yesterday."

"Well Your parents are never truly out of your life Josh I understand that more then anyone. I couldn't deny James is he wanted to try and salvage his relationship with his parents. I am secure in his choices I mean after yesterday I know where I stand and His parents know the situation. I think they were honest with what they said."

"Wait how did you know what they said you left?"

"I went to the office and eavesdropped I had the intercom turned on so I could hear."

"Hahaha, You are one sneaky guy. I hope James knows this."

"Oh he knows he caught me " I blushed

"Well I hope it goes well for both of you."

"Oh it will, probably rough times but hey we will survive"

Josh nodded behind me. I turned to see James coming back. He had a smile on his face so I take it went well. I noticed Howie and Lily approach James and hold him for a second they talked and James nodded. Leaving Lily and Howie talking. I could see Howie turn to me and he was giving me the eyes trying to get my attention. I just nodded yes and mouthed its ok. I am not sure he caught it or not because he still had a strange look on his face. I turned back to James who was a few feet in front of me I could see his eyes were wet, But he didn't look sad I hope they were tears of Joy.

"Hey you sexy man how about we get this show one the road" James spoke in a low deep voice. He had a voice made for sex. I felt my heart palpate.

"I take it well" I said slipping my arm around his waist and turning him to Josh. He looked at Josh and smiled. "Hey How's my best man doing" he laughed

"Good how are you doing?"

"Good Why?" James looked over to me

"He asked where you were and I told him"

"SO" Josh interrupted.

"All good man, actually Howie is sending a car for them now they are coming here to see us. It was their idea they wanted to come." Josh looked at me and was about to say something but I spoke " Its ok I kind of thought that they might come here, if I had a problem I would not have told James to call them anyway, But if they are coming we Better get the whole throwing the garter out of the way. I doubt they will want to see that spectacle."

"Ok got it come on" Josh said pulling us to the stage he caught Kevin's attention and had him follow us. As we made our way to the stage Josh ran ahead and grabbed the microphone near the DJ and called everyone's attention. By this time Kevin was by his side trying to talk into the microphone with him. Josh kept slapping his hands away I could here Kevin moan "Stage hog" with that Josh turned and punched him in the shoulder before making his announcement.

"Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, You may be wondering what about the bouquet? Who's throwing the bouquet, and what about the Garter as well" Josh began

"Well things being little different here we had to make some changes so we are only going to be throwing the garter." Kevin added

"Now some may ask that's not fair what about the women" Josh continued on

"Well you see we decided it would be for all the single people can catch the garter" Kevin laughed

"So if we could please have Caleb and Lance come up here on stage and if we could have the single people lined up in front. We will get this started."

Someone passed Kevin chair and he sat me in it while Lance stood next to Josh as Josh continued organizing things. " Well I guess we know who is wearing the Garter now don't we " Josh yelled, which elicited some string laughter from the crowd. 'I was going to kill them later I swear I was going to kill them.

"Ok Are we ready everybody?" Kevin yelled

"Yeah" the crowd yelled

"Show us some leg" Someone called I swear it was Justin which was followed by some cat calls and whistles.

"Ok Lance Take it away" Josh laughed. I just shook my head it was hard to laugh probably because I was embarrassed to hell, plus I knew it was only in good fun. Now I see James standing in front me and he leans down to whisper in my ear. " Who should I aim for ?" I laughed and held his ears to my lips "AJ"

"Hmm Someone wants some revenge is see." He laughed he eyes were Dancing with delight at this idea. James could be such a prankster when he wanted to be. James kneels in front of me and begins to work his hands up my pants pushing them up as he tries to reach the garter. I can feel his warm hands gently caressing my leg. Slowly his hands rise up to my thigh then he begins to rub circles with his fingers. I can't believe him. He knows this is driving me nuts. I try to slow my breathing as best I could there was absolutely no hopes of not getting hard that was too far out of my control . So here I sit hot horny and hard on a stage in front of hundreds of people as my husband gropes me. I can here more catcalls and whistles. I look in to James eyes and catch him watching me intently. I clench my teeth and speak loud enough for him to hear.

"If you take that off now. I will ride you like a bull all night long" James coughed and smiled up at me not a happy friendly smile one of those lecherous smirks people get when they are trying to be sweet and raunchy at the same time. But he quickly pulled the Garter down and off and stood up putting it in his teeth and shaking his head like a mad dog with a bone. Oh my god he is such a freak at times I just laughed at him. I watched him take it out of his mouth and quickly survey the room I knew why too. When he was ready he turned around and flung it over his head and too the right. I swear there must have been someone guiding his hand because the thing landed neatly in AJ's hand. I don't think he realized he had it at the time. I saw Chris and Justin along with Madonna and a few other pull them selves up from the floor where they mistakenly dove for it and missing it completely. The look on Kevin's face was priceless as was AJ's Kevin looked over to me with his mouth open completely shocked. That was until I licked my finger and made the gesture of ticking off a score card. It was then that I saw him close his mouth and mutter Bitch to me. James and Josh were laughing so hard because they had caught mine and Kevin's little conversation. That's when Josh picked the microphone back up. "Hey Ladies and Gentlemen looks like we have a winner. AJ why don't you come up here and place it on your boyfriend." With that Kevin visibly paled, he got paler still when he watched AJ jump up on the stage. However AJ didn't go up to Kevin he came up to me and began to kneel down. " What are you doing" I half screamed knocking him away form my leg. " Hey Caleb is there something you want to tell Lance " Josh spoke the whole audience roared with laughter. AJ stood up and face away from me " Sorry " he spoke " Bad Acid Flashback, got confused you know I though you said ex-boyfriend."

Josh, Kevin and James laughed, as well did some of the guest but some were stuck speechless. A lot of people still were in the dark about AJ and I dating and our whole history. I was surprised AJ let it out of the bag he was always discreet about his personal life. I watched know shocked as AJ placed the garter around Kevin's neck and then give him a big kiss.

"Well that's all for tonight's floor show" James laughed. "Lets get this party rocking everybody" he screamed and then threw the mic back to the DJ before coming over to me and pulling me off the chair. " Come one you we need to make you presentable the rents are coming shortly."

"Yeah, Yeah" I spoke

"Hey were you serious earlier"

"About your parents yeah I was"

"No not that, you know about riding me like a bull" It was funny he was actually looking bashful as he said it under his breath and looking down at the floor.

"Oh that" I leaned forward "Yes, I think I am going to get myself a drink maybe some wine" I winked "You want anything?"

"Nope Come back soon" He grinned and shook his head at me.

I made my way to the bar to get something to drink, I was going to need a drink not only for tonight but to get through meeting James parents I was serious that I was ok with him asking them but even still I was weary of it, I just don't want James seeing it. I have a long memory and not sure how good at forgiving I will be. But I am determined to do it for James

"What can I get for you Sir?"

"Glass of white wine please"

"Yes Sir"

"What are you doing getting a glass of wine"

"I turned to see Nick and Brian standing there. "Oh no memories of drunken times" I laughed

"Well I do believe you should be getting a bottle after all you are the guest of honor" Nick said

"Yes he's right" It was then that the bartender returned and Nick placed his order and asked for a bottle of wine. Then Brian did the same laughing when he did it.

"We plan on giving Lance one hell of a wedding night" Brian laughed. "Thanks guys but I don't want to get to drunk not yet."

"Ah little nervous about the rents"


"We were speaking with Howie. You going to be ok with this?

"Not sure, but I am going to do my best"

"You are a good man Charlie brown" Nick said as he patted my back.

"Ok Brian and I will rally the troops and tell them not to worry."

"You mean everyone knows"

"Of course they do. Hey look." Brian pointed I looked over to see Kevin coming over towards me. He had a serious look on.

"Howie strikes again"

"I doubt it. It was probably Josh" I said, with that I finished my glass of wine and grabbed the bottle Nick watched as I chugged a large portion of it before Kevin reached me and took the bottle.

"You didn't tell me"

"I've been busy" I said taking back the bottle Nick and Brian just watched us.

"Too busy to tell your best friend"

"Yes I did get married today"

"Really! is that what's going on today"

"Spoken like a true smart ass"

"Thank you I aim to please"

I knew Kevin wasn't going to let this go. I had to deal with it now and head on. Brian and Nick watched us like someone watches a tennis match. it would have been comical if I hadn't been so perturbed.

"Look Kevin I was tied up with other things plus I wanted to make sure everything went well before I said anything. Just in case things went wrong I didn't want people to know for James' sake. Kevin you need to realize I am a married man now and things have changed .Our relationship has changed. I am going to have secrets with James that I am not going to share with you. You need to get over this jealousy right now." I didn't want to be mean but it had to be said. I needed for him to understand that now. Kevin just stood there shocked I guess. He never said anything just stared at me his brow furrowed. This is not good. I should say something.

"Look Kev..."

Kevin abruptly stopped me "I get it Caleb I really do. I guess I wasn't ready to give you up. Maybe I'm being greedy but I can't help it."

"I'm sorry Kevin." I don't know why I was apologizing but here I was.

"Don't apologize. Are you going to be ok"

"Yeah I think so only one way to find out?"

"Ok well if you need anything... see you later Caleb" with that he turned and left quickly. That could have gone better oh well I know him well enough to know he was not truly angry just sulking best to give him his space. I forgot about the other tow however until

"Well that was interesting" Brian said

"Yeah never seen him sulk off before. I..." I interrupted Nick with my back to him and held up my hand and raised my index finger in the air and sighed forgetting about the wine I walked away. Fuck it I thought I have better things to think about namely my sexy man, know where has he gotten too. I scanned the room he wasn't where I had left him earlier. I was getting lost at all the people but this is not hard there are times I swear I could smell when James was around. This unfortunately was not one of those times. Probably because I am distracted, the whole thing with Kevin plus his parents coming have me not quiet functioning even though I keep telling everyone I am ok. I am not looking forward to meeting James parents tonight. "Where the hell is he?" I muttered

"Maybe he's behind you?" I jumped at the sound of the voice and spun around holding my chest with my hands. Dam him, he should know better then to sneak up on me like that.

"Are you looking for a spanking tonight" I gasped . James was blushing Fiercely Oh Jesus no. I looked behind him and there they were His Parents. Oh god I know they heard that. I took a deep breath . Hopefully I could salvage this.

" Hello Dianne, hello Jim" I gave a slight wave. About all I could do considering James was anchored between us. Still shocked by what I said but he was at least returning to his normal pale color.

"Hello Caleb, Nice to see you, Congratulations on the wedding."

"Thank You Dianne. I think I am the lucky one here" I pulled James away from between us so we could talk better plus I felt better holding onto James while talking. He was like my on security Blanket. I think he parents fingered it out.

"Its ok Caleb, I understand your anxiety, actually this is new to us as well. We are quiet nervous about this as well. We told Lance we would only stay a little while." Jim spoke looking directly at me I could see his eyes I understood what he was saying and I couldn't detect any malice in his eyes just mutual discomfort. I guess it not easy for any of us. I just wish James would speak. I nudged him

"Oh um, It ok dad I understand its not easy but I am glad you are here. Small steps I guess." I could see his parents smile at this.

"Maybe we should start over." I said Holding out my hand to Jim, "Hello Mr. Bass its nice to see you here." He took my hand and shook it " Thank you Caleb it nice to finally meet you" he smiled a little easier. I then held my hand to Diane " Nice to see you as well Mrs. Bass"

"What's this?" she looked a little shocked and then she pulled me into a hug kissing my cheek. Stop this Mrs. Bass thing ? Its Diane please" I smiled at this .

"Thanks Mom Dad" James was beaming he leaned over and kissed my cheek. I blushed as did his parents.

"I guess this is going to take some getting use to." I laughed nervously, gladly so did James' parents. ok this is not going to be that bad.

The Honeymoon Oh, my side hurt I was laughing so much. James was totally into the whole marriage and whole honeymoon. He was acting like a huge kid. Well we both were acting like kids, that's why we decided to stay in Orlando and do Disney for our honeymoon. Or maybe it was more like do it everywhere in Disney. We managed to convince everyone we were going to Atlantis. Even had Chris drop us off at the airport. Once he left we took a cab straight here to the Magic Kingdom. I convinced James to book the honeymoon suite at the Wilderness lodge, it was secluded plus there was so much here to do without even touching the park. Actually we were enjoying the room.

James was currently trying to impress me with his lip syncing abilities. The radio was playing James Brown. My James was strutting around the foot of the bed in his boxers with a blanket draped over his shoulders singing into my hairbrush. He had all of James brown's moves down pat.

"I feel good, like I knew that I would now"

"I feel nice like Sugar and Spice"

He fell to the floor and hunched his shoulders just like James Brown did. I was laughing hysterically at this holding my side.

"You like?"

"I love you, you fool." I crawled to the foot of the bed and leaned over the edge with my head on my arms. I stared at James his eyes , they were full of light. He was so beautiful. Even more so now that his hair was back to a normal color, I convinced him to go with a deep auburn color it really suited him with his green eyes and pale skin. I leaned forward and gently took James lips to mine and kissed him passionately chewing on his bottom lip the entire time. When I pulled him away I laughed at his beautiful serene smile upon his face.

"I love you Mr. Frost"

"And I love you Mr. Frost" he replied back to me

"I like the way that sounds"

"So do I, do you know how happy you made me, when you married me I felt my heart burst when I heard you say the words, I do" James was now sitting laying his head on the foot to the bed watching me sideway as I lay facing him.

"So what should we do today"

"More of what we did yesterday." He replied wagging his eyebrows

"But James we did that yesterday" I whined "Besides its all about location, location, location."

"Ok, ok" he laughed " What should we do today then." he spoke leaning closer and kissing me

"How about some Epcot I want to go on the test track"

"You are a little kid at times."

"Yeah I know, but you love me anyway"


"Race you to the shower" I jumped up as I did I held James head down on the bed giving me a few extra minutes.

"Hey YOU"

He jumped up following me, thank god I was already Naked no time to slow down. I jumped in the shower and turned on the hot water . It felt great I just stood there letting the water wash over me. The only thing that could make it better would be for my Husband to be here washing my back. Just then I heard the door pull open and James got in behind me.

"That wasn't funny"

"Oh I thought so, took you long enough"

"Well I was debating it, after that stunt maybe I should shower alone"

"Really" I said turning around

"Yeah" he said. I advanced toward him and smiled "but then we couldn't have any fun"

"But I came here to shower that's all" he tried not to grin

"Ok, I said pulling my self close to James while still not touching him. I was hovering just next to him. My face inches away as I spoke. I slowly wet my lips and stared into his eyes. He liked this. His eyes never lied, plus I could feel his dick hitting my thigh he was so hard. He was breathing a little heavier and was slowly swallowing. I Reached out with my hand and ran a trail slowly down his chest between his pecs down his abs stopping just above his faint treasure trail. I tilted my head and cast my eyes down and then back up to his, taking in his whole body.

"You still sure you want to just shower" I said licking my lips once again.

He looked at me I could see the lust in his eyes "Fuck that" he said. In one quick movement he turned me around knocking me back into the wall, then he proceeded to kiss me passionately pushing his tongue into my mouth. While grinding his hard cock into me. I was in ecstasy. No matter how often James and I made love, the one thing never changed he put his whole heart and soul into it. He was not a selfish lover. He always knew what I needed and how to give it to me. My hands were roaming all over his back kneading his soft skin and he kissed me. He slowly pulled away and took both my hands and held them high above my head.

"There" he said. And then went back to kissing me, only for a moment , he then began to kiss a trail down to my neck and shoulders he quickly began biting and chewing on my neck as he ground faster and faster. I was lost in these sensations and my breathing was getting heavier and faster. I know I'm going to have a hickey. When he was satisfied that he had marked me, he moved slowly to my nipples working over my left nipple biting and pulling at the ring with his mouth. I looked down and saw the water beating off his head and running down his face and he teased my nipple. Never stopping despite the water running down his face. Just when I thought I was going to cum, he stopped looked up and smiled at me, I must have had a spacey look because he just smirked and moved to my right nipple to begin his assault there. He was working his tongue at such a fast pace, I loved it but wanted more. I freed my arms and grabbed James' head pulling him up and locking his lips with mine. I was getting more aggressive. I swear I could feel him smile. I looked into his eyes and saw a sparkle in is eyes. That did it for me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him tighter. I could feel his cock sliding against my ass. I started to grind harder and faster. James began to moan. The look in his eyes changed he was like an animal possessed. Pushing me tighter against the shower wall. He took his hands and positioned his cock and in one thrust he was in me.


James quickly pushed his mouth towards me sealing off me mouth and ability to squeal out. I think he was worried if I kept up the lobby would hear me. James thrusting became faster and faster, pushing me hard and harder against the wall his hands were on my hips increasing his thrust. My dick was tight against his body rubbing up against his abs. I was going to cum I could feel it and James could tell as well. He broke our kiss and cast his head down focusing on his job at hand. I threw my head back arched my back from the wall and came


I felt James Tighten and stiffen, as he came as well. "Oh Fuck Caleb. God I love your tight ass"

He fell against me pushing me gains the wall my legs were still against his waist and I laid my head against his shoulder and panted. I had a smile on my face . James was breathing heavy and turned his head to look at me. I looked up and he laughed. It took me a minute before it dawned on me.

"Why are you laughing"

"You have that look, its funny"

"What look" James had slipped out and I was able to stand on my feet. Well maybe not on my own since I was still leaning on him.

"That look you have now. I call it where's the microwave look. You get it after we have sex, I think your entire brain turns off. Remember that day in the kitchen"



I hope I am not too early. I know he said around 5 some time . Dam I am too nervous here take a deep breath and just wait for him to open the door. I stood there waiting looking at this rather large solid door staring back at me. Who needs a door like this? I thought.

"Coming" I could here him coming towards the door. There was a pause and then I saw and felt the door open

"Caleb Come on in" he said with a large smile on his face.

"I'm not too early am I"

"No not at all get in here. I been waiting it seems like all day" he laughed I smiled and entered his house. Hmm nice taste not to extravagant. " I like your home. Well I mean what I have seen of it" Oh my god I sound like an idiot

"Thanks, come in and let me take your coat I 'll give you the tour" Lance took my coat and disappeared for a second before he came back he had one of his hands behind his back. I know he's hiding something but what

"OK ready, umm I got you these" and he thrust a bouquet of white roses in front of me. They were beautiful.

"Thank you they are beautiful Lance." I paused then leaned forward and gave him a quick chaste kiss on the lips. I watched him bring his fingers to his lips and touch them and smile.

"Well, if I knew you were going to do that I would have gotten more" he smiled his whole face lit up. Ok let me give you the grand tour C"


"Umm yeah or do you prefer Caleb I'm sorry I should have asked"

"Nope its ok you can call me C, but just you" I smiled wagging my finger at him trying to make it look like I was being serious

"I swear Scouts honor:" he said holding his fingers up

"I somehow doubt your were a boy scout" I smiled

"Well I think that it is just fair I get similar familiarity, tell me do you actually go by Lance?"

"Well My full name is James Lance Bass, everyone calls me Lance here or scoop that's what the guys call me."

"Is it ok if I call you James I would like that ."

"I would like that as well. Now that we had that settled let me show you my humble little house"

"Little" I laughed "my house is little"

"You all moved in"


"I wish we had of gotten home sooner I would have liked to help, and I'm sure the guys would have helped too."

That's sweet thanks, but the guys don't really know me,"

"Well they do cause I keep talking about you Chris said he felt like you and him were dating"

"Ha, ha, ha, I don't do little people"

"I promise not to tell him you said that" we were making our way around the house and he was pointing out different stuff like the den and the living room even showing the closets and such. Finally ending up at what I supposed was his bedroom.

"And this is my Room he said quickly opening and closing the door.

"what wrong is there a mess in there or what.?"

"Umm Kind of"

"ha, ha, ok we won't go in then. Dam and here I was all keyed up to be in your bedroom" James just blushed fiercely at my comment I didn't think it was possible to be that red

"You know you are going to have to get rid of that little trait you blush far to easily"

"Yeah I know" and he blushed more. I laughed and took his hand and pulled him back down stairs " So when do we eat I am starved"

"Ok Joey"


"Nothing just you sounded like Joey for a minute"

"Is that a good thing"

"Yeah I think it means you will get along with the guys well except Justin I doubt you will have anything in common with him."

"oh I have practice with kids"


"Umm yeah Look James before this goes anywhere else I need to tell you something"

"YOUR Married aren't you"

I started to chock "No, I am not married I do have a kid so to speak" I pulled out a picture of Mel from my wallet. And handed it to him he looked at it and then looked at me exactly how old are you?"

"Not that old" I said "sort of kid let me explain"

Just then the phone rang several times." You better answer it"

"Oh let the machine get it"

"No answer it I promise to wait"

"All right" with that he went and grabbed the phone



"Kinda ya"

"Jesus no"

"He just got here"

" I promise"

"I said I promise "

I gotta go"

"k bye"

"Everything ok?"

"yeah no problem so where were we?"

"I was going to tell you about Melissa?"

"That's her name, she very beautiful by the way."

"Thanks , well she my cousin. I lived with my aunt and uncle most of my life and she was like a baby sister for a while. They worked hard so I took care of her most of the time then about ten years ago my Aunt and uncle were killed in a terrible automobile accident leaving both Myself and Melissa alone. So I kind of became her parent. Its been hard at times but not to bad."

"Wow, so she live with you "

"Not during the school year she goes to boarding school."

"Oh ok, Wow I'm sorry about your family what about your parents?"

They died when I was young" I blurted out rather quickly

"Um OK" I think he tensed my nervousness about talking about my parents. Hopefully he wont ask any questions.

"Well I think that's great. I mean about Melissa and you taking care of her but I am not going to stop seeing you over it. Caleb I really like you and haven't felt this way for anyone. I would like to you be boyfriend and such I mean if you want"

"I would like that" well his smile when I told him could have lighted up a room, it did actually I think.

"Great but you know we can't be like a normal couple we have to be careful, so don't be too quick to rush into this."

"I am not I am going into this with eyes wide open"

"Ok, Then I guess I have my self a boyfriend." He laughed he moved closer to me on the couch and leaned in to kiss me when the phone rang

"Oh God"

"Better answer it I don't mind"

"You sure"

"Ya" He grabbed he phone obviously frustrated


"I'm Busy J"


"Look I gotta go"

"I will be ok"


"Anything important" I asked

"Nope nothing at all just some business"

"you sure?"

"Yes, now where were we"

"Well I guess well you were kind of leaning in here and ..." I started to lean in and brought my lips close to his when it happened again only this time it was my cell phone."

"Fuck" I groaned James just laughed " better answer it" So I flipped open my phone trying not to sound too pissed.


"Hello May I speak with Caleb Sark"


"hello Caleb this is Mary Dewitney at Orlando General"

"Oh Yes Hello how are you doing" I must have had a serious look on my face cause James looked puzzled mouthing is it ok. I just held up my finger telling him one minute he just watched me

"I am doing Fine, I am calling about the Assistant Managers position on nights that you applied for"


"Well I am calling to offer you the position is your still interested"

"Yes! Oh Yes! Thank you"

"Great glad to see you on board well come down to the human resources building on Monday and You can start orientation and all that paperwork done then 8:00 am on Monday"

"Great see you then" I hung up my cell phone and dropped it in the chair. I could see James watching me with his eyebrows raised. He could obviously tell I was happy. God Happy was not the word. I didn't know what to do so I started doing my own little Happy dance in the living room. I then laughed and grabbed James pulling him up and had him jumping up and down with me.

"I got it I got It" I yelled

"Got what" James was laughing with me

"I got the Job, they just offered me the job"

"That grea..." He never got to finish that sentence I pulled him close to me and kissed him hard. James started reciprocating once he got over the initial shock. I pulled him tighter and I could feel his hands on the small of my back pulling me towards him as his tongue slowly entered my mouth. Oh god this felt great its been so long since I felt this. Wait I don't think I ever felt this way from a kiss. It was perfect. Slowly I pulled away and looked into his eyes they were half closed. I watched as he opened them, he was totally in bliss as I was.

"Oh hey sorry, got carried away" I blushed

"Hey No need to be sorry, beside I thought we decided to be boyfriends and boyfriends do more of that" He pulled me close and kissed me again. Wow this is amazing. Just when I was getting into it he pulled away I stood there with a dopey grin on my face.

"Hey come on lets eat before dinner gets cold" He laughed pulling me into the kitchen.

"What did you cook"

"Cook me, sorry confused me with someone who cooks."

I must of looked confused because he laughed and began pulling container from the oven where he had them keeping warm.

"My kind of man. One who knows how to dial for take out" I laughed

"Glad you approve" and began putting food on the plates

"So what are we having, Chinese, Italian?"

"Oh god Italian Joey's mom would kill me if I served you Take out Italian" he laughed "Nope its from a French restaurant in town I am told that the food is amazing"

"Ohh French are you trying to fatten me up or something"

"Well you could use some meet on the bones I thought Josh was skinny"

"Hey" I pouted

"Oh you look sexy with that pout"

"Well that wasn't the look I was going for"

"Well it's the look you got, come on lets eat" he walked bye and pecked me on the cheek placing the plates on the table. Ok dig in.

I sat down and started to eat, James was right this food was great a little fattening but delicious none the less.

"Mmm, you were right this is great"

"yeah see I wouldn't let you down"

"You know you still don't need to impress me you already got me"

"I will remember that"

"So Joey's Mom knows about me"

"Yeah all the moms are like that, well most of them" He muttered the last part

I heard him and decided that now was not the time to get into that. "That's great, hopefully she will approve"

"Oh no doubt Joey has put in a good report for you"

"Good" I smiled

"You want some Wine"

"Umm NO thanks I don't like wine"

"Oh ok, what would you like to drink"

"Beer is ok" That was close. All I need is to jump him here at the table.

"Ok doesn't sound romantic beer with French food I am sure we are breaking some dining etiquette."

"Well Martha can go fuck herself"

"Language" he laughed

"Sorry" I blushed

"I just fucking Joking " He laughed

"Why You.." The phone started ringing again


"Its ok James get it, normally the fun never rings this much" James went to answer the fun in the other room I could barely hear him but he didn't sound impressed. But I had to laugh just as I heard the fun set down it rang again"

"FUCK" James screamed. I had to laugh even though I felt sad for him here he was trying to have this romantic evening and it kept getting interrupted. I thought he was louder before but that was before now I heard some expletives and the phone slam down. It was a few minutes before he entered the room he looked a little sheepish as he stood in the doorway.

"Hey" he smiled

"Hey so which one was it this time"


"which of the guys was it? See there were four phone calls and each time you sounded like you were explaining what was going on. Plus the guys or at least Joey knew I was coming over for diner from what you said earlier, so more then likely they all knew and they were probably, each without the other knowing, trying to check up on you making sure you were ok. I doubt they totally trust me yet"

"Uh, Am I that obvious"

"Not at all. I am just very perceptive"

"really then what am I think of now" he had a smirk on his face as he approached me .I stood up leaning against the table smiling.

"I sense your thoughts are hazy a little clouded with " I paused " something akin to lust"

"Really" "You are quite perceptive" with that he was all over me quickly kissing me deeply I could feel his hands roam my body and find the cuff of my t-shirt as he began moving his hands up underneath and massaging my chest. I had taken my hands and began to lift his shirt up at the back needing his muscles and pulling him closer to me. I suddenly felt and absence when he pulled away. He had this look of lust in his eyes and quickly pulled of my shirt tossing it to the corner of the room, before leaning in and kissing me again. I began to fumble with the buttons on his shirt trying to get it off. without stopping he placed his hands over mine and held them there then suddenly and forcefully pulling my hands away effectively ripping every button off his shirt. That was so hot. I immediately brought my hands back and pushed his shirt back over his shoulder slowly massaging his smooth chest. His shirt easily slipped from his shoulders and fell to the floor before me. Luckily James pants were not that hard to remove and they quickly fell down to his ankles as he stepped out for them he pushed tighter to me and began kissing my neck. He brought one of his hands slowly up to my neck to support me when I moaned low. He paused and looked into my eyes and gently rubbed his thumb up and down the nape of my neck Oh god I was in heaven My eyes closed partially and my eyes rolled back as I enjoyed the feeling rushing up and down my spine. I could sense James was watching as he continued to stroke not only his thumb but all his fingers around the nape of my neck. My moaning intensified he was sending waves of electricity through my spine. My mouth was slightly agape I tried to focus on James in front of me. I could see him smiling watching me

"Well this is interesting, I think I found your g-spot" He laughed huskily. Oh fuck his voice was made for sex. I started to grind my hips against him. I used my strength and pushed my self from the table standing up pulling James into a tight embrace and attacking his mouth. I paused for a moment " Fuck Me" I said before returning to he kiss. I undid he snap on my pants and then pushed my pants and underwear over my hips and quickly stepped out of them. James pushed me back to the table. I leaned against it looking back seeing our diner and dishes still on the table. I tried to move some of the dishes out of my way unsuccessfully. James had other ideas and with one sweep of his arm he scattered everything over the kitchen floor, then pushed me back on the table with his other hand. He looked at me and smirked " Fuck the dishes, now its time to fuck you" with that he had my legs up to his shoulders and leaned forward to begin kissing me as he pinched and tugged at my nipples. It was heaven I was kneading his back and pulling him tighter toward me. He broke out kiss and began to attacking my neck making his way down to my nipple. He slowly traced his tongue around my right nipple and flicked at the nub sending signals right to my dick. James was hard I could feel him poking me as he began to grind. I had to do something.

"MY, my pocket..."

"fuck... your pocket" James paused and seemed to understand what I was getting at. He stopped the attack on my nipple and grabbed my pants from the floor and searched the pockets finding the condom he took it out and ripped it open with his teeth smiling. " Come prepared much" he smiled

I held up my fingers like a boy scout " I am always prepared" I huffed out.

James just laughed and began to roll the condom on his erect cock. I watched mesmerized at James he was beautiful, simply beautiful. Its hard to believe I am in love with this man. It blows my mind. I never expected it to happen so fast. I know in my heart his is not some rebound romance. My mind was quickly brought back to the present as I felt James enter me. I threw my head back it had been too long. I could here a hiss escape from James mouth and his cock twitched inside me.

"Oh god James Do it"

James leaned down and began to slowly thrust in and then all the way out taking his time. He had more self control then I did. God it felt amazing I started to thrust my hips against him as he thrust forward getting a rhythm going. James leaned forward and began kiss me with fever and lust. Our tongues were dueling quickly and ferociously. His thrust became harder and faster and I reached back with my hands cupping his ass making his thrusts harder. I could feel him sliding past my prostate. Fuck I was hard and not going to be able to hold on. I broke the kiss and turned my head to the side letting out a lusty moan. James then began to bite on my ear lobe and neck. God I think he's trying to mark me . I look at his hands as they gripped the table on either side of me his knuckles were white I could tell he was getting close as was I. I couldn't holdout any more. Oh god I came. I could feel James whole body tense as he started to shake. I was in heaven it felt like forever , eventually my orgasm subsided and I realized that James was laying on my breathing heavily.

"You ok" I cooed

"Oh god that was ..."

"Yeah it was." James lifted his head and looked at me

"You ok:" He smirked

"uh huh" I grinned I was still riding the wave my whole body tingled.

"Ok.. Oh god what a mess" James said looking around. I turned to see food everywhere. " Here I will help you clean up"


I blushed remembering that first night. It was amazing afterward I was looking for some paper towel to clean up he told me they were on the microwave. That's when I asked him were it was. Of course he pointed out that it was in front of me.

"I can't believe that you remembered that!"

"I never forget anything about you, it was at that moment I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life bringing that look to your face, I fell in love with you at that point"

"Really, it was then"

"Yeah, when was it for you"

"That night at the concert when Sam brought me back to meet you guys. You didn't realize I was there and you came out only in a towel. You obviously were embarrassed but you didn't hide yourself just introduced your self to me and put me at ease. The perfect southern gentleman. That and I loved the look in your eyes."

"I don't think we ever asked each other that. I like learning new things about you"

"I like learning new things about you as well, like where did you have the strength to hold me up with no hands. You have been working out" I playfully slapped his abs as I grabbed the face cloth to begin washing us."

"Yes I have been working out, been doing some yoga as well, we should try out the Kama Sutra that Justin gave us"

"Oh fun times ahead. I think if we have any further sex I am going to collapse. Do you think I'm getting old"

"Well you are 30"

"Fuck you" I laughed as I began washing my hair. " Get my back for me sweetie" as I turned around. James grabbed the wash cloth and began soaping up my back he spent a lot of time on my ass. " You think you had enough of that"

"Never" he kissed my shoulders " there you are all done"

"Thank you" I turned around and moved James out of the spray to rinse myself. As James washed his hair I washed his back and returned the favor by spending quite enough time on his ass.

"You like" he asked turning his head to face me.

"Yep, never get enough though"

"True I tend to be the giver, tell you what, tonight this ass is yours"

"Really " I raised my eyebrows

"Yep it's all yours besides I like what you can do. That night back on tour was amazing I wish you would take the initiative more often"

"Well I like it but I'm greedy, I like you in me more" I grinned

We finished our shower and quickly made our way Out of the lodge we took one of the trams to Epcot. We decided to do Epcot First because we wanted to go on the Test Track. Plus there were a lot of places where we could get intimate and romantic at. All those indoor dark rides, plus the different movies. We spent the last hour going on the Test Track we rode it 5 times. We had just entered the body wars ride when I realized we were not alone.

"James." I whispered



James turned his head I slapped him " Don't stare they will see us"

"Well how am I going to look if I can't actually look" He giggled and rolled his eyes.

"Don't be giving me no lip, just look but be quick"

"Ok" James turned quickly and turned back to look at me

"Shit , what are they doing here"

"Probably treating Jake to Disneyland, But where's Joey I thought he was watching Jake for us"

"Not sure" James turned away quickly when he said that. I really didn't pay attention to it at the time.

"Ok just enjoy and when the doors open lets take off and get out of here."

"Deal, you want to go back to the hotel"

"No you horn dog, it's a big park we should be able to get out of here and not see them the rest of the day."

"You hope so"