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" Lance can we talk please"

"Yes, Caleb I would like to talk to you. But first I want to apologize to you"

"James, no you have nothing to apologize for its all my fault"

"No it's my fault Caleb I should have trusted you"

"James I told you..." Caleb's voice raising

"OWW" I shouted as I felt a sharp pain in my ass realizing that Kevin had just cracked me and cracked me good. "Jesus Kevin why did you do that"

"Cause your being stupid and I will continue to do it till you smarten up. You too are going to argue over who's sorry more. God you both are pathetic and definitely deserve each other"

I looked at Lance and saw the smile forming on his face; he was fighting it but losing as I watched I was started to smile and laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

"Umm Kevin you think you could put him down so they can talk"

"Oh yeah sorry" Kevin sheepishly replied and let Caleb off his shoulder and walked and picked up AJ over his shoulder.

"I have what I came for. Oh by the way we will be outside the room just in case." Kevin then walked out of the room giving AJ's ass a couple of smacks as the other too laughed.

"James first off I really want to apologize for what I did to you"

I could see the bruises evident on his neck and it began to sicken me. I couldn't look at him and turned my head away. James surprised me with what he did next.

"I won't accept your apology" my head snapped around to look at James only to see a smile on his face and twinkle in his eyes.

"James I don't understand"

"Caleb I won't accept your apology because you did noting wrong, Please stops staring at my neck. I talked with AJ and I understand what you did was a reaction to what I did to you" Lance had seen the look of shock and anger comes over my face.

"Caleb, relax AJ never told me what it was, He told me that I would know when you were ready and he told me that all I should do is love you and listen when you tell me. That won't be hard Caleb, I always loved you and always will"

I was speechless, James still loved me I could see it again in his eyes. More then that AJ did not hate me otherwise he wouldn't have done what he did. Maybe AJ and I could repair our friendship.

"James " I spoke softy.

"Yes Sweetie"

"I will tell you about why I reacted that way, but later. I am not up to dealing with that now. It has nothing to do with me not trusting you, just I feel we have more important things to talk about and I want us to be stronger when we go through it. I can only go through reliving that if you are by my side."

"I will always be by your side and I won't pressure you. I am sorry about earlier I should have allowed you to explain"

"Well I should have told you about the boys earlier. I want to tell you about it now if you will let me" "I would like to hear anything about you sweetie."

James leaned back in the bed and pulled me with him so I was laying my head on his chest. I began to tell him how I met the guys and how I met AJ.


"Caleb, How is your orientation going, fitting in ok." asked a small rotund woman

"Ok Nancy, It just takes a while to get into the swing of working somewhere new. I have traveled a bit so this is not new to me."

"Oh, where have you been?"

"New York and Phoenix, first time in the south though. Kind of a culture shock."

"That it is honey that it is, you'll get use to it."

"So how is the assignment? Not overwhelming you are we?"

"Na, use to working in trauma, and this place is kind of slower paced. Thanks for asking it's nice to meet friendly people."

"Thanks Honey, you are just the charmer. God is this shift ever going to end, the worst of it is that I have to go over to the lab and get blood work don."

"Why what's wrong Nancy"

"Oh nothing, My best friend's son is having kidney problems and all family is getting tested to see if they can donate a kidney, I doubt I will be able to with my age and all that but I am doing it for support."

"Don't they put you on a national registry anyway"?

"Yes I think so, Like for bone marrow donation and the like."

"I doubt it will help, but do you mind if I go with you in the morning"

"No not at all, after all you could help someone else somewhere who may need bone marrow, that's really nice of you to volunteer."

"Well it was something that I always wanted to do but never really had a chance or good reason you know Procrastinating and all that."

"Well anyway I know Anne will appreciate it none the less"

"So you staff here" the young man asked

"Yeah just started, trying to be a good Samaritan" I replied smiling, god this guy was cute nice ass too!!

"That's nice, not many people would do that Know I need to roll up your sleeve. Well this should be easier you got great veins."

"Yeaaaa for me"

"You hate needles?"

" Yeah I know and I'm a nurse, don't mind giving them don't like getting them though"

"Don't worry I will be quick"

Later in the week

The phone rings


"Hello may I speak with Caleb Sark please"


"Hello Mr. Sark, I am calling in regards to lab test you had done recently."

"Yes, is there something wrong"

"Oh, no everything is ok with your health, but you are a perfect match to the young man who needs a Kidney."

"It is possible to donate one of your kidneys. I know this is probably not what you were expecting, no on ever believes that they will be a donor and donations are scarce. Things have changed since kidneys can be harvested from live donors. I understand you were probably only looking to donate bone marrow, but if you would, I now that the young man would be grateful. "

"I UMM, this is a lot to think about."

"Its ok I fully understand. The family is not aware that a there is a match in case you decide not to donate which is totally understandable and acceptable. We recognize its requires a great commitment to do this. This is totally anonymous. If you agree you can donate amorously. I have to remind you most of these are usually family donation. I understand that you know the family and it may not be possible to donate anonymously in this case."

"What is exactly involved?"

"Well if you would like more information to what is involved, You can come to our offices and we can have our medical staff go over everything with you"

"Sure can I come around tomorrow, it's my day off, if that ok."

"Sure let me get you the address."

I didn't realize how long I had been talking, telling James was kind of cathartic. Explaining how I had met Kevin, about the medallions and the scar on my right side, and of course AJ. He knew about how we got together and why, he now knew the reasons behind our relationship and why it ended .

"James are you ok, you still here? Your really quite."

He turned my head up towards him. He kissed me deep and passionately. I felt it to the depth of my soul. His love for me was pure and special. When I broke the kiss he continued to give me small gentle kisses over my face.

"Caleb can I see it, the scar."

"James you have seen it before"

"I know but now I know the truth. It will be like seeing it for the first time, please."

"Ok James."

I un-tucked my t-shirt and pulled it up above my head in the front leaving my arms in so I could pull it bag down. I turned to my left so he could see my right side. James reached out and gently ran his fingers up the scar. I have to admit the doctors did a good job it was hardly visible unless you looked directly at it. James then bent down and placed a series of small kisses along the scar. I began to giggle

"James that tickles a bit."

"I could stop if you want?"

"Huh, no that's ok"

"I didn't think so, but I think I will anyway, we have other stuff to talk about." I began to pout and stuck my bottom lip out. Lance leaned forward and nipped at my lip.

"Put that away, I promise we will continue this later. But we should finish talking."

"Well I guess your right. Probably before we broke up I knew AJ didn't love me he loved Kevin. they are soul mates. I just didn't want to see it at first. We broke up and that was not pretty at all. A three day long fight locked in our house in Florida."

"Three days huh"

"Yea" I smirked " didn't leave a dam thing standing. I think we broke everything and then some."

"Oh my god it got that bad?"

"Yeah, finally the guys showed up and broke it up then we kind of went our separate ways. I moved in with Howie for a while before the tour started."

"Both Kevin and AJ were basket cases, pining for each other during that tour. I along with the rest of the guys decided to get them together"

"Even after such a short time apart you helped get them together."

"They are soul mates you must see that James, I did. Besides like I said I knew it for a while anyway, plus Kevin is my best friend. I couldn't see him go on like that. "

"So you guys hooked them up"

"Yeah and the rest is history. It happened the same week that I met you for supper."

"Well this explains the lost look in your eyes, at first I thought you hated me."

"No I admit I was distracted. Now you know why."

"So why come back now Caleb"

"The million dollar question lots of things I missed my friends, missed seeing Kevin and seeing AJ, I was also tired of keeping it a secret. I wanted you to know and this was a good way to get everyone together. I could find out if it was ok to tell you and vice versa that way I didn't have to break anyone's trust. I know it was stupid reason but that why. No more secrets."

"Well that does explain the distance the last little while"

"I am so sorry and I want to move on go from this point, not forget or put it behind us just move on and work through it"

"I agree. Sweetie we should really put something on your eye to stop the swelling"

"Well you could kiss it and make it better"

I leaned over and pinned him to the bed and growled in his ear. Quickly licking and nipping at the tip of his ear. I could hear him moan and squirm underneath me.


"Kevin sweetie do you think we will be together for a while"

Kevin sat on the floor leaning against Caleb and Lance's door, AJ had placed himself in-between Kevin legs and was leaning against Kevin's chest playing idly with the ring on Kevin's thumb.

"AJ, just because Lance and Caleb are having problem doesn't mean we will. I am not saying we won't have them but we will get through the just like they are now."

"Are you sure, it was a bad fight, Not all relationships survive fights Kevin, I should know"


"God Dam it Caleb, get a grip why do you always bring that up"

"Well I wouldn't have to bring it if it wasn't true, I will no longer play second best to KEVIN RICHARDSON anymore!"


" Idle threat, you haven't done that in weeks"

Caleb just ducked in time as one of the few remaining dishes went passed if head. Not to be outdone he followed with a succession of bricker-brack flying at all angles as AJ dodged around the small house.

"Stand fucking still, so I can get a good shot, you bastard" Caleb screamed

There was no way that he was going to do that, considering Caleb was grabbing bigger and bigger shit to throw. The house was a mess, furniture toppled, glass everywhere. The only good thing of the fight was they had not hit each other but the defenseless wall didn't fair so well they were riddled with fist holes. Finally Caleb ran out of ammunition.

"Thank god " came an exhausted reply.

AJ looked back but didn't see Caleb around. He was scared at where he may be. AJ looked through the house but could not find him. He noticed the door to the back yard was open. He walked out to find Caleb standing on the deck looking forward.

"This is so not worth it" came a small reply

"I agree."

"What the?" came a reply from inside the house


"God AJ that was then and that's not us. I can't get over that mess, you two were like a demolition team. I also think that Lance and Caleb are going to be ok."

"Are you...."


Both AJ and Kevin quickly placed there hands over their mouths and started to laugh.

"I didn't realize that Lance was so vocal." Kevin sputtered out between laughs.

"I would have thought it would have been Caleb." AJ replied with a grin.

Kevin was going to reply but thought better of it. Believing it would be better to distance themselves so they wouldn't hear anything else, Kevin Pulled AJ to his feet.

"Kevin I wanna stay."

"Come on AJ I don't need to hear this."

Kevin pulled AJ down the hall towards the rest of the guys. "I think they will be ok " he responded.

Inside the Kevin and AJ's Hotel room

Within the small hotel room sat seven boy band members laughing hysterically over what they had heard only moments Ago.

"These walls are so thin, I can't believe we heard that" Brian responded.

"We can" came the collective response of N'Sync guys.

"Everyone thinks Lance is the sweet quite guy, If only they could hear the noises he makes during sex they would change their opinion." Joey responded

Just then the door burst over with Kevin and AJ falling into the room in giggles.

" I take it you heard them too." Brian replied

AJ looked up with a big grin "Yeah we were outside the room, ready to make sure they didn't, kill each other . Well we don't have to worry about that now do we."

"Obviously you talked some sense into them, I want to thank you guys We appreciate what you did for Lance and Caleb we love those guys and we don't want anyone to be hurt." Joey Responded for the group.

"Yeah what Joey said." Justin grinned "Remember when they first met, did you ever think they would get this far."

Josh looked towards Chris and they rolled their eyes and sighed "God, Chris Lance was so a basket case that night" Josh sighed

"Tell me about it, he gave my hyperactivity a run for its money" Chris added

"Yeah well at least you didn't have to deal with Caleb right D" Nick added.

2 Years ago

"Caleb you need to get ready, or our going to be late, do you want that"

"Well, you know its probably not going to work anyway so we could just skip it I'm sure he has better things to do anyway. Why don't we get some pizza? Doesn't that sound better?"

Brian grabbed Caleb by the arm and started to pull him toward the bathroom. "Your getting ready and that's final, we are not going top let you pass this opportunity for possible happiness. If you do not get in the shower I will personally put you in there and shower you myself"

Brian stood in the doorway of the bathroom with arms on his hips .He was quite the site of authority, made only funnier by the expressions of Howie and Nick Behind him with similar poses. "I Guess I have no choice then." Caleb responded. He closed the door and turned on the shower.

"God do you think this is going to work, I have never seen him like his before, maybe this is a bad Idea guys" Nick asked

"Na, this is going to work out fine, I have great hopes right Brian" Brian grinned and nodded his head remembering back.

"See Little Nicky You might not remember, but Caleb was the same way the first time he went out with AJ, I didn't think it was possible but I think Caleb is falling for this guy."

" I hope this guy knows what he's getting cause I will kick his ass if he hurts him." "I wish Caleb trusted us to tell us who it is, I would feel better about this." Nick sighed

"Nick you know its not that he doesn't trust us he is being discreet for this guy and keeping AJ's And Kevin's' secret."

"Speaking of the love birds, where are they, Brian?" Howie jumped into the conversation

"I convinced them to go out for the evening seeing as Caleb didn't want them to know about tonight." Brian said

"Has he told Kevin that he is leaving?" Howie questioned

"I don't think so cause Kevin would have tried to stop him and we would have known about that. He hasn't said anything to me as well." Brian stated

"When is he going to tell them?" Howie questioned "Probably when he bags are packed and he's getting ready to leave. It would be the only way that he could get passed Kevin without his consistent pressure."

"Nicky sometimes you amaze me."

"Melissa says that all the time D."

"Oh how is your little girlfriend?"

Nick blushed and started to look towards his feet, uncomfortable with guys teasing him about Melissa. He loved her so much but couldn't say it yet he was scared of what would happen if she didn't. He felt like she did, they loved spending time with each other and she missed him when they weren't together she emailed him daily and called just as much.

"Nicky snap out of it, Think with you other head buddy"

"Shut up Rock and don't let Caleb here you say those things."

"Yeah he is protective of his baby isn't he? Scared papa might castrate you." Brian joked.

Nick didn't get a chance top respond as the door to the bathroom open and Caleb standing there wet with a towel around his waist. Some catcalls and loud whistles could be heard.

"Shut up and help me get ready"


"Oh My god your Messa's Nick"

Nick Blushed "Yeah"

"Well that explained why he never seemed worried About Melissa dating; he always so overprotective."

Nick had a huge grin on his face; the fact was he always wanted Caleb's trust and friendship he was like an older brother and best friend all in one. Caleb never treated him like a kid but an equal and that meant the world to him. To find out that Caleb trusted him so made him so proud.

"Well you just made Nick's day there Chris" Kevin added

"Well enough of this don't want Nick's head getting to big so what are our plans, Its late tonight so I really not in the mood to do anything tonight but what about tomorrow."

"Shopping!" Came a chorus of replies

"Well I guess that's what were doing" Kevin laughed.

"I wonder if the other two will want to tag along, they are not the shopping types, They tend to do things over the net." Joey asked

"What!" Boys asked

"They don't like shopping." Josh added

"Oh my god what have you done to him." AJ shouted

"What, were confused here." Chris added while indicating the rest of the guys with his hands

"Well Caleb is a shopping machine, God remember some of the times with him and AJ."

"UHHH" Kevin groaned as he remembered .AJ proceeded to smack him for that response. Kevin quickly shut up. "That's better, yeah Caleb and I can shop he loved it. We used to compete over who could spend more."

"I find that hard to believe, He and Lance are so a like, both kind of mellow. "Oh you guys definitely did something to him. You never have seen his wild side? The real Caleb and AJ are so much alike."

"I will have to see it to believe it"

"Well we will tomorrow, hopefully he agrees to go shopping. After tonight we may not see them for a couple of days."

"Hey guys up to clubbing tomorrow night as well."

"God Joey you think about anything else"

"Uhhh, No Josh I don`t, least I don`t sleep 22 hours of the day!"

"Hey I don't"

"Yes you do Josh."

"You shouldn't talk curly."

"I have to go and call Melissa and let her know what's going On. I know she will be happy" Nick replied getting up off the floor and leaving

"Ok, goodnight Nicky, I think I'm going to hit the hay too. Night Guys"

"Night Brian, Night Nick" room responds.

"Well Guys AJ And I are quite tired, I don't want to kick you out but."

"Yeah we know the drill just like Lance and Caleb you and AJ wanna get Jiggy with it." Justin laughed

Next thing he knew several cushions came flying towards Justin's head, not moving quick enough Justin became pelted with the pillows. "OK Guys get the idea sorry were going." The rest of the guys joined Justin saying their goodnight until AJ and Kevin were left.

"So Alex what do you want to do"

"UMM the possibilities, Maybe we can learn from Lance and Caleb huh." AJ responded comically wriggling his eyebrows up and down. There was no response, Kevin just swept AJ into his arms and carried him to the bed dropping him unceremoniously before in jumped on the bed straddling AJ and ripping his t-shirt off. AJ began to say something but was prevented as Kevin's lips covered his and began to hungrily kiss him.

Down the hall

"Josh do you think Caleb and Lance are going to be ok?"

"Yeah, Justin this was just a bump in the road, I'm sure they will get through it, anyway man we already heard them, don't count them out yet."

"Yeah it's just ..."

"What J"

"Well its stupid but it's just why didn't Caleb tell us, I'm sure there are reasons, But do you think it's cause he's still in love with AJ. You heard then other guys early when we asked them it wasn't like Caleb stopped loving him"

"What are you saying that Caleb wants to drop Lance for AJ and break him and Kevin up?"

"I don't know Josh, maybe, maybe not but I don't think that the storm is over"

"Well for Lance's sake I hope you are wrong buddy"

"Messa, Please stop crying sweetie. Why are you crying? I thought you would be happy!"

"I am happy you idiot I'm crying cause I'm happy, Jesus Nick you suck at understanding women"

"Well I guess so sorry, Nick blushed even though he was the only one in the room, and I was just worried. I miss you so much and I want to be able to hold you in my arms."

" I know Nick I am so sorry I am just emotional. I am so happy we don't have to hide. Lance and guys are so great and I want them to see us together. "

"Yeah" Nick responded unenthusiastically.

" They already started to tease me about it, 5 new people."

"Ah, papa will protect you; he loves you like a baby brother"

"I know, I never have to worry with C around and I wish he could have heard you, just now he gets this funny look when he hears you call him papa"

"He is sentimental and loves me"

"Yeah he is a sentimental old foggy"

"Nicholas, he is not an old foggy and do not let him hear you say that"

"Don't worry honey I'll be careful besides enough of Caleb. I want to hear about how much you love me and miss me."

"Oh how did I ever get with a guy with such a large ego?"

"You Know what they say large ego..."