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I awoke feeling great, I still had my eyes closed but I know I had a smile on my face. It had been weeks since James and I had made love and last night was great we were at it for hours until I finally passed out from exhaustion. I turned over to snuggle into James and get some more sleep before we got up. When I turned over I was met by only mattress I opened my eyes to see an empty bed, still being somewhat groggy, I jumped out of bed concerned at where James had gone. After yesterday I was a little jumpy. It was then that I heard the bathroom door open letting a lot of steam bellow from the room. James was standing there naked with a big smirk on his face

"You look worried there Sexy, thought I left your ass?"

"Uhh yeah" I blushed and looked towards the floor.

James walked towards me, grabbed me against him and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his still damp body and crushed him against me. I could feel him hardening as we kissed. This was definitely looking to be a great morning. I fell backwards onto the bed pulling James with me. The quickly flipped him on his back and straddled him. Never breaking the kiss. James began to moan into my mouth and began grinding his hips into me. Finally breaking the kiss

"Well I guess you'd think twice about leaving me alone now huh"

"Definitely, I will have to take more showers alone if this is how I will be greeted afterwards."

"Don't you dare, I like washing your back" I whispered into his ear as I nibbled at it.

I leaned up onto my arms and stared at him, Lance stared back and reached out with his fingers touching my eye. I flinched little at the touch. I saw some tears forming in his yes.

"Its ok James just a little sore it should be ok, the ice Kevin gave me helped with the swelling , just a little bruise."

"It's just I am so sorry I feel so bad for doing it I promise I will never hit you again never Caleb , Please believe me"

"I do believe and its ok James I kind of like the idea of having a brute for a boyfriend. I leaned down and gave him a quick kiss, " I love you with my entire heart and soul James. I want nothing more the to grow old with you" Lance and I were silent for a while not really saying anything.

"Well we do have to get ready I let you sleep and we have to meet everyone for breakfast Kevin called earlier, its going to be in his room. You need a shower, and we only have time for you to take one by yourself."

"Well I have other ideas as I grinned my hips and began to kiss his nipple.

"No, No, we don't have time"

God he was so stubborn at times, but so was I but I won't give up this time there will be nothing he can do to change my mind. Well almost, before I realized it James had moved his fingers up to the nape of my neck and began to run his fingertips up and down. I could see the sly smile on his face probably for the fact I had this dazed look on my face.

"Well sweetie, are you going to get your shower now?"

"Uh... um... yeah shower now"

"Good boy" James quickly pecked me on the cheek rolled me over and got up to get dressed. By the time I realized what had happened he already had his boxers on and was putting on a green t-shirt.

"You suck" I lay there frustrated knowing that I had better get up. I got up and moved to the bathroom to get ready. Quickly jumping in the shower I let the hot water runs over my body slowly waking me up. Normally I am in and out of the shower quickly, well when I'm by my self anyway. But today I needed to relax and think. I really did love James I believe he is my soul mate but I still did love AJ and really could not admit that to him, I don't think he would understand I have to try and get over these feeling for AJ and make James number one. Just then the shower door whipped open and their stood James completely dressed with a sly crooked smile on his face.

"So what exactly was taking you so long in here huh."

"Nothing I was enjoying my shower until it was interrupted by a mean boyfriend" I stuck out my lip and pouted.

"Well then your mean boyfriend will go to breakfast and leave you all alone."

"Oh no you don't, the guys would love that after what happened yesterday. You can wait for me I only need to get dressed. "

"Ok sweetie I'll wait for you this time, but your going to get punished for making me late"

"You can punish me later dirty boy; I'm busy getting ready here."

James laughed at me as I ran around the room hopping into the shorts and t-shirt. "Ok lets go"

"That's all you putting on?" "Well yaw its only breakfast with the guys I can finish getting dressed later." Pulling James out of our room and down the hall. For some reason I was feeling playful and jumped on his back.

"Ok slave boy takes me to breakfast"

"What the hell! You got legs"

"Uh, uh if I'm going to get punished I am going to be bad all day. I am feeling lazy so carry me." I wrapped my legs around his waist in case he tried to throw me off. He didn't I knew he wouldn't, James was just as much a kid as I was, that was when no one else was around. We made our way down the hall to the room and opened the door everyone else was there eating at the time. All eyes turned towards us with wide grins.

"Lance um what exactly did you do to Caleb last night that he can't walk" Chris asked

I immediately started to blush James was going to respond but I quickly cover his mouth so all that came out was a garbled noise. "Do not dignify this with a statement." I slid off of James back and walked to the breakfast carts I could hear some snickering but was determined to ignore them. I didn't realize Nick had been next to me saying something.

"Caleb dude, how are things going? Everything Ok?"

"Everything is great" I responded as I looked at James who had walked up behind Nick.

"Yeah Nick everything is great" the response startled Nick cause he jumped, but to his credit I don't think anyone else noticed it. I filled my plate with food and found a seat between Chris and Howie. There were no more seats left, so he hat down in front of me and rested his back against my legs. "Comfy honey"

"Yes I am actually, a thanks for asking"

"Well I'm not butt-head" I then knocked him over on the floor and stretched my legs "Ah that feels so much better. To James credit he did manage not to spill his breakfast." "Why you little stinker" James responded then quickly grabbing a handful of leg hair and pulling.

"OW" I quickly pulled my legs up to the couch and crossed them Indian style. James sat back up and leaned against the couch and begins to eat while I rubbed my sore leg. The rest to the room was following our little game with much interest. However I noticed that most eyes were on me well on my eye in particular. The bruise was very noticeable

"I see James that we have an audience this morning, do you want to say anything or should I pointing to my eye."

"I will" he hesitated "Guys, relax Caleb and I had a long talk and worked through our problems. We realize that we are going to hit bumps in the road but we are determine to get through them together and not give up." James turned to look at me "Right Babe"

"Right and if I were you I would be careful James her as a mean right hook, don`t want him kicking your assess if you step out of line" I laughed giving James a kiss on the forehead to let him know I was joking.

"Well that great Nick replied jumping to feet and approaching us. I was talking to Melissa and she is so happy about this Caleb She asked me to give you something" Nick bent forward and gave me a kiss on the lips. He then paused and looked at James for a minute studying him "Ah what the hell, and reached down and gave him a kiss on the lips a well "Those are from Melissa so don't get any ideas you two fruitcakes"

"Never Nicky could break Messa's heart like that." I responded "So what on the agenda for today" Lance asked the room. Leave it to my man to get right into business mode.

"Well we decided to go shopping, so you and Caleb won't be bothered this afternoon" Joey responded

"Shopping cool haven't done that in a while, is everyone else going" I jumped from the couch " Same rules as before come on who's up for it" The guys were shocked as was lance. The boys laughed.

"I knew you wouldn't let us down buddy " Came Brian's reply

"Well AJ up for some competition how shall we play it, who buys the most or best outfit."

"How about best dressed"

"Cool, now we can't have any boyfriends to interfere. They have to shop somewhere else. Deal?"

"Deal" AJ Shook my hand

"Ok guys you know the drill get out the straws" I replied

It was simple AJ and I were famous for this stunt we could decimate a mall in a day and being in New York we could find tons of cool shops and cool clothes. The winner was the one with the coolest most original outfit. The straw deal, was to determine who would we be teamed with. We long ago decided that we needed someone to keep and eye on each other cause we both tended to try and spy on the other and as well they made great baggage handlers.

We finished breakfast quickly we all ran to get ready, Joey and Chris won or lost however you look at Joey was my second and Chris would be AJ's the rest would go about there own thing and shop. It looked like Kev and James was going to hang out at the mall. It was good to see them getting along.

At the mall



The silence was deafening neither really saying much not really knowing what to say to one another. The fact that they were standing in a large metropolitan mall surrounded by hundreds of teenage girls added to the uncomfortable nature. Disguises or not they were not comfortable.

"I don't know how AJ does it I was never comfortable in here." Howie responded

"Really neither am I, I know they all say I love to shop but really prefer the Internet. I use to love the mall but it's just too dangerous now you know what I mean"

"Yeah Justin I do, I wonder what the others are up to, If they're having as much fun as we are."

"Well I doubt Chris and Joey are having fun, but I would love to be a fly on the wall with Lance and Kevin"

"Umm Yeah, could be interesting, they probably have a lot in common and I know Kevin will want to know about what Caleb's been doing for the past two years.

"The same can be said for Lance. I know he wants to know about Caleb's past and Kevin is a good source for that, This way he can ask about AJ without really asking AJ." Justin smirked

"So Justin what do you want to do? Besides that is wondering what the others two are up to."

"Well I am hungry could go for something to eat."

"Cool so am I. Lets get out of here and somewhere not so in the open" the two friends headed down the mall in hopes of finding a quite place to grab a bite and stay hidden from prying eyes.

"Your not serious, Ha, ha, ah, ah, I can't believe that... he went along oh my god..."

"Yeah it was hilarious it was the ugliest thing I ever saw, Caleb in drag is not a pretty site."

"I am so upset that I missed that." "Well Chris never pulled that prank again, not after Caleb put Nair in all his soap and shampoo. Chris was smooth as a baby's bottom."

"Wow, he must have been upset, "

"Yeah but the worst part was when it started to grow back, he was constantly itching, the girls stayed away from him thinking he had some contagious skin condition."

So I wonder what they are up to Kev, who do you think is going to win."

"I bet on Caleb."

"Well not be supportive but I think My BF is going to lose this one. I can't see him wild"

"Well Lance if I were you I would get ready to lose Cause I'm going to win"

"We'll see, You haven't known him for two years."

"Yeah, that true." Kevin whispered.

"Oh Kevin I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it I wasn't thinking. I know how important you are to him and your friendship."

"I know but it hurt having him around and not telling me the truth, I understand how you felt."

"Then why don't you say anything? If I know Caleb he already knows how you feel. So just confront him I know you will feel better afterwards. "

"It's just I don't want to lose it with him It made me so mad But I understand some of his reasons for doing what he did, but Lance it still hurt, I lost my best friend for two years"

"Kevin you need to tell him and soon."

"Yeah I know and I will" Kevin had begun to twist and turn his medallion in his fingers absent-mindedly. He would have never been aware of it if Lance had not asked him about it.

"Kevin do you mind if I look at your medallion, I mean I know about it Caleb told me, I hope you don't mind and I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable.

"No Lance its ok actually you should now the truth being Caleb's bf. I hope you realize what this means, he can be very closed mouthed about anything he doesn't want to talk about."

"Including his childhood, I take, what do you know"

"More than you, and if you want to know you are going to have to talk to him. I am going to stress that you don't pressure him. Ask but don't pressure cause when he tells you be prepared for the ride."

"Sorry, I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable, I just want to get him to open up. I don't know how to get him to talk if I can't ask out right."

"Here maybe this will help" Kevin reached into his pocket and pulled something out of his wallet. " This will definitely open a conversation about the past. He doesn't know I got a copy of this." Taking an old picture from his wallet he hands it to Lance. Lance looks at the worn picture; it shows a small tanned, well almost red, boy around 7-8 years old with blonde cornrows and this crooked grin standing on a beach waving at the camera.

"Who's this"

"That my dear Lance would be you bf as a child, isn't he just the cutest thing with that hair."

"Oh may god he's adorable. I never saw this picture before."

"Probably not too many questions would be asked if you saw that, guarantee it would open up the topic innocently if you ask about it"

"That's a lot to think about"

Lance and Kevin had been walking the entire time not really paying attention; they had bought some things but were not really intent on shopping. They did find themselves outside a jewelry store. Lance stopped to look in the window. Kevin stopped when he realized that Lance was not with him. He turned to see Lance staring intently to the window of the jewelry store with one hand leaning against the glass. Kevin walked over to see what had gotten Lance's attention; it was a series of rings on display.

"Lance what's up"

"Uhh Kev do you mind if go in here I want to buy something"

Kev got a silly grin on his face and slapped his hand on Lance's back "Sure dude lets go, maybe you'll find the perfect ring for Caleb in there."

"Uhh well I, I mean" Lance sputtered "am I that obvious"

"Yeah bud but its ok lets go, so when are you going to pop the question."

"Not sure but I want to do this now, while I still have the nerve."

"Ok dude lets go"

Further in the mall Joey and Caleb were in one of the clothes stores. Joey looked tired; he had multiple bags hanging from each arm plus the bags under his arms. Caleb was kind enough to buy of them knapsacks that were also filled with purchases. Caleb was trying on a pair of pants with Joey waiting.

"Hey man hurry up these bags is heavy and I'm getting tired."

"God Joey your such a whiner, what's the big deal were only shopping."

"Only shopping Correction your shopping I haven't bought a thing I'm just your pack mule."

"Well we can leave now the pants fit I'll pay for them. And we can go just one other stop."

"Oh god Caleb you think you bought enough, I have never seen this side of you and I am not going to miss it when it goes."

"Who says it going to go, now that it's all in the open I can finally be myself again, I was always so guarded before not wanting to tip anyone off"

Caleb was at the sales counter paying for his purchases with Joey dragging himself behind.

"Yo Joey I'm going to call the others and tell them were leaving we need to go if we are going to make my appointment."

"What appointment Caleb where are we going right now? Just come on Joe were going to be late and I am determined to win this."

"Oh god I am so going to lose this bet" Joey muted under his breath as he followed a Caleb, who was carrying on a conversation as he ran.

"God AJ you are a shopping machine, I feel that money rolling in"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well the guys have a bet on who will win, the guys and me all bet on you, even Lance. That money is all ours"

"Certain are you?"

"Sure, Man I have just spent the last 3 hours with you. You are a scary shopper, and the clothes you bought there is no way Caleb is winning "

"So, If I can ask, what exactly was Caleb like these past two years?"

"Well, he's a great guy and him and Lance are so happy they are soul mates. He was funny always there to help man even there just to, listen he always had your back. But he was always so shy and guarded it made it hard to get to know him at first. Well we know why now. I have seen some changes in him already, its like meeting a new person. I just hope that this new person works well with Lance.

" Chris don't worry about it Caleb and Lance will be ok and I bet even if you guys didn't notice Caleb's wilder side Lance was probably far more aware of it, he couldn't have hid it that well It would have come out some where."

"Chris started to laugh if that's the case I don't think I need to see that side then, Don't get me wrong I have no problem with homosexuality but I really don't want to have to see those intimate things"

"It's ok Chris I'm not offended"

"Well looks like your almost done I hope, " he started to laugh

"Yeah, I am ready to reclaim my title."

Just then Chris's phone began to ring; he answered it AJ could her the laughter in Chris's voice as he answered the person on the other end.

"Yeah ok understand tell AJ but mums the word, You are nuts I never would have expected this from you."

"Yeah were done too. Okay talk to you later'

"Hey AJ that was Caleb he and Joey are done but their leaving the mall he is going to a tattoo parlor with Joey, we can't tell Lance though"

Laughing AJ spoke "Told ya Chris, I told ya wild man just like me"

"Frack will you come on"

"Yeah Nick Come on you have been trying decide over these two necklaces for 20 minutes now. Make a decision"

"Josh is right she is going to like whatever you get her for her birthday" Brian interjected

"Speaking of birthdays what are you getting Caleb guys?"

"Ohh shit totally forgot, his birthday is coming up" "Well you guys better get him something you know how he feels around his b-day. I hope Lance didn't forget like you, better remind him"

"So buddy which one are you going to get" Brian asked

"I think his one here"

"Finally lets go and meet up with the guys see if we can get out of here I have had enough of these malls"

Nick paid for his purchase and the three friends made there way to info booth where they all had agreed to meet earlier. as they approached they found most of their group there, two were still missing. "Hey there they are" Howie pointed to Nick and the guys approaching.

"Hey Howie what's up guys where Caleb and Joey , not still shopping?"

"Na Caleb had an appointment and dragged Joey with him"

"What appointment " Lance questioned

"A surprise for you and don't ask again" AJ replied for Chris

"A surprise wow come on AJ tell me huh"


"Then tell me sweetie, I am interested"

"Oh no mister you'll just spill the beans you are terrible at keeping secrets" Kev looked totally offended by the remark and turned away and tried to ignore AJ.

"Like that's going to work cuz, you should know better, So AJ what ya buy." Nick asked

"You know the rules you have to see both of us at the same time and decide, so no peeking Chris is taking the stuff to his room. Kev you can stop pouting now ."

"No I don't what to."

"Fine Kev but someone isn't getting any for a while then, come on guys lets head back" AJ headed for the exit, It took all of 2 seconds to have Kevin running behind AJ begging his forgiveness.

"Dick whipped" Nick replied

"Totally" Chris answered

"Definitely" Josh added

"I agree" Brain added as well.

"Umm lets go guys" Lance was twisting the box in his jacket pocket over and over again.

"Uh Lance you did remember that Melissa's and Caleb's b-day are coming up" Josh asked.



Caleb and Joey sat in the back seat waiting to get back to the hotel, having whispered conversations

"I can't believe you got that done dude, does it hurt."

"Na Joey at first yes but its ok, after all its just the nipples. The tattoo stings a little but not much."

"This is totally a different side of you dude, can't wait for Lance's response." Joey whispered

"Well he's going to love it well not right away after all he can't play with them for a while now."

"Too much information C."

"You know you want me Joey don't deny it, everyone wants me"

"Yeah" Joey mumbled

"What Joey "

"Nothing, as if I would want you, you're a freak especially after what I saw you buy"


"The tattoo is cool not something I would get but cool."

"Sorry I didn't want the superman logo after all superman sucks, the x-men are way cooler."

"Oh those are fighting words you are so getting an ass kicking when this taxi stops."

"You need to catch me first Fatone," Caleb leaned into Joey closer " and James would kick your ass six ways to Sunday if you touched a hair on my head so you see I'm not worried" I smugly turned around and stared out the taxi watching the city going by, getting lost in my thoughts.

Joey too was lost in his thoughts as he watched Caleb `I can't do this I can't this is killing me seeing him everyday with Lance, I love Lance like brother but I am so jealous he has what I want. I love this new side to Caleb. He is so free and sweet. I can't believe this. Here I am pining over one of my best friends I need to stop this. I never even thought about another guy until, him.'

"Hey Joe were here come on man" could you take these to your room I'll get them later ok when we get ready to go out"

"Ok dude lets go" Joey responded

With no fans around we made it to the elevator with no problems. The elevator seemed to take forever, maybe I was just anxious to see James after all it was a whole day without him I was going into withdrawal I know I must be the corniest guy around finally the elevator made it to our floor so as the doors opened I was going to make a mad dash to our room. When I past Nick and Brian's room I noticed the door open and all the guys inside. I stopped and ran back all flushed and out of breath.

"Well looks like someone is in a hurry."

"So how was your appointment, Where's my surprise?" Lames said as he approached me

" My appointment" shooting Chris an extremely pissed off look.

"Cool C he never said anything about it I did and he doesn't know where you were." AJ replied in Chris's defense.

My mood softened and I didn't realize how close Lance was. I dawned on me if he got close he would feel the rings. I wanted to wait so he could see it with my whole outfit and surprise him. I wasn't thinking so I jumped back. When I looked at him I noticed the hurt look on his face as he kind of slowly stepped back. I needed to think fast or blow what we have.

"Uh Uh James none of this" pointing to my body and striking a pose "Until after the AJ and my little contest is over." smiling the entire time.

"Where's Joe at I thought he went with you," Lance asked still not believing why I jumped.

Putting my purchases away get to see them later I want to eat now I am starving, I want Pizza" I started jumping around the room and decided to tackle Chris.

"What are you doing man I was winning here" he had been playing Teken with Nick at the time.

"Just getting revenge for all those times you jumped over me." I had this silly grin on my face

"Lance put your freak on a leash I wanna kick Chris's ass." Nick hollered.

I pouted " Nick that hurts."

"No this hurts" Nick reached out and gave me a nipple twist. Thankfully it registered the moment he connected and halted the twist. It still hurt however and I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. OHH the nipple I quickly lifted my shirt terrified that would find a bloody mess where my nipple was. I slowly opened my eyes and saw it, it was ok still throbbed but it was still there and attached. I was quickly brought back to this world with the Knocking on the door.

"C man you ok, Sorry about that" Nick pleaded

"Sweetie open the door are you okay, let me know so I can begin kicking Nick's ass"

I opened the door laughing, " That would be a site."

"Chris and AJ were watching me and giving Nick the evil eye not to say anything. Lance was going to reach out and check out my nipple, such a caring boyfriend when Joey interrupted thank you Joey.

"I told you Caleb not to have any ice cream"

"Caleb you had ice-cream " AJ and James answered.

"Thanks Joey" I answered Caleb you shouldn't have ice cream, you sure Nick didn't hurt you"

"What that we little leprechaun. Na he couldn't hurt me."

"So what do you want on your pizza?" Josh asked

We spent the rest of the meal just joking and clowning around, came very close to a food fight but Kevin and James stopped us. It was getting late so we decided to start getting ready to go. AJ and I decided to get ready together in his and Kevin room, that meant Kevin got to bond more with James plus I bought James some clothes for tonight and new Kev could make him wear then plus I left instructions.

"So you think that Kev can get Lance to where what you gave him"

" I think he can, if not he's bigger and can force him" I replied laughing

"There you go dude all done how does it look"

"Cool man I haven't done anything this wild in a while, you sure you don't want to do yours Na dude, one person with blue hair is enough" he said laughing

"Well now time to get ready, ready to lose dude"

"No likely, you have been out of practice."

" We will see, We will see."

I finished getting ready, It didn't matter if he won I just couldn't wait to see James about time he loosened up and helpfully he would look less like himself and we could maybe be more affectionate. I got ready I was wearing a pair of shiny blue vinyl pants, pair black motorcycle lugs no shirt, which showed of the tattoo and the nipple rings. Finally I finished with some leather straps. I Wrapped the strap around my hand then up my arm across my shoulders and then down the other arm. I liked the look it showed of the new rings and tattoo (Nothing wild just my Celtic birth sign.)

AJ looked good memories were coming back of when we were together. He was wearing tight red leather pants motor cycle boots and a tight black leather t-shirt, not to mention the amount of jewelry he was wearing. "Looking good man , still think I'm going to win"

"Yeah, so what did you get Lance huh?"

" You'll have to wait and see ready to go everyone should be in my room at this time."

AJ and I made are way down the hall to our room casually chatting , it was good to have this again . We could here the guys in my room horsing around . "Well are you ready dude you go first see what they say" "Ok fine be prepared to lose." AJ replied.

AJ opened the door and walked in everyone stopped talking some catcalls were made and compliments.

"Ok where's Caleb" Chris yelled "Get your ass in here so we can laugh at your lack of taste"

"You are going to eat those words Kirkpatrick " I replied entering the room. The guys were silent and staring at me with mouth agape. "Ok guys talk, your Freaking me out"

"Who are you and what have you done with Caleb" Josh replied

"Yeah where is our friend at" Justin replied

" Nice Caleb "Joey responded

"Hot stuff" Nick and Brian called together

"I think we have a winner Howie said"

"I'd hold that thought if I were you D" Kevin replied knowingly

"Why I asked"

"They haven't seen Lance yet" I looked around and he was right Lance wasn't in the room. What the hell, he's probably in the bathroom I said to myself

"He's locked in the bathroom " Brian said " He says he won't come out he's too embarrassed"

"James come out of that bathroom now!" I demanded banging on the door

"NO, I can't believe I am even wearing this"

"Then why did you put it on huh"

"Kevin forced me."

I turned to Kevin to se a sheepish smile on his face and he turned away finding something rather interesting to look at on the ceiling all while he whistled to himself. I smirked and turned around to try and coax my bf out

"Oh Lance stop being a Drama Queen and come out"

" No I won't and flattery will get no where"


"Wow Caleb aren't you cold, don't you think you should have worn pants under those chaps." Nick yelled. The next thing I knew the bathroom door flew open,

"Caleb Sark you put some pants onů" Lance stopped in mid sentence as he noticed that Caleb was wearing pants when he turned he locked eye with Caleb and just took in the site before him. Caleb had turned around startled and stared at his boyfriend. Lance looked gorgeous his eyes traveled up and down his body. Lance had on a pair of tight reddish brown leather pants that showed off his bubble butt he was also wearing a tight shear lycra long sleeve shirt you could see his chest in every detail through the shirt. He even had on the tight dog collar around his neck. The most drastic change was the red hair.

"Wow" they said in unison and walked towards each other never dropping each others gaze. When they came close Caleb placed his hand on Lance's face. Lance reached up and held Caleb's hand to his cheek continuing to stare at one and other. Nothing was said even if there was they wouldn't have heard it they were lost in the moment. They leaned forward and began to kiss lightly at first but as they continued the kiss became more intense. They were lost in each other Lance spun Caleb around and slammed him against the wall and intensified the kiss. Caleb had taken the opportunity to grab Lance's ass and pull him closer. They had been ignoring the voices of their friends trying to their attention. When that failed Kevin stepped in. The next thing Caleb knew was that he was sucking on air as opposed to Lance's tongue.He looked up, and saw Kevin holding Lance by the collar Lance had this sublime lost look on his face which was probably mirrored on my own .

"Well now that we have your attention can we head out" Justin replied

"Ok fine with me can I have my boyfriend back Kev Please" I whined. He just smirked at me "Only if you promise to behave we don't want to spend the rest of the evening in this room while you two go at it."

"Promise scouts honor." Lance responded

"You were never a boy scout" Chris added

"Oh yes he was I smirked, I can show you his uniform if you like." Lance blushed

"Uh no that's ok guys we don't need to see that or whatever sick things your into." AJ added

"Your loss" I replied

"Stop it or I will show them your motorcycle cop outfit" Lance added I just smirked and walked to him and took his hand .

"Can we leave now guys." They just laughed..

"Yeah there should be two cars waiting for us down stairs." Kev replied

"Hey who won here." AJ protested

"I think Caleb did." Joey spoke up first

"I agree but because of what he got to get Lance to wear." There was a chorus of a agreements from the room.

"Told ya AJ I still got it"


"Don't worry AJ, Kev still thinks your cuter." Brian added smacking AJ on the ass. We all laughed as AJ chased Brian down the hall fortunately Brian reached the elevator first and got the doors closed.

"It looks like we will be taking the next one guys" Justin added

"Hey Caleb were you able to arrange it?" Josh whispered in my ear I just smiled back and raised my eyebrows and walked away.

"What was that about?" Chris asked

"Nothing." Josh added and walked away.

We reached the club about a half hour later. Kev had called ahead so we got to get into the club via the backdoor the guys wanted to remain as unconscious as possible it wouldn't last it never did but at least they could have a few moments of peace before they made it to the dance floor. The music was pumping it was great. The club was busy but defiantly not full. We were all on our way over to the table when Nick and Brian pulled me to the side

"What guys?" the others had already sat down at the table.

"You can wait a minute Brain and I have a surprise."

Nick pulled me to the bar Brian walked ahead to the bar and got a drink for himself and a beer for Nick, he was followed by one of the waitresses. When they got closer I saw that she was carrying a bottle of white wine.

"Oh no you to I'm not drinking it."

Nick took his beer and smiled at the waitress she blushed and handed the bottle to me and walked away giggling nervously. Brian spoke "Drink up dude, we haven't celebrated in a while and we no how you like wine."

"The least you could have done was get me a glass." I added

"When have you ever used a glass, here drink up " Nick pushed the bottle to my lips and I reluctantly started to drink Brian just smiled and winked at Nick.

45 minutes later

"Where did they take my boyfriend guys?"

"We don't know Lance honestly. I think they are at the bar , they just wanted to spend some time with him, I'm sure they'll bring him back ok. You know he hasn't hung out with them in a while, besides they always did this when we went out" Howie answered

"I don't know?" Lance was drinking his Third Corona he was drinking fast not really paying attention. The other guys had been drinking as well basically since they sat down . No one had been on the dance floor yet just sitting and talking. The waitress returned to take some orders

"Can I get you guys anything?"

"Uhh no I'm fine" Chris started to say when looked at the waitress he was about say something when Josh clamped his mouth shut . The others hadn't paid attention.

"Justin ,the waitress wants to know what you want" Josh asked

"Uhh sorry nothing he said turning around from his conversation with AJ, when he noticed her. "Britney!" He jumped up and pulled here into a hug looking around to see who was watching he pulled her into a quick kiss. And made him sit down in the booth.

"How did you get here?"

"Well Josh and Caleb arranged it."

Justin was beaming "Thanks guys"

"Hey where is Caleb anyway?"

"That is what I want to know" Lance answered.

"Wow Lance new look" Britney answered

"Yeah Caleb's idea"

"I never would have thought he would have it in him" she laughed

"Wait till you see Caleb! it's freaky." Justin added smiling at her.

"Relax guys he and Nick are on there way over , Brian sat at the booth and slid over smiling at Britney "Hey Britney."

"Hey Brian."

"You guys really dating she looked towards Justin."

"Yeah they are , but its low key they are keeping it a secret." Josh supplied

"Yeah the fans would crucify her and we want some privacy." Justin replied. In fact it was only Justin who wanted to keep it secret he loved her but wasn't sure about having it open to the public. Britney was tired of it and wanted the world to know but she only told that to Caleb . Caleb and her were in similar situations, they had bonded, she jumped at his offer to join the guys when he called earlier today.

"Brian tell me you guys didn't" Kev responded. Brian followed where Kevin was pointing and started to blush sheepishly "Yeah" the rest of the guys turned to see Nick and Caleb approaching. Caleb was carrying a large bottle with him. Both of them looked extremely happy.

"You got my bf drunk" Lance hissed at Brian. Brian tried to shrink under the table thinking that he and Nick made a big mistake. AJ was studying Caleb as he approached when he noticed what Kev was really referring to.

"Lance they did more then get him drunk" he replied

Lance turned "what?"

"He's drinking wine dude."

"Caleb doesn't drink wine!"

"God what a shame Lance that you never experienced that" Howie added Lance looked perplexed, AJ smacked Howie up side the head and turned to Lance

"Caleb and wine don't mix"

"That's not what you used to say " Brian piped up quickly becoming quiet when AJ shot him death stare

Kev started to laugh "Lance buddy you going to love this believe me I heard the storied from AJ. Nick and Brian where just trying to be nice."

"And getting my bf drunk on wine will do that how?" Lance asked pissed

Kevin didn't get a chance to answer because Caleb and Nick were at the table now.

I can't believe I let them talk me into this. Nick was definitely feeling a buzz but I was totally wasted . I was on my third bottle of wine . God I was feeling good . It was really hot here I need to take this jacket off. I can see Lance sitting in the corner of the booth staring at me he looked kind of shocked, but dam he looked so hot. Fuck I am so horny I want to take him right on the table. My hard-on was throbbing very noticeable I these tight pants. I didn't realize I was licking my lips until Nick nudged me.

"Dude sit down before people stare." Lance was still looking at me the other guys just moved out of the way to let me in. I could feel people staring at me. I leaned over and pulled Lance towards me and grabbed his crotch . Lance looked like he had a frog in his throat I whispered into his ear.

"I so want to fuck you on his table now." I growled giving his dick a playful squeeze. Lance swallowed hard and I began to suck on his neck and ear running one hand over his crotch and playing with his nipple with the other. The N'Sync guys and Britney were speechless. Kev pulled me back from Lance.

"Nick sit between them before the whole world finds out and Lance tosses his load " Kevin laughed

"why me?" Nick said

"You got him drunk you can act as chaperone."

Nick sat down next to Lance I just sat down and stared at Lance. He was breathing heavy and looking a slight nervous.

"Relax Lance." Nick said "You will be thanking us later"

"How so"

"Well" Howie added "Wine not only gets Caleb wasted but makes him extremely horny, according to AJ the sex is.." he paused "how did you phrase it AJ?"

"I believe he said he saw God."

AJ blushed "Thanks Kevin"

AJ turned to Lance and whispered "Man you are one lucky bastard mark my words you will be thanking Nick and Brian in the morning"

"What's wrong with your eye Caleb"

I didn't realize Britney was here. "Hey girl glad you made it, you happy J"

"Yeah dude thanks man."

"Well Josh helped too."

"I know."

Britney was about to ask her question again when Justin whispered in her ear. She looked to me and then Lance. She seemed shocked and then smiled. I assume Justin gave her the short version. She pulled away and said "Who's going to dance huh?"

"Yeah guys lets hit the dance floor." AJ supplied

"Yeah I guess its ok if you guys are going" Justin supplied

I noticed the look Britney gave him. I let it pass

"I am going to stay here for a while holding my wine up for everyone to see and the finished in a chug."

"Lance are you staying" Nick was asking him, he still looked a little nervous I gave him a shit eaten grin and licked my lips. Nick caught me and elbowed me.

"Its ok dude I will stay and keep his hormones in check."

"You know Nick, you suck"

"Uh no that's you"

I started pouting then realized we were going home at some point and that perked my spirits up. I was going to say something to Lance but he was having a conversation with Nick that seemed very animated. So I decided to people watch for a moment. It's a good thing that I did. From the corner of my eye I noticed some very shifty characters, `god dam it what are they doing here. This was not good Sam being here means trouble and I recognized the other two with him as reporters. Sam was heading to the dance floor I got up and scanned the crowd and saw what he was after AJ and Kevin were there. Probably taking those reporters to get some gossip. I started to move toward the dance floor.

"Caleb where are you going?" Lance asked

"SAM" Lance immediately got paler and stood dragging Nick with him. I pointed to Kevin and AJ . Lance nodded and immediately headed toward them . I need to distract Sam some how and I know how. I ran and grabbed Britney before Justin took her on the dance floor turning toward him I mouthed "Sam" he quickly began scanning the room. Britney caught on and moved to the dance floor. We began to dance hard core to the music. People around us began to stop and watch us quickly everyone recognized Britney and they made a circle around us as we danced. I could tell the circle was getting bigger. I could also see the two reporter that were with Sam watching us. Britney and I began to get down and dirty. Our dancing became highly suggestive. We were bumping and grinding to the music. Then out of the blue Britney kissed me grabbed me full on the lips and started making out. I broke the kiss but kept calm and then pulled her into a tight embrace and whispered into her ear:

"What the fuck was that for?"

" To make Justy jealous."

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