Ok here is the next chapter. I hope you guys like it thanks for the positive feedback I have been getting. Actually I am several chapters ahead just a matter of posting them later. Ok I don't know the BSB, NSync and Britney spears this story is complete FICTION. Furthermore this is the first time I wrote a sex scene hope you like it I was having fun with it. It took me a while to post again sorry been on vaction up north and moved . I left the Mouse behind, living on the beach in Miami oh life is hard :) hope you enjoy

"Well maybe you should have picked a straight dude." The music began to change and we stopped dancing. The crowd began to applaud and I could see Lance and Nick with Kevin and AJ. They were watching us. Soon everyone realized who was there and the guys and Britney became the center of attention. I was looking around but couldn't see Sam. I grabbed Britney's hand and dragged her back to the table a few fans followed and she gave some autographs and then they left. The waitress came by and I orders drinks for the whole table. Soon enough the guys managed to make their way back to the table and sat down. They all had this look on their faces watching Britney and I . I got up to let Justin next to Britney. I might be wrong but I am sure he is pissed. I thought he said something as he passed but it couldn't been what I heard. I did notice Joey shoot him a very nasty look. Oh My head was spinning from the alcohol.

"Guys you want to go now" I asked. Kevin and the boys quickly agreed, Joey agreed but I knew he was not impressed. We made our way to the limo once inside I proceed to straddle Lance's lap and I made out with him the entire way back to the hotel. I'm sure Lance didn't now what was going on , but he wasn't complaining. I know one of the guys had tried to say something to us but I growled a fuck off and we were quickly left alone. Lance finally managed to break free for a moment when the limo stopped at the hotel.

"Caleb were at the hotel, lets go." I got off his lap and quickly ran and stood by the elevators. The others guys eventually caught up just as the elevator was opening . I got pushed to the back and Lance was in the front. I swear the guys did this on purpose. I stared at Lance . I could tell he was getting nervous cause he was turning red and pulling at his collar. When the doors opened I pushed forward and grabbed Lance's hand and ran to our room I could here some of the others whistling. I stopped out front our door as Lance tried to open the door his hands were shaky he was so anxious. I turned around and faced the crowd.

"So help me, if anyone of you comes near this door tonight I will rip your nuts off with my teeth."

The guys began to back up. I turned around grabbed Lances hand and steadied it so he could open the door. Once inside I began to strip his clothes off and he fumbled with the button on my pants. We managed to make it to the floor that was it. I tore the shear fabric of Lance's shirt around his nipple and began to chew. On them lightly. I was holding his hands above his head with one arm and began to unbuckle his pants with the other. Lance was squirming underneath me and grinding his hips into me. I stopped the attack on his nipples and leaned into his ear

"Stop moving NOW! And let me get back to work" I smirked and gave him a wicked grin. Lance stopped moving. I then moved down and pulled his pants off completely. I relieved but quite shocked.

"Lance you dirty boy, not wearing any underwear, maybe I should punish you." I grabbed his crotch and began to massage his cock and balls I looked up and saw the need in his eyes.

"Well do you need to be punished?" I massaged his balls a little more. "Yes" he moaned out

"Yes what boy" I gave him a playful squeeze


"Better boy, you are so going to be begging by the end."

I quickly stood up and pulled Lance up to his knees. "Take my pants off. " Lance began to fumble with my pants. I took both his hands and moved them behind him " They stay there, use you mouth". I could see the lust in his eyes when he looked up at me. He proceeded to wet the front of my pant with his tongue I had one hand on the back of his head and pushed him closer to my crotch. He was determined to get my pants opened using his mouth. I was getting lost in the sexual rush that I didn't realize he had stopped right away and was looking at up at me. The alcohol was hazing my mind. "I can't pull them down without my hands Sir"

I was glad Lance was getting in to this it was the first time we had done this. I pushed my pants down over my hips and then slid them down the rest of the way and slowly stepped out, unlike Lance I was wearing a jock. I pulled him to his feet and we began to kiss long and deep forcing my tongue into his throat and exploring all of his mouth. It felt like the first time. I was still holding his hands behind him. I stopped and moved away from him "Don't move!" I walked over to the bed and laid down on my back and propped my self up on my shoulders. What a site he was standing there wearing what was left of his tight shirt and the dog collar with a smile on his face. "Come here" and I pointed to my crotch. Lance made his way over to the bed and crawled up on it . We never broke eye contact. He slowly made himself up onto the bed and began to chew through my jock. I was losing myself in the sexual rush, along with the alcohol I don't think I would have lasted long. Lance removed my jock and began to suck on my balls teasing me. I didn't want to cum this way.

"James come up here now" I asked as I pulled him up by the collar he was wearing. When he was even with me I pushed him down on the bed. "This is all about you tonight Lance not me." I slowly made my way down his body tracing it with my tongue . I spent time on his nips chewing on one and playing with the other between my fingers. Lance was doing his best but I know he was trying to grind against me. He was keeping up with our little role play. I then descended upon his cock engulfing it in one attempt. I heard him suck in air. He began to thrust his hips to meet me. I took advantage of this and thrust one of my fingers p his ass. Lance froze underneath me I began to massage his prostate and continued my assault on his cock. I was soon rewarded, Lance tensed up I felt his ball retract

"OH GOD CALEB" he released several loads and totally relaxed into the bed. Lance may have been done but I was far from it. I crawled up to come face to face with me then flipped him over on his stomach. I began to massage his back and neck while I straddled his ass I continued to massage his body moving my hands down his towards his ass. In the two years we have been together I never made love to Lance. Lance was always the top I was enjoying this new role. My cock was hard and throbbing and I needed this. I slid down his leg and position myself between them. I grabbed Lance's waist and pulled his ass up towards me so he was in a somewhat kneeling position. Without thinking I quickly thrust into his ass. "AGGGGGHH" Lance's scream brought me back to reality. I froze not moving, Lance was not moving and I was still as well. I could feel wetness on my cheeks. " James oh James I'm sorry I shouldn't..."

I was stopped as Lance began to grind his ass against me moaning "Fuck my ass Sir". I remained still, until he began thrusting back faster. I began thrusting into him as well faster and harder. I could hear panting soon I erupted while still in his ass . I collapsed on top of him and began to kiss his neck as our sweaty bodies rolled against each other. God I'm so tired soon Lances breathing evened out and I new he was asleep. I was tired and soon drifted off as well.

"Britney are we going to breakfast or not"

"Justin I told you I am not coming anywhere with you unless you plan on changing your attitude."

"What did I do so bad?"

"I heard you and so did Joey, I hope that Caleb didn't hear you"

"Oh I don't think he did, I apologized for that"

"Yeah but unless you plan on apologizing to Caleb I am not going anywhere with you"

"Oh Brit stop this , your not going to be here long and I don't want to fight."

"Then apologize"


"Then don't expect much " with that Britney got up and headed down to Kevin and AJ's room. They called earlier to inform everyone that breakfast was in there room. Britney knocked on the door and it was answered by Kevin. "Hey Kevin anyone else here yet"

Yeah Lance is here he and AJ are in the bedroom talking they won't let me in so I have been waiting for everyone.

"Where's Caleb" "Lance said he was still sleeping it off" he was the one that woke us up, said he needed to talk to AJ and then J kicked me out of the bedroom.I can hear them giggling" Just then Joey, Josh and Howie came into the room.

"Hey Britney where's Curly" Josh inquired

"Who cares!"

"I'm with Britney" Joey responded. And joined her at the breakfast cart.

"What was that about" Kevin asked

"Don't know but someone obviously didn't get any" came Josh's reply

"So where AJ?" Howie asked just then the bedroom door opened and AJ and Lance walked out giggling."

"There the big queens are right know"

"Hey" they both responded

"What's up guys" Lance said moving kind of slowly , AJ was beginning to snicker behind his back and Lance turned around smiling at him trying to get him to shut up. "AJ " they both began to giggle uncontrollable.

"What's with them" Josh asked pointing

"They have been like that all morning and they won't tell me"

"Sharing stories AJ huh, So Lance are you sill upset with Brian and Nick" Howie supplied to the room.

"Nope" Lance replied smugly and he carefully sat down.

"Looks like someone's ass is sore" Justin replied from the doorway

"Lance just blushed and started to stare at a lovely spot on the carpet"

Justin was pushed further into the room by Nick and Brain as they barreled in out of breath. "Guys Brian and I were down in the lobby and we saw this ." Nick threw a tabloid on the table and Britney picked it up.

"Oh my god"

"Caleb get up... Fine then maybe this will help"

"What the ?" Caleb jumped up covered in water sputtering . He opened his eye and saw Lance standing there holding an empty ice bucket with a look he couldn't place

"Uhhh" holding my head

"I feel like shit, why did you do that James"

"You need to get up we need to talk hangover or not"

Just then it dawned on me, the wine oh god the wine, I'm going to kill Nick and Brian. But why is James Oh no. Lance saw the look of fear and remorse coming across Caleb's face . It dawned on him that maybe this wasn't a good way to wake him up. After all they hadn't talked since last night. Caleb was passed out and Lance went to talk to AJ this morning. Lance moved towards Caleb in an attempt to calm him but Caleb Quickly jumped up and ran to him, and fell to his knees sobbing.

"Oh God James I am so sorry I promise I will never drink again I swear I am so sorry I will never do that ever again . I was drunk that's no excuse, I'm sorry. I will understand if you don't what me ever to touch you again. But please say something please forgive me it was stupid I should have known better then to drink the wine."

"Are you finished?"

"Umm yeah" I looked down at the floor fearing what was going to come"

"So umm you promise never to do that again do you." I looked up into his eyes " I promise never again James I am so sorry"

"That's too bad"


"I kind o enjoyed last night I told AJ this morning that I hoped it happened again"

"But... You told AJ!"

"Relax Caleb I woke you because we have to talk about this, not last night" he produced a news paper before me and held it out to me I looked and laughed, It as one of those tabloid magazines and on the cover was me and Britney locked in a very passionate kiss. "Sam's work no doubt"

"No doubt" Lance replied " As for last night thank you" Lance leaned down and kissed me on the lips . AJ was right the sex was well unbelievable. He was right I saw God last night. You think that maybe we could do that again."

"Umm sure James I mean if you want to I really enjoyed it too." I was blushing now " I can't believe you talked to AJ about this what did Kevin say."

"Oh Kevin wasn't there AJ threw him out and we kind of bonded. AJ is really cool guy, I never realized just how much you too are alike."

"I hope that was a compliment"

"Of course"

"The guys would say that all the time, where is everyone at"

"Oh their still at breakfast I think Britney was calling her manager about the papers. I thinks she happy."

"She is, now she can parade me around as her boy toy keeping Justin in the background which will make him jealous and finally make him come out about he and her, that's what she wants you know"

"How are you so sure"

"Brit and I bonded a long time ago, similar situations and all" I realized after I said it that it was wrong

"So you are bothered by keeping us in the closet"

"Yes, James I am I get so frustrated that I can't kiss you or hold you whenever I want, even if it means wiping something from your cheek. Everyone is watching waiting to out one of you guys looking for a scandal . Where this leaves me is that I spend the time in the corners of crowded rooms trying not to touch or look to often or to long. When the fact of the matter is, if given the choice I would hold onto and never let you go." I stopped an sat down rubbing my forehead

"God I am going to kill Nick and Brian I have such a headache"

Lance sat down next to me on the floor and placed his arm over my shoulder and pulled me into him. And placed a soft kiss into my head "I love you Caleb, is this that you meant by just holding one another. I wish you told me earlier, but I am glad you told me now. I think its time I took a stand ." I looked at Lance, he had a confused look on his face. "James don't do anything hasty , not for me, not just because I am upset . I don't want you to come out if your not ready. I was just being honest with you. Telling you of what I wish it could be like, but I love you so much, please don't rush anything"

"I don't know Caleb I don't know . All I know is that I love you so much it hurts and an I am so sorry that my job is hurting you"

"James its not"

"Caleb it is , I feel it is anyway"

The mood had become kind of somber I gave Lance a kiss on the cheek and took his had and pulled him up from the floor "Come on lets go to breakfast I'll have to see my girlfriend." He started to grin

" Um Caleb I think you should put something on unless you want to great then all like that"

"Oh yeah" I was blushing as I walked by Lance slapped me on the ass. I threw on a track suit and made my way to breakfast to deal with whatever crises was there.