"I hope you guys like it thanks for the positive feedback I have been getting. Actually I am several chapters ahead just a matter of posting them later. Ok I don't know the BSB, NSync and Britney spears this story is complete FICTION. Furthermore this is the first time I wrote a sex seen hope you like it I was

I sat on the plane and watched the clouds go by thinking about the past several weeks.

The morning following the announcement

Lances P.O.V

I wake to the sound of running water it wasn't loud but the noise made its was into my head and you know what running water does. Yeah I had to pee , god I don't want to get up yet . I reach over to cuddle Caleb but all I grab is air. I open my eyes and the fog clears a little bit he's gone he must be in the shower . It is at this time that the water turns off I position myself up in bed I want to see him when he gets out. He always looks so sexy wet and dripping . So many times I would catch him coming out naked drying his hair. I always enjoyed the slight smirk he had in his face when he caught me. After last night I would like that some good memories. I fucked up bad last night I am grateful Caleb is still here but I have a lot to make up with my friends. Just then the bathroom door open releasing steam everywhere. I smiled at what would come there he was dressed? I frowned slightly . He turned to look at me

"Good your awake get a shower I will get us breakfast."

"Ok let me grab some clothes..., um where is my bag"

"There downstairs already to be on the bus I put some clothes out for you, there in the bathroom along with your knapsack."


"I got up early, we need to be on the bus at noon its nine and we have a couple of hours to ourselves . The guys are wake as well I called Kevin earlier and told him not to expect us this morning. By the way Johnny really needs to talk to you"

"Oh , how did he sound"

"How do you think"

"Right stupid question"

Caleb never said anything just raised his eyebrows and turned to walk away he paused at the door as I stood watching him. I was about to ask him what was up but he turned around and walked toward me. He leaned forward and cupped may face and kissed my cheek.

"Hurry up and come to breakfast we need to talk"


I went into the bathroom dreading what was coming I hope he was still wanting to stay with me. I really didn't want to do this I would much prefer to be thrown to the guys or to management who are probably pissed beyond words . Oh well better face the music. How could this go so wrong so fast. Easy Lance you weren't thinking. I quickly dried off and got dressed throwing the remainder of my stuff in my sling bag. Stalling for time. But I better get out before I make it worse on my self. I gather my resolve and make it out to the lounge area to see Caleb sitting there with the breakfast tray reading the newspaper that's when it hit me I was on the front page. I felt my stomach sinking as I looked at it Caleb peered over the paper at me .

" Something wrong honey" Caleb's voice was cold

Caleb's point of view

I heard the door open from the bedroom I sensed him watching me I peered over the newspaper I was reading. I had deliberately avoided the front page. Unfortunately James could not afford that luxury. I surprised my self with what I said . "Something wrong honey" I don't think I have been that cold to him. I was honest about not leaving him but I was still pissed and more I thought about the front page the more that I got pissed. I better control it otherwise we will never talk just argue. Beside the look on James's face said volumes to me he was hurt and disappointed in himself he was beating himself up.

"Come eat James ignore the world for at least the next few hours"

He nodded and walked towards the cart and sat down I got up and removed the covers from breakfast and poured some coffee I kissed his forehead I needed him to understand that I loved him even if I was pissed. I sat down and started to eat I was waiting for him to say something I think he was waiting the same . We are both stubborn if we continue like this we will never sort this out. Well here it goes

"James you want to explain last night to me"

"I..I.II I am so sorry Caleb that I didn't tell you and that I did his with out thinking..."

"Save the apologies James, that's not what I asked for. I asked you to explain last night." at least he had the good sense to cringe he didn't say anything just started playing with his breakfast.

"You know I can wait here all day, no one is going to rescue you, they all know to stay away, if you postpone it you only going to have to deal with me when you have to deal with the guys and management and for that matter the world. I am giving you an opportunity to deal with me one on one. It can be awful lonely with out anyone in your corner James. Deal with me now James or don't deal with me at all. If that's the case then our relationship is doomed"

"What? No Caleb no, you said last night you weren't going to leave me." I could hear the desperation in his voice he was hyperventilating

"Then talk to me James I am not willing to give up on us but you not wanting to talk tells me your not interested. I know why you did what you did and your reason for being so dam selfish. I know cause I can be the same way too. And when I do something similar I would expect the same devotion from you. But dam it if your not going to talk to me how am I ever going to know that you will be behind me."

"I don't know where to start"

"Easy James at the beginning don't give me that shit, I want to know what was going on in that addled brain of yours that you would fuck everyone over so callously" I knew I was being hard but I also knew that if I wanted him to talk I needed to piss him off

"FUCK YOU OVER, I did this for you"

Wow he was pissed

"And how exactly is that ? By exposing me with out telling by risking your career and that of your friends"

"I DID THIS BECAUSE I AM TIRED OF HAVING YOU HIDE, I AM TIRED OF SNEEKING AROUND I AM TIRED OF YOU POSING AS BRITNEY BOYFREIND WHEN YOUR MINE. I AM TIRED OF..." he paused and I could see the tears in his eyes when the epiphany hit. " I did this for me" his voice was so soft and quiet.

"Finally now talk to me"

"I I I I was so tired of hiding and I really was tired of what you re going through. I remember our conversation back after the whole Britney thing broke. That started to open my eyes. I saw you in a whole new light I saw the hurt and pain saw everything that you had giving up for me how you just stood quietly in the background always close enough but always away form prying eyes. All to protect my name. Then the whole Justin thing became to work my nerves and how it was hurting you. I watched you get tired and quiet and wore down. I couldn't see it any longer. And I wanted to parade you as my bf ultimately I think it was the jealously that did it. that's why I acted so on the spot seeing only the good that was going to happen. I took everyone's life in my hands and played god just because I wanted something . I am sorry that I hurt you Caleb that was not my intention. I was a bad boyfriend I only thought about me ."

"James that's all I wanted. For you to tell me truth. I am upset that I wasn't told I am upset that you acted reckless I am upset that I may be the cause to your guys break up and I am upset at what Mel will have to go through. She will be in public scrutiny now a long with all my past." I shivered as I thought back, quickly pushing that memory way. Can't do that today .

"Its ok Caleb You know you don't have to tell me about it, your past that is"

"Thanks James I am not ready."

"I should apologize to Melissa I didn't mean to hurt her I didn't see that she may have to relive her parents death"

`I shuddered thinking back to the day I got the word that Marie and Charles had died my family gone. Only 17 fresh graduate enjoying the summer next thing I have a nine year old to care for.'

"That must have been hard to grow up so fast. But you did a good job taking care of her she loves you.."

"That was easy I have taken care of her since she was born, with Marie and Charles always working to keep us feed and clothed The insurance was there but I almost lost her. That's why I went into nursing. I needed to get into career where I could start working right away and I had it in nursing. I could work as a tech and go to school and now look at me ten years later."

James got up and walked over to me kneeled on the floor, and took my hand. "I am so sorry Caleb I want you to trust me . I want you to know that I will always be there for you always I want to stand by you through everything"

"I will stand by you , James we better get ready and meet the guys "

"uh yeah" he said dejected he looked like someone going to the firing squad

"Its ok I will always have your back and they won't mess with me"

We gathered our stuff which consisted of two sling bags and our lap tops and made our way the other other guys room. Lance stiffened as we approached the door to Justin's room where everyone was gathering. I noticed this and stopped and waited until he was able to make up his mind. I told him that I would stay behind him and I will. Even if it means standing in this hallway like a moron. I turned to him and gave a gentle smile and began to stroke the ridge of his thumb with my on, offering whatever silent comfort that I could give.

"Umm, you sure we need to do this Caleb, lets just go to the bus and wait there" James sighed

I sighed "James if that's what you want then we will go to the bus" I started to pull him towards the elevator. He took a few steps and then stopped. I was a little confused and turned to him with a puzzled look. He just looked at me with those eyes of his , those soulful eyes and then smiled softly before he spoke.

"You would do that for me, just walk away with me and let me hide if I wanted"

"Yes James I would I said that I would stand behind you even if it meant hiding you in the sand. I meant what I said. Should I be concerned that you doubted my words." I wasn't mad just a little concerned that James would think I would just placate him with words. I thought our relationship was better and stronger then tat. I guess that goes to show that you should never tae something for grated. We will have to work on that I guess.

"I'm sorry I don't mean to doubt you but I thought you would have forced me to stand up and not let me hide. When you said you would stand be behind me that what I assumed you meant"

"Never assume sexy"

"Yeah it only makes and ass out of you and me" James finished. He then pulled me back down to Justin door and opend it and everyone turned to watch us enter.

"Well Finally , we need to talk lance and I mean NOW!" I didn't expect johnny to be right hera although I should not be so surprised. James jumped.

"Ok Johnny Lets go somewhere private"

"Wait we want to be involved" Chris yelled

"You will be but I think I should talk with Johnny first" James replied. I didn't let go when he went to one of the room in the sweet. He turned around and looked at his hand and smiled and then released my grip. " I need to do this myself this one time. I caused this I should take the consequences ok." he leaned into me and whispered. "I will need you later" with that he went into the room with Johnny. The door closed with a thud. I cringed. I turned and saw the entire room of people shift there gaze from the door that had closed to me . I just walked over and took a seat on the couch with Kevin and Chris the silence was deafening.

"So How are you doing this morning" Kevin asked

"Fine Kevin we had a good talk and sorted out some things"

"So that means" josh pulled

"That means I stand behind him I am in this for the the long haul"

"That's Great Caleb. I am so happy you guys are ok" Melissa cried I could see the taesr this had hit her bad she was worried about me . I wished she wouldn't Nick was sitting beside her and holding her hand. He released her hand when I noticed it. I just grinned at him and he blushed.


I was shocked at Chris's attitude and the volume considering he was next to me. I turned with this look of rage and bewilderment clearly showing on my face. "FUCKOFF, YOU ASSHOLE" I quickly stood up . So did Chris getting in my face.

"Don't tell me to fuck off, You were pissed last night and now you forgive him, what he do fuck your brains out last night"

That was it I lost it I made a lunge for him knocking him to the floor. I know he was surprised but to his credit he began wrestling with me o the floor. The rest of the guys tried to pull us apart but not until we both got a couple of swings in. My nose was bleeding and Chris had a huge bruise on his jaw. Nick and Kevin had me by the arms holding me back while Joey and Justin had Chris restrained . Mel and Britney were chastising both of us while trying to mend to our injuries. I just looked at Chris and struggled more.

"Let me go, let me beat the shit out of that little fuck" I spit

"Yeah bring it on Pussy, I'll Kick your ass"

"What the hell Is going on" Johnny stormed into the room with lance running behind him with this bewildered look he looked at the scene I turned to see him. Bad mistake , he's smart cookie put two and two together well I guess you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. The fact that my face was full of blood didn't help much. Lance took one look and then lunged at Chris . Thankfully he never made it that far Howie and AJ grabbed him and Josh got between him and Chris.

"Lance calm down." Josh slowly spoke

"Calm down look at my b/f nose he broke it , now I am going to break his face" Lance Lunged pulling Howie and AJ slightly forward and pushing Josh ahead in the room. Josh placed his hands on Lance's shoulder and stared him down hoping to reason with him. Lance eventually relaxed slightly although he continued to stare daggers at Chris.

"Ok everyone calm down, lets sit and talk about this." leave it to Brian to be the voice of reason.

"Fine!" I said shrugging off Kevin and Nick and sitting down on the couch with a thud. Howie and AJ released Lance and he came over to sit by me taking my face in his hands and searching for the damage. He took the cloth from Melissa and began wiping my nose and face. I flinched a little cause of the pain.

"Oh Caleb I'm sorry are you ok, I'm sorry I hurt you"

"Its ok lance it just stings relax I'm just glad you're here."

"What Happened Here?" Johnny Demanded

"Well Chris was being a butt head and Caleb taught him some manners" Justin piped up.

"What and your not pissed at what he did." Chris snarled

"What he did was stop lying" Josh added

"Give it a rest Chris" Joey yelled "This will get us no where."

"That's right" Justin agreed

"Ok what is the plan what did you too decide in there " Chris spat at Johnny and Lance.

I couldn't get over Chris I have never seen him this pissed. He has never acted that way and James was ready to kick his ass. I could see it in his eyes.

"We never came up with anything because we came out to see what all the commotion was about"

"Then lets get this over with already" Chris grumbled

"Ok I am sorry for what I did I should not have done it and I should have consulted you guys. I was being selfish and not really thinking about how my actions would affect you guys. I would not balme you if you guys wanted me out and I am prepared for that."

"Just hold up nobody's doing that" Josh added

"Yeah Lance we don't want you out of the group" Justin was next up

"We are ok with it . Right know we need to figure out how to deal with this." Joey rounded out the group

"Well we need to go public with this and so I have prepared a press release" Johnny stated ` Give the word and I will send it" Johnny Looked around the room seeking approval

"Go for it"

"Go on I agree"

"Count me in"

"All eyes turned toward Chris who had let to seak he sat with his arms crossed "Fine I accept your apology Lance, Do it Johnny"

" Ok with that taken care of we will need to set of interviews as a group and ones for Lance and Caleb. We need to capitalize on this and run other wise we will look like we are avoiding the situation and that will lead to rumors, possibly turning Caleb into this centuries Yoko Ono. The press will also help to break some of those stereotypes that are out there."

"Fine Johnny In for a penny in for a pound I guess. I don't know about Caleb I don't want him forced to do these if he doesn't want to."

"Its ok James I said I would be there and I will, I want us to have final say in who we interview with OK Johnny"

"Yeah that Ok with me. Know that we have that settled you guys need to get on the bus and get out of here so come on move out"

"Yeah " we all said in unison.

I sighed my nose was throbbing as were my Knuckles. James had taken my hand the one that wasn't killing me and made our way downstairs to the lobby. The bus was parked outside but there was a huge number of people outside waiting for them to get out there. W were going to have to run the gauntlet so to speak. I let go James hand he looked a little shocked. I just nodded toward the crowd. He looked at them and the he turned back to me and took my hand pulling me towards the exit the others followed. We quickly made our way to the bus , however we were unable to avoid some of the Boos that were coming from the crowd. Oh and the posters were just a lovely touch. My blood boiled , Thank god for the religious right what ever would we do without them . I grunted in disgust and pulled James into the bus towards the bunk area. I pulled him into the bunk and laid with him This is the first time he cried in a long time, Not since he acme out to his parents and they disowned him, all of this just because of me. I felt sick in my stomach knowing this and rubbed his back until he fell asleep I got up and heard the guys up front so I headed to the back I needed to be alone I wasn't expecting anyone to be back there.

"Oh sorry I'll leave"

"You don't need to"

"Whatever" I sat down on the couch and stared ahead at the movie on television we sat there in an uneasy silence both of us were tense and not talking. I was still upset but I was sorry for how I reacted

"So" Chris said

"Yeah So" I responded

"Pretty Good left hook"

"Yeah your right jab is not that bad" I smirked

"You Putz" he elbowed me

I elbowed him back and we began a shoving match with our upper bodies until we finally stated laughing at each other

"I'm sorry" we both said at once. That was it, it was over we hugged and ruffed each others hair.

I just turned back to the movie and started to watch it for a while. I sighed and Chris turned toward me with a puzzled look. " what?"

I turned to him " I don't think I'm worth all the trouble I am causing James. You saw some of that crowd. I think I'm causing more problems."

"Don' say that . You even said yourself some of the crowd, not all of the crowd, Plus the guys and I have been watching the new not like you we have seen a lot more positive reactions out there its going to be ok. And you are worth it Lance. We both Know it"

"I don't Know I always believed that you were supposed to leave this place better then when you entered it I haven't done that I haven't help him just caused some more trouble."

"The only thing that you need to do is be there for him. Lance loves you he only need you. Caleb you are a great guy and you have touched all our lives in some way. Just look what you did for Melissa. You have helped Britney and Justin so much and Kevin would not be alive if it wasn't for you" Chris turned Caleb's face toward him and saw the skepticism in his eyes "You don't believe any of this do you" chris pulled Caleb up and made him look in the mirror. "What do you see?"


"Well I see a great friend, the perfect boyfriend who has already made this world a better place and your not even done living."

I just smiled taking in what Chris had said I turned around and gave him a hug and then sat down to watch the movie without saying anymore. Chris never said anything either just sat next to me and watched the move. I was tired and drifting off , I really hadn't slept much last night considering everything.

Lances Point of View

I awoke to find that I was alone in bed I am not liking this being alone in bed. I missed Caleb. I got up and headed to the front where the rest of the guys were talking and joking.

"Hey Lance where's Caleb still sleeping?"

"No he woke up I was thinking he was up here with you guys, Oh well he's probably in the back"

Justin quickly jumped up "Where's Chris?"

"In the back..."

The guys all jumped up and ran down to the back of the bus thinking they were going to come across a war zone. They all burst through the door and stopped dead both Chris and Caleb were asleep on the couch. Caleb had his head on his Chris's shoulder and Chris had his head on Caleb's.

"Lets leave them" Lance spoke softy

"You ok Lance." Joey asked

"Yep, I think I'm going to be alright"

Two weeks later

Favorite Color


"Favorite ice cream""Lactose intolerant, but blackberry or raspberry sorbet"

"Favorite food"

"Salmon cakes and chow"

"Style of music"


"Last album bought then?"

"Chess soundtrack"

"Last book read"

"Green eggs and Ham"


"YEP, but he read Art of war before that"

"What is your favorite part of his body"

"Penis, He's hung like a horse!"

"JAMES!!" I screamed

"HAHAHAHA, sorry... he has the cutest bubble butt."

"That's not much better." I replied snottily

I was sitting on the other side of the room while James was giving one of our latest interviews. This one happened to be XY magazine. I personally was getting tired of these ridiculous lines of questioning , James seemed to be having fun with it. I was actually enjoying this one. I had finished giving my answers to these questions. It was kind of how well do you know each other. The formal interview was much better earlier. This was just for fun. We were trying to kill time before the photographer was to get here.

"Butt Honey it is your best feature"

"Please leave my body parts out of your answers" I then gave him a raspberry the interviewer lost it and started to laugh at us.

"Are you guys always like this when your together?"

"Mostly yes I responded, most people will be surprised everyone thinks he , flicking James in the head, " HEY" he responded rubbing his forehead, "is a saint, but let me tell you. That he is far from Some of the words that escape his mouth would make and angel blush."

"Hey stop picking on me I'm going to tell Chris on you"

"Yeah as if that psychotic elf will do anything about me teasing you!"

"True but now that you called him a psychotic elf in an interview he is gong to kick your ass" and he gave me a raspberry back.

"Ok, OK guys where were we at now"

"I believe we were discussing my boyfriend's ass" Lance smirked

I sighed and walked back to the table. The reporter grinned "Oh yes here we were"

"Ok Most romantic moment"

"First date, we were both so nervous , but he walked me to my room and gave me a goodnight kiss after he hummed and hawed and scuffed his feet on the carpet. I mean I was like come on already kiss me and here he was jerking around.

"Ok ask me something interesting, lets liven this party up after all this is a gay magazine, so come on ask the x-rated stuff"

"Who are you and where is my boyfriend" I asked stunned. James just lifted his hand and dismissed me, oh he was going to pay for that later.

"Umm ok so Lance who picks up the soap in the shower?"

"Oh baby he does, I told ya that ass was nice"

"I spit my coffee across the room and the reporter had a huge grin on. he then turned to me "Is it true?"

" Umm yeah its true." I turned every shade of red. Just then ,there were knocking at the door thank god the photographer is here I thought. I jumped up and ran "I'll get it". Lance and I had agreed to pick our own photographer for basically all the interviews he would take the pictures for any we did,. We wanted someone we could trust and someone we could establish a relationship with. Jon was great he was funny and full of ideas we had fun doing these sessions. This one was going to be cool so I thought. We did some wild stuff where we were naked on the cover of vanity fair except for body painted on clothes.

"Hey guys you ready."

"Yeah I think are we finished with the interview?" I asked the reporter

"Yeah I think I have a ton of material here thanks you guys are really entertaining to interview, most people are so guarded and nervous . You guys were just acting normal."

"Hey we are normal guys after all." Lance responded and to prove his point he passed gas. I was mortified I placed my hand on my forehead and shook my head back and forth . James had this stupid grin and came over to rub my shoulders both Jon and the reported were laughing.

"Well thanks guys I will send a copy of the interview when it is completed'

"ok bye." we shouted after him

"So is he driving you nuts again Caleb"

"Well you saw what he just did! what doe you think, OWW!!" I forgot James was still massaging my shoulder and he pinched me when I said that

" Hey no damaging the merchandise!"

"Yeah yea why would I pay for something broken down like you"

"What has gotten into you today, did Chris give you sugar"

"No he just got me a coffee today when he went to star-bucks it was kind of strong. With that I picked up the phone and called the other guys room, I figured they would be in Nick's room where the Nintendo was, I figured right .

"Phoenix city morgue you stab em we slab em" came the reply from the other end.

"Joey put Chris on the phone"

"Ok hold on, Chris , Caleb wants you. I think your busted"

"Umm hello" Chris sang into the phone

"What was in that coffee you gave James"

"Nothing why"

"don't give me that"

"Seriously it was just 100% Colombian coffee"

"Yeah, uh huh right"

"What was wrong with it?"

"Well my boyfriend is all over the place acting like you!"

" Oh ok makes sense"

"What makes sense Chris" I was getting a little flustered with him at this point and was not in the mood, meanwhile I could hear James running around the room talking to Jon excitedly "Really Jon this is so cool!!"

I could only imagine what was going on.

"Well it makes sense like I said it was 100% coffee, I had it specially made nice to know that it was worth it. I paid a fortune for that coffee too"


"Ohh ha ha yeah well there was about 10 shots of espresso in it" he was laughing "Bye"

"Why you..." but of course no one was there I was talking to the dial tone. "James did you realize there were ten shots of espresso in that coffee." " Noooo Really? wow is that like a record or something may be I can get into the Guinness book or something, I wonder how much more I have to drink this is so cool" I was looking at him like he had three heads and Jon was trying not to laugh . I decided to ignore James and ask Jon what the plan was but James decided to answer.

"Ok Caleb its so cool" he picked up this sheet well it wasn't a sheet it was two flags sown together the stars and stripes and the maple leaf. "Here Caleb we can get under this and get a picture taken `International relations' we'll call it. meanwhile James was hoping around and was basically buck naked running with the "blanket" to the bed. "Come on C strip lest get comfy" "Umm Jon are you sure you want to do it"

"Couldn't think of better time he was the one I was worried about, might never get this chance again"

"Well I..."

"Here let me set up you go get ready. I pulled my socks off and t-shirt and crawled up onto the bed. James had this disappointed look "What!"

"You are not going to get naked with me under here." he was pouting

"I don't think that is a good idea with Jon here."

" Oh please come it won't look realistic if they see your clothes"

"They won't see I will just strategically place the blanket"

Lance gave me the evil eye and I didn't give in I just left my pants on and arranged the blanket around me "There see!" I said

"Ok guys you ready!" Jon asked

"No Caleb is still dressed Jon"

"Well its ok I can't see anything this will work" Jon was eyeing me suspiciously. "

But I'm not happy!!" Lance shouted

"Well it doesn't look like he is going to take em off so we will have to work with this"

"Oh I don't think so" came Lance's reply , now what was he up too if I hadn't been wondering what he was up too I would have paid attention to what he was doing. He positioned himself close to me and placed his fingers to the back of my neck. Oh no he is, dam too late he was rubbing his fingers on the nape if my neck stroking up and down. God I hated that he knew that . It always made me hard and I could never resist. That when it began he started talking "Honey, come one you now you don't want to wear those under this nice warm blanket" " Ummm I ... James"

"Come on sweetie take em off for me he continued the assault on my neck it was sending chills right down my spine I was moaning I am sure john was wondering what was going on. I didn't notice James give this huge grin wink to Jon . Before I knew it I hade my clothes off and I kicked them out of the covers . Making the blanket ride up pretty far on both of us. This would definitely look hot in picture. I had laid on my side and James was facing me he continued to rub my neck. He was getting lost in it we had pretty dumb looking expressions on, you know that sappy contentment bliss smile. I don't think James even realized that Jon started to take pictures.

"There is not that better" Lance said releasing my neck

It took me a minute to come back from were I was when I did I had a smile on my face but I tried to be angry with Lance "Why you little" but I couldn't the moment I saw him I stopped and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Wow that was hot" I replied

We both kind of broke out of the revelry we were in. When we realized Jon was still there we blushed being time. he started to laugh " No problem but were done, I got some really good pictures this time. I will send over the proofs when I get them done should be in the next couple of days."

"Really were done" Lance asked

"Yeah he replied I just started taking pictures man you guys are really in love and it showed" I turned to Lance and we just sort of smiled at one another.

One week later

"SURPRISE" the crowd screamed before I was sprayed with champagne and the guys began to sing happy birthday to me. I was totally caught unaware James planned this so well. I thought he had forgotten my birthday and was totally bummed when I woke up this morning. He didn't say anything he just got up and said he would meet me for breakfast. And worse yet we had a concert again tonight on our last night in Las Vegas. No time together. I showered and left to meet them for breakfast.

"Did we surprise you sweetie" came a sultry response from behind me as he hugged me.

"Yeah you did but you could have at least given me a hint I am soaked and now I have to shower again." I pouted

"Well you can do that later first we have presents and cake!" Nick exclaimed

"It 9 o'clock in the morning" I said

"Never to early for cake" replied Howie

I just shook my head "You guys are great too bad we have to work all day today"

"Relax C we have all day" AJ smiled knowingly

"I have so much to do with the concert and then packing up"

"Its already done" Kevin answered

"What do you mean"

"What Sweetie you actually believe we would schedule a concert on today, your birthday, we had this planed for a while, well AJ and I did" James said

I looked up and smiled at the two of them , "You guys are great" I looked to AJ, I couldn't believe he had done this for me he had this slight little smile on his face and I was getting lost in his smile when James brought me out of my reverie by nibbling my ear. "So stud I take it your happy"

"Oh definitely, but what are we going to do all day"

"Well you are going to spend it with the guys" he replied

"But..." he put his hands to my face

"No you are going to spend it with the guys I have a lot of stuff to fix, you will get your present from me tonight"

"Tell me what it is"

"Umm let me think about it ... Ahhh NO"

"Bastard" I responded and pouted.

"that won't work this time"

"Well you can't blame me for trying now can you."

"Come on man open up the presents" Chris yelled

"Ok ok lets see" as people thrust presents in front of me.

"let me open this one" it was a small flat box and was from Justin. I wondered what it was, while I had forgiven Justin we still were pretty formal when we talked to each other I still couldn't let go of what he said and I know he realized that but he gave me space. I could tell it was bothering him cause he seemed to soak up any time we spent together. I began to pull at the ribbon and wrapping. "So Just who wrapped it" I did" he said indignantly ."ok ok didn't know you were good at this"

"Well Brit did help" he smiled . I had opened the box and was shocked, " It's beautiful Justin thank you how did you get this." Everyone was anxious wanting to see what was in the box. James looked over my shoulder from where he was sitting behind me on the bed.

" Nice curly very nice"

Well come on guys show us, Justin would not tell me" Josh responded

" I lifted the picture out of the box and showed it to everyone. It was a black and white photo of me and James backstage at one of the concerts. It was a profile shot I was sitting on some crates Indian style with my headset on and James was standing in front of me looking down. We were staring into each others eyes and holding hands. We both had silly grins on our faces. It was beautiful. You probably could not have staged that picture.


"Easy Caleb it was at one of the concerts a week ago we had the staff photographer around I spotted you guys talking and you looked so perfect together that I thought this would make a cool picture lucky the photographer was nearby I grabbed him and got him to take a picture for me and then voila you b-day gift"

"Thanks J I really appreciate it"

"Your welcome" he responded

It was at this point that I decided that it was time to forgive and forget I got up and hugged him and whispered to him "We are tight now ok J" he just smiled . "Come on open up more gifts." cried Chris

Ok I then proceed to open up my gifts. Clothes from Chris, Kevin bought me the hugest box filled with Winnie the pooh boxers. James laughed when I opened it asking me to model them. Nicky got me a palm pilot that I had been looking at. Brian and Leighanne gave me a gift certificate to Barnes and noble so I could get what ever books I wanted. Melissa had gave me a small chain and pendant with my birth sign. Josh cave me a new cd player cause I was constantly using his after mine broke. I got some clothes from Howie. AJ `s gift surprised me when I went to open it he stopped me and warmed me to open it carefully. I looked at him and got this suspicious grin so I carefully opened the box and then slammed it closed. James tried to see what it was but I would let him and slapped him.

"You told Him" I squeaked trying to get my voice everyone laughed wanting to know what it was, eventually James pried it away from me and opened it up. Inside was a huge dildo. Lance dropped the box and laughed the rest of the guys went into fits of hysteric when they saw what was in the box. I was totally embarrassed hiding my face which if it was possible was turning several shades of red. James hugged me to him and pulled my hand from my face as he sat behind me he spoke softy . "Its ok Caleb maybe we will get a chance to use it" as he nipped at my ear.

"Well no that we have sufficiently embarrassed me I think I would like to go and hide in my room for like the rest of the Millennium"

"No you can't do that you still have two presents to open" JC responded

"OK ok I will open them who is this from I wonder as I looked at the small box. It looked like a ring box and looked at James. "I hope this isn't your tiny gift and I hope its not what I think it is" I felt James tighten up at my response and looked around the room everyone had these shocked looks on their faces. "What ?"

"I was joking," everyone laughed uneasily I turned my head to look at James. Is this from you." "Umm no Its not from me." James replied I didn't noticed the silent conversation going on between both Kevin and James. I pulled the turquoise band from the box. It was quiet wide in diameter it must have been a thumb ring. I put it on . Wow , that's nice who's it from C " Howie asked me ` Umm wait there is a card" I picked up the card and opened it .

"It's from Sam, he apologizes and wants a truce"

"Well what are you going to do are you going to give him a truce" Josh asked

"I don't know its not like I started this, I don't know if I should keep this, Caleb you have to give him the benefit of he doubt maybe he changed"

"I doubt that" Joey mumbled under his breath.

That left the last box it was long and slender "This must be from you James" before he got a chance to respond Joey spoke up " Hmm no Caleb it from me." "Ok cool what is Joey" "Well you will have to open it up to find out"

"ok" and I torn open the box and then I opened it

"Oh wow Joey I don't now what to say, you shouldn't have done it" Joey looked embarrassed and began to fidget. James came up behind me and held me by the waist.

"It very nice Joe good going man" joey just blushed . Chris and Josh were just watching each other having this silent conversation with one another. I pulled it out of the box and put it in my ears immediately. "This is so cool. I can't believe you found this , or that you knew I wanted one"

" You forget that I shadowed you at work one night and one the doctors had one"

"Oh wow that right and you remember you are the best Joey " I pulled him into big hug

"Here Joey try them out" Joey took it and placed it in his ears and placed the head on my chest .

"Cool huh, here turn the dial. Make it loader so can you here?" Joey was lost in thought as he listened to Caleb's heart beat with the new electronic stethoscope. He was feeling so close to Caleb at this time he was unsure as to what to do. In his mind he wanted to take Caleb in his arms and kiss him passionately, to feel Caleb against him to feel his heart beating . It was becoming to much.

" JOEY" Justin yelled

"What?' Joey jumped back startled.

" Jesus Justin why did you do that"

"Cause I asked you like ten times to let me try"

" Oh" Joey blushed hoping he wouldn't be caught when he turned over to these. He noticed three pairs of eyes following him Josh, Chris, and Kevin. `Shit busted he thought to himself`. The rest of the guys were playing with the stethoscope, like it was some kids toy instead of a piece of expensive medical equipment.

"James. Where is my gift, you are not getting way with out giving me one!"

"Well C sweetie it's tonight you will get it"

"Yeah well I better or you won't be getting it, I smirked and turned away"

"OHHHH" came a chorus of replies before everyone busted out laughing

We settled done and ate some cake, oh god at 9 in the morning chocolate cake. What kind of diet is that what were we thinking. The morning seemed to go fine but James would not tell me what I w as getting no matter what I tried. I used every dirty trick I knew in an attempt to get it out of him. I was going to try and seduce it out of him when Howie an Brian intercepted me.

"Ok your coming with us for the day " Brian stated


"Wow Caleb quite the conversationalist aren't ya" Howie supplied

"Why where are we going ?"

"Well we are going to check out some of the sites here at Las Vegas." Brian spoke

"Yeah I really want to try the Roller coaster at the top of the hotel."

"I don't think so.." but I was too late the guys were already pulling me out if the room and down the hall leaving James in the room with everyone else.

Kevin approached Lance and tapped him on the shoulder making him break his concentration on the door that just closed.

"Lance listen don't worry about it, he didn't mean what he said, I know he will say yes when you ask him"

"Ask him what Mel asked jumping up an down, huh dad are you asking what I think your asking"

"Umm well I was but I don't think so now"

"What! don't you dare Papa is going to say yes and you better ask or I will have to hurt you" Mel added before Lance could respond again. Hearing this joey sighed and sat done in the chair in the corner looking out the window. He didn't Josh or Chris approach and watch him.

"Hey Lance we better get going we have a lot to do you know before tonight come on." this was AJ jumping up and done.

" God AJ why are you so excited" Kevin asked

"Maybe he is hoping some one might take the hint" Nick supplied without being asked.

Kevin was shocked and AJ turned beet red pulling Lance outside the room giving Nick a crack on the back of the head as he passed. In actuality AJ would have liked Kevin to propose but the real reason behind this was to keep Lance and Caleb together and happy and to keep Caleb away from Kevin at all costs. He was getting tired being so nice to Caleb as well. He just didn't trust him that's what it boiled down to. He was determined not the leave him a chance at Kevin. Melissa and Nick had followed them out wanting to explore Vegas on their own since Nick would not have another free day until about the holidays. Justin headed back to his room to take a nap. This left Kevin and Chris and Josh in the room with Joey who was still lost in his thoughts everyone was silent for what seemed like forever until Kevin spoke up

"Ok Joey how long have you been love with him" Joey was shocked and really didn't know what to say.

"Yeah Joe when did it happen Chris said as he began to massage his friends shoulders. He could tell Joey was extremely tense , figuring Kevin hit it right o the head

" Come on Joe answer us, don't keep it in ok" Josh inquired

"I really don't want to talk about it guys beside he and Lance are going to be taking that next step and I can't wait for it to happen . The feelings I have... well I will have to deal with them on my own and not really focus on it."

"You need to tell him " Kevin added

"What!" the other three said in unison

"You heard me you need to tell him"

The room fell into complete silence Until joey spoke "Yeah I know, I need to"

"What would that prove?" josh asked

"Well he should know." Kevin stated adamantly

"he should be aware of what is going on and Joeys feelings for him other wise Joey will never any type of closure"

"I guess you right ..." Chris said

" Joey ?"

"Yeah Chris"

"How long have you know you were gay"

"Not sure I never felt this way bout a guy before only Caleb, I don't even think about other guys that way. They don't effect me at all. Neither do the women I guess" Joey sighed

"God why do we have all this drama all the time Josh asked,"

"I don't know but a nice quite spell would be nice now wouldn't it" Kevin replied to the room.

"Oh well then lets get a move on and spend our free day and not waste it."

"Yeah Joey come on lets go hang out for a while, we have not done that in a while"

"I'm not sure josh"

"Too bad we are not taking no for an answer so you had better get use to it." Chris replied as he grabbed Joey and started pulling him from the room.


"You too need to put down the crack pipe I am not getting on that thing"

"Oh come one" Brian pleaded "its going to be fun"

"What , you don't like to fly but yet you re willing to get on a roller coaster that is on the top of a hotel!" I exclaimed

"Stop being a baby" Howie replied He moved too fast for me to clip him in the back of the head. Brian just started laughing pulling me towards the roller coaster. I can't believe this, these too are insane if they think I a getting on that that death trap no huh. I had to get away . I was looking around each car sat four people with Howie and Brian in front of me it should be easy enough. Thank god they were excited talking to one another and wouldn't notice me. As we approached they turned to me.

" Don't worry Caleb its going to be ok"

" Yeah man just relax and enjoy the feeling" Howie replied.

" Yeah, yeah" I said shaking my head we were getting ready to line to get on the ride. Here is my chance. I quickly turned around and switched places with the guys behind me so they would get on the ride and placed my fingers to my lips. They just smirked and nodded and let me pass I stayed off to the side . The attendant showed me to the other side of the platform so I could wait for them . This is great they still didn't notice yet. I was just waiting for it.

"Ok Caleb just relax and take it easy, your going to enjoy it"

"You know you need to stop being a little chicken shit" I could see Howie talking animatedly to the guy next to him. I wonder when he will realize its not me. Bingo he just turned around the look on his face was hilarious. He slapped Brian and he turned together they were searching for me all over the place. They were looking in my direction and I started waving with a big smirk. Brian saw me first and then tapped Howie on the shoulder . He turned and saw me just as the roller coaster started moving . He was saying something and I could read his lips, wow didn't realize he had such a foul mouth.. I moved back to the side and watched as the roller coaster made its way around the track. As I looked my god they are on crack if they thought I was getting on that thing I just sat and waited for the ride to Finish. It never amazes me it takes too long in line for a ride that lasts less then 30 seconds. I wonder what James was up too this afternoon he was being awful secretive lately. This better be a good surprise otherwise I will have to kick his ass and that wouldn't be a pretty site. I was lost deep in my own thoughts and didn't realize the ride had finished an the other to were behind me until I felt this sharp pain in my arm.

"OWWW" I turned to see Howie smiling and Brian pulling his arm away from me.

" You Bastard" I said

" YOU deserved it you sneak" Howie stated and they grabbed me and pulled me toward the roller coaster

"Where are we going" I stated

" Back on again the price of being famous we can cut inline and you are coming this time."

"Oh no" but it was to late I was pulled in the roller coater and strapped in. it started to move

" OH SHITTTT" I screamed as we took off.

"So where did you think we will meet up with them here Kevin"

"No sure Josh, if I know Brian he wanted to ride the roller coaster"

"Yeah , this is so cool, right Joey" Chris said excitedly

"Yeah I guess so"

"You know you need to lighten up joey and be happy for Caleb"

"I am happy for Caleb Chris"

" Joey take it easy man ." Kevin added after Joey startled him with his response.

"We are just trying to improve our spirits is all Josh added rubbing Joey's back."

"Fine could we just not talk about it then and least for an hour"

"Sure man no problem sorry about that" Chris apologized

"Hey is that Howie and Brian, JC pointed to two guys that were standing around something."

" Yeah that them" Kevin added they were facing away from Kevin and them "I don't see Caleb anywhere though."

"Howie" Chris shouted. Both Howie and Brian turned quickly terrified that they were spotted by some teenage girls which wouldn't be the best time now. They were both relived to see their friends approaching them. They huddled together as if they were blocking something from being seen. Kevin noticed this and as well as the look on the guys faces like they had just gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Chris and JC were eyeing the guys suspiciously cause something was definitely up. Joey on the other hand was single minded and only focused on the one thing that was out of place . There was no Caleb.

"I thought Caleb was with you guys?" Joey asked

"Yeah guys where is Caleb?" Kevin eyed his cousin suspiciously. They didn't need a response because at that particular moment they could here a gagging noise coming from behind Howie and Brian, loud gagging noises.

"What going on guys?" asked Chris as Josh pulled Howie and Brian apart to view what was behind them. It was pathetic site. There he was with his ass in he air leaning in up to his waist in a trash can tossing up the entire meal from this morning. Joey ran over and began rubbing Caleb's back in small circles to try and calm him while giving nasty stares to Heckle and Jeckel as they stared at their shoes.

" So how exactly did this happen?" Josh asked.

" Dam I wish I had my camera?" Chris replied. Joey just shot him a death stare and he quickly looked the other way whistling to himself and taking extreme interest in the building in front of him.

" Well you see it was technically his own fault..."

"Yeah Brian is right if he had listen to us the first time we wouldn't.."

"You wouldn't have what ?" Kevin interjected.

"Well you see?" Brian started

"Caleb wouldn't go on the roller coater and.."

"And he pulled a fast one and snuck out of line and let two jokers in with us..."

"That I didn't know and I was talking away when I noticed its not him"

"And then Howie hits me and points this out then I notice him" gesturing to the doubled over form of Caleb

"Over in the corner waving"

"So we decided" Howie pointed to himself and Brian " that we would get even so we pulled some strings"

"Yean you know cuz the I'm famous trick and arranged to get Caleb in the coaster and rode it 10 times in a row."

" You guys are idiots Joey shouted , don't you guys know he has an inner ear problem so rides like coasters and fast spinning shit make him have severe vertigo and he get sick" If Joey wasn't busy holding Caleb's head he would have killed them. Josh and Chris interceded on their behalf and helped with Caleb in hopes of calming Joey. Meanwhile Kevin and taken hold of both Howie and Brian's ears and pulled them from the group over to the side.

""Ouch" Kevin not so hard.

"You know I should kick you ass's for this stunt, or maybe let Joey kick your asses"

"We are sorry Kevin we didn't know" Howie responded

"I know you didn't that why I giving you this lecture and not letting Joey go postal on your ass"

"Yeah what is with that any way, I thought he was going to kill us or something"

"That's a long story and I will tell you later here is not the time" gesturing to the fact they were in public,

"Anyway we should probably get Caleb back to the room and hope this vertigo wears off otherwise Lance is going to be pissed"

"They made there way over to the others and tried to help Caleb up slowly so they could get him back meanwhile Kevin called for the limo to pick them up, they were trying to be inconspicuous but that hard being six boy band members caring another man who is vomiting.

Oh my god my head is spinning I need to stop this vomiting slow deep breaths I can hardly move my only hope is to get back to the room and take some drugs and sleep it off I hope its early enough to get through this. Thank god Joey and Josh know what to do. I know people are carrying me I can tell, I feel it I hear them talking but can't make it out I can only hear Joey's voice soothing me as he rubs my back. I have to say something focus on what I have to say.

"Guys" my voice is hoarse.

"What Caleb" Joey whispered.

"Kevin ...room... sleep.. Get ... Pills"

"Where are his pills Chris asked?"

"I know where they are , they are usually in his shaving kit" Josh added I will get them. "I guess he want to sleep it off in your room so Lance doesn't find out"

"Why" Brian asked

"Cause he is trying to protect yours ass's from Lance" Joey lashed out while he continued to rub Caleb's back. Brain and Howie cringed and shrank in the corner of the limo.

I was losing it fast so hard to focus on anything but the spinning hopefully I could keep the pills down laying flat helps.


"So Lance everything looks set up, in here"

"You think he is going to like?"

"I am sure, he will love you for this."

"Yeah but will he say yes."

"Of course he will" AJ said this convincingly but he was having another conversation on the inside. Hell no he was screaming. There is no way in hell this is going to work. I need this to work. I hope Lance is more convincing then I was at the time. There is no way that I am losing this time.


"What?, sorry."

"Now I lost you for a while was asking you what you thought about this whole thing"

"Well if it make you happy"

"No not just this" pointing to the room "but to the whole me and Caleb thing you sure your ok I know your with Kevin and all but you were together , and you have been a really good friend to me" Lance was doing is own mental gymnastics trying to determine AJ's true feelings. He would be damned if he would lose Caleb To him. He had to show Caleb how he really felt and this was the best way to show it to him . He needed Caleb to see him and not AJ, he knew that Caleb was still in love with AJ he could tell no matter how hard he tried to ignore it or no matter how hard Caleb tried to hide it. He just needed to show Caleb that he was the right choice that he would love him no matter. He brought himself out of his own mulling to Ask AJ an important question.

"AJ tell me about the night you proposed?"

"Trying to figure out what I did wrong huh?"

"Umm yeah sort of " Lance blushed

AJ just laughed " Its no problem Lance hopefully you will get him to say yes, although I feel that I ended up with the correct answer after all I have Kevin and you have him" AJ smirked

About 4 years ago


"Is that all you can say , well I will have to mark my calendar then the Caleb Sark was actually struck speechless" AJ giggled and kissed Caleb passionately on the lips. He was so nervous he had a lump I his throat and his palms were sweating finally he broke the kiss with Caleb he was breathless at this point. He assumed his lover would be as well but , Caleb was slightly winded he did regain his composure quite quickly.

"Did my ears hear correctly? Did my Zander just Giggle"

"Umm well I guess I did." AJ laughed at himself

"So what pray tell is this my beautiful boyfriends" Caleb said while indicated the site before him they were in the garden of the backyard of their house. AJ had set up a small table with candles and a bottle of wine. It was the most romantic things Zander had ever done and it was so simple but that's what made it so beautiful.

"Umm Cal please sit here", he pulled one of the chairs out and held it for Caleb to sit down then moved it forward.

" My , my Zander what are you doing you are quite he gentleman and did you now that your suit definitely shows off your ass."

"Flattery will get you everywhere Mr. Sark"

"So Zander to what do I owe the honor"

"Well can't I do something special for my boyfriend who has my heart"

*flash* `ohm, ahhh, pant grunt' two bodies rolling together in bed sweat everywhere'

"well Mr. MacLean what do you have in store then"


`two bodies grinding together locked in love. The room smelled of that overpowering scent alcohol mixed with sex bodies writhing and sliding into one another'

"I thought we could have a drink and would propose a toast to the man I love, if that alright. AJ relieved with a coy smile as he sat down next to Caleb and taking his hand. "would you like that"

"Yes I would like that very much indeed." Caleb replied nervously, somehow unsure of where this was going in particular.


"The bodies rolled around in a more feverish pitch each one becoming in synch with each other moaning and breathing bombarded the hearing as moans and breathing become faster and louder'

"Well I have been thinking Caleb that its time we take our relationship further." AJ stammered out. Caleb sat watching his boyfriend dreading the inevitable AJ fidgeted in his chair and moved closer to Caleb. Caleb noticed that aj was reaching into his pocket. Removing himself from his chair he kneeled before Caleb and looked into his eyes. AJ saw what he thought was nervous an the question but it was so hard to think himself he had to do this fast and get on with it.

*flash *

The two bodies moved faster and faster reaching a feverish pitch'

"Caleb will you marry me?"


"OHHHH god Caleb", came the muffled cry as both men reached orgasm at the same time " Fuckkkk Kevin" both bodies spent collapsed into each other'

"No AJ I can't marry you"