Author: Zarah

Pairing: JC/Justin (duh!)

Rating: NC-17

Note: Sorry for giving you so much trouble with this chapter, David.

Summary: Wherein the writer annoys herself in using a story line which was first used in 532, Justin learns to use his brain before making stupid bets while Josh is just basically our poor and unsuspecting victim.

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If That's What It Takes...

If life doesn't offer a game worth playing, invent a new one.
Anthony D'Angelo

JC didn't object when the curtain of his bunk was pulled open and another body crawled in; he just moved to make room and lifted his right arm for the other to settle under it, then dropped it again, letting it rest on a smooth chest.

It wasn't that rare of an occurrence for Justin to climb into his bunk at night. It hadn't happened for some time now, but at one point or another, every one of the five men that were 'N Sync had shared his bed with one of his band mates. It didn't happen often, but sometimes, one of them felt lonely and just needed someone to be there. Justin, being the youngest one, had felt that need more often than the rest of them, and every time he did, it was understood that JC was the one he came to.

Once, JC had made some remark to Chris about it, saying that Justin possessed certain schizophrenic characteristics, considering he was usually Mr. Smooth, yet he wasn't ashamed to cuddle up to JC at night. Chris had just shrugged and said that this was to be expected from someone who had spent a good part of his childhood growing up in the public eye and being a superstar - not to mention having to hide his homosexuality because it wouldn't please all those girls who were throwing themselves at him. And JC couldn't help but be thankful that it hadn't done more damage to Justin's brain. If all it took for the boy to be happy was someone innocently holding him at night, then the brunette was more than ready to give it.

Although right now, "innocently" seemed kind of inappropriate.

"Just! Stop it!"

The blonde rubbed his ass against JC's groin for what had to be the tenth time during the last few minutes. "Stop what?"

JC admired the younger one's talent to still sound totally innocent even when he was humping the floor on stage. "Moving so much. Keeps me awake."

"Just getting comfortable." Justin answered, grinding back against JC one last time and deciding to stay right there, pressed against the whole length of the older man's body.

Trying to ignore any thought about his practical brother in a position which should be reserved for after-sex situations, JC closed his eyes. There was no way he was allowing himself to have even the tiniest bit of improper thoughts about his best friend, the baby of the group, someone he had and would always think of as a little brother.

No way at all.

The brunette wriggled back until his body hit the wall, suppressing a groan when Justin came right after him, once again bumping his ass against JC's crotch.

It was going to be one long night.


The crowd was huge, pressing in on them, screams filling their ears, their bodyguards hardly able to shield the five of them and weren't there supposed to be barriers? Where were they, where? - Breathe, JC, don't hyperventilate, breathe! - Justin! Where's Justin? There, there's Justin, right there, no need to worry. Calming breath. Everything's fine. Yeah. Justin is holding his hand. Trying to help. Smile at Justin. He's done that before, hasn't he? Somewhere in Europe. No one saw. Justin is sweet. Sweet Justin.

What... What was Justin doing? Was he...? Not here, there were too many people around, their bodyguards didn't cover them, not completely, there were too many...

JC's body relaxed instinctively into the kiss, relishing the feeling of soft lips dancing over his. He had already opened his mouth to accept an eager and oh so hot tongue before he realized that this wasn't a dream. Or at least the kiss wasn't.

His eyes flew open only to find Justin bent over him; Justin, who had pulled back from the kiss the moment he felt JC stiffen under him and was now gazing down at him with a slight smile.


The brunette freed himself from his friend's weight, glaring at the blonde. "What the heck was that, Justin?"

Justin shrugged. "A kiss."

"Well, duh!" Almost wincing at the loudness of his own voice, JC took a deep breath in order to relax himself, then spoke again, calmer now. "I know that it was a kiss, Justin. But why?"

"Well, it worked for Sleeping Beauty, so I wanted to find out if it was also a way to wake you up, since usually, nothing works."

JC gazed into the innocent blue eyes that were freely meeting his own. Too freely. He frowned. "I know you, Justin. And I know that right now, you're up to something."

"Nah. And you have to admit that this was a pretty good way to wake you up. It worked. I should use it again sometimes."

"No!" Once again, JC had to lower his voice. "No. Justin, you can't kiss me."

"Why not?"

"Because... Because I love you, but... Not like that. You're my little brother, and you just don't kiss your little brother."

"You're just afraid to admit that you liked it." The sudden display of anger in Justin's eyes took the brunette by surprise.

"That's not true."

"Then what's this?" Justin asked, gently squeezing the noticeably bulge in JC's pants.

JC jerked back, his glare returning full force. "Ever heard of morning wood?"

"How come it wasn't there before I kissed you?"

Not awaiting the response, the younger man grinned triumphantly and climbed out of the bunk, leaving JC to stare after his retreating form, wondering what exactly just had happened.



Lance dropped the newspaper, staring.

JC passed him on his way to the coffee machine, picking up the item from the floor and handing it to the blonde.

Lance stared.

"You might want to close your mouth. Something is gonna get trapped in there." Both hands clasped around his cup of coffee, the brunette sat down in front of him, watching life returning into the younger man's body.

Blinking once, Lance closed his mouth, then took a confused look at his watch. "JC, it's like, 7 in the morning. I've never seen you up and actually talking this early, unless it was necessary. So, who are you?"

"I woke him up." Yawning, Justin sauntered into the kitchen, not missing the admiring look Lance gave him in reaction to his comment.

"Wow. This has to be some awesome technique. You should use it again sometimes."

Staring directly at JC who was suddenly fascinated by the hem of his shirt, Justin smiled. "I will."

"No." The brunette's quiet protest was completely ignored as his best friend sat down next to him, reaching for his cereal on the table.

JC didn't miss that Justin, after putting the milk back in the refrigerator, dragged his chair closer to JC, so close that their thighs were almost, but not quite touching when Justin sat down again.

He decided not to comment on it.

Mumbling something that could have been a greeting, Joey padded into the room, his eyes still half closed. It took the Italian exactly three gulps of coffee and about one spoon of sugar to open them fully. Leaning against the counter, his gaze swept over the scene in front of him, Lance absorbed in his paper, Justin and a slightly uncomfortable looking JC sitting so close together that the younger one might as well just sit down in the brunette's lap.

Justin answered Joey's suspicious look with a smirk, placing his left hand on JC's inner thigh, creeping upwards.

With a hurried excuse, JC jumped up and left the kitchen.

"What was that all about?" Lance asked no one in particular, not receiving an answer but not really expecting one anyway. Joey shrugged and took over JC's chair. Justin grinned knowingly.


Sighing, JC leaned his forehead against the wall, the tiles feeling strangely cold against his burning skin. It wasn't a comfortable position, being crouched down in the bathroom, his arms hugging his legs close to his body,. But the bathroom was his only escape, his only chance to have some time completely to himself during a busride. Sure, there was also his bunk, but his bunk couldn't be locked. Justin had proven more than once that a closed curtain didn't stop him. Usually, JC wouldn't mind, he had never minded sharing a bed with Justin. But right now...

When it came down to it, then JC had to admit that he was flat-out terrified.

Not terrified of Justin, but terrified of himself. For not minding Justin's current behaviour half as much as he should. For, even now, still not being able to think of their kiss without feeling a slight shiver running down his spine.

Frankly, JC was terrified because he doubted that he had the strength to stop Justin if the younger one wanted to take this any further.

He needed to get laid. Soon.

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