Author: Zarah

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake

Thanks to: Ben - or should I say W. ;) - for being such an amazing editor.

Summary: Wherein the writer annoys herself in using a story line which was first used in 532, Justin learns to use his brain before making stupid bets while Josh is just basically our poor and unsuspecting target.

Disclaimer: You know why stories like these are called fiction? Because they're so true. Totally. Even though my psychiatrist doesn't believe me.


If That's What It Takes...

If it hadn't been for the glare Lance had sent his way, JC wouldn't have gone with Justin to get them some drinks. And if he wouldn't have gone with Justin, then the other man wouldn't have been able to hold his hand because "it's so easy to loose each other in a club like this". Yeah, right. That was also why Justin was stroking his palm, wasn't it?

Now if only he wouldn't be enjoying this so much.

JC was actually glad when they reached the bar as it gave him an excuse to bring some space between his and Justin's body. Although it wasn't easy to make the younger one let go of his hand.

Shit, there he was again, no longer holding his hand, but pressing against his sides, pretending that this was the only way he could get the bartenders attention while swaying to the music. No need to mention that there were a few empty seats right next to the blonde, right? Oh well. If Justin wanted to play, then he could play, no problem just as long as his advances didn't get to JC.

Only problem was that they did.

Justin had managed to get the bartender to notice him, and now he was rattling down the orders of the whole 'N Sync table. Instead of asking how old he was, the bartender just nodded and went to get everything the blonde had asked for.

"You sure you don't want anything?"

"Huh?" Somehow the sparkling blue in front of him distracted JC.

Justin smirked and repeated his question.

"No, that's okay. Later, maybe."

"Your decision." Justin shrugged.

The brunette smiled.

Justin stared, his eyes burning with a strange intensity that caught JC completely off guard. Neither of them noticed the seconds passing.

"Your drinks."

The younger man didn't take his eyes from JC, he just kept gazing at him while reaching blindly into his wallet to pull out a note, then passing it to the bartender without looking.

"Sorry, but that's a check."

Seemingly shaken out of some sort of trance, Justin turned away, away from JC who felt a sudden loss. and to the man behind the bar. "It is?"

"Yeah. Over a million, at that. Not signed, though."

"Oh." By the fake smile that spread over Justin's face, JC could tell that whatever had caused his best friend's distraction was over now. Justin was slipping back into Mr. Smooth mode.

He watched the blonde exchange the check for a note, then they each took two of the drinks and made their way back to the table.

"What took you so long?"

Justin shrugged, getting rid of the two glasses, but remained standing. "I'm gonna head back to the hotel."

"What? Why? You're feeling alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just need to think something over."

"Okay. See you in the morning, then."

"Right. Night, guys." Waving, Justin made his way towards the exit.

JC noticed that ever since the odd trance at the bar, Justin hadn't looked at him. Not once.


Half an hour later, JC let his gaze wander over the dance floor, shaking his head at himself. Coming here had been a bad idea. He had wanted to stay at the hotel, but once again, it was Lance's glare that had changed his mind. He knew that the Mississippian was irritated because JC had isolated himself so much over those last few days, and an irritated Lance was someone to either avoid or calm down. And as avoiding didn't work very well on tour, JC had chosen the second option. Calming down. Which had meant: going clubbing.

His original thought had been that maybe this was the right time to find a good lay in order to get away from the images of Justin that were invading his head more and more, but now he just wanted to take his mind off things for a moment. And a few beers couldn't hurt.

This whole Justin thing was so confusing. Why, all of a sudden, had Justin decided that this was exactly what he wanted, sex with JC?

First drink.

He couldn't have sex with Justin. After all, Justin was his little brother.

Second drink.

His sweet, cute and not to mention sexy little brother.

Third drink.

Okay, so they weren't really brothers, but still, it would be too strange to sleep with his best friend.


Well, during the sex, it would be great, but things might be awkward afterwards.


Wasn't there this saying about best friends making the best lovers?


And who said that it had to be only once?


Justin being his boyfriend? Weird.


But not bad.


Not bad at all.


This was confusing.


Confusing? Why? It was easy. Justin wanted him. He wanted Justin. Not confusing.


Easy. Things were easy. And there was Lance.

"JC? You alright?"

"Sure. Alright. I'm alright."

"You're drunk."

"Yeah. It's great. You should try it sometimes. Clears head."

"You're totally drunk."

"Makes things easy."

"I'm gonna take you to the hotel."

Hotel? Oh, Justin. Justin was at the hotel.

Hotel was good.


There he goes, there he goes again,...

JC hummed to himself, giggling a little upon seeing Lance enter the elevator to go back to the club.

Nothing to stop him anymore.

Now, where was Justin? Door to his left, wasn't it? Knock.

Oh, there he was. Cute. Justin was cute in only his pajama pants. But even more cute without them.

"Josh?" Justin yawned, then forced himself to open his eyes fully. "What are you doing here?"

"Want you."


"Want you, Justin. So much."

"Josh, are you... You're drunk, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Want you."

"Shh. Come in, first, okay?"

Considering how drunk JC probably was, Justin was amazed that the brunette didn't have any troubles walking steadily to the bed and sprawling himself across it. Justin sat down on the floor.

"Come here? Justin?" JC was lying on his back, his legs spread invitingly.

Okay, it was battle time now. Devil Justin against angel Justin, one telling him to go and take what he longed for and had now offered to him so openly all of a sudden, the other urging him not to take advantage of Josh.

Because even if Josh was drunk, he was his best friend. And taking advantage of Josh was not right.

Besides, it would be against the rules anyway. And he respected the rules, so it wasn't even his decision, after all.

He couldn't sleep with Josh when the brunette was drunk because then he wouldn't win the bet.

Not his decision.

Not at all.

But then why was he proud of himself now?


"What is it, Josh?"

"Why are you sitting on the floor? The bed is nice."

"I know it is, Josh. You should go to sleep on there."

"Want you."

"Not now. For now, just sleep, okay?"

"Don't you want me?" JC pouted.

Justin sighed. "Yes, I do. More than you'll ever know." What the heck! JC wouldn't remember any of this tomorrow.

"You want me?"

"Of course, Josh. Go to sleep."

"Join me?"

"Yeah, but only sleeping, okay?"


JC was fast asleep before Justin had settled down in the embrace.


Justin met Joey on his way to get some breakfast. The Italian looked like a walking hang-over, but definitely awake.

"So, how's JC doing?"

Justin decided not to be surprised that Joey knew that JC had spent the night in his room. "He's still sleeping."

Joey raised a brow. "You wore him out? I expected it to be the other way round."

"Um, Joe? Josh and I didn't have sex last night."

"What? But I saw him sneaking into your room."

"Yeah, he did. But, well... He was drunk, so it would have been against the rules."

The Italian shook his head. "Sorry to break it to you, but no, it wouldn't have been against the rules."

"It wouldn't?"

"No. You could have won the bet last night. Not that I'm complaining." He grinned.

"What? I thought... I mean, it's so obvious that it wouldn't count if he was drunk, so I didn't think that I had to write it down."

"Nope, J. Sleeping with a drunk JC would be winning the bet just as sleeping with a sober JC would be winning it. Not my fault that your conscience wouldn't let you."

He could have won the bet last night.

Justin knew that he should be angry at himself for letting the chance pass him by.

Oddly, he wasn't.

"Hey, Just?" The Italian's voice shook the blonde out of his thoughts.


"Maybe you were stupid that you didn't have sex with him when you could, but even if it was, I still admire you for it. If I were gay and JC would be offering himself to me, then I don't think I'd be able to resist. So... Yeah. It was a good decision, Justin. The right one."

Justin smiled in response.


Where was he? Suitcase, sneakers, one sock,... Justin's room. Okay.

Wait, not okay. Why was he in Justin's room? Did they...?

No. He still had his clothes on. Thank God.

Phew. Okay then, back to his second question. Why was he in Justin's room?

JC supposed it was related to the reason for his pounding headache.

He remembered going to the club, but he didn't remember coming back to the hotel, so he had most obviously been pretty wasted. Wasted enough to come to Justin's room?

By all appearances: Yes.

And JC didn't have any doubt that it wasn't his fault that Justin and he hadn't had sex last night.

It was time to talk to the blonde.

Well, it could wait until he had gotten rid of that awful headache. Heaving his body out of bed, he looked for any trace of Justin, and seeing none, he left the room, deciding to forget about the talk for now. They had to leave for the next city in about two hours anyway, and as he and Justin were sharing a bus with Chris, he would have enough time to do what had to be done. He would have to ask Chris to ride with Joey and Lance for a while, but that really wouldn't be a problem.

His only problem was that he didn't know what he wanted to say to Justin.

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