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I'll Make Love To You

Based on the Babyface song "I'll make love to you" performed by Boyz II Men. 


"Justin, the break is over..." JC said seriously "...the group break, not ours cause last time I checked we had BROKEN UP" JC continued, emphasizing his last words.

"But..." Justin tried to argue but was interrupted by JC.

"No buts. I already told you when you called me during the band's break. You've gotten everything you wanted. You got the fucking break, got your damn solo album, got your freaking single life and because of you *NSync isn't renewing its contract with Jive Records. You've got everything you wanted and you were pretty clear when you told me your career was more important than *NSync's... and was more important than me..." JC was getting angrier with Justin.

"But Joshy..."

"You lost the privilege of calling me Joshy when you threw that all in my face. Only people who love me can give me nicknames. You love your career and yourself, not me..."

"But Jason..."

"Justin. We already had this conversation. Jason is the right guy for me. And just to let you know, we are going to get married in Vermont once we finish with the promotions of our Greatest Hits album."

"Jos... JC, please, give me one more chance. Just one, please, I can do whatever you want. You want me to tell the world that I'm gay and in love with you? I'll do it. You want me to end my solo career today? I can do it now. You want me to tell Johnny I was wrong and I wanna be in the group and renew our contracts? I'll do it all. You just need to ask me. I could do it all and so much more for you JC." Justin said. Justin was begging. He never thought he would do that in his entire life. But he never thought that he could be in love with someone so much that he was willing to give up everything for him too.

"You are not worthy of me. You're low. I don't know how I ever loved you. You don't deserve anyone's love." JC said. He now knew how much JC was hurt. And knowing that almost killed Justin.


The next week was uneventful. JC didn't believe Justin had finally stopped begging and trying to get JC back. It was peaceful. But deep in his heart JC was scared. Had Justin stopped loving him? He loved Justin. More than he loved himself and that was why he didn't get back with Justin. He knew Justin was going to hurt him again. He also knew that if Justin hurt him again the way he hurt him before, he'd die.

JC was thinking about that when he went to Johnny's office. They had a meeting because Elton John wanted JC to write and produce a song for his next album. JC was hyper. Anyone would be if Elton John himself asked him or her to write and produce a song for his next album. 

When he got to Johnny's office his secretary wasn't there. That was strange to JC though. He was sitting when he started to hear yelling coming from Johnny's room. 

"You can't do it!" 

"Yeah I can and you can't stop me from doing it! I'll do it even if you don't help me!" 

"You must be out of your mind!" 

"All that I am asking you to do is..." the voice was getting lower so JC got near to the door touching it with his ear so that he could listen to it better. " a press conference so I can tell about my decisions and the secrets I want to be revealed." 

"You do know you're not bringing just yourself down but other people too, right?"  

"I just want my happiness again." 

"Listen, ..." 

JC heard footsteps so he took that as his cue to get away from the door and back to his seat. But he couldn't help being curious about who was that person talking to Johnny.


JC was surprised when Johnny called them all to a meeting to sign their new contracts with Jive. Even more surprised when he heard about Justin's decision of discontinuing his solo career. But this last surprise was almost too much for JC to bear... 

JC was sitting with Jason in the family room of the house they shared. They were flipping through channels until they landed on MTV. It was a special edition of MTV News. It was showing a room crowded with journalists, at the end of it, a table with three microphones. Three people entered the room. JC gasped. Two of them he knew very well. Johnny, Justin and a grey haired man JC didn't know sat, each one facing a mike. 

"Mr. Timberlake has one announcement to make. After this, he and his manager, Johnny Wright will be free to answer questions for one hour." The grey haired man said. 

Justin looked scared. He took a few minutes to start talking "I decided to tell the world this after some personal problems I had. Before anything, I want tell all of *NSync and my fans that I'm sorry for not telling you this from the beginning." He made a pause. "I'm gay." The whole room gasped. So did Jason. JC on the other hand had a grin on his face. This pleased him. Justin really loved him. Justin destroyed his world so JC would go and be his knight in shining armor and save him, as always. JC didn't hear when the questions started and Johnny and Justin started answering them. His mind was in another world. Another dimension. 


It was Justin's birthday. Lynn had convinced him to go to her house so they could celebrate it. It took a long time for her to persuade him into it. Since the day Justin told the world he was gay he was even more depressed. JC didn't talk to him after that. JC just talked to him to say that Justin was a damn bastard and that if he was going to go down, then he should have done it alone, not when he could bring down the other guys too. 

Justin didn't understand why JC was acting like that. Justin had done everything to prove he loved JC and even what seemed impossible happened: the world accepted Justin. Lots of people supported him and Justin revealing such an important part of his life made *NSync bigger. 

The party was special to Justin though. All his family and closest friends were there. Everyone he loved was there. Everyone but JC. And when Justin realized that, he almost cried there in front of everyone. 

Justin was so depressed he decided to leave earlier. He drove home in a hurry. He wanted to get into his bed and cry. And die. 

He opened the door and switched the button to turn the lights on. It didn't work. Justin tried it again and again and again. He was not in a good phase. The whole world was against him he thought. Now even the electric company was against him. He started to look around the room and noticed that some candles made a path in the floor. He noticed too that the room smelled like vanilla and that the floor was covered with rose petals. He followed the path and it took him to the dinning room. 

When Justin and JC decided to buy this house, they did it mainly because of the high number of fireplaces, the huge size of the master bedroom and the fact that the dining room was divided by a big door, which when closed could go as a wall, from a library and office. There was one fireplace at the right end of the dining room and another one at the left end of the office. The fireplaces faced each other. 

Justin noticed the smell of vanilla got stronger in the dining room and so did the darkness. The only thing that lit the room was a single candle placed on the top of what looked like a cake. The cake was placed on the left end of the long dining table. When Justin went to see the cake up close, he noticed that the floor was still covered with rose petals. There were thousands of them in the room. He noticed, just a second before sitting that the door to the library was open, but there was this dark fabric that was in the place of the door. Justin decided to forget about that for now. Whoever did this whole surprise for him probably wanted to save that for later. He took a closer look at the cake. It was not big or small. The right size for two people. The vanilla scent was now being mixed with the strong chocolate smell from the cake. Justin noticed the big bottle of what should be wine at the left side of the cake. Two wine glasses in front of it. On the right side of the cake there was a square shaped thing Justin assumed was a remote control. 

Justin started to look around the room to find whoever prepared this surprise to him. Finding no one in his search he decided to look around the room for other strange things. He found out, just by taking a quick look, that the only chair in the room was the one in front of the cake. He decided to sit. 

Then it all happened. The dream really started to become reality now. The magic began. 

Justin now noticed that someone was standing at the window on the right end of the room at the left of the fireplace. That someone started to open the curtains. Some more light entered the room. The light of the moon. The light that illuminated all lovers from all times. The light that illuminated Romeo and Juliet was now illuminating some person that deep in Justin's heart, he knew was his soul mate. Justin couldn't say whom the person there was. The light was still too dim. But when the person took a deep breath and started to come near Justin he got the confirmation he needed. That voice. The voice that was burned into Justin's ears, brain and most of all his heart started singing a song Justin had known for a long time. But now, it had a whole new meaning in Justin's heart. The voice was soft, loving, caring as it always was. 

"Close your eyes, make a wish

And blow out the candlelight..." 

Justin did as the singing voice told him. He got near to the cake, closed his eyes, and made a wish he saved for himself. He never told anyone after that about the wish. It brings bad luck Justin said. He didn't need bad luck in his love life from now on. What he went through was already too much. He blew out the candle. The room now was almost too dim. Justin didn't care. He didn't need to see JC. Just being around him, listening him to sing was enough for Justin.

"For tonight is just your night,

We're gonna celebrate, baby all thru the night..." 

JC kept singing and that voice, those words were making Justin feel overwhelmed. He couldn't hold back the tears anymore now. They started to make paths. Rivers of tears, created by happiness. The rivers soon had gotten all the way down his perfect cheeks and now were getting near Justin's mouth. Justin stood there, mouth wide open in a grin that was the most special one JC had ever received in all his life. Not even when he dressed himself as a Santa and went to a place where only poor kids that had no home were living, had he seen such a smile. 

"Pour the wine, light the fire

Justin your wish is my command..." 

While JC sang that he acted as if Justin had actually asked him to do it and poured the wine into the two glasses that were on the table and lit the fireplace with the remote control. Making the room now less dim. Letting them see each other's wide smiles. Happy beautiful faces.

"I submit to your demands

I'll do anything, you need only ask..." 

JC was wearing a tuxedo. It was classy. Totally matched with everything. Justin could only think of how perfect JC was. He was romantic, special, damn pretty and now, Justin knew JC could forgive too. He would never let go of JC again. EVER. 

Justin was petrified with emotion and happiness. 

JC got closer each time; his mouth was now two inches from Justin's ear. His voice was sexy. Justin could feel JC's hot breath in his ear travel to his neck. 

Justin couldn't believe he would have JC back. That was all that mattered to him now and forever. He had learned his lesson. He suffered. He almost died. Now it was happy time again in Justin's world. 

"I'll make love to you..." 

JC's voice was low and deep. His breath going into Justin's ear. As he was singing, he started to move to Justin's neck. Definitely sexy. It sent shivers through Justin's spine. 

"... Like you want me to

And I'll hold you tight

Baby, all through the night

I'll make love to you

When you want me to

And I'll not let go

Even if you tell me to" 

Justin noticed JC's change in the lyrics. He didn't care. Actually he was happy with that. He didn't want JC to be away from him. He wanted to be with JC for the rest of his life. And for the rest of eternity.  

Justin was hard and JC could see it. He also noticed Justin was tense. JC knew Justin so much he could tell why Justin was tense. He was tense because he wanted JC so much. It was a relief to JC to know that Justin wasn't joking. Wasn't playing with him. JC always read Justin like an open book and seeing the way Justin had been acting since he saw the surprise made JC sure that Justin loved him. That Justin would never do that to him. 

Both men had an awkward feeling that this was their first time. They couldn't tell why, but they loved this feeling. Actually, Justin knew why. That was the first time JC was going to make love to him since he realized he needed JC. He loved him. That they were soul mates. 

JC had for less than a minute stopped singing. Justin was lost in his thoughts, but he soon noticed. And at the same time he felt JC touching his hand with a glass of wine he had poured before. Justin got the glass and took a long fast sip and tried to get up but was stopped by JC's hands on his shoulders. JC started to slowly rub them and started singing again. 

"Justin relax, let's go slow..." 

JC stopped rubbing Justin's shoulders and Justin groaned because he missed the warm soft touch of JC's hands. JC moved slowly to sit in Justin's lap, throwing his arms around Justin's neck. His mouth was very close to Justin's and the hot breath that left his mouth went directly to Justin's lips, making the younger man want the lips more than ever. 

"...I ain't got nowhere to go

I'm just gonna concentrate on you..." 

JC gave Justin a kiss. A quick one. A peck. But it showed how much he cared for him. How much he loved him. This kiss was followed by another quick one and this was followed by one loving, passionate kiss between the both men. They were lost in each other. Someone said in the past that the best part of the fight was making up. JC was now proving Justin that this quote was right and definitely sexy as hell. 

JC broke the kiss and slowly stood up. Once more Justin groaned missing the weight of JC in his lap and the incredible lips in his. 

Justin started to get up and took a look at JC who was now in the entrance to the library. There was nothing covering the door anymore. Justin gasped when he saw it. JC had filled the floor of the room with Rose petals too. There were candles everywhere. This was better than any dream Justin could ever have. 

"...Justin are you ready, it's gonna be a long night

Throw your clothes on the floor

I'm gonna take my clothes off too..." 

JC said the last line while he slowly started to take off his clothes. Justin circled the chair stopping in front of JC.

"Let me..." Justin said, starting to help JC take off his tie. Both men took time undressing each other.  Slowly revealing each other part of the body. Bodies that was as beautiful as Narcissi's. Bodies that fit together like no other.  Bodies that would soon be united like their hearts were. Hearts that were full of love for each other, bodies that were full of desire for each other.

While undressing they exchanged kisses. Some were quick ones. Others started slow, but grew into passionate kisses that both men knew they would never forget. 

"I made plans to be with you

Justin, whatever you ask, you know, I'll do."

JC sang, looking into Justin's eyes right before he slid the pants off of Justin's body. Both men now in their boxers. JC held Justin in his arms, the younger man's back touching JC's chest. JC kept whispering in Justin's ear while he took Justin near the library fireplace.

"Baby tonight is your night

And I will do you right

Just make a wish on your night

Anything that you ask

I will give you the love of your life."

They were now in front of the fireplace. Their feet touching a fluffy white carpet that was chosen to be in that room to contrast with all the other furniture which was madden of mahogany. Justin's favorite wood. Well, second favorite, cause his favorite one was now touching his butt while JC held him.

In front of the fireplace there were two big black, leather chairs, the most comfortable ones they could find. JC slowly sat on one, bringing Justin with him. JC took two other glasses of wine already poured that were together with another bottle of wine on a table between both chairs. He handed one to Justin, who tried to take a sip, but was stopped by JC.

"Hold on. Let me teach you a better way of having wine." JC took a sip of his glass and kissed Justin, sharing the wine with his lover, making Justin groan with pleasure.

Justin started to move to face JC. He kissed the brunet and started to take off his clothes, setting free JC's member.

The image was perfect. JC sat there, all naked. The light of the fire was all that illuminated his magnificent body. Justin wanted to spend the rest of his life looking at that picture.

Justin kneeled in front of JC taking his hard dick in his hand. He started to jack him off and bring his head closer to the place his hands were. Never breaking the eye contact.

"Baby..." JC voice was low, he was almost sure Justin hadn't listened cause he was leaning closer to JC's dick. "Baby... Stop. Tonight... Tonight it's about you, not me..." JC said while stopping Justin from taking his shaft into his month. JC almost regretted doing it, but he promised himself he would show tonight how much he loved Justin. How much he needed him.

JC pushed lightly on Justin till he was laid down on the carpet. The soft strings of it rubbing Justin's bare back. Such a wonderful feeling Justin had never felt before. He wondered why he had never laid like this on that carpet; but JC's lips covering his in a tender kiss soon stopped the thoughts. When the kiss was broken they stared into each other eyes. Their souls connected, sharing with each other the sweetest and special love they could ever imagine. A love only possible for gods. A love that only the most perfect people could share. A love that was not human. A love that gave a reason for the earth to spin. JC kept singing, just to make Justin hotter and more and more in love with JC.

"I'll make love to you

Like you want me to

And I'll hold you tight

Baby, all through the night

I'll make love to you

When you want me to

And I'll not let go

Even if you tell me to" 

The room was hot. Not just for the two lovers that were kissing passionately and roaming each other's bodies with their hands remembering each part of it. Not for the heat of the fire from the candles and the fireplace. It seemed magic. Something from another world. Their bodies were sweating, more than ever. Justin could only realize how hot they were when JC dropped some more wine, this time in his right nipple. Justin shivered when JC right after dropping the wine from his glass, sucked his nipple, teasing it with his tongue, giving it little bites. He did the same thing to Justin's left nipple receiving the same response. JC then dropped some more wine in the center of Justin's chest. Licking it all clean and then kissing Justin on the mouth again.

Justin was in heaven. The thought of having such pleasurable sensations never crossed his mind. He didn't think he could ever share this with anyone. He never thought he'd share this with JC, which just an hour ago, seemed to be the person who hated him most and now was the one who loved Justin the most. Maybe just a way life found to show how love and hate walk together.

JC's tongue was now teasing Justin's ear. He started to suck Justin's earlobe.

"You wanna me to suck you baby? Want me to suck your dick the way I'm sucking your ear sweetie?" JC asked in a deep tone. Making Justin grown in need. The voice was sweet, caring, and still sexy as hell.

"Oh yeah hon, please, please suck me..." Justin begged, JC's tongue now licking his jaw.  JC left a trail while moving to Justin's neck, stopping to kiss and suck it, intending to leave a mark.

"Mine... This is mine... Never do it again to me. You have no idea of the power you have over me." He then looked into Justin's eyes. He was staring at JC just like a lovesick puppy, making the older man now sure that Justin had changed. That Justin was now mature enough to be in love with someone. JC's eyes left Justin's just for a second so he could see if he had left a good mark at his neck. Being happy with the mark he left, JC kept making a trail with his tongue down Justin's body, stopping just briefly to circle Justin's belly button.

He then reached Justin's happy trail and followed it stopping to pull one of Justin's pubic hairs with his teeth, making the blonde groan. He circled the base of Justin's cock with his left hand and with the right one he started to play with Justin's sac. JC then started to lick at the top of Justin's cock head.

Justin had handfuls of the carpet strings. He was trying to hold back his hands from holding JC's head and making him suck his cock. He had to show JC that he had changed. That he wasn't that selfish boy anymore. He needed to prove to JC he was mature enough to have a relationship.

JC circled Justin's stiff member, enjoying the taste of Justin's pre cum. Gosh, only he knew how much he had missed its taste. He now took just the tip of the member into his mouth receiving a great response from Justin that was now almost begging JC to engulf him.

JC reached for the wine glass with his left hand that now wasn't holding Justin anymore. He stopped playing with Justin's sac to hold the glass with the right hand and Justin's cock with the left one. He poured the red liquid on Justin's dick, mixing the hotness of the situation with the very cold wine. Right after this, he took his whole cock into his mouth and started sucking. Hard and steady, just the way Justin liked.

He looked over to Justin, who now had his eyes closed. JC used his hands to guide Justin's to his head. The younger opened his eyes and both men made eye contact. Blue met blue.

The moment was magic. Something neither of them ever felt before. Justin's grandfather clock stopped working for a couple seconds. The time stopped. Everything stopped for the encounter of two souls that were apart but belonged together.

Justin was about to cum. JC knew that because he had to stop, with his hand, Justin's hips from thrusting into his mouth. He didn't want this to be over so soon. He stopped sucking and released Justin hard, thick cock from his mouth.

"Josh... Please... I need to cum..." Justin said, really low, unsure if it was the right thing to be said at the moment. Joshua silenced Justin with a kiss.

"I don't want it to be over yet. We've got to enjoy this more." Despite aching to cum, Justin dropped the subject. Had Josh wanted him to wait for his whole life to cum, he would. Joshua wasn't anymore on top of the blonde and he missed it. He was soon back and kissed Justin again, more passionately now. Making Justin's heaven even better.

Justin could see the fire of the fireplace behind JC, making the scene exquisite. The kisses grew intense. Needy. JC's right hand's index finger was now touching the blonde man's bottom lip, seeking for entrance; he knew what was coming next, so he sucked JC's finger and the other two, the middle one and the ring one, intending to leave as much saliva as he could. And soon Joshua's mouth was kissing Justin's and the elder man's fingers were seeking for entrance in Justin ass. It was tighter than ever, given the fact Justin hadn't bottomed for almost a year. Actually he hadn't had sex at all during that last year.

One finger was in and playing with Justin, who started to moan. Soon, the first finger was followed by a second one, which was followed by a third. The curly haired man was now panting and screaming with pleasure. JC watched amazed at Justin's reactions. He never thought that his band mate needed him so much.

"Joshy, please, make love to me. I need it. I need to feel you inside me." JC looked inside Justin's eyes, connecting once more their souls. The room that was spinning to Justin stopped, as well as the time. The night was becoming more and more special. It would be unforgettable. It would be burned in their brains, hearts and souls forever.

Joshua grabbed the tube of lube he'd gotten previously and lubed his shaft, making it ready so as not to hurt his lover. He entered Justin caringly. Bit by bit. Inch by inch. Even if JC was making sure he went slow, Justin suffered some pain, due to it, the elder man stopped every once in a while to wait for him to adjust to the intrusion. Once he was all the way inside Justin he stopped, giving more time to adjust. Once Justin was ready, he whispered into Joshua's ear, "I'm okay, go on." Justin blew a little bit in JC's earlobe, which drove him insane. JC managed to go slow, thrusting slowly, and as they both were feeling the  pleasurable sensations they could only get from each other, the speed was increased. Likewise, the moans and sounds increased.

The smell of sweat mixed with the smell of sex and the vanilla scent. All together with the light produced by the candles and the fireplace, made this better than any scene from any Bel Ami video. It was the most special sensation they could ever experience in their lives.

They were fucking hard. The sounds of sex were making a song that was better than any they could ever compose or listen. This one was the music of their hearts.

They were both moving in synchronism, none of them not knowing how they let go of such a special relationship. Justin's shoulder suddenly hit the wine bottle that was forgotten there and the bottle fell, pouring its contents on Justin's shoulder, running through his body mixing with their sweat. Once more the sensations of the heat and the cold, driving Justin crazy.

Justin was now jerking off, while JC made love to him, both men moaning in pleasure. No words were spoken. Nothing. They didn't need to exchange words to know what was going on each other's minds.

The orgasm was now building in their bodies. The sensations they waited for a bit less than a year to share with each other was being built. They both had their eyes closed. Their exhausted bodies were now receiving the really earned waves of pleasure. Justin started shooting onto his and JC's stomach. JC was shooting into Justin's ass. Marking his territory.

JC collapsed on top of Justin, who now had his arms around the other man in a hug, bringing him near. Not wanting to ever let go. They were in that position for hours, days, and years. Till they fall asleep.


When Justin woke up he realized he was alone. He started to get desperate, but the pain and stickiness he felt, created of a mix of wine, sweat and cum, made him realize it was true. JC wasn't there though. He wanted to go find JC, but before, he decided to take a quick shower. He found a rose on the floor of the bathtub, and just smiled when he read the card that was near the rose. His smile grew wider.

`I'll not let go of you, even if tell me too.

I'm down stairs. We still need to eat the cake,


Yours and only yours, Joshy.'

The shower was quick. Moreover, Justin dressed even quicker and was soon downstairs, finding 19 more roses along the way, till he reached his lover. The cards that were next to each rose were as sweet as the first one. They were full of silly sappy stuff, but they meant a lot to Justin.

Josh's smile was intoxicating. You could get lost, just by looking at it. He was holding 2 roses, one white and the other red. Right before Justin started to talk JC did.

"You know, years ago, these two roses, one white and one red, meant a war. It was the two roses' war in England. I dunno how it ended. I dunno why it happened. All I know is that I want peace. What's more is, I want to have peace, but at your side. That was why I bought you these two roses. The red one is just the same as the other 20 you're holding. But I want these two roses to have a significance. This white one is to remind you of our friendship. Cause we are and always were best buddies forever... right?" Justin's eyes were filled with tears and he could only nod. "And the red one is to remind you of how much I love you. I always have." JC handed Justin the roses, but when the younger men held it, he realized that something cold was holding both roses together, when he looked down he saw. It was a silver band. Engraved in it was `Joshy and Justy'.

He could not hold back the tears when JC finally asked him, "Will you marry me?"

That was the best way of turning 22 Justin ever thought of.

What happened after, no one knows. The only thing that's known is that they lived happily ever after.


The End

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