Infinite Love
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group  *Nsync, and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite: The boundlessness and immeasurableness of a space and time. 
Infinite Love: A love that knows no boundaries; a deep and everlasting love.  
At the beginning of their Celebrity Tour Lance finds himself drawn to a most unusual fan.

Chapter 2

. . . .It was the summer of 2001 and we were just starting the POPODYSSEY Tour. . . . 

"Wow!!  That crowd was really pumped," Joey said as the group made it back to their dressing room. 

"I've never heard such a roar before," Justin said.  "I had a hard time hearing the music."

"We need to talk to the sound engineers about boosting our earphone level as the crowd gets louder," JC added as the group collapsed into chairs.

"Is it me or has the audience on this tour changed?"  Chris asked.

Lance smiled at Chris' question.  "I've noticed it too.  The age of our fans seems to be going up.  And I'm seeing more guys attending our concerts."

"It could be more parents are coming with their kids," Joey offered. 

"I'm sure that's the case with some of them," JC agreed.  "But I'm noticing groups of older women coming and they are acting just like the young fans.  They do as much jumping and shouting as the kids."

Lance sat thinking about one guy he noticed in the audience.  "Did any of you notice the older guy in eleventh row?"

"Yeah," Justin said.  "The guy with the beard."

"That's the one," Lance said.  "I think he was in the Tampa audience."

"Do you think he is stalking us?"  Joey asked.

"You never know," an amused Chris said.  "I can see the headlines now. *Nsync stalked by senior fan."

"If we are to stay on top we need fans of all ages," JC pointed out.

"It's just weird to see the same guy at both concerts," Joey said.

"Maybe he's vacationing in Florida," Lance offered.  "I doubt we will see him again."

Two days later *Nsync's tour bus was pulling into the parking lot of the  Veterans Memorial Stadium .  Several fans RV's were already parked in one of the lots. 

"Looks like our fans made it," Chris said recognizing several vehicles.  Noticing one vehicle with a guy sitting in a lawn chair with a small dog in his lap.  "Guys, look who's here."

"That's the guy from the Miami concert," Justin said.

Lance looked the guy over as they drove past.  "I wonder what his story is?" 

"I'll have security check him out," JC offered.

Later, in their dressing room, the guys were relaxing after their sound check when Casey, a member of *Nsync's security, knocked on their door.

Joey answered the door.  "Hi, Casey.  Come on in."

"Hi, guys," Casey said to everyone.

"Were you able to find out anything?"  JC inquired.

"I talked to the Price is Right girls.  They said they met your mystery man at the first concert.  His name is Michael Borman.  Age unknown, but the girls think he's around fifty.  He wears a wedding ring but is only traveling with his dog, Sally.  When they asked about his wife they said he gets real quiet and changed the subject."

"Could be divorced," Chris offered.

"Don't think so," Casey said.  "Most divorced men don't continue to wear their wedding ring."

"Anything else?"  Lance asked.

"Only that he has an  Illinois license plate with Springfield dealership sticker on his bus," Casey said.

"That's not much information," Justin said.

"I'll be sitting next to him tonight," Casey said.  "I'll try to get him to open up."

"Thanks, Casey," Lance said as she got up to leave.

The second opening act had just started when Casey knocked on *Nsync's door.  "Come in," Chris shouted.

"Hey, Casey," JC said.

"Hi, guys," Casey said as she sat down.

"Well?"  Justin quizzed.

Casey had to smile at the guys' interest.  "Well, where to start.  His name is Michael Borman.  He prefers Michael, not Mike or Mickey.  He's from Springfield, Illinois.  I got him to admit his age of fifty-one.  He lost his wife a year ago in a car accident.  They were married for twenty-six years at the time.  He has no children.  Actually he has no close living family.  He was an only child and he married an only child.  Michael worked for an insurance company as a claims adjuster for almost thirty years.  He received a large settlement from his wife's accident and has retired.  He is a big fan of you guys and decided six months ago he wanted to have an adventure."

"What kind of adventure?"  Joey asked.

"To see the United States.  And to kick off his adventure he is going to follow your tour this summer.  His goal is to see as many *Nsync concerts as possible.   He has tickets to all the shows that have gone on sale so far."

"Casey you are giving us facts," Lance said.  "What is he like?"

Thinking for a moment Casey said.  "Michael was a little shy at first.  But once I got him talking about you guys, he opened up.  He has a great sense of humor.  When he talks about his wife you can see the sadness in his eyes.   I think he is still dealing with the loss.   But when I changed the subject to you guys his eyes lit up.  The one thing I noticed right away was the way he talks.  He doesn't swear at all.  He seems to be uneasy or even embarrassed when he is around someone using the F word.  He is actually cute when he blushes.  I guess the best way to describe Michael is that he is a gentleman.  The only negative thing about him is he also likes the Backstreet Boys."

Chris groaned at the last statement.  "The guy has no taste."

"I don't know," Lance said.  "After all he is following our tour, isn't he?" 

"I don't know about you guys," JC said.  "But I'd like to get to know Michael."

All the others nodded in agreement.  "Casey, after tonight's show why don't you bring Michael back here so we can meet him," JC suggested.

"Sure.  I'll pick up the necessary passes from security and surprise Michael at the end of your show."

"You're going back to sit with him?"  Lance asked.

Casey nodded.  "I'm not working tonight.  This way I finally get to see your show and I get to spend more time with Michael."

*Nsync just completed their last encore when Casey and Michael finally sat back in their seats.  Like the other fans, Michael had been just a vocal and enthusiastic as the younger fans.  Casey notice Michael wiping tears from his face.  Reaching out to Michael's arm Casey asked, "You all right?"

Embarrassed at being caught with teary eyes Michael nodded.  "This show was the best one yet."

"You think so?"

Michael nodded.  "There were almost no mistakes this time.  And I'm really getting to love the new songs.  Pop is a great song.  The energy from that song can be felt all over the stadium.  I think it's better than Bye, Bye, Bye."

Michael and Casey sat talking for a long time as the crowd thinned out.  Gathering his stuff Michael offered his hand to Casey.  "Casey, I enjoyed your company tonight.  Meeting you has made this a special evening."

"Michael, I've enjoyed your company also.  But before we part I do have a confession to make."

"You do?"

"Michael, my sitting next to you tonight was not a coincidence.  I work for *Nsync.  I'm a member of their security team."

Michael looked confused.

"The guys noticed you at their last two concerts and was interested in who you were."

"Then I take it tonight was just a job for you," Michael said with hurt in his voice.

"At first is was.  When I disappeared during the opening acts I made my report to the guys.  My job was finished with my report," Casey said placing her hand on Michael's arm.  "The rest of the time tonight was because I wanted to be here with you.  I liked what I found and I didn't want to leave a new friend."

Michael smiled broadly.  "I'd like to be friends too. . . . .  So.  Did I get a passing report?"

"Yeah. . . .  You did," Casey said as she reached into her back pocket.  "Michael, the guys would like to meet you."  Casey held out a backstage pass.

Michael stood looking at the pass in disbelief.  "I hope you aren't kidding."

"No.  I'm not kidding," Casey said.  "Come on.  I'll introduce you to the guys."

Casey took Michael to the guys' lounge.  "The guys are getting cleaned up.  They should be here any time."

Looking around the room Michael grinned. "This place is a kids dream.  Do they travel with all this?"  Michael said with a wave of his arm.  Before him was the ultimate game room.  There was a pool table, foosball, air hockey, several pinball machines, and a big screen TV.  Large comfortable couches were set in front of the TV.

"Yeah, this travels with them," Casey said.  "You got to understand they don't have the luxury of going out in public while on tour.  We provide them with as many distractions as possible."

The door opened and Justin and Chris came in. 

 "Hi, Michael I'm Chris," Chris said offering his hand. 

"And I'm Justin."

Shaking both boys hands Michael said, "I know.  And it seems my identity is no longer a mystery."  Michael gave Casey a glance.

Joey and JC strolled in.  "Who's a mystery?"  JC asked.

"Me," Michael said.  "I take it Casey has filled you all in on your senior fan."

JC didn't like the direction this conversation was going.  "Michael, I'm sorry we sent Casey out to check you out.  It was nothing personal."

"No.  Just a little distraction to fill part of your day," Michael curtly said.

JC sighed, "This is not what we wanted.  Michael please have a seat and let us explain."

Michael realized how defensive his manner had become.  Taking a cleansing breath Michael nodded as he took a seat.

"Michael, we noticed you in the Tampa and Jacksonville audiences.  We have a lot of fans that follow our tour and we pick up on them," JC said.

"In a way seeing the same faces at each concert is comforting.  It helps anchor us knowing we will see the same fans," Chris said.

"But most of our fans are female.  And when we see the same guy at two of our concerts it does catch our attention," Joey added.

"Especially someone that is a little older than your normal fan?"  Michael quizzed.

"Yes," JC chuckled.  "Normally when we see men in our audience it's because they are there with their daughters.  But in your case the people around you were different at each show."

"You guys notice a lot while performing."

The conversation continued for another fifteen minutes.  Michael started to relax as they talked about that nights show and he felt they genuinely wanted to know what he thought.  The conversation ended abruptly when Lance strolled in.  "Ah, our missing link," Joey joked.

Standing up to meet Lance,  Michael was drawn to Lance's smile and sparkling green eyes.

"Michael, I think you know who this slow poke is," JC teased.

"Yeah, I know," Michael said as he offered his hand to Lance.  "I'm glad to finally meet you Lance."

Lance took Michael's offered hand finding a strong but warm handshake.  "It's nice to meet you Michael," Lance said while looking into Michael's dark eyes.

JC looked up as Lance and Michael greeted each other.  He noticed that their handshake seemed to last longer than necessary.  They continued to exchange pleasantries without breaking contact.  It wasn't until Lance glanced down at JC's questioning stare that made him break contact. 

Michael sat back in his seat while Lance sat on the arm of the other couch.  The group resumed their conversation but a new element seemed to have been injected into the mix.  JC watched Lance and Michael as they talked with the group.  He caught both Lance and Michael stealing glances at each other.  Nether of them were very obvious about their glances, and on one occasion, they made eye contact and JC noticed a slight blush rise on both of them.

During a lull in the conversation Michael glanced at his watch.  "Guys, I hate to end this, but I'm going to catch hell from my kid.  She's been locked in the bus for over eight hours now and I'm sure she needs to go for a walk."

Getting up they all said their good byes. 

"When are you going to be heading out for Charlotte?"  Chris asked.

"Not until the morning, I don't like driving at night.  I imagine you guys will be heading out soon."

"A lot of the equipment trucks will be heading out tonight," JC said.  "We won't head out until after breakfast."

"Maybe we can talk again some time," Michael said looking a little hesitant.

"Is there something wrong?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah, how do I get out of here?"

"I'll walk you out," Lance offered.

As they left the game room one of *Nsync's security fell in a few feet  behind Lance.  Michael looked back nervously.

Lance chuckled, "That's Randy, my body guard.  He's here to see that nothing happens."

Looking the big man up and down Michael nodded and said, "Hi."

Randy acknowledged the greeting with a nod of his head and a toothy smile.

"Does he follow you everywhere?"

Lance smiled at the question.  "Only if one of us heads out of our safe area.."

They continued to talk as they moved through the stadium.  The crews had already torn down most of the stage.  When they got to the gate Lance paused briefly to scan the nearly vacant parking area.  Opening the gate for Michael, he let him pass then he exited as well.  Randy stayed about ten steps behind them as they crossed the lot to a small group of vehicles.  Most all were dark, the occupants turning in after an exciting concert.  As they approached the largest vehicle, a small, brown dog out a side window watched them.

Turning off the security system Michael unlocked the door and was met by Sally.  "Stay, girl," Michael ordered as he reached inside and retrieved a leash.  Snapping the leash to Sally's collar, she jumped down to the ground and went straight to Lance with her tail wagging.

Kneeling down Lance petted Sally; scratching behind her ears Lance got a sloppy doggie kiss on the chin.

"She will let you scratch her all night," Michael chuckled.  "Come on, girl; let's go take care of your business."

Walking over to a nearby grassy area Sally quickly did her business all the while keeping an eye on  Randy.  Sally gave out a low growl as they walked back past Randy. 

Michael invited Lance in for a quick tour of his motor home before they parted for the night.

His bed was shaking as Michael slowly woke up.  The warm doggie breath attacking his face told him Sally was awake and was nudging closer to his face.  Opening one eye Michael looked into Sally's brown eyes.  "Don't you ever sleep in?"  Sally's response was to smother Michael with doggie kisses.

Michael quickly rolled out of bed making a pit stop in the bathroom.  Pulling on a pair of shorts and tank top Michael steeped into his shoes and grabbed Sally's leash.  "Come on, girl; let's get this over with, then we can have breakfast."

As they were walking back to the bus Sally pulled hard on her lead.  Looking up Michael saw Lance standing by the bus waiting for them.

"Good morning," Lance said as the pair approached.

"Morning, Lance.  You're up early."

"Couldn't sleep.   I see Sally got you up."

"Yeah, she's better than any alarm clock.  The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to reset her so I could sleep in."

Unlocking the door, Michael let Sally into the bus.  "You want to join us for breakfast?"

"If it isn't any trouble."

"It's no problem as long as you like omelets."

Breakfast was not rushed.  Conversation turned to their families and personal histories.  Michael found talking to Lance easy and enjoyable.  A sense of trust quickly developed and Michael started to open up to Lance talking more about himself during breakfast than he has ever told anyone.  Their conversation continued while they did up the dishes and stored everything for travel.

Lance's cell rang.  Looking at the caller ID, Lance knew it was JC.  Hesitating Lance looked to Michael.  "Would you like some company today?"

"You want to ride with us to Charlotte?" 

Lance nodded.

"It's ok with me.  But you had better ask Sally if you could come.  It's her seat you will be taking."

Kneeling down to Sally, Lance asked, "Well how about it, girl?  Is it ok if I come along?"

Sally's answer was a sloppy doggie kiss to Lance's face.

"It looks like it ok with her," Michael laughed.

The phone stopped ringing.  "How long before we leave?"  Lance asked.

"Less than five minutes," Michael said as he powered up the bus.

As they pulled out of the parking lot Lance made a phone call.

"Hi, it's me. . . . . . .  I'm with Michael. . . .   We've already had breakfast. . . . .  Ah, look I'm going to travel with Michael to Charlotte. . . . . . . . .  Josh, we are already on the road.  I'll be all right.  I'll call if we have any problems. . . . . .Josh, just get over it!" 

Michael glanced over at Lance as he turned his cell off.  "He wasn't too thrilled about you being here, was he?"

"JC's so over protective at times.  He doesn't like it when Justin or I want to do something on our own.  He still thinks of us as kids."

"Big brother syndrome.  In his mind you two are still kids that need his protection."

"He needs to let go," Lance said. 

Several hours later they pulled into a truck stop for something to eat and fuel.  Settling into a booth they ordered burgers, fries, and milk shakes.  Light conversation continued during lunch as they enjoyed each other's company. 

Lance noticed several of the female employees watching their table.  "It looks like I'm starting to draw attention."

"Maybe we should get going," Michael suggested.

"Probably that would be a good idea."  Lance said as he reached for the check.

Michael's hand came down on top of Lance's.  "I don't think it would be a good idea for the cashier to get a good look at you."

"Ok, but I owe you one." 

"Here, take the keys and take  Sally  for a walk," Michael said as he tossed Lance the keys.

"What about the alarm?"  Lance asked.

"It's six digits," Michael said with a smile.  "Try your birthday."

Lance grinned and shook his head as he went out.  Taking the check to the cashier Michael was greeted by the cashier, "How was everything?"

"Everything was great," Michael said as he handed her a twenty-dollar bill.

"Are you and your son on vacation?"

"Yeah, we're seeing a little of the country this summer."

"Has anyone ever commented on how much he looks like Lance of *Nsync?"

"That boy band?"

"Yeah, your son sure looks a lot like him."

"I guess I need to check out this *Nsync band.  You say he looks a lot like my son?"

"Yes. . . .  A little," the cashier said as she handed Michael his change.

Lance and Sally were waiting by the bus when Michael approached.

"Any problems?"  Lance asked.

"No.  Not really.  The cashier did mention how much my son looked like some boy band member."

"Your son!"  Lance laughed.

"What's so funny?  I am old enough to be your father."

"You are? . . . .  I didn't notice," Lance said.  "Michael, I'm sorry she thought I was your son."

"Why should you be sorry?  I know I've never had any children but if I did I wouldn't have any problem if he turned out like you." 

A slight smile spread across Lance's face along with a blush.

Michael pulled the bus over to the pumps to fill up.  Lance played with Sally as Michael took care of the bus.  When he climbed back on the bus he found Sally curled up in Lance's lap and both of them dozing.  Looking around the large lot Michael saw what he was looking for.  At the north end of the lot stood a grove of trees.  Pulling the bus under the shade Michael lowered the stabilizers and powered down.

Turning in his seat Michael smiled at the two.  Placing a hand on Lance's leg Michael softly said,  "Lance."

Slowly opening his eyes Lance asked, "What's wrong?'

"You're going to get a sore neck sleeping sitting up.  Come on and stretch out on the couch."

Sally jumped up on the couch with Lance.  "Come on, girl; let's go take a nap," Michael said.

"You going to nap, too?"  Lance asked

"Yeah, I was up too late last night and Sally got me up way too early.  We'll rest for a couple hours before we head out again."

Sally followed her master back to the bedroom and jumped up on the bed and settled in.  Removing his shoes and shirt Michael stretched out for his nap.  Some time later Michael stirred from his slumber with a heavy weight against his shoulder.  Still not fully awake he thought it was Sally trying out a new sleeping position.  But when he moved his right leg he felt Sally in her usual spot.  Opening his eyes he found Lance snuggled up next to him sleeping. 

Lance woke with the change of Michael's breathing.  "Hi," Lance said sheepishly.

"You comfortable?"

"That couch is kind of lumpy.  And your bed is large," Lance said in way of an explanation.  "I, I didn't mean to get so close.  I hope this doesn't freak you out."

Chuckling Michael said, "Lance, relax.  I have no problem with you being here."

"You have no problem waking up with another guy in your bed?"

"I would if I didn't know you."

Propping his head on his hand Lance looked down at Michael.  "You think you know me?"

"Yeah, I know enough to trust you."

"How can you trust me?  We've only met last night."

Looking into Lance's eyes Michael thought.  "I'm not sure.  It's like when we met last night there was something. . . . like we have. . . "

". . . . known each other all our lives?"  Lance finished Michael's statement.

"Yeah!  Like I've known you all my life."

"That's how I felt when we met," Lance softly said.  "Weird."

Lance watched Michael as he stared off into space.  When Michael did not say anything for a long while Lance became nervous.  "Michael, when we first met I knew we would become friends. And the time we've spent together has only reinforces that feeling. . . . . . I, I hope we can become close friends."

Michael looked at Lance.  "I'd like that," he said.

"But there is something you should know," Lance said nervously.

Michael saw uneasiness in Lance's eyes.  "What is it, Lance?"

"Ah, I, ah, . . . I like you a lot."

"I like you too," Michael chuckled.

"It's not that I like you. . . . . I more than like you. . . . I hope we can be more than just friends,"  Lance stammered.  Laying back Lance placed  his hands over his face.  "Damn!  This is harder than I thought."

Michael rolled onto his side looking at Lance.  Reaching over he removed Lance's hands from his face.  "Lance, what are you trying to tell me?" 

Lance looked up into Michael's concern eyes.  "I will understand if you don't want to be friends, but I hope we can remain friends after you find out," Lance said rambling.

"Why would I not want to be your friend?  You aren't some kind of serial killer are you?" 

"No!  Nothing like that.  It's just I like you a lot."

"I like you a lot too," Michael laughed.

"I mean I really,  really like you," Lance said.  Seeing only puzzlement in Michael's expression Lance added.  "I like you more than a man should like another man."

A questioning arched left eyebrow was Michael's only reaction.

Lance sighed then blurted out, "I'm gay and I think I'm in love with you."

Michael said, "Oh." Then rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

"Is that all you have to say, oh!"

Turning to look at Lance Michael added, "Wow!"

"Oh and Wow!  That's a start.  Anything else?"

Frowning Michael asked, "You only think you love me?"

"No I don't think I love you.  I know I'm in love with you."

"That does make a difference," Michael said.  "Definitely makes a difference."

"Well?  What are you thinking?"

With a big sigh Michael said, "I don't think we can remain just friends."

"Shit!"  Lance said as he brought his hands to his eyes.

Rolling back onto his side Michael pulled Lance's hands away from his eyes.  Tears were flowing freely as Lance looked back at him. 

"Lance, remaining just friends won't work," Michael said as he wiped the tears from Lance's face.  "I fell in love with you the minute we met."

"You did?"

Michael nodded.  "I've always thought you were cute.  And during your concerts I watched you more than the others.  But last night when we shook hands something happened.  I don't know how to describe it. . . . ."

"When we shook hands there was a tingle.  An energy passed through my body.  A feeling that I wanted, no I needed more," Lance softly whispered.

"Yeah, that's it exactly," Michael said with a smile. 

They looked at each other for a long time.  Lance finally asked, "What are we going to do about this?"

"Well to begin with, this," Michael said as he leaned in and kissed Lance tenderly on the lips.  Lance wrapped his arms around Michael's shoulders and returned the kiss.

As their lips parted Lance smiled up at Michael.  "I like that start," Lance said as he tried to pull Michael back for more.

"Lance before we do any more we need to talk.  I have some reservations we need to talk about."

"What kind of reservations?"  Lance asked as he rolled onto his side to face Michael.

"The issue of our age difference for one."

"It's not that big," Lance said.

"I am more than twice your age."

"Your are?  How much more?"  Lance asked.

"Try thirty years."

Shaking his head Lance said, "You are only twenty-nine years older than me."

"See, I was a grown man and married before you were ever born."

"So.  I like a man with some experience," Lance said with a grin.

Michael sighed realizing he was not going to get anywhere with this line of thought.  "Lance, my main concern is that either you or I will be hurt with this relationship."

"How would I hurt you?"  Lance asked.

"I fear that you may get tired of me.  As I get older you may not want to be seen with me and just drop me from your life."

"I could have the same fear," Lance said.  "You could get tired of me and want someone younger."

"Shit, I'm not sure if I can handle you now, let alone someone younger," Michael laughed.

"Are you saying you have a problem?"  Lance asked glancing down at Michael's crotch.

"I can still get it up," Michael indigently said.

"That's good.  For your information so can I," Lance said with a sly grin.

"I'm sure you can.  But I'm not sure I can keep up with you."

"Do you think we could do it once a week?" 

"Of course.  Maybe more often."

"Two or three time a week?"  Lance asked as he played with the hair on Michael's chest.

"I think even more."

"Daily?"  Lance asked a little surprised.

"Yeah, I can handle daily.  And if I'm feeling real good maybe twice."

"Wow!  I'm impressed, at your age twice a day."

"Hey!  Don't expect me to do it twice every day.  I do have limits."

"I guess three times would be asking a lot from you."

"Just remember three times could kill me."

"I wouldn't want to do that," Lance chuckled.  "I'm planning on keeping you around for a while."

"That's another thing you need to come to terms with."

"What is?"

"The time we may have together.  I don't know how much time I have left."

"Michael, no one knows how much time they have.   I know we are starting out with the cards stacked against us.  But you seem to be healthy.  I can't see why we can't have twenty or more years together.  That is a long time," Lance pointed out.

"For a twenty-two year old it seems like a long time," Michael said.  "But from my perspective it doesn't seem all that long."

"You're only as old as you feel," Lance said as he laid his head on Michael's chest listening to the strong beat of his heart.  "I intend to keep you around for a very long time."

Running his hand down Lance's back Michael pulled him in tight.  "Lance."


"What about your family and the guys?"  What are you going to tell them?"

Lance sighed, "I think the guys will come around.  It wont be easy at first.  I expect Josh to be the one to give us the most grief.  As for as my parents they will have some problems with our age difference.  But when the see how much I love you I'm sure they will come around."

"And if they don't?"

"If they totally reject us I guess you could always adopt me."

"I could never do that," Michael firmly said.

"You won't adopt me?" Lance asked surprised.

"No!  That would make me your father."

"You said earlier you wouldn't mind having me as a son." 

"But if you were my son we couldn't be lovers; that would be incest."

"Being lovers, I like the sound of that," Lance said as his hand slid lower over Michael's stomach.

"Lance, what are you doing?"

"Ah, just checking out what I'm getting."

"What you are getting will have to remain a mystery for now," Michael said as he got out of bed. "We've already been here a hour longer than I planned."

Reaching a hand out to Lance Michael pulled him onto his feet and into his arms.  Giving Lance a soft kiss Michael whispered, "Will you take Sally for a quick walk?"

"Sure.  Why?"

"I need to make a pit stop myself and it will be quicker if we take care of both of our problems at the same time.  That way we don't have to make any more stops till Charlotte."

"Come on girl lets go for a walk," Lance called out.  "Are you sure you won't need any help in there?"

Shaking his head.  "I'm a big boy.  I think I can manage."

Snapping the leash to Sally's collar, Lance mumbled.   "He's a big boy I'd like to find out for myself. . . . . Say girl, I bet you've seen him without anything on.  Care to share some hot information ? . . . ."

To Be Continued

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