Infinite Love
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group  *Nsync, and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite: The boundlessness and immeasurableness of a space and time. 
Infinite Love: A love that knows no boundaries; a deep and everlasting love.  
At the beginning of their Celebrity Tour Lance finds himself drawn to a most unusual fan.

Chapter 3

Chris came into the lounge and flopped into the couch.  Justin and Joey looked up from their video game.  "Is JC still ballistic?"  Joey asked.

"He's calmed down some.  But it didn't help not finding Lance and Michael here when they left before us," Chris said.

"Wonder what's going on with those two?"  Justin asked.

"They may have stopped for some reason," Joey said.  "Michael runs on his own time.  He doesn't have anyone standing over him with a stopwatch making him be at a certain place at a set time."

"That's not what I meant," Justin said.  "Is there something going on between Lance and Michael?"

"I don't think so," Joey said.  "I can't see Michael being interested in guys."

"But the question is, is Lance interested in Michael? . . . . . It's been over a year since he has had a relationship, " Justin said. 

"I hope not," Joey said.  "If Lance makes a move on Michael and he rejects him; it could mean Lance will be a basket case the rest of the tour and Michael may just head off on his own.  I like Michael and I want to see him hang around."

They had been on the road over an hour listening to CD's in Michael's changer.  Lance was surprised at the variety of artists available. 

"Lance, do the guys know about. . . . you know. . . "

"Me being gay?  Yeah they know.  I kept it a secret for the first year.  But the guys noticed I didn't date much.  When we went out as a group to a dance club I went along and had a good time.  But I wouldn't hook up with anyone.  I always went back to the hotel alone."

"What made you come out?"

"JC.   I developed a crush on him.  He was always so friendly.  From time to time we would share a room.  I knew he wasn't interested in guys.  There were a few nights I had to sack up with Justin because JC had a girl in our room."

"That must have been hard on you.  Having a crush on him and all."

"Yeah it was.  I was depressed and stopped going out with the guys.  One night Josh came back to the room and saw I'd been crying.  When he asked me what was wrong I just turned away from him and said "nothing."    He knew better.  He lay down next to me and held me.  I broke down and cried for a long time.  All the time he just held me.  He didn't say anything, just held me.  When I finally calmed down he asked me what was wrong."

"And you told him?"

Lance laughed, rolling his eyes.  "That was a understatement.  I told him everything.  That I was gay and that I had a crush on him, everything."

"What was his reaction?"

"He just continued to hold me.  He never loosened his hold on me.  He let me spill my heart out to him and never let go of me."

"What did he say?"

"He told me that he loved me.  But not in a gay way.  He loved me as a younger brother.  He could see that I was hurting and he hoped that by telling him I was gay it would help me deal with my life." 

"He sounds like a good friend," Michael softly said.

"He's the best.  We both fell asleep in that position."

"Did you come out to the others right after?"

"A week later.  I wasn't ready to tell everyone yet.  JC understood and gave me some time to work up my nerve.  We had a five-day break and we went off skiing by ourselves.  One night while we were all warming up in front of the fireplace I told the others."


"They were all supportive and relieved.  Chris thought I was doing drugs."

"What about your parents?"

"Mom had figured it out years before I joined *Nsync.  When the opportunity came up for me to join the group we had a long talk.  She knew I was not happy back home.  She also saw the change in me when I was performing. And the fact that all my friends were male got her suspicions up."

"How did she take it?" Michael asked.

"She didn't understand my choice of being gay."

Shaking his head Michael said, "When will people understand that you don't make a choice?  God has made that choice for you.  You are what you are."

"She understands that now.  She said that no matter what I was her son and that she would always love me."

"What about your dad?"

Lance sighed, "Dad was a different story.  A couple months after coming out to the guys we had a break and I was able to go home for a visit.  The first morning after I arrived Mom had already left to do some shopping, and dad was at the kitchen table reading the newspaper when I came down for breakfast.  He sat and talked with me as I ate my cereal.  Out of the blue he asked me if I had a boyfriend yet?"


"I was totally stunned.  I asked him how long he had known. . . .  He said he suspected I was gay.  And I guess he had a talk with Mom. . . .  You know the strangest thing was he didn't care that I was gay.  He was more concern that I was protecting myself."

"I like your parents already," Michael said.

"Yeah, they're cool." 

Michael heard a strange buzz again.  "Lance is your phone ringing?"

"I switched it to vibrate instead of ring.  I know it's Josh, wanting to chew me out."

"Don't you think you should answer it?"

"I really don't want to listen to him yell at me over the phone.  It can wait until later."

"They may be wondering were we are," Michael offered.  "We are running late."

"I just don't want to handle Josh right now."

"How about one of the others?  At least let them know you are all right and should be there in less that an hour."

Justin was making a pit stop when his cell started to ring.  "Hello."

"Curly it's me."

"Lance, where are you?"

"With Michael.  We should be arriving in about half an hour.  Is Josh still pissed at me?"

"I think he has gotten over being pissed at you.  He is just worried about you."

"Can you have security meet me at the parking lot when we pull in.  I imagine Josh will want to see me first thing." 

"Ah, Lance.  While you were with Michael we had a meeting.  We think it would be better security wise if Michael parks his bus with ours."


"Yeah, we kind of got the impression that you and Michael are becoming close and it would easier to have him here in our compound that you sneaking out to see him," Justin said.  "I'll let security know when you will be arriving.  Go to gate D."

"Ok.  Will do.  Oh Justin, thanks."

As Michael approached gate D it opened for them to enter.  Justin got out of a security van and waited for them.  Stopping for Justin to get on, Lance held on to Sally as Justin climbed aboard.  Sally immediately started to bark at Justin.  "Down, girl," Michael ordered.  "Justin is a friend."

Sally looked from Justin to Michael.  When he nodded her tail started to wag.  Michael indicated to Lance it was safe to let her go.   She jumped down from Lance's lap and went right to Justin tail wagging.  "Justin, that is Sally.  She is a great guard dog to travel with.  As long as I tell her you are a friend she will be your best friend.  Where do you want me to park?"

"Just follow the white van.  They will show you were to go," Justin said as he rubbed Sally's tummy.

Following the security van Michael was led to a group of busses.  Parking where indicated, Michael quickly lowered the hydraulic levelers.  "This is a good level spot."

Lance and Michael swiveled their seats to face Justin.  "How mad is everyone with me?"  Lance asked.

"We're not really mad at you.  We were just worried that something might have happened when you guys weren't here when we arrived."

"After stopping for lunch Michael needed a nap," Lance said.

"It was a short night.  I was up late with you guys and Sally got me up first thing this morning.  I just felt it was safer if I just pulled over and rested," Michael explained.

"That sounded like a good idea," Justin said as he looked around the bus.  "Damn, Michael, your bus is bigger than ours."

"I figure this will be my home for the next couple of years.  I had it customized to my needs."

Michael gave Justin the nickel tour.  Showing him the fully stocked kitchen, his office/den and the master suite.

"This is nicer than most hotels we stay at," Justin said looking around the bedroom and full bath.  He noticed that the large bed looked like it had been slept in. `Lance must have taken a nap too,' Justin thought.

Looking up from the bed Justin caught Lance watching him.  A blush rose in Lance's cheeks. 

Lance and Justin took Sally for a walk while Michael worked with the *Nsync maintenance crew hooking up the power and water. 

Michael was stepping off the bus when they returned with Sally.  "Everything set?"  Lance asked.

"It sure is," Michael said with a big grin.  "I love it when I get water and power hookup."

"Why?"  Justin asked.

"When I travel my water supply is limited.  Showers are something I have to ration.  Sally and I usually check into a motel once a week for a long shower."

"That won't be a problem for the next two days," Justin said.

"I guess I should go find JC," Lance said uneasily.

"You going to be all right?"  Michael asked with concern.

"I would be if you were with me," Lance softly said.

Shaking he head Michael said, "I can't help you deal with JC.  That's something only you can do.  I'll be here if you want to talk later."

"Actually Michael, I'd like to talk to both of you," JC said as he walked up to them with his hands in his pockets.

Justin looked nervously from JC to Lance.  "Ah, I'll let you guys talk.  How about if I take Sally for a long walk?"

"Thanks Justin," Michael said.

Michael watched JC as he looked around the front of the bus.  "Can I get you guys anything to drink?"

"No thanks," JC answered.

Looking to Lance, Michael got a shake of his head.  Taking a bottle of water out of the frig Michael opened it and sat down on the couch. 

JC continued to look around glancing down the hall he saw the open bedroom door.  Lance had been watching JC as he looked to the back of the bus. When JC turned around he made eye contact with Lance who immediately started to blush.  JC sat in the chair across from the couch and waited to see where Lance was going to sit.  The longer JC sat not saying anything the more nervous Lance got.

Michael watched this silent exchange with interest. 

Lance finally sat down next to Michael, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by JC.

Out of frustration Lance blurted out, "Josh, will you please say something!"

"What do you want me to say," Josh started out.  "That you left the safety of our compound this morning without any security.  You didn't bother to let anyone know where you were going.  And you ignored you phone until you were already on the road. . . . .  And why is it that you two left more than an hour before we did and you didn't show up until hours after we arrived?"

"Josh, I'm sorry I made you worry about me.  But you shouldn't have.  I'm no longer a kid you have to look after. . . .  I figured Michael would be up early and I knew I would be safe with him."

"You still took a big chance leaving the compound without security.  I have no problem with you visiting Michael just use your head and do it safely. . . . . . .  Why did it take you so long to get here?"

"We stopped to get something to eat and fuel.  But before we hit the road again Michael felt we needed to rest for a while," Lance explained.

"I hadn't gotten that much rest last night so I needed to rest before heading out.  I don't have the luxury of a driver like you have," Michael said.

"So you guys took a nap?"    Josh asked while remembering the open bedroom door.

"Yes," Michael answered.


Lance looked to Michael for guidance.  "Yes, I have a big bed."

"It was all right with you to have Lance share you bed?"

"Sure.  In fact I enjoyed having someone to sleep with again."

JC looked at Lance and Michael as they sat next to each other their legs touching.  Actually more  than their legs.  Lance was leaning against Michael.  `I wonder if there is something going on between those two?'  JC thought.

Seeing JC studying them Michael reach down and took Lance's hand in his.  As their fingers interlaced Michael watched JC's expression change to one of surprise.

"No, no you can't be. . . . .  Lance, what do you think you are doing!"  JC stammered.

Looking down at his hand in Michael's Lance smiled then said, "I'm falling in love."

"You can't be in love.  You haven't known each other for even a day," JC said.

"I knew the moment I met Michael that I loved him," Lance said. 

"I knew when we shook hands that there was something about Lance that seemed familiar.  Like we have known each other forever," Michael said.

"But, Michael, you've been married," JC said.  "You can't be gay."

"Just because I was married doesn't mean I can't have a relationship with Lance," Michael said.  "I experimented when I was young.  I had a few short relationships that never seemed to go anywhere.  When I met my wife I found what I was looking for.  During our marriage I was faithful, she was the only one I wanted."

"And now?"  JC asked.

"Cathy was the love of my youth.  But now that I'm older I have a chance to reexamine the feelings I had before I met her.   I've been drawn to you guys ever since you did your first Disney special.  Lance caught my eye that night."

"So you've had feelings for me for several years?"  Lance asked.

"I think so.  I can't say it was love.  I found you interesting."


Michael sighed, "Yes, interesting.  When I first saw you, you were only seventeen.  A cute seventeen I must say.  And over the years I watched you mature both as a performer and a person." 

"And can I assume that your nap didn't entail just sleeping?"  JC asked.

"No it didn't," Michael said.  "When I woke up with Lance snuggled by my side something else happened."

"I knew it, I knew it, you took advantage of Lance!"  JC shouted.

"He did not!"  Lance shouted back.

"Right after I woke up so did Lance.  We talked for a long time, and that is when our true feelings came out."

"So you guys just talked?"

"And kissed," Lance said.  "We don't want to forget we kissed."

Michael had to smile at Lance's enthusiasm, "JC, we haven't gown past the kissing stage.  We understand we need to build this relationship.  We are going to take our time and not rush into something before we are both ready." 

Joey and Chris were shooting hoops near their tour bus when they spotted Justin.  "Hey, Curly, who's your friend?" Joey asked.

"This is Sally."

"Michael's dog?"  Chris asked.

"Yeah, I offered to take her for a walk while JC had a talk with Lance and Michael."

"Were you able to check out Michael's bus?"  Chris asked.

"Yeah, it's way nicer than our bus."

"Do you think something is going on between Lance and Michael?"

"I think there might be.  There is a bedroom in the back of the bus and the door was open.  I could see the bed and it was kind of messed up.  Lance saw me looking at the bed and he blushed when I turned to him."

"Then you do think something is going on," Joey said.  "Lance must have made a move on Michael."

"I'm not sure,"  Justin said.   'If Lance did make a move on Michael he must have been receptive."

"Why do you think that?"  Chris asked.

"We all know how emotional Lance gets when he gets rejected by someone he likes.  Lance seemed to be in a good mood, so it must have gone well."

"Or Lance didn't come on to Michael, and he was just having a good time with Michael," Joey pointed out.

There was a knock at the door.  "Come in," Michael called out.

The door opened and Sally came bounding in.  Justin, Chris, and Joey followed her in. 

Sally jumped up onto Michael's lap and gave him a sloppy doggie kiss.  "I see you made some new friends."

"Are you guys done with your talk?"  Justin asked JC.

JC nodded.  There was an awkward silence, the new arrivals not sure how to ask their pressing question.

When Sally jumped down to get a drink Michael ended their query.  Once again he held hands with Lance. 

"I can't stand it any more," Joey blurted out.  "What's the story with you two?"

Both Lance and Michael smiled at Joey's outburst.  "Michael and I are a couple."

"Really?"  Chris asked.

"Yes," Michael said as he gave Lance a kiss.

It was getting late and the talk turned to what they were going to do for supper and what to do that night.  Most of the guys wanted to go dancing so plans were quickly made to do just that.  Michael was a little hesitant at first to join them.  But Lance wouldn't hear of Michael not going along and a call to security set up transportation and arrangements were made for someone to dog sit Sally.  Everyone headed off to get cleaned up and were to meet back at Michael's in one hour.

Justin walked with Lance back to their tour bus.  "Scoop, can I ask you something?" 

"Sure, what do you want to know?"

"Is this thing you have with Michael for real?"  Justin asked.

Lance stopped and looked at Justin.  "I don't have a thing for Michael," Lance said a little indignant.  "I'm in love with him."

"But do you think you can make it work?  You guys are starting out with some major problems."

"What kind of problems?"

"Your age difference for starters. . . .  How are you going to present Michael to our management? . . Is he going to be happy just tagging along on our tour all summer? . . . .   He has made friends with some of our fans, how do we justify him now staying in our compound? . . .  Is he going to want to join our staff at some point?"

"Justin I realize it is not going to be easy.  We are both going to have to work hard on this, we know that.  But we also know what we have now and what we will have in the future is going to be worth it.  I know that Michael was the person I was destined to love and spend the rest of my life with."

A limo took the group to a local Italian restaurant where they had a leisurely meal.  The group then descended on a local dance club.  With some coaxing the guys got Michael out on the dance floor where he became very popular with the girls.  As the evening wore on Michael found a table overlooking the dance floor and claimed it as his. 

"Hey Michael, why aren't you dancing?"  Joey asked as he sat down with his drink.

"You guys dance for a living, I don't," Michael said. 

"You had a lot of girls wanting to dance with you," Joey pointed out.

"Most of those were sympathy dances.  And some of them just wanted to grope my ass."

"Who's groping your ass?"  Lance asked as he sat down.

"Not the person I wanted," Michael said with a smirk.

"Hey!  What is everyone doing over here?"  Chris asked.

"Enjoying the view,"   Michael said as he watched Justin gyrating to the music.

"Joey, can you help me get Curly and JC off the dance floor?  We need to head back," Chris said.  "We have to work in the morning, we can't stay out all night."

"Sure, let's go get them," Joey said as he finished his drink.

"You ready to go?"  Lance asked.

Michael nodded.  "Can we wait for them in the limo?"

"Sure," Lance said pulling out his cell and making a call.  "Hi Randy.  We are getting ready to leave can you have the limo pull around front? . . . Thanks."

Lance caught Joey's eye and indicated that they were heading out to the limo.

The driver shut the door behind them as they settled into the back seat.  "You ok?"  Lance asked.

"Yeah, just a little bit tired."

"What did you think of the club?"

"It was different," Michael said.  `I've never been in one before."

"You've never been in a dance club before?"

"When I was your age these things didn't exist where I lived.  When I went out with friends we would go to a local bar, listen to the music and talk.  The only time you danced is if you brought your girlfriend."

"You don't need a girlfriend nowdays to have a good time dancing."

"I noticed.  Everyone just kind of goes out onto the floor and starts dancing.  You just seem to dance with whomever is around at the time."

"For the fast dances that seems to be the way it works out.  But for the slow dances it helps to have a partner," Lance said.  "You didn't seem to have any trouble coming up with a partner to slow dance with."

"I think I would have enjoyed it more is I could have danced with the one person I really wanted to dance with," Michael softly said.  "I wanted to dance with you so badly tonight but I understand we couldn't."  The conversation ended with the rest of the group climbing into the limo.

The limo driver dropped them off just inside the security gate.  As they walked toward the group of tour busses a bark could be heard.  Michael smiled as Casey and Sally walked toward them.  Handing Sally's leash to Michael she said good night.  Michael thanked her for looking after Sally.

Saying their good nights everyone headed to their bus for a good nights rest.  Michael was a little disappointed that only he and Sally returned to their bus.

Sally jumped onto the bed as Michael removed his shoes.  She gave Michael a sniff then started to sneeze.  "I know girl, I smell like smoke.  I'll smell better after I get a shower.  Pulling off the rest of his clothes he gathered them up and tossed them in the hamper.  Going to the shower he turned it on, adjusting the temperature.  Stepping under the warm water Michael let out a long sigh.

Lance approached the bus and noticed Michael had set the alarm.  Keying in the code he disarmed the alarm.  Pulling the door open Lance was met by Sally, her tail wagging.  "Hi, girl.  Where is Michael?"  Seeing a light in the bedroom Lance walked back.  Michael was not in the bedroom but Lance could hear water running.  Quickly removing his clothing Lance slipped into the bathroom.

Michael was rinsing his hair when he felt long arms wrap around him.  "Need some help?"  Lance softly asked.

Smiling Michael said, "You can wash my back."

"Just your back?"

"We'll see how well you do on my back first," Michael said as he turned around.

They both took in a sweeping view of each's others nude body.   "Nice, very nice," they both said in unison.

Laughing they stepped forward and embraced.

"Come on, we don't have much hot water left,"  Michael said.  "We need to make this quick."

They quickly washed each other.  Lance was rinsing off as the water started to turn cold.  Stepping out they toweled each other off.

"Michael, how do you sleep?"

"In a bed, with my eyes closed."

"No, knucklehead.  Do you sleep on you right side, left side, back, or stomach?  And what do you sleep in?"

Smiling Michael said, "I sleep on my right side or my back.  As far as what I sleep in, it's nothing most of the time.  But when I do need to wear something it's usually old gym shorts.  I've had them forever and the are just comfortable."

"What are you going to wear tonight?"  Lance asked.

Looking Lance over, Michael sighed.  Going to his dresser he pulled out two pair of gym shorts. "For now, let's sleep in these."

Pulling on the shorts they climbed into bed snuggling close with Lance's head laying on Michael's chest.

"Michael, why is the security code my birthday?"

"It's easy to remember."

"Isn't it just as easy to use your own birthday?"

"That would be too obvious to anyone wanting to break in."

"May I ask, when is your birthday?"

"May," Michael said.

"So is mine.  What date?"


"No way!"  Lance said


"Your birthday is really May 4th 1950?"

"Yea.  That's what my birth certificate says."

"This is too weird.  What's the chance that we would share the same birthday."

Michael chuckled, "There is even more weird."

Lance was intrigued, "There is?" 

"Lance is your middle name right?"


"Michael is my middle name."

"What is your first name?"  Lance asked.

"Guess. . . . Think something that would be too weird."


"Yes. . . .  Did you call?"

"This is freaky," Lance said.

"Do you think some higher power is trying to tell us something?"

"Yeah, that we were meant to be together," Lance said as he leaned up and kissed Michael.  "Good night James. I love you."

"Good night James.  I love you too."

They both chuckled at the irony of it all.

To Be Continued

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