Infinite Love

by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group  *Nsync, and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite: The boundlessness and immeasurableness of a space and time. 
Infinite Love: A love that knows no boundaries; a deep and everlasting love. 
At the beginning of their Celebrity Tour Lance finds himself drawn to a most unusual fan.

Chapter 4

Michael awoke and felt around the bed.  He was alone, Sally was not in her usual spot and Lance was gone also.  Hearing the door to the bus open and Sally's nails clicking on the hard floor as she climbed aboard.  Then Lance softly called her back to the front of the bus.  Lying there Michael heard movement in the galley as Lance moved around opening doors and drawers looking for something.  Michael smiled to himself as he heard the sounds of Lance preparing breakfast.  It was strange that Sally didn't come back to the bedroom and get him up. 'Lance must be bribing her with food,' Michael thought.

A while later footsteps could be heard coming toward the bedroom.  Michael lay still with his eyes closed.  Feeling the bed move he was surprised when he was attacked with doggie kisses.  No not doggie kisses, there was no doggie breathe.  Instead the sweet breathe of Lance as he gave Michael a sloppy face washing kiss.

Pushing Lance away Michael laughed,  "What are you doing?" 

"Giving you a wake up call like Sally."

Reaching upand placing his hand behind Lance's head, Michael pulled him close.  "This is the kind of wake up call I'd prefer."  They kissed tenderly as Lance lowered his body on top of Michael. 

Breaking the kiss Lance asked, "Is that how you want to be woke up each morning?"

"Yes please," Michael grinned.  "If you wouldn't mind."

"I'll have to see what I can arrange," Lance said as he got off of Michael.  "Come on.  Move your ass.  Breakfast is getting cold."

Rolling out of bed Michael asked, "Are you going to cook breakfast for me everyday?"

"No not everyday.  Maybe every other day."

"And what am I going to do on the other mornings?" 

"You can cook me breakfast," Lance said with a smirk.

Around nine Joey came to get Lance and Michael.  Johnny wanted to meet with them before they started their long day.  The meeting with their manager was a little tense at first but Johnny liked Michael right from the first.  Johnny needed a reason to justify Michael's presence in the secure compound. 

There was a knock at the door and JC stuck his head in, "Lance, we're ready to head out.  You coming?"

"Be right there," Lance said.  Turning to Michael, Lance said, "I got to go.  Will I see you at sound check?"

Michael looked to Johnny.  Johnny gave a nod.

"I'll see you there.  Have a good day, Lance," Michael said.

Michael watched Lance leave the office then turned his attention to Johnny.

The day flew by.  The guys were so use to the routine they just coasted through everything.  Returning in time for the sound check Lance looked around hoping to spot Michael.

As they neared the end of Pop Lance spotted Michael standing just off stage and he was dressed as one of their staff.  A big grin spread across Lance's face.

After the sound check the guys invited Michael to join them for something to eat.  As they ate Michael explained that Johnny offered him a part time job with promotions.  His job is to go around the venue before the concert and pick deserving fans that have not too great seats and upgrade their seats to those down front.  He would be given forty seats each night to give out.  "When I'm finished with that job I will be free to watch the concert." 

Their conversation was cut short when they were called to their meet and greet.

"I'll see you after the concert," Lance said.

"My place?"  Michael asked.

Lance nodded, "See you later."

Michael enjoyed his job. As he moved among the crowd he picked out pairs of fans.  Looking for the shy girls and the sparse male fans.  And most importantly the older fans.  Johnny wanted to see a bigger mix of fans in both age and sex.   Playing Santa was fun.  And the best part of his job was he now had to watch each concert and then give Johnny feedback on how things went, from the fan's point of view.

After the concert Michael went back to his bus and took Sally for a walk knowing it would be some time before Lance would arrive.

Michael unhooked the leash from Sally as she jumped aboard the bus.  Michael was pleased to find Lance waiting for them. 

Lance pulled Michael into an embrace, giving him a kiss. 

Michael felt that something was not right.  "What's wrong?"  He asked.

"I can't stay tonight," Lance said.


"We have to leave tonight.  Management has scheduled some interviews for tomorrow afternoon so we have to travel all night to be there on time."

"That's a pisser," Michael said clearly disappointed.

"Are you going to head out in the morning?"  Lance asked.

Nodding Michael said, "Right after Sally and I have breakfast.  We should be in Atlanta in the late afternoon."

"You got my cell, give me a call in the morning before you head out," Lance said.

"I will," Michael said as he gave Lance a hug.  "Have a safe trip."

"I will.  See you tomorrow night," Lance said before giving Michael a good-bye kiss.

Michael watched Lance walk off toward his tour bus.  Turning to his own bus he spotted JC leaning against it.

"Hi, JC, something I can do for you?"

Looking past Michael, JC watched Lance climb aboard their bus.  "He thinks he loves you."

"I know," Michael said.  "I love him too."

"Do you really? . . . .  Even though you are going to hurt him."

"I would never hurt Lance," Michael protested.

"I believe you will not intentionally do anything to hurt him.  But nevertheless, you will cause him pain." 


"Right now we are on top.  Millions of fans fantasize about him.  But that will end with you in his life. . . . He is not going to be satisfied just being with you on the sly."

"You think he will come out to your fans because of me?" Michael softly asked.

"Yes.  And that will be the end of our careers."

Michael looked astonished, "Do you really think your fans are so shallow?"

"No, but I'm afraid they will not understand the age difference.  If you two were closer to the same age it would be easier for them to accept."

"Then this is all about my age," Michael murmured.

"In a way it is," JC said.  "I know Lance.  And I know he will put everything he has into this relationship.  But in the end you can't help but break his heart.  When you are gone where will he be?"

Michael was speechless.

"Michael, I like you.  And I think you could be good for Lance.  But this relationship is moving way too fast.  I'm not saying that you should break up with him.  I'm saying you two need to step back and cool it for a while.  I don't know how much longer we will be on top.  There is always a new group coming along and sooner or later one of them will take our place.  If the two of you love each other the way you say you do.  Waiting won't make that much difference."

"Maybe it would be better if I just stepped out of the picture for a while."

"Michael, that's not the answer.  Just think about what I've said.  Ok?"

"Sure, JC, I'll think about it."

"Michael, my friends call me Josh."

"I'll think about it, Josh," Michael said with a slight smile. 

"We'll see you in Atlanta," Josh said as he headed for his bus. 

Sally and Michael watched the late news before turning in.  As he reached to turn off the light his cell rang.  "Hello."

"You still up?" came Lance's voice.

"I was just turning off the light.  Where are you?"

"We're on the road, I really don't know where.  I forgot to tell you something."

"You did?  What did you forget?"

"To tell you good night and that I love you."

"I love you too," Michael softly said.  "Sleep tight, James."

"I will.  I'll be dreaming about you, James."

Climbing into the waiting limo after their radio interview Lance pulled out his cell and dialed Michael's number.  After a minute Lance stuffed his cell back into his pocket.

"What's wrong Lance still no answer?"  Justin asked.

"Still no answer.  Just a recording that he may be out of the service area and to try again."

"He probably is between towns.  Don't worry you will see him later," Joey said trying to reassure Lance.

Johnny Wright had just made a tour of the arena checking on how the setup was going.  Returning to his mobile office he attacked the pile of paper work waiting for him.  His phone rang, "Hello. . . . I'm Johnny Wright. . . . .  Yes, he does work for us. . . . What!. . . . How is he?. . . . Ok we will be right there."

Lance had been moping around ever since they got back from their interviews.  He had tried several times to reach Michael but had no luck

"Cheer up, Lance, Michael must be running late," Josh said.

"He should have been here hours ago.  Josh I'm getting worried.  He's not answering his cell.  Something must be wrong," Lance said.  "Did Michael say anything to you last night about making any stops?"

"Last night?"

"Yeah, last night.  I saw you talking with Michael just before we pulled out."

"Ah, no he didn't say anything about making any stops," Josh nervously said.

"What were you guys talking about?"  Lance asked.

"Ah, nothing much."

"Josh, what did you say to Michael?" 

The color drained from JC's face. 

"You didn't!" Lance said as his anger rose.  "You told Michael to leave me.  Didn't you!"

"No, it's nothing like that.  I just suggested that he needed to cool your relationship for a while."

"You what! . . .  Josh, if you've said something to Michael that makes him leave me you are going to be sorry," Lance warned.

Johnny walked into the guys' playroom stopping any further conversation.  Going right to Lance, Johnny pulled him aside. 

"What's up, Johnny?"  Lance asked.

"Lance I just got a call from the Atlanta police. It seems Michael has been involved in a shooting."

"Oh my god!  Is, is he all right?"

"The dispatcher could only tell me he has been transported to the hospital."

"I've got to go.  I need to be with him," a distraught Lance uttered.

"I have a car waiting to take you to the hospital.  The dispatcher wanted to know if someone could come and get Michael's dog.  She's locked in his bus and they can't get in."

"Justin, can you go get her?" Lance asked.  "She knows you and will go with you."

"Sure, but how do I get her out of the bus?"  Justin asked.

"The code for the alarm is my birthday, 050479."

"Security will take you over," Johnny said as he left with Lance.

"Wait, I'm coming along," Josh said following them out.

The trio rushed into the emergency room going to the nurse's station.  "We're here for Michael Borman.  He was brought in with a gunshot wound," Johnny said.

"Are you a relative?" the nurse asked.

"No.  He works for me."

"I'll let the doctor know you are here.  Have a seat he will be right out,"

A few minutes later the doctor came out to talk with them.

"How is Michael?" Lance asked.

"Not good," the doctor said. "He took a round to the chest.  We are prepping him for surgery.  The nurse said that you are Mr. Borman's employer.  We need some information can you help us?"

"I don't know," Johnny said. "What do you need to know?"

"His name is Michael Borman, right?"

"No, that's not completely right," Lance said.  "His name is James Michael Borman."

"Birth date and place of birth?"

"May 4th 1950.  Normal, Illinois."

"Is he on any medication?"

"No.  He doesn't take anything."

"Is he allergic to any medicines?"


"Do you happen to know his blood type?"

"Yes.  It's AB negative," Lance answered.  Getting surprised looks from Johnny and Josh he added,  "We've talked a lot."

"Does he have any family nearby?"

"No.  His parents have passed away and he lost his wife a year ago.  He doesn't have any family left," Lance said.

"Does he have insurance?"  The doctor asked.

"My company will cover all costs," Johnny said.  "Give him the best you have."

"We'll give him our best," the doctor said.  "The nurse will take you to the waiting room.  I'll see you all after surgery." 

"Is there any chance I could see Michael before you take him up?"  Lance asked.

"I sorry, son, but we must restrict visitors to family only," the doctor said.

"Michael is Lance's boyfriend," JC said.  "Isn't that almost family?"

The doctor gave Lance a weary look.  "You two are together?"

"Yes, we are," Lance said.

"Ok, son.  Come with me."

As Lance followed the doctor he turned to Josh and mouthed "Thank you."

The gurney with Michael on it was headed for the elevator.  "Wait," Lance called out.  Rushing to Michael's side he took his hand.  "Michael, I'm here."

"We've already sedated him," the nurse said.

"Michael, I'll be waiting for you.  Come back to me."

Forcing his eyes open Michael smiled at the sight of Lance.  "Lance," Michael weakly said.  "I love you."  Grimacing with pain he added, "I'll see you in a little while."

Justin, Chris, and Joey found Lance and JC sitting off in a corner of the waiting room.  "Any news?"  Joey asked.

"No they still have him in surgery," JC said.

"Does anyone know what happened?" Chris asked.

JC nodded.  "The police were here a little while ago.  It appears Michael stopped to do some grocery shopping.  He had already taken stuff to the bus and was on his way back to the store for something when he was caught in the crossfire of two gangs. He was hit once in the chest.  In a way he was lucky.  The police said they recovered over thirty shell casings."

Lance looked up and saw the doctor coming towards them.  "Is he?  Is he all right?"

"He's doing fine.  He was lucky he was hit with a small caliber bullet. It only did damage when it passed through his lung."

"Can I see him?"  Lance asked.

"We are going to keep him sedated for several days.  We want to give his lung a chance to heal before he wakes fully."

"I still want to be with him," Lance said.

"We will be moving him to ICU soon.  When they have him settled a nurse will come and get you,"  the doctor said.

Lance was taken back to ICU and there is where he remained.  The next day Michael was moved to a private room and a cot was brought in for Lance.  As the days wore on Michael would drift in and out of consciousness he would recognize Lance, smile then fall back to sleep. 

Michael slowly opened his eyes.  Glancing around the brightly lit room his eyes fell on a woman sitting in a chair near the window reading.  Michael didn't think she was a nurse.  In a strange way she reminded him of someone but his hazy mind couldn't make the connection.

Looking up from her book she smiled when she saw Michael was awake.  "Welcome back.  How are you feeling?"

Michael looked around the room for Lance.  "I've felt better."

"He will be back soon.  I made him go get something to eat," she said.  "You know he has been by your side the whole time.  He only left when I told him he needed to shower."

"You told Lance he needed a shower?   Who are you?" Michael asked.

"He loves you very much," she said.  "He loves you deeper than I would ever expect out of him."

Michael looked at this lady trying to place her then it hit him.  "Mrs. Bass?"

"Under the circumstances you should call me Diane."

"I don't understand.  Why are you here?"

"Josh was concerned for my son's health."

"Is there something wrong with Lance?"

"No he is fine now.  It was just that he refused to leave your side.  He stopped eating and Josh felt if he continued he would become sick."

"How long have I been out of it?"  Michael asked.

"Six days," Diane said

"He's been here six day?  That means he has missed three concerts," Michael said.

"Only two," Lance said as he walked into the room with a big grin on his face.  "Johnny canceled tonight's concert."  Leaning in he gave Michael a kiss. 

"Lance what have you done?  Missing three concerts is bound to cause some questions."

Glancing at his mom Lance said, "It already has.  The press got wind of the shooting and it didn't take them long to find out I was here with you."

"What kind of problems did I cause?"  Michael asked.

"You didn't cause any problems.  The press made up their own version of what was going on and they got kind of outrageous with their speculation."

"What did you do?"

"We held a press conference two days ago.  And I put the record straight."

"Shit, no!  You didn't?"

"He did," Diane said.  "He told the world who Michael Borman was and how he felt about him."

"Oh God I'm so sorry," Michael said on the verge of tears.

Placing a finger to Michael's lips Lance said, "Michael don't say any more.  It's going to be all right.  The fan reaction has been better then we ever dreamed. *Nsync will survive this, and we will survive this."


"Why?  Because I love you.  And if you weren't so bull-headed you would see how much I love you."  Kneeling beside Michael's bed Lance took his hand in his.  "James Michael Borman, I love you.  I want us to grow old together.  I want to spend what ever time God sees fit to give us together."  Lance removed Michael's wedding band and replaced it with a new diamond studded ring.  "Michael will you be mine?  Will you marry me?"

A surprised Michael glanced at the ring then to a wet-eyed Diane.  Dabbing her eyes she smiled and gave a little nod.  Looking into Lance's eyes Michael said, "I will marry you.  But with one stipulation."

"What would that be?"  Lance asked.

"The part in the wedding vows that say `til death do us part.'  I want it changed to; That I take you forever." 

To Be Continued

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