Infinite Love
by James


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This story deals with the fictional relationship between the members of the musical group  *Nsync, and a male fan.   The sexual orientation of the members of *Nsync are not known by the author and what is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.

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Infinite: The boundlessness and immeasurableness of a space and time. 
Infinite Love: A love that knows no boundaries; a deep and everlasting love.  
At the beginning of their Celebrity Tour Lance finds himself drawn to a most unusual fan.

Chapter 5

And now many years later family and friends gathered at the Bass family home after the funeral.  Lance and Michael had bought the old Victorian house several years after they married.  They chose the city of Nashville so Lance could be closer to his clients and the studios at which they recorded. 

It was during the renovation of the old house that Michael caught a kid stealing tools from the job site.  The kid as it turned out had been living on the streets for the last year.  His name was Jimmy and his parents had tossed him out of the house when he was busted during a raid on a party where  liquor and drugs were being used.  Though he didn't test positive on any drug test, just being arrested where drugs and liquor were being used made him ineligible for all sports and other school activities.  The no tolerance rule was strongly enforced in the Nashville school system after the tragic deaths of four athletes in a car accident. 

They all had attended a party and were found to have high levels of alcohol and drugs in their system.  Jimmy's father, a want-to-be jock, could not forgive his son.  He disowned him and threw him out, telling him he never wanted to see him again.  So at fifteen Jimmy was on his own.  He dropped out of school, did odd jobs for food and lived in an old van.  And now at sixteen he was headed off to jail for stealing power tools.  Michael went down to file charges against the kid and was approached by a DCFS caseworker.

The caseworker told Michael Jimmy's story and asked if he would give Jimmy another chance by not filing charges.  Michael agreed to drop the charges if they could find a home that would take Jimmy.  There was no family available at that time and the best they could do was to take him to the children's home.     Knowing Jimmy had already run away twice from the home, Michael offered to take the boy in until a home could be found.  After several hours of paperwork and many phone calls and a visit before a local judge Michael was given temporary custody of Jimmy.  A few days later Lance arrived home after a promotional tour and found to his surprise their home now had a new member.  Jimmy flourished under Michael and Lance's care.  The fact that he was living with a gay couple did not seem to bother him at all.  Michael had set ground rules from the beginning and Jimmy found he would not bend on any of the rules.  Michael was firm but fair and to Jimmy's delight he was also very vocal with praise when Jimmy did something good, something he never got from his real father.  As the summer neared, Lance returned home from Orlando where he had been preparing for the next *Nsync tour so he could be there for Jimmy's DCFS hearing.  At that hearing Michael and Lance petitioned the court to adopt Jimmy.  A week later Jimmy had a new family and a new last name. 

In the years that followed, Lance and Michael adopted two more boys and one girl.  All grew into fine adults each starting their own families.  Now four children, ten grandchildren and one great grandchild later the family had gathered in the Bass family home to give their support to their remaining parent.

"Dad, are you going to be all right?"

"Yes, Jimmy, I'm fine."

"If you need anything I'll be down the hall with Barb and the girls."

"Don't worry about me.  Go spend some time with your wife and daughters."

Jimmy walked out of his father's study closing the door behind him.

"Jimmy, how is your dad doing?"

"I'm worried about him, Uncle Josh."

"So am I," Josh said.  "He's holding in his grief  and that's not good."

"This was not the reaction I expected from him," Jimmy said.  "I don't know where he gets the strength."

"I suspect he started his grieving months ago.  He's understood what was happening and I think he was better prepared for this than any of us were."

A lone figure sat in an old wingback chair facing a massive fireplace.  Watching the flames dance across the logs he sat there remembering promises made.  The logs shifted position and a pop from the largest log sent embers swirling into the air.  The swirling embers caught his attention because they didn't come to rest but just kept drifting in the air.  Embers continued to flow out of the log joining the others in mid air.  Slowly the embers started to take on a shape.  The shape of a man.

A smile spread across his face as the shape became solid.  "Have I told you today how much I love you?"

"Yes, I heard you.  You've told me that every day I've known you.  I love you too Michael," Lance lovingly said as he reached out his hand.

Michael reached up and took Lance's hand and was pulled effortlessly to his feet.  Wrapping their arms around each other they kissed deeply."I've missed you Lance," Michael said.

"And I missed not being able to tell you how much I loved you," Lance said.

Michael looked back at the chair and was surprised to see himself still sitting there.  Lance squeezed his hand.  "It takes a little time to get used to."

"Boy, do I look old," Michael said.

"I don't know.  I think you looked pretty good for someone who was one hundred and three."

Chuckling, Michael said.  "And they said we would never last.  Fifty two years was not a bad first try." Turning back to Lance Michael looked deeply into his sparkling green eyes. "And now the vow we took when we were married." 

"That I take you forever?"  Lance asked.

Michael nodded.  "I meant it.  I will love you forever."

"And I'm going to hold you to that vow."

Josh entered the study to say good night.  "Michael, I just wanted to say good night."

Getting no response from Michael he knelt down next to the chair and put his hand on Michael's arm. 

Michael was smiling as he gazed at the fire.  But Josh could see even though his eyes were open there was no life in them.

"Oooh Michael," Josh wailed.  Tears flowed freely as the realization that his long time friend was gone.  Grief over took him.  The loss of two of his best friends was just too much.

A soft voice called his name.  "Josh."  Another voice once again called, "Josh."    It wasn't a voice Josh realized but a feeling that someone was calling his name.  Looking up at the fireplace he saw them.  Lance and Michael stood before him.  But there was something different.  They were no longer the old friends he had grown to love.  But they stood before him as they once were many years ago when they first met and they were holding hands.

Once again the voice was calling to him.  The voice was in his head.  And it was Lance's voice.  "Josh don't grieve for us.  Be happy for us."

"For our love knows no physical bounds," Michael said.  "We were always meant to be together.  And together we will be for all time."

Wiping the tears from his eyes Josh smiled.  Finally understanding that their love was eternal.

"Good-bye my friends," Josh said as the vision of his friends slowly faded.


James Lance Bass
May 4, 1979-September 14, 2053

James Michael Borman-Bass
May 4, 1950-September 16, 2053

Their Love Is Eternal



Not the end.  A new beginning.

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