Jimmy Needs Assistance

By Jojo

Disclaimer: This is a work (or attempt at least) of fiction. All names and characterizations here are of people both make believe, living, dead, or somewhere in between is just that - fiction. If they happen to have the same name, characteristics, or overall similarities like someone from a Boy Band or two, than it's completely coincidental with the people that I have within my twisted little head! If this explanation is too cerebral for you, then maybe this will be a little clearer --This ain't real, I made it all up! For the small Redneck population that can read - no read here, no sibs getting it on with Dad or the family dog (this includes sissy) here so scram.

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Chapter 1 - What Happened?

I really can't believe that I quit another job. It was either that or Prozac was going to become my new best friend. Why does it always seem when I finally find the perfect job with the perfect boss, they have to go and leave and get replaced with the boss from hell? It just doesn't seem fair. At least maybe this time I can find something in another field, maybe even with traveling involved. I always wanted to travel but never had the cash to do it.

The last four years of my life have been involved in one way or another with computers. Please don't get me wrong, I really enjoy working with them, but there are some users that can be a real pain in the ass. How many times can you answer the same thing over and over again without going crazy? Jeez! Programming was even fun for a while, but how many times can a person tweak, look at, and update code before it all starts looking the same? Yep, it really looks like I need a change. I won't even mention testing. I would rather have hemorrhoids then having to test over and over again.

Oh, sorry I forgot. You are probably wondering who the hell I am! Well I can't believe I forgot my manners. If my mother found out that I slipped she would be pissed! She can be a stickler for manners except when she is pissed and then all bets are off! Well, you can call me JoJo. All my friends do. Only one thing I ask - don't pester me for my first name. I am not going to give it to you. I hate it like you wouldn't believe so I use my middle name as my first name. With that said my name is Joseph Pearce. I got the nickname JoJo years ago when I used to babysit my younger cousins and it stuck. It is definitely better than .... oops, almost slipped there! I won't tell you now where I live, as you will find that out in all due time. I just turned 28 a couple of months ago. A good percentage of people think I am a little older that I really am. Most say that I seem more mature when I am working as I tend to get a really serious look. People who see me away from work tend to think I am younger though - I tend to let loose and let my wild side out more. All of my friends are younger though - I think it is because I still feel around 20 inside and let that show.

Now the fun part begins with deciding on what the hell to do (don't you just love sarcasm). Lets see I worked at an ice cream stand in High School - nope, never again - too many spoiled ass fat women! I did the whole retail management thing, but the pay and the hours suck - as well as all the stuck up, nose in the air fat women! (In my best George Bush voice) "Nope, not gonna do it!" Oh, don't forget the whole 'lets get into the labor market' phase I was in and became an electrician. That was fun until the owner decided to close the business down and concentrate on his main business. It figured with my luck, nothing ever good seems to last for long.

After the electrician stint I went back into retail, where else could you find a job quickly other than getting a job at Mickey D's flipping burgers, and I wasn't going to do that. So off to the chain drug store I went. It paid to know the manager for once. I then got the bright idea about getting into the health care industry. Before you go getting into thinking I became a nurse or anything like that, I didn't. I took the easy way out and went for a week of training to be a Personal Care Aid. BIG MISTAKE. I didn't kill anyone or anything, but lets just say that it didn't last long. What really got me is that it didn't sink in that I was horrible at it,so after that I got a job taking care of the mentally retarded. That was 2 really long years, but on the bright side the pay was great because they couldn't get anyone else to do it.

It was at this point that I decided to get into computers. I figured why not. I have been around them since the 80's (anyone remember the Apple IIe's?) so I decided try and get into this field. From what I said before, you already know what happened with that so now what am I going to do? Well your guess is as good as mine. Maybe I will leave it up to chance this time. Can't get any worse than what I have done before, can it?

Then I came to the realization that why not change gears completely? So I updated my resume and decided on instead of mailing out hundreds of resumes to different companies that wouldn't even look at it, I would go the new hi-tech way - post it on the web! So I went to all the big guys like Monster.com and posted away. I also decided to do exactly opposite of what all the experts say to do, and created a resume generic enough that I thought it would appeal to a broader job market and emphasized the management, organization, and travel aspects as well.

The first couple of responses didn't look too hopeful, they were mostly for retail management or programming jobs in the California/Washington State area and I didn't want to do either again. I was also thinking I was in a really good area to be reachable, living in Upstate NY outside of Albany, that I was close to a lot of different large cities for interviews. Where else can you be within 3 to 6 hours from New York City, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, and all of Vermont and Massachusetts for cripes sakes? I thought the offers would be rolling in, but no such luck. At this point I was averaging one or two requests for interviews a week but nothing like what I was expecting to get.

What really surprised me were a couple of offers to work in the music industry. Now this really got me thinking that this might be what I was looking for. The first one didn't sound to interesting, and the location wasn't the best. It was a small studio in NYC that was offering not much more than a gopher and the pay wouldn't even begin to cover rent, let alone anything else in the city.

The second offer sounded interesting, but didn't give much detail. It was for a small management company that was just getting started but didn't give much other than that. They did stress that there would probably be quite a bit of traveling, both independently and with the owner of the company, so it did peak my interest.

I gave the number a call, and left my name and number. The secretary assured me that someone would get back to me and set up an initial interview. Needless to say I was extremely happy. I have always loved music, with the exception of some of the religious, real heavy rap, old twang country and especially classic Opera. I was hoping for a job offer but at this point I wasn't holding my breath. I was pleasantly surprised a couple of days later when I received a phone call for an impromptu interview over the phone. It turned out to be a conference call with a few people from WEG (Wright Entertainment Group) and needless to say I was shitting bricks at this point.

"Well Mr. Pearce, I hope you don't mind, but we have a few questions for you." The voice carried over the phone line well.

"Not at all, I'd be happy to answer."

"Do you have any particular musical preference? The reason we're asking is that the position we are looking to fill is connected mostly with country music." This came from another voice, a woman's this time.

"I'm a big fan of just about everything. You can't scare me just because I might have to listen to a little twang!" Everyone chuckled at that. I admit, I can sell myself well when I have to. I was still a bit confused though, as far as I knew, WEG was mainly POP acts.

"Well that's good. Just one last question Mr. Pearce, how open are you about being gay?" This had come from the first voice he had heard. The question floored me. I had always thought that your jaw hitting the floor was just an expression. I was almost proved wrong. My mind was reeling, but I managed to croak out

"Well...I'm not blatantly obvious, but I tend not to hide it either. If there's a problem with that, I'm sorry..."

That same voice had cut me off. "Not at all, we were just wondering because of your resume."

"My resume?" I was a bit confused.

My confusion must have come through in my voice. "That's right, it says in the personal part of your resume that you belonged to the Twin Rivers Outdoor Club, which I understand is a gay hiking club in your area."

Oh yeah. I'd forgotten about that. I didn't realize that anyone would know what it was though. I must have talked with them for about 2 hours. We relaxed and talked like we had worked together for years. Finally we wrapped up the conversation, and I was told that someone would be getting back to me within the week.

True to his word, John (the one who asked me about being gay) called back four days later and said that so far they had narrowed down the candidates for the job to me and someone else. I wouldn't be working for WEG as I had already surmised, but another company that just started up within the last year that they worked with, and they wanted me to fly to Orlando to have a face to face interview with the owner of the new company. The second interview was scheduled for a week from Wednesday with the owner Jim, and that John would be sending me ticket and hotel reservations by FedEx. He explained that they would like me to stay there a couple of days, as they were going to make a decision within 24 hours or so of my interview, and if I was given the job they wanted me to be there for the contracts and paperwork. I told him no problem! Damn, talk about being excited! I have never been to Florida before and it looks like I will get a mini vacation in the process. Needless to say I was bouncing off the walls for the next week. I think my friends and family were ready to kill me before the week was over.

Damn, it was one week later at 9:00 in the morning and I was sitting at the Albany International Airport (now that is a misnomer - the only international flight out of here is to Montreal, how international can that be?) waiting for my plane to board. All I could think of right then was why in the hell didn't I wear an Attends adult diaper. I knew I was going to piss my pants when the plane took off. I had NEVER been on a plane before and I think every nerve I had was firing double time. God I couldn't wait until the plane was on its way. If I got this job I was really going to have to get used to flying. Oh, did I forget to mention that I have NEVER flown before in my life and that it scares me to death? I didn't? Oh sorry about that.

Forty-five minutes later I was finally in the air on my way to Orlando. It had taken me 5 minutes just to buckle my seatbelt because I was so nervous. I found out that this wasn't a direct flight, and that there was a small layover in Raleigh Durham. I also realized that takeoff wasn't that bad, other than my ears plugging up and refusing to pop, I was just peachy. With a little practice (and a few libations) I might even begin to like this. Takeoff wasn't that bad, but landing was another experience in itself. I am still trying to figure out how they stop all this metal on 3 little tires. I just hoped the engineer that designed them wasn't smoking something illegal or had a fight with his wife or kids and missed something when he designed the brakes. Damn I hated how my mind works sometimes.

I made it to Orlando during mid afternoon to a beautiful day, and was pleasantly surprised. I was under the impression from John that they were just going to send an intern to escort me to the office but was greeted by John himself. It turned out that he didn't have to, but with the time we had talked at the initial interview as well as the conversation we had when we were making the arrangements for me to fly in, he had wanted to greet me in person and chat a little on the way to the office. I also learned that he wanted to fill me in a little so that I was more prepared for the interview with Jim. It seemed that of the two finalists, John personally thought I would be the best fit for both the job and working for Jim.

As with the initial interview, he still couldn't tell me who the company was or who I would be interviewing for, other than using the first name Jim. It really puzzled me, but I figured it would be revealed soon enough. John was able to tell me a couple of things though without getting in trouble. He said that the owner of the company was very famous, and that in all likelihood I would instantly recognize who he was. He also mentioned that it might not be a bad idea to lay everything out on the table, even about being gay. I was a bit puzzled about this. John noticed the look I had and started chuckling. He mentioned that above all else, be honest and open when dealing with Jim.

"He can come across as shy or short with you, but he'll open up if he sees that you are honest and open with him. If he feels he can trust you then you will have his trust as well." John did mention one last thing "Above all else treat him like anyone else. Don't treat him like a star or celebrity. Just be yourself and remember above all else he is just a regular guy like you or I."

About this time we got to the WEG offices and I followed John up to where I was going to meet Jim. He mentioned that we were about 45 minutes early and that he would give me a little tour and introduce me to the other 2 people I talked to during the phone interview as well as a couple of others I would probably interact with if I received the job. I got puzzled as I was following him. John just said I would meet the other 2 that I interviewed with, but during the phone interview I distinctly remembered 4 people there. Who was the 4th person? I decided that I wasn't going to ask right then and see if I could figure it out. I didn't want to jeopardize anything at that point.

I had a great time meeting the few John introduced me to. So far they seemed like a great group of people. As we were walking to the meeting room where I would be interviewing with Jim, John mentioned that I would be interviewing with both Jim as well as Johnny Wright. This scared me a little bit, because I had seen Johnny before during the NSYNC Live at Madison Square Garden HBO special (he was in the little skit they did when they went behind stage and Lance went to chat with the girls used for the 'Just Got Paid' club skit) and he looked like he could crush me like a bug if I pissed him off. John laughed when he looked at my momentary look of fright and guessed what the look was about.

"Don't worry, Johnny is just a big teddy bear."

He also said that if I got the job that I would be in contact with Johnny quite a bit so Jim wanted his input in the hiring process. I breathed a sigh of relief and got ready to go in. John wished me luck, said to take a minute or so to collect myself, then knock on the door and enter.

I stood there for about 30 seconds, gave myself a little pep talk that this wasn't anything special, just go in there and chat like friends, and if it didn't work out that I would still get a few nice days in sunny Florida. I knocked on the door and heard a voice say come in. I opened the door, entered not looking up at the moment, closed the door and turned around to meet my hopefully new employer, and it only took about 3 seconds for my brain to turn to mush and my mouth to dry up like a desert. Outwardly I surprised even myself when I didn't show any sign that I had just walked into a room and could maybe be working with one of the most attractive guys in the music business. Jim's right eyebrow went up with a bit of surprise when he noticed I didn't outwardly react to seeing him.

I just showed my smile, and believe me it was genuine, and took his outstretched hand for a firm handshake, saying "It is very nice and an honor to finally meet you. Would you prefer I call you Mr. Bass, James, or Lance?" while looking into his green eyes, even more exquisite than any of the descriptions that I have ever heard. He just smiled back and said....

To Be Continued!

Author's Notes: Oh my god can you stop that shouting now? My ears are about to burst! I know, I know that was cruel on ending it there, but there is a method to my madness other than I am a really mean bitch! I have specific ideas on how the first meeting will go and didn't want to have a chapter that was too long. Plus I like being a bitch! :-)

First I have to give a BIG thanks to DJ for the help he added to this chapter and all the future help with this story. He has been gracious enough to agree to be my editor and without his help there wouldn't be the dialog that I had here. He is also a really great writer. Go check out his story 'Inside Myself' you won't be disappointed. Thanks Deej I just hope that you can put up with me!

You should hopefully see the next installment in a week or so. This is my first story EVER so I am not all that fast at writing this. I already have a good portion of Chapter 2 done as well so it shouldn't be that long. With all that said if you have enjoyed this or not, drop me a line and let me know what you think. If you have any ideas on where you would like this story go I am also open to suggestions. If I like it I may use it, if not, then what the hell you gave it a shot.

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