Jimmy Needs Assistance

By Jojo

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Chapter 4 - Surprise!

Boy, I can't believe what a day this has turned out to be!  I was
floating on cloud nine, and didn't think I was coming down for quite some
time.  As I was walking aimlessly around Universal Studio's, I was trying to
put a little perspective on the last couple days.

Less than 48 hours ago, I was unemployed, and stuck in a rut.  Now a day
after I flew down to Orlando for an interview, I was an assistant to not
just anyone, but specifically James Lance Bass. It just didn't seem real. 
Then a thought came popping to the surface that scared me to death - what
were the rest of the guys of Nsync going to think about me?  
They were 5 of the most famous people in the POP scene.  You
could even argue that they were bigger than Backstreet after the amount of
records sold when NSA was released.  What made it even worse is they were
all younger than me, except Chris, but that doesn't matter, as he acts
younger than Justin does.  What did I have to add to this little mix?  I
hoped to god that I didn't fuck everything up.  I had to stop thinking like
this, dammit! If I kept it up I would give myself an ulcer, and I couldn't
do anything about it anyway.  Whatever happened, would happen.  I just had
to keep thinking that they were just people, not anyone special.  Treat them
just like I do James.

I shook those thoughts out of my head and ambled around some more.  I have
to admit that even though I spent 2 hours at Universal, I really didn't see
much. My mind just wouldn't slow down.  The walking did me good though, as
it burned off a lot of the nervous energy I had from my thoughts and having
to meet the rest of the group tonight.  I knew the worst was over, as James
was the one I really wanted to meet and make a good impression with, but I
had to admit that JC and Justin weren't bad looking either!  I knew that the
pressure would be on with these two and I would have to work on them.
Everything I have seen with these two indicated that they were tight, and
maybe even a little reserved with someone new.

I just had this feeling that Joey, Chris and I would get along well, as my
sense of humor was somewhere between the two of theirs, or at least it
sounded like it was.  That made one down that I met already, Joey and Chris
shouldn't be a problem, leaving just JC and Justin where I didn't know what
the hell was going to happen.  Hummm, that didn't sound too bad.  Maybe
tonight wouldn't be so bad after all!

There was one thing that I didn't have any doubt about at all.  I truly
enjoyed spending time with James.  It was very easy to be myself around him,
and I felt that I could let myself go and relax my guard around him without
even trying. I didn't get the feeling he was judging me all the time either.
He just has this quiet aura of calmness around him, and even a bit of
shyness and innocence that was refreshing to be around.  I knew that I
wouldn't have any problems working for him.  That was the least of my
worries.  I did know that I would have a BIG problem keeping my feelings
professional and friendly.  James was what I was looking for in a man, and
it would be a constant battle to stop myself from jumping him. (Hey, get
your dirty minds out of the gutter you perverts, not that kind of Jumping! 
What do you thing I am, a slut?  I meant it as getting him alone and making
out to the point that he couldn't catch his breath for a month kind of
jumping.  Jeesh!  You should be ashamed of yourselves.)

"My sneakers! My sneakers!  Where the FUCK are my sneakers!" I kept ranting
this over and over as I was tearing my hotel room apart looking for the damn
sneakers before James picked me up.  Thank god no one was in the room with
me or they would be laughing their asses off watching the scene in front of
them.   Clothes were literally flying all over the room as I was rummaging
through my suitcases looking for them.  I KNEW I packed them but for the
life of me I couldn't find them.  I was running late as it is, as I lost
track of time during my wandering at Universal Studios.  At least I was
ready except for my footwear.  This day was just not one of my best.

To my relief I located the sneakers (they were under the bed, I worn them
yesterday and forgot that they weren't in the suitcase, what an idiot I
was!) when the room phone rang.  Yep, you guessed it, it was the front desk
calling me to tell me that the car had arrived.  I took one quick and
frantic look of myself to make sure that I was ready, as I didn't want to
forget something like my pants or anything (don't laugh, it almost happened)
and quickly made my way down to the waiting car.

As I climbed in the car, I quickly realized I wasn't a car service.  With a
surprised smile on my face I said to my cute driver "Good evening James,
nice to see you again.  I wasn't expecting to see you until I got to
Justin's.  I hope your afternoon went well?"

"Thanks for asking" James said. "I was just getting things ready for you to
start.  I know your plane leaves tomorrow afternoon to go back to Albany,
but I was wondering if you could come down to the office tomorrow to sign
some stuff and pick up a few things?"

"Yeah, I'd be happy to meet you at the office.  What time would you like me

"How does 10:00 am sound?  That should give us enough time to figure out a
time table for you to start, get your paperwork filled out, and get your
cell phone and other stuff you will need together" James replied.

"Great" I answered, "I'll be there will bells on!"

All I got out of that was a rolling of the eyes from James.

"Ok Tinkerbell" he shot back with a chuckle. "Now, no more business talk
tonight.  Tonight is for fun and getting to know each other.  Any further
business talk and I will have to fire your ass" he shot back. We both got a
small laugh out of that.

"Hey" I asked him, "why are you driving?  I thought you were going to send a

"I was thinking about it" James answered, "but I thought this way I wouldn't
have to worry about time.  It's also nice to drive for myself.  When we're
on tour and doing appearances we are driven all over.  It's nice to be in
control of my time for a while" he answered.

We settled into some idle chitchat the rest of the way.  I must say that it
was very pleasant spending the time with him in the car.  No pressure, no
worries, just some 'getting to know each other' talk that people do when
their friendship is new.  Don't ask me what we talked about, I couldn't tell
you.  All I can tell you is that it was pleasant.

When we got to Justin's house, and were making our way up the walk, Lance
must have noticed that I was a bit nervous.  Well think about it
people, I was about to meet 4 people that had more talent than I could even
think about!  Of course I was nervous.  Shitting bricks was more like it!

Right before James reached the doorknob to let us in, he put a hand on my
shoulder and squeezed while he gave me that patented innocent shy smile that
always manages to melt me to the core, and said quietly, "Don't be so
nervous.  They are just the guys - no one special.  Just be yourself and
everything will be fine."

I just gave James my patented 'you are SOOOO full of shit' look and said in
a quiet voice, "Well that's easy for you to say!"

He just looked at me, chuckled and squeezed my shoulder and said "just act
like you did when you met me and you'll be fine.  Remember that they are
just like you. They just happen to have millions of fans, and a hell of a
lot of money."

While taking a deep breath to try and calm down I muttered under my breath
'asshole' then stuck out my tongue at him.  He just laughed at me, squeezed
my shoulder one last time, and then turned to open the front door.

The next thing that happened almost gave me a heart attack, not to mention
piss my pants!  I heard a deafening "SURPRISE" from about 10 people as we
walked through the door.  What the hell did I just walk into?

Then it dawned on me; James had a birthday coming up in the next couple
days.  The pieces started falling into place and I started to laugh partly
at the situation, but mostly at the look of both shock and sheer terror on
James' face. The 'dinner' was more than a dinner it seems.

After the guys gave James hugs and congratulations James started
introducing me to everyone.  One thing I did notice was the reception from
the guys was a little reserved, with Justin and JC being a little on the
'cold' side.  Yep, just what I had expected.  I won't go into the little
chitchat that went on for a minute or so, not because I don't want to tell
you, but to be honest I don't remember.  I was so nervous I was operating on
autopilot.  I must have held my own though, as I didn't seem to get any
weird looks from anyone.  We moved into the living room and got comfortable.

I was quickly brought back to earth by a question from JC.  The question he
asked was, "Why do you call Lance, James?"

I knew that this question was bound to come up, so I wasn't surprised by it.
I answered him saying, "There are a couple reasons actually."  At this point
I noticed I had the attention of all of the guys in the group so I continued
loud enough for all of them to hear. "First of all, when I first met James,
I asked if he would like me to refer to him as either Mr. Bass, Lance or
James.  He indicated that either Lance or James was fine with him."

This got a laugh out of the guys, and Justin jumped in with, "I bet he
threatened to kick your ass if you called him Jimmy.  He HATES that!"

"Justin" I said, "you are absolutely correct.  He looked so serious when he
said it that it took all the self control I had not to laugh and call him
Jimmy from then on."  This got a laugh out of the guys and I continued,
"well anyway, I then asked him if he wouldn't mind me calling him James. I
saw Lance as the guy that got up on stage and sang and tried to dance, not
the guy that was in front of me."  After I finished saying this, I noticed
that JC at least seemed a little more casual, as well as Justin.  It seemed
that some of the wall was starting to crumble.  Good, I was hoping it would.

Chris being the wiseass he was, had to throw in, "Well, if you want to call
that dancing."

Oh, I just couldn't resist this opportunity!  I got that devil look in my
eye and gave Joe a quick wink.  James caught this and had an idea what I was
going to say next.  All I heard from him was "oh shit, here he goes!" under
his breath as he started to shake his head.

I looked over at Chris and asked, "I happened to pick up the DVD version of
your '*Nsync Live at Madison Square Garden' and I have a question I JUST
HAVE to ask you?"

Chris got this serious look on his face and said, "Sure, what is it?"

James groaned and mumbled, "Here we go."  Joe was the only one of the guys
to hear him and had a knowing look, like he thought he had an idea of what I
was up to.

I continued, "When you started singing 'I Drive Myself Crazy' after you came
out from the curtain..." I trailed off hoping he would pick up, and he did.

"Yeah?" Chris asked.

"I was wondering" I continued, noticing that I still had everyone's rapt
attention, "how did you hit all those high notes?  Did one of the guys
accidentally kick you in the balls back stage before you came out and
started singing?"

I'd figured it worked with James so why not he rest of the guys.  I knew it
was a gamble, and believe it or not it worked!

The look on Chris' face was absolutely priceless.  A moment of complete
puzzlement, then he dissolved into complete, body shaking laughter.  Joey
was on the ground laughing like I have never seen anyone laugh before.  As a
matter of fact, all of the guys, with the exception of James were rolling on
the ground laughing.  James just sat there shaking his head at me and
laughing.  When everyone started to get some control of themselves I added a
little more that I didn't even spring on James yet.

I then mentioned to Chris "Oh by the way Chris, you might want to check
your fly before coming out on stage as well.  When you climbed off of the
couch I noticed that your fly was opened.  I liked those black boxers," then
followed up quickly with my best Austin Powers impression with "Sexy baby,

That did it, now James was on the floor with the rest of them.  Damn I was
good!  After another few minutes everyone finally calmed down enough to
talk.  Chris just looked at me and said, "Oh man, that was cruel.  I only
met you less than an hour ago and you're already dissing me!"

"Sorry Chris" I said "I couldn't resist."

"That's Ok, just remember that this means war!" he said jokingly.

"Bring it on little man, bring it on" I shot back.

At this point Joey stepped in and said, "Don't worry bro, I got your back.
Anyone who can get Chris like that, and twice in a row, is ok in my book!"

"Thanks Joe, I appreciate that.  I may take you up on that sooner than you
think" I said.  Taking a quick look at James to be sure he was paying
attention, which he was, I added "well Chris you weren't the only one I
noticed showing a little during the concert."  I got their attention again.

"Other than Justin shaking his moneymaker every chance he could, and by the
way Justin, you have to HAVE the strongest hip muscles in the world with all
the exercise you put them through."  I heard JC mutter under his breath "he
sure does!"   Oh, I'll have to file that away, another hunch confirmed.

I continued letting JC think that I didn't hear that and continued, "I
noticed James had on some cute studded leather pants during 'Space Cowboy'
and that he seemed to be having a little extra fun during the thrusts.  I
could swear I saw little Poofoo making his appearance known a little there.
You must have really enjoyed the feel of the leather there James" I said.

Oh shit, did I go too far with that one?  The total look of embarrassment on
James' face made me feel really bad now.  Please God tell me that I didn't
go too far.  The other guys didn't seem to notice how embarrassed James was
and started laughing at what I said.  I really started to feel bad at what I
said, and I realized that there WAS an innocence to James.  I just hoped
that I didn't ruin the friendship we started.

What happened next broke my heart.  James got up from where he was sitting
and left the room.  Joey got a concerned look on his face and started to get
up to go talk to James.  I got up putting my hand on Joe's shoulder, "Thanks
Joe, but I hurt his feelings and its my responsibility to make this better.  
Hopefully I can salvage the friendship we've started."

Joey got this really serious look on his face and said to me in almost a
whisper so the other guys couldn't overhear said, "Follow me" and walked out
of the room into the hallway.

I followed Joey and as soon as we reached the hall Joey said "I know you
were just fooling around in there, but even though Lance comes across as
being sure and in control all the time, he's also incredibly shy and private

"Yeah Joe, I kinda got that feeling from him before" I said.  "I know I
really screwed up in there.  I was nervous about meeting all of you, and the
Chris joke seemed a good way to break the ice.  I got carried away and kept
going when the little voice in my head told me to stop. I will probably
regret that for the rest of my life."

Joe then had an odd look on his face, like he couldn't make up his mind
about telling me something or not.  The battle didn't take long and he said,
"There is something else that you should know before you talk to him. I
shouldn't really tell you this, but it might also partially explain the
reaction that you got."

"Joe" I said, "please don't say anything that might betray a confidence.  I
wouldn't want to make this any messier than it already is."

"No Jojo" Joey replied, "it will get out sooner or later anyway, and if my
hunch is correct, that wouldn't be a bad thing."

"OK Joe, if you're sure."

After taking a moment to get his thoughts together, Joe started "I think
Lance is interested in you, and not just as an employee or friend.  I think
he has feelings for you.  Lance couldn't stop talking about you after the
phone interview you did, and it just got worse after your interview
yesterday.  I also think you have feelings for him too.  I can see it in
your eyes when you look at him."

"Yes Joe" I started, "I do have feelings for James.  I don't know how, or
even if it is possible to put words to it, but there is just something about
him that...I don't know...completes me.  He makes me feel completely relaxed
and content.  No one has ever been able to even make me feel remotely like

As I said that, a couple tears started to fall from my eyes.  I paused for a
second to get my thoughts together then continued before Joey could say
anything. "I was acting like a damn 8 year old instead of a 28 year old in
there.  I had to get into a contest to one-up what I said, and hurt him in
the process. The worst thing with all of this is I didn't think before I
spit it out, and that can't be forgiven.  I could care less about the job
right now, that's the least of my worries.  What I have to worry about now
is finding James and figuring out how to tell him all this without making
things worse."

As soon as I'd said this, I finally noticed some shuffling in the hall
behind me.  Figuring it was one of the other guys coming out of the living
room to see what was going on, I wasn't expecting to see who was actually

I turned around and my eyes immediately locked onto a set of beautiful green
eyes.  My heart skipped a beat and broke at the same time when I noticed
that he had shed a few tears himself. It was James.

We just stood there and stared at each other for a minute or so just looking
into each other's eyes communicating without words.  Joey just squeezed both
of our shoulders for support and walked away, leaving us alone to work this
out together.

I finally broke the silence when I started saying "James, I am..." when he
cut me off and started himself saying "Jojo, please don't say it.  We need
to talk."  I just shook my head and followed him out to the backyard for so
we could have some privacy away from everyone else.

To Be Continued!

Author's Notes:  

I know, I know, I was really cruel cutting it off here.  There is a couple of reasons for that.  First of all, the last 2 weeks have been hell, and I didn't get near enough time to do any work on the story.  Add to the fact that my machine did a little meltdown and it took me a couple of days to get my system stable again.  It's not 100% yet but getting there.

Secondly, I had a death in the family and  needed to take care of a few things.  He was out of state and I had to hold down the fort at home and baby-sit while other family were out of town.  Trust me, kids are NOT conductive to writing.

Lastly, I had a little bit of not quite writers block.  I was writing, but it was really really bad.  The finished chapter you read is actually draft #5.  That leads me to the next note.

Derek, THANK YOU for the wonderful edit you did.  People he took the ramblings of chapter 4 and made it into the chapter you just read.  Thanks bud, I couldn't have done it without you.  For all you people out there, DJ just wrote a short story.  It's great!  For all of you interested in reading it, it will be available on my web site http://www.slashstories.com by the middle of the week.  

Oh well, I have to go, and stop babbling here.  Hopefully Chapter 5 won't take quite as long to come out.  I am still going to try to stick to my goal of a chapter a week, but I can't make any promises.