Jimmy Needs Assistance

By Jojo

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Chapter 8 - We Meet Again

My flight arrived at the Orlando Airport a little after 3:00 p.m. to a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. To quote a favorite saying of Stephen's, "The birds are shining, the sun is singing, boy what a beautiful day!" Yeah, he's a little whacked, but you gotta love the guy none the less.

Going to baggage claim to gather what I could get away with taking on the plane, I hauled my luggage to the main entrance. James said that he had made arrangements for a car to pick me up here and bring me to the compound. From there I could get directions and a key to Joey's house, as well as pick up the rental and a key to his house as well. (Later I was to find out that the rental, a minivan, was actually rented to take the guys to the airport on Sunday. I got to double as a chauffeur it seemed.) I located the van, and with a quick note noticed that the driver was pretty cute, I loaded up and we headed for the compound. (Hey just because I'm taken doesn't mean I can't look!)

Getting to the Compound, and even though James gave me a description of the place, it was huge! I would hate to know how much this place cost. Thank god I didn't have to pay the mortgage. Walking in the front door, I was immediately met, or should I say stopped dead, by a huge and I mean huge black guy. Looking down at me he said, "Sorry, you will have to leave. No visitors are allowed on the premises" and followed it up with a look that could stop a tank dead.

Trying to control the impulse to turn and run as fast as my legs could carry me, I said in an uncharacteristically small voice "um, I'm Jojo Pearce. I work for James. I mean Lance. He had a car drop me off here so I could pick up some keys." God this guy could be intimidating.

After he heard my little speech, he started laughing and clapped me on the shoulder. "Oh, Jojo! Sorry, I forgot you were going to get back today. The guys told me about you stopping in. Sorry about that, just doing my job. Nice to meet you by the way, I'm Lonnie."

Talk about a relief, I started laughing as well. He really scared the shit out of me for a minute or two. "Nice to meet you as well Lonnie. That's ok about that, I knew you were just doing your job although I think I almost lost my bladder back there!"

That got Lonnie laughing even harder. "Good! It seems I haven't lost my touch then. Come on, I'll show you to the studio where the guys are. You might actually get to see Twinkle Toes practicing," he added with a slight chuckle.

Curious with whom he was referring to, I had to ask, "Who's Twinkle Toes?"

"Lance of course."

I just chuckled and filed that nickname in the back of my mind for future use.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

I was led to a door and told that the guys were on the other side rehearsing their dance routines. I walked in quietly and waited in the back. The cutie up front (I told you, I was taken, not dead) that I would soon learn was Wade, their main choreographer, was walking them through some steps to a song and noticed that I entered the room. He must have been expecting to be interrupted, because as soon as the song was over he called for a break.

Noticing this, the guys all looked around to see who came in, and both James and Joey immediately greeted me, with hellos from the rest of the guys. James just gave me a grin that said 'thank god you're here' as well as 'I want to get you alone, NOW!'

Joey gave me a hug immediately and whispered in my ear "thank god you're here, Lance has been driving me crazy the last couple days with you gone." He then said out loud for everyone else to hear after releasing me "it's about damn time you got back! I want my homemade pasta dinner!" with a shit eating grin on his face. Of course that got the desired effect he was after, making everyone laugh.

James then introduced me to Wade, and let me tell you, my gaydar was going off the scale. He didn't act gay or even the slightest bit effeminate that I could notice, but it pinged nonetheless. He definitely has that cute 'skate boarder' look to him.

With all the pleasantries out of the way, James spoke up. "Guys, if you'll excuse us, there's some business I need to attend to with Jojo in private. I'll be right back. Joey, could you catch up with us in about 5 minutes or so? We'll be in one of the meeting rooms."

"Yeah Scoop, no problem. I'll be there with bells on" was Joey's smart-ass reply. As we left the room Joey gave me a wink like he was saying 'don't look now, but you're going to get some!' I just laughed at his antics as we went to the meeting room.

We walked there quietly, James leading the way of course, in a very quick and business like manner. I wonder that the urgency was all about. He was acting very professional, but the quick glimpse I got of his eyes while in the dance hall said that he couldn't wait to get me alone. To be honest I was thinking the same way, but I also knew that we had to be professional here, as the risk was too great with all the staff around.

Once we got to the room James took a quick look around to be sure that there wasn't anyone hiding in the room, closed and locked the door and immediately pulled me to him, and proceeded to give me the kiss of my life. The passion, love, longing, and need that the kiss packed made me immediately light headed and I practically passed out from the intensity. Talk about earth shattering! I no longer had doubts about how he was feeling for me after that kiss. God could that man kiss! I'm usually not much of a kisser myself, but he was definitely converting me to his ways quickly. I was getting convinced his kisses could melt icebergs.

Looking into his eyes as the kiss broke, I then said, "Happy 22nd Birthday love" and then gave him a kiss myself. I figured what the hell, he already broke the rule, and we were in a locked room so what hurt would it cause. When it was over he gave me one of those smiles that I love, the one that goes from ear to ear, and said in a husky voice "now THAT is a birthday present I like!"

"I thought you would HununHundd, and there might be a couple more of those kisses later if you are a good little birthday boy the rest of the day. I really hate to break this up, but Joey should be here any time now and we shouldn't be doing this here anyway. You never know who is around and I don't want to cause you any trouble." I hadn't been back an hour and already we'd broken the 'no personal contact at work' agreement.

"I know" James added, "but I just had to do that. I've missed you sooo much. It took all the self control I had not to do that to you in the studio in front of everyone."

"I know what you mean Booboo, me too. Joey whispered in my ear when he gave me the hug that you have been driving him crazy the last couple nights while I was gone."

"Yeah, I did," he said with a pout. "I'll have to make it up to him." James had a look of brotherly love for Joey as he said the last part. I couldn't believe how expressive he is when his guard is down and with people he trusted. It was totally different than his public persona.

Just as James said that, there was a knock at the door. "Are you two in there?" It was Joey. "I have a pretty good idea what you two are 'discussing', so you better stop it and let me in right now."

James unlocked and opened the door for him, and laughing said "Joey we weren't doing anything other than going over directions to your house." I just stood there with an innocent look on my face not saying anything fearing I would give it away.

Joey just rolled his eyes and with a knowing look on his face said "yeah right, and I'm the Queen of England." I threw in a quick "Good evening your majesty " in a regal English voice and with a flourish gave him a bow. He just gave me a dirty look and continued while James laughed. "If that's true then why do both of you have swollen lips that are redder than normal, as well as both of you sporting tents in your pants?" James and I both turned beet red from embarrassment. Joey got a glint in his eye and added, "It looks like little Poo Fu wants to come out and play!"

This broke the mood and we all started laughing. It seems the guys like to joke with James about his little job he had when he was younger as Poo Fu the dog for his Uncle.

After the laughter died down, James switched gears and got a little more serious. "I was thinking about telling the rest of the guys about Jojo and I at dinner tomorrow. What do both of you think?"

I spoke up first. "Actually I was going to talk to you about that later tonight after you get done with rehearsals. I was going to suggest the same thing. Joey, what do you think?"

He thought for a bit and then said, "Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. The guys are already starting to get suspicious with the amount of time you have spent with each other on the phone the last couple days. Wait until after we eat though, I don't want anything to interfere with my dinner!"

"You ass!" I said laughing, and then turned to my new love and asked, "Is he always like this, thinking of food first?"

Laughing, James added, "Yeah, Joey has a two track mind. If he's not thinking about food, he's thinking about getting laid."

"Hey!" Joey threw in there, "I resemble that remark!"

After we got done laughing both Joey and James gave me the spare keys to their houses. James also got a map of the area and highlighted the best route to both houses from the Compound as well as the hotel I stayed at for reference so I could get myself where I needed to go later without too much trouble.

After this was done we walked back and met up with the guys, and they invited me to join them for dinner. Seeing I hadn't eaten yet, and it was getting close to 6:00 p.m., I accepted. Waiting for dinner to be served I got the chance to chat with the guys some more, as well as get to know Wade a little bit. He seemed like a nice kid. Very down to earth and he seemed both very serious and driven yet still had a goofy kid side to him as well.

During dinner we all sat around chatting and having a good time. I then mentioned that I liked the new single that they would be releasing entitled "POP." Everyone was curious how I got to hear it, as it wasn't supposed to be released until the 15th.

"Hey, how did you get to hear the single, It isn't going to be released for another week and a half or so?" This question coming from Josh.

"Well" I answered him, "Lance had John get a packet of information together for me to go over before I started work and he had the CD single in the packet. Don't worry guys, I only listened to it at home and haven't given it to anyone. It's safe in my briefcase." Saying the last part seemed to relax them a little.

"By the way Justin, I'm very impressed. I really enjoyed the song. I knew that Josh was gifted with writing songs, but I didn't know you had the talent as well. I know writing isn't as easy as most people think, especially writing lyrics. Oh, same to you as well Wade, I heard that you had a hand in some of the writing on the album as well." I figured a little flattery couldn't hurt I thought, then continued. "If 'Celebrity' is anything like 'No Strings' and has the energy that 'POP' has, the album will be unstoppable. I can't wait to hear it."

"Thank you for the compliment Jojo" Justin spoke up. "It's nice to hear from someone not so biased. I'm a little nervous, no actually terrified about the reaction it'll get once it's released. That is the first song I wrote that is going to be released as a single, as well as being the first song from the new album as well, only makes me more nervous."

"Well Justin you don't have to worry, it will go over big. It's catchy, and has a great beat to dance to as well. It should go over really well."

Joey spoke up next. "We'll have to get you a copy of the new album. I think Johnny has a few copies of them around here somewhere. I'm curious what you think of it. Lance told us about your critique of our first album as well as what you thought of 'No Strings' so I'm dying to find out what you think of 'Celebrity'."

"Oh god, I'm so embarrassed. I hope I didn't piss anyone off with what I said."

"Relax Jojo" Josh jumped in. "You had some pretty good insights, I think you might have some talent to do some producing, and we all pretty much agreed with what you said. Unfortunately we didn't have much creative control over the first album. That's one of the reasons why we broke away from TransCon and Lou Pearlman."

Justin mumbled under his breath "that's not the only reason, that fat bastard."

Joey quickly jumped in with "so that's settled then. I'll have someone have Johnny give you a copy of the album tonight before you leave. If we can't track one down I'm sure Scoop can give you a preview."I guess he was hoping no one caught on to what Justin said, and if they did no one commented on it. I picked up on the last part of what he said with the implied meaning behind it, aimed at James and myself. Oh what a smart ass, he was going down.

The wise ass in me had to speak up next. "Thanks Joe, between making copies of the album and your underwear I can swipe from your house, I should be able to make a fortune selling them on Ebay!" I had to throw that one in. I needed to get him back for embarrassing James and I in the meeting room earlier as well.

"You better not wise ass!" Joey yelled with a laugh. "As soon as I get home I am going to number every pair so I'll know if any are missing."

Justin decided to jump into the conversation. "Joey, who in the hell would want to buy underwear that has been on your skanky ass anyway? If anything they would pay for them to be burned!"

Joey just gave him the evil eye. "Just wait Curly, just wait. You know what they say about payback, it's a bitch!"

By this time we were pretty much done eating, and Wade decided to get the whip out and put the guys back to work. The amount of moans and groans from everyone was pretty funny. The only way that Wade got everyone moving was threatening to finish tomorrow instead, taking away their only day off for awhile. With that said, they all few out of the chairs and started warming up. Wade and I just stood there laughing.

I told both Joey and James that I would see them later, and said to the other guys good night and I would see them for dinner tomorrow.

---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Walking through the compound to the front door I ran into Johnny Wright. Saying hi we chatted for a few minutes. He told me to rest up because we are going to have a busy couple of weeks. I told him that I thought I was ready. He just laughed then handed me a CD. He said that Joey had just called and asked him to give it to me. Looking at it I noticed it was their new album 'Celebrity' and thanked Johnny and bid him farewell, and said I would see him Sunday.

Getting to the van I noticed that my luggage was already loaded in it so I hopped in and started my journey to Joey's house. Popping the CD into the stereo I looked at the directions again and started on my way. Getting to his house was pretty easy with the directions I was given, and I had a good time bopping to the music. The album sounded great so far.

Getting to his house I grabbed some of my bags and let myself in. Taking a quick look around I noticed that Joey tended to be like me, a little on the unkempt side of things. You know what I mean, why pick that up now when you can do it later type of housework. I would be right at home. Finding the guestroom, I set my bags down and went out to get the rest. With that completed, task number 1 was done. I packed a small bag and took off to what I had started referring to as the 'Bass Abode.'

Making my way to my new boyfriend's home (god I loved saying that!) I let myself in and headed for the kitchen, only making a detour to the stereo to put on some Jazz. I've gotten into the habit of listening to Jazz when I am doing something,for some reason it allows me to focus better. Once I got into the kitchen I started snooping around to see what James had in his kitchen.

What a nightmare. I don't think anything had been cooked in it since he bought and remodeled the house. If it couldn't be cooked in the microwave or fried in a pan it wasn't cooked in there. He had all the basics, but was seriously lacking a lot of things. The only spices he seemed to have were salt, pepper, and cinnamon. I'm assuming he had the cinnamon only because he loves French toast so much. He had the pots for the sauce, but nothing to bake in. It looked like I needed to do more shopping than I originally anticipated.

So, off shopping I went. My first stop was the bakery I fell in love with by the hotel. I purchased a couple of loaves of Italian bread, as I didn't think I would have the time to bake bread tomorrow, and asked where the best place they recommended to pick up both the meat, vegetables, spices and other ingredients I would need for the dinner. Maria (one of the owners I mentioned before) gave me the name and address of both a butcher and small import grocery for my needed supplies. Yeah you may be asking why didn't I just go to the local supermarket? Because you can't get the good stuff at a supermarket. If you want authentic Italian food, you need to get authentic Italian ingredients. Yeah I'm picky with what I cook, but one taste and you would know why.

Stopping at the grocer I picked up the fresh tomatoes, onions, eggplant, cheeses (I use 5 different types) as well as the requisite olive oil and fresh garlic and other assorted ingredients and spices I would need to make the feast. I then headed to the butchers and got the ground beef and pork for the meatballs and some fresh sausage. I also picked up some Pepperoni to go with some of the cheese and crackers I picked up for munchies before dinner.

Final stop was to a kitchen supply store for the baking pans and other utensils I would need. By the time I was done James would have a nicely stocked kitchen. Making a final mental check that I had everything I needed I headed back over to James' to get everything unloaded and put away.

Just as I was finishing getting everything put away (and doing some minor re-arranging of his kitchen to make it easier to work in) I heard the front door open and then close. Looking at the clock I noticed it was a little after 11:00 p.m. About a minute later a certain blond haired cutie with green eyes came strolling into the kitchen. He looked exhausted but had a smile on his face when he located me.

"I see you made yourself right at home in the kitchen. Find everything you need?" He said this as he walked over to me and pulled me into a hug and a kiss.

"Hi you, welcome home. Rough day at the office dear?" The last part was said in the best Donna Reed voice I could muster while batting my eyelashes at him.

"Yeah I did you dork! Leave it to you to crack a joke when I least expect it."

"Well James, sometimes I just can't resist. I just love to see that smile on your face, it lights up the whole room. Plus, I figured with the last few days you had and all the stress you were under you probably could use it. Come on, let's go into the living room. I want to spend some time with you before you pass out from exhaustion."

As we walked to the living room James asked "so how does the kitchen meet your expectations?"

"Well Hun, It's laid out nicely, but I had to do some more shopping than I anticipated. Have you ever used the kitchen other than heating things up in the microwave or making French toast?"

"Not really" he said with a laugh. "You're going to give the kitchen it's first real shakedown since I had the house remodeled."

"That explains it. I hope you don't mind but I did some re-arranging of a few things." I know it was a little late to ask, and I didn't think he would mind, but I had to ask anyway.

"No problem Hun, I said to make yourself at home and I meant it. Whatever makes you more comfortable. You are probably the only one who is going to use the kitchen anyway so don't worry about it."

I then went over to the stereo and turned on some Jazz. Yeah I know, you are probably saying why the Jazz again, and that's easy. Some nice soft Jazz is the perfect music to cuddle and relax with someone you love. It's so very relaxing and also makes some of the best make out music there is.

After this was completed I looked at James who was standing next to me and said "James, go over to the couch and lay on your stomach for me please" The look of confusion from my request was evident on his face.

"Just trust me James." He did and without saying anything went over to the couch to lay down.

I then proceeded to give him one of my patented back rubs. He was so tense that it seemed like forever before he started to relax. To hear the moans and grunts that James was uttering would make you blush if you didn't know how innocent they were. After about 15 minutes or so of this I finally started to feel the tension leave him. At this point I was sitting on his butt and running my hands up and down his back. (And you all you perverts out there, we were both fully dressed so get your minds out of the gutter.)

Noticing that James was starting to fall asleep, I leaned over and kissed his cheek saying, "feel better love?"

With a far away look in his eyes he just said "God that felt so good. I didn't realize I was so tense until you started. Here, get off me for a minute will you?"

I stood up and he scooted up to the head of the couch and patted between his legs. He didn't need to ask again. I laid up against him with my head on his chest as his arms engulfed me hugging me tightly to him. We just sat like that for a couple minutes with our hands intertwined. I never felt so safe before in my life as I did then in his embrace.

James broke the silence about five minutes later. "That was one of the most intense and intimate moments I have ever had in my life. It's like you knew exactly what I needed. Where did you learn how to do that?"

I just smiled. "I didn't learn it anywhere. It just seemed like the thing to do. I just let instinct take over. Nothing special."

"That may not have been anything special to you, but it was to me. Thank you." With that said he leaned down and kissed me on the top of my head. My heart just melted all over again.

I felt him tense for a second and take in a deep breath so I knew he was going to say or ask something serious. Then he began "Jojo, would you spend the night here with me tonight? It's getting late and I know you had a long day. Before you say anything please hear me out. I'm not asking you to move in or this become a regular event, but I would really like to spend the night with you. I'm not asking for sex either, as neither of us is ready for that yet. I just want to be close to you and hold you for the rest of the night."

I looked up and could see the conviction on his face. There was also something else but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe apprehension? I just leaned up and kissed him and said, "let's go to bed. We're both exhausted and I have a dinner to cook tomorrow. What time are the guys going to get here anyway?"

He must have really been tired, as he didn't process everything I said at once. He answered my question first with "They should be here around 2 or so. Everyone wants to sleep in and I don't expect anyone to be up before noon." Then everything I said to him hit him. His face lit up like at kid at Christmas. "You mean it? You really mean it? You're really going to stay the night with me?" The joy in his voice and look on his face was priceless.

"Yes love, I'm really going to stay the night. I had a feeling you were going to ask, and I was thinking along the same lines earlier myself. I packed an overnight bag before I left Joey's and it's up in the first guestroom as we speak."

"Well come on then, let's go to bed."

With that said I got up and helped James off the couch. Hand in hand we walked upstairs. Getting to his bedroom door we stopped. I then said "if you'll excuse he Hun I'm going to the guest room and take a quick shower before heading to bed. I'll come over when I'm done."

He just smiled and said "great minds think alike. I was just going to mention that I was going to take one as well. Even though I took a shower at the Compound, I still feel a little grungy. I'll be out in about 15 minutes."

"Ok, see you then" then we both gave each other a quick kiss and went our separate ways.

Finishing my shower I dressed in just my boxerbriefs and went back into James' bedroom. Just as I entered the room he came out of his bathroom at the same time. We both stood there for a minute or so looking at each other practically without any clothes on. The sight of James standing in nothing but his boxerbriefs was a sight to behold. He had to be the most beautiful person in the world as far as I was concerned. I on the other hand was a little embarrassed. I don't have the most beautiful body in the world and I'll admit it. I could have afforded to loose fifteen to twenty pounds easily. I wasn't in my most fit shape either. Where James was smooth from head to toe (except all the usual places one gets hair after puberty not withstanding) while I was covered with a layer of dark hair (well except for my back. Back hair is sooo gross.) You can thank my Italian ancestry for that.

James noticed my apprehension and embarrassment about my body and took a few steps over to me. Putting both hands up to my face, making eye contact and lightly rubbing my cheeks with his thumbs for emphasis said, "you are beautiful. Don't ever think otherwise. In my eyes you are beautiful both inside AND out and that's all you have to worry about." He then took me in a hug that threatened to squeeze the life out of me. I just let out a sigh and a few tears of happiness. I was really concerned with what his reaction would be to seeing me without clothes.

While in the embrace I said "Thank you James for that. As you probably noticed I was kind of worried about it. Thank you."

"There is no need to thank me for telling you the truth. I fell in love with you because it was YOU, not because of how you look or don't look. It's a package deal. I kind of like you the way you are and that's all that matters." Breaking the hug he said "come on, time to go to bed. I have a full day off to spend with you tomorrow."

Before he had a chance to walk away I pulled him close and gave him a kiss saying "I love you Mr. Bass with all my heart."

"I love you too Hun, I love you too."

We then went over to the bed and I noticed something else, I gravitated to the left side of the bed while James went to the right side. It seems we were even compatible on which side of the bed we prefer. Climbing in together, we both laid on our right sides with James spooning me from behind while wrapping his arms around me. While settling in he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodnight. We both fell into an almost immediate, deep restful sleep.

(To be continued!)

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