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Joey's Super Hero - Chapter 1

by JT Poole

* Friday Afternoon - A Concert Arena in Dallas, Texas *

"Hey, hey, you there what are you doing? " asked Barbara as she walked over to the young man that was doing his best to climb over the fence.

"I wasn't doing nothing lady, look I don't want any trouble, just leave me alone!" the boy said as he started to walk away from her.

"Look kid this is a restricted area, I am gonna have to take you into custody!" she said.

"LIKE HELL YOU WILL, NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON'T!", he said as he disappeared.

'Where did he go? Damn, not another problem, JT is not going to be happy about this if he finds out some other mutants have invaded the concert site, we don't need a repeat of last time.' Barbara thought.

* Backstage *

"When is tonight's act arriving JT, shouldn't they be here already?" asked Hank one of the other security officers.

"They should have been here around 2pm since the concert starts at 7pm, so far everything is ready, they just need to arrive." JT said as he overlooked the clipboard of all the available staff for tonight's concert.

"Is everyone in place Hank? I have placed two extra guards backstage, I was told that this act needed double security so I have made extra arrangements for everything security wise." JT said as he walked over to Hank.

"Who is this act, why are they so important, are they that famous?" asked Hank as he and JT walked out of the backstage area.

"The act is called 'N Sync and three of the singer's have been getting harassing phone calls and letters, that's why all the security is needed and wanted. Let's go ahead and do the walk through again and be ready for the act to get here."

* 2 Hours Later, Right Before the concert starts *

"Hi Gentlemen, my name is JT, I am the Security Manager for 'N Sync's new security team. There are currently 12 members of the security team and I will be the connection between you all and security, so if you need anything let me know, any questions?" JT asked as the room of five guys looked at him as though he had caught them off guard

"Hi, my name is Lance, Lance Bass, and that is Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, Jos...JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake, we are 'N Sync." Lance said as he went around the room and pointed each member out to me.

"Nice to meet all of you." JT said as he was preparing to leave.

"JT are you and the security staff replacing the current staff or is this just for tonight?" Justin asked.

"Well myself, Barbara Drake, Hank Hart, Tyler Sheridan and Wanda Langley will be joining you all for the remainder of the tour permanently, the other security staff here tonight will not be along. We will hire extra security staff at each destination as we see fit to." JT said as Joey raised his hand.

"So will you guys be personal bodyguards to us or somethin'?" Joey asked.

"Well Joey, here is how things are going to work according to your guys management, all of us security personnel had to fill out these personality evaluations so that you guys could read them and choose who you wanted to be your personal bodyguard, after that then you are stuck with us unless you guys have problems with any of us." JT said as everyone shrugged their shoulders and agreed.

"Five minutes to showtime guys, are you ready?", Johnny, the guys manager popped through the door and waited for the guys response.

"Okay guys you have fun out there, I will be in the first row, if something happens, I can get up to the stage.", JT said as he walked out of the dressing room.

"Okay guys we are gonna start with 'Here We Go', then lead into 'Sailing' then go into solo ballads, then Justin can get ready for the second half of the show..." Johnny says as the guys started to head for the stage.

* At The Arena Entrance Gate *

The guys are on stage singing their hearts out when all of a sudden there is a small disturbance at the entrance gate.

"Look man, I paid my money like everyone else, you are not gonna keep me from coming in here!", the young man said.

"Sir, I am sorry, but I can't let you in until I inspect your backpack, arena policy. Either I check the backpack or you don't get into the show." Barbara said as she had a look as though she had seen the young man before.

"Look lady, what's with all of this, you act like I am a criminal or something, get your hands off of me and let go of my bag!", he shouted to Barbara.

"That's it, I need a security team at the Entrance Gate, we have a problem!", Barbara spoke into her headset.

"OK LADY THAT'S IT I AM OUTIE!", he said as he disappeared.

'JT we have a special problem on our hands, we have a disappearing mutant, one that can seem to get in and out of here unnoticed.' she thought, hoping that JT could hear what she was thinking.

* Couple of minutes later in the first row of the audience *

'Here we go one more time everybody's feelin' fine Here we go now...what do you mean we have a problem? Do you recognize who the person is?', JT though as he telepathically spoke to Barbara.

'Well if you stop singing and focus back here and maybe do a psychic scan of the area you may find something that doesn't belong.' Barbara thought as she looked all around for the disappearing young man.

"Security is needed at the Entrance Gate, repeat Security is needed at the Entrance Gate!" JT spoke into his headset.

"Hank, how am I gonna explain this to the guys that they have a mutant trying his best to get into their concert and we can't catch him because he keeps disappearing. This is going to be harder than I thought." JT said while walking through the


"Regardless of what is going on, we may have to tell the guys who we are and what we can do just so make sure that they don't freak if they happen to see something strange.", Hank said as he was staring at the stage looking at Lance.

"Something strange, strange like you shapeshifting to look like someone else? That kind of strange or watching Barbara freeze a can soda with her hand." JT said as he looked back at him.

"Strange like you doing the same thing, remember you are the bio-morph around here you can copy all of our powers and read our minds so don't think you don't do strange things either." he said as he was getting ready to walk backstage.

"The guys are on the last set, let's get backstage to do another walk through and have someone check the dressing room to make sure things are okay in there.", JT said as he walked over to Johnny, the guys manager.

* Backstage *

'I think I need to shift into another form just in case, I want to be able to catch this person if they are here, maybe I should look like Justin since he's one of the guys getting the most phone calls.' Hank thought as he entered the dressing room.

"Wow oh wow, it's you, it's really you!", the young man said as he turned around to jump forward in front of me.

"Who the hell are you? How did you get back here?" Hank said as he spoke to the young man as he was shifting back to his true image.

"What you are not Justin, you must be a special person like me too!", the young man screamed.

"SECURITY, SECURITY!" Hank yelled hoping that the security team down the corridor will hear him.

"What's wrong Mr. Hart? What's the problem?", one of the security officer's said.

"Damn he disappeared again. JT is not going to like this, not one bit." Hank said as he walked out of the dressing room.

Just then, the boys were on their way down the corridor ready to relax in the dressing room, when JT came running past them to the room.

"Hank what's going on? I heard you scream and I felt it too." JT said as he got to him in the dressing room.

"The guy was in here and well he thought I was Justin and he tried to grab me, that's all it is too it." Hank said.

"He thought you were Justin? Did you, you know?", JT asked him as he turned to see the guys finally walking into the room.

"Yeah I did, and he noticed that I wasn't Justin and well he vanished again." Hank spoke just as Wanda and Tyler entered the room.

Johnny, the boys manager entered the room and surveyed the scene and wanted to know what had happened. JT went over to him and gave him the low down, sans the mutant activity of what happened. He got upset and told JT to inform the other security guards not to leave the boys alone at all, regardless of how the boys felt about it, that we had to stick to them like glue. JT went over to the briefcase that he had left on the desk and he took out a folder that had the special evaluations forms that 'N Sync's management had had them fill out earlier.

"Ok guys these are the evaluations that we filled out earlier, just go over these and you guys can pick which one of us you want to have as your bodyguard or I can pick for you." JT said as he laid the folder on the table in front of the couch in the dressing room that the guys were sitting around.

"Why don't you pick the bodyguards since you are the manager JT." Johnny said as he walked behind the guys.

"Well I wanted the guys to be able to choose the person they are gonna be with on a day-to-day basis. I don't want the guys stuck with one of us if there are personality clashes or something like that." JT said.

A couple of minutes passed and the guys sat around passing evaluations back-and-forth amongst themselves trying to figure out who would be there person that would be stuck to them like glue for the remainder of the tour. This routine went on for almost an hour and then the guys all stood up and walked to the person they chose to be their bodyguard.

"Wanda, that's you right, I want you to be my bodyguard. I am Chris Kirkpatrick and I hope we can be good friends as well." Chris said as he reached out his hand to Wanda.

"Hi, I am Wanda Langley, I guess you are stuck with me and I hope we do become good friends." Wanda said as she shook Chris' hand and gave him a hug.

"Are you Hank?" Lance asked.

"Yep that's me, so are we teaming up to hang out?" Hank asked Lance.

"I guess you are my new bodyguard if that's alright with you..." Lance said shakily.

"Cool with me..." Hank said as he was thinking that all of his dreams were coming true.

'Alright Hank, stop that, before you end up doing something out of the ordinary like jumping on him and screwing his brains out.' JT telepathically thought so that Hank could hear him.

"JT you are with me, I hope you have a good sense of humor, because I am a prankster, but I also have a serious side and I hope we can be tight and right." Joey said as he grabbed my hand and shook it.

"You just don't know how good of a sense of humor I have, you will just have to test it to see." JT said as he turned to see Tyler and Hank winking at him.

"Hi can I call you Barb, if that's okay with you?" Justin asked.

"Sure as long as I get to call you Curly, it seems everyone else does and I think it suits you just fine." Barbara said as she smiled at Justin.

"I guess me and you get to hang out together Tyler, I am JC Chasez, but you may call me Josh, or JC whichever you prefer." JC spoke to Tyler.

"Alright Josh it is, and nice to meet you." Tyler spoke as he shook JC's hand.

The guys all mingled around introducing themselves around too each other and talking to get to know each other. This lasted for about an hour and then Johnny popped in announcing that the limo had arrived and it was ready to take everyone to the hotel.

Everyone filed out of the dressing room and headed out to the awaiting limos to be taken to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, Justin and JC where trying to convince Barbara and Tyler to let them goto a club, while Joey and JT sat and discussed some of the places they were gonna be going on tour. After a couple of minutes of the Justin and JC whining Barbara and Tyler gave in and decided that they could goto a club only if they kept close enough to them in the club and didn't go to far without supervision.

* Arriving at the Hotel *

"JT what arrangements were made for our sleeping and stuff?" Barbara asked, while talking on her cell phone with Wanda and Hank.

"Well we are paired up in rooms with our designated charges. We have been booked into rooms with double beds. That's how it's going to be for the rest of the tour. When we get off tour, that's a different story but we don't worry about that now since we haven't gotten to that point yet." JT said as they walked into the hotel.

"Hey Barb, don't forget the club in 20 minutes, and where something hot." Justin said as he pulled JC into the hotel doors.

'What is this about the club in 20 minutes Barbara? What is Justin talking about?' JT thought telepathically to Barbara.

"Him and JC wanted to goto a club tonight so me and Tyler gave in and said we would go as long as they stayed close to us. JT we will make sure they are okay, so don't freak out or anything. We can protect them and ourselves or have you forgotten what we all can do." Barbara stated as she and JT walked through the hotel lobby making notes of safety precautions.

"Okay as long as you report any odd things to me immediately and be sure to call or think me if needed. I don't want that kid that can teleport or whatever it is that he does showing up and grabbing or getting to these guys. Also make sure that you and Tyler get them back here safely in one piece or Johnny will have my neck and yours." JT said as they stepped into the elevator.

"Alright, what are the plans for Joey and Lance?" Barbara asked.

"Well Lance and Hank are gonna hang out in the arcade downstairs to get to know one another, and Joey and I are just going to chill and talk in front of the TV I guess since he said he wanted to stay in tonight. I am gonna have to keep a psychic eye on Hank and make sure he doesn't get to excited with Lance, you know he has that big crush on him. I am afraid he may accidently shapeshift in front of Lance and give everything away." JT said as he and Barbara laughed about the whole conversation.

* Later at Club Dallas *

"Chris glad you and Wanda came along, now it will be more fun. Wanda you look cool in that, so do you Barb." Justin said as they waited outside to get into the club.

"Thanks Curly, nice pants, I don't think I would have the nerve to wear tight clothing like that, I try to give everyone the same view." Barbara said, as everyone laughed at Justin blushing about her comment.

"Take it easy Justin, your face might explode if you turn anymore shades of red." Chris joked as the finally walked into the club.

"Alright guys...make sure you stay close enough that we can smell your cologne, if we feel you are too far away or there is any danger, we are getting you out of here." Wanda said as they all walked to a table.

"Oh come on, we came to dance and have fun tonight, not be babysat all night. you guys got to get on the floor with us and shake your groove thangs..." Justin said, as they all gave him strange looks.

"We will be sitting at the table, you guys have fun, and don't stray too far or Johnny will have our heads on a platter if something happens to you guys." Barbara said as she took her place at the table.

(<Ringgggg>) "Hello...this is Tyler, may I help you?" Tyler spoke into his cell phone.

"Tyler get the guys back here to the hotel now! Don't stop for anything, just get the guys back here now and make sure you don't upset the guys. " JT yelled into the phone.

"JT what's going on, why are you yelling?" Tyler asked calmly.

"Joey just received a package. The package contained a letter and pictures of you, Justin, Wanda, Chris, Barbara and JC at the club you are in now. The letter stated that at Midnight 'N Sync would be short two singers and two bodyguards, and that at 1:00 am the oldest member of 'N Sync would be next. Just get everyone back here now and don't waste any time doing it and let Barbara and Wanda know what's going on, just don't tell the guys." JT spoke.

"We are on our way. Keep a psychic eye on us to make sure nothing happens to us." Tyler said as he hung up his cell phone.

As Tyler gathered up everyone to leave, he stated to Wanda and Barbara what was going on and what had needed to be done. Chris, Justin and JC didn't want to leave the club and started to protest. After Wanda growled at them in here feline tone, they all snapped into line and was ready to go.

* While riding back to the hotel *

"Hey Driver, I want to get something to eat, stop at a pizza joint or something if you see something that's open." Justin said.

"Driver disregard that, keep driving back to the hotel." Tyler spoke.

"Hey!!!!! I am hungry, I want something to eat man." Justin whined.

"You can get something to eat at the hotel, we can't stop right now, we need to get you back to the hotel." Tyler tried to reason with Justin.

"Look man, I want something to eat, Driver stop at the next place you see that's open." Justin said to the limo driver.

"Sir what should I do?" the limo driver asked Tyler.

"Go directly to the hotel and enter the back parking garage." Tyler spoke again.

"Justin give it up, we can get something to eat at the hotel with room service or something." JC said.

* At The Hotel *

"Johnny, how many days are left here in Dallas?" JT spoke.

"We are here until Thursday of next week. After Saturday's concert, the guys will have some rest days." Johnny said as he read off the tour schedule to JT.

"Okay with this new development, we may have to leave after the concert Saturday and move to a safer location. With everything that has happened in the last 2 hours, I think the guys should rest elsewhere." JT said to Johnny.

"Look, I don't know what's exactly happening, but could you please tell me, this does involve me, so I would like to know what's going on. " Joey said as he looked as Johnny and JT.

"Well Joey you do have a point, but I want to get all the facts together first before I let any information out that may not be correct. But I will tell you that the person that has been sending you, Justin and Lance all the threatening letters and making the phone calls is here in town and it seems that he knows where you guys are." JT stated plainly to Joey.

"What!!!!! He's here, what do you mean he's here." Joey shouted. "We must leave now. I don't want to be here so that this guy can get me or the others." Joey shouted again.

"Joey we have another concert on Saturday night, we just can't up and leave. The concert is already sold out. We can't go." Johnny tried explaining to Joey.

"Well it's just 18 hours until the concert, if we keep you guys here in one place and make sure that there is no way for the guy to get in here, you guys can have the concert and we can be out of here after the concert tonight and you can all take your rest days off in another town somewhere." JT said and hopes that Joey and Johnny would agree.

"Fine, but your guys better protect us and make sure nothing happens to none of us." Joey said.

* Down in the Parking Garage *

"Look man that wasn't cool playin' me in front of the limo driver like dat!" Justin said harshly to Tyler.

"Barbara get him upstairs to Joey's room please before he blows this whole thing out of proportion." Tyler said as he finished giving orders to the limo driver and talking on his phone to JT.

"Wanda can I ask you something?" Chris asked.

"Sure, what is it?" She said as she turned to face him.

"What's going on, why did you guys rush us out of the club and wouldn't stop to let us get something to eat?" Chris asked.

"Well, to put it plainly, while you guys were in the club, someone took some pictures of you guys and sent them back to the hotel to Joey's room with a threatening note attached. So to protect you, JT told as to get you all back to the hotel as soon as possible and to not stop for anything until you got up to Joey's room." she said calmly.

"What! Someone took pictures of us, who and when? Oh god, I knew something like this was gonna happen, I told the guys not to go! I told them I had a bad feeling about going out tonight." Chris cried as he looked at Wanda.

"Why did you have a bad feeling about going out tonight?" Wanda asked.

"Well tonight wasn't like any other concert night, we got ready tonight like we normally do, but I keep seeing this strange guy walk by on side stage, everytime I glanced over in that direction he was there, watching, like he was ready to grab us or something. Oh god, what are we going to do Wanda?" Chris asked while he continued to cry.

"Was the guy part of the security crew or what? What made you think something was wrong with this guy, what made you think this guy was out of place?"

"The guy was wearing black and nothing else, I could barely see his eyes through the fabric he was wearing." Chris stated to Wanda.

"Why didn't you tell us this before now, we would have not let you guys gone out tonight. If we would have known this, you guys would have been on lock down for the rest of the night." Wanda said as they stepped into the elevator with the others.

"What's up Wanda, you seem to have a startled look on your face, what's the matter?" Tyler asked.

"Chris just informed me that he saw a strange person at the concert tonight spying on the guys while they were singing. He said the guy didn't look like he was part of the security, he was just a stranger among us." Wanda said.


"Oh My Gosh, What was that noise!!" Chris yelled.

'JT can you hear me, JT what's going on, what was that noise?' Wanda thought, in hopes that JT would telepathically hear her.


"Oh oh, that noise means, JT has a problem on his hand. I hope nothing is going down to big for him to handle by himself." Barbara said.

"What's going on, what is that noise now! That's kind of loud and I am beginning to get a big headache." Justin said as he look up at the elevator ceiling.

'Everyone, I hope you hear me, I have encountered the guy that is partially behind all of this, his name is Ken Polanski, he calls himself Poltergeist. As I was outside of the room, waiting for you guys to arrive he appeared in the hallway. He can pass through solid objects and he can teleport that I know of so far, be on the look out, he's wearing all black...' JT said telepathically to his friends.

"Okay, we need to do something else, JT is up there on your guys floor with the guy that's trying to get you. Okay Wanda, can you do us the honors of getting us out of this elevator and putting us say in Joey's room?" Tyler asked.

"How do you know what JT is doing and how do you expect her to get us out of here and into Joey's room?" JC asked questioningly.

"Oh the wonders of magic my dear, the wonders of magic." Wanda said as she growled, her imaged changed to that of a female cat that stood upright on hind legs and her eyes started to glow.

The room started to get brighter as everyone was surrounded by a gold-colored energy that seem to black out everything else as Wanda growled again and spoke.


* In Joey's Room *

"Puuuurrrfect, just in time fur a good whooping! Eye'll help JT, you three git the boyzz out of Joey's room and git them elsewhere in the hotel to safety." Wanda growled as she walked out of Joey's room and joined JT in trying to catch the guy called Poltergeist.

"What just happened to us. How did we get out of the elevator and into here? What happened to Wanda, why does she look like a cat, why does she sound like a cat and what is all that noise in the hallway?" Justin asked as Barbara and Tyler shook their heads at each other.

"Okay, I knew this was gonna have to be said, I wish it was under different circumstances though. We are not what we appear to be, we are mutants all five of us." Barbara spoke scared.

"What are mutants?" Lance asked.

"Mutants are humans that have special abilities or skills that make them different from other people." Tyler stated hoping that the guys wouldn't ask anymore questions.

"So we see that Wanda's a cat, what animals are the rest of you?" Chris asked looking around at them.


"There you are, my pretty little Justin and Lance, why have you been hiding from me?" Poltergeist said as he burst into the room.


"What is that glowing thing in his hand?" JC asked.

"It's JT's psychic sword, with it he can cut through anything." Barbara said as everyone looked at JT with wide eyes.

"You mean that comes from his mind right?" JC asked again.

"Yep, JT is a very strong psychic and most of his powers are psychic in nature." Tyler said.

"Look I came here to get Justin and Lance and I am going to get them, if I have to kill all of you to do it! Now get out of my way Psychic Warrior are else!!!" Poltergeist yelled.

"I have already warned you, but I guess I will have to take greater measures, now Wanda!" JT yelled as everything in the room was enveloped in a gold-colored light and the guys all disappeared.



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