Jolan's Path-Chapter 13

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 13

Justin awoke, finding himself alone in Jolan's bed.
He stretched, glancing at his watch.
He'd slept for over two hours, the watch reading one-fifteen.
He rose up, walking quietly out of the room, finding the hallway silent.
Justin visited the bathroom, then proceeded to walk downstairs.
He walked into the living room, finding it empty.
He walked into the kitchen, everyone sitting around the table, Jolan standing at the kitchen counter, his hands immersed in dish water.
Everyone had just finished lunch, all of them relaxing with a cup of tea.
"You should have woken me, I've missed lunch!"
"Jolan wouldn't hear of it. He said you needed sleep more than sustenance." Henry smiled, sitting at the far end of the table.
"Thanks, Jolan. Sleep I did need. I feel more refreshed."
Jolan smiled, wiping his hands on a dish towel.
"Sit down, Jus. I'll bring you something."
Justin smiled, walking over to his friends.
Justin sat down at the table, Jolan placing a plate in front of him.
"I've made you some sandwiches and a tossed salad."
Justin smiled up at Jolan, Jolan smiling back.
"Thanks, Jolan. You're always looking out for me." Justin said, picking up a sandwich, biting into it.
"I think it will be my life's ambition." Jolan smiled, going back to finishing the dishes.
Trace chuckled, Justin smiling.
"Here's hoping." Justin said quietly, only Trace hearing it.
Justin finished his lunch, Jolan finishing the dishes.
Justin helped Jolan clean up the table and counters, everything put in its place.
Shelly had walked in just as they were finishing, everyone smiling at her.
"Good afternoon, my love." Henry said, kissing her cheek.
Shelly took a quiet look at Jolan, then looked at Justin.
"You've become the talk of the town, Jolan." she said, everyone looking at her.
"What do you mean, Shell?" Henry asked, sensing she was worried about something.
Shelly sat down at the table, Jolan bringing her a cup of tea.
"Jason Fenton saw you in the market yesterday, Jolan. And a year ago he saw you out on Cutter's Road. He's been talking all around town about seeing you now in the flesh. That you're the 'boy from the woods' as people call you. And Bill Anderson is telling everyone about what happened this morning. About you sending him and his son on a wild goose chase. That you sent them away from the deer they were tracking. They're calling you some angry names."
Jolan sat down, Justin putting his arm around him.
"Then it's a good thing that we're leaving tomorrow." Jolan said quietly.
Shelly put her hand on top of his.
"Jim Wilson, the deputy, was in the restaurant while they were all there. He was putting on airs, telling everyone that he'd get to the bottom of all this. That he wouldn't let some outsider make the townsfolk look like fools. Jim's a good man, in his own way. But he's got an inflated ego. I'm worried that he may come after you, Jolan. I think you should lay low here until tomorrow."
Jolan put his hand in hers, smiling at her.
"Don't worry about me, Shelly. I'm not looking for trouble or wanting to interact with any of them. But this afternoon I'm going out to Cutter's Road. Justin is right. I need to see the place. To get my bearings, so to speak. I want to see if I can remember anything out there."
Shelly looked at Henry.
"Jolan's right, Shell. That place is where this started for all of us, and where, in a sense, it ended for the younger Jolan. It can't hurt to see if something connects in Jolan's mind out there."
Shelly nodded, but her eyes still voiced worry.
"Alright, I guess that can't hurt."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling at him.
"Well then, no time like the present. I'm ready for this. I think." Jolan said, Justin rubbing his shoulder.
"Are you sure, Jolan?" he said tenderly, Jolan seeing the worry in his eyes.
"Yes, Jus. Tomorrow I'm leaving this place, and I sense that I will be back. Whatever happened out there is part of who I am. I think I will come full circle on this."
Everyone nodded, seeing a look of calmness in Jolan's eyes.
"Let's take a walk back into my soul." he said quietly, standing up and walking out of the room.
Five friends watched him leave, five souls showing their love.

A half hour later Justin sat beside Jolan in Shelly's van, everyone surrounding them.
His five friends guarding him with their love.
Henry parked the van on Cutter's Road, short of where all the apparitions had appeared.
He cut the engine, everyone quiet and watching Jolan.
"Let's get out. I need to walk around." Jolan quietly said.
Justin opened his door, climbing out, giving Jolan a hand, Jolan smiling and stepping out of the van.
He stepped onto the paved road, looking around quietly.
The others all exited the van, Trace lifting Cindy into her wheelchair.
They stayed beside the van, quietly waiting to see what Jolan wanted to do.
Jolan turned, looking at all of them, his eyes lastly looking into Justin's.
"Let me walk for a while by myself. I need to soak it all in."
They all nodded, Jolan walking forward.
He walked along the road, his feet echoing on the dry paved road.
He looked around, taking in every tree, every bush, shrub and broken dead log.
After a few moments, he was at the spot where Justin and Trace had first seen him.
He looked around for a moment, then walked off the road, heading into the forest.
Justin moved from beside the van, walking after Jolan.
His heart was forgoing Jolan's wishes.
But he kept his distance, giving the young man his freedom.
Jolan stopped a short ways into the forest, looking forward.
Justin stood behind him now, a few feet separating them.
The others had moved as well, all now standing off the road, about twenty feet behind Jolan.
"Through there. Back into the deepness of the forest. What lays behind there?" he said pointing, his voice filled with emotion.
Henry quietly walked up to Justin, standing beside him.
"Nothing much, Jolan. About ten miles back in that direction is a small lake, a couple of closed cottages, but nothing else. The families that own the cottages are all from out of state, only staying there maybe once or twice a year during the summer months. To the left is an old logging road about a mile back, that winds down to the interstate. This whole area is remote and lifeless."
Jolan stared ahead, his mind flowing with memories.
Memories of screaming, pain and hurt. Laughter and hitting.
"He took my innocence. He ripped it out of my soul."
Justin was beside Jolan in a heartbeat.
"What is it, Jolan?" Justin said, two grey wet eyes looking up at him.
"He took my soul, Justin. That was what he was always after. He took my soul. He stole my heart and soul!" Jolan sobbed, Justin putting his arm around him.
"I'm here, Jolan. It's okay. Everything's going to be okay."
Jolan pulled his body away from Justin, staring at him.
"I ran for my life through these woods, fleeing a monster. A monster who deceived me by pretending to be someone he wasn't. Through false friendship and mentorship he robbed me of my destiny and my soul. I don't know who he was but I do know what he was after."
Justin remained still, looking at Jolan's trembling chest.
"What was he after, Jolan?" Justin said tenderly.
"I created something, something so beautiful. And he longed for it. His greed took over his soul. He did what he had to do to get it. He destroyed a family to get it. I just wish I could remember all of it. What he took from me! Who he was!"
Justin gently held him, letting Jolan feel his protective presence.
"It will return to you, my love. You'll remember it. Can you remember anything more, Jolan?"
Jolan nodded, looking around.
"I remember this road, walking out onto it, hearing Jennie's voice ahead of me. She was running through the woods. She was free. Then I saw him, Justin. I saw him on that ridge. Over there to the left." Jolan said, his trembling finger pointing, five sets of eyes looking in that direction.
"He was still after me. I ran again, but this time he caught me. I can still hear his laughter. His haunting laughter. He dragged me back into the forest, back to where I belonged."
Jolan was trembling more, Justin's arm going around him, Jolan laying his head upon Justin's chest.
"And where did you belong?"
Jolan raised his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes of love.
"In my grave, Justin. That man captured me when I tried to escape. He dragged me back to the hole he'd dug for me. To my grave. And there he buried me alive."

The five surrounding Jolan were stunned into silence.
The pieces began to fall into place.
Some monster had kidnapped Jolan and his little sister, bringing them out here into the darkness of a remote forest.
And here he'd defiled and brutally hurt Jolan.
And then he'd buried him alive, somewhere around here.
But what of Jennie?
Had she been defiled or hurt?
Had she escaped?
Was she still out there somewhere?
Had he recaptured her, or had she lucked upon some moment of salvation?
They all knew the answers lay in Jolan's mind.
In his forgotten mind.
Jolan remained in Justin's embrace, Justin sinking his love into Jolan's heart.
"We'll find her, Jolan. We'll find all of them." he said, Jolan quieting down.
Trace had tears in his eyes, sensing in his heart now the truth of the pain that Jolan had endured.
Before him stood a young man of courage and deep love.
And in that moment Trace gave Jolan his friendship forever.

The quietness was broken by an oncoming car.
They all turned to look, seeing it was a police cruiser.
The car pulled up a few feet from Cindy and Shelly.
Jim Wilson climbed out of the driver's seat, Sheriff Sam Hobson getting out of the passenger's.
"Afternoon, Shell and Cindy. What brings you all out here?" Sam said, smiling at the two women, his eyes also taking in Henry standing beside two young men.
"Hey you! The black-haired guy! Come here! I want to talk to you!" Jim said in an authoritative voice, pointing at Jolan, the young deputy swaggering toward the group.
The sheriff's eyes fell upon his deputy, the older man remaining silent.
Jolan and Justin exchanged glances, Jolan walking back out of the forest to the road's edge, stepping onto the pavement again, Justin right behind him.
"Good afternoon, officers. What can I help you with?" Jolan said, his voice now calm.
The young deputy walked up to him, staring him in the eyes.
"Word around here is that you've been causing a lot of mischief. Folks have identified you as the young man who's been scaring the shit out of people out here on this road the past few years. Ain't that right, boy? And here we now find you at the scene of your sadistic crimes!"
Jolan stared at the young man, Jim staring back with a smug look upon his face.
In Jolan's eyes he saw calmness and determination.
Then he thought he saw a faint soft silver glow.
"The only crime here has been done against this young man himself." Henry said beside Justin, Sam staring at his old friend.
"What's going on out here, Henry? Ghosts and visions don't quite wash with me." the older officer said, folding his arms in front of him.
"I don't think you'd believe me if I told ya, Sam." Henry said, the older policeman smiling.
"Try me, Henry. I'll listen."
Henry looked towards Jolan, Jolan nodding at him.
Henry began to tell Jolan's story, the two officers listening to him, their eyes widening as the story unfolded.
"Oh come on! His soul has been walking out here? Shit! That's so ridiculous!" Jim laughed, Sam looking at Jolan.
"So you're the young man Henry's been taking care of. The same young man from that accident four years ago. I remember that night. You were pretty banged up. I fully expected you to die that night."
"I was deeply hurt. Henry's love and tender caring saved me in so many ways." Jolan said, smiling at his friend.
Henry smiled back.
"So you see, the vegetable has come to life." Henry said, staring at Jim, Jim's cheeks flushing at Henry using his own words.
"This is all hogwash. This young man's been playing you for a fool, Henry. He's probably been sneaking out and terrorizing people while you've been sleeping all those years. He probably never was in a coma!"
Henry's brow furrowed.
"The boy was in a coma, a coma caused by severe trauma as a result of that accident. And whatever happened to him before that happened out here near this road."
Sam scanned the area, not seeing anything out of the ordinary.
"Alright, Henry. I'm not one to believe ghost stories, or even some parts of your story. With the young man leaving tomorrow, we'll leave it at that. With his leaving peace shall return to our community."
Jim's brow deepened.
"What about Bill Anderson, Sam? This guy led him on a goose chase! He should be charged with mischief!"
"I think the only one who should be charged is Bill Anderson. For hunting out of season and for carrying illegal ammunition. I saw the caliber of the shells lining his belt." Jolan said, staring at the young deputy.
"Don't tell me how to do my job, pissant! I'm gonna throw you in the county jail!" Jim said, his chest puffing up, showing his bravado.
The Chief just sighed a small sigh, the others seeing the confrontational attitude of the young deputy.
He was on a mission, and Jolan was his target.
Jolan stared at the young officer.
"I have done nothing wrong. The only wrongness here is your lack of discipline."
The young cop's face reddened, his anger showing through.
"Why you little smartass! I'll show you how to respect authority!" He said, his hands moving in a flash.
The young officer punched Jolan in the stomach, Jolan falling to the ground.
Jim smiled, a mean smile of commanding force.
At the moment of instant contact with Jim's fist, Jolan's mind flooded with a sudden image.
Justin moved to defend Jolan, Henry grabbing his arms, stopping him from moving forward.
For Henry had seen Jolan's glowing eyes.
Jolan gasped, the young officer grabbing his arm, pulling him up to his feet.
"Not so tough now, veggie!"
Jolan's eyes glared at him, the officer looking into two pools of glowing anger.
"Get your hands off me! I'm not as weak as Rebecca Taylor!"
The clearing was blanketed in a sudden silence, a confused silence of shock.
The young cop looked stunned, releasing Jolan's arms in sudden shock.
Sam rushed forward, pulling Jim away from Jolan.
"Get yourself under control, Jim! You don't attack an unarmed man!"
The two policemen exchanged looks, Sam seeing worry in Jim's eyes.
Sam looked back at Jolan.
"What did you say about Rebecca?" the older officer said, his mind now zoning in on what Jolan had said to Jim.
"He don't know anything, Sam. He's talking gibberish. Let's get him out of here. I'm arresting him." Jim said, a sudden fear now in his voice.
Jolan stared at Jim, the officer actually trembling.
The older officer continued to stare at Jolan.
"You haven't found her yet. And there's a good reason for that." Jolan said quietly.
"How do you know about her?" Sam said, a surprised look on his face.
Shelly looked confused, as did Cindy and Henry.
"What's he talking about, Sam? Where's Rebecca Taylor?"
Sam stared at his friends, then looked at Jolan.
"She disappeared yesterday from Leanne's, Shell. Leanne was babysitting her for Debbie. We think she's been kidnapped. She disappeared out of our front yard yesterday afternoon. It hasn't been made public yet." Sam said, he eyes staring again at Jolan.
Jolan's eyes of grey depth were focusing on Jim Wilson.
"She was taken. Her abductor stands before you, Sheriff. I saw it all in my mind when he touched me. He has her locked up at his place. She hasn't been physically hurt, that was coming tonight. He's been lusting after her for months."
"After an ten year old girl?" Sam said in shock, Shelly gasping, Henry staring in shock at Jim.
"That's a lie! He's lying to you, Sam!" the deputy said, Sam turning and looking at his deputy.
"Why would he, Jim? He doesn't know Rebecca or you. He has no reason to lie."
The younger man looked surprised, staring at his friend.
Everyone's eyes were now on Jim.
"He knows because he's the one who took her. Yeah that's it!  He's the one!" Jim said, drawing his gun quickly, pointing it at Jolan.
Justin's heart leapt to his throat, Trace staring in trembling shock as well.
"That's a lie! Jolan was with us all yesterday, shopping in town, then at Henry's." Cindy said, Sam staring  at Jim again.
"Put that gun away, Jim. What's going on here, son?"
"You believe him before me??"
"Calm down, son. Put the gun away and we'll sort through this."
Jim was backing up, Sam seeing him eyeing the car, the truth registering now in Sam's eyes.
"You did it, didn't you, Jim? You took little Rebecca?" Sam said his hand going ever so slowly to his own gun.
Jim stared at the older cop, seeing his mentor looking at him with disgust.
"I only wanted to love her. I haven't hurt her, Sam. She's so different from the others. I wasn't going to hurt her like the others. Don't make me hurt you. Just let me leave and I won't hurt you." Jim was trembling, Sam staring at him.
"I can't let you leave, Jim. Now put the gun down."
Jolan's eyes were focused on Jim, sensing a sudden reality.
Jim began to tremble, the next few moments frozen in time.
Jim's gun went off, Sam the target of that life-stealing bullet.
But one person had moved on his own, with lightning speed.
Jolan was in motion, his body hitting Sam's, causing the man to fall forward, an instant before the gun went off.
The gun fired, missing its original target of Sam's chest by Jolan's sudden interference.
Sam fell to the ground, Jolan propelled forward.
He was on Jim before the young officer had time to react with a second shot.
Jolan's fist hit him in the face, the officer flying back against the car.
Jolan hit him again in the chest, knocking him to the ground with a well-placed knee, Jolan pulling the gun from the officer's still trembling hand, tossing it over towards a rising Sam.
Jim was on his knees, coughing and gasping.
Sam rose up, both guns now in his hands.
"It's over, Jim! Lay down on the ground and don't move!"
Jim lowered himself, Sam holstering his own gun, bending down and handcuffing the young man.
The others all moved, surrounding Jolan who stood by the car.
Sam rose up, staring at him.
"Thank you, son. That was quick moving on your part. I think you just saved my life."
"He was in a state of panic. I sensed the desperation in his mind. So I had to stop him from hurting you."
The officer nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.
They were back to normal.
"Are you alright, Jolan? I thought he'd shot you." Justin said, smiling at him.
Jolan staggered a bit, Justin's arm going around him.
"Are you alright, son?" Sam said as well, looking at him.
"Yes, I'll be okay. The bullet just hit my shoulder."
Justin gasped, his hand going to Jolan's jacket, opening it.
Blood was soaking through his shirt on his left shoulder.
"My God, Jolan! You've been shot!" he said, tears forming in his eyes.
"It's okay, Jus. It just grazed my shoulder blade."
Henry was beside him in a flash, gently lowering Jolan to the ground, the young man sitting down.
Justin sat down beside him, his eyes watching Jolan's.
Sam reached into the police car, pulling out the radio mike.
"Della, it's Sam. Get an ambulance out here to Cutter's Road and get Jack and Mark up here, too. Send Steve over to Jim Wilson's place. Rebecca Taylor's locked up there. Yes, you heard me! Do it now!"
He dropped the radio back into the car, looking down at Jim Wilson.
Jim stared back at him.
Jolan was also looking at him, tears in his grey eyes.
Sam hauled him up, opening the back door of the cruiser.
"I'm sorry Sam. I just wanted her love!"
Sam shook his head, then shoved the young man into the car, closing the door.
Shelly put her hand on Sam's shoulder.
"He had all of us fooled, Sam. All of us but Jolan."
Sam looked down at Jolan sitting against the car, Justin sitting beside him, Henry examining Jolan's shoulder.
"He was like a son to me. Why would he do that? To a little girl? What he was going to do to her!" he said, Shelly feeling for her friend.
"We all live with demons in our souls, sir. Some people are guided by them. Some destroy them. Your soul is free of them, his and mine may never be." Jolan said quietly.
Sam nodded, looking into Jolan's grey intense eyes.
"She wasn't the first, Sheriff. I think Jim's home will open up a nightmare for this small town."
The sheriff's face went white, Shelly and Henry staring in shocked horror.
The silence was broken with the sounds of sirens blaring in the distance.
Justin put his arm around Jolan, Jolan's head resting on his shoulder.
Jolan looked to the far side of the car, nodding his head.
Justin looked also, seeing nothing.
"Rest in peace." Jolan softly said, closing his eyes.

Justin sat on the edge of the bed, Jolan sleeping quietly beside him.
The paramedics had bandaged Jolan's shoulder, the bullet having just grazed it, leaving a small flesh wound.
Justin couldn't believe how lucky Jolan had been.
They'd found Rebecca Taylor at Jim's home, shaken and terrified, but otherwise alright.
How had Jolan known?
Was he that clairvoyant?
Was he able to read minds?
Justin's fingers went to Jolan's face, lightly touching it.
The door of Jolan's room opened, Trace walking in quietly.
"The police are downstairs with some other people. They want to talk to Jolan again." Trace said, patting his friend's shoulder.
Justin looked up at Trace, Trace pulling him up into his arms.
"He almost died, Tray! Jolan almost gave his life to save another!" Justin said, tears smearing his face.
Trace hugged his friend and patted his back, letting Justin get his emotions under control.
"I know, Jus. I saw it, too. That man is unbelievable. In his courage, his kind heart and his loving soul."
Justin nodded, looking down at him.
"He's so special. How he knew that man had taken that girl, what he did to stop him. It's just so unbelievable!"
Trace's hand went to Justin's shoulder.
"I know, Jus. And I think we've got an exceptional friend here."
Justin looked at his friend, then sat back down on the bed, gently shaking Jolan's shoulder.
Jolan's grey eyes opened, looking into Justin's blue ones.
"Hey, Jus. How long have I been asleep?"
"About five hours."
Jolan stretched.
"It must be getting late."
"It's after nine. Shelly's got some food prepared if you're hungry." Trace said, smiling.
"There are people downstairs who want to see you, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, looking at both Justin and Trace.
"I'm sorry you had to see what happened out there, guys. You must think me some kind of freak." Jolan said, lowering his eyes.
Justin leaned forward, kissing his cheek.
"I–and I'm sure Trace–think no such thing. We're just shocked by what we saw and heard."
Jolan nodded, sitting up on the bed.
"What happened out there, Jolan? It was as if you read Jim's mind. Is that what happened?"
Jolan looked up at Justin, staring into his blue eyes.
"Yes I did, Jus. All these images flooded my mind the moment he touched me. Images of Rebecca and what happened to her. I saw what Jim had done, and wanted to do. I felt all of his feelings. Every monstrous one."
Jolan sat up, Justin putting his arms around his friend, Jolan laying his head on his shoulder.
"Are you up to seeing the Sheriff again, Jolan? He wants to talk with you."
Jolan sighed, standing up slowly.
"Let's get this over with."
Justin and Trace exchanged looks, not sure what Jolan wanted over.
The three quietly walked downstairs.

When they walked into the living room, they were met with a surprising sight.
Sam stood up, three other people rising also.
A man and woman and a small girl of about ten were staring at Jolan.
"It's him, Mommy! I knew it had to be him! The angel with the grey eyes!"
Jolan stood in silence, smiling at the little girl.
She rushed across the room, wrapping her arms around Jolan's waist.
"Thank you, angel! Thank you for coming back and saving me!"
Jolan looked surprised, then knelt down, letting the little girl hug him.
"It's okay, Rebecca. You're safe with Mommy and Dad again." he said, smiling at her.
Jolan stood again, the little girl looking up at him with adoring eyes.
The other two walked forward, the man shaking Jolan's hand, tears in his eyes.
He spoke no words, Jolan seeing the depth of his happiness in his eyes.
"Hello again, lost angel." the woman said, now hugging Jolan tightly.
Jolan looked at Sam, the officer smiling.
Jolan's friends sat around the room, smiling at him also.
"I am not an angel, Ma'am. I'm just a young man." he said quietly, Justin catching a bit of embarrassment on Jolan's face.
It dawned on him with a smile.
Jolan was terrified of people thanking him.
Of being in the spotlight.
That was the feeling Justin had felt in him upstairs.
His reluctance to stand in the spotlight.
That was what Jolan wanted to get past, to get overwith.
"Do I know you?" Jolan asked, looking at the woman and man again.
"We've met, Jolan. About a year and a half ago. We tried to help you out on Cutter's Road." the man said, smiling at him.
"Oh! So you met me out there." he said, his voice soft.
The woman smiled, putting her arm around the young man, guiding him to a couch.
She sat down with him, Rebecca sitting beside him also.
Jolan smiled at the little girl, putting his arm around her.
He felt her feelings, his eyes glowing for an instant.
"We almost ran you down on that road, one dark night. You disappeared on us that night. Our lost angel."
Jolan nodded, realizing his wandering soul had met them.
"Rebecca said that night that you were an angel, sent to protect her. And now, here today, you've done so much more. How can we ever thank you?" the woman said, tears flowing from her blue eyes.
Jolan hugged her gently, smiling at the little girl.
"Rebecca being safe and unharmed is thanks enough."
The three smiled at him, Frank Taylor and his wife Debbie introducing themselves.
They explained all about the night they'd first seen Jolan, Jolan explaining to them what had happened out on Cutter's Road that afternoon.
"Jim's been transferred to Utica for arraignment. He's been charged with kidnapping, confinement and murder. We've found so much more in his house." Sam said, lowering his eyes.
"I knew more would come to light. I felt it all in his soul. So much wanton hurt and pain. And they walked the road as well, seeking justice."
Everyone looked at Jolan with confusion, the young man standing up.
"Cutter's Road is a conduit for lost souls. Living and passed. I'm not the only one who walks there. I saw that today in their searching eyes."
Justin walked up beside Jolan, seeing tears in his eyes.
"He was surrounded by them, Jus. By those three lost little souls. Three little angels that he defiled and destroyed."
Sam stood up, putting his hand on Jolan's shoulder, looking into his grey eyes.
"We found photographs, detailed journals. He killed at least two little girls, Jolan."
Jolan looked into his tired eyes.
"He killed three, Sam. There were three surrounding him. Three lost souls who perhaps now can rest in peace. Their monster has been named."
Sam's own eyes were watering, as were all the rest of the people surrounding them.
"I can't believe it. Right in our midst. He was right here among us." Sam said, Shelly patting his back.
"They were all smiling at the end, when Jim was captured. All three of them. I saw the happiness in their eyes. Three little angels that silently disappeared in front of me. They've gone to their peace, they've gone to their heaven. Why can't I find mine?"
Jolan began to cry, Justin pulling him into his arms.
Everyone remained silent, all watching Justin's love surround the lost soul standing in their midst.

An hour later the Taylors left, the two other deputies who'd been waiting outside coming into the house.
Sam and the deputies took written statements from everyone.
Sam had taken Jolan's before the other deputies had come in.
Jolan had told him all his feelings, of sensing Jim's deep secrets when they'd touched.
Of seeing Rebecca trapped in his home.
And then the deep secrets had risen to the surface, the truth of Jim's monstrosities.
And then Jolan had seen the three small souls walking out of the forest.
He'd seen them surrounding their tormentor, surrounding their reason for justice.
And Jolan served that justice, in getting Jim to reveal himself.
And then the three had smiled at him, Jolan taking that vision into his heart forever as they faded away.
Sam was deeply moved by the young man sitting beside him.
After the statements were taken, the three police officers left.
Sam had hugged Jolan goodbye, tearfully thanking him for saving his life.
He'd taken all of their statements, telling them they wouldn't be called to testify.
There was enough evidence in Jim's home alone to convict him.
And Jim was beginning to open up with the truth.
Jim had agreed to lead them to the bodies, his own soul giving into his truths.
Sam said he'd make it his task to find all three.
He said the community was in shock, Jim's secret ripping through the heart of their close-knit village.
Even in the heartland of America, evil seeks out to all.
Sam thought the community had lost its innocence today.
Shelly said that innocence can be lost, but life can be salvaged.
They'd go on and live again.
Jolan smiled at her, her words bringing smiles to all the local visitors.
The sherriff said Jolan could leave for New York tomorrow, Justin giving the officer his addresses and information in case of anything coming up in regards to the case.
After everyone had left, Jolan sat in the living room, his five friends quietly looking at him.
"Monsters live among us. As I've always been taught." he quietly said, Justin sitting down beside him.
"As you've been taught?" Justin said, quietly smiling at Jolan.
"Yes, Justin. As I've been taught. Out on that road I sensed something, Jus. I sensed who I am."
Justin put his arm around him, Jolan leaning a bit against the young man surrounding him.
"And who are you?"
"I am destiny."

Jolan awoke in the darkness, his eyes scanning the room.
He felt an instant warmth beside him, a small smile coming to his lips.
He moved a little, the muscular arm pulling him close.
He smiled wider, looking into Justin's face.
It hadn't surprised him when they'd retired tonight, everyone tired, that Justin had followed him into his room.
His two sentences filled Jolan's heart with happiness.
"I'm sleeping with you again, Jolan. You need your friend close."
Jolan had smiled, the two undressing to their underwear, climbing into the bed.
Here now, hours later, Jolan was wrapped in Justin's cocoon of friendship.
He smiled, laying quietly in bed, listening to his friend's soft breathing.
His mind went over all that had transpired in the last few days, the man beside him central to all that drama.
Jolan thought of all he'd felt out on that road.
The feelings of fear and hurt, of hope and desperation.
And then the deeper feelings of another time and place.
His mind had opened to a sense of destiny.
Of his life being part of a greater reasoning.
He felt a flurry of old feelings wash over his soul.
Feelings of truth, honor, responsibility and heritage.
Jolan felt his soul come alive with destiny.
And in his heart he heard one phrase shouted by many.
"Behold the Sun Child. Bask in his light of life."

End of Chapter 13

And so Jolan's life takes on a new destiny.
A new Jolan appears to be emerging.
A man of mystery, mysticism and spirituality.
And he's become the center of drama and heroism.

What lies ahead for our hero?
What is the significance of the Sun Child?

Up next: on to New York, and Jolan's initiation into Justin's life.
Let's see if it overwhelms our hero.

Hugs, Angel.