Jolan's Path - Chapter 26

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 26


Jolan awoke in the large empty bed.

He looked towards the large windows of Justin's bedroom, seeing the dawning sun cresting above a building across the city landscape.

He looked at the digital clock radio on the nightstand, reading five-thirty.

He stretched his body, feeling the loneliness of the large bed.

He'd understood Justin's reasoning for not being by his side throughout the night, or when he now awoke.

The decorum of the reality of their hidden relationship.

Justin's reluctance to tell his mother the truth.

He thought back to last night's ending moments.

Lynn's obvious look of wanting to stay there, and Justin giving into that look, her being given the one remaining of the four bedrooms.

Trace and Jolan had exchanged looks, Jolan seeing Trace's support in his eyes.

Justin had thought it best for Jolan to sleep in his room, his blue eyes betraying that hurtful reality.

Jolan had seen the look of longing in Justin's eyes when he had offered Jolan his bed.

And so Justin had taken the living room couch, not wanting his mother to read anything more into his relationship with Jolan.

Jolan still saw the look of fear in Justin's eyes.

The fear of his mother's reaction to their new relationship.

So Justin and he had sleep apart, but their love still remained in their hearts.

Jolan knew in his heart that it was up to Justin to tell his mother the truth when he was ready.

Jolan would never force Justin to bear his heart, even if it meant his own happiness.

Jolan smiled, laying alone in that bed, thinking of the man asleep down the hall.

Justin had entered his heart so easily, his love so open and generous.

And the man's outer beauty sent Jolan's heart racing.

There were times when Jolan looked at Justin, when he was looking elsewhere, and Jolan became lost in the beauty of Justin's famous face.

To see it up close, to see the perfection of beauty shining from that soft smooth skin, made Jolan feel the insecurity of his own looks.

To walk beside perfection would be to walk alone.

Jolan smiled, realizing that Justin wasn't perfect.

Jolan didn't see Justin as this famous musician and actor.

He saw only the touching man child he'd come to love.

For in Jolan's grey loving eyes, there was always a vision of childish gleefulness in Justin's eyes.

Everything Justin did showed a joyful happiness, a lost childlike innocence.

Whether it was with his friends, with Jennie or with Jolan himself.

Jolan always saw a buried happiness in Justin's blue eyes.

And that sent a pulse of love to Jolan's heart.

Jolan smiled, stretching again and rising slowly out of the bed.

Being so early, he thought perhaps he should wake Justin so the two could have some alone time before Lynn and Cindy awoke.

Jolan smiled, a new eagerness trembling through him.

He suddenly realized that he needed Justin.

He just needed him beside him and with him.

A smile lit up his face, Jolan quickly pulling on a t-shirt and jeans from Justin's closet.

Jolan smiled, walking out of the lonely room.


The condo was bathed in dead silence, Jolan hearing no sound.

He quietly walked down the hallway, the semi darkness of the hallway opening to a softer light bathing the living room.

He saw the couch, a blanket and pillow strewn across it.

Justin wasn't laying in slumber.

Jolan's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, Jolan walking into the kitchen, that room empty as well.

He walked back down the hallway, listening quietly.

His eyes went to Lynn's door, hearing no sound.

He walked past Cindy's, hearing no sound either.

Then his ears picked up on a soft sound coming from Jennie's room.

He softly walked across the hall, gently opening the half closed door.

His eyes adjusted to the soft light cascading into her room through the large windows.

His eyes fell upon a touching scene of beauty.

Justin lay in Jennie's bed, fully clothed.

And in his arms, Jolan's sister Jennie slept in protective love.

Justin's arms were wrapped around her, the young girl's head laying against his chest.

Her plastered arm cast lay across her chest, her ringlets of hair laying across her face.

Jolan leaned against the doorway, staring at the two sleeping.

The soft sound Jolan had heard was Justin's soft snoring.

Jolan smiled, seeing the protective stance Justin held, even lying in bed, the young girl wrapped in his arms.

What was he doing here?
Had she awoken and called out to him?
Was their bond that strong?
Jolan sensed that somehow Justin may have known she needed him.

And here he now lay, guarding her while she slept encased in his love.

A tear ran down Jolan's cheek seeing the man's open heart so clearly.

Jolan quietly walked out of the room, closing the door softly.

He smiled, walking back down the hallway, walking in silence into the kitchen.


Jolan pulled out the tray of biscuits from the warm oven.

He set them gently on the kitchen counter, sniffing their warm scent.

He was humming softly to himself, a faint sound of mumbled words coming out of his mouth.

"Something smells wonderful."
Jolan's head turned, Lynn catching a soft glow coming from Jolan's grey silvery eyes.

She stared in wonder, the faint light vanishing instantly.

She thought to herself that they had actually glowed.

"Good morning, Lynn." Jolan said, a smile crossing his face.

"Good morning, Jolan. You're up early. Did you sleep well?"

Jolan's eyes were fixed on hers, the two looking at each other.

"Yes, and I'm an early riser. And with the place being so peaceful, I thought I'd just make breakfast for all of us."

Lynn smiled, walking into the kitchen, looking towards the stove and counter.

She saw that Jolan must have been up for a while, the counter laden with food.

"Please sit down, I'll bring you a coffee." Jolan said, his hand grabbing the filled coffeepot.

Lynn nodded, sitting at the kitchen table.

"You've cooked up a storm, Jolan. You need a break. Come sit with me."
Jolan smiled, grabbing two coffee mugs off the mug tree.

He brought two cups of steaming coffee to the table, the two sitting down together.

"Where's my son? He's not snoring blissfully on the couch. Did he stay with Jennie?"

Jolan's eyes widened, looking towards the doorway.

"You're a sound sleeper, Jolan. Jennie had a nightmare last night."

Jolan's face changed to concern, Lynn's hand going to Jolan's arm.

"She woke up screaming. Cindy and I both were awakened instantly by it. By the time we got to her room she was already in Justin's arms."

Jolan's head lowered, one thought running through his mind.

"Before you hate yourself for not hearing her, you were pretty dead to the world.  You slept a deep sleep of exhaustion. But we were here for her. Justin the most."
Jolan's eyes met hers, the woman smiling at him.

"My son's taken a great shine to that young girl. And so have I.  He held her in his arms until she'd calmed down. Then he stayed with her, humming to her until she fell asleep. I'm sure he's still with her."
"Yes he is. I checked on her a while ago. She's sleeping wrapped in his arms of friendship."

Lynn smiled at the young man across from her, seeing his concern for Jennie.

"Jennie's a courageous, strong-willed, young woman Jolan. But she's also a terrified little girl. Her childhood was ripped away from her, her innocence beaten out of her. And now here she is, in a place where pain is nonexistent. That's overwhelming her. I think that's what awoke her in fright last night. To think of what she went through hardens my heart against those monsters. No child deserves that kind of hurt and pain."
Jolan saw the tears blossoming in Lynn's eyes, his hand rubbing her arm now.

The two looked at each other, Lynn seeing the concern in his grey eyes for her.

"Jennie, in a way, is like Justin, Jolan. Maybe that's why they've connected so easily. Justin's childhood, in a way, was also taken from him. He grew up too fast in a world of celebrity status. He began that game at an early age, his childhood thrust aside. Perhaps I'm to blame for that."
Jolan smiled at her, seeing the love in her eyes for her son.

"You were looking after your son's well-being, Lynn. You wanted him to succeed in life. It's a mother's hope and dream."

Lynn nodded, a common ground developing between the two people.

The common ground of their love for Justin.

"Yes, Jolan. I always wanted him to succeed, and he truly has. Through his own sheer willpower, hard work, and talent he's succeeded. But at what cost? I see the look in his eyes at times, the inner child yearning to break out. Usually it's when he's with someone younger, like Jennie. There's always been an innocence behind those blue eyes. An innocence like Jennie's. A childhood denied."
Jolan smiled gently at Lynn, feeling her words of regret.
"Justin has been very lucky, Lynn. He's had you beside him all those years. Yes, perhaps he's missed the little things, the moments of childhood joy, but I think he's gained something else."

"What has he gained, Jolan?" she asked, listening to his soft calm voice.

"He's gained a strong close relationship with you. You are his rock, he's told me that himself. Your love is the binding force of his existence. He loves you like he loves no other. Your bond with him is forever."

Lynn smiled, hearing the truth in Jolan's words.
But she sensed in her heart there was another truth behind Jolan's words.

"Justin's taking a great shining to you as well, Jolan. I'm glad he's gained your friendship. You're a remarkable man."

Jolan blushed a little, Lynn quietly looking at him.


Their conversation was interrupted by the phone ringing beside the table.

"Now, who's that?" Lynn said, Jolan reaching for the phone to silence its shrill tone.

"Hello?" Jolan said, looking at Lynn.

"Justin is sleeping. It's seven-thirty in the morning. Who is this? Joe? Joe who?" Jolan said, Lynn looking confused.

"Alright I'll let you speak to his mother." Jolan said, handing Lynn the phone.

"Someone named Joe. He said he's downstairs and wants in."

Lynn took the phone, talking into it.

"Who is this? Oh, Joey! What are you doing here? Yes, that was the young man. Alright, come right up, I'll activate the elevator." Lynn said, punching three numbers into the phone, handing it back to Jolan.

Jolan put it back on the receiver, Lynn smiling at him.

"It's Joey Fatone, Justin's band mate."
Jolan realized the name instantly, blushing.

"I'm sorry, I forgot about him."
Lynn laughed, smiling at Jolan.

"Make sure Joey doesn't hear that. He hates being forgotten."
Jolan blushed more, Lynn smiling widely.

"Come on. Let's go meet him."
Jolan smiled, walking out of the kitchen with Lynn.


The two walked to the doorway, a sudden knocking coming to the door.

There seemed to be an urgency in the rapping.

Lynn looked at Jolan for a moment, Lynn walking forward and opening the door.

Behind them Justin and Jennie had just walked down the hallway, both of them staring towards the twosome at the door.

Lynn opened the door, staring into two brown eyes, intense with anger.

"Joey, what's wrong?" Lynn said, Joey Fatone not looking at her.

His eyes had swept past her, as had his body.

Jolan's eyes met Joey's as he walked up to him, the two staring at each other.

The next moment froze in time.

Joey's arm flew forward, his fist hitting Jolan squarely in the face.

Jolan sank to the floor in a heap, Joey staring down at him, his fingers balling into fists again.

"You bastard! Hurt my friend, will you? Get up so I can knock you down again!"

Jennie's scream filled the quiet room, Justin on the move.

Justin tackled his friend, the two falling to the floor.

Jennie and Lynn were beside Jolan in an instant, the young man clutching his face, trying to rise up.

"Stay still, Jolan. I'll get a towel." Lynn said, rushing into the kitchen.

Jennie was crying, Jolan trying to calm her as well as stop the bleeding from his nose.

Justin was on top of Joey, the two struggling, Joey trying to flip Justin over, his friend staring up at him, his face still filled with an angry look.

"Get off me, Justin! I'm going to kill that bastard!"
"What the hell are you talking about, Joey?? Stop this right now!" Justin said, Joey's eyes zoning in on Justin's face.

Joey saw a look of immense hurt on Justin's face.

Joey's struggling stopped, Justin getting off him, his body moving to Jolan.

"Are you alright, Jo?" Justin said, his arm around his friend, Jennie looking at both of them.

Joey was looking as well, sitting on his ass on the floor.

What was going on here, he thought?

"What the hell's this guy doing in your damn house, Justin? Why isn't he in jail?"
Justin looked shocked by Joey's question, his friend coming to his feet.

Lynn rushed out of the kitchen, a towel in her hand, kneeling at Jolan's side.

"Here you go, Jolan. Press this damp cloth against your nose."
Jolan took the cloth in one hand, his other arm around a calming Jennie.

Jennie's eyes were on Joey, a glaring stare in them.

Joey saw the young girl now, wondering who she was.

Lynn stood up, Justin remaining at Jolan's side, Jolan starting to rise up, Jennie rising with him.

Justin guided Jolan to the couch, Jolan sitting down.

Lynn glared at the man standing in the foyer, her arms folded.

"Alright, Joseph! What the hell did you do that for?? To such a sweet man??"

Joey looked confused, hearing the anger in Lynn's voice.

Cindy wheeled out of the hallway, having heard the screaming.

"What's going on? Are you alright, Jolan? Oh my God! You're bleeding!" she said, wheeling to his side.

"We were just going to find that out. Well, Joseph?" Lynn said, her eyes again glaring at him.

"A sweet man? This guy hurt Justin!"

"What are you talking about, Joe?" Justin said, Joey seeing anger on his face now.

Justin was angry because he had hit this guy, Joey thought.

Joey walked forward, Jennie standing in front of Jolan now.

Joey's eyes went to hers, Joey seeing deep anger there as well.

"Joseph Fatone! If you don't tell me what's going on here, I'm going to find out by slapping it out of you!" Lynn said, Joey's eyes focusing on her now.

He saw the familiar anger in Lynn's eyes, the anger of a person not to be trifled with.

Joey now felt really confused, staring at Justin.

His hand went to his coat's pocket, pulling out a newspaper.

He handed it to Lynn, Lynn opening it, staring at the front page.


    "Justin Timberlake Wounded in Gun Battle Because of Friend"


The headline was emblazoned across the top of the newspaper.

There was a picture of Jolan and Justin from the hospital, the caption reading "Justin Timberlake being treated at hospital".

"I just came back from Italy, visiting my relatives with my Mom. I picked this up at the airport in Italy before our flight left." he said, staring at Justin and Jolan.

Jolan's eyes were staring back, the towel covering his nose.

Justin stood up, Lynn handing Justin the paper, Justin looking at it.

"Joey, that story is totally not true! How could you just assume the worst??"

Joey looked defeated, and confused.

"We heard on the plane from a couple of people about a drug bust in New York and you being in the center of it with this guy. The article says he'd led you into the middle of it. I thought you were seriously hurt, Justin. I left my Mom at the airport, driving right here."

"And you brought your anger with you!" Lynn said, Joey's eyes lowering.

"Yes, I brought all of it."
Justin walked up to his friend, Joey looking up at him.

"None of this is true, Joe. You should have called me. I would have told you all the truth. Instead, you come in here and attacked my friend! I always knew your temper would get the best of you! I just never thought you'd use it to hurt me!"

Joey's face changed, a look of hurt crossing it.
"Justin, that's enough!"
Justin turned, Jolan standing behind him now.

He'd taken the towel off his face, his nose puffy and red.

Justin's eyes met Jolan's grey orbs, Justin seeing no hurt or anger in them.

Jolan walked up to him, looking at Joey.

"I believe we got off to a bad start, Mr. Fatone. My name is Jolan."
Joey looked shocked, not believing the man wasn't angry.

Jolan extended his hand, Joey's face showing his shock.

"I can totally understand your reaction. It's nice to know that Justin had a good friend like you who'd protect him."
Joey stared at the young man, Justin and Lynn staring at him as well.

Joey took the offered hand, Jolan smiling at him.

"I always knew you were tough, Mr. Fatone."
Joey's face broke into a smile, hearing the friendship in Jolan's voice.

"I'm sorry, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, shaking Joey's hand.

"Apology accepted."
Jolan turned, looking at both Justin and Lynn.

"It was all a misunderstanding. I hold no anger against your friend, Justin. And neither should you."

Justin's eyes met Joey's, the two friends looking a little lost.


Justin's eyes met Jolan's, Justin looking again at his friend.

"I forgive you as well, Joe."
Joey smiled, Jolan looking at Justin, nodding towards Joey.

Justin smiled, walking up to his friend and pulling him into a hug.

Joey and Justin hugged, Joey smiling again.

"I'm sorry, Justin. Truly I am!"

Justin nodded, Lynn looking at all three.

"Is this some kind of male bonding thing?"

Jolan burst into laughter, Lynn looking surprised.

Justin and Joey's laughter followed, the tension evaporating in the room.


Lynn and Cindy shook their heads, Jennie putting her arm around Jolan, Jolan smiling down at his sister.

Her eyes were on Joey, staring at him intently.

"This is my sister Jennica, Mr. Fatone. Jennie, this is one of Justin's former bandmates, Joey Fatone."

Joey smiled at the young woman, Jennie staring at him intently.

"I'm sorry I hit your brother. He's lucky to have such a strong sister to protect him and stand up for him."
Jennie looked up at Jolan, her brother smiling back, nodding.

Jennie's eyes turned back to Joey.

"Hello, Mr. Fatone. I'm Jennie." she said, a small smile coming to her face, the intense look now gone.

Joey smiled, seeing the beauty of her young face.

"It's Joey, or Joe. Mr. Fatone is my father."

Jennie smiled back at him, Jolan seeing the smile back on her face, and the warmth in her using the name Jennie.

Jennie was fine with Joey now.

Justin looked at Jolan, taking the cloth from his hand and applying it to Jolan's nose.

"Are you sure you're okay, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan hearing the worry in his soft voice.

"I'll be okay, Jus. Joey packs a hell of a punch, but he didn't break anything. I just need to clean my face."
Joey blushed at the two men, Lynn looking at Jennie.

"Let's you and I get breakfast laid out, Jennie. Justin, help Jolan get a clean towel and wash his face. I think he may need a Band-Aid."
Justin nodded, guiding Jolan back towards the bathroom.

Joey smiled at Cindy, the young woman smiling back as she wheeled her chair toward him.

"I'm Cynthia, Mr.... I mean Joey. Please sit down and I'll try and shed some light on what really happened for you."
Joey smiled, the two heading towards the couch, Lynn and Jennie walking into the kitchen, Lynn's arm around the young girl.


Jolan smiled, feeling the delicate touch Justin was showing him.

Justin had carefully washed Jolan's face with a wet cloth, Jolan standing quietly, enjoying the man's soft touch.

The two were alone in the main bathroom, Justin beside Jolan, Jolan smelling the remnants of yesterday's cologne Justin wore.

In the excitement, neither had showered yet.

"There you go, Jo. I'll just dry your face and then we'll put a bandage on that scratch Joey gave you from his ring."
Jolan nodded, his grey eyes staring into Justin's blue ones.

Justin smiled, seeing a special look in them.

"I missed you last night, Jus. That bed was so empty."
Justin smiled, his eyes tearing.

Jolan had missed him!

"I missed you too, Jo. That couch was damn hard. I didn't have you in my arms to comfort me."

Jolan smiled, pulling the man a little closer to him.

Justin felt Jolan's lips against his, the two kissing deeply.

"Mmmm, missed that too." Jolan said, his grey eyes opening.

Justin smiled, licking his lips.

"Me, too."

Justin raised his hand, administering the bandage across Jolan's nose peak.

"There, good as new."
Jolan smiled, his arms still around Justin.

"I'm sorry Joey lashed out at you like that, Jo. He's usually not that aggressive."
Jolan remained silent, Justin seeing him still staring at him.

"You okay, Jo?"
"I'm better than okay, Jus. I have you in my life. I think I can face what I have to face today because you're at my side."
Jolan pulled Justin closer, Justin staring into those grey eyes.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin teared up, Jolan gently pulling him towards the tub.

"What are you doing, Jo? We can't!"
"Please, Jus. I need you in my wet arms."
Jolan pulled him forward, their lips meeting in a feverish kiss, Justin feeling Jo's lost inhibitions.

Neither man heard the movement behind them, or the bathroom door opening.

"I wanted to apologize again, Jolan. I....." Joey said on opening the door, his eyes focusing on the scene before him.

Those brown eyes widened in shock, the two men before him lost in their kiss, oblivious to his presence.

"What the fuck???!!!" Joey gasped, the two startled men falling backwards into the tub.



End of Chapter 26


And so decorum has flown out the window.

Jolan and Justin end up together in the tub, but not in the way Jolan wanted.

What will be Joey's reaction to what he just saw?

I hope you liked the dramatic way I introduced Joey into the story.

I wanted his entrance to be riveting.

Hope I succeeded.


It seems Lynn and Jolan have created a relationship of their own.

Will Lynn remain that way once she learns the truth?
Only time will answer that.


Onward we go to the next chapter.

The next few chapters shall deal with Jolan's family

Past and present.

I think it might surprise you.

Or I should say- I'm hoping it will.


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