Jolan's Path - Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


Justin stood beside the bed, his arm around Jennie, both looking down at Jolan's sleeping form.

Nathan sat on the edge of the bed, taking Jolan's blood pressure.

"His signs are all normal, and he's resting comfortably. The sedative I gave him will guarantee he gets rest. And it will help his headache, hopefully." Nathan said, wrapping up the blood pressure gauge, slipping it back into his bag.

Earlier at the restaurant, Jolan had come out of his second fainting spell, Simus having laid him out on the table again, Justin beside him, his eyes filled with concern.

Justin had seen in his cloudy grey eyes that the recurring headache was back in full force.

Justin had laid down a finality to any further talk or discussion, Jolan conceding quietly.

Justin had sensed his boyfriend's state of well-being had deteriorated.

Everyone--including the Dragos brothers--agreed to Justin's ultimatum, Nathan helping Justin guide Jolan out of the restaurant on his shaking, unsteady feet, all the others following.

Domo and Daphne had quickly gathered up food for everyone's lunch, Domo deciding to close the restaurant for the rest of the day, everyone returning to Justin's condo.

Jolan had lain against Justin in the vehicle on the trek home, his eyes remaining closed the entire short journey.

Upon reaching the condo, Justin and Nathan had walked him directly into the bedroom, Jennie following.

Justin stood in quiet solitude holding Jennie, Nathan giving Jolan a quick examination.

Everyone else had remained in the living room, Lynn and Daphne quietly laying the food out, several quietly partaking of it..

They were all awaiting Nathan, Jennica and Justin's return from the bedroom.

The two Dragos brothers sat in silence on one couch, Cory sitting down beside Simus with a plate filled for both of them..

Cory's eyes every now and then looked towards the hallway, and then towards Simus.

Everyone quietly talked, some eating from their filled plates.

Cory gently nudged Simus to eat.

Rachel had shown up, Lynn quietly filling her in on the day's developments.

All the morning's revelations were discussed by everyone, the Dragosan brothers answering inquiring questions.

If they sensed the wonder and caution in everyone's constant glances towards them, they remained silent about it.

Domo sat talking with Cindy and Trace..

"I'm sure my new grandson will be alright. It must have been a big shock to him with all that he has learned here today, my own kinship included. He's in a volatile state at the moment. He just has to reason it all out." Domo said in a quiet tone, Cindy smiling at him.

"Your grandson has an accepting mind, Domo. I don't think what he's learned today will overwhelm him. And I'm sure he will welcome your kinship with open arms. But I'm more concerned about those headaches he's having. And what's causing them. And now these fainting spells?  I hope Nathan can help him." Cindy said, Trace smiling at her, his arm around her.

"Dr. Livingstone is not the one to help him. It is not medical help he needs."

All eyes turned towards Simus, who'd spoken.

"And what do you mean by that, Simus?"

All eyes turned again, seeing Justin standing at the hallway's entrance, Jennie in his arms, Nathan behind the two.

It had been Justin who'd questioned Simus' words.

Simus looked at Justin, the young man staring back at him.

"I know the cause of Jolan's headaches, Justin. It is not a medical occurrence. It is something more."
Nathan looked at the older man, his eyes narrowing.

"I believe it's post trauma from his accident and subsequent terrible coma. His brain may have sustained some damage." Nathan said, folding his arms, Justin looking at him.

Simus' eyes were staring at both men, Justin sensing the man was on the edge of some truth.
"It is not the damage of trauma that is hurting him, Doctor. It is The Shadowing."


Calen's hand went to his brother's shoulder, Simus sighing.

All eyes were upon the two Dragosan men.

"The Shadowing? What in God's name is that?" Lance said, Joey looking at him.

Justin's two bandmates were sitting on another couch, Nathan sitting down beside Lance in silence.

Simus looked around at everyone, his eyes ending on Justin's staring face.

"How is my nephew, Justin?"
Justin walked over towards the three men, Jennie remaining by the hallway entrance leaning against the wall, Justin sitting down in a chair beside them.

Rachel sat in another chair beside her cousin, smiling at him.

"Jolan is sleeping. Nathan has given him a sedative to keep him resting. We can now talk freely, Simus. I sense you're nervous about something. Something that you're reluctant to tell Jolan. What's going on? Do you know what's wrong with Jo? If you do, for God's sake, tell me! I want him to get well."
Simus stared at Justin, his grey eyes measuring the man before him.

"I see the deep caring in your eyes, Justin. Your friendship with Jolan means a lot to you."
Simus' eyes moved for a moment, watching Lynn and Daphne walking out of the kitchen.

"Jolan is my friend, Simus. I care deeply for him. When a friend is hurting I'll always try to protect them." Justin continued.
Trace smiled, knowing the truth in that statement.

"I'll voice my agreement on that."  Lance said, Justin smiling towards him.

Simus nodded.

"I sense deep friendship from all of you for my nephew, and for our sweet Jennica."
Jennie smiled, Lynn's arm around her now, Justin's mom leading her over to an overstuffed chair at the other end of the couch.

Lynn sat down, letting Jennie sit in her lap, hugging the young girl close to her.

Justin smiled at his mother's tenderness to Jolan's little sister.

"The next part of this, is the path to the present, and what Jolan has done." Calen spoke, his voice commanding the room's attention.
"What Jolan's done?" Justin said, Calen nodding.

He saw a reluctance in his grey eyes as well.

"Yes, Justin. Through some unknown catastrophe or unimaginable horror, Jolan has released an incredible thing upon himself. It is an ancient pact of magic called The Shadowing."

Everyone's eyes were upon the younger Dragosan brother, Calen standing up and walking in front of the living room's gleaming wide windows.

He looked out upon the afternoon sky, the sun ablaze above him.

"The sun of hope shines upon the soul of the Sun Child. Through that child our destinies shall entwine. That child's heart will open the magic of life and death, and reveal its final treasure. The salvation of a dynasty, and the beginnings of a millennium of love. His final truth shall set all of us free. So said Queen Alveena, her final prophetic words of hope for the generations."

Calen turned, looking at everyone, and no one.

"It is all written down by her own hand in the Tome of Alveena. Her final hope was that one day the families of Dragos would help the Sumsare be free of the evil that King Segas released into the blood lines. On the night before the final battle against King Segas, Alveena, our beloved monarch, had an envisioning dream. It was the same night as the joining of man and beast. That dream, Alveena sensed, was a vision of hope for her lost and misguided family. In it, she walked down a line of prophecy, a path of hope. And what she learned there she felt was the final hope for all of us. Sumsarian and Dragos. For both clans are forever linked. I will explain it to all of you as best I can. The gist of it will be more simple if I dilute it for you. Her ancient words had an endearing servitude to them. My words will be more simple."
Justin nodded, everyone else remaining silent.

Calen folded his hands in front of him, his silver ring gleaming in the sunlight, a shine of brightness illuminating its central stone.


"We are the Brothers of Servitude. Our lives given over to the protection and realization of the Sumsarian dynasty. Our father bestowed upon us the duty of our souls. We are here with a purpose and a resolve. To unite the Sumsarian clan and cleanse its heart and soul of the evil laying within it.
That was the mission of Alveena. And through her loving devotion, our father swore an allegiance to her.
For she saved him from that same evil, no iota of it flourishing in his soul.
Imagine how the world would now be if Vilos Dragos would have succumbed to the evil of King Dragos and then perhaps the continuing monstrous evil of King Segas? For as sure as I am standing here, if King Segas had have captured Vilos, a monster of evil creation would have frozen the blood of every mortal man.
The myths and legends of the vampires would have born a greater truth and a final horrific reality. Monsters would have indeed feasted upon all the lands and its peoples."
Everyone felt a chill run through them upon hearing Calen's words of changed reality.
"Through our father's guiding love, our souls also remain pure and just. His children took up the cause that Vilos championed. The righting of the wrongs. The cleansing of the evil. It is our destiny, and our fate."
Calen raised his hand, everyone looking at his silver, shining ring.
"We Dragosan wear the rings of Servitude. Our oath given to Alveena's truth. One ring of the five stands alone. A golden ring of symbolism and truth. That ring is called the Heart of History. Our father was given all five by Queen Alveena herself. How she knew he'd have four children to wear the silver solitudes I know not."

Justin, Trace and Cindy remembered the ring that Jolan had envisioned in his mind.

He himself had called it the Heart of History.
Calen's hand went to his breast pocket, pulling out something that lay there.

He stretched out his hand, his palm opening.

In it lay another silver ring, identical to his and Simus'.

"This is my younger brother's ring. The silver ring of Servitude given to him with love from Vilos, our father. Joelius wore it with pride and deep faith. He took it literally as a passage of right, as an oath of servitude, as have I and Simus. Morgan, not so much. Our eldest brother, as we've said, follows not quite the same path. He has wandered off the path of destiny, trying to change that said destiny. And that never sat well with Joelius."
"Why do you have his ring? Was it taken from him when he deserted you? Did he leave it behind?" Trace asked, Calen looking at him with a quiet look upon his face.

"No, Trace. Our brother gave up this ring himself, in exchange for another. For the golden ring of destiny."

Simus stood up, walking to his brother, putting his hand upon his shoulder, their grey eyes meeting.

"Courage, Calen. Let it go from your mind. The pain cannot last."

Calen nodded, his eyes looking towards Justin.

"As I have already spoken, Alveena had a vision. A vision of one man coming down through the generations. One man who would unite all the peoples, and in the end free them of their evil and redeem their hearts. That man she called Catre Din Dragoste."

"Who is that?" Lynn asked, Jennie looking at Calen with her intense grey eyes.

"The words are steeped in Moldavian lore. The name basically translates to The Giver of Love. That man would be the one to summon the magic of the golden ring. What that magic is or why it must be summoned is unknown to all, including the One Council. Tolmar, the head councillor is greatly learned in the ways of Alveena's vision. The One Council believes that the Sun Child is the one to whom the final destiny will fall. And the One Council believe that the Sun Child is Jolan."

Everyone looked at each other is surprise, Simus looking at Justin.

"He wears the yellow sun, does he not?" Simus said, looking at Justin with a stare of hope.

"Yes, Simus. Jolan has a yellow sun tattooed on the right side of his chest. And for some reason it has started moving. It has risen over the blue water."

Simus and Calen looked at each other.

"So, then, the Shadowing has begun." Calen said, more to himself than to everyone.

"What is The Shadowing? It sounds mysterious." Joey said, Justin looking at his friend, the question having been on his lips as well.

Calen remained silent for a moment, as if he were choosing his words carefully.

He placed his brother's ring on the coffee table before Justin, its silvery gleam diminishing a little in Justin's forward shadow.

Simus handed his brother the Tome of Alveena, it materializing in his hand from seemingly out of nowhere.

Simus smiled at his brother, Calen taking the book, opening it and searching its pages.

"Let me read you something, everyone. Let us judge what this means. Alveena wrote it a few days after the night of her son Dragos' tragic final end."

Everyone stared at Calen, his steady voice reading aloud in the silent room.


"I have felt a change in my reasoning. It's as if part of my doubt has disappeared upon the death of my son. And it's as if my magic has changed for a reason, in preparation for what is to come. I feel the drawing of evil, the breath of reality sweeping across the land. He of evil intent is now in control. Pray for all the children of our bloodline. Tonight I made a pilgrimage in darkness to the lair of the Oracle. And there I retrieved his abandoned diary. I have read--into the lightening hour of this day--all his personal accounts, all the personal words of a wondrous man. And one paragraph towards the end trembles in my soul.

Read the words of foretelling truth.

I hold my prayers a little closer after this prophecy:


The Catre Din Dragoste shall rise into the light.

He of the blossoming heart, he of the enriching love.

Two parts of his young soul shall be torn asunder, the child divided.

Lost will be his past, found will be his love.

The last moment of his separating mind will release the Shadowing.

For that is a moment of pure sorrow for that child of light.

And in that moment, evil and good shall take up the call,

Two tribes of evil and good shall walk upon this earth following the man

Only he whom he loves can stay the hand of his passing on to the next life

Only he can right the wrong and rejoin the two parts

In the heart of his family, only there shall love win out

And they of the beast shall join with him

And an evil shall perish in the place intended for him

Look to his crying eyes to see his vindication of love.

Then the path of cleansing can continue unto its end.

The world shall gasp in trembling hurt for him, 

Then breathe again the breath of love.

For under the snow and truth we shall rise again united by his hand.


I believe this to be a prophecy of the Oracle. His words of meaning are lost to me. But I know in my heart down through time a great one of love shall save my brethren. To his heart I give my unending love."


Calen closed the book, his grey eyes on Justin, whose head was lowered, looking deep in thought.

"I am sure you all take meaning in the words that Alveena could not fully understand. Here, today, they show a greater clarity."

Justin raised his head, looking at Calen.

"Lost will be his past, found will be his love." Justin softly said, Rachel's hand going to his shoulder.

"Yes, Justin. Jolan's past is lost to him. This marks him as the Catre Din Dragoste." Simus said, Calen looking quietly at his brother.

"So you're saying he's this Catre? And he's also the Sun Child?" Lance said with confusion, Nathan looking at him.

Cory looked towards the hallway, Simus' hand now on his shoulder.

Simus spoke, a voice of deep compassion echoing around the room.

"Something horrific happened to Jolan and his family. Something so horrific that his mind couldn't comprehend the reality of its truth. And in that moment he blocked out all of it under a cover of forgetfulness. It is not amnesia that clouds his memories. It's a magical failsafe of his own making. He's forgetting on purpose. He's backed away from facing a deep truth. The failsafe of necessity that he was forced to create is The Shadowing. Think of it as a magical blanket of forgetfulness. Unfortunately, using it has set into motion a battle of good against evil."

"Two tribes of good and evil? Who are they?" Trace said, Cindy looking at him.

Calen sat down again, Simus standing up and looking around.

"No one knows the clarity of that line of prophecy. Who was meant by that has been a source of discussion among all of us, the Dragos, the Sumsare and the One Council."
"What do the One Council believe?" Joey said, his eyes on Simus.

"They believe it means the Dragosan and the Sumsarians. We are good, the Sumsarians tainted with evil. We both must follow him."

"And what do you and Calen believe?" Lance said, his green eyes on Simus.

Calen and Simus looked at each other, Calen taking up his brother's train of thought.

"We believe that two ancient clans of good and evil may once again be walking this earth. The Badenwolf and the Fangoros."

Everyone looked shocked, Calen's hand raising.

"The Badenwolf, in essence, are good. They gave their lives for a noble cause, such as did the Sumsarian. They fought against evil at our side."

"Who are the Fangoros?"
Simus put his hand on Calen's shoulder.

"That is a story for another time. At the moment, let's just say they are evil."

Calen smiled at his brother, everyone seeing a look of deep admiration in Simus' eyes.

A look of intense brotherly love.

"No Simus. They need to know all of it."
Simus reluctantly nodded, everyone looking at Calen.

"The Fangoros were at one time the elite guard of King Segas. Through some twisted magic, King Segas infected those chosen men with a burning thirst. A thirst for blood. They followed the king with a bloodlust of murderous rage. After the battle that killed the King, the Sumsarian surviving kinsmen hunted them all down and destroyed them. Or so they thought. It has always been held in belief that some may have escaped. And those disillusioned men remained hidden, forming a sect of evil and ungodliness. They became the things of nightmares. The people of the ancient world called them Fangoros. Some believed them to be vampires. That they had the thirst for human blood."

Lance looked at the two men.

Calen looked back at Lance, the young man seeing a look of pained hurt in his grey eyes.

"We know the truth of the myth of vampires. The Fangoros are more beasts of evil than childish myths. But I and my brother know they exist. Me most of all."

Simus looked at his brother with compassion.

"I do not want to talk of it just yet, Simus. My wounds are my own."

Simus nodded, looking around at everyone.

"All I shall say is that the Fangoros were real over a hundred and twenty years ago. My brother found that out himself."
Everyone nodded, all eyes on the younger Dragos.

"And so, Alveena wrote down the passage of the Oracle, a vague prophecy that you all can see bears some truth in regards to Jolan." Calen said, Simus' eyes looking around, settling on Justin's down turned head.

Simus' heart felt a kindness for this young man.

And a love of family.

Justin was sitting in silence, the words being spoken not really registering in his mind.

His mind was on one line of the passage of the Oracle, that line sinking into his soul.

The room suddenly silenced, all eyes turning to Justin when his voice spoke.

"Only he whom he loves can stay the hand of his passing on to the next life."

That one line of words dawning in his mind with a crashing reality.

His tearing eyes raised, staring into Simus' grey orbs which were staring at him.

"It's up to me to save him."

In another part of New York a man sat in silence, his fingers gently tapping on the edge of the windowsill, his eyes scanning the bright sunshine-filled view before him.

He sat on the end of his bed, looking out into the bright day.

He felt a coldness sink into his bones.

Even the warmth of the midday brought no feeling of calmness to him.

For deep within him he felt the stirrings of the hunger.

This hunger was cold and evil.

Dark and guttural, seeping into his subconscious.

A hunger he'd known since he was a child.

A child raped of innocence by the black one of his nightmares.

He remembered every day the moment of his induction into depravity.

How the man or creature lured him from his home that cold November morning when he was only seven.

Yes, a creature.

For even though the thing was a man, in his black eyes his terrified young eyes had seen the monster laying there.

And that monster had been ravenous.

The man closed his eyes, blocking out the screams from that day.

And the dawning reality of what that day had cost him.

His infected soul now given to the same ravenous needs.

He sighed, looking beside him.

On his bed lay a young man of exquisite beauty.

He was totally naked, his nude form exposed for the man to look at.

He was seventeen or eighteen, the man hadn't really discussed the youth's age with him.

All they'd discussed was the fee.

The fee for a night of gluttonous desire.

The man smiled, remembering every moment of that long night.

The young man had earned more than he'd bargained for, his crying eyes at the end a sure sign of that.

The man's eyes scanned the bed, seeing a book laying sideways near its end.

He picked the book up, looking at it with a smile on his face.

"Fortune's favourite son." he smiled, tossing it on the nightstand.

He saw the newspaper laying there, picking it up again.

He scanned the front page, seeing the article about the child sex ring, Jefferson Hopkins' face shown in full view.

"You always were a fool, Jeff." he said, throwing the paper on the floor.

He looked back out of the window, the feeling increasing in his chest.

His mind flew through his memories.

So many memories of lust, fulfillment and joy.

He remembered the night at the cabin.

The young child of delicious, intoxicating beauty.

It had been a shame that he'd had to throw that morsel away.

But the child was a seething monster in his own right.

He'd never encountered anyone with such fight in him.

The man rubbed his side, the slash mark there a reminder of that passion.

"How rots your grave, slut? You must be fermented by now." he chuckled, the body beside him moving a bit.

The man thought back to the others, and what he'd gained that night.

The blood had been exquisite, its taste divine.

He smiled, looking down at the young man stirring beside him.

He looked at the small tattoo on his chest.

The crown and sabre.

"You gave your life for my enrichment, beauty. And they gave me greatness."

He laughed out loud, the youth beside him opening his brown eyes.

The man or creature sat at the end of the bed.

The youth trembled, the man's green eyes staring at him.

Yes, a creature.

The youth knew those eyes were those of a monster.

His body ached, the night torturous with the man's desires.

No money was worth this.

He moved to rise, the man on top of him in a heartbeat.

"Why child, where are you going? This isn't over. We've had our desires satisfied. Now, we must gain nourishment."
"Please, let me go!" the youth sobbed, trying to rise up.

"No, child. I can't do that. For from you I need all." the creature said, its eyes widening.

The youth's soul clenched, seeing the look of hunger in those blazing eyes.

His screams were cut off by the hand covering his mouth, and the he felt the teeth sinking into his throat.




End of Chapter 31


And so the Shadowing has been revealed.

And Justin seems to have clued into something..

How can Justin save Jolan?
And what is he supposed to save him from?

Are the Badenwolf and Fangoros after Jolan?


Who is the man or creature spoken of at the end?
What is his place in all of this?



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"You're in love with Jolan. Aren't you, Justin?"

Justin looked surprised, his mother looking at Jennie beside him.

Her eyes returned to Justin's blue eyes, looking at her son.

"Well, Justin? Answer my question."



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