Jolan's Path - Chapter 41


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 41


Chris and Johnny stayed until after ten, an opening friendship building between them and the new residents in Justin's life.

The group as a whole had discussed all that evening's revelations, Justin noticing Jolan's quietness through most of the discussions.

Justin and Johnny discussed Justin's new lifestyle, the two--with their friends' support--agreeing on Justin's line of defense.

Johnny agreed to Justin's demand for no interviews or media hype about Jolan and Jennica's heroic deeds.

Johnny saw that Justin was wanting to protect their privacy and freedoms.

Being attached to a celebrity sometimes pulls you into their world, whether you like it or not.

Justin was going to do his best to make sure they kept their normalcy.

Johnny thought the best defense was that of showing their joined friendship.

To the world, Jolan would now become a close friend to Justin, his sister earning that right as well.

Johnny thought it best to build on that reality first, the deeper meaning of their relationship coming to light when Justin was ready to reveal that.

Jolan voiced his resolute opinion that that choice was Justin's alone.

He would not pressure Justin into revealing their love.

The only thing that mattered to Jolan was what they had when they were alone.

A deep bond of true love.

The group all smiled at that moving moment, Justin christening it with a deep kiss to his soulmate.

Their friends all left together, Cindy leaving with Trace, Jolan smiling at their bonded love showing so openly.

Cindy's healed soul now wore a reflection on Trace's happiness.

Justin picked up on Trace's wanting to spend some time alone with her.

He saw their love open and real.

Lynn and Jennie said their goodnights shortly thereafter, Lynn going to spend some time with Jennie before she fell asleep.

Both men picked up immediately on Lynn's showing motherhood towards the young girl.

The two men found themselves alone, Justin locking up the condo's front door, Jolan quietly walking around turning off lights.

The two walked together into their bedroom, their hands entwined.

Justin still felt a quiet resolve under Jolan's outward appearance, the young man walking over to the balcony, opening the door and walking out into the late night freshness.

Justin leaned against the balcony door frame, looking at Jolan staring out into the darkness of the late October sky.

"A kiss for your thoughts, my love?"

Jolan turned, Justin seeing a look of clouded concern in his grey silvery eyes.

"My mind is clouded with every word Chris spoke, Jus. All that my mother spoke of. What did she mean?"

Justin slowly walked across the balcony, Jolan sinking into his open arms, Justin's arms tightening around him, Jolan's head falling against Justin's heart.

"I know they're out there somewhere, Jus. They're alive. I feel it in my soul!"

Justin nodded, remaining silent, sensing Jolan's need to talk to himself, to reason out what was bothering him.

Justin had seen him do it a few times, Jolan's thoughts opened to the world to see and decide on.

"She even said she wasn't an angel. That proves she's not in heaven. She's not dead."

Justin quietly looked at Jolan, his grey eyes looking downward at his hand.

"My birthday was supposed to be some kind of Day of Illumination. Perhaps Calen knows of what she speaks?"

"Perhaps, Jolan. We should let them know about this. They may have some insight into it."
Jolan nodded, his thoughts still churning.

"I only need to see the truth to find them. I need to seek out the truth in his words. That's what she said. I only wish Simus would have left the Tome of Alveena for me to read. I sense there's something in it that deals with all this."
Justin nodded, Jolan pulling his man against him.

"I'm sorry I'm not being so romantic tonight, Jumpy. I have a lot on my mind."
Justin smiled, the new nickname seeming so right.

"I understand completely, my angel. You're here, your love is here as well."
Jolan smiled, leaning upwards, their lips meeting softly.

"I love you, Jus. Thanks for being you."
Justin smiled, a slight shiver going through him.

"It's freezing out here, love. Let's climb into bed and get a good night's sleep."
Jolan smiled, his lips kissing Justin's neck.

"Yes, someone kept me up all last night."
Justin beamed, Jolan smiling his special smile for only him.

"Playing in heaven one can't sleep. An angel's beauty shines so bright."

Jolan smiled, his arm wrapping around Justin.

"My angel's freezing. Let's snuggle in our love's warmth."

Justin smiled, the two walking back into the bedroom.


Upon entering the bedroom, Jolan suddenly stopped; Justin looking to where his grey, wide eyes were focused.

Sitting on top of their bed was the Tome of Alveena.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, the two gazing again at it.

"That wasn't there when we walked into this room, Jo. Where did it come from?"
Jolan scanned the room, his eyes returning to the book.

"I think this book has a mind of its own. It goes where it thinks it's needed." Jolan softly said, remembering its sudden appearance in the restaurant.

Jolan walked forward, sitting down on the bed and gently picking up the book.

He was surprised by its weightlessness.

It felt so light for such an immensely thick book.

Jolan quietly opened the book, Justin sitting down beside him, both focusing on the book.

Justin's eyes scanned the pages that Jolan had opened, seeing a surprising sight.

"Blank pages, Jo? Calen said all your history was in this book. It's empty." Justin said, flipping through the pages, the book still in Jolan's hands.

Jolan looked up at Justin, a surprised look now on his face.

"What are you talking about, Jus? It's full of rich, clean ink writing. I see the feminine touch in all the script."
Justin looked confused, taking the book from Jolan, checking many pages.

"It contains nothing to my eyes, Jo."

Jolan looked confused, Justin's arm around him.

"It must be some kind of magical book. Maybe it's only meant to be read by Dragosans."

Jolan took the book back, turning to the first page.



    A Representation of the Dragosan and Sumsarian Legacies

              Written in earnest at the dawning moments of truth

                              Heed these words as truth

                     Keep their meaning through thy life

                               Past, Present and Future


                  Alveena Sumsare, Last Queen of Moldavia



Jolan read the rich words, Justin listening in quiet awe, staring at the blank page Jolan had read from.

"The words must really be there, Jo. That's fascinating!"

Jolan nodded, perusing the first few lines of text.

"I believe Alveena was a very intelligent woman, Justin. She named herself the last queen of Moldavia. She knew the kingdom of Moldavia was about to fall."

Justin nodded, his arm tightening around Jolan's waist.

"That's a very astute observation, Jolan. You picked up on it easily. My feelings are that you'll find a lot of hidden things buried in this book."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"But it can wait until tomorrow. Let's call it a night, Jus. I so need some sleep."
Justin nodded, Jolan closing the book, Justin taking it from him and setting it gently on the nightstand.

"Do you think it will be there in the morning?"
Jolan looked at it for a moment, then looked into Justin's blue eyes.

"Yes, Jus. I believe it's here for me now. I sense it wants me to read all of its secrets."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him, a yawn escaping his mouth, Jolan trying to cover it.

"Sit still babe. Let me undress you." Justin said, his voice soft and romantic.

Jolan smiled, Justin kneeling in front of him.

Justin gently took off Jolan's sneakers, pulling off his socks.

Jolan sighed as Justin rubbed both of his feet, the feeling sending pulsating blood through his legs.

"Umm, that feels so good Jumpy."
Justin smiled, Jolan laying back on his back.

Justin moved up, opening Jolan's belt, unbuckling it and opening his jeans.

Jolan lifted his ass as Justin removed the denim.

Justin stood up now, his own clothes moving off his body in a movement of graceful motion.

Within moments he was in only his briefs, sitting gently down on the bed beside Jolan, his fingers going to Jolan's shirt.

Justin gently opened it, his hands running across Jolan's bare chest, Jolan sighing a contented sigh.

"Your skin is so warm and smooth, my love.  I could stroke your body all day."
Jolan smiled, Justin's face only inches away from his.

Jolan's hand went to Justin's head, pulling him gently downward, their lips meeting in a tender kiss of romance.

Their lips parted, Jolan smiling.

"To kiss an angel is to breathe in God's love."

Justin smiled, the words so genuinely moving.

"That's beautiful, my angel. Sit up, Jolan, and I'll pull back the covers and we can snuggle."
Jolan nodded, reluctantly rising up, Justin removing his shirt from his chest, Justin gently pulling Jolan upwards with one hand, his other hand pulling back the covers.

Jolan crawled back into the bed, Justin extinguishing the nightstand's lamp, the room sinking into darkness.

Justin was soon beside Jolan, pulling the covers over both of them.

"Warm enough, Jo?"
"The heat of you shall warm my soul, Jumpy." Jolan said, his body moving against Justin.
Justin smiled a contented smile, the man of his dreams against him, his head laying on his chest.

The world centered for Justin in that moment, the truth of his heart's love finally focused.

"Goodnight, Jumpy. I love you."
"Goodnight, Jolan Dragos, man of love and now spirit of my heart."
Jolan smiled, tightening his hold on the man he now loved.

Justin's eyes moved to the nightstand, seeing the dark shape of the ancient book laying there.

In his heart, he felt a stab of worry.

Jolan's love was his, and he'd do anything to keep it.


The next morning saw the two lovers settle into a routine of normalcy.

Jennie and Lynn cooked breakfast, Jolan showing them the book at the kitchen table.

Jennie showed them that she too saw the writing laid on the pages of the ancient book, Justin believing her completely.

Lynn looked surprised at this revelation, seeing before her the truthful magic running in these two siblings.

She and Justin traded wonderstruck looks, Jolan smiling at both of them.

After breakfast Jolan sat in the living room, opening the book and beginning to read his family's history.

Justin went to his office, several work-related things needed his attention.

Lynn and Jennie went out for a brief shopping excursion, Jolan seeing the older woman's need to keep the child happy.

He saw how easily Jennie's beauty and loving soul had captured Lynn's heart.

Justin came out on several occasions, brief kisses exchanged, Jolan making him a cup of tea, the two basking in the normalcy of their new lives.

They felt like a real couple, their love uniting and calming their souls.

The phone rang around eleven o'clock, Justin answering it.

Jolan's eyes looked up, seeing Justin walking back into the living room.

He looked at Jolan, handing him the phone.

"It's Jordan. He wants to talk to you."

Jolan looked surprised, taking the phone from Justin, Justin sitting down on the couch, pulling Jolan's legs across his lap.

The two smiled at each other, Jolan concentrating on the phone.

"Good morning, Jordan. How are you?"
"Good morning, Jolan. I am well, thanks. Busy but fine. How goes things? How's Jennica?"
Jolan briefly chatted with the police inspector, relaying their conditions.

He sensed Jordan had called for a reason.

"That's great, Jolan. I'm glad Jennica's returned to some type of normal life."
"Jordan, she doesn't remember any of it now. Not even the confrontation with Hopkins. I've erased it all from her mind. I won't let her feel that pain ever again."
The line went silent for a moment, Justin's hand going into Jolan's, Jolan seeing his loving gaze.

"That's unbelievable, Jolan. And yet, not surprising. From that first day I have sensed a greatness in you. A light of truth. You are an exceptional young man."
"Thank you, Jordan. Coming from you that is indeed high praise."
"I mean every word, Jolan. The police department has a lot to thank you and your sister for."
Jolan blushed softly, Justin sensing Jordan had given Jolan a heartfelt compliment.

"I sense another reason for your call today, Jordan. Something I can help you with?"

"Yes, Jolan. I'm kind of the messenger boy here. This request comes from Commissioner Kelly. His daughter and son-in-law still want to meet you. To thank you for saving their little Benjamin."

Jolan lowered his eyes for a moment, Justin looking at him.

"That's not necessary, Jordan. His being safe and unharmed is all the thanks I need."

Justin smiled, sensing immediately what Jordan was asking him.

Justin motioned for Jolan to give him the phone, Jolan looking confused, handing Justin the phone.

"Hi, Jordan. It's Justin. Yeah, I'm doing great. I think it's a wonderful idea for Jolan to meet them. How does tomorrow night sound? I'm having a little private party here for just a few people, Cindy's mother is coming up and I'd love to have them come. Yourself and the Commissioner as well. What do you say?"
Jolan looked surprised at Justin's invitation, his lover smiling at him.

"Great! Six o'clock would be great. Just let me know if that's fine. Sure, we're here all day. Thanks, and nice talking to you again."
Justin shut off the phone, smiling at Jolan, leaning forward and gently kissing his lips, Jolan's legs still laying across Justin's knees.

"Jordan will call back to confirm that they're available."
"Justin, is this necessary? You'll  don't need to have the house full of friends and now other people. You don't have to throw a party for us."
Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's concerned eyes.

"Jolan, I sensed immediately your not wanting their adulation. And I think that's wrong."
Jolan lowered his eyes, Justin lifting his face, staring into his grey eyes.

Jolan saw in his blue eyes that Justin was having none of Jolan's denials.

"They want to thank you, Jolan. Imagine their relief at having that child back in their arms safe. You gave them that glorious feeling. Just remember how it felt to have Jennie in your arms in the back of that van. That was a wonderful feeling, wasn't it? They want to thank you for that same feeling."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's point of view.

"You are right, Jus. That was the happiest moment of my life."
Justin smiled, kissing him again.

"See! So take the hero worship in stride. They see you as just that. The moment they meet you they'll see how wonderful you really are. But to them you'll always be the man who saved their child."
Jolan nodded, pulling Justin closer, Justin moving, his body now laying on top of Jolan who lay back on the couch.

"Mmm, time for some loving. My sexy superstar. I miss your passion."
Justin smiled widely, his hands slipping under Jolan's shirt.

"Can I bask in the hero's glow of love?"

Jolan smiled, chuckling then moaning, Justin's fingers finding his nipples.

"Please, Jus! Don't stop!" he said, his eyes closing.

Justin's body weight sank on top of Jolan, his lips finding his, their desires rising.

Jolan felt Justin's desires against his thigh, a soft moan escaping his lips.

"I so want to make love to you, my hero." Justin said, his lips kissing Jolan's neck, one hand going downward.

"Jus, decorum, remember? Jennie will be back shortly."
Justin raised his head, a sulky look coming across his face.

"I need my loving, Jo. I need you." he softly said, Jolan tearing up.

He saw before him his lover's soul, Justin's true feelings showing.

"And I need you, my love. And you'll always have me. Sink down into my love."
Justin smiled, moving downward.

His movements were stopped by the sound of the condo front door unlocking.

Jolan rose up, Justin stumbling and falling off the couch.

Jolan looked at him, bursting into laughter.

"Sorry, babe!"

"I guess that bronco bucks too much." Justin laughed, Jolan laughing as well.

He extended his hand, Justin rising up, Jolan's arm going around him.

"This bronco tends not to buck, for his lover can really. . ." Jolan said, Justin's lips silencing the end of his rhyme.


The condo door opened, Lynn, Rachel and Jennie walking into the room, seeing the two men embracing in a heated kiss.

"Look at that! We know what those two have been doing!" Rachel smiled, Jennie grinning ear to ear.
"Jolly's in love!" she said, Jolan breaking the kiss and smiling towards them.

"Got that right! I'm in Timberlake heaven!"
Justin grinned, kissing Jolan's cheek, Jennie running across the room and tackling him, the two falling back onto the couch, Jennie on top of Justin.

"Did you buy out New York, Jennikins??" he said, laughing.

Jennie giggled, Justin lightly tickling her.

Jolan smiled at the two, Rachel and Lynn sitting down, bags dropping onto the carpet.

"That's a funny name, Justin!" Jennie laughed, Justin smiling at her.

"Princess Jennikins Loveheart, lady of beauty!"

Jennie laughed, looking at Lynn.

"You should see the dress Lynn bought me! It's a beautiful dress! I so want to have a party some day! Then I'd feel like a real princess!"
Jolan looked surprised, Justin smiling up at him.

"Well, how about I make your wishes come true! We're having a little party tomorrow night! A hero party for you and Jolly!"

Jennie squealed, looking up at her brother, Jolan leering at Justin.

Justin saw a bit of mirthful attitude in the leer, sticking his tongue out at Jolan.

Lynn laughed, Jolan looking towards her.

"I think it's a wonderful idea!" she said, smiling at him.

"The police commissioner is coming, as are a few other people." Justin said, Lynn nodding.

Jolan folded his arms, Jennie looking up at him.

"Chill, Jolly. You need to have some fun!"
Justin burst into laughter, Jolan blushing, sitting down beside the two.

Jennie's arm went around him, kissing his cheek.

"Justin's wants us happy, Jolly! And you are a hero to me!"

Jolan smiled, kissing her back, looking at Justin.

"You're right, Jennie. Justin wants us happy. OK, a party it shall be!"
Jennie grinned, getting up and picking up her shopping bags.

"You don't get to see my dress till then!" she grinned, Jolan smiling widely.

"That will be a surprising start to a night of surprises, no doubt." Jolan said, Justin looking at him.

Jennie smiled, walking down the hallway to her room.

Justin told the other two women about Jordan's call, and what Justin wanted to do.

The two women smiled, agreeing to pitch in and help with all the arrangements.

Jolan sat back, the book laying in his lap, listening to all their plans.

He saw a lot of happiness and gleeful joy in the three of them, Justin's eyes sparkling.

Jolan sensed Justin loved to entertain.

That the kid in him loved to party.

Jolan had seen the fully stocked bar, knowing Justin must drink.

Jolan himself didn't think that mattered much to him, his past reflecting his need to have a clear head.

He'd let Justin enjoy himself, but he wouldn't follow.

Jolan's eyes returned to the book, delving back into his past.


The rest of the day was a flurry of small meetings, Justin's party planning in full swing.

Rachel took charge, Justin delegating different jobs to her.

Jolan saw that she was an important presence in Justin's life.

She seemed to anticipate his every idea.

He smiled, sensing she thrived in her job.

He was also thinking of something he'd seen the other day.

Jobs can't measure against life, he thought.

Jennie was a bundle of happiness, Jolan and Justin with her all afternoon, playing different board games and card games.

The two siblings took a walk in the late afternoon while Justin went out with his mother and Rachel for party supplies.

Jolan and Jennie took a quiet walk around the neighbourhood, finishing at Dominoso's restaurant.

Justin had agreed that they'd all meet there for supper, Lynn liking that idea.

Justin blushed, realizing his mother had been cooking for him for two days.

Jolan nodded, agreeing with Lynn's comments.

Daphne hugged them both upon entering the eatery, Domo waving from the bar, the older man in a discussion with two patrons.

"Hello, my little Jennie! How are you?" Daphne said, kissing her cheek.

"I'm great! Justin's throwing a party tomorrow! You have to come!!" she said eagerly, Daphne looking at Jolan.

Jolan was staring right at her with an intense stare, his eyes then moving to Domo.

He was silent for a moment, then his eyes focused.

"I'm the official inviter, Daphne. It wouldn't be a party without my sister and grandfather." Jolan said, smiling.

"Then we heartily accept. We'll change around the schedules and be free for sure." she said, guiding the two to a sunlit table by the window.

"Justin, Lynn and Rachel will be joining us for supper. They're out picking stuff up. We'll wait until they join us." Jolan said, Daphne's face breaking into a smile.
"Wonderful, the more the merrier! Would you like a chocolate milkshake, Jennie?" Daphne said, smiling at the young woman.

"Oh yes, please!" she said, smiling widely.

"Come with me, I'll show you how to make your own!" Daphne said, Jennie grinning, getting up and walking with her towards the kitchen.

Jolan smiled after them, his eyes looking towards Domo, and the two men he was sitting with.

All three were now staring at him, Domo looking a little flustered.

The other two lowered their eyes upon Jolan's glancing at them, both getting up and quietly walking out of the restaurant.
Jolan's eyes remained on his grandfather, Domo getting up and walking over to Jolan's table.

Jolan stared at his smiling face, taking in the newness of what he now saw.

"Compatriots of the Sumsarian lineage, Grandfather? Relatives of mine?"

Domo looked surprised, a soft blush coming to his cheeks.

"Distant cousins of mine, Jolan. But yes they are Sumsarian offspring."
Jolan nodded, Domo wondering how Jolan had known that.

"How many of my clansmen are there? I forgot to ask Simus of the size of the Sumsarian clan."

Domo smiled, Jolan's grey eyes staring at him.

"At last count, close to three thousand, taking into account the distant ones. The time of Snow and Truth will be a crowded one."
Jolan nodded, remembering the large area below the mountain in his dream.

There was plenty of room there for the gathering masses.

"Could you answer a question for me, Grandfather?"
Domo smiled, nodding his head.

"What does the red crown symbolize in the Sumsarian folklore?"

Domo's eyes widened, smiling.

"It is the sign of Sumsarian birthright. A true Sumsarian clansmen wears it proudly on his jacket. We have pins and rings that show its sign. It means we are descended from nobility. The crown the symbol of kingship."
"And the redness of that crown?"
Domo's eyes lowered for a moment, then looking back into Jolan's compassionate grey shining eyes.

"The redness marks us as evil infested. The redness of King Segas' spawned evilness. We always shall wear the mark of evil until the time of our deliverance."
Domo's eyes were glued to Jolan's, the young man smiling at him.

"I hold a great hope in my heart that you are the one who shall cleanse the blood of the Sumsarian clan, my grandson. I hope beyond all hope."
Jolan's hand went forward, patting his grandfather's hand.

"Tell me about my mother, about her childhood. I so want to know what she was like." Jolan said, Daphne and Jennie walking out of the kitchen, Jennie carrying a big glass of thick milk.

She said down beside Jolan, Jolan smiling at her.

"Wow! That looks thick!" he smiled, Jennie's lips on two straws sunk into the thick ice creamy drink.

Domo smiled, the two Dragosan children looking at him.

"Continue, Grandfather. I want to know about her too!" Jennie said, Domo looking a little surprised.

Jolan and Jennie remained quiet, Daphne sitting down beside them.

Domo smiled, telling them about the joyfulness that was their mother.


A hour later, the restaurant doors opened; Justin, Lynn and Rachel walking in, smiles etched across their faces.

Justin's eyes were drawn to a vision sitting in the late afternoon sunshine in front of the window.

Jolan's wide smile sent a racing desire through Justin.

Lynn caught the look on his face, smirking.

Her son was so in love.

Daphne greeted the three, smiling at Lynn and Rachel.

"Thank God you've finally arrived! Poppa is telling Jolan and Jennie too many old stories. Jolan's just being kind and listening in quiet silence, but Jennie's getting antsy."
Lynn smiled and Justin laughed, Daphne smiling at Rachel.

"Did you find all you needed? Jolan told us about the party."
"Did he invite you? If not, then please say that you will. I want all of Jolan's family there!"

"Yes he invited us. Thank you, Justin. We shall be honored to come."
Justin smiled, walking over to the table, looking around, some of the patrons looking towards him.

Justin sighed, sitting down beside Jolan, the young man smiling at him, Jennie smiling as Justin kissed her cheek.

"Domo's been regaling us with stories about Mom, Jus." Jolan said, Justin looking at him, a soft smile for only him on his face.

"I think you now know all there is to know about my angel, Melina." Domo smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Grandfather. She has a heart filled with your love. The same love I'm sure Jennie and I have."
Domo teared up, pulling out a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his eyes, Daphne's hand going onto his shoulder.

"Would anyone like a drink?" she said, smiling at Lynn and Rachel.

They all ordered drinks, Justin ordering another milkshake for Jennie, her glass now empty.

"As always, let me fill your hearts and stomachs with my enriching fare." Domo said, standing up, Jolan smiling up at him.

"Thank you, Grandfather. Your heart flows in each dish of heartiness."

Domo smiled, walking back into the kitchen, Daphne walking towards the table, a tray of drinks in her hand.

Jolan quietly stared at her, looking upon the mark she now wore.

The same mark as he'd seen for the last hour upon his grandfather's brow.

The same mark he'd seen upon the other two men that had departed.

Jolan realized that he alone could see it.

A blazing red crown lay above their eyebrows, in the center of their foreheads.

The mark of the Sumsarian clan.

Jolan now knew in his heart that he was a Dragosan.

And he also knew in his soul that he was something more.


Jolan moaned, Justin above him, Jolan feeling his steel heat sink deep within him.

It was after midnight, the two joined as one in their bedroom of love.

They'd been making love for hours, their slowly heating desires washing their minds away with its hungering need.

The hungering need of love.

In each, they sought the quenching needs of love.

Jolan couldn't believe the moving tenderness of Justin's lovemaking.

Each moment sending his body into a heightening tremor of anticipation.

Now, here, for the second time, Justin was possessing him.

And Jolan was lost in the need for that possession.

Jolan hungered for this man's love.
And he now felt a familiar stirring inside his own body.

The stirring of the beast.

"Oh God, Jolly! Your love, your body! It's becoming my greatest need! Oh, this feels so good!!" Justin said, sinking again deep within Jolan, his hardness lengthening.

Jolan's lips found his, Justin feeling the explosive reaction of desire flooding out of Jolan.

"I am yours, Jumpy. And you are mine alone. I feel the hunger of the beast!" Jolan said, his arms wrapping around Justin, Justin on the edge of abandon.

Justin pulled out again, about to sink in again, Jolan moving away from him.

Jolan flipped Justin's body over in a flash of energy, Justin surprised by his strength.

Justin now lay on his back, Jolan staring down at him, Justin seeing the glowing yellowness of animalistic lust in his eyes.

Justin saw the beast was on the prowl again.

Justin had given into the beast twice already.

He knew the meal it hungered for.

Jolan's head moved with lightning speed, his mouth taking in all of Justin's prideful erection.

Justin gasped, his cock sinking down Jolan's throat.

Justin's sweating body trembled, Jolan's fingers sinking between his legs.

Justin gasped, then screamed, his love fluid erupting with Jolan.

Jolan drank the elixir of love, taking every drop into himself.

Justin gasped, coming down from the heights of Jolan's love.

But Jolan still hungered, Justin feeling his hands laying upon his hips.

"I need all of you, Justin. I need all you can give me." he said, Justin hearing a hungering growl in Jolan's voice.

"I am yours, Jolan." Justin said, his voice trembling in anticipation.

Jolan's strong hands moved, Justin's body moving on its own.

Jolan flipped his lover over, his glowing eyes feasting on the two round globes of flesh in Justin's center.

Both hands sought out one globe, squeezing the smooth flesh, Justin's mind focusing on the feeling.

Jolan's head lowered, looking at the cleft in the center of those globes.

A bead of sweat was trickling down from one mound towards the center, Jolan's tongue darting out, licking the moisture off it.

His tongue continued, sinking downward, his strong hands spreading the sweating cheeks.

Justin instantly felt the invasion, Jolan's moist tongue devouring his center.

His body jumped, as if a spark of electricity shot through him.

Jolan's head raised, his body moving forward, pulling Justin upwards.

Justin's body sank against Jolan, Jolan's powerful hands wrapping around him.

His hot breath was on Justin's neck, Justin feeling his shaft of heated love pressed tightly against his butt crack.

Jolan's lips devoured Justin's ear lobe, Justin trembling with a flooding passion.

"Oh God, Jo! What that does to me!!"

Jolan smiled, a hungry smile of devouring lust.

"My Jumpy's love is twitching. My lover's need great. I need you, Jumpy. Like you've never been needed before."
Justin felt a space open between their centers, then a heat of hardness was pressing against his innermost center.

With one swift plunge, Jolan's cock sank into Justin, Justin gasping.

He'd never felt this feeling before.

His mind focused on one part of him.

The center of his being.

The shaft of love buried deep within it.

Justin trembled, Jolan's lips on his cheek.

Jolan was moaning, the growling more prominent now.

Justin could hear it clearly.

The beast was in control.

Jolan's arms tightened around Justin, Justin feeling a hairiness surrounding him.

Jolan's rhythm became intense, his shaft pulling slowly out, then sinking even deeper on the inward thrust.

Justin's whole being was lost, lost in a flood of emotions, his face covering in tears.

Tears of love and joy.

For now he was fulfilling Jolan's need.

For now Jolan owned him.

The beast had claimed its mate.

Justin was lost in his lover's ministrations, Justin needing every plunge of desire Jolan gave him.

And somewhere in Justin's mind a wolf began to howl.

And Justin again felt the hairiness of the body now against him.

His reality now knew the truth of those sensations and that beastly sound.

His face changed into a smile of acceptance.

An acceptance of something he knew in his heart he'd always needed.

He'd always needed a beast to love him, a beast to claim him.

Justin Timberlake was mating with a Badenwolf.


Jolan stood on the balcony, the morning coolness awakening his body and mind.

His body was wrapped in a robe, his mind clouded in a sudden reality.

The breaking dawn lay claim to the lightening sky.

Two arms wrapped around him, Justin's lips on his neck.

"Come back to bed, Wolfy."

Jolan turned, looking into Justin's smiling face.

"I finally found the right nickname for you." he said, his lips gently kissing his chin.

"Justin. . .last night. . .I couldn't control the intensity. . .I. . ."
Justin's lips kissed his, Jolan lost in the feeling of Justin's now familiar love.

They broke their kiss, Justin's blue eyes staring into his grey irises.

"I felt the true beast, Jolan. I felt your Badenwolf self. You changed, didn't you?"
"I think I did, Justin. I felt my body change. I think I became a real beast!"
Justin smiled, his arms wrapping around the man he loved.

Jolan's head was against his, their cheeks against each other.

"You have the answer now, Jolan. Your love didn't change. You didn't hurt me, you only loved me."

Jolan was in tears, Justin turning and kissing him again.

"A Badenwolf loves whom he loves. No transformation will change that truth. You'll always love me. And you'll never hurt me. Your love needs me."

"You weren't scared?"
Justin smiled, his hands lowering, feeling the covered mounds of Jolan's backside.

"No, Jolan. For a very simple reason."
Justin sat down on the settee, Jolan sitting in his lap.

"I've finally realized a truth about myself. Something I never knew existed."
"What's that, Justin?" Jolan said, his hand rubbing Justin's exposed chest in the center of his robed body.

"I've been searching my whole life for something, for someone special. I think--no, I know--I've found that someone in you."
"What person were you looking for?"
"Someone to possess me. Someone to claim me as his own. A beast to fill my heart with his love."

Jolan stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the truth of Justin's words.

"To possess someone is to own them. To own them is to control them. I would never do that to you, Justin. I love you too much to ever want to control you."

Justin smiled, Jolan's words of love already in Justin's heart.

"I'm not talking about controlling possession. I'm talking about possessing someone's soul with love. I love you, Jolan. I love the way you claimed me in that room last night. Last night, I became yours. Not the world's, not my family's, but just yours. My love, and my body was owned by you. The beast's love has me. I don't want anyone else. Promise me that I shall always be yours. Promise me that you'll never tire of me."

Justin's eyes were filling with tears, Jolan kissing him deeply.

"You are mine, Justin. No one else will fill my hunger like you can. And I shall never tire of your love. It is my existence."
Justin smiled, his hand going to Jolan's cheek.

"Did you see me, Justin? Did you see the real beast?"

Justin kissed him gently.

"No, Jolan. But I felt the newness of your transformation. The masculinity of your power, the strength of your love. The masculine hairiness of your body. I became lost in the strength of your taking me. Oh God, Jolan! It was so real, so moving! I want that always! I need you to love me like that always!"
Jolan pulled him against him, Justin's body trembling.

"I don't care if you're some wolfish creature, Jolan. The path to that transformation was so moving.  I know this is so much more than animalistic lovemaking. The love surrounding us was so real. I want that loving beast always."
Jolan smiled, seeing the truth of what happened last night.

His greatest fear was washed away by Justin's love.

He now knew in his heart that the beast within him would never hurt someone it loved.

The passion and love of his soulmate proved that last night.

Jolan stood up, looking down at his lover.

"It's still early. Why don't you show me the beast of desire that lives inside you, Jumpy? I need to feel your wet passion." Jolan said, his robe falling to the floor.

Justin stared at the vision of masculine beauty before him.

Jolan walked towards the balcony door, another robe joining his.

A vision of love followed him to the shower.



End of Chapter 41


A red crown upon the faces of Domo and Daphne.

What does that mean?


I wanted to show a beginning normalcy of Justin and Jolan's relationship.

I started to, but alas, I've veered off onto another side rail.


Forgive me.


And so, Justin has witnessed the beast within Jolan.

The transformation of his Badenwolf self.

And Jolan's fears have abated.

He knows that he'd never hurt Justin with that beast.

Does that mean he didn't hurt his parents?

Perhaps there is more than one way to hurt someone.


Only time--and my erratic storytelling--will reveal that truth.

I hope I'm keeping everyone's interest.


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I'd love to hear from all of you, devoted and not alike.


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