Jolan's Path - Chapter 44

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 44


Jordan was staring at Jolan, the policeman's face a mask of utter shock.

"How in all that's good in this world did you know that?"

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to his grandfather.

"I have a true Dragosan soul, Jordan. I can now see the hidden red crown of truth upon every Sumsarian brow. My father's ring guarantees me that right."

Jordan looked towards Domo and Daphne, the older man walking up to them.

"You are very intelligent, Jolan. And I think quite remarkable. You seemed so determined tonight. You do have your mother's resolve."
Jolan smiled, his grandfather's words touching his heart.

"I am my mother's child, Grandfather. But I am also my father's."

Domo nodded, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"And thank you for letting Jordan take command of the situation, Grandfather."

Domo looked surprised, his eyes meeting Jordan's.

"I sensed from the beginning your need to protect my sister--and myself."

Jordan smiled, bowing his head.

"It was a honour I took with relish. Your grandfather saw immediately the greatness of your grey-eyed love."

Everyone in the room remained quiet, taking in the scene before them, Jolan's words somewhat confusing to all of them.

Jolan caught their looks, smiling at his grandfather.

"My grandfather knew from the moment of our first meeting at his restaurant--that first night I came to New York--that I was the man he thought the Sumsarians were waiting for. It was only after Domo talked with my Dragosan uncles that he realized who I really was. His loving lost grandson."

Domo smiled, his eyes tearing, Jolan's grey eyes returning to his grandfather.

"You are quite intelligent yourself, Grandfather. Have I passed their test?"

Domo's face flushed a little, Jolan patting his shoulder.

"I sensed yesterday at the restaurant your reluctance to put their convictions to the test. You didn't share their need for proof. Your heart was already given over to my love."
Domo teared up, nodding his head slowly.

"You told them that I knew they were Sumsarian? That I asked about the red crown?" Jolan said, remembering the two men Domo had been deep in conversation with.

"Yes, I did, my grandson. Charles and David Sumsare are local merchants, sons of long family lines. They are good men, and they hold dear to the ancient beliefs. It's not every day that someone of your hopeful significance walks into their lives, Jolan. They just needed reassuring proof. I think they have it now. But this tonight will settle it."

Jolan smiled.

"The word has begun to spread. I take it my presence has filtered down through all the clan lines?"
"Yes, Jolan. The clan's network spreads far. Soon--if not already--all will know that you truly do exist, and that the time of Snow and Truth is now upon us."

Jolan nodded, his eyes returning to Jordan's.

"The time of life. So, in what way are we related, Jordan?"
Jordan smiled, looking at Domo.

Justin's eyes were on Jolan, his last sentence flowing through Justin's mind.

"Dominoso is my mother's cousin, Jolan. My mother's father and Domo's mother were brother and sister."

Domo smiled at the policeman, Jordan patting his shoulder.

"My mother was a Sumsarian. I have their blood and faith in my veins."
Jolan smiled, looking at the policeman.

"I am glad to have such a heroic and steadfast cousin."

Jordan smiled, Jolan putting his hand upon his shoulder.

"So am I, Jolan. So am I."

"And to have such an astute protective bodyguard following me."

Jordan looked shocked, Jolan smiling at him.

"I always knew you were keeping tabs on me, Jordan. Ever since the day I entered that hospital."
Jordan blushed, his undercover work now blown.

"I guess I'm not too good at hiding from magic."
Jolan laughed, pulling the man into a warm embrace.


Everyone stood around, their faces masks of wonder and disbelief.

This policeman was Jolan's cousin?

The evening's revelations were casting a veil of wonder over everyone.

And standing in the center of it all was the source of the wonder--the young man with that incredible truth.

Jolan broke his hold on Jordan, smiling at seeing a tear in the policeman's eyes.

Jolan caught the looks of everyone around him, sighing a soft sigh, walking back to Justin, his blue eyes looking at him with quiet awe.

"Paths cross as they must, my love. Destiny has a way of doing that. It surrounds me and pulls all into my center."

Justin nodded, his eyes taking in the calmness that spread from his lover's eyes.

Jolan's eyes went to the Commissioner and his daughter.

"Both pacts of truth are all around me now. Badenwolf and Sumsarian. I shall sense and see them all. No one can hide from my watchful gaze. The time of Snow and Truth--and the time of the Sulfenwolf--are at hand. The Tome of Alveena holds many hidden truths, my friends. Even my wondrous uncles and ancient grandfather overlooked all of them. I sense because they weren't put there for them to find. They were put there for me. I have passed my own trial of truth. The Tome finds me worthy of its secrets. My gifts are also increasing. And I will see what needs to be seen. And then I shall have to do what needs to be done."
Everyone looked troubled, Jolan's words sounding a little ominous.

Jolan's face changed into a wide smile, its glowing happiness making the others smile.

Their minds and hearts softened from worry.

"Now is not the time for worry, and ominous doubts. This is a party! How about you turn that music up again, Chris? I want to dance!"

Justin smiled at his lover, Jolan taking his hand.

Chris looked at Justin, Justin nodding.

Chris nodded, walking back to the stereo, turning it back on.

The room filled with soft music, Jolan pulling Justin against him.

"I'm going to dance all night with my man."
Everyone smiled, Jolan's swaying hips enticing Justin to join him.

His lover did with enthusiasm, the two now in the center of the room.

Others soon followed.


The night wore on, everyone relaxing and having fun.

Those new to this small group were filled in on the magical, mysterious life of Jolan Dragos.

They cast their eyes often upon him, seeing his calming love as he danced with others.

The miraculous feeling of the earlier revelations lessened, the night given over to laughter and merriment.

Jolan danced with everyone, Justin always in his arms when others were not available, that making Jolan smile.

Justin's need for his closeness sending joy into Jolan's heart.

Jennie enjoyed herself immensely as well.

Justin had made it his responsibility to dance with her often, her face bright and happy each time he danced with her.

Jolan smiled, seeing her glowing happiness, and Justin being the major cause of it.

And Jennie herself had taken up her own personal cause.

In her moments of relaxing joy, she saw loving moments going on around the room as well.

Her grey shining eyes focused often on two particular individuals.

A child of her depth and giving love could easily see two people needing a push.

Jennie smiled, knowing in her heart what needed to be done.

She got up from her seat beside her brother and Trace, Jolan quietly watching her.

Jennie walked across the room, smiling as she walked up to Rachel.

She took Rachel's hand, walking her across the room.

They walked up to Daphne--who was quietly sitting on the piano bench.

"Daphne, are you having a good time?" Jennie said, looking at her with a wide smile.
"Yes, Jennie. I'm enjoying myself."
"You look so alone. Here Rachel! You sit and talk to her. You both look lost. I don't like that idea. My sisters need to be happy. Even if they can't open their hearts on their own! Consider this a push!"

Jennie firmly pushed Rachel down onto the piano seat right beside Daphne.

Both women wore the same look of surprise, Jennie giggling.

"I am my brother's sister! Just call me Jolly junior!" she said, now laughing, walking away from them.

Both women watched her climb into Justin's lap on the other side of the room--Justin talking with Domo and Jordan--Justin's smile for only her.

"That child's remarkable. You just feel the love coming from her soul." Rachel said, Daphne's blue eyes looking into hers.

"Yes, truly remarkable. I do feel the love."

Rachel stared at the young woman, Daphne staring back.

"Do you have the feeling that she's done this for a reason?" Rachel softly said.

"Yes, I do believe she has.  I think she senses love, just like her brother." Daphne said, her soft blue eyes lowering.

"Daphne, I need to ask you something."
"Rachel, I need to ask you something."
Both were now staring at each other, their words spoken in unison.

Both blushed, Daphne smiling at Rachel.

"Please, Rachel. You first."

Rachel smiled, letting out a long breath, her eyes meeting Daphne's.

"I think I'm developing strong feelings for you, Daphne. Do you feel the same?"
A tear began to roll down Daphne's cheek, Rachel seeing it immediately.

"Yes, Rachel. I've felt it since I first looked into your blue eyes."
Rachel's own face became flushed, her eyes glistening.

"I'm gay, Daphne. I've known since I was a child. I don't hide it."
"Neither do I , Rachel. I've never hid my showing love from anyone. And now I've met you, and you're so wonderful."
Rachel smiled, her fingers touching Daphne's soft cheek, wiping the fallen tear away.

"Would you like to get to know me better, Daphne? I really want to learn all there is about you."

Daphne smiled even more, Rachel's smile matching her own.

"I'd like that a lot, Rachel."
The young women both smiled, staring into the other's eyes.

They became lost in each other's steady gaze, their bodies moving closer.

Within an instant, a soft quick kiss of newness drew them together.

They broke the kiss, both smiling into each other's dawning faces of happiness.

Across the room, Jennie sat in Justin's lap, watching them both.

A wide smile crossed her face, only matched by her brother's--Jolan now standing beside Deidra--his eyes taking in their opening love as well.


At around one o'clock, the party drew to a reluctant end; everyone leaving among deep hugs, and joyous laughter.

The night had been an enjoyable success.

And Jolan had felt a newness of friendship with Justin's former bandmates.

He'd talked to all of them all evening, the guys easily pulling Jolan into their close-knit group.

In Lance, Trace, Chris and Joey, Jolan found four great friendships.

Justin had stood back, seeing all four building deep bonds with his man.

He sensed they all thought of Jolan as a true friend now.

Justin smiled at that.

He thought of the one person who still hadn't met him.

He couldn't wait for J.C. to meet him.

Justin thought about his closest friend.

Joshua Chasez was a part of Justin's soul.

They'd always shared a deep connection.

Be it in music, life, love or happiness.

They'd always stood together as one, having a true bond of friendship.

And one night, Josh had stood at Justin's front door, his soul in deep turmoil.

And Justin had held him for hours, Josh opening his heart to him.

And then Josh had confided in Justin his newest revelation.

That Josh was deeply in love.

And that it was with a man.

Justin hadn't been shocked, he's always felt the beauty of Josh's love.

He'd always sensed that Josh was gay.

Justin remained at his friend's side, holding him through all his personal admissions.

It didn't change Justin's feelings for Josh, it only cemented their bond even deeper.

The man's identity had surprised Justin, but not greatly.

Justin smiled, remembering that night, and all the conversations in the times after.

Justin had been the only one that Joshua had openly come out to.

He knew in his heart that his best friend was deeply in love.

The same love that Justin now felt.

The love of a wonderful man.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's across the room, their smiles for only each other.

Yes, Justin couldn't wait for Josh to meet his Jolan.

He knew his friend would be there for him as he had been that night.


Justin stood at the open door, high fiving his four friends.

Jolan smiled, seeing their deep connection.

Chris' arm went around Jolan, Jolan seeing his mirthful intoxication.

"Been a freaking blast, Jolly!" Chris said, loud and boisterous, Joey rolling his eyes with mirth.

"Turn him over when you get him home, Joey. This ham is beyond glazed." Jolan said, Joey bursting into laughter, Chris smiling widely.

"A man of my inspiration needs not inebriation to achieve inner bliss. He needs only deep friendship and loving friends. Guys like you two, Justin and Jolan!" Chris said tearfully, pulling Justin tightly to him, his other arm still around Jolan.

Joey smiled, hearing Chris' alcohol-induced confession of love for his friends.

"On that note, someone needs to sleep. Come on, Hammy."
Justin laughed, Jolan smiling as Chris released Justin, then pulled Jolan into a hug again.

"I'm glad I walked with you in my dreams, Jolan. But, I think the real man is even more wonderful."
Jolan smiled, touched by Chris' tearful emotional words.

"So are you, my friend. The great Hammy Kirkpatrick can be my friend any day!"

Chris grinned, his face given over to happiness.
Johnny Wright chuckled, his big hands grabbing Chris.

"Come on, Hammy. Let's get you back to Lance's."

Justin said goodbye to all of them with hugs, Lance smiling at Jolan.

"I should be going, too. It's been great, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, hugging the man to him.

"Thanks for coming, Lance. Are you going to be okay?"

Lance's face changed, Jolan patting his shoulder.

"I know, Lance. Just give Nathan a little space. Whatever's going on with him, he will work it out. And if you need to talk,  well you've got a great friend right there waiting for you." Jolan said, his head motioning over to the elevator doors

Lance looked towards the elevator, Joey standing against the wall watching him, and waiting for him.

"Thanks, Jolan. Night, Justin." Lance said, Justin hugging him.

Lance walked over to the elevator, Joey smiling at him.

"I'll drive, Lancy. You look tired."
"I am, Joe. Thanks."
The two waved, joining Chris and Johnny in the elevator.

Jordan, Commissioner Kelly--and the family Defalco--left together, Jolan giving each one a tender hug goodnight.

They exchanged personal information, promises of phone calls given by all.

Jolan knew he'd keep in close contact with all of them.

His destiny warranted their meeting again.

In one evening, he'd entered all of their hearts in a surprising way.

The Defalco family was leaving with a renewed determination in their souls.

They had hope again.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

And they saw that hope in the smiling face of the Sulfenwolf.

Jennie gently handed a sleeping Benjamin back to Deidra, the young woman kissing his sleeping forehead.

"You be good, Benjamin." she said, Deidra kissing Jennie's cheek.

"He will, Jennica. He has so many new friends to protect and love him. Especially his new Uncle Jolan."
Jolan blushed at the tenderness of her words.

"Goodnight, everyone."
The group left, Henry and Shelly hugging Jolan next, Cindy and Trace beside them.

Henry and Shelly were staying with Trace and Cindy at Trace's condo.

"It's like I'm walking in a dream. So much wondrous excitement." Henry said, smiling at Jolan and Justin.

"Hey, my man can be amazing!" Justin grinned, Jolan smiling at him.

"He certainly can be. As can his sister." Shelly said, hugging Jennie to her tightly.

"This evening started out with my greatest wish coming true. Thank you, angel. My daughter has two guardian angels now." Shelly said, her tears beginning again, Cindy's arm going around her mother.

"Cindy has a brother and sister now." Jennie smiled, looking up at Jolan.

Jolan nodded, smiling at the young woman surrounding Shelly with love.

Cindy broke her embrace with her mother, her arms going around the two Dragosan siblings.

"Goodnight, you two." she said, tears in her eyes.

"Night, Sis." Jennie said, Cindy kissing her cheek.

Trace hugged all three, Justin patting his friend's shoulder.

"See you all back here for breakfast in the morning. Then it's off to Los Angeles for us." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

They all parted with more hugs, Lynn closing the door when everyone left.

She smiled at her son and Jolan, her arm going around Jennie.

"You can go to bed, Lynn. Justin and I will clean up everything."
She smiled at Jolan, then looked at Jennie.

"Come on, Jennie. You can tell me all about everything you enjoyed this evening, while you get ready for bed.

Jolan smiled at the older woman, seeing her being there as Jennie's mother.

She hugged both men goodnight, as did Jennie, Justin kissing the young woman's cheek.

"Night, Sis."
She smiled, hugging Justin tightly.

"Thanks for making it a night I'll always remember, Justin."
Justin smiled, a tear in his eyes, Lynn smiling at his love for the young woman.

Jolan and Justin stood together, Justin's arm around him as they watched the two walk down the hallway.

The two men didn't say anything, quickly cleaning up the living room, putting all the food away in the kitchen.

Within twenty minutes, the place was again back to normal, the two extinguishing the lights, walking hand-in-hand to their bedroom.


Justin sat down on the bed as Jolan closed their door, leaning against it.

Justin looked into his grey eyes, Jolan smiling at him.

"A son? We're going to have a son?"

Justin was in tears, Jolan walking over and taking him into his arms as he sat down beside him.

Jolan had known in his heart that one revelation would have sunken into Justin's soul.

"Hey, I was totally surprised as well, Jumpy. He looked so beautiful. Blond like you, with curly short hair. You looked so happy with him."

Justin smiled through his tears, Jolan kissing his lips softly.

"Our love. . .it's going to last!"

Jolan suddenly realized what all this now meant to Justin.

That he and Jolan would stay in love.

That Jolan wouldn't leave him.

That together they would raise children and remain in love.

"Jumpy, were you afraid I was leaving?"

Justin's blue eyes met Jolan's grey orbs of love.

"All this talk of destiny, of clans of anger and evil. . .it just sounded so ominous. So threatening to our love. So threatening to you. I was so afraid that I'd somehow lose you to their demands. I'm sorry I didn't tell you how insecure I am."
Jolan's arms tightened around Justin, his lips kissing him again.

Justin became lost in the intensity of the love he felt flowing through him as Jolan gently lowered Justin onto his back.

Jolan lay on top of him, his lips breaking the kiss, his grey eyes staring down at him.

"Nothing shall ever destroy the love you and I share, my Justin. Last night, you became mine. In all ways. We are together forever. No evil nor wanting truth shall part us. I am yours forever. Our love shall outlast time itself."

Justin began to cry, Jolan moving, pulling the man against him, holding him tightly.

"I love you so much, Jolan. What you revealed tonight, it seems so wondrous. So unbelievable. You are so unbelievable."

Jolan smiled, seeing no uncertainty in Justin's words, his love still there and strong.

"Justin, I love you even more. And, yes, what I revealed tonight did seem wondrous to all of you. To me, it just seemed like life."
Justin broke his hold on Jolan, staring into his grey loving eyes.

"All night you've talked of life, Jolan. Sentences of mystery and uncertainty. Trace told me that you'd said that tonight was all about your life. About this all being your life. And I heard your words about the time of Snow and Truth being the time of life. What's going on, Wolfy?"

Jolan smiled, gently kissing Justin's soft lips.

"All of this is my life, Justin. The paths of destiny have brought me to this point. To the path of truth I now am on. I'm living the life I was born to live. A long time ago my path was set. I walk it now as I must. I've given myself over to that truth. And I now must walk it to its end."
"And what is at its end?"
Jolan's grey eyes stared deeply into Justin's, Justin feeling a radiating truth burning in his lover's soul.

"Truth, Justin. At its end is truth."

Justin nodded, not sure of what Jolan spoke of.

Jolan sensed Justin's thoughts, kissing him again, this one a little more sensual.

"Do you remember the passion of last's nights moments, my love?"
Justin blushed, each moment etched into his heart.

"Yes, my love. The beast's desires will forever be in my heart."
Jolan smiled, his eyes lowering.

"I will never keep secrets from you intentionally, Justin. I love you too much to ever deceive you."
Justin smiled, hearing the truth in Jolan's words.

"I know that, Jolan. And I also know you must keep some things hidden for the greater good."
Jolan raised his head, seeing the blue orbs of love shining for only him.

"You said you'd learned some secrets from the Tome. I will abide by your needing to keep them secret. I love you and trust you to always be truthful to me when it really matters."
Jolan teared, his love for this man increasing even more.

"I love you, Justin. And I need to show you the true vision of my Badenwolf soul. That secret can't be hidden from you. You need to see what loved you last night."

Justin nodded, his lips moving forward, kissing his lover deeply.

"What loved me last night was the beast of my heart. My master and my soulmate. No vision of beastly apparition will change the love I see in your eyes."

Jolan teared up, standing up slowly.

Justin remained sitting on the bed, watching his man standing before him.

He knew in his heart the truth of Jolan's soul was about to be revealed.

The beast that had taken him would now show itself.


Justin's eyes never left Jolan's, the two locked in a gaze of true love.

Jolan pulled his shirt over his head, Justin taking in the vision of Jolan's naked torso, his inner desires pulsing to life.

Jolan's shoes, socks, pants and briefs joined the shirt laying on the floor, Justin's eyes taking in every inch of Jolan's beautiful body.

Justin saw his center rising in its throbbing need.

"I love you, Justin. I only hope in your loving heart that you can love all of the real me. See before you the Sulfenwolf."

Before Justin's blue eyes, his lover began to change.

Justin watched in amazement as black hair began to instantly appear across Jolan's chest, flowing downward, covering most of his body.

His smooth torso, legs, arms and center disappeared under a blanket of hairiness.

And in the center of Jolan's now fur-covered chest one patch of hair was formed into a white crown.

The crown marked him as a royal wolf.

Justin's eyes took in the changing of Jolan's form--his legs, arms and torso seemingly increasing in muscular tone, his muscles rippling outward, his physique changing into a well-muscled, sleek form.

Jolan's height had changed as well, the man's body lengthening and increasing in muscular stature.

Justin sensed he was over six foot three now in height.

Justin's eyes again met Jolan's, their greyness changed into a soft yellowness.

Jolan's face began to change, his jaw stretching outward, his eyes sinking into his head, their yellowish hue brightening.

His nose began to elongate, forming into a short snout, soft hair covering most of his face now.

Justin saw before him a changing face of wolfish appearance.

Justin had seen many horror movies, and movies of werewolves.

This before him wasn't that.

This was a vision of muscular strength and hairiness.

A beast of intoxicating beauty.

Justin's eyes took in all the changed beauty of the man he loved.

The vision before him seemed so beautiful.

Justin felt his heart stirring with renewed desire for this beast before him.

Its yellow eyes were staring at him, Justin rising up from the bed.

There was a distance between them, both staring at each other.

Justin's eyes fell over every hairy, muscular, strong inch of Jolan's transformed body.

He saw the center of it had increased as well, his lover's shaft even longer than before.

Justin's head raised, their eyes meeting.

Justin saw the unchanged love still shining in their yellow centers.

He heard the panting of the beast before him, a soft growl escaping its throat.

"I still see the love in your eyes for me, Wolfy. And I see the beauty of your Badenwolf soul."

Justin saw a tear fall down the beast's cheek, wetting the soft fur.

Justin smiled, Jolan taking in the beauty of his lover's gaze.

Inside Jolan, a hope of uncertain need dawned with brightness.

His Justin wasn't backing away from him, his lover wasn't horrified by what stood before him.

The next words spoken by Justin made Jolan's true heart come to life.

"You are my Badenwolf, and I love you."

Justin pulled his shirt over his head, his smooth torso revealed to the beast.

The rest of his clothes joined the discarded shirt.

The beast's soul came alive when Justin's naked beauty was revealed.

The two stood apart, their hungry eyes taking in each other's beauty.

"I am yours, as always. Show me the beauty of your need for me. I give myself to you, my wolf of desire."

Justin was against the beast's body in a heartbeat, the arms of hairy strength claiming him.

Justin felt the softness of the fur against him, and the strength and firmness of the muscled body against him.

And the beast's center was like a rod of steel against Justin's stomach.

Justin's eyes rose, now having to look up as the beast was much taller than him.

Their eyes met, Justin's lips moving on their own.

They kissed, Justin's soul erupting in a new love.

The love for his beast.

He felt his body being lifted, the beast carrying him to their bed.

Their mouths opened while they kissed, Justin tongue licking against the row of elongated teeth he now found in Jolan's mouth.

And he now found something new.

Jolan's tongue was much longer, it snaking out of his mouth and into Justin's.

It almost went down Justin's throat, its softness licking everywhere.

Justin felt the hairy beast on top of him, his body igniting with desire.

They broke their kiss, the beast's head moving downward, the long tongue licking all over Justin's smooth body.

Justin felt the hairiness of the hand wrapping around his cock, its length increasing by the touch.

Justin moaned, and the beast softly growled, its tongue finding Justin's armpit.

The wetness was driving Justin wild, his body bucking under the beast.

"Oh God, Wolfy! That feels so good! Lick all of me!"

The beast seemed to growl a responsive yes, its hardness rubbing against Justin's center.

With a fluid quick motion, Justin felt his body being lifted and flipped over.

And then he felt the wetness again on his back, slowly moving downward.

Justin gasped as he felt that wet tongue sink into his ass crack.

And then his mind exploded when he felt that long tongue enter his center.

It was like a wet probe of desire, it licking intently inward and all around Justin's pucker hole.

Justin was thrashing, the sensation almost making him erupt, his cock leaking so much precum.

The beast's tongue moved, licking the underside of his balls and shaft, his long hardness suddenly engulfed in wetness, Justin's ass moved upwards, Justin now on his knees.

The beast had taken all of him into his mouth, Justin's shaft buried in his hungry wetness.

And then the beast rose upwards, taking Justin with it.

The beast moved, now laying on his back, Justin on top of him, Justin's center buried down his throat.

And Justin opened his eyes, the sensation igniting his desires.

Before him lay Jolan's hair encircled cock.

Justin took it to be almost three inches longer, now close to twelve inches in length.

Its girth was thicker as well, Justin remembering the feel of its buried lust last night.

His ass tingled, needing that lust again.

Justin moved downward, feeling in his soul he needed it like nothing else in his life.

Justin engulfed the end of it, half of the length sinking down his throat.

Behind him he heard a trembling growl from the beast, knowing in his heart the beast was his.

Justin and the beast became lost in the shaft now buried in their throats.

The two sucked each other with abandon, Justin devouring all the rich fluid dripping out of the beast's organ.

It tasted so different from Jolan's previous offerings.

And Justin sensed in his heart why.

Because now he was tasting the real Jolan.

All the Jolans that lived inside Jolan--the beast, the man and the hidden truth.

Justin became lost in his need for the elixir of Jolan's soul.

Justin himself erupted in the beast's throat, the beast devouring all he offered.

Within a moment, Justin felt himself drowning in a rich fluid, the beast's cock erupting like a geyser.

Justin drank all he could, a lot leaking out and flooding the fur around the buried shaft.

Justin felt the beast shaking below him, its orgasm wild and abandoned.

Slowly the throbbing releases stopped, Justin devouring all he'd missed, licking the shaft clean.

His lips pulled off the organ, his mouth lowering, licking up all that had sunk into the soft hair surrounding the shaft.

The beast growled again, releasing Justin's cock from its throat, its tongue licking the organ clean.

Justin sighed, his desires filled with the richness of the sweet tasting elixir he'd drunk.

Justin felt the beast's hands on his legs, spreading Justin's center.

Justin felt the tongue leave his shaft, finding its way to his hole again.

Justin began to tremble again, the wetness sinking into him, wriggling around like a wet serpent.

He knew what the beast was doing, he saw the evidence right before him.

The large shaft laying on the beast's thigh was coming back to life.

Justin knew what it was wanting, and Justin wanted it even more.

He felt the tongue buried in him, licking him in preparation for what was to come.

And he also felt the softness of the beast's fur-covered fingers beginning to stroke his ass cheeks, slowly moving to the center.

The wetness was suddenly replaced by two stiff fingers, Justin moaning as he felt them enter him.

Justin trembled as they slowly worked him open, the shaft before him rising up and hitting Justin in the face.

Justin licked it all over, his wetness coating it for its need.

The beast was ready, its needs shown.

Justin felt his body moving, the fingers still inside him, as he was flipped back over.

Above him, he saw the beautiful beast staring down at him.

His lover's yellow eyes were now replaced again by their familiar greyness, Justin seeing only his Jolan's beautiful face.

"I love you, Justin. Now, you have the beast to love you as well."

Justin teared up, the man's face changing, the beast shown again.

The fingers were pulled out, Justin feeling something much larger snaking between his raised legs, slowly entering him.

He felt the softness and hardness of what it was, the beast sinking deep into him.

The beast's face was inches from Justin's, and then it changed back to Jolan's beautiful face.

Their lips met, Justin again giving into the claiming of his body and his soul.

The beast was taking his body, his Jolan was taking his soul.


Twelve floors below, Nathan Livingstone was weakly fighting Brandon's claim of ownership.

It wasn't a beast of love that was claiming him, it was a man of insatiable lust.

Carlos had taken the young man twice, and now Brandon was on him again, his third excursion, his large cock sinking deeply into him.

Carlos was sitting beside them, watching the action as he smoked a cigarette.

Nathan felt no more pain, his ass numb to all their ministrations.

And Nathan had given in to all their desires.

He knew not to go against Brandon's wishes, his sore body evidence of that.

Brandon's two times had been brutal, even Carlos lost in the roughness, trying to match Brandon's desires.

And Brandon had let Carlos top him as well, while Brandon topped Nathan.

Nathan saw the sexual hunger flowing from Brandon's blue eyes.

His once thought of cousin was a sexual deviate.

Nathan had looked at him while he'd been taken by him, seeing the truth in those blue eyes of anger and power.

The man he'd once respected and looked up to was nothing more than a mean, vindictive sex-driven monster.

Nathan had learned that truth when Brandon had become his first lover.

And that moment had been in essence rape.

And behind that truth had been the betrayal of the man who he'd come to love as a father.

Nathan closed his eyes, not wanting to remember that day of betrayal and hurt, and the ensuing life he now led.

And now here he was, being used again as Brandon had done so many times.

Nathan's soul clenched in his chest, alone in the darkness of his bleak truthful existence.

Carlos' hand went to Nathan's center, stroking him.

"The boy's gone flat again, Brandon. I thought you said he liked it rough?" Carlos laughed, Brandon leering at him.

"Suck him, Carlos. That will liven him up. And then you're going to fuck me again while I cum in this bucket."
Nathan closed his eyes, feeling the wetness of Carlos' mouth encircle his cock.

He felt the pain now of every thrust Brandon sank into him, his mind trying to hold onto one thought.

On one man..

Nathan felt someone slapping his face, his eyes opening again.

Brandon was staring down at him, a smile of meanness on his face.

"Thinking about your Lance, are you Natty? He loves doing this to you as well, doesn't he? He was a hot little fuck! I think maybe I'll have another go at him. I think the time is right for him to see what kind of man you truly are, Natty. I think he might enjoy my using both of you."
Nathan sobbed, hearing what Brandon was suggesting.

"No, Brandon! Please, don't do that!"

Brandon laughed, Nathan seeing Carlos' head behind Brandon, the Hispanic's cock sunk deep into Brandon's trapped ass.

"Oh, yeah! That's it Carlos! That feels great. Fuck my ass!"

Nathan closed his eyes, feeling the weight of both men on top of him.

He knew in his heart that he was in hell.

The hell his once beloved uncle had handed him over to.

His mind focused on one person.

His loving Lance.

And he knew in his heart what he must do.

For to save an angel, he might very well have to go to hell.


Joey heard the gentle tapping, sitting up in bed.

"Come in."
The door opened, Lance walking slowly into the room, wearing a robe.

"I'm sorry, Joe. I couldn't sleep. I was hoping you were still up."
"I was just laying here quietly. Is something wrong?"

Lance stood by the doorway, seeing Joey's naked chest in full view, Joey staring at him.

Joey smiled, pulling back the bed's covers, Lance smiling back.

Lance opened his robe, dropping it to the floor, climbing into the bed, Joey pulling the covers over him.

Lance snuggled against Joey, his friend's strong arm wrapping around him, Lance laying his head on Joey's hairy chest.

"Haven't done this in a long time, Joe. I miss the nights you held me in your arms of friendship."
Joey remained silent, lost in the warmth of the man he held in his arms.

Joey's own heart was burning with a hurtful truth, a truth he'd been fighting within himself.

"Yes, Lancy. It's been a long time."
Lance smiled, snuggling more against him.

"I'm worried about Nathan, Joey. Something's bothering him. I think it has to do with Brandon."
Joey nodded, remaining quiet.

He sensed Lance wanted to talk.

And so he let him, Lance telling Joey of their conversation at Justin's, of Nathan's not knowing of Brandon's involvement with Justin and Jessica.

Joey sensed that Lance believed him, Joey's own mind having been puzzling out their relationship all night.

It just seemed so strange to him that Nathan would show up there with Brandon.

Joey hated Brandon for what he'd done to Justin, and he sensed Brandon hated Jolan deeply.

He saw it in his eyes when he stared at Jolan.

Joey had made up his mind that he was going to do some investigating in regards to those two men.

Something just didn't sit right.

Lance's hand went across Joey's chest, Joey's thoughts centering on his warmth against him again.

"Thanks for listening, Joe. I always know you'll be here for me."
Joey smiled, hugging his friend tighter against him.

"I always have been, Lancy. I'm not going anywhere."
Lance smiled, leaning upwards, kissing Joey's cheek.

"Thanks, Joe. Can I stay here tonight? Just like old times?"
Joey smiled, nodding his approval.

Lance smiled, snuggling again against him, Joey holding him as he turned off the lamp on the nightstand.

Joey lay in the darkness, Lance against him, Joey listening to Lance's steady breathing.

He lay in silence, finally hearing Lance's soft snoring.

Joey's mind was on his own thoughts, his head moving downward, his lips gently kissing Lance's forehead.

I hope Nathan isn't who you think he is, Lance.

For I want you to love me, not him.

I'm sorry Lance, but I love you.

Joey's tears fell, his eyes closing in the darkness.

Lance moved against him, Joey holding his breath, sensing Lance had felt his tears falling against his cheek.

Joey lay still, Lance calming down finally, his soft snoring again heard.

Joey sighed softly, his head lowering against Lance's.

His last thoughts were of the man he held in his arms.

The man he wanted to love, but couldn't touch for fear of his rejection.

Joey Fatone fell asleep lost in the turmoil flowing through his heart.



End of Chapter 44


And so the story ends for this year on a revealing truth.

A truth I sensed quite a few of my readers picked up on.

Joey is in love with Lance.


What will happen between the two friends if Lance learns that truth?

Could Lance choose between Joey and Nathan?

What kind of situation is Nathan trapped in?
Who is this uncle he thinks of and what has he done to him?
What is Brandon's power over Nathan?
Can Lance end the pain Nathan is enduring?
What will Joey find when he begins to investigate the mysterious doctor and Brandon?

A lot of issues hidden behind the drama.

And perhaps a surprise.


Seems Justin has fallen in love with the beastly Jolan.

I hoped you liked the revealing moments of the beast's appearance.

I wanted to show the beast as being more than a typical werewolf.

To Justin's eyes, he's something more.

He's the personification of the animal in Jolan's soul, the beast that owns him.

And Justin seems to be a willing victim to this beast.


Up next: The arrival in Los Angeles.

And the meeting of Jolan and Josh.

I think you'll be surprised by the truth behind Josh's turmoil.

And the remarkable shining love of Jolan's heart.


This shall be the last chapter for this year, my friends and fans.

In a few days we celebrate the magic of Christmas and the holiday season.

May all your wishes, dreams and hopes come alive in the eyes of all the children we hold dear, including the child within all of us.

Merry Christmas to all of you, and the best of the New Year's wishes.

May all your wishes come true.


At this time of our journey so far I want to acknowledge my editor.

Without his steadfast support and encouraging guidance a lot of this story wouldn't have come about.

Thanks, Mikey.

For you, a special wish of happiness and family love for this festive season.


Hugs, and love Angel.