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Just To Be With You... giving me the best day of my life...

Dido, Thank You




Slightly nervous, JC eyed the driver of the cab before turning back to Justin, giving him his full attention. "What is it, Just?"

The curly-haired blonde was intertwining their fingers, offering JC a devious smile, then leaned closer to his newly-found boyfriend to whisper in his ear. "Have you ever jerked off in the rooms we shared while I was nearby?"

The brunette pulled back in surprise, staring wide-eyed at Justin, then casting another glance at the driver who didn't seemed to notice anything. "Just, we're in a cab!" he hissed.

Lazily, the younger man grinned, squeezing his hand. "Don't I know it? If we weren't, then I'd be fucking your brains out right now."

"Stop it, please! Not here, or my pants are going to explode."

"Oh, are they?" JC could feel a hand creeping up his thigh, gently rubbing his hard cock. Justin nodded, answering his own question. "They are."

Letting his head drop to the backrest, the older one let out a quiet, barely audible moan. "Justin, stop. You'll get us into trouble."

A pout covered the blonde's face. "What, I'm not allowed to have sex with my boyfriend?"

"Of course you are. Just...not in public. Wait until we're in our room, okay?"

Sighing, Justin nodded, but nevertheless kept his hand where it was, gently massaging the brunette's erection through the denim.


The door closed behind them, and with a guttural growl, JC pushed the younger one against the wood, kissing him fervently. "God, one moment longer, and I would have come in my pants."

Justin's eyes lit up in delight, his hands roaming the other one's body. "Really?"

JC separated his mouth from Justin's earlobe just long enough to gasp out the words: "Really. And I've never done that before.".

The curly-haired blonde grabbed the older man's slim waist to steer the both of them in direction of his - or their, now - bed, all the while tugging JC's shirt out of his pants. "Which brings me back to my question: Have you ever jerked off in one of our rooms while I was nearby?"

JC groaned, practically tearing Justin's button-up shirt apart in an attempt to get it off of the young body. "You have no idea." he panted, voice husky.

"Then tell me." Justin purred.

"I jerked off just about everywhere. In the bus, knowing you were sleeping beneath me. In the shower of the hotel rooms we shared..."

He was cut off by a tongue finding its way into his mouth, licking along his teeth, then moving to massage the insides of his mouth, tasting, devouring it. When they broke apart, they were not only out of breath, but also out of their clothes. While tongues had been dueling, eager hands had been undoing buttons, removing every piece of cloth separating the two bodies pressing together.

With a hungry look, Justin pushed JC down onto the mattress, then pounced on top of him, holding him down with his own weight, their faces only inches apart. "I've been, too, you know? Countless times. Over and over again. When you were sleeping next to me and I had to keep myself from crying out your name when I came."

JC moaned in response, arching his back, trying to free his hands which were secured over his head, held in place by his boyfriend.

"Wanna hear more about my jerk-off-fantasies?" As his free hand was back to stroking JC's cock, Justin didn't really expect an answer, he just kept going. "It's exactly like this. You and me, naked, together on a bed, that's all I need to get off. Sometimes I imagine myself giving you head, or you giving me head. Do you even know how hot you are, Josh? How much you turn me on? On stage, when I just about come in my pants because I'm watching you. When you come out of the bathroom in only a towel, I have to keep myself from fucking you right then and there, and instead, I'll masturbate as soon as I can, thinking of you - but definitely without that towel."

The curly-haired blonde increased the speed of his strokes, knowing that JC was almost there, judging by the way he moaned and squirmed on the bed, letting out little sighs, whispering Justin's name.

"Did you know that it only takes one look from you, and I'm hard as a rock for the next hour? That's what you do to me, baby."

With a shout, JC came, spilling his seed over the both of them, then lying on the mattress, trying to catch his breath. When he opened his eyes, he found Justin watching him with a smile. The curly-haired blonde had rolled off of him and lay on his side now, propped on one elbow, his free hand stroking up and down JC's body.

"So beautiful." the younger one murmured. "You're so fucking beautiful, Josh."

JC leaned over, sucking and nibbling at the blonde's neck until he was satisfied with the visible mark which was forming. He pulled back to admire it, then gave Justin a broad grin before softly exclaiming: "Mine."

"Yours." Justin confirmed without hesitation.

He was rewarded with a deep, lingering kiss with plenty of tongue and the soft pressure of JC's leg against his erection. The younger man could feel the other one smile against his skin before a wet tongue began teasing his earlobe.

"You still want to fuck me?" The brunette was whispering directly into his ear now, and Justin nodded eagerly.

"I always want to fuck you. Or make love to you. Whatever."

Satisfied, JC let his head drop back on the pillow. "Then what are you waiting for?"


Justin loved to watch JC when he was completely surrendering to desire, writhing underneath him, his eyes reduced to narrow slits, his brows knitted together. It wasn't the power to make JC beg that captivated the younger man, it was the fact that he was the one to put that look on the brunette's face, this blissful expression that made JC look so damn fuckable. Justin wasn't a screamer when it came to sex, he had never been, and every time he had been jerking off knowing JC was only a thin wall away, he had been thankful for it.

JC was quite a different story, though. Justin closed his eyes, fully concentrating on the sounds escaping JC's lips. There were the encouraging moans and groans, accompanied with the rocking of hips, whenever Justin plunged forward, further into that tight hot darkness, and then, there were the protesting whimpers and pleas every time he withdrew. It was like listening to a porn radio play - if there was even such a thing - or like calling one of those expensive phone numbers, only so much better. Because this was JC, and because it was Justin who caused JC to make these sounds, because Justin was able to give JC such pleasure. It was almost too good to be true, and maybe he would wake up in a few minutes to find out that it had been a wet dream and nothing more.

Or was it really possible to feel that good?

Justin wasn't a screamer, but when JC flipped them over and mounted Justin, starting to ride him with his head thrown back, the younger man couldn't suppress a squeak. His hopes that the brunette had missed it were crushed when the older man opened his eyes and stared down at the blonde, blue orbs twinkling with amusement that was almost instantly replaced with desire, passion and love when Justin reached for the older one's erection to stroke it. Justin knew that he shouldn't come, not yet, but it was too good, too sweet to endure it even a second longer. He arched his back and felt himself loosing control over his body, unable to stop the shudder that overtook him when he drew JC close for a kiss, spilling his seed deep within the older man while still kissing him breathless.

It was a while until the ability to form a clear thought that went beyond "Oh God.", "Wow." and "Josh." returned, and when it did, Justin realized that JC must have come shortly after him because he was now lying on his chest, breathing heavily, their bodies sticky with the white liquid.

It took even longer for the ability to form coherent phrases to return, and it was JC who spoke first. JC, who had been talking almost the whole time, begging and pleading and encouraging Justin, mostly in monosyllables. The sentence he formed now contained only monosyllables, too, but Justin was sure he'd never hear a more perfect sentence, no matter how many books of Shakespeare he would read. So simple. And yet so perfect.

"I love you."

Justin's hands, which had been unconsciously stroking up and down JC's back and over his butt, moved to cup the brunette's face. "I love you, too. More than I ever loved anyone else, more than I ever will."

And then they both moved in for another kiss, sweet and chaste now that the desire had been sated, at least for the moment.

"You mind sleeping like this?"

JC lifted himself up to let Justin's spent cock slide out of him, then came back crushing down on top of his lover, snuggling their tired, sweaty and sticky bodies closer together. "No." he murmured, and from the tone of his voice, Justin knew that the brunette would be asleep within a few seconds. Closing his eyes and throwing his arms possessively around the body on top of him, Justin had no doubt that he would be, too.


"You think they're in there?"

Lance hesitated, eyeing the door worriedly. "I hope so."

"Well, neither of them looked like he was about to return to the hotel, judging by the way first Just and then Josh ran out like hundreds of little teenyboppers on crack were chasing them."

"Yeah, but if C found Just..."

"I doubt it. It was dark and the rain was so thick it was hard to see more than two feet ahead. And we don't know this city."

"What if they're not here?"

"Let's just... Let's not think about that right now, okay?"

"Do you hear anything?"

Joey pressed his ear against the wood and listened quietly, then shook his head.

"Maybe we should just go in. With the spare key."

"We might interrupt something. Catch an eyeful of something we really don't need to see."

"I don't want to wake them up."

"Fine. But if they're asleep, then we'll just leave quietly and leave them alone, okay?"


The two figures on the bed, huddled close together, didn't hear the creak of the door when their bandmates entered, nor was the soft "Whoa." that escaped Lance at the sight enough to shake them out of their peaceful slumber.

Joey took a step closer, studying the way naked JC was sprawled over naked Justin's body, their hands laced in their sleep, and shook his head. "You'd think it's impossible to sleep like that and still have such a happy expression. Looks pretty uncomfortable, if you ask me."

"Who asked you?" Chris replied, then shrugged. "Never mind. I'd say we better get out of here before JC comes running after us with a death threat because nobody except him gets to see Justin naked. Or the other way round."

"Well." A sly grin spread over Joey's face, and Lance shoot him a warning look which was carefully ignored. "At least we won't have to wonder who of the two was the bottom boy this time."

They escaped the room as quietly as they had entered it before Chris began arguing that it was also possible that JC had been the bottom and they had just rolled around or something like that.

Lance stared at them for a full minute before shaking his head. "What does it matter who was the top and who the bottom? The only thing that counts is that they finally got together and we won't have to put up with their moping any longer."

And that ended the argument.


Chris jumped to his feet when Justin breezed into the room, dragging a still half asleep JC behind him. "Good morning."

"It is." Justin grinned, then sat down and placed a pillow on his lap before pulling JC down to sit on him, obviously concerned that it was comfortable for the older man who just yawned, leaned his head against Justin's chest and was asleep almost instantly.

Chris shoot Joey a triumphant look which was answered by a shrug.

Far too preoccupied to notice the exchange, the curly-haired blonde began rubbing JC's shoulders, kissing his temple. "Josh? Baby, wake up. You don't want to miss the show, do you?"

Ignoring everyone else in the room, JC shifted a little and reluctantly opened one eye to look at his boyfriend. "Show?" he asked in a sleepy voice.

Justin gave him a gentle kiss, smiling. "Show. Remember Lance and his promise?"


It occurred to the other three occupants of the room that they had never seen JC wake up in such a short amount of time. Rubbing his eyes, the brunette sat up a little straighter and returned the kiss before standing up to get a cup of coffee.

Lance's expression was wary. "Promise?"

Justin gave him a smug grin. "Promise." he confirmed.

"What are you talking about?"

Instead of an explanation, Justin's grin broadened. "My boyfriend chose Joe for you."

"What? Me? For what?" The Italian glanced back and forth between Justin and Lance, confusion evident in his eyes while the sudden glow of understanding lit up the Mississippian's face.

"No!" the second youngest of the band protested. "You got JC. I was right when I told you to tell him."

"Of course you were. But our deal wasn't about that. You promised to kiss Chris or Joe with tongue if Josh freaked out."

"And I pretty much did." JC chimed in, plopping down on his boyfriend's lap and pulling a face which Justin took as a sign to gently massage what little he could reach of JC's ass.

"But... But..." The Mississippian looked around, trying to find a way out of it, his eyes settling on Joey. "But Joey didn't agree. We can't force him."

A lazy grin spread over the Italian's face. "Who says that you'll have to force me?"

"What? But..."

Chris giggled. "Lance is speechless and doesn't have a clue what to do. That's a day we'll have to remember."

"See, Scoop?" Justin smirked. "There's nothing, absolutely nothing stopping you from kissing him."

"I... But..."

"Oh, what the hell!" Throwing his hands up in exasperation, Joey got up, walked over to where Lance was sitting, then leaned down to place his mouth firmly on Lance's lips, prying it open with his tongue. No one could pinpoint the exact moment when Lance had started kissing back or when Joey had started sifting his hands through the blonde's hair, but when they finally had to come up for air, everyone was staring at them.

Joey turned around to his audience, not letting go of Lance's face which was cupped in his hands. "What?" he asked with a smile.

"Uh..." Justin's mouth hung open, his hands gripping JC's waist.

"Nothing." Chris shook his head in disbelief.

JC just stared.

"Can we do that again?" a timid voice spoke up, and the Italian directed his attention back to Lance, eyes suddenly shining with tenderness.

"Anytime, babe, anytime."

"How about now?"

Chris groaned and buried his head in his hands.

***END. REALLY.***

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