Justin and His Teacher

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. I do not know the true sexual orientation of Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, or any other member of *NSYNC. If reading about homosexuality bothers you, you might not want to read this story.


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Chapter 3

Now being a public school teacher, you don't get to experience the joys of a lot of money and living in glamour. Needless to say, riding in a black stretch limousine took my breath away. I couldn't believe that I was in one. I looked over at Justin and saw him watching me with this alluring smile on his face. "What?" I asked him.

"Nothing. I'm just looking at the mot beautiful creature known to man."

I started looking all around the limo.

"What are you looking for?" Justin asked.

"You said that you were looking at the most beautiful creature known to man. What I'm looking for is the mirror that's reflecting your amazing face."

Justin gave a hearty laugh that just dripped with his southern charm. After his laughing spell, Justin asked, "Are you ready to shake your groove thang?"

"Hell yeah I am. I love to dance even though I suck at it."

"When we get there I'll teach you a few moves you'll never forget."

"Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Timberlake?"

"Yes I am. Is it working?"

"At the present moment...nope."

"Damn!" Justin said. "I thought the good looks and natural southern charm, I'm told I have, could sway you."

"Don't forget my love that I work with junior high kids everyday. I'm not easily swayed."

Justin let out a deep laugh that almost made me fall out of my seat. That voice has that kind of effect on you. After a few more minutes, the limo pulled up in front of a building that had a line stretched around the block. "Damn!" I said. "It'll take us forever to get inside here."

"No it won't," Justin replied. "Don't forget you're with a celebrity tonight. We don't have to wait to get inside of any club."

"Oops! I forgot about that."

The limo driver came to the back of the vehicle and opened the door for us. I felt like a true celebrity when a hush fell over the crowd. The tranquil silence was broken after a few minutes. `OH MY GOSH...IT'S JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!" a shrill female voice called out. Pandemonium broke loose at that revelation. I was actually scared that we were going to be attacked. I took hold of Justin's arm as he guided me to the front doors of the club. Standing on the right side was the BIGGEST black man I had ever seen. He stood at least 6'5" and weighed 295 lbs of pure muscle. This was not someone you wanted to meet in a dark alley. His rippling arm muscles, which showed through his skin- tight, black shirt, could do some serious damage if anyone rubbed him the wrong way.

"Hello Mr. Timberlake," the huge bouncer said in a deep commanding voice.

"Hey Kevin. Is it OK for me and my guest to go in?"

"Sure is. Have fun tonight guys."

Justin and I walked into a club that nothing but pure energy and excitement. Just stepping into the club my body started to move to the beat of the music. "This is great," I shouted.

"I know," Justin said in my ear. "There's an empty table over there. Go snag it and I'll go get us a little something to drink from the bar."

"OK." I watched as Justin with fascination as he strolled up to the bar. He flashed the cute bartender that trademark smile of his and ordered our drinks. Shaking myself out of the trance I was in, I walked to the table and waited patiently for Justin to return to me. When he came over to the table, he had two red fruity looking drinks in his hands.

"I got you a Strawberry Banana Daiquiri. It's really good."

"Thanks," I said. I mentally cursed myself for not telling him that I don't drink ANYTHING with alcohol in it. I'm a terrible person when I drink. I can embarrass a person to no end. Not to mention I get hornier than hell when I'm drunk. Anyways, I took a small sip and instantly liked what cascaded over my tongue's taste buds. "This is fuckin delicious!" I exclaimed. I knew it wouldn't take me long to get plastered.

"I told you it was good," Justin said.

While I was drinking, I noticed Justin was getting more antsy by each passing second. "Go dance," I told him. "I'll be out to join you in a few minutes. I need to call Nick and see what time he and Lance will be here.

"OK. See ya in a few." Before the words even left his mouth, Justin was shakin his money maker on the dance floor. I laughed as I got my cell phone out of my pocket. I pressed Nick's speed dial number and heard his voice after a couple of rings.

"Hey Evan," he said. "What's up?"

"I was about to ask you the same question. Are you and Lance on your way?"

"Well...no. We decided to stay in my hotel room and watch a movie or two. We really aren't in the mood to go out now."

"Hell man, you could have called me and let me know something. Just promise me you'll behave yourself. I don't want you to do something he'll regret later. By the way, does Lance have any idea you're gay?"

"Yes he does, and I promise I'll behave myself this ONE time for you...NOT!"

Just as I was about to reply, I heard a dial tone. I just knew that Nick was going to tackle Lance. Hoping for the best, I made my way over to Justin. He was dancing up a storm with some red-haired chick. I danced my way over to him and shouted, "Nick and Lance aren't coming. They decided to stay in Nick's room and watch a couple of movies."

"I hope Lance behaves himself. Despite his religious image he gives off to the media, he's the BIGGEST sex maniac I know. He's even worse than Joey and that says a lot."

"Well I'm sure we'll find those two in bed together then. Nick is the exact same way."

Justin gave me another one of his sexy laughs that I just adore. "We'll HAVE to check on them in the morning."

"Yeah we will," I replied. "Come by my room early, and we'll go to Nick's room and give them a nice little wake-up call."

"Hot damn!" Justin exclaimed. "I can't wait."

For some strange reason I started giggling like a little schoolgirl. I knew the drink was taking over. Justin noticed and with a perplexed look on his face, he asked if I was OK. "I'm fine. I guess I'm feeling the alcohol now." I then heard his first single being played. Now, show me those dance moves you promised. With that reminder, Justin broke out to the choreography to "Like I Love You" like a bat out of hell. A few little things I could do because I had watched the video so many times. After the song was over, I felt a big buzz from all the heavy dancing and the drink. Once again, Justin noticed the look I had on my face.

"What's wrong?' he asked.

"Nothing major...I just have a nice buzz right now."

"You're feeling a buzz from that one drink?"

"Yeah I am. I never drink. I can't hold my liquor at all."

"I didn't know that. Maybe you shouldn't have anything else to drink."

"No I'll be fine. It's time I started having a little more fun anyways."

"If you say so. Do you want a refill?"

I looked down into my glass and saw that is was indeed empty. I didn't even realize that I had polished it off. "Shit! I didn't even know it was gone. Don't worry about getting another one. I'll do it myself. You continue to dance, and I'll be back in a few." I walked away from the action on the floor to the bar.

After getting another Strawberry Banana Daiquiri, I made my way back to the floor, sucking down my drink as if it was water. At this point I was so fuckin wasted it wasn't even funny. To add insult to injury, my FAVORITE song started to play. "Oh fuck! This song kicks ass!" I left Justin standing there looking discombobulated. I hopped onto a nearby platform and began doing the dance moves to the "Lady Marmalade" video. I don't know if Justin was embarrassed or concerned about me. Anyhow, he came over and picked me up off of the mini-stage.

"I think it's time for me to take you back to the hotel."

I started to argue with him but decided he was right. I needed to get my ass under the covers and fast. "OK," I said. "Let's get outta here."

Justin dialed a number on his cell phone and then led me outside to wait for the limo. While waiting, I hit bottom. I finally started feeling like shit for the way I carried on inside the club. I started crying like there was no tomorrow.

"What's wrong?" Justin asked me with concern written all over his face.

"Oh Justin!" I wailed. "I'm soooo sorry for acting like a dumbass in there. I just can't handle alcohol well. That's why I don't drink anything stronger than a Pepsi. Please, PLEASE forgive me."

"Evan, there is no need for you to feel bad. You were just having a good time. Working with teenagers, I'm surprised you don't go out more often. You deserve to let your hair down a little. I'm personally glad to see that you had a good time. I also enjoyed you dancing to "Lady Marmalade". Why you say you can't dance is beyond me? It sure looked like you knew what you were doing to me."

I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes and knew everything was cool between us. I always believed that they eyes are the windows to the soul. His eyes reveled to me that he had a superior soul.

The limo finally pulled up and the driver got out and opened the door for us. We got inside and I just stared hypnotized by those alluring, sexy, blue eyes. Watching them so intently made my dick rise a little. `Oh shit!' I thought. `What else could happen?' I also let it slip my mind that when I get drunk I start to think with my cock instead of my brain. I prayed I could withstand temptation I might encounter tonight. While I was trying sooo hard, but to no avail, to control my erection, Justin was watching me with a look of puzzlement written all over his face. `I wonder what's wrong with him now,' Justin thought to himself. He was about to ask me when we pulled up to the hotel. I was never more relieved. The question remained whether or not I would tackle Justin when he escorted me to my room for the evening.

"Here we are," Justin announced. "Let's get you up to your room and in the bed. You need your rest." I just shook my head in the affirmative. I was transfixed by his good looks and outgoing personality. I knew right then and there I would get Justin Timberlake in bed with me.

As we were getting out of the limo and walking through the lobby doors toward the elevators, I said, "I had a real good time tonight. You sure know how to treat a guy when you take him out somewhere."

"Thanks," he said blushing.

Once inside the elevator, I grabbed Justin's hand. "I want to really thank you properly for this wonderful evening." I watched Justin's eyes grow to the size of saucers.

"Umm...you don't have to do that. Just being near you and watching you enjoy yourself is good enough for me."

"Well it's not good enough for me. I want you to remember this night forever." Before he could say anything, I put my lips against his to silence him. I instantly felt the electricity between the two of us. Yes, this would be a night filled with lust and passion. With my tongue, I got Justin to open his mouth and allow my probing oral digit to enter. I felt him lean into the kiss more by running his hands up and down my back. After a few minutes, they came to rest on my ass. I moaned into his mouth as I reached for his crotch. I could feel the throbbing member inside the constricting pants. Before anything else could take place, Justin pulled away and said, "I think we better stop and continue this in your room, if you still want to, before someone sees us."

"OK," I said. I could wait a little while longer to have the man of my dreams in one of the most intimate ways a person can imagine.

As soon as we finished talking, the elevator stopped and the doors opened on a floor that didn't look ANYTHING like mine. "Oops! I guess I hit the wrong button."

"It's aight," Justin replied, "as a matter of fact, this is my floor."

I couldn't believe my luck. Even in my drunken state I made SOME good choices.

"I sure am glad this floor is secure. I don't think I could have talked my way out of that one."

"Well enough of the talking. I have other plans for us."

We entered Justin's suite and immediately started making out again. This time he was the aggressive one. He broke away from the kiss and pulled my shirt over my head. He stood there transfixed for a couple of seconds before saying, "My gosh you are so beautiful." With those words spoken, he dove for my dark, nickel sized nipples. Now, if there is one thing to get me going is to have my nipples manipulated. Anyways, Justin was messaging my VERY erect and sensitive nipples with his warm, moist tongue. I moaned in complete ecstasy. He started to lick his way down my chest. Before he could get any further, I stopped him. He looked at me funny with those eyes of innocence. I then raised his shirt up over his head and tossed it over with mine. While I was doing this, Justin unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. He then proceeded to gently push me towards the bed and take of my shoes, socks, and the pants. I was only clad in my zebra print boxer briefs. (I always wore strange underwear. They always seem to be on sale because no one would have the good sense to buy them.)

"I just can't believe how gorgeous you are," Justin said breathlessly. "Even in those god awful boxer briefs."

I laughed and retorted, "It looks as if you're over dressed for the occasion Mr. Timberlake. Why don't I make you a little more comfortable?"

"I think I would like that A LOT!"

I sat up and reached for the zipper to his pants. I then slowly unzipped them with great care while he took off his shoes. His tight pants dropped to his feet and he stepped out of them. There before my eyes stood Justin Randall Timberlake in a pair of black silk boxers and white socks. I just stood there staring. Another thing that turns me on is seeing a guy naked or in his underwear wearing white socks. Talk about sexy!

"Give me your feet." He put his left foot in my lap and I took off his sock. I was in a state of awe. I also have a foot fetish and his were stunning. He gave me his right and I did the same to it. I stood up and gave him another passion filled kiss. He gently started grinding his hard cock into me. "Mmmm...," I moaned. Justin reached in between us and grabbed my hard, leaking prick.

"I gotta see this." He dropped to his knees and pulled down my boxer briefs. My hard, cut, 7 inch cock popped up and hit my stomach with a pop. "It's better than I thought," he said.

Working with such care and gentleness, he slowly began stroking my dick. The sensations I felt were making me weak in the knees. "Oh God Justin! That feels so fuckin good." Then the unexpected happened, he stopped his oral assault on my dick. I was about to protest when he pulled his boxers down to reveal a site that could make a blind man see. Bobbing at full attention in front of my face was Justin's 8 inch cock. I was foaming at the mouth looking at that thick, cut monster. In a trance, I stood up from the bed, pushed Justin gently down on the floor, swung my body around so that my dick was swaying in this face, and I went to work on him.

"Oh yeah Evan... that feels sooo good."

I couldn't respond the way I wanted to because of his manhood in my mouth. I could only mumble a reply to him. At that precise moment, I felt a wet, warm, and tingly feeling coming from my groin area. We were in the middle of a hot 69 session. It had been WAY too long since I experienced such intense feelings. I reached down and felt his semi-hairy balls, and they were tight against the base of his dick. I decided that I had to have his sweet cum in my mouth. I guess he had the same thought as I did. Justin started going down on me with twice as much vigor as before. I had a good idea that I would cum before he did. I decided to take some drastic measures. I traced my index finger from the base of his cock to his nice pucker. I grazed across it and felt him shudder. With that good sign, I stuck my finger inside. Justin gave a loud moan of approval and that made me feel great inside. I assume Justin REALLY wanted to taste me because he stuck HIS finger inside of me and started finger fucking me earnestly. I could feel that digit going in and out in a rapid fashion. I knew in just a few more thrusts I would shoot volley after volley of hot cum down his throat. Not more than two seconds after this thought, I felt that inevitable feeling deep within me. I stopped my oral attention on Justin and yelled out, "I'M GONNA SHOOT JUSTIN!! PLEASE DON'T STOP! AHHH...AHHH...SHHHIIITTTTTTT!!!!" I felt stream after stream of hot spunk shoot out of my dick into Justin's waiting mouth. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. I felt it over every square inch of my body. After what seemed like a couple of hours, when in actuality, it was a few seconds; I realized that Justin still hadn't felt the same thing as I did. During the course of me cumming, my finger came out of his ass. I shoved it in all the way while I sucked on the most precious thing I had ever touched. I heard a very load moan come from Justin, and the next thing I knew, I felt the first spurt of his love juice. I pulled back until the head was in my mouth and tasted the best thing to hit the earth since BBQ. His cum was soooo sweet. I wanted to keep it in my mouth forever. I knew I couldn't do that though. So, I swallowed and just having his cum slide down my throat and go into my stomach was enough for me. While Justin was coming down from his high, I heard a click in the door. All of a sudden Lance popped his head in.

"Hey Curly! It's time to..." He stopped in mid sentence as he took in the scene before him. Justin sprung up, kind of knocking me over in the process, and ran to Lance.

"Wait up Scoop!" He reached Lance and tried to place his hand on the spiky-haired boy's shoulder, but Lance moved away.

"Don't fuckin touch me Justin! I can't believe you didn't tell me you were gay. I thought we were friends. I didn't hesitate to tell you I was. I have no idea why you thought you had to hide it."

"I'm sorry Lance, but I..."

"Save it Justin. I don't wanna hear it."

With that Lance walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. Justin dropped to the floor in tears. "My God! What have I done?"

I just lay on my spot on the floor thinking how I was going to handle this situation.


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