Justin's Angel-122

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael turned walking towards his cousin, seeing something new.
His young cousin's eyes were glowing red.
Everyone now saw that, the red glow of Fredrick's evil.
"I know you're there, Fredrick! I see your evil! I know what you've done! But you'll not have him!! Never again!!"
Michael advanced, the others walking closer.
A deep, thick voice issued forth from Marco.
"Do you think it's so easy to stop me?? I'm always with you, Micky!"
Michael cringed at that name, his soul hardening.
"You cannot hurt that which I will not let you hurt! Release him! Be gone from his mind!"
"Never! If it's a fight you seek then come!!"
Michael's hands flew forward, attaching themselves to Marco's forehead.
Everyone stood in awe, seeing the instant white glow around Michael.
They saw the body of Marco violently shaking, then trembling, Michael's own shuddering.
Then they saw the black ball forming about them.
The black ball with red centers, that looked like searching eyes.
The white glow around Michael encircled it, the blackness seeming to intensify, then the whiteness thickening.
Then suddenly the blackness was gone, the whiteness glowing brighter, then completely fading.
Michael collapsed to the floor, Marco falling from the wall, landing on the floor, hard.
Justin was beside Michael in a flash, holding him tightly.
"Mico, are you alright?"
Alberto had his grandson Marco in his arms, slapping his smooth beautiful face gently.
Marco's ocean blue eyes opened, looking up into his grandfather's golden ones.
Marco instantly began to scream and sob, Alberto pulling him to his chest, holding onto him, feeling Paulo's arms surround both of them.
"He raped me, grandfather! He took my innocence!" Marco sobbed, His grandfather and cousin sobbing as well.
Everyone else now realized the truth.
Justin held Michael in his arms, looking down at his closed eyes.
"I love you, Michael. Please wake up."
Justin couldn't feel Michael's thoughts, Michael was lost somewhere.
It would have terrified Justin's soul to realize where Michael truly was.

Chapter 122

Michael knew instantly where he was.
The room hadn't changed.
He felt the hair on his neck stiffen, the sweat begin to bead on his forehead.
The bedroom looked as grungy as it had that night long ago.
Michael stared at the bed in front of him.
A male form lay on it, half covered in blankets.
A bulky form, that Michael recognized at once.
He turned to the bed's side, looking down on the floor.
A little shirt and a pair of faded small jeans lay there, and a pair of white briefs.
Michael knew where he was, where he'd always been in his childhood nightmares.
Where he'd really had once been so many years ago.
He knew who slept on that bed, seeing his chest going up and down, his hairy torso lifting and falling.
Michael looked downward lifting his hands.
In his right hand was a knife.
A common butcher knife, steel and gleaming in the moonlight that was cascading into the room.
Michael saw the scar on his right hand, the scar looked fairly fresh and new.
And he knew why.
He was standing in his past, on a bleak night of horror.
Michael scanned the bed, seeing a red patch on the sheets on the empty right side, near where the man slept.
Michael knew what that was from.
What it symbolized.
It was his innocence lost.
Take brutally from him by the man laying asleep.
Brian Harper. Keith's father.
The monster who'd raped him when he was only a child.
He was standing in the room of his lost innocence.
Michael's feet moved in slow motion, standing now on the side of the bed, staring down at the face of his nightmares.
The face of a child rapist. His rapist.
Michael looked at him, seeing a man with  no love. A man with no soul.
How many children had he raped? How many small dreams of happy life had he destroyed?
Had Michael been the first? He knew he wasn't the last. Keith and Trevor were proof of that.
Michael looked at the knife in his hand, staring at it.
Seeing it as the saviour of his pain.
He raised it. Turning it in his hand.
Positioning it for the best downward thrust.
He now heard an unknown voice in his mind, the voice direct and focused.
"Do it! Take what he took from you!"
Michael's face changed, a grin of  menacing anger now covering it.
Michael's body felt tingly, a film of sweat soaking him.
He looked downward, staring at himself.
His body looked so small, the size of a child.
He was a child. Had always been this child.
This lost child of pain.
For he'd never grown.
His heart had stopped this day, his mind was destroyed this day.
He heard the voice egging him on, talking to him of revenge, of taking back what he'd lost.
Of killing this man and taking his soul.
"Rip his heart out and take his life! Take what you need!"
"I need to live."
"Then live! Take back your life from him! He took it! He has it! Take it back with his heart beating in your hand!" The voice said.
"His heart beating in your hand?" Michael said, his voice seeming loud in the small room.
Where had Michael heard that saying before?
"Yes! Now! Take a soul to free your own!"
Michael raised his hand, seeing the knife ready, one downward thrust to end his pain.
"Yes! Do it! Take his life!"
Michael breath felt jagged, his small chest heaving.
As he raised the knife for its downward thrust, he heard a new voice.
"No, Mico! For love, don't!"
Michael heard the soft voice cut through his mind, a voice of deep love.
The knife sailed downward.
It embedded itself in the mattress, inches from the sleeping man's chest.
"No! Never! I will not kill to stop my own pain! Never!!" Michael screamed.
The bed instantly disappeared, the room fading away.
Michael now saw a room of gloomy blackness form around him, seeing human shapes hidden in the shadows.
He saw a red fire glowing in a fireplace at one end of the darkened room.
A desk lay covered in books, old forgotten books.
"You are very strong, Michael."
Michael saw the glowing redness of the voice's eyes in the darkened shadows.
Michael knew that voice.
Had known it in his young life and nightmares.
Fredrick stepped from the shadows, staring at him.
Michael pulled his gifts to him, readying himself for anything.
"Relax. I cannot hurt you here. We are forgotten, on the edge of time.  Nothing can hurt either of us here."
Michael remained centered within himself.
"I have nothing to say to you, uncle."
Fredrick laughed, looking at the young man.
"You've turned into an exceptional man, Michael. It's a pity I hadn't realized that so many years ago. Well, that was my mistake."
"A mistake you will soon come to regret."
Fredrick laughed again.
"Making idle threats are we?"
"No. I'm making promises."
Fredrick stared at him, Michael staring back.
Fredrick looked into his golden eyes, seeing the glow.
"The golden eyes of the Messenger! So it's true!"
"Yes it is true. I am he that has been foretold."
Fredrick sneered, gazing at his nephew. Fredrick suddenly felt unsure of something. Those eyes seemed so determined.
"Old wives tales, Michael! You can't save them! They are now beyond redemption! I've made certain of that! My evil has infiltrated their souls! You have no hope of saving them! I shall control all of them!"
"The only one who has no redemption is you, uncle!"
Fredrick picked up a book off the desk.
Michael saw the ring on his finger, staring at the glowing red stone embedded in its center.
"I've always been a great seeker of truth, Michael. The truth in history, in the past. You'd be surprised what I've learned. About our ancestors."
"I will not listen to anything you tell me. Your soul is fully corrupt."
Fredrick laughed, his mood unnerving Michael.
Michael felt it was touching on the edge of madness.
"I don't have a soul, Michael. Not since I was young. I found something better."
"And what was that?"
"Power. Wealth. Greed. The need to be the best."
Michael stared at him, seeing the loathsome creature before him.
"I pity you."
Fredrick's face changed in a flash to anger.
"Don't ever say that!!" He screamed, rushing to Michael.
Michael put his hands up, no gift coming forth.
Fredrick grabbed him by the throat, pushing him against the wall.
"Your father once said that to me. But he screamed like them all when he died. I showed him no pity." Fredrick said, Michael fighting him for release.
Fredrick felt the strength in the young man, equal if not greater than his own.
Fredrick felt a settling unease, as if Michael was toying with him.
Fredrick released him, Michael staggering, rubbing his throat.
Fredrick's voice softened, looking at Michael while he backed up.
"Come, Michael. We can reach some sort of agreement here."
"There is no truce between us, you monster! That was lost long ago!"
Fredrick smiled.
"I believe I've found the secret of you, Michael. What you hide deep in your soul. I'm beginning to understand what you are.  It took me forever to figure it out. How to destroy you. Many need not perish to achieve that goal. But that is of no importance. I have what I need. I know now how to destroy you."
Michael stared at him, Fredrick suddenly feeling unsure again. Those haunting golden eyes.
"That's good, Fredrick. Because when you destroy me you shall destroy yourself."
Fredrick smiled.
"I'll have them all, Michael. Marco was the first, your Justin will be next."
Michael's brows furrowed.
"The day you die, he will be mine! I'll make him mine, taking him as my own! Your
existence to him will be only a faded memory! He'll come to love me!"
"Baiting me will not work, uncle. I am done with you. That's what that vision was, wasn't it? You wanted me to kill my rapist to redeem my soul. But had I done that, my soul would have been lost to evil, to you.  That was a test wasn't it? Well you're too late. My soul has already been redeemed. Redeemed with Justin's love."
Fredrick face changed to anger again.
"Love!! How I hate that word! It doesn't exist for us, Michael! What you have with him is sex! Plain and simple! It's an emotion of pure fabrication you believe in! You're a fool not to see the great power you possess!"
Michael walked towards his uncle.
"You are pure fabrication! This all is fabrication! The only thing that exists for me is love! Leave uncle! Leave before I show you what you're missing! I've already shown you once. It hurt didn't it?"
Fredrick backed up, Michael seeing fear in his eyes now.
"That's it, isn't it? Of course!! You're terrified of love! Because you've never had it?"
"This is your only warning, Michael! Walk away from this or die!"
It now was Michael's turn to laugh.
Fredrick felt his own fear. The fear from what he saw in Michael's eyes.
"I have no fear of death, uncle. I'm totally prepared to make that sacrifice."
Fredrick backed up, moving away from him, backing into the shadows, which now held no cover.
"This connection we have now here is over. I will only see your face once again. On the day you are called to the light for justice!" Michael said, his eyes now glowing white.
Fredrick instantly felt it inside him. That feeling of sheer pain.
His scream echoed in Michael's mind as darkness enveloped the room.

Michael opened his eyes, staring into two wet pools of blue.
"Oh, Mico! Are you okay?" Justin said, kneeling beside the couch where Zach and he had lain him.
Michael brought his right hand up, rubbing the tears from Justin's cheeks.
He saw his hand once again blemish free.
"I'm okay, Jus. Just drained and tired."
Justin stood up, sitting now on the couch beside him.
"We couldn't wake you. It was like you were gone."
Michael felt Justin's lips upon his, sensing Justin's worry.
"I'm back, love. I'm back."
"What happened, Michael?" Zach said, he and Christina standing behind Justin.
"Where's Marco?" Michael said, trying to sit up, Justin having none of it.
"He's resting upstairs. Paulo and Jake carried him up, Alberto went also."
Michael nodded, looking at Justin.
"Fredrick hurt him deeply, Justin. He took his innocence."
"We know, Michael. Marco told us in his screaming when he awoke. I've put him to sleep again, to get him to rest."
Michael quietly looked at Justin.
"I need rest also, Jus. I need to sleep. Let's get to bed. I'll explain this all tomorrow."
Justin nodded, he and Zach helping Michael to stand, walking him toward the door.
They basically carried him upstairs, Justin removing his clothes when Zach and Christina left.
Justin climbed into bed beside him, Michael snuggling against him.
"I love you, Jus. Thank you for stopping me."
Justin looked down at him, Michael already sound asleep.
Justin lay quietly, not having any idea what Michael was talking about.

Marco woke up, seeing the bright light on the ceiling, the early morning sunshine beaming into the room.
He felt an arm around him, turning to his right.
Paulo lay there, snuggled against him, his arm across his chest.
He turned to his left, seeing Jake sound asleep, his shoulder laying against Marco's.
Marco's eyes teared, remembering what had happened last night.
They all now knew, they knew of his loss.
Marco slowly unwound Paulo from around him, the man murmuring a little.
Marco pushed him gently onto his back.
Marco got quietly out of bed, slipping his clothes back on silently.
He looked down on the bed, seeing their love for the first time.
Both men had snuggled up together as soon as Marco had vacated the bed.
Paulo was a vision of beauty. His smooth muscular chest so sculpted.
He only wore briefs, his long hairy legs muscular and taut.
Jake was muscular and exotic in his own way.
He wore a t-shirt and boxers.
Marco sighed, silently heading for the door.
He turned looking one last time back towards his cousin.
"Forgive me, Polo."
He slipped out of the room.
He walked quietly past Justin and Michael's room, walking downstairs.
He grabbed his coat off the hooks in the downstairs hallway, silently walking to the front door.
He leaned against it, sighing, tears blossoming in his blue eyes.
His hand reached for the knob.
"To leave now is to walk away from living life."
Marco sobbed, looking to his left, from where the voice had issued.
Michael stood in the dining room entrance, staring at his cousin.
"I have to go, Michael. You don't need my evil in your life."
Michael remained still, looking at Marco.
"There is no evil in you, my cousin. There only ever was hope and love."
Marco sobbed, his hand letting go of the knob.
"He defiled me, Michael! He took everything from me!"
Michael walked slowly toward him, stopping beside him.
"Fredrick didn't take everything, Marco. He didn't take your soul, your love and hope. Your life is still there. You just have to find the courage to move forward."
"How can I when all I see is him, in my mind, and in my heart? He said he owned it, that I am his forever."
Michael put his hand on Marco's shoulder.
"Fredrick is gone from you. I sent him back to his dark hole. He has no more claim to you. He'll never have that claim. I'll die before I ever let him touch you again. I love you, Marco."
Marco turned, looking into Michael's golden eyes.
He sobbed, Michael enveloping him in his arms.
Marco cried into Michael's chest, Michael holding him tight.
"How can anyone love me, after this? After what I've become?"
"You are as you are, Marco. A child of innocence thrown into a nightmare. That nightmare is over. And now you stand on the brink of a new adventure. A life of love."
Marco parted from Michael, staring at him.
"Who can love me?"
"I can." Michael said.
"So can I."
Marco turned seeing Justin standing on the stairs.
Justin slowly walked down, joining the two men, putting his hand gently on Marco's shoulder.
"Everyone here loves you, Marco. Don't shut us out when you need us the most." Justin said, Michael smiling at Justin's beautiful words.
Marco's head fell against Justin's chest, Michael letting Justin enclose him in a hug of love.
Justin guided the young man into the living room, sitting down on a couch with him, Marco still attached to him, his head still resting against Justin's chest.
Michael sat down beside them, looking into the two sets of blue eyes.
Justin held him for a few moments, Michael hearing someone descending the stairs.
Paulo, Jake and Alberto walked hurriedly into the room, seeing the three men together.
Paulo looked at his cousin, seeing the tears in his eyes.
Michael stood up, Paulo sitting down in his place.
Marco moved from Justin, Paulo taking him into his arms.
Paulo wrapped Marco in his love, in his brotherly love.
Michael looked down on the touching scene.
"Justin's right, Marco. Everyone does love you. We all feel your pain, your brother Paulo most of all. Don't shut us out. Let our love heal you. I've been where you now are, at the edge of life. Wanting the pain to go away. Wanting the feelings of shame and hurt to evaporate. They will, Marco. All you need is the courage to go forward, to take that first step. Will you let me give you that courage?"
Justin looked up at Michael, seeing the love in his eyes.
Marco looked up at him as well, his eyes moist and wet.
He nodded slowly, Michael kneeling in front of him.
Michael placed his hands gently on both sides of Marco's beautiful face.
He closed his eyes for only a moment, everyone seeing a flickering blue glow in Marco's ocean blue eyes.
Michael opened his eyes, standing up.
Marco looked up at him, wiping his eyes.
A small smile crossed his face.
"Thank you, Michael."
Michael smiled, looking at his grandfather who walked up to him.
Michael kissed his cheek, sitting down on the other couch with him.
Everyone looked at Michael, then at Marco.
"It's time to unburden your soul, my cousin." Michael said, smiling warmly at him.
"Fredrick raped me, everyone. His henchmen grabbed me when I came out of our holy church one night. They took me to a room somewhere. Where, I know not, I had been blindfolded. And there I met him. And he did his horrific deed. And after that, he raped my mind. I've felt him in there since them, as if he was watching everything I did. Waiting for something."
"He was, Marco. He's been waiting for the time to use you."
"Use him?" Alberto said, looking at Michael.
"To use you to kill me. Like he used Paul to attack me. To control your mind to use your body for his own ends."
Marco lowered his head, not wanting to meet Michael's eyes.
"He's gone now, Marco. Your mind is free of him. You now have your freedom. He'll never hurt you again." Michael said, Marco now looking up at him.
"I sense that, Michael. I sense I have my own mind. I only wish I had my innocence."
Michael got up walking to him again, Justin letting him sit down beside him, Justin's hand going around Michael's shoulder.
"Everyone loses their innocence sometime during their lives, Marco. And in some harsh ways. I lost mine at the age of nine. But I am here today, loved, needed and completely happy. Never give up on life, it's too beautiful to waste. Some people just can't see it until it's too late."
Justin leaned down, kissing Michael's lips, Michael smiling at him.
"Thank you, Michael. For showing me that I am loved." Marco said, smiling at the tenderness between the two.
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Now, how about you take a shower and change your clothes? Jake will show you where everything is."
Jake smiled at him, Marco smiling back.
"I'll walk forward, Michael. Life must go forward."
Michael smiled, Paulo watching both of them.
The two men got up, Jake putting his arm gently around him, the two walking out.
Paulo turned, looking at Michael.
"I woke up and he was gone. I thought the worst."
"I stopped him at the door. He wasn't leaving."
Paulo nodded, Michael putting his hand on his brother's shoulder.
Paulo lowered his head, Michael feeling the anger.
"I hate that bastard, Michael! I want to kill him for what he's done to that child!"
Michael nodded, lifting Paulo's head.
"Marco is no longer a child, Paulo. All of us can see that. He's a man with a hurting soul. He needs love to heal him. To wash away that pain. And I know where he'll get that love from. It will take time, but he will go on. With your love and with all our love. Just be gentle with him. He looks to you so much. Give him all that he needs."
Paulo nodded, hugging his brother.
Alberto smiled, seeing the love that Michael was showing to all of them.

Upstairs, Jake showed Marco where the shower was, the young man carrying his bag into the washroom.
"Is there anything you need?" Jake said tenderly, watching the young man.
"There are no towels."
"I'll get some from the linen closet. Be right back."
Jake walked out of the bathroom, walking up to the linen closet in the hallway.
He returned a few moments later, seeing Marco standing naked, his glorious body on full display.
Jake froze, taking in every inch.
He saw Marco watching him, Jake blushing.
Jake handed him the towels, trying to avert his eyes.
"Is there anything else?" Jake said softly.
He heard silence, then a low voice.
"I need to be loved."
Then sobbing began, Jake looking up.
Marco was standing naked, sobbing, tears falling down his face.
Jake, on instinct, took him into his arms, the young man sobbing against his chest.
He held him, breathing in the scent of the Spanish angel in his arms.
He smelled so like Paulo, so rich and aromatic.
And his body felt so warm against Jake.
Marco raised his head, staring into Jake's blue eyes.
Within a moment of time their lips met, Marco kissing Jake deeply.
Jake was shocked, his feelings running wild.
This was Paulo's cousin. His brother almost. This wasn't right.
Jake pushed back a little, feeling the hardness now rubbing against him.
Marco stared back at him, their lips broken apart now.
"I'm so sorry, Jake! Oh, God! I don't know why I did that!"
He began to tear up again, Jake so wanting to hold him again.
But he knew in his heart he couldn't.
It was Paulo he loved, his Polo he needed.
"It's alright, Marco. You're emotionally vulnerable right now. But that can't happen again. I'm sorry but it is Polo that I love. I'll love you like a brother, like his brother. But nothing else. I'm sorry."
Marco nodded, Jake silently walking out of the room, closing the door.
Jake leaned against it, closing his eyes.
"Oh God, I need my Polo."

Jake walked into the livingroom, everyone looking up at him.
"Marco's showering." He quietly said, sitting down beside Paulo.
Michael quietly watched Jake, his golden eyes deep in thought.
"So what happened last night, Mico?" Justin asked, sitting beside him.
Michael turned looking at his lover, seeing concern on his face.
"Where did you go, my love?"
Michael took Justin's hand in his.
Everyone quietly watched Michael, Michael sensing all of their concern.
"When I pulled Fredrick out of Marco's mind and sent him into oblivion, I was pulled into another place. When I opened my eyes, I was in a room of horror. A room of my nightmares. The small bedroom where Keith's father raped me when I was a child."
Justin's arms went around Michael, Michael feeling his love.
"It felt so terrifying. Like I was reliving it all again. Only this time I felt that I was going to kill that man. I had the knife in my hand again, I was hearing a voice in my head, telling me to do it, to get back what I'd lost. To go that final step to release all my anger. I almost did it, Justin. Then your voice came into my head asking me not to. So I stopped."
Justin looked into Michael's eyes, seeing the terror relived there, now changed into a calmness.
"I didn't call you Michael. Unless it was on a higher level."
Michael smiled, kissing he lips.
"I think it was your love seeking out to help me."
Justin smiled, liking that idea. That he could protect Michael anywhere with his love.
"I stopped and screamed that I would never kill someone to ease my pain. Then the room disappeared, changing into another room, shrouded in darkness. Out of that darkness stepped my Uncle Fredrick."
Everyone stared in disbelief. Alberto and Paulo were visibly upset.
"I immediately summoned my gifts, he was just standing there. He told me my gifts wouldn't work there. That we were both immobilized so that we could talk."
"You talked to that monster!" Paulo said, Jake putting his arm around him.
"Believe me Paulo, it wasn't a warm talk. I'd figured out that the first room I'd been in was a test, set up by him. To see if he could infiltrate my soul. If I'd killed that man in that bed then my soul would have been open to him. It wouldn't have been loving anymore. I thank you, Jus, for saving me."
Justin nodded, still unsure how he'd done that.
"He's scared. I felt it in his reactions and moves. He said idle threats that I ignored. But he claims to know how to destroy me. He just doesn't know that that's what they want him to believe. I've finally realized what I have to fight him with. What terrifies him the most."
"What weapon is that, my son?" Alberto asked, watching his grandson.
Michael smiled, looking into the older golden eyes.
"It's love, grandfather. My uncle is terrified of love."
Everyone looked confused, Michael quietly looking around.
"When I removed his tainted evil from Paul I sent it back to him surrounded by my love.
The instant he received it, it tore at his soul and mind. It inflicted great pain. I saw that look last night again in his eyes. Love is foreign to him, having never experienced it. And now my gifted love is a weapon. When we parted he was given another taste of it. His screams were loud as he faded from me."
Everyone looked at Michael with quiet awe.
"But Michael, you said that Fredrick said your gifts couldn't work there. How could you give him that pain?"
"That's what I can't understand. Unless it wasn't me that gave it to him."
"Who else could it have been?" Jake said quietly.
Michael quietly looked around at everyone.
"I think that will one day be known."
Justin put his arm around him, kissing his cheek.
"I'm just glad you're okay."
Michael smiled, looking into Justin's eyes.
"I'm not scared anymore, Jus. I know now that I can face him with courage and a greater love. And that I will do all that I can to bring him to justice. This is going to finish, and goodness will prevail. I will do all in my power to see that done."
Everyone smiled, Michael standing up.
"I'll start breakie, Jus. Our angels just woke up."
Justin smiled getting up, heading upstairs.
Alberto got up, Michael taking his arm.
"Come on, Poppa. I'll make you a coffee." Michael smiled, the two walking out of the room.

Paulo and Jake sat together on the couch, Paulo kissing his cheek.
He saw Jake deep in thought about something.
"Penny for your thoughts, my angel?"
Jake looked up at him, seeing Paulo's love shining through.
"I need to tell you something, Polo."
"Okay, my love. I'm listening."
Jake sat up, Paulo waiting.
"Something happened earlier, something you should know about."
Jake told Paulo what had happened upstairs, Paulo quietly listening.
"I didn't lead him on, Paulo. I was only trying to help him."
Paulo wrapped his arm around Jake, Jake looking into his green eyes.
"What did you feel when he kissed you?"
"I felt his need, his longing to be loved. I want him to be loved, but it's you that I love."
Paulo smiled, kissing Jake's open lips.
"And it's you that I love, my soulmate. Thank you for telling me. It shows how much you love me."
Jake smiled, kissing Paulo back.
"I'm worried about Marco, Paulo. He's in such an emotional state.  I tried not to hurt him, telling him it's you that I love. I hope I haven't hurt him."
"You haven't."
Paulo and Jake looked up to see Marco standing in the doorway.
Marco looked at his cousin, seeing his green eyes staring at him.
"I'm sorry, Paulo. I'm sorry I couldn't control my emotions. I never, ever would hurt either of you."
Paulo stood up, walking up to the young man.
He pulled him tightly to him, wrapping his arms around him.
"There is nothing to forgive. You're in an emotional turmoil. You reached out for the first person who showed you love. I'm  glad it was my Jake. His love is unbelievable."
Jake smiled, feeling Paulo's soothing words.
Jake stood up, walking up to the two men.
"We both love you, Marco. We'll be here in every way. But not like what happened upstairs." Jake said, Marco nodding.  Jake joined the hug, Marco wiping his eyes.
"Thanks, guys. I'm glad I have you."
Both smiled, rubbing his back.
"Let's go get some food. Mikey's a fantastic cook." Paulo grinned, the other two men smiling.
The three men headed for the kitchen, together as brothers.

Michael was cooking at the stove when the three walked in, Michael quietly smiling at them.
"Coffee's ready. Sit down boys, and relax."
Everyone took a seat, Zach and Christina walking into the room.
"Morning, Mikey." Zach said, Christina sitting down beside Marco.
"You okay, sweetie?" She asked, love in her voice.
"Yes, thanks, cousin."
Christina smiled, kissing his cheek, Zach quietly watching, beside Michael.
"Coffee's ready, Zacky."
"Is he really okay, Mike?" Zach quietly spoke.
"Yeah, he's dealing with it. It was a rough morning, but he has what he needs now."
"What's that?"
Michael looked at Paulo and Jake, smiling quietly.
"He has all his brothers' love."
Zach raised an eyebrow, wondering what he meant by that.
Justin walked into the room with his four parents, Jonathan carrying Shauna, Stevie running with Darian.
"Morning, everyone." Michael said, his moms kissing his cheek.
"Need a hand, Michael?" Lynn said, Michael nodding.
Lynn helped him get everything ready, the two filling the table as people drank coffee and chatted.
Michael looked down seeing Shauna's outstretched hands, she sitting in Jonathan's lap.
Michael smiled, picking the little girl up.
"Morning Papa. We wuv you."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek, everyone smiling.
Michael looked down, Darian tugging at his pant leg.
Michael smiled, kneeling down, Darian climbing into his other arm.
Michael stood up again, both kids smiling at him.
"And how are my angels this morning?" Michael smiled, Shauna laying her head against his chest.
"We okay. We play with her."
Michael smiled, not sure what they meant.
He smiled across the table at Becky.
"Yes Becky's fun to play with."
"Not Becky. With her."
Justin looked up from his seat, also confused.
Justin stood up, taking Darian from Michael.
"Who were you playing with?" Michael asked, looking around the room, the ladies shaking their heads.
"With Nana, silly." Shauna smiled.
Everyone stared in shock, Randall spewing out his coffee, Paul patting his back.
Michael stared down at his little girl, seeing her smiling up at him.
"She showed us her shakers. You make them good."
Justin saw the tears forming in Michael's eyes.
"Nana came to see you, my angels?" Michael said, his emotions evident in his voice.
"Yep. She nice." Darian said, Justin smiling down at him.
"She said she wuvs us." Shauna said, smiling.
Michael's tears were falling, the little girl snuggling against his chest.
"Of course she loves you, she's your Nana as well." Michael said.
Justin put his arm around Michael, the two little kids smiling.
"Me hungy, Dada." Darian said, Justin smiling.
"Then my little angels need some food." Michael smiled, sitting Shauna down in her high chair, Justin sitting Darian down in his chair.
Justin handed both of then a juice cup, the little toddlers drinking.
Justin pulled Michael to him, Michael wiping his eyes.
"She's with them, Jus. She's watching over them too."
Justin smiled, as did everyone else around the table.
Lynn gave Michael her chair beside Shauna's highchair, Michael sitting down.
"Thanks, Mom."
Lynn smiled, handing Michael a cup of coffee.
Everyone ate heartily, Michael and Justin feeding the kids.
The kids were starting to wean off the bottle, drinking them now only in the evening.
The house phone went off, Paulo answering it.
"It's for you, Justin. A nice woman."
Michael smirked.
"You going back to the ladies, sweetie?"
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Not after tasting heaven."
Michael smirked, Justin picking up the phone.
Justin talked for a few minutes, then hung up.
Justin sat back down, spooning some eggs into Darian's bowl.
"Who was that, Justin?"
"That was someone we're meeting this afternoon, my love."
Michael's eyebrows went up, wondering.
Justin smiled at him.
"We have an interview with her. She's hopefully going to be our new housekeeper/nanny."
Michael stared at Justin.
"I know, my love. You haven't given me your answer about all this. This woman was just too good to pass up. Let's meet her, and then you can decide if she's what we want."
Michael smiled, nodding.
He thought he saw a hint of surprise and mischievousness in Justin's eyes.
"Are you cooking something up, my tiger?"
Justin blushed, quickly talking to Zach.
Michael smiled, knowing something was going on.
He'd let Justin have his fun.

The meal finished, everyone relaxing around the patio.
Everyone learned of Marco's hardship, the two mothers lavishing special care on him.
Marco was touched by the care he received from everyone.
Jonathan seemed really awed by the young man, Michael smiling at Justin's younger brother.
He and Marco played in the pool with Stevie and Becky, Justin playing on the swings and slide with Darian and Shauna.
Michael stayed inside, cleaning the house with Christina's help.
Lynn and Lisa made a light lunch for everyone, Randall and Paul  taking the older kids out for a movie for the afternoon.
Marco tagged along with Jonathan, everyone seeing a special bond forming between the two young men.
Lynn, Lisa, Zach and Christina went shopping.
Paulo and Jake took Alberto over to Jake's to relax for the afternoon.
Around one, the house was ready, and so were the children.
Michael had dressed them up in new clothes, both playing in the living room with Justin.
Justin watched Michael checking everything over, Justin smirking.
"I can never understand why people clean up their house to hire a housekeeper. You'd think you'd want them to see it needs cleaning."
Michael smiled at Justin's innocence, Lonnie walking into the room.
"Hey guys, how goes it?"
"Hey Lon, it goes good. Want some lunch?" Michael asked.
"No, I'm cool. Popped a burger on the way over. What's up?"
"We're waiting for a young lady to show up, she may be our new nanny." Justin said, Lonnie raising his eyebrows.
"Cool. Michael is looking a little run down. You keepin' him up late, Curly? Or is the nanny for you?"
Michael laughed, Justin blushing.
"My man's concerned I'm neglecting my writing. He thinks she'll free up time for both of us."
"Good idea. Plus, you'll still be here to love those special angels."
Michael smiled, as did Justin.
The front doorbell rang, Justin getting up.
"I'll bring her in, Mico. Just wait here."
Michael heard the excitement in his voice, smiling.
The two toddlers got up, climbing up onto the couch with Michael, Michael helping them get comfortable beside him.
Lonnie smiled at seeing Justin so charged up.
"What's gotten into him?"
"He's being coy again. I think we're in for a surprise."
Lonnie grinned, waiting with Michael.
A few moments later, Justin walked into the room, three people following him.
Michael stared in shock. Lonnie stared at the young woman in the center.
Michael stood up, the little kids looking toward their Dada.
"Rachel Conrad?"
Rachel smiled, Michael staring in surprise.
Behind the attractive black woman stood her brother Jonas and Byron, his boyfriend, both young men smiling.
Michael smiled widely, walking up to them.
He hugged all three, Justin standing quietly smiling.
"Were you surprised, Mico?"
"God yes, Jus! It's great to see all three of you again! It's been over a month since Disneyland. How has everyone been? What brings you here, Rachel?"
"Justin called me and told me the two of you were looking for a nanny. He wanted me to meet with you."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin beaming.
"She's perfect, Mico. She's experienced, knowledgeable and fully trained. She looked after a day care center. And she's looking for something new."
Rachel smiled, listening to Justin gloat over her credentials.
"How did you know all that, sweetie?" Michael asked.
"That's  my doing, Mikey. Justin had me do some background checks on her." Lonnie said, smiling at Rachel.
She gave him a smile back.
"Alright. Please sit down everyone, and I'll introduce you to our angels." Justin said, smiling.
They all sat down in the living room, Justin sitting on the couch, Darian and Shauna climbing into his lap, hugging against him.
Rachel sat down beside Justin, smiling at the two children.
"Why they're beautiful, and so cute!"
Both kids smiled, Shauna climbing off Justin's lap, and climbing into Rachel's.
"Hi. I'm Shauna."
"Well, hello Shauna. I'm Rachel."
"You be my friend?"
The woman smiled at her.
"That's up to your fathers." She said, smiling at both men.
Michael and Justin both smiled, Michael sitting and chatting with Jonas and Byron.
They chatted for a few minutes enjoying each other's company.
"Lonnie, why don't you take Jonas and Byron out to the patio, and we'll be out after we've talked." Michael said a few minutes later, smiling at the two younger men.
Byron and Jonas got up, putting their hands together, walking out of the room, Lonnie closing the door behind them.
"So, how are they doing?" Justin asked, once they were alone.
Rachel's face changed to happiness.
"They're doing extremely well. Both have won scholarships to UCLA for the fall. And they're moving to their own place. My little boy is growing up." Rachel said, wiping a tear from her eye.
Michael smiled, sitting down beside her.
"I'm happy for them. And what about yourself?"
Her looks changed, Michael picking up on sadness.
"Well, with them leaving, I'm going to be all alone. It's time for a change. I'm hoping this new job is just what I need."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"I couldn't agree more. How does tomorrow sound?"
Rachel looked shocked.
"Don't you want to see my credentials, hold an interview?"
"Rachel, I've felt your goodness, your happiness and your love. In yourself and in your brother's feelings. That's more than enough qualifications for me." Michael said, smiling.
"Besides, the kids like you." Justin said, smiling.
Shauna still sat in her lap, Darian smiling up at her.
"Yep, all three." Michael said, Rachel laughing.
"Thank you, Michael. And thank you, Justin. What ever possessed you to call me, Justin? We'd only met for the briefest of moments at Disneyland."
"Let's just say it was fate." Justin said, smiling at her again.
Michael quietly sat watching Justin.
"Okay, let's show you around the place, and get some info from you. We'll agree on salaries and such on Monday, that okay?" Justin said, Rachel nodding.
The two men, each carrying a toddler, and Rachel, walked around the house, Rachel awed by its beauty.
They all ended up on the patio, Lonnie, Jonas and Byron relaxing by the pool chatting.
"Well?" Jonas asked, seeming nervous.
"Well, Jonas. Your sis is our new nanny." Michael said, smiling.
"Awesome!!" Jonas said, leaping up and hugging his sister, the others smiling.
Byron got up and hugged her as well.
"Way to go, sista!" Byron said, smiling.
"And you two are welcomed here anytime." Michael said, both young men speechless.
"Really...for real?" Jonas said, Byron staring at Justin.
"Yep, for real." Justin said, winking at Byron, the young man blushing.
Michael smirked, seeing the obvious crush the young man still had on Justin.
"Relax, Byron. After a few days of hearing and smelling Justin's farts you won't think him such an idol." Michael said, Lonnie bursting into laughter.
Justin blushed, Michael kissing his cheek.
"Ha..ha, very funny Mico. Payback's a B." Justin said, looking at the kids.
"Oooh, someone's getting lucky tonight!" Michael beamed, everyone now laughing.
They all sat down, happily chatting.
Everyone else showed up, the three new people introduced to everybody.
Lynn and Lisa held a lengthy discussion with Rachel, both women impressed with her ideas and experience.
"She's quite the find, son." Lynn said, Justin smiling.
"That she is. In more ways than one."
Michael looked at Justin, deep in thought.
"Alright, love. What's going on?" Michael said in Justin's mind.
"I'll tell you later, lovecakes." Justin said back, winking at him.
Michael just shook his head, smiling at him.

A few hours later Rachel, Jonas and Byron left, feeling warmly welcomed.
Rachel would be there first thing the next morning.
Everyone left for the evening, Marco and Alberto returning with Jake and Paulo to Jake's home.
Alberto was returning to Spain Monday morning.
Paulo and Jake were leaving first thing in the morning for their trip.
Alberto saw the look of sadness in Marco's eyes at having to leave his cousin, after having just met him.
"Marco my boy, you need some rest. There's nothing pressing back home, why don't you rest here?"
"But Paulo's leaving, grandfather."
Alberto looked at Michael.
"You still have another cousin who wants to spend time with you." Michael said smiling, Justin smiling also.
Marco was invited to stay for the week at Justin's and Michael's.
Michael smiled widely on hearing his acceptance, Justin now watching him with interest.
Michael and Justin hugged his grandfather goodbye, Alberto kissing his great grandchildren goodbye.
He'd promised to be back for their wedding, both men smiling.
A few hours later, Michael and Justin found themselves together, their bodies glistening from a slow session of lovemaking.
"Mmmm, I feel so contented." Justin said, Michael snuggling against his chest.
"Me too, Tigger."
Justin smiled, his fingers twirling Michael's long hair.
"About today, Michael."
"Rachel, you mean?"
"Yes, Michael. You were really surprised, weren't you?"
"I was more shocked than surprised. How did you know to find her for this position?"
Justin smiled, kissing Michael's forehead.
"You're not the only one that has visions."
Michael lifted his head, staring into Justin's eyes.
"I had one that day at Disneyland. When I shook her hand."
Michael looked in shock.
"What did you see?"
Justin smiled, kissing his chin.
"I saw her with Shauna and Darian. Holding them, being their friend. We were both also in the vision. That's when I figured out our angels would somehow come to be here with us. And I knew she would be their nanny."
Michael shook his head in amazement.
"Have you had other visions?"
"No, Mico. But that one was a dual one."
Michael looked at Justin, seeing his happiness.
"So what's the second part?"
Justin leaned in, whispering in his ear, Michael smiling widely.
"That's awesome, Jus."
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's golden orbs.
Justin cuddled up closer to Michael, Michael stroking his muscular arm.
"I'm sorry Justin. I'm sorry you now have these gifts. I never wanted this."
"We've gone over this, Michael. I'm fine with this. It makes me feel happy that I now have a special bond with you. We're even closer than normal lovers. That makes me feel very special."
Michael smiled at Justin's acceptance of their bond.
"I love you Justin."
"Tell me something I don't know."
Michael smiled, leaning up and kissing Justin's moist lips.
Justin looked quietly into his eyes.
"I've been watching you with Marco, Michael. And I've seen your deep thoughtful looks at Paulo and Jake."
Michael quietly looked at Justin.
"What's going on in that mind of yours, Mico?"
Michael sighed, looking into Justin's staring eyes.
"I've had a vision also, Jus. A vision of Marco."
Justin sat up, pulling Michael up with him.
"Care to talk about it? I sense a little unsureness in you."
Michael leaned against Justin's chest, absentmindedly rubbing Justin's nipple.
"He'll be healed, Jus. Through Paulo and Jake, Marco will see what true love can really be like. Then shortly someone will enter his life that will heal his tortured soul."
"That's wonderful, Mico! Who is it?"
"That's unknown to me, Jus. I only saw someone holding him, telling him that they'd have each other's love forever. I didn't recognize his face, although he was handsome."
Justin smiled, Michael's caring showing through his words.
"Then what is bothering you?"
"I sense that Marco one day will be very important in all of this. In all that must inevitably happen. And that concerns me."
"He'll be important in what way?"
"That I don't know of yet, Jus. But I sense it has something to do with the naming of the Commander of Truth. I'll learn that truth on the Hallway of Truth."
Justin tightened his hold on Michael, Michael sensing Justin's feelings.
"What I learn on that walk is fate, Justin. My own fate."
Justin kissed him gently, Michael looking into his eyes.
"No matter what that fate is, Michael, I'll love you for eternity."
Michael teared up, kissing his lover deeply.
"I think our inner circle of love is growing again, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael tenderly.
"Let's get some sleep, babe."
They laid back down, Michael returning to his place of love, against Justin's chest.
"I love you, Mico."
"I love you always, Jus."
Justin closed his eyes, feeling Michael against him.
Michael remained awake, staring out into the starry night that appeared through the open balcony doorway.
His thoughts were on one man, the chosen Commander of Truth.
And the eventual choice that man would have to make.

End of Chapter 122

Michael now is prepared to take on Fredrick.
Who was the voice that stayed his hand against his rapist?
Was it really Justin's love?
What plan does Fredrick have to stop Michael?

And now Marco is welcomed into our inner circle of love.
Who is the man destined to heal him and love him?
What  part will Paulo and Jake play in this?

Let's also welcome Rachel into their lives and home.
I'd always intended to bring her back.
She'll be a big help, and a surprising friend.
What was the second part of Justin's vision concerning her?
Why did it bring a smile to Michael's face?

A chapter of concerning questions.
Read on and watch as the answers unfold.

Hugs, Angel.

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