Justin's Angel-149

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Doris stood up, following Justin with Shauna in her arms.
"Show her her room at the same time, Jus." Michael said, Justin smiling and blowing him a kiss.
"Sleep well, angels." Michael called back, both little ones waving goodbye.
Everyone smiled, seeing the smile on Doris' face.
Will rose up, ready to leave.
"I'll bring in her suitcase, Michael. And I'll see all of you at Josh's Saturday."
Everyone nodded, saying goodbye, Michael walking to the door, then out to the car with him.
"Thanks for everything, Will. You've given us a new family member."
"Michael, you did that. You are amazing, my friend." Will smiled, Michael winking.
"You ain't seen nothing yet, baby!!" Michael smiled, striking a pose.
Will laughed, but saw a look in Michael's golden eyes.
A look of knowledgeable truth.
"I somehow believe that, Mikey."
Michael smiled, taking the suitcase out of the back of Will's car.
"See you Saturday, Will." he said, hugging him tightly.
Will seemed surprised by the hug, hugging him back gently.
"Yes, for sure."
Will got in his car, driving down the driveway, Jim closing the gates.
Michael stared at the disappearing car, then at Jim.
"Hold onto your hats boys! Life's about to get a whole lot wilder!"
He smiled widely, walking back into the house.

Chapter 149

The next few days were the happiest of Doris' life.
In Michael, Justin and Rachel she found three loving friends.
Their warmth, love and happiness radiated into her own soul.
And the greatest amount of love she had gained she received from her two grandchildren.
Both had totally bonded with her.
She spent a lot of time with them, building a lost relationship.
A relationship she'd been denied.
She spent hours reading to them, playing with them, and just being a grandmother.
Justin and Michael sat back, allowing her this new closeness.
They both talked about what they'd witnessed.
Doris' transformation into a happy, loving grandmother.
Late Friday afternoon, after she'd lain the two children down for their naps, she walked out onto the patio, finding Michael and Justin relaxing by the pool.
"Are the angels in slumberland?" Justin smiled, sipping a glass of ice water from his lounge chair.
Michael smiled, working at the table on his laptop.
"Yes, they're both sleeping. Rachel is doing laundry."
Both men smiled, Doris sitting down at the table beside Michael, Michael looking up at her.
"So, having a good time, Doris?"
Doris smiled, her face warm and inviting.
"I'm having a wonderful time. Thank you both, for allowing me this."
Both men smiled, Michael's golden eyes looking deeply into her soul.
Doris sighed, looking down at her hands.
"I see a lot of Serena in both of them. But more so in Shauna. She's almost the spitting image of her mother at that age. It's totally unbelievable. It's like I'm reliving her childhood."
Michael put his hand on top of hers.
"You will live their childhood. You will always be a part of their lives. Think of all the school plays and stuff you'll have to attend."
She smiled, patting Michael's hand.
Michael saw the quiet look she was giving him.
"I've felt something else in them also."
"Their mother's gift?" Justin said, getting up and sitting down on her other side.
Doris looked shocked, staring at him.
"It's alright, Doris. We have sensed it, too." Michael said, smiling at her.
Doris looked into his eyes, seeing his unchanging love.
"We know they're gifted, Doris. We've known from the start." Justin said, Doris looking at him with surprise.
"And you still wanted them?"
"They are loving angels, we could never have walked away from them." Michael said, his words said with deep conviction.
Doris smiled, seeing their deep love for her grandchildren.
"How did Serena become gifted? Was she born with it?" Justin asked, Michael quietly looking at him.
Doris smiled softly, looking at both of them.
"My little angel always had a specialness about her. She showed it very early. I never told my husband of it, I was sure he wouldn't have understood. And he wouldn't have liked it. It was our little secret, a bond between mother and daughter. She could do some amazing things."
Michael smiled at her, quietly letting her continue.
"You may not believe this, but she could heal. She often healed my bruises and scars."
Justin looked at Michael, both knowing from where those bruises and scars came.
"She knew from a young age that she was different. And she knew what was going on at home. Even her gift couldn't hide that fact. Serena was an intelligent child."
Justin put his arm around her, seeing the tears in her eyes.
"I should have left so long ago, before all that happened! Why didn't I have the courage?!" she said, tears now flowing down her cheeks.
Michael smiled at her, looking into her wet, blue eyes.
"The past is the past, my dear lady. You must now concentrate on the present. Serena loved you, always. And now she's happy. She's in heaven with my Nana."
"Your Nana?" she asked puzzled.
"Let me tell you the story of my life." Michael said, beginning to talk.
Justin sat back, letting Michael talk, Michael telling her everything.
All his pain, his family and all his own surprising gifts.
And through it all, Doris' eyes widened in disbelief, and then they teared with tender caring.
When Michael had finished, Doris stood, pulling him up.
She hugged him tightly, Justin tearing up.
"Oh, Michael! That's so unbelievable! You are so unbelievable! The courage, and love you possess! I am in awe of you!"
Michael looked into her blue eyes.
"The greatest gift that I have been given is love. I receive it from my Jus and from your grandchildren. It feeds my soul and my heart. Without it, I would be lost."
She smiled, wiping her eyes, staring at him.
"Thank you for explaining everything to me. It eases my heart to know that my daughter is with your family, and that she'll always be with me."
Michael smiled one of his warm, loving smiles.
"Are you gifted, Doris?" Justin asked, looking at her.
"No, Justin. I am not. I don't know where she received those gifts from. God blessed her."
Michael remained quiet for a few moments, then smiled.
"God's love flowed through her and it flows through you, Doris. It flows through your grandchildren even more."
Doris smiled at both of them, seeing their feelings openly displayed.
"Serena loves you, and she loves her little angels. As do I and Justin. They will have a life of love, happiness and total joy. With our love and yours."
"I want them to know all about their mother. How good and kind she was."
Michael smiled, kissing her cheek.
"That for a grandmother to do. To show a child their heritage."
Doris smiled, kissing both of their cheeks.
"I'll go help Rach, and check on our angels."
Michael smiled, Justin putting his arm around him as Doris walked into the house.
"I think she's finally accepted that she can be happy." Justin said, Michael smiling at him.
"Yes, my love. She can live her life now."

Saturday dawned, the day of Josh's party.
Doris offered to baby-sit, so Rachel and Lonnie could go also.
Michael and Justin thanked her, and wholeheartedly agreed.
Doris smiled at the trust they were showing her.
The two men spent the day with their angels, all four lost in a familiar happiness.
Lance had called, telling them they'd received flowers from Justin's family, in honor of Josh's big night.
Josh was a bundle of nerves, as was Lance.
It was their first formal party as a couple.
Michael sensed their nervousness, his kind words calming Lance.
Justin and Paulo, as well as Jake, Emile and Marco all drove over in the afternoon to begin setting things up.
Michael stayed home, wanting to do some office work.
While Michael was working in the office, Doris and Rachel played with the kids.
His phone went off after about a half hour of writing.
"Hello, Michael here."
"Hi Mikey, it's Johnny."
"Hey, Johnny. How are you? If you're looking for Justin, he's over at Josh's helping set things up for the party."
"I know, Mikey. Lonnie had told me that a few minutes ago. I actually thought I should talk to you first."
Michael sensed something was wrong.
"What can I help you with, Johnny?"
"You saw Brad Stevens' article in yesterday's paper?"
Michael sighed, closing his eyes.
"Yes, Johnny, we both did."
"Justin called me yesterday about it. He wants our legal department to go after the guy. It's close to slander what he's implying about you, Mikey."
"That's what Stevens wants you to do. He's looking for publicity. Our acknowledging his words would only fuel more."
The phone went silent, Michael sensing Johnny's reluctance.
"Okay, John. Tell me what's going on."
Michael heard him sigh, then his voice change.
"There's another article coming out tomorrow. I got an advance copy through a friend of mine at the L.A. Times. It's all about Doris' release and her staying with you now. It's not good, Mikey. He's going after blood. You've really pissed this guy off."
Michael's brow furrowed, feeling his anger brewing.
"I think you need to make a statement about all this, Mikey. I'll fax you over the article."
"Don't bother, John. I don't need to read what I feel from him."
"What you feel from him?"
"I can feel happiness and vengeance flowing from the man, John. It's seeping out of his words. And I feel something else. Greed."
"Yes, John. He's being paid to write all of this. And I'm not going to stand for it."
"Is there something you're not telling me, Mikey?"
"Tonight's Josh's party, John. Let's concentrate on that, then I'll handle all this on Monday. I just need to do a little thinking and a little investigating."
"If you need any of our resources, just call me."
"Thanks, John. But I have my own. And please, don't worry Justin with this. Let's keep this between you and myself. I'll handle it."
"Okay, Mikey. See you tonight then."
"Later, Gator."
Johnny smiled, saying goodbye.
Michael put the phone down, tapping his fingers against his chin.
Michael opened his laptop, opening some files and his internet connection.
He worked for a while, sending e-mails and visiting some sites, also making a couple of phone calls.
After all that, he closed down his computer, opening a drawer in his desk.
Out of the drawer came his leather journal, Michael opening it.
He wrote for a while, then closed that off, too.
Michael stood up, running his hands through his hair, staring into his mother's mirror.
It glowed, Michael looking into it.
He smiled, then walked out of the room.

Justin walked out onto the patio, smiling.
Michael was sitting down on the grass, Darian and Shauna on their  trikes, driving in circles around him.
Doris sat at the table, mending a small pair of shorts.
"Hi, Doris. Don't you look the picture of a maternal grandmother?  How have my angels been?"
"All three have been having fun all afternoon." she smiled.
Justin smiled, waving at Michael, Darian turning his trike towards the patio.
"Dada!! Come and play wit us!!!"
Justin laughed, as did Doris.
Justin walked across the lawn, chasing Darian around the yard, the little boy squealing.
After a few minutes, Justin fell on top of Michael; the two wrapped in each other's arms.
"Missed ya, Mico."
Michael smiled, kissing him deeply.
"Missed my Tigger."
Justin smiled, his two little treasures climbing on top of him.
The three played for a while, Michael just laying back and watching them.
They spent the rest of the afternoon as a family, lost in the normalcy of their lives.
Doris cooked them all a wonderful dinner, wanting to thank them.
The meal was scrumptious and delicious.
She smiled widely at all their praise, basking in a family's love.
Before they knew it, the evening had come upon them.

Michael looked up, seeing Justin walking down the staircase.
Michael smiled, seeing the beauty that walked toward him.
Justin wore a baby blue silk shirt, and grey dress pants.
"You're stunning, my love."
Justin smiled, Darian in his arms.
"You're not so bad yourself, my black angel."
Michael smiled, standing at the bottom step wearing a black silk shirt and black dress pants.
Shauna was in his arms, smiling at her brother and father.
"Yous look hot, Dada!!"
Justin laughed, smiling at her, walking down the last few steps.
"Thanks sweetie. You and Darian all excited about staying with Gamma?"
"Yep, Dada. We's going to watch movies and eats poppy corn."
Michael smiled, walking towards the living room, gently letting Shauna down.
The little girl ran into the room, heading for her grandmother and Rachel who were sitting on a couch.
Doris lifted the child up, Shauna smiling at her as she climbed into her lap.
Michael and Justin both smiled, Michael looking at Rachel.
"My, oh my! Who's this vision of loveliness?"
Rachel laughed standing up, striking a pose.
She wore a white dress, it accentuating all the curves of her body.
"You like? I hope Lonnie does." she said, smiling.
"The Lonster will be drooling, girl." Justin said, Doris laughing.
Rachel looked at her, Doris smiling.
"You look beautiful, Rach. Lonnie won't be able to take his eyes off you." she said, smiling.
Rachel smiled back at her.
As if on cue, they heard the front door opening, then Lonnie walking into the room.
"The car's ready guys, let's. . ." he started saying, stopping in his tracks.
He stared at Rachel, everyone seeing his eyes widening.
"Wow!" he softly said, Michael smiling and walking up to him.
"Wow is right, Lonford. Say something a little more romantic."
Lonnie blushed, smiling at Rachel.
"It must be darker than I thought. I see a star shining in the night's sky."
Rachel blushed, Lonnie walking up to her.
"You look beautiful, my angel." he said, Rachel smiling at him.
He leaned in, kissing her tenderly on the lips, everyone smiling at the touching moment.
He extended his arm, Rachel taking it.
"I think that's our cue to leave, sweetie." Justin said, taking Michael's hand.
"Alright, Jus."
Darian was still in Justin's arms, Justin setting him down on the couch beside Shauna.
"You angels be good. Gamma's going to be here for you. Have fun and be good. We love you and will see you in the morning." he softly said, kissing both of them on their cheeks.
"We's have fun, Dada." Shauna said, smiling at him, Justin tearing up.
Michael smiled, leaning down and kissing them both goodnight.
"See you tomorrow, my treasures. Have fun and we love you."
"Night, Papa. Night Dada. Wuv yous." Darian and Shauna both said, Doris smiling at the two little ones.
"Goodnight, guys. I'll take good care of them." she smiled, Michael kissing her cheek.
"I know you will, Gamma."
She smiled, remaining beside the little ones, the two couples walking out of the room, hand in hand.

Their car pulled up to Josh's driveway, Lonnie driving, Rachel sitting beside him.
Justin and Michael sat in the backseat, looking around outside.
"Looks like the press are in full force. That will make Josh happy." Justin said, smiling.
Michael looked around seeing a few security people keeping the reporters back from the front entrance.
"Josh hired some security, so he must be prepared." Michael said quietly.
Justin squeezed Michael's hand, sensing his reluctance at this aspect of their lives.
"It's only a short walk into the house, we don't need to say anything." he said, Michael smiling at him.
Lonnie drove the car right up to the front entrance, camera flashes going off.
"You guys go in, I'll park." he said, smiling.
The doors opened, Rachel getting out, then Michael and Justin.
The reporters shouted questions, their cameras zooming in on them.
They lined both sides of Josh's front entrance.
Michael scanned the group, spotting one man standing in the back.
He stared at him, zoning in on his smiling face.
Justin felt something in his mind, looking at Michael, then looking towards where he looked.
Michael lowered his gaze, walking ahead, Justin walking with him.
They didn't speak at all, walking up the few steps, the door opening.
Marco stood at the door, smiling.
"Come on in guys, and get out of the spotlight."
Michael smiled, hugging his cousin.
"A new job, Marco? Doorman to the stars?" Michael smirked, Marco laughing.
"Then why would I let you in?"
Michael laughed, Justin smiling.
He felt Michael's happiness again, the former moment forgotten.
Michael looked around, seeing quite a few people sitting around or standing.
The room was abuzz with chatter, a lot of the people looking towards them.
A few he recognized from Justin's record label, and quite a few he didn't.
"Lance and Josh are on the patio, guys." Emile said, walking up to them, smiling.
"Let's head out, Mico." Justin smiled, saying hello to a few people he knew.
Michael nodded, his hand still in Justin's.
They walked through the room, Rachel talking with Marco and Emile, waiting for Lonnie to come in.
Justin said hello to a few people, introducing Michael, Michael smiling at them all.
They gradually made it outside, even more people out there.
The patio was ablaze with lanterns, Michael looking at all the floral displays.
Lance had outdone himself.
Lance walked up to them, smiling.
"There you two are!" he smiled, hugging them both.
"A big crowd, Lance. Josh must be so happy." Michael smiled.
"He's on cloud nine. So many industry people are here, and celebrities.  But don't let it overpower you, Mikey. They're just people."
Justin laughed, a waiter coming up to them.
Justin took two drinks off his tray, handing Michael one.
The three chatted, Josh finally coming up to them.
"The star of the night!" Michael said, smiling widely.
Josh beamed, hugging his two friends.
"Thanks, Mikey. Do you see the people here? Producers and record label heads! Janet Jackson is here, as is Quincy Jones! It's unbelievable!" Josh said, all three men seeing the happiness in his eyes.
"They all know talent when they hear it, Joshy." Michael said, smiling.
They all heard the music in the background, songs from Josh's new album playing.
Josh smiled, hugging Michael again.
"God damn, Josh! Why did you let this loser in here.?" A voice said behind Michael.
Justin and Michael turned, Michael staring at the man who'd spoken.
He was young, blond haired, with a small beard. A woman and a man stood beside him.
Justin didn't know any of them.
"Wow, Josh. You're working with this moron?" Michael said, staring at the man.
Josh, Lance and Justin all looked at Michael in shock at his words.
Michael and the stranger stared at each other, then burst into laughter.
The man was in Michael's arms in seconds, Michael spinning him around.
Justin just stood still, staring at both of them.
"Screech Sheppard, you old dog!!!" Michael laughed, the two breaking apart, smiling at each other.
"Gasbag Tavarro! As I live and breathe! Look at you! Mega-superstar celebrity!" the man said, laughing and smiling.
Michael blushed, the man smiling.
"Same old, Mikey!" he said, Justin smiling.
Apparently the man knew Michael well.
Michael looked at Justin smiling.
"Steven, this is my fiancee, Justin Timberlake. Justin, this is Steven Sheppard, an old friend from college. Remember I told you he works for a record company now."
Justin smiled, shaking the man's hand.
"Nice to meet you, Steven."
Steven smiled widely, then looked at both of them.
"I just can't believe it. Little dorky Mikey Tavarro and you. But then again it's not that surprising. I used to have to listen to your music for hours when Mikey and I studied together. He had such a crush on you!!"
Everyone laughed, Michael blushing.
"What can I say? I had good taste."
Justin beamed, kissing Michael's cheek.
Steven smiled, putting his hand in the hand of the woman who'd been standing beside him.
"Do you remember Melissa Marshall, Mikey?"
Michael looked at the young woman, seeing her smiling face.
"Little Missy Marshall? Speaking of crushes. Steven used to follow you around like a lost puppy."
"I finally neutered him. He's all mine now." she said, smiling.
Michael laughed, hugging her and then Steven again.
"Congrats, my friends. How long?"
"We were married last year, in Trinidad."
Michael smiled, Justin smiling as well.
"Congratulations, to both of you." Justin said, smiling.
"Thanks, Justin." they both said.
"This is Missy's brother, Theodore Marshall. He's my partner in crime." Steven said, introducing the other man who was standing beside them.
The man smiled at everyone, Justin looking at him.
He looked around thirty, blond haired, strikingly handsome in a rugged way.
Michael smiled, shaking his hand.
"A pleasure to meet you finally, Ted." Michael said, Justin surprised at his forwardness.
"Thanks, Michael. Steven told me all about you. And I've read all about your life."
Michael smiled, looking at him with a genuine smile.
"So you and Steven are both in the recording industry?" Justin said, looking at him quietly.
Michael looked at Justin, sensing his feelings.
"They're Josh's bosses, Jus." Lance said smiling at them.
"They're record executives at Capital. Vice presidents in sales and promoting." Josh said, looking at Michael.
Michael felt Josh's feelings, Josh staring at him.
"But you knew that all along, didn't you Mikey?" Josh said, walking away from all of them.
"Excuse me, I need to talk to Josh for a moment." Michael said quietly.
Justin looked at him as he walked away.

A few minutes later, Michael walked into the kitchen, seeing Josh filling an ice cube bucket.
"We need to talk, Josh."
"What do you have to say, Mikey? That you organized this meeting between me and them. That you pulled a few strings with your old friend to make them  take me on. Is that how it happened?" Josh said, Michael feeling a little anger in Josh's soul.
"That's not how it happened at all, Josh."
"Yeah right. I guess I owe all of this to you, Mikey. My talent didn't matter at all. As usual."
Josh began to leave the kitchen, heading for the other door, Michael's brow furrowing.
Michael's hands went out, Josh lifted off his feet, and dropped on top of the kitchen counter.
He stared at Michael in shock, Michael's golden eyes staring back.
Michael didn't see Lance and Justin walk in the doorway, neither did Josh.
"You are going to sit right there and listen to me, Joshua!"
Josh struggled, his body immobile.
Michael walked up to his friend, putting his hands on the counter on both sides of Josh's legs, staring into his blue eyes.
"I called Steven, yes that's true. The evening after your blow?up against my Justin. I called him for advice. To see how best for you to go forward. Not to buy you their time or any such thing. They came after you, Josh. With no help from me. They took you on because they saw the genius and talent in all your songs!"
Josh stared at Michael, seeing the truth in his eyes.
"God damn it, Josh! When are you going to get it through that thick head of yours that you are talented?! Jive couldn't see that, but Capital certainly did. Steven was always a shrewd, intelligent man. He saw right off the bat your talent. So, he went after you because he knew it was the right thing to do. You did this all on your own, Josh. You alone. I had nothing to do with it."
Michael released his hold on Josh, stepping back.
"Justin, Lance and I all have faith in you, Josh. I think it's time you had faith in yourself. All those people out there are here because they see the greatness in you, too. So, wipe those feelings from you heart, and come back to reality. You are talented. You're the only one who can't see that."
Michael turned to walk away, seeing Justin and Lance in tears.
"Michael, I'm sorry! Forgive me!"
Michael turned, looking into Josh's blue, tearing eyes.
"There's nothing to be forgiven for. You only have to forgive yourself. Excuse me, but I'm going out to talk to my friends. I want to hear all their praise for you."
Michael walked past Justin and Lance, Justin following him out.
Lance remained, walking up to Josh.
They stared into each other's eyes, Lance pulling Josh against him.
"He's quite the friend. He went to bat for me, as did all of you. He's right, you know."
Josh pulled back from Lance, staring into his green eyes.
"I didn't see or believe that I have that kind of talent. I now  realize I was wrong. All those people out there make me see that I was wrong. I have a new record with new possibilities. I'm going to do all I can to make everyone see its greatness."
Lance smiled, kissing him tenderly.
"Then let's go out and bask in their faith, in their happiness for you."
Josh smiled, hopping off the counter.
Lance smiled at him, taking his hand.
"Remind me never to piss Mikey off." Lance said, Josh laughing, the two heading out to their friends.

The party went into full swing.
Everyone enjoying themselves with good food, drinks and dancing.
Michael walked around, talking to his friends.
He spotted Josh, talking to a few celebrities.
He smiled, seeing Josh's now relaxed, happy manner.
He believed in himself now.
It showed in every movement and smile.
"Great party."
Michael turned, seeing Janet Jackson looking at him.
"Yes, Miss Jackson, it really is."
"It's Janet, Michael."
Michael smiled, the singer smiling  back at him.
"Looks like Justin has picked a winner." she smiled, Michael smiling back.
"We chose each other. I'm not his prize, I'm his soulmate."
Janet smiled, looking into his golden eyes.
"I saw your interviews on Larry King. You have a beautiful singing voice." she said, smiling.
"Thank you, but I'm not a singer."
"I know, you're a writer. I think you shine in both fields." she said, smiling, then walking away.
Michael looked after her, Justin walking up to him.
"I see you've met Janet. She's a wonderful person." Justin said, smiling as he looked at her talking to Quincy Jones.
Michael looked at Justin for a moment, then leaned in beside him, whispering in his ear.
"Love conquers all."
Justin smiled, looking into Michael's golden eyes, Michael's hand going behind him, kneading his left ass cheek.
"Care to talk to me, my angel?" Michael softly said.
"I'll never get used to good-looking men looking at you, Mico. Theodore was almost undressing you with his eyes.  It always has the same affect on me. My insecurities come out."
Michael looked at him, seeing Justin's insecurities again.
"I know, love. And that's okay. I can't change how you are, all I can do is love you."
Justin smiled, looking towards Theodore who was talking to Lance and Paulo.
"Relax, my love, Theodore's eyes will turn somewhere else."
Justin looked at Michael sensing something.
Will came up to them, smiling.
"Hey guys. Great party." he said, sipping a glass of ginger ale.
"Yes it is, William. What have you been up to besides sitting quietly in a corner?" Michael asked, Will blushing.
"I'm just trying to blend into the background." he quietly said, Justin looking at him.
"Hmm, reminds me of someone." Michael said, Justin smiling.
'Let's go Will, I'll introduce you to my friends." Michael said, pulling a reluctant Will over towards Steven and his friends.
They were chatting with Chris, Vicky and Joey.
"Steve and Missy, this is Will Preston. He's a good friend, and a trusting lawyer."
Steve laughed, shaking his hand.
"Is there such a thing as a trusting lawyer?"
Justin laughed, Will smiling.
"Believe me there is. And I'm one of the best."
Michael smiled, looking at Theodore whose back was turned talking to Josh.
"This is Missy's brother, Theodore Marshall."
Theodore turned around smiling and then stopped.
Both men stared at each other, lost in each other's gaze.
Michael smiled, Justin looking on.
"Ted's a record executive, Will, not a celebrity."
Will blushed, breaking eye contact.
"Sorry, I was just staring at your brown eyes."
Theodore smiled, looking at Will.
"Nice to meet you Will. It was Will, right? Or is it Bill?"
Chris was staring at both of them, Vicky looking at her man.
She sensed he was deep in thought.
Michael was looking at him as well, remaining quiet.
"William Preston. But my friends call me Will. Only my mother calls me Bill."
Theodore smiled widely, Will smiling back.
Chris continued to look at both of them, his eye brows furrowing.
Everyone chatted to each other, Will and Theodore walking towards the bar.
Chris watched them go, then turned looking at Michael.
Michael smiled, sitting down at a table, Justin joining him.
Joey, Chris and Vicky sat down with them, the others moving off in other directions.
"Okay, did I just see what I think I saw?" Chris asked, looking towards the bar and then back at Michael.
Michael smiled, looking at Chris.
"You just saw a moment of destiny, Chris. Of love's destiny."
"Will and Theodore?" Chris said, looking deep in thought.
Justin looked at Michael.
"You had a vision, didn't you? That's why you had Josh invite Will. You knew he and Theodore would meet at this party."
Michael blushed, everyone seeing that it was true.
"I always like to guide love's destiny." he quietly said.
Chris smiled, staring over at the two men who were now sitting down, talking to each other.
He smacked his hand against his forehead.
"Oh man! I just clued into the names! Too bad Theodore's wasn't Logan."
Joey looked confused, as did everyone else.
"Hey dudes, don't get bent." Chris said in a bad imitation of Keanu Reeves.
"It's time for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!"
Everyone laughed, realizing what Chris had picked up on.
Will Preston was the name of the character in the movie.
"Awesome, dude." Michael said, in a much better Keanu voice.
Everyone was roaring with laughter, Chris patting Michael's back.
"Much better!!"
Michael laughed, smiling at his friends.
He looked over at the two men, smiling.
Michael used Keanu's voice again, looking at Chris.
"You're right, Chris. This is going to be Bill and Ted's excellent adventure."
Everyone smiled, talking amongst themselves.

A little while later, Justin looked up when someone slapped him on the back of the head.
"Hey Timberlacking! Fancy meeting you here!"
Michael looked up from his seat, staring at A.J. McLean.
"Oh no! The BackDoor Boys are here!" Justin groaned, Chris staring at A.J..
"It's okay, Jus. They're more a bunch of hasbeens than we ever will be!" Joey smirked, A.J.'s brows furrowing.
"Ha...ha, Fat One."
Joey politely gave him a salute, Michael laughing.
"Ah! So, this is the famous Michael Tavarro! A pleasure." A.J. said smiling, sitting down beside Justin, extending his hand.
Michael shook it, liking the man immediately.
"Nick told us all about you. And we read everything. It is great to finally meet you. Wait till Howie sees you. He's a big fan. As am I."
Michael blushed, Justin smiling.
"I've always liked your music, Mr. McLean."
"Hey, it's A.J. Any friend of Curly's is props with me."
Michael smiled, Nick Carter and Howie Dorough walking up to the table.
Justin looked at Nick, Nick staring at him.
"Hello, everyone." he said quietly.
Michael stood up, introducing himself to Howie, Howie smiling back at him.
"A pleasure, Mr. Tavarro. I read all of your books. They're totally unbelievable."
Michael smiled, looking at Nick.
"Pull up a couple of chairs, guys. And it's Mike."
Howie nodded, Nick and he sitting down.
Michael sat down beside Nick, Justin quietly watching them.
"It's okay, Mike. A.J. and Howie know everything. All my bandmates do. Kevin and I told them all."
A.J. and Howie both smiled at Nick, Nick smiling back.
"Where's Kevin, Nick?"
"He's at home, Mike. He didn't think it a good idea that he come. What with what happened."
Michael put his hand on top of Nick's.
"You came, Nick. I commend you on your courage at opening up your life to your friends. And for coming here."
"I wanted you to know that we're happy, Mike. Kevin and I are happy."
Michael smiled, hugging him gently.
"I always knew you would be."
Michael looked at Justin, Justin smiling back at him.
"I'm happy as well, for both of you. You both deserved to find each other. Something good came out of all that tragedy."
A.J. and Howie both looked at Justin and Michael, seeing their forgiving hearts.
"Wow, that's deep. I'm amazed." A.J. said, Michael's golden eyes staring at him.
"I can't speak for Josh, Nick, but I think you should call Kevin. I'd like to see him again." Michael said, Nick staring in disbelief.
Everyone looked at Michael, Michael smiling.
"The first step to living life is forgiving others. I hold no animosity toward either of you Nick. And it's time everyone else felt the same. Kevin–and you–have shown courage, love and honesty. I welcome you both as friends again."
Nick was in tears, Michael hugging him gently.
"So do I, Nick." Justin said, patting his shoulder, Nick smiling at both of them.
"Life is amazing. You just have to live it." Nick said, staring into Michael's eyes.
Everyone smiled, Michael looking at Nick.
"Excellent philosophy on life, Nick. Always hold to it. Now if you will all excuse me, I need to dance with my man."
Justin smiled, standing up with Michael, the two heading towards the dance floor, other couples dancing.
Howie stared after them, then looked at Joey.
"The reports were right. That man is amazing."
"He's more than that, Howie. He's love in its greatest form."
Everyone smiled at Joey's truthful words, watching the couple dance.

Doris walked into the nursery, putting Darian and Shauna down into their bed, both smiling up at her.
She smiled at both of them, handing them their teddy bears.
"Time for sleep, little angels. First thing you'll know, it will be morning and you'll be in your fathers' arms."
Both little ones smiled.
"Mommy happy, Gamma." Shauna said, smiling.
Doris stared at her, seeing the beauty of her innocent words.
Darian started giggling, Doris looking at him.
"She wants to see you. She here, Gamma."
Doris looked shocked, looking around the room.
Nothing seemed out of place, the room silent and tranquil.
Shauna yawned, Darian and she snuggling together.
"She outside, Gamma. She needs to talk." the little girl said, closing her eyes, Darian's already closed.
Doris stared at both of them, watching them for a few minutes.
She heard their soft breathing, knowing they were both asleep.
She gently covered them up, smiling down at them.
"Sleep well, little ones."
She quietly walked out of the room, turning on the intercom switch.
She walked downstairs, quietly looking around.
The words her grandchildren had spoken flowed through her mind.
She was outside?
Doris walked into the kitchen, looking around, the room silent and empty.
She walked to the patio door, seeing the backyard in darkness.
She opened the door, walking into the dark night.
She flipped the light switch, the patio bathed in bright light.
Doris stopped, staring ahead.
Over by the pool stood her daughter, Serena.
She smiled at her, Doris' eyes full of tears.
She slowly walked out towards the pool, staring at her, until she stood in front of her.
"Hello, Mama." Serena's soft voice spoke.
Doris stared at her, a sob issuing from her.
She had her child in her arms in moments.
Serena hugged her mother, her own tears falling.
Doris felt a lightness about the body against her, knowing now that this was an apparition.
"I've missed you so much, my child! Forgive me for what happened!" Doris said in tears.
"There is nothing to forgive you for, Mama. None of that was your doing. We were both victims of his hatred and need."
Doris cried, Serena gently guiding her over to a lounger.
They both sat down, Doris staring at her.
"Are you happy, Serena?"
Serena smiled, wiping her mother's tears away.
"Yes, Mama. I am totally happy. I am free from the pain, free from my wretched existence. And you and my children are together now. That makes me the happiest."
Doris smiled, looking towards the house.
"They are wrapped in a cocoon of love. Michael and Justin love them very much." Doris said, smiling.
Serena smiled, looking into her mother's eyes.
"My children have been blessed by that love. Their lives will be so unbelievable."
Doris smiled, Serena smiling back.
"They have loving parents now, and a loving grandmother."
Doris lowered her head, Serena raising it.
"I was loved, Mama. Your love flowed through my whole life. It's time they had that love."
Doris nodded, looking at her.
"I love them, Serena. They're both so beautiful and smart. Just like you were."
"Live life happy, Mama. Live it for them. Michael and Justin want the same for you. You're part of their family now."
Serena stood up, starting to walk away.
She turned, looking back at her mother.
"Heaven is beautiful, Mama. I'm happy. I'll be beside all of you. Love you."
"Love you, Serena. Be happy."
She smiled, then ran back to her, kissing her cheek.
"God's forgiven you, Mama. It's time to forgive yourself."
Doris smiled, her daughter walking into the darkness.
Doris sat alone, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Josh looked across the room, in the middle of a conversation with Janet Jackson and Quincy Jones.
He stared in disbelief.
Kevin Federline had walked into the room, Nick Carter walking across the room to him, both hugging each other.
Josh watched as they walked over to Justin's table, Michael rising with Justin, both hugging Kevin.
"You okay, Josh?" Janet asked, Quincy Jones looking at him as well.
"Yes, excuse me for a moment."
Josh walked across the room, Lance intercepting him before he was half way there.
"We need to talk, love."
Josh looked at Lance, nodding.
Lance guided him to the kitchen, both entering.
Josh stared at Lance, the two alone.
"I saw your reaction to Kevin's appearance. You need to calm down."
"He wasn't invited here! You know what that man's done! To us and to Mikey and Jus! What's he doing here??"
"I invited him, Joshy."
Josh looked surprised, staring at Michael who had just entered the room.
"You invited him? After what he did to you?"
Michael put his hand on Josh's shoulder.
"Kevin and Nick have changed, Josh. They've found love. Each other's love."
Josh looked in shock, leaning back against the counter.
"Love changes people, Josh. You yourself know that. I remember a man who once thought he'd destroy my life to get the man he thought he wanted. "
Josh lowered his eyes, feeling his old guilt.
Michael kissed his cheek, smiling at him.
"You found your heart, Josh. And you found Lance. Love changed you, didn't it?"
Josh nodded, looking at Lance.
"It changed me completely."
Lance smiled.
"Well, that's what it's done to Kevin and Nick. They aren't proud of what they've done in the past, but with each other they have a future. That's why Justin and I have forgiven them. We hold no hurt against them now. I think it's time you did the same."
Josh nodded, hugging Michael.
"Your love enters everyone's hearts, Michael. I can't believe what you've done for all of us."
Michael broke the hug, smiling.
"Friendship begins with forgiveness. Followed by honesty and openness."
Josh smiled, then looked at Lance.
"Come on Lance. Let's great our newest guest."
Lance smiled at Michael, the two walking back into the living room.

Kevin and Nick were sitting together, Justin and A.J. talking beside them.
Josh and Lance came up to the table, Michael behind them.
Kevin and Nick stood up, Josh looking at both of them.
"Welcome to our home, guys. Thanks for coming."
Both looked surprised at Josh's words, Josh smiling at them, Lance's hand in his.
Kevin looked at Josh and Lance together, then smiled.
"I'd like to congratulate you both. Michael told us you were engaged."
"Thanks, Kevin. And I'm happy you and Nick are together. Life's changes can be beautiful." Josh said, Michael smiling.
Everyone around the table felt the change in Kevin and Nick.
They both felt relieved and happy.
"Sit down guys, let's talk." Josh said, Lance smiling as he pulled out a chair for him.
Michael sat down beside Justin, A.J. looking at him.
"You are one of a kind, Tavarro." he said, bowing his head.
"Get used to it, McLean. I'm simply amazing!"
Justin laughed, as did everyone else who'd heard.

The party went on with renewed vitality and happiness.
Michael and Justin mingled, Michael meeting a lot of new people.
And all those people picked up on their bonded love.
The couple of the moment were deeply happy.
Michael was in need of some relief, excusing himself from Justin, heading towards the bathroom upstairs.
He'd just made it to the door, starting to pull the door in, when someone inside pulled it open.
Michael fell forward, someone catching him before he stumbled.
"I got you bud. Trying to smash your noggin?"
Michael stood up, staring into the blue eyes of Jeff Timmons.
"Oh, sorry, didn't realize it was occupied." Michael said, staring at him.
"That's okay. A minute earlier and we would have been sharing a lot more!" Jeff said, laughing.
Michael blushed, Jeff staring at him.
"And you are?" he asked, smiling.
"Michael Tavarro."
"Ah yes! Nick's new friend! And Trevor's employer. Cool! I've been wanting to meet you!"
Jeff extended his hand, Michael smiling.
"As have I, Mr. Timmons."
"Please, it's Jeff. I'll let you do your business. I'll wait for you. We need to talk."
Michael nodded, going into the washroom.
A few minutes later he opened the door, Jeff standing there waiting.
The two men smiled at each other, walking back downstairs, talking away.
Michael rejoined Justin, Jeff giving him a hug.
"You got quite the man here, Timberlacking." Jeff smiled, Michael blushing.
"Yep, he's one of the best." Justin said, kissing his cheek.
Nick and Trevor came up, joining the group.

Michael chatted with Jeff for a while, intrigued by all he said.
Jeff asked a lot of questions about Michael's involvement in Nick and Trevor's union.
Michael answered him truthfully, explaining it all.
Jeff was deeply moved by Michael's giving soul.
"You're quite a friend, Michael. Nick and Trevor are lucky."
"Hey, it's Mikey or Mike. All my friends call me that."
Jeff smiled, nodding quietly, staring at him.
The party wound down, people beginning to leave.
Janet hugged both Michael and Justin, Michael liking her a lot.
"You have my numbers, Mikey. You call me and we'll do lunch. I want to sit for hours and talk to you about your books."
"Will do, Janet. Thanks for reading them."
She laughed, Quincy shaking his hand.
"I'll call you Justin. And my donation is on its way, Michael."
"As is mine, Mikey." Janet smiled.
They'd both offered donations to Michael's foundation.
Paulo walked up to Lance and Josh a little later, Jake at his side.
"Been a great party, Josh. But Emile and Marco are getting antsy. So we're going to bail."
Josh laughed, seeing Emile and Marco kissing at a table.
"You mean it's time for private fun." Lance said, Josh laughing.
Lance had beat him to the words.
Jake laughed, winking.
Lance and Josh walked over to Marco and Emile's table, hugging all four of them goodbye.
"Have fun, lovers." Josh said, licking his lips.
Marco blushed, Emile smiled.
"Always, Joshy. Always." he said, Josh and Lance smiling.
The  three Backstreet Boys left among hugs, Michael getting a long hug from Kevin.
A.J. was the last to hug him.
"A pleasure Tavarro. A real pleasure." A.J. said, smiling.
"As it was for me, McLean. Keep smiling, life is full of surprises."
A.J. looked at him confused, then nodded.
Nick and Trevor came up to Josh, followed by Jeff and Drew and his wife.
"Congrats, Joshy. The album sounds great. It's going to be a big hit." Drew said, smiling.
"Sorry that Justin couldn't make it." Nick said, Lance nodding.
"You tell him he owes us a dinner." Lance smiled, Nick nodding.
They all hugged Josh and Lance, Justin and Michael saying goodbye to them all.
"Pleasure meeting you, Mikey." Jeff said smiling at him, hugging him tightly.
Justin quietly watched, Jeff then hugging him.
"You got a great man there, Justy."
"Don't I know it." he smiled, Michael's hand in his again.
Everyone parted, the party almost over.
"Sure you don't want us to help clean up, Joshy?" Michael said, Justin's arm wrapped around him.
"No guys, it's okay. It's after two, you need to go home. Justin looks a little giddy."
Justin stuck his tongue out at Josh, kissing Michael's cheek.
"I'm just in love, Joshy. You know how it is."
Michael smiled, sensing Justin's amorous feelings.
Lonnie and Rach hugged Josh and Lance goodnight, the four leaving together.
They waited at the door, Lonnie bringing the car around.
The reporters were still outside, but a lot fewer.
Michael looked out, not spotting him.
"Until Monday, my friend."
"What did you say, Mikey?" Rachel asked.
"Nothing. Time to go home."
Justin felt Michael's calmness, snuggling against him.
Lonnie pulled up, the three walking to the car, flashing cameras going off.

Lonnie and Rachel said goodnight, going to their rooms.
Michael smiled, sensing they wouldn't stay there long.
In a short time, they'd be together in one room.
Justin sensed the same thing, smiling at Michael.
They walked into the nursery, seeing Doris asleep in the rocker.
Their two angels were sound asleep, cuddled together.
Michael gently shook Doris' shoulder, Doris opening her eyes.
"Oh sorry, I must have dozed off. What time is it?"
"After three, Doris. You need to go to your room. Thanks for watching them."
She smiled, hugging both of them when she got up.
"That's a grandmother's job. And to watch a pair of angels is happiness indeed."
They both smiled, Michael sensing a new happiness in her.
He knew she'd talk of it when she needed to.
Justin checked on their angels, the two following Doris out of the room, leaving the door open.
They said goodnight, Doris walking down to her room.
Justin and Michael walked into theirs, Justin pulling Michael into his arms as soon as the door was closed.
Michael felt Justin's deep love in the deep kiss he gave him, and the rising desire.
"My tiger's on the prowl!"
"Oh God, my love! You excite me so! All night, every movement you made set my heart on fire!"
Michael broke the hug, looking into his eyes.
"Are you sure it wasn't something else? You don't have to overcompensate to hide your feelings, my love."
Justin looked surprised, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
"I felt him, Mico. I felt his desire for you."
Michael put his arm around his lover.
"I felt it too, Timby."
"I can't believe he's gay."
"Jeff hides it well. Very well."
Justin looked surprised.
"Um, Mico. I was talking about A.J."

End of Chapter 149

Seems a few new people might be interested in Mico.
Is Justin really surprised?
What does this mean for them?
Up next, a meeting of minds.
Then onward to Spain.
And a moment of unparalleled love.

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