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Kiss From A Rose

The night was a cool spring night. I was lying next to my beloved. I thought that nothing could go wrong. As I stared at his face I smiled. He look so much like an angel. The moon light made him glow slightly. My heart was full of love and peace. A sound penetrated the silence that was around us. The sound of hooves connecting with the ground. Curious I got up and ventured outside our small cottage. In the distance I could see four horses galloping toward me. Spinning quickly I cast several protection spells on the little cottage. Hoping it would be enough to keep my love safe from these riders. Grabbing my staff from the door way I made my way to meet the four as they came into the valley. As soon as my eyes came to meet those of bright red eyes that glowed menacingly I knew what these riders were. Vampires. Getting ready for the inescapable battle I waited. With a few seconds the four vampires stopped just a few yards before me.

"Come willingly we will let your lover be." Called the leader. I recognized him as Vlad Tepes Alucard.

"How do I know that you won't attack him once I have come?" I asked fearing for his safety.

"I give you a blood oath, none of my kind shall harm him in anyway." I knew then he would be safe, as no vampire gave a blood oath and broke it.

"Why do you want me to join you?"

"You are the last of your kind sorcerer. In a few days to come you will be killed by those who fear you. And your love will be killed even though he is the same as those who will come to destroy you."

"How do you know this?"

"One of my informants inside the castle of the mortals told me. The King fears that you will double cross him. I am offering a way for you to still live. Send your lover to the mystic forest he will be safe. No mortal will dare enter it." I knew this vampire spoke truth of the forest. Many mortals feared the place. Letting a tear fall I agreed.

"Let me get him to safety first I don't want him to see what will happen." Hey leader nodded and I returned to the cottage. My lover had awakened. With tear filled eyes he knew it was time. He knew there would be a time when he would have to flee to stay safe. Suddenly I heard yelling. Rushing to the window I saw a dark cloud rising from the ground, the sound of thunder filled the still air. They had come, the vampires were wrong, and so they had fled to keep out of the fight. Spinning I pulled my lover into my last embrace I would give him. "I lover you Justin, I always will." With that I cast a transporting spell on him and he vanished. I ran outside and towards the on coming horde. They came to a stop not far before me. My mind filled with rage, I stabbed the ground with my staff. "Why have you come?"

"Your time here is over, sorcerer. With your life's blood we will be free of the curse that plagues our land."

"There is no curse. The land is very well, and healthy."

"No the only place the land is green is here in this vale." Then it hit me, the dark ages have started. The group parted and a young priest came forward.

"Your evil is at an end." Then he began muttering something I couldn't hear but I felt it. My skin felt as if it was on fire. Glaring at the horde I cast the last spell I could. From the point my staff pierced the ground past the horde of knights the earth split open. With a final cry the Priest finished his casting. With a quick blow My life force was gone. As I fell to the ground the earth closed killing those who had fallen into the chasm. Somewhere out past me was the sound of galloping hooves. Then just as the last bit of life left me a sharp pain soared through my neck. As the darkness came I felt the freedom of life.

**1000 year later**

"Come on Justin we're going to be late." Justin was still in his room getting dressed for an interview before their final concert before the took a vacation. Sighing he let the face they all wanted appear though inside him he felt as though something was missing. He had everything now but his heart still felt empty. Grabbing his keys he ran out of the door and to the awaiting elevator.

"Curly what's wrong normally you aren't this late?" A dark haired boy asked as he surveyed his late friend.

"Nothing Josh just tired." That was his new excuse for almost everything lately. It was partly true but he wouldn't let the others know just yet what was wrong. The five guys made their way to the limo that was waiting to take them to the coliseum. Justin just retreated into his mind. He remembered the recent dreams he'd been having of an ago old land that had magic mythical beings and someone he felt that loved him greatly. Justin was brought out of his thoughts by a pulling on his arm.

"Come on Curly we're here." Lance spoke evenly. He knew everyone was beginning to get tired of Justin's lack of effort on things. Even his dancing was beginning to show his in attentiveness. The one thing he was grateful for was this being the last concert the group will have for about 6 months. They would be starting their 4 month vacation and then start rehearsing again for the next tour. The interview was just like all the others. They gave their answers that didn't include too much of their private lives. Justin just kept to himself pretty much. As the interview ended he headed for the dressing rooms to sit and think.


A dark figure stood in a line of guests for his first ever concert. He had been away from the world basically. He'd spent many years in seclusion, it wasn't until his best friend made him rejoin the world of the living. He mourned the passing of his lover of years past even still. He had watched in the shadows as the king's guards found him and executed him for his being with an "evil" demon the King had proclaimed. He was powerless to stop it. He was weak being a new born creature of the night. His body hadn't yet stabilized. For years after he secluded himself from the world around him watching as time went by. Today would be his 1000th birthday of becoming what he is now. The only Vampiric Sorcerer ever. Being that he was far above the others of his kind. Also being a sorcerer he could walk freely in the sun light and never be harmed. Sighing once again he waited for the coliseum to begin allowing people in. It was then he felt a presence he had not felt for nearly 1000 years. Letting his mind follow the presence he felt he tried to determine if it was real. Before he could reach the origin of the presence he felt a push on his back.

"Come on their starting." A stranger spoke behind him. I nodded and walked up to the ticket agent and handed his ticket.

"Oh my, It is an honor sir!" The ticket agent spoke quickly. Even though he kept to himself he was known as one of the richest and single bachelors of the time. He owned many business and chains. Smiling he nodded. "Happy Birthday Mr. Alucard, I hope you enjoy the concert."

"Thanks I hope I will to." He gathered his stub and entered the arena of the coliseum. The stage was dark but he could see everything perfectly. Grabbing some magically altered glasses he headed for the V.I.P. area. Noting that there were very few there he smiled, at least he'll be able to enjoy the performers rather than dealing with over excited teenagers. Sitting down he waited for the concert to begin.


Justin was gathering his thoughts when a strange presence hit him. It seemed as if he knew the origin but he couldn't place it. He felt calmer and more energetic than ever. Finally smiling for the first time in several weeks and meaning it he left the dressing room to gather with the other guys to make their entrance.

"Hey Curly your looking better than you have in a while, what happened?"

"I don't know Josh I just feel better now." He smiled at his friends concern and waited for the cue to enter.

**In the Audience**

Mark again felt the presence he had felt out side. But just as he was abut to try and find the lights flashed and music flowed from the speakers. With a flash five figures appeared in the center of the stage. Smiling he listened to the group and just had a great time. The first song he guessed was something to do with POP or something. He enjoyed it. The group continued to sing and dace to a couple of more songs before they stopped.

"HEY MIAMI HOW YA"LL DOIN'" a dark haired man asked the crowd and the crowd screaming in response. "Great, well right now we want to do a slow song for ya, I know you know the words so sing along okay!" He turned and headed for a spot near the center of the stage. Mark felt the essence of love hit him so hard he almost fell over. Scanning the area around him he didn't see the source. But as soon as his eyes landed on a tall man on stage near him he knew who it was. With a heart beat that was racing the knowledge of who this person was reached his lips. As the man sang the first word he muttered a single name Justin.