Lance and Martin 10

by Kenitra

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Martin turned to look at Lance. "James, this was the best date I've ever had," he said seriously, losing himself in the pale green emeralds.

Lance smiled softly and leaned forward. His warm lips found Martin's. Lance raised his free hand and gently brushed some of Martin's light brown hair off his face, pausing to stroke the warm cheek as he did. The kiss was a simple, sweet kiss, filled with tenderness and promises. When it ended, both men knew something had happened; a new relationship had begun to blossom.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Martin," Lance said quietly as he finally released Martin's hand and turned to walk back to the elevator. Martin stood outside his apartment and watched until Lance stepped onto the elevator and the doors closed.

Once Lance was gone, Martin unlocked the door and walked slowly into his empty apartment. He didn't bother to turn a light on as he walked down the hall to the bedroom. His mind was racing as he thought about the evening he'd just shared with Lance. It was incredible. He found it hard to believe how sweet and considerate Lance was. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He couldn't remember ever feeling that way about someone before. But then, he'd never been in the process of falling in love before, he realized.

Martin stripped out of his clothes, threw them onto the chair and flopped down on his bed. He knew he would have to talk to Kaylie as soon as possible to make sure she was okay with this new relationship. He tried to avoid thinking about what he'd do, if she objected. Martin knew the choice he would make, even though it would break his heart.

Lance got outside the building and couldn't restrain himself. "Yes!" he shouted, then looked around to see if anyone had noticed. He smiled to himself as he walked over to his car. He couldn't remember ever having such a good time on a simple date. Then again, when was the last time he was in love?

Lance turned the radio on as he drove home, singing loudly in the car. He thought about calling Josh or Chris to talk, but decided against it. He just wanted to get home, pack and get to bed. The sooner he was asleep, the sooner he would see Martin again.

Chapter 10

Martin was awake early. He remained in bed for a little while, once again going over the date from the night before. Every time he thought about Lance, a smile came to his face. He finally rolled out of bed and finished packing. It was only an overnight trip, so he only needed a carry on bag. He grabbed some toast and juice for a quick breakfast before jumping in the shower. Once showered, Martin wrapped the towel around his waist and stood in front of the mirror, staring at his reflection.

He tried to figure out what Lance saw in him. He had short, straight light brown or dirty blond hair. His eyes were gray or gray-blue depending on his mood and the clothes he wore. His chest was smooth and flat. His body was toned but not overly muscled. Martin had never worked out. His job was generally enough to keep him fit. Martin flexed his muscles and looked at the reflection. He was over thirty now. Maybe he should start some type of workout regime, just to keep what he has?

He sighed and lowered his arms. There was nothing spectacular about him. He was average. So, the question begged 'why was Lance interested?' Even Kevin had expressed an interest.

Martin quickly shaved then walked back to the bedroom to get dressed. He and Lance hadn't talked about what really happened at the party. He knew that Chris, from Lance's group, was involved with AJ, from Kevin's group. In other words, if he was going to spend time with Lance and Lance's friends, he was sure to encounter Kevin again. They would have to sit down and make sure there were no hard feelings or lingering resentments.

Martin finished in the bedroom and carried his bag out to the living room. Glancing at the clock showed that it was only ten-thirty. He still had two hours to wait before Lance arrived. He flopped down onto the couch and flicked on the television. He'd never spent much time watching TV, but he flipped through the channels looking for something worth watching.

Suddenly he stopped and flipped back one channel. A quick glance in the corner showed a little 'M' with the letters 'tv' inside. On the screen were Josh and Justin. Martin leaned forward and watched the video. He recognized one of the songs from the group's first CD. He caught glimpses of Lance as the video continued. He almost didn't recognize Chris with dreadlocks, or Joey with pink hair. They had changed more than a little in the three plus years since the video was made. But there was no mistaking Lance. He was amazed how young Lance looked. Martin thought about it and realized that Lance would only have been nineteen or twenty in the video. He was young.

Before the song ended, Martin's phone rang. He turned the volume down and picked up the phone.


"Morning Martin," the deep voice said.

Martin smiled to himself. "I don't know if I've ever told you, but you really do have a sexy voice, James," Martin said.

Lance laughed. "Why thanks! I was just wondering what you were doing?" he asked.

"Actually, I was just watching one of your music videos on TV, never seen one before," Martin replied.

"Oh," Lance laughed self-consciously. "How bad do I look?"

"You look good. Really young, but very cute," Martin replied.

"Um…Thanks," Lance said. Martin realized he'd made Lance blush.

"So why are you calling James? You're going to be here in a couple of hours, right?" Martin sat up as he realized that maybe Lance was canceling on him.

"Well…um…I'm already packed and have nothing to do," Lance admitted. Martin laughed in relief. "I was wondering if you were ready? I could come early and we could have lunch on the way to the airport?" Lance suggested.

"That sounds good James," Martin said. "I finished packing a while ago, which is why I was watching MTV. Why don't you head over right now?"

"Alright," Lance said happily. "I'll see you soon."

Martin hung up the phone and leaned back, staring blankly at the TV. A different video was playing so he turned it off. Martin did one last check of the apartment to make sure he had everything he needed. Picking up the phone, he called the restaurant to check in with the manager he'd left in charge. They talked for a few minutes. Satisfied that everything was okay, Martin hung up and started pacing, waiting for Lance.

A few minutes later, the buzzer went and Martin let Lance through. He opened the apartment door, and waited for the elevator to arrive. Lance walked down the hall with a big smile. He pushed Martin back into the apartment and closed the door.

"Morning," Lance said as he leaned forward and kissed Martin passionately. Martin was a little surprised by the force of the kiss and stepped back. Soon he was leaning against the wall, with Lance wrapped around him. Martin's arms crept around Lance's back and pulled him closer as the kiss continued.

Finally, they both had to come up for air. Martin's pulse was racing and he could feel the heat in his face among other places. He stared at Lance and could tell Lance was feeling the same. "Wow!" Martin commented with a smile. He reached up and softly brushed Lance's flushed skin with his fingers.

Lance grinned. "Sorry, but I just had to do that," he explained.

Martin continued to smile. "I'm not objecting," he pointed out. He noticed that Lance had his hair flat and was wearing reading glasses. He definitely looked like a 'James' today.

Lance stepped back and looked around. "So are you all set?" he asked.

Martin nodded and walked to the living room to grab his carry-on. He locked the door as he and Lance stepped into the hall. Lance instinctively took Martin's hand as they walked down the hall. To Martin it had become almost second nature.

As they stepped outside, Martin looked around for Lance's car, but didn't see it. Just then, a limousine pulled up in front of them. Lance walked towards it. Martin stopped and stared at the back of Lance.

Lance turned to look at him. He grinned at Martin's expression and walked back to stand in front of him. "I don't like leaving my car at the airport," Lance explained. "I've had fans find out its mine and break into it, so the limo is safer."

Martin could understand the logic of that after witnessing the fan incident in the grocery store. He nodded and followed Lance into the car. He couldn't remember ever riding in a limo before so he began to investigate it, looking in the cupboards and consoles that he found. Lance sat back and watched, smiling at Martin.

Martin finally noticed Lance and blushed, sitting back on one of the seats. "Sorry. Never been in one before," Martin explained. "I guess it's pretty routine for you though," he commented.

Lance frowned. "Yeah. More than I'd like, but it's become a necessity. Sometimes I hate it," Lance said softly.

Martin moved closer to Lance and picked up his hand. "Why?" he gently asked.

Lance sighed. "Sometimes…it's like every time I have to ride in a limo instead of driving myself, I lose a little bit of normalcy. There's so little left in my life that is 'normal' or 'ordinary', the limo just reminds me of that fact," he explained.

Martin raised his hand to turn Lance's face towards him. "Any time you want 'ordinary' James, just call me or come visit me," he said softly.

Lance smiled sweetly at Martin, and shook his head. "That won't work," he said. He saw Martin's confusion and explained. "It won't work Martin because there is nothing 'ordinary' about you. You are an extraordinary man."

Martin was stunned. He'd had no idea that Lance thought so highly of him. He sat back against the seat and continued to hold Lance's hand.

Lance picked up the car phone and talked to the driver. He decided they would eat in one of the concourse restaurants so they wouldn't risk missing their flight. He hung up the phone and sat quietly beside Martin.

"Why?" Martin broke the silence. "Why me James?"

Lance thought for a minute. He shook his head. "I don't know Martin. When I first met you, I thought you were cute and sweet. Then I got to know you better and I realized you were funny and smart. You didn't let what Jessica did, destroy your love of life, or hurt your relationship with Kaylie. And the way you love your daughter amazes me." Lance shrugged. "Its just everything about you Martin. You are everything I've ever hoped and dreamed about finding in a man. I feel it deep inside, that we are meant to be together."

Once again, Martin was stunned. He thought about what Lance said. "You're right," he said softly. "Us being together feels right."

Lance smiled happily to himself as they pulled up to the airport concourse. They stepped out of the car and grabbed their overnight bags. Lance told the driver he would call on Saturday to confirm the pickup when they returned.

Martin followed Lance through the terminal to one of the restaurants over looking the runway. They were quickly seated near a window and looked over the menus.

They ordered and sat back waiting for their food. The two had become comfortable enough with each other that they didn't have to talk. Once in a while one would say something and they would talk quietly for a few minutes before falling silent again. They ate quickly, not wanting to be late for their flight. Martin looked up as he finished his sandwich and found Lance's green eyes watching him. Lance had a gentle smile on his face.

"What?" Martin asked softly. He wanted to know what Lance was thinking, he wanted to know everything Lance thought and felt.

Lance's smile broadened as he shook his head. "Nothing…I promise to tell you some time, but not yet. Okay?" His smile faded only slightly as he continued to watch Martin. It was too soon in their relationship for him to tell Martin what he'd been thinking. Martin wasn't ready to hear it. But he didn't want Martin to think he was keeping secrets either.

Martin studied Lance for a moment. He read the sincerity and intensity in Lance and realized he could wait. It was obvious from the expression on Lance's face that whatever he'd been thinking wasn't bad, but neither was he prepared to talk about it.

Martin smiled brightly. "You promise?" he asked lightly. Lance nodded. "Okay. Are you ready to go now?" he asked, changing the subject.

Lance relaxed a little and his smile brightened again. "Yeah."

Martin insisted on paying for the lunch. Lance finally agreed and they left the restaurant. They made their way through the airport, managing to avoid anyone recognizing Lance. A few people glanced at him, but the flat hair and reading glasses created enough doubt that no one approached.

Lance knew his way around every part of the airport and soon they reached their gate. They boarded without incident and were soon on their way to Los Angeles.

Sitting so close to Lance, Martin had to continually remind himself that he couldn't just reach over and take Lance's hand in his; he couldn't just rest his hand on Lance's thigh. They sat quietly for a while. Martin finally turned to ask Lance a question and realized that the younger man was asleep. He smiled gently as he watched Lance. He looked so young and innocent while he slept, his chest rising and falling steadily.

Martin remembered the story Lance had told him about his only relationship. He shook his head in wonder how anyone could hurt such a beautiful person. Lance was sweet and funny. He knew what he wanted and was persistent but never forceful or hurtful. And despite what had happened he was willing to take a chance on happiness…with Martin.

Martin slid down in his seat to get comfortable for the next couple of hours. He could never sleep on airplanes. He leaned his head back and relaxed. A few minutes later he felt a weight on his shoulder. Glancing beside him, he could see the blond hair of the head now resting on his shoulder. He smiled to himself and let Lance continue to sleep.

When they were about 20 minutes away from landing Martin decided to wake Lance up. He carefully turned in his seat and gently moved Lance's head to the back of his own seat. Martin knew how he'd like to wake the singer up, but decided to gently shake him instead.

Lance's eyes flickered open and he smiled a pure, innocent smile. "Hi!" he said softly.

Martin grinned at him. "Hi yourself," he whispered back.

Lance sat up in his seat. "Where are we?" he asked.

"I think we're about ready to land, James," Martin told him and smiled at Lance's shocked expression.

"I slept the entire flight?" Lance asked. "I'm sorry Martin, I didn't mean to be such lousy company," he apologized.

Martin shook his head. "Don't worry about it sweetie," Martin murmured. "You obviously needed it," he said.

Lance blushed and looked down at the floor in the plane. "That's not exactly true, Martin." He raised his eyes to look at the older man. "It's just that I've been so…conditioned…to sleep when flying. I wasn't tired when we left. But I rarely fly for pleasure. Usually, I only fly when we're going from one city to another or one country to another. The tour schedule is so crazy that we get used to sleeping wherever and when ever we can. Sleeping on planes quickly becomes a habit," he explained ruefully.

Martin patted Lance's arm. "Don't worry about it, James. I'm just happy that you're here," Martin told him.

The sign came on telling the passengers to fasten seatbelts. The plane landed without problems and the two men waited to leave. They didn't have to wait for luggage to be unloaded so they quickly walked to the terminal exit. Martin moved to hail a cab, but Lance grabbed his arm and directed Martin to the long line of limousines parked along the curb.

Martin glanced at Lance but the singer just kept walking. He reached a car, where the driver was holding a sign with the name 'Reed' on it. The chauffeur opened the trunk and took the two overnight bags from the men. He then opened the car door and waited for them to get in. Lance sat on the seat directly behind the chauffeur and Martin opposite him. Once the driver was in the car, Lance told him what hotel, then closed the dark glass, blocking out the view of the driver.

Lance looked across at Martin and grinned. "No reason why we can't travel in style," he commented.

Martin tried not to smile. He stared at Lance, then crooked his finger, indicating he wanted Lance to join him.

Lance moved uncertainly across the space between the seats and squatted down in front of Martin. Martin leaned forward and pulled Lance's face to his. He found Lance's soft lips and kissed him passionately. When he pulled away, Lance stumbled back and fell on his butt on the floor of the car. He stared lustfully up at Martin.

Martin just grinned. "You are so incredibly sweet James," he said. He licked his lips and his smile spread. "And you taste sweet too," he commented.

Lance almost jumped to his feet and moved to the space beside Martin. He turned to the older man and pulled him forward, so their lips met again. Lance wrapped his arms around Martin and held him tightly as their lips and tongues roamed freely, learning and exploring each other.

They kissed for a few minutes before pulling back and staring into each other's eyes. Lance leaned into Martin's shoulder as Martin's arm wrapped around Lance. They both relaxed in the comfort and closeness. Words weren't necessary.

Before long, the limo was driving through the streets of Los Angeles and finally arrived at the hotel. As the car pulled up in front of the building, Martin began to laugh softly. Lance glanced at him, wondering what was going on.

Martin looked at him. "You know what I forgot to do?" he asked. Lance shook his head. "I forgot to reserve another room for you," he said.

Lance smiled. "Don't worry, they should have some empty rooms in this place."

The chauffeur opened the door and the two men stepped out. Each grabbed their respective bag and walked into the hotel foyer. Both stopped dead when they noticed the large sign in the middle of the lobby welcoming the Latter Day Saints Convention.