Lance and Martin 12

by Kenitra

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Martin gently pushed Lance back to see his eyes. "James, that is up to you. I would like to tell her the truth, but I will tell her we're just friends if that's what you want. I don't want to do anything to hurt your career."

Lance thought about it for a few seconds. "Why don't we wait and see. From the brief glance I had of Kaylie, I think she's a pretty observant and mature girl. She may figure it out herself. If not, we'll tell her at the right time," he said.

Martin smiled. "Sounds good to me James. Now lets get some sleep, okay?" he said, kissing Lance on the nose.

Lance giggled softly then snuggled against Martin. Both men quickly drifted to sleep.

Chapter 12

Martin woke up first. He was initially confused about why there was someone in the bed with him, but memories of the night before quickly reminded him. Lance was lying half on top of Martin, his arm slung across Martin's chest, and his head tucked between shoulder and throat. Martin could feel the gentle current of Lance's breath as it brushed across his naked skin, making him shiver. His arm, gently resting on Lance's back, tightened slightly. He was amazed at the turn his life had taken. But holding this wonderful, beautiful man in his arms made any lurking doubts disappear. He was where he was meant to be.

He lay quietly holding Lance for a few minutes, until Lance began to move. Lance raised his head and looked sleepily at Martin. "Morning Martin," he said huskily, leaning forward to lightly kiss Martin's chin.

Martin smiled wondrously. "Good morning my James," he replied softly.

Lance grinned brightly. "I like the sound of that, 'my James'." He kissed Martin again in thanks.

The two lounged in bed for a little while until Lance's stomach began to rumble. Reluctantly they rolled out of bed, and took turns in the bathroom. Lance called and booked a car to take them to the airport later. They decided to check out and spend some more time investigating the city before the car picked them up.

They found a restaurant for breakfast then wandered through the small boutiques. Lance bought a small present for each of the guys, while Martin found a gift for Kaylie. Before they realized it, it was time to get the car to the airport. As they settled into the back of the limo, Martin noticed the permanent grinned plastered on Lance's face.

"What are you smiling about?" he asked softly.

Lance directed the beautiful smile to Martin. "You. Me. Today." He leaned over and kissed Martin gently. "Do you know that today is the first day in nearly five years, I've wandered around, completely doing my own thing, without a security man trailing me or being chased by fans?"

Martin had to really process that statement, and the uncomfortable truth of it. It only made him realize more what a madhouse Lance's life was, and how much he was glad to be a part of this remarkable man's life. Despite the money and fame, Lance had managed to keep himself, his 'James' self, truly grounded as much as was possible.

Martin pulled Lance in closer to his side. "I'm glad I was able to spend this rare day at your side," he whispered.

Lance smiled broadly, "Me too!"

They arrived at the airport at twelve thirty and checked on Kaylie's flight. It was scheduled to arrive a few minutes early so the two men hurried to the correct gate. Lance was wearing his hair flat and the reading glasses, but he still was nervous about being recognized.

Martin noticed and wished he could put his arms around Lance to comfort him. Then he had an idea. "James?" he spoke softly and Lance looked at him. "Do airports really have VIP rooms for famous people to wait in?" he asked.

Lance smiled slightly and nodded. "Yeah, some of the major airports do. Why?"

"Does LAX?" Martin asked. Lance nodded. "I was just thinking, we have almost three hours to wait before our flight. I wondered if you would feel more comfortable waiting somewhere less public?" He continued before Lance could object. "I know you don't like the whole 'celebrity' thing, but if you would feel safer, then maybe we should take advantage?" Martin said softly.

Lance stared at him for a moment then smiled and shook his head. "You are amazing Martin, and I love you. No one has ever considered my feelings like that. Most people just want us to use the room for their own benefit and comfort. But you're concerned about my physical safety and making me feel safe. God I wish I could kiss you," he added as a whisper.

Martin grinned. "I wish you could too!" he whispered back.

Lance looked around and noticed a security guard standing in front of a doorway along one of the walls of the terminal. He pointed the guard out to Martin. "Where that guard is, is a secure room. Do you mind if I go wait there for you and Kaylie? I'll tell him to expect you and let you and Kaylie in, okay?"

Martin nodded. "Okay." Just then the loudspeaker announced that Kaylie's flight had landed. "I guess we'll be there soon." Lance smiled and turned to walk down the hall. Martin watched him until he reached the secure room. He saw Lance point him out to the guard, before he went into the room. Martin turned back to watch for Kaylie.

It was only a few minutes later that he saw Kaylie walking down the ramp with one of the flight attendants. Kaylie spotted him and waved before jogging the rest of the way to him. "Daddy!" she exclaimed when she reached him.

Martin bent over and picked her up into a tight hug. "Hey sweetheart! It's so good to see you!" He kissed her cheek as she giggled. He set her back on her feet.

"I missed you Dad," she said softly, looking up at Martin.

Martin smiled and brushed a strand of long blonde hair from her face. "I missed you too, honey. So much." He took her hand and started walking. "But you're here now and we are going to have a lot of fun this month, right?"

Kaylie grinned and nodded. "Right!" Kaylie looked around as they walked. "Where are we going Dad?"

"Well, we have a few hours to wait until our flight to Orlando and I brought a friend with me to keep me company, so we're going to go find him and hang out. That okay?" he asked. Kaylie nodded. "And I guess I should tell you, that my friend is a little bit famous, so we have to try to keep his identity a secret."

Kaylie looked up in excitement. "Famous? Who is he Dad?" she asked, just as they reached the secure room. The guard nodded to Martin and opened the door.

They walked into the room and the guard closed the door. Martin noticed Lance over by a window looking out at a runway. Lance heard them and turned. Kaylie stopped walking and stood frozen, staring at Lance.

"Kaylie?" Martin prodded gently. He looked over at Lance and grinned. "Guess she knows who you are James," he commented as Lance walked towards them.

Kaylie reached up and grabbed her Dad's sleeve without tearing her eyes away from Lance. "Dad! Dad! Do you know who that is?" she whispered.

Martin squatted down beside Kaylie. Lance did the same in front of her. "Yes Honey."

Lance held out his hand. "Hi Kaylie. It's nice to meet you. Your Dad has told me a lot about you," Lance said quietly, bracing himself for screams or crying.

"H...Hi Lance," Kaylie stuttered. She managed to hold out her hand and Lance shook it. " know my Dad?" she asked.

Lance nodded. "Yup. We met a few weeks ago and became good friends. I hope we can be friends too," he added.

Kaylie blushed and nodded shyly. ""Me too," she said softly.

Lance grinned. "Good. Then do you want to come sit down and tell your Dad and I all about Hawaii?" Lance suggested.

Kaylie smiled and followed Lance over to some chairs. Martin sat down and was pleased when Kaylie decided to sit on his lap. Then he grinned when he realized Kaylie chose sitting with him so she could look at Lance.

He sat back and listened to her talk about her new home. Occasionally he or Lance would ask a question. Kaylie was thrilled when she discovered that she'd been to some places that Lance had visited too. The more they talked, the more relaxed Kaylie became around Lance. Martin was pleased and smiled over at Lance.

After over an hour of nonstop talking Kaylie finally began to tire. She'd already had a long flight to get to LA, and they still had a few hours to go to get to Orlando. Kaylie leaned back against Martin and yawned.

"Maybe while you're in Orlando we'll have a party so you can meet the other guys too," Lance suggested. "There are a bunch of younger brothers and sisters about your age that you could play with," he added.

Kaylie smiled. "Sounds like fun Lance," she replied.

"Hey Kaylie, do you think you can call me James?" Lance asked. "That's my real name and only a few, special people are allowed to use it."

Kaylie was pleased and nodded. "Okay James," she murmured. Lance and Martin watched as her eyes closed and she drifted to sleep. Martin smiled down at his daughter and held her safely against his chest, then glanced at Lance.

"She reminds me of her Dad," Lance commented. "Smart and beautiful!"

Martin grinned, trying not to laugh. "Well, I think she is a little nicer looking than me, James," he said.

Lance shrugged. "Guess it depends on what you like." Lance leaned forward. "I was glad she didn't scream though. I thought she was going to but she kept it together. I think she'll be okay when she meets the others too."

Martin nodded. "Yeah, I think so. I mean once you meet one boy band member, you've met them all," Martin added with a smirk.

Lance glared at Martin. "Ooh you will pay for that comment Martin, I promise," he threatened, with a leer.

Martin grinned. "I'm counting on it!"

Both men grinned and fell silent. At one point Martin left to grab some food from one of the fast food booths in the concourse. He carefully set Kaylie in Lance's arms before he left. She was moved to one of the couches while the two men ate and watched her sleep.

"You know, Chris has a younger half-sister, and Justin a younger half-brother. I'll plan a little beach party or something so Kaylie can meet some people closer to her own age," Lance reiterated his earlier offer.

"Thanks James, that would be great," Martin replied sincerely.

Lance shrugged. "No problem. I love you and I want you to be happy. And obviously if Kaylie is happy, so are you! You are a good father Martin," he added.

Martin smiled lovingly at Lance. "Thank you!"

A few minutes later Martin woke Kaylie up so she could eat, and they all could freshen up before checking in and boarding. The VIP room had a bathroom they took turns using before gathering up their carry-on luggage and heading towards the door.

"Kaylie, honey, try to remember to call James, James and not Lance okay?" Martin gently reminded his daughter.

She nodded seriously. "I'll remember Daddy. James is my friend now and I don't want anyone hurting him," she announced.

Martin and Lance smiled at one another. Each took one of Kaylie's hands as they walked through the terminal to their gate. They boarded without problem and found their first class seats. Kaylie wanted the window seat and Lance sat next to her at Martin's insistence. Martin took the aisle seat.

Kaylie chatted with Lance during take-off and Martin had to constantly remind himself not to reach out and touch Lance or hold his hand. Less than half-an-hour into the flight, Kaylie was asleep again. Martin watched as Lance stood and pulled a blanket from the overhead compartment and carefully placed it over the sleeping girl. Lance turned to look at Martin and found him watching. He shrugged and smiled. "I like her," he said softly.

Martin grinned. "Good! I want my two most favorite people to get along."

Lance blushed. "I'm glad she's here this month," he commented. "Since we'll mainly be working on the new CD, I'll be in Orlando most of the time. I can spend some time getting to know Kaylie...and her father, better!" Martin laughed quietly. Lance became more serious. "When I go back on tour, things will be much more complicated," he said softly.

Martin nodded. He knew the reality of that statement. "I know James. But I think we're both mature enough to handle it," he replied, wishing he could hold Lance's hand.

Lance smiled in relief. "Me too!" He leaned back against the headrest and closed his eyes. Martin grinned knowing that Lance was going to fall asleep, as apparently he did every time he flew. He settled down for a long, quiet flight. Then he fell asleep, for the first time ever on a plane.

Lance heard a noise. He tried to snuggle closer to his pillow, burying his head, but still the noise repeated. Reluctantly he came fully awake. As he lifted his head, he realized he'd been snuggled close against Martin, his head tucked against Martin's neck. He tried to figure out what the noise was that had disturbed him. He looked over at Kaylie and realized she was completely awake, and watching him. He glanced back at Martin, only to notice that he was sleeping. Lance pushed himself up in the seat and turned to talk with the young girl.

"How long have you been awake?" he asked quietly with a smile.

She giggled and Lance realized that was the noise that had wakened him. "A little while," she whispered. She wiggled her finger, indicating Lance should move closer. He leaned over. "Do you love my Daddy?" she whispered in a serious tone.

Lance wasn't sure if she realized what she was asking. "Yes I do. He's a good friend," he replied softly.

Kaylie frowned. "No. I mean love him so you can be my Daddy too," she tried again.

Lance was shocked. He hadn't expected her to figure out their relationship that quickly. And he knew it wasn't up to him to tell her. "What do you mean Kaylie?" he asked, trying to distract her.

She sighed in exasperation and Lance had to try not to laugh. "Back home with Mommy, there are some kids in my class that have two mommies or two daddies. Mommy said it didn't really matter as long as everyone in the family loved each other, even though some other people get mad," she explained.

Lance was at a loss about how to respond.

Martin woke up when he heard voices. He looked over beside him to see Lance and Kaylie talking softly. He heard Kaylie ask Lance if he loved Martin. Martin waited to hear how Lance would respond. He smiled at the answer and continued to listen until it was obvious Lance didn't know how to answer. Martin spoke up.

"Would that be okay with you Kaylie, if you had two daddies when you come to visit me in Orlando?" Martin asked softly. His voice startled Lance into sitting back and looking at Martin. Martin grinned at the grateful look he got. He looked past Lance to Kaylie.

She was thinking carefully. Finally she nodded. "I think so. I used to wanna marry La...James, but I like Justin better now." She looked seriously at Lance. "Will you still be my friend if you're my dad?" she asked.

Lance grinned and blinked back tears of happiness. "Yes Kaylie. We can be best of friends," he replied softly.

Kaylie leaned over to hug Lance. "Good. I guess I'm lucky then cause now I'll have three dads and a mom."

Martin looked surprised. "Three dads?"

Kaylie nodded. "Yup. You and James and Greg and Mom," she recited.

"Greg? Who is Greg?" Martin asked, wondering who this Greg was.

"Greg lives in the house with me and Mommy. They like to kiss and touch each other a lot," she confided.

"Do you like Greg?" Martin asked.

Kaylie shrugged. "He's okay," she said quietly.

Martin wanted more information, but the flight attendant came on the speaker to tell passengers they were about to land. Lance checked Kaylie's seatbelt and his own while Martin checked his.

The landing was smooth and the first class passengers were quickly allowed to deplane. Luckily Kaylie's luggage had made the transfer from the flight from Hawaii, so they picked up her suitcases and walked towards the exit. Martin and Lance both laughed at the girl's expression when she saw the limousine.

They loaded the suitcases into the trunk, before stepping into the back seat.

"Ever ride in a limo before, Kaylie?" Lance asked with a smile.

She smiled shyly and shook her head. Martin and Lance sat back while Kaylie investigated all the secrets in the car.

"Reminds me of you, yesterday," Lance whispered.

Martin laughed and blushed, then turned to look at Lance. "James, are you okay about what was said in the plane?" he asked seriously. Lance looked at him in confusion. "About the 'dad' thing?" Martin explained.

Lance looked over at Kaylie as she discovered a hidden cupboard beneath the opposite seat. He smiled fondly, then looked back at Martin. "Yeah, I am. If it's okay with you?" he asked.

Martin grinned. "Its fine with me, 'Dad'." Both men grinned. Unconsciously their hands reached out until they found the other, and clasped, resting on the seat between them.

With the time change it was close to eleven when they arrived at Martin's apartment. Lance declined Martin's offer to come up. He promised to call the next night, since he had to spend the day at the studio. Kaylie moved over and hugged Lance tightly.

"Thanks for being my friend, James," she whispered.

Lance hugged her tighter. "You're welcome Kaylie." He kissed her cheek and let her go.

Martin leaned forward to gently kiss Lance's lips. "Good night my James," he whispered.

Lance reluctantly released Martin's hand. He watched as the two stepped out of the limo. "I'll talk to you both tomorrow night, okay?"

Martin smiled and nodded. "Love you," he mouthed before letting the door close.

Martin slung his overnight over his shoulder, then picked up Kaylie's two suitcases. He led the tired girl up to his apartment. He showed her to her bedroom. "This is the guest room, but whenever you're here its strictly for you, okay?"

Kaylie looked around at the pink and blue room. It even had a double bed. "This is great," she said enthusiastically.

Martin smiled. "Are you hungry at all? You didn't get much to eat today," he commented.

Kaylie thought about it then shook her head. "Nope. I'm okay. I'll think I'll just go to bed, Dad."

"Okay sweetie. You saw the bathroom in the hall?" She nodded. She was growing up so fast, he realized. "If it's okay with you, I'll be back in a few minutes to kiss you goodnight?"

Kaylie smiled happily. "Okay Daddy."

Martin walked down the hall to his bedroom and unpacked his overnight bag. As he did, he thought about Lance and their confessions of love. Just picturing Lance brought a smile to his face. The man was so beautiful, both outside and in. Martin sighed, already missing having Lance with him. He finished unpacking, then walked back to Kaylie's room.

He knocked softly. "Come in," Kaylie said.

He walked in and found Kaylie already in the bed under the covers. He sat down on the edge of the bed. "I'm really glad you're here Kaylie," he said with a smile.

Kaylie wiggled down into the comfortable bed. "Me too! This bed is great. And I really like James," she added.

Martin grinned. "Me too!" He leaned down to kiss her cheek. "I have to stop by the restaurant for a little bit tomorrow, but then the rest of the day is for us, so you decide what you want to do, okay?" He tucked her blankets around her and turned off the lamp. He walked to the door where he paused and looked back. "Sleep tight," he said softly.

"Don't let the bedbugs bite," Kaylie replied, following a ritual they had been performing almost since Kaylie had first learned to talk.

Martin smiled and pulled the door almost shut. He made sure the nightlight was on in the hall, then continued out to the living room.

He aimlessly wandered around, feeling restless. Finally he realized what was wrong; he missed Lance. Martin glanced at the clock and saw that if was almost midnight. Despite the hour, he needed to hear Lance's voice before he went to sleep. He sat down on the couch and dialed.

The phone rang a few times before it was picked up. "Hello?"

Martin smiled as he recognized the deep voice. "Hey James, its me," Martin said. "I hope I didn't wake you?"

"Hi you," Lance said softly. "I was just taking a shower, and thinking about you," he said. Then he realized how that sounded. Martin could almost hear Lance blush. "I mean..."

Martin laughed softly. "I'm flattered," he said.

Lance giggled. "I miss you," he whispered.

Martin sighed. "I miss you too. I just had to hear your voice before I went to sleep. I hope you have a good day at the studio tomorrow."

"I will. I have extra motivation to get things recorded fast. The better I sing, the faster I'll be done and then we can spend more time together," Lance said.

"Sounds good. I guess I better let you get some sleep. Call me when you get home tomorrow night, or anytime you get a break if you want. I love you," Martin added softly.

"I love you too. Have a good day with Kaylie, okay? Talk to you soon," Lance said, then reluctantly hung up the phone.

Both men went to their own beds after hanging up. And their dreams were filled with thoughts of each other.