Lance and Martin 14

by Kenitra

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NOTE: I took some liberties with ages (and possibly genders) of some of the singers' siblings in order to make them fit the story. Just like the regular disclaimer, I don't know them, and certainly no malice is intended!

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Martin smiled at the singers. "This is a pleasant surprise, guys." He picked up three menus. "Follow me and we'll get you seated." Martin led the way to a secluded section, and a table for four. He set the menus down and turned to the singers. He shook hands with each of them. "This is one of my managers, Cameron Dalton. Cameron let me introduce you to Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson." Martin looked intently at Kevin then flicked his eyes towards Cameron a couple of times, before grinning. Kevin got the idea. "I'll let you take a look at the menu for a few minutes, then Cameron will take your orders."

Martin turned to leave, but Kevin grasped his arm. "Here," Kevin said, holding out an envelope. Martin took the tickets. "And thanks," Kevin added. Martin smiled.

"No problem Kevin. Enjoy your meals," Martin added before leaving. He returned to the office to finish looking over the books. It was over an hour later that he stopped and stretched. He glanced at the clock, surprised to see how much time had passed. Martin decided to check and see if the singers were still there.

He walked into the restaurant and towards where the singers had been. They were gone. Looking around, he spotted Cameron talking to a customer by the bar. He waited until the customer left before approaching Cameron.

"So how are things?" Martin asked.

Cameron turned to look at Martin. "You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Cameron said with a grin.

Martin tried to look innocent. "Did what?"

Cameron held out a piece of paper with a number on it. Martin recognized the number as Kevin's. He grinned. "Well, you're lonely, he's lonely. So why not?"

Cameron nodded. "He told me what went down between you. He said he learned his lesson," Cameron added.

Martin smiled. "Good. So just have fun, and see what happens, okay?" Cameron agreed.

Chapter 14

The rest of the afternoon went quickly and before Martin realized it, he was glancing at the front door, and recognizing the blond walking in. He grinned and walked quickly to the front.

"Hi you," he said softly, holding out his hand. They shook hands, having to make due with that minimal contact.

Lance smiled. "Hi there. I missed you," Lance murmured. "And I really, really wish I could kiss you," he added.

Martin caught his breath at the look in Lance's eyes. He forced himself to look away. They walked through the restaurant to the table they called 'theirs'. He sat down across from Lance. "You behave!" he said with a grin. "Or I'll have to throw you onto the table and have my way with you," he added.

Lance laughed. "Um, if that's supposed to make me behave, you better try again," he suggested.

The two men sat quietly for a few minutes, talking in low tones. Lance talked about the studio, and Martin mentioned the visitors he'd had.

Martin left for a few minutes to get the food he'd ordered earlier. He returned with two large plates of their favorite finger foods. They continued to talk as they ate.

"You know, I was thinking about putting a door on this section of tables," Martin mentioned. There were two tables for 4, and two tables for 2. "We only use it for overflow or for special customers like you!" he added with a grin.

Lance returned the smile. "Sounds good. So how is Kaylie liking things so far?" he asked curiously.

Martin laughed. "Well considering the people she's already met, I'd say she likes it a lot."

"Good. You know, from what I understand, when the kids are off school, there is sort of a day camp set up for family and friends of celebrities. I know it sounds rather snotty, but it just makes things easier. It can be hard, for example, for Justin's little brother to fit in with other kids his own age once they know who his brother is. The other kids either make fun, or try to get to Justin. If Kaylie wants to, and you agree, I'm sure she could go to the one Jamie Lynn, Taylor and Jonathan attend," Lance suggested.

Martin nodded. "It sounds like a good idea. I know it would be better for Kaylie than being stuck in the restaurant all the time when I'm working. I guess we can decide once we find out how today went," he added.

They finished eating and continued to chat until Chris, AJ and Kaylie came into the restaurant. The three newcomers walked over and pulled up chairs to the table Martin and Lance were at. Martin looked at his daughter and smiled. She had a grin stretched from ear to ear, a slightly sun burnt nose and her eyes were sparkling.

"I take it you had a good time today?" he asked her as she walked over to hug him.

"It was amazing Dad. We had so much fun today. We went to the water park and went down all the slides and out in the pedal boats and had lunch on an island and…" Everyone else started to laugh as Martin gently put his hand over Kaylie's mouth.

"Slow down honey," he said.

Kaylie paused and took a deep breath. "Can I sleepover at Taylor's house?" she asked.

Martin smiled and looked over at Chris. Chris nodded. Martin shrugged. "If that's what you want," he said.

Kaylie kissed his cheek. "Thanks Daddy. I promise I'll spend tomorrow with you, okay?" she said earnestly.

Martin laughed and hugged her. "Okay Kaylie. Did you say hello to James yet?" he asked.

Kaylie moved out of Martin's arms and threw herself at Lance. "Hi James," she said happily as they hugged.

Lance smiled. "Hi Kaylie."

"Can you keep my Dad company tonight, so he doesn't miss me?" she whispered into his ear.

"I'll see what I can do," Lance whispered back.

Kaylie kissed his cheek and pulled back. "Thanks!" She turned back to her Dad. "Can I go get my stuff now?" she asked.

"We can take her if you like Martin," Chris offered. He handed Martin a piece of paper. "This is the address and phone number, and my Mom's name," he said. "Taylor is having a couple of other friends over and wanted Kaylie to come too. Alex and I can go back to your place, get some stuff for Kaylie then drop her off, if it's okay with you."

Martin thought about it. Then turned to Kaylie. "You still have your key to the apartment?" he asked. She nodded. "Alright. If your backpack isn't big enough, there is a small bag in the hall closet. Make sure you pack clothes, PJs, and your toothbrush," he instructed.

"I promise Dad," Kaylie vowed.

"We'll make sure she gets everything, Martin," Chris added.

Martin nodded. "Okay. Have fun and call me in the morning. I'll come pick you up, alright?"

Kaylie nodded and hugged him. "Okay Dad. Bye. Bye James," she added as she turned and walked off with Chris and AJ.

Martin watched them leave and shook his head.

Lance watched Martin. "What?" he asked.

Martin turned to him. "If I were a stranger on the street and saw those two guys, one covered in tattoos and the other with strange hair, walking around with a pretty little girl, I'd probably call the cops," he said with a rueful grin.

Lance laughed. "I probably would too if I didn't know them. So you almost ready to get out of here?"

Martin nodded. "Yeah, let me check with the manager on duty. I'll be back in a few minutes."

When Martin returned, they left, walking out to Martin's car. "I just had someone drop me off," Lance explained. "So can I get a ride?" he asked, batting his eyelashes.

Martin laughed. "Get in," he said as he unlocked the doors.

"Since Kaylie's going to be gone, would you like to come to my place for a while?" Lance asked seriously.

Martin glanced at him and smiled gently. "Sounds good."

Once in the car, Martin reached over to hold Lance's hand. Lance glanced over and smiled, but didn't say anything. They drove in silence to Lance's apartment building.

Once at the apartment, Lance led Martin into the living room. "Do you want a drink or something?" he asked softly.

Martin looked up from where he was sitting on the couch, and realized Lance was nervous too. He reached out and grasped Lance's hand. "Or something," he said softly, pulling Lance down until he was on Martin's lap.

Lance giggled and turned sideways, wrapping his arms around Martin's neck. He gazed into Martin's eyes. "I love you so much!" he whispered tremulously.

Martin smiled and gently stroked Lance's cheek. "Love you too," he whispered before pulling Lance closer for a kiss.

Lance melted against Martin, responding passionately to the kiss. Martin started running his hands up and down Lance's back, moving lower each time until he was cupping Lance's round buttocks. Lance moaned and pulled back slightly for some air.

"Oh wow!" he gasped. Martin laughed softly and leaned forward to kiss Lance's neck. Lance tilted his head back giving Martin more access. Martin kissed and nibbled along Lance's neck and out to his shoulder, pushing and pulling the neck of Lance's shirt out of the way.

Lance suddenly pulled away and Martin looked at him in confusion. Their eyes met. "Do you want me to take my shirt off?" Lance asked intently.

Martin knew what Lance was really asking. Once clothes started coming off, things would heat up quickly. Martin wondered if he was ready for the next step. Then he looked at Lance, taking in the flushed skin and swollen lips. Martin smiled and nodded. "Yes," he whispered.

Lance grinned and reached down to pull off his shirt. Martin stared at the smooth alabaster skin. Lance's chest and back were flawless. He'd seen Lance without his shirt before, but had never really taken the time to study the smooth flesh. Now he could freely touch and taste every inch.

Martin groaned as arousal coursed through him. Lance grinned. "Like that do you?" he asked, wiggling on Martin's lap, creating friction on his erection. Martin moaned again.

He leaned in and claimed Lance's lips again, wrapping his arms around the warm body and pulling him closer.

Long minutes later Lance pulled back, gasping for breath and looking debauched. "Do you want to move this to the bedroom?" he asked Martin quietly, running his warm fingers along Martin's jaw.

Martin's pulse fluttered and some of his nervousness returned. Lance smiled tenderly and he leaned forward for a gentle kiss. "We don't have to go all the way, love. But I would like to see your beautiful body, and touch it and taste it," he murmured.

Martin's body liked that idea immensely. He smiled and nodded. "That sounds good," he whispered.

Lance grinned and slid off Martin's lap. He stood and held out his hand for Martin. They walked slowly to the bedroom. Lance stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to Martin.

""You sure about this?" he asked softy.

Martin nodded and smiled tentatively. "Yeah. I think so," he whispered.

Lance stepped closer and stroked Martin's cheek. "Any thing you don't like, just tell me. Okay?" Martin nodded. "Is it okay if I undress you?" Lance asked. Martin smiled and nodded again.

Lance reached up and began to unbutton Martin's shirt. He took his time, occasionally pausing to run his finger over the newly exposed skin. Martin stood passively, watching Lance closely. As he reached the last button, Lance reached back up to Martin's shoulders and gently pushed the material away. The shirt softly fell to the carpeted floor.

Lance licked his lips. He too had seen Martin without his shirt, but this was the first time he'd felt free to touch and taste the warm, soft skin. He leaned forward and tenderly kissed one of Martin's cinnamon colored nipples. Martin gasped at the sensation and shivered as his nipples went taut. Lance moved his hand to rub slowly over the nipple not beneath his lips. Martin moaned and felt his knees weaken.

Lance noticed and pulled back. He gazed at Martin, taking in the dazed look and passion induced flush on his skin.

"May I remove your pants?" he whispered.

Martin breathed deeply and nodded. "Yes. But…I think I need to sit down, before I fall down," he added ruefully.

Lance laughed softly and turned Martin, pushing him so he was sitting on the end of the bed. Lance knelt down between Martin's knees. He looked up at Martin and Martin tenderly ran his fingers along Lance's jaw. Lance turned his head and sucked one of Martin's fingers into his mouth. Martin inhaled sharply. Lance suckled on the finger for a few seconds before releasing it. He bent his head and concentrated on untying Martin's shoes and then pulled the shoes and socks off. Then he knelt up and reached for the button of Martin's pants. Martin leaned back on the bed, planting his hands on the mattress.

Once Lance had the button and zipper undone he stood and pulled Martin to his feet. Gazing into Martin's eyes, Lance pushed the pants and boxers down.

Martin felt himself blush as he stood there, naked with his clothes around his ankles. Lance noticed but didn't comment. He took Martin's hand and led him around to the side of the bed.

"Lay down," he instructed softly.

Martin hesitated. "What about you?" he asked quietly.

Lance smiled. "Watch!"

Martin lay down on his side, feeling exposed, but watching Lance anyway. Lance stepped back from the bed a couple of feet and smiled at Martin. Then he started to remove his own clothes. His shirt was already gone, lost in the living room. So he started on his jeans. Keeping his eyes on Martin, Lance slowly started to unbutton the button fly, one button at a time. He smiled when he saw Martin lick his lips. Every other button, Lance would run his hands down his chest, teasing his nipples or navel. Martin was breathing hard, more turned on than he could ever remember.

Finally Lance pushed his jeans and underwear down. At some point he'd kicked his shoes off, so once he stepped out of the jeans, he was naked except for his socks. He bent over and quickly removed them.

Lance stepped back over to the bed and Martin held out his hand. Lance smiled brightly and let himself be pulled down beside Martin.

"You are so gorgeous," Lance whispered, leaning forward for a kiss.

Martin laughed softly. "If I'm gorgeous, then you are absolutely incredible. I never knew a male body could turn me on so much. I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you James," Martin said sincerely.

Lance blushed. Simultaneously they reached for each other. They moved their bodies closer and started to kiss softly. Lance wiggled even closer and their throbbing erections touched.

"Oh god!" Martin gasped and thrust his hips forward.

Their legs twined, allowing their groins to get even closer. Both men started to thrust, humping against each other.

Lance had wanted to take things slower, but he couldn't stop now. He wrapped his arms around Martin and tucked his face against Martin's neck. "Oh…oh yeah…god Martin this is so incredible. I love you so much. I'm sorry. I can't wait," he murmured.

Martin hugged Lance closer as his own orgasm approached. "James, oh yeah, this is so good. I had no idea. I'm gonna…" Martin's voice trailed off as his orgasm hit suddenly.

He thrust rapidly against Lance's groin, trying to increase the stimulation. He called out "James" as he started to cum. Lance held on tightly, thrusting hard, bringing his own orgasm.

They continued to thrust against each other as their orgasms washed over them, leaving them satiated and relaxed. Martin rolled over on his back and Lance followed, resting his head on Martin's shoulder.

Martin's fingers absently stroked up and down Lance's sweat covered back.

"Oh wow, that was…amazing, wonderful. I don't think I've ever cum like that before," Martin said softly.

Lance ran his fingers over Martin's chest, pausing at times to tweak one of his nipples. He raised his head and met Martin's gaze. "I'm sorry it was so quick," he said softly.

Martin smiled and bent his head for a quick kiss. "It was perfect just the way it was James. I think we were both more than ready." He grinned. "But now that the edge is gone, we can take our time," he added.

Lance grinned. He rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom. He returned with a damp cloth and a towel. He quickly wiped the sticky cum from Martin's body, then his own, before tossing towel and cloth onto the floor and returning to the bed.

Again the two men lay on their sides looking at each other. Martin's hand wandered along Lance's shoulder, down his side then around to his butt.

"I can't believe I'm here with you," Martin said softly. "I really never expected to fall in love, period."

"Let alone with a man, right?" Lance whispered.

Martin shook his head. "James, gender really doesn't matter to me. I think I've just never met a man I found interesting, until you," he added.

Lance smiled and leaned forward for a kiss. He allowed his own hand to roam over Martin's body, slowing moving down across his chest to his navel and below.

Lance moved to kneel on the bed and gently pushed Martin to roll onto his back. "I want to learn every inch of you," he whispered. Martin nodded and Lance leaned down for a kiss.

Slowly Lance worked down Martin's body, kissing and tasting the sweat-covered skin. He paused to savor the pert nipples until Martin cried out softly at the over stimulation. Placing a last tender kiss on each one, Lance continued down. He had noticed the return of Martin's erection, throbbing and dripping beside his shoulder, but he ignored it. He stopped again at Martin's navel, working the small indentation with his tongue until Martin was twisting on the bed. His hands were fisted into the sheets.

Lance glanced up at Martin's face and found that he had his eyes closed, enjoying the slow torment Lance was giving him.

Lance moved down the bed and started working his way up Martin's legs. Once he'd covered ankles, shins, knees and thighs he had Martin lift his legs.

Martin opened his eyes and looked down at Lance, uncertain. Lance noticed the hesitation and glanced up at Martin. He smiled gently. “Trust me, “ he whispered.

Martin knew he could trust Lance, implicitly. He nodded and lifted his legs, trying to relax. He planted his feet flat on the bed and felt Lance move closer.

Martin gasped and nearly jumped off the bed when he felt Lance's lips lick slowly up the underside of his penis. “Oh! Oh…James!” he murmured. He looked down between his legs at the blond hair of the man he loved. He reached down and ran his fingers through the soft hair. Lance hummed in delight and continued his work. He licked and suckled around the erect organ in his hands, slowly moving downward. He sucked the ball sac into his mouth, rolling the testicles in his hands. Martin could only drop his head back on the bed and enjoy the sensations he was feeling.

Lance worked his way back up until he reached the purplish mushroom shaped head. He flicked his tongue out tasting the clear liquid seeping from the top.

“Mmm, you taste so good lover,” he murmured. “I'm going to make this so good for you,” he added softly before engulfing the head in his hot, moist mouth.

Martin moaned loudly, unable to form coherent words. Lance smiled around Martin's cock and started to bob up and down, slowly taking more and more into his mouth. With one of his free hands he pulled and kneaded the sac below, driving Martin mad in the process.

“James, please!” Martin pleaded. “Please baby!” he gasped loudly as Lance lightly ran a finger over Martin's opening. Lance smiled again, knowing he was giving Martin something no one ever had before. He focused his attention back on Martin's cock, sucking and licking, combined with massaging his balls, Martin quickly approached his second orgasm of the night.

“Oh…oh…yes! God, James, please! I need…let me …” he trailed off again as his orgasm hit. He thrust his hips off the bed, trying to get more of his cock into Lance's mouth. Lance simply held on and continued to lick and suck. As the first burst of cum struck the back of his throat, he pulled off a little so only the head was still in his mouth. He sucked and swallowed the next few spurts of cum, relishing the taste of Martin.

When his orgasm ended Martin crumpled to the mattress, boneless. Lance tenderly licked all remaining traces of cum before slowly crawling up Martin's body, kissing each new area before he passed it. Finally he was stretched out on Martin's chest and he stared at Martin watching the expression on his face.

Martin slowly came back to earth and opened his eyes slightly to find intense green eyes watching him. He smiled languidly and wrapped his arms around Lance's back. “God, I love you,” he murmured.

Lance grinned and leaned forward for a gentle kiss. “So was that okay?” he asked innocently.

Martin laughed and hugged Lance tighter. “Any more okay and I would have passed out,” he murmured.

Lance laughed. “We'll try for that next time!” he promised.

Martin could only shake his head. "Now I know your secret! You're trying to kill me with sex," Martin said with a grin.

Lance laughed and wiggled against Martin. Martin could feel Lance's erection throbbing against his thigh. He met Lance's gaze.

"I think we have a big problem here," he commented.

Lance blushed and ducked his head, tucking it against Martin's chest. Martin reached down and ran his fingers up the length of Lance's penis. Lance shuddered and gasped softly. He raised his head and looked intently at Martin. "You don't have…."

Martin used two fingers to silence Lance. "I want to," he said softly. His other hand tightened around Lance's erection. Lance couldn't help but buck into the tight grip. Martin leaned forward and kissed Lance gently. "Tell me what to do," he whispered.

Lance moaned. "Just…that…do that again!" he gasped. Martin ran his thumb over the slick head of Lance's cock. Lance bucked his hips again. Martin grinned and started to run his fist up and down the warm shaft. "Tighter!" Lance whispered. Martin tightened his grip and was rewarded with a whimper and more thrusts against his leg. Lance attacked Martin's neck, kissing, nipping and licking the sensitive skin as his thrusts quickened. "Oh…oh…that's it…God I love you," Lance murmured as his hips moved faster. Martin reached down with his other hand and cupped Lance's testicles. He gave the sac a quick squeeze at the same time his fingers rubbed over the leaking head. Lance screamed and thrust frantically against Martin a few more times. Finally his orgasm washed over him. His cum pulsed between them, coating Martin's hand and leg. Lance collapsed on Martin's chest, panting hard.

Martin gently stroked Lance's sweaty back and brought his cum-covered hand to his face. He'd never tasted anyone's cum but his own. But he wanted to know what the essence of Lance tasted like. He tentatively licked some of the milky liquid. It was a little salty, and a little bitter, but reminded him of Lance. He started to lick the rest of the liquid.

Lance raised his head and noticed what Martin was doing. A surge of lust coursed through him. "God do you know how sexy that looks, watching you eat my cum?" he asked softly. Martin blushed but continued cleaning off his hand. He offered Lance a taste and he sucked Martin's finger into his mouth. Martin groaned at the sensation.

Finally the two lay satiated, their limbs entwined together, Lance lying half on top of Martin.

"That was so incredible," Martin murmured lazily running his fingertips over Lance's sensitive skin.

Lance sighed softly. "You can say that again," he whispered.

Martin smiled. "That was so incredible."

Lance giggled, and kissed the exposed skin closest to his lips. "I wish we could stay here forever," Lance murmured.

Martin kissed the top of Lance's head. "That's sounds wonderful," Martin agreed softly.

"Can you stay the night?" Lance asked in a whisper.

Martin sighed. "Oh James, I would love to," he said quietly.

"But?" Lance asked, raising his head to look at Martin.

Martin smiled tenderly and kissed Lance. "But, this is Kaylie's first night with her new friends and I wouldn't feel right not being home in case she calls. I know she has my cell number, but…" Martin shrugged hoping Lance understood him.

Lance smiled. "As much as I hate the idea of you leaving, I do understand your concerns. Maybe in a couple of weeks, once Kaylie has a chance to really settle in," he suggested.

Martin grinned and nodded. "That sounds like a plan." He kissed Lance again. "And it doesn't mean I have to leave yet. The night is young, and I only turn into a pumpkin at midnight," he added with a smirk.

Lance giggled and moved so he was completely blanketing Martin's body. "Good! Then we can just stay like this for a while. I love just feeling you close to me," he whispered. Martin hugged Lance tight as they drifted into a light sleep.