Lance and Martin 6

by Kenitra

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Martin sat on the side of his bed trying to comprehend his dream. He'd never dreamt about a man before, had he? Usually he didn't remember his dreams, but surely, he would remember if he were fantasizing about making love with another man. Martin got up and made himself some coffee. Maybe it was just because of his new friend. Martin had never known any openly gay men before moving to Orlando and meeting Lance. Perhaps he was just trying to understand his friend. But why did it feel so much better than anything he'd ever thought about with Jessica or any other woman?

Martin shook his head and sighed. Maybe …maybe. Martin couldn't make any sense out of it. He wasn't attracted to James, was he? Was it just because James was there when he needed someone? James had listened and never doubted what Martin had said. He was grateful that James hadn't pushed for information, but was happy that James now knew about Kaylie.

Martin sighed. This whole thing with Jessica and Kaylie had his emotions completely out of whack. Nothing was going to be figured out that morning, so Martin tried to forget about it and went to work.

Chapter 6

Martin had the assistant manager come in early so he could go to Justin's little party.

Martin hadn't spent much time with James' other friends and was hoping to get to know them a little better. He arrived at the address and found about ten cars parked in the driveway and along the road. After finding a spot, he parked and walked up to the house. He rang the bell and waited. A tall dark-haired man with intense teal colored eyes opened the door.

"Yes?" he said.

"Hi, I'm Martin Reed. James invited me," Martin said, holding out his hand.

The man smiled. "Oh, I've heard about you. I'm Kevin Richardson, come on in." Kevin stood back and let Martin walk by. Kevin couldn't help but check out Martin's ass as he walked by. 'Nice!' he thought as he followed the newcomer.

Kevin showed Martin to the backyard where everyone was lounging around by the pool or playing volleyball on the lawn. "Can I get you a drink?" Kevin asked.

Martin smiled. "Sure. A beer would be great," he replied and followed Kevin into the kitchen. Kevin grabbed a beer out of the fridge and handed it to Martin. Martin finally realized who the man was. "Of course! You're a member of that other singing group, right?"

Kevin laughed. A deep belly laugh that attracted a few strange glances. He looked at Martin. "I'm sorry," he gasped, trying to stop laughing. "It's rare to meet someone who doesn't know us, especially someone who is a friend to *Nsync. AJ had been told you were a unique man and I guess you are."

Martin wasn't too clear on who AJ was and who had been talking to this AJ. He opened the beer and decided not to worry about it. He followed Kevin back outside to the pool. Glancing around, Martin spotted Lance lying on a deck chair reading some papers. Lance glanced up as Martin approached and smiled broadly.

"Martin! You made it," Lance said excitedly.

Martin nodded and sat down. "Thought you said this was a party!" Martin said, looking pointedly at Lance's papers.

Lance blushed. He put the papers in a folder beside the chair and picked up his drink. "You're right Martin! So how about I introduce you to everyone?" Lance asked as he stood.

Martin nodded. "Sounds good. I've already met Kevin, but that's all."

Lance glanced quickly at Martin. Lance was worried about Kevin, especially if Martin was gay. Kevin would be after him in a second. He led Martin around the pool and introduced him to some of his band mates' siblings. Then they walked towards the volleyball game on the lawn. JC and Justin were playing against two men Martin didn't know.

Standing to the side, Lance pointed out people as he spoke. "The tall blond guy over there," he indicated the young man who just crashed to the lawn. "That's Nick Carter, he's with the Backstreet Boys. His partner, the shorter blond is Brian Littrell." Lance glanced around the yard. "The guy on the phone by the pool is Howie Dorough, and you've already met Kevin."

They wandered around the yard, walking down to the back fence. Before they realized it, they'd reached a secluded bench, where two people were passionately embracing. Lance blushed and began to walk away when he realized it, but the couple had heard them.

"Hey Lansten, get your butt over here!" a man called out.

Lance turned and reluctantly walked back. Martin followed. It was only then that Martin realized the couple was two men. He quickly recognized Chris, but not the other tattoo-covered man.

Lance gave the man a big hug. He peered over Lance's shoulder and noticed Martin. "So this must be *the* Martin!" he said as he walked over. "I'm AJ McLean," he introduced himself.

Martin smiled and shook AJ's hand. "Martin Reed. Don't know if I'm *the* Martin, but I'm a Martin none the less."

AJ grinned, and glanced over at Lance. "You got a sharp one here Lansten!"

Lance didn't want AJ implying anything more, afraid Martin would figure out that Lance had feelings for him. Lance grasped Martin's arm and began to lead him back to the house. "We'll leave you guys alone. I know it's been a while since you've seen each other." Neither Chris nor AJ argued as they looked at each other and moved back into the other's arms.

Martin shook his head slightly as they walked away. Lance was worried. "What's wrong Martin?" he asked quietly.

Martin looked at Lance. "Nothing's really wrong, James. I just never knew about Chris."

"Oh. You sure you're okay with it?" Lance asked. "I mean, I never asked why you were okay with me. Most people have a problem, at least initially."

Martin shrugged. "I don't know. It's never been an issue. I wasn't raised to hate anyone. My parents were very open minded. Besides, I never knew anyone who was gay, at least who admitted to being gay, until I met you, and you seem like a pretty okay guy," he added with a grin.

Lance laughed as they reached the patio. They found a couple of empty chairs and sat down. Martin finished off his drink. "I think I'll get another drink. You want anything James?"

"Yeah, thanks, I'll just have another coke."

Martin nodded and walked back to the house to the kitchen. He greeted Joey who was just walking out. Once in the kitchen, Martin grabbed a coke and another beer from the fridge. Before he turned around, someone grabbed him from behind.

"What the…?" he said. The strong arms turned him around and he found himself face to face with Kevin. Kevin kept his strong grip on Martin, preventing him from moving.

"Ya know, if Lance can't give you what you need, my door's always open," Kevin said softly. He leaned forward and kissed Martin before Martin could even react. Martin stood there unmoving, his mind racing. His brain was having trouble registering what was going on. He was being kissed, kissed by a man. Why wasn't he fighting? Before Martin could finish processing his thoughts, Kevin broke the kiss.

Kevin grinned at Martin's stunned expression. "Keep that in mind, huh?" he said as he lightly patted Martin's cheek and turned, walking out of the room.

Martin slumped back against the fridge and reminded himself to breathe. 'What just happened here?' he wondered. Then he thought about what Kevin had said about Lance. Could Lance be interested in him? How would that affect their friendship? Is that why he'd been having those dreams?

Martin really needed to think. He slowly walked back outside to where Lance was sitting. He handed him the pop. Lance looked up and knew something was wrong.

"Martin, what's wrong?" he asked anxiously.

Martin shook his head. "Um…James, I have to go…I need to think about some things," he said weakly.

Lance jumped up and looked directly into Martin's gray eyes. "Martin what happened?"

Martin continued to shake his head and turned to leave. He spotted Kevin standing by the pool and looked at him in confusion. Lance saw the look and he felt ill. What had Kevin done?

Martin walked quickly back to the house and through to the front. Lance walked silently beside him, unsure what to say. As Martin walked down the front steps, Lance stopped.

"Martin?" Lance called softly. Martin stopped and turned. "I'll always be your friend, Martin. Call me if you want to talk…" Lance didn't know what else to say.

Martin's mouth hinted at a smile. "Thanks James," he said as he walked to his car. Lance swung around and strode back inside, through the house and back to the pool. He walked over to where Kevin was standing, his back to Lance's approach.

Lance grabbed his arm and swung Kevin around, shoving him into the pool. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" Lance shouted at the now spluttering man. Everyone in the back yard heard the shouting and turned to look. JC and Justin ran over to Lance. Neither could remember seeing him so angry before.

"You son-of-a-bitch, you come here, claiming to be a friend? Well, as the saying goes, with friends like you, who needs enemies. Thanks for ruining everything Kevin," Lance said, his voice dropping to a whisper as his anger left and fear and hurt took over. Tears began streaming down his face as he turned and walked away, ignoring the stares of his friends.

Kevin was standing in the pool staring at Lance. As Lance walked away all eyes turned to look at him. Justin, JC and Joey were glaring at him and he noticed Chris and AJ arrive.

"What happened? What's going on?" Chris asked.

"Lance is pissed about something Kevin did," Justin explained.

"Where's Martin?" JC asked suddenly. Then it hit them. All eyes turned back to Kevin who was slowly climbing out of the pool. JC decided to go after Lance.

Chris walked up to Kevin as he climbed out of the water. AJ followed close behind, not so much worried about Kevin, as he was worried about what Chris would do.

"Kevin, what did you do to Martin?" Chris asked in a deceptively calm voice.

Kevin knew he'd screwed up. He knew Lance was interested in Martin, and he was aware of how shy Lance was, making it hard for him to meet new people. Kevin had been told about Lance's only lover and how Lance had been badly hurt. Kevin really had no excuse for what he did. He could claim he was trying to protect Lance or he was drunk. But the truth was he was lonely and wanted someone for himself. It was simple stupidity that he made a move on Martin.

Kevin shook his head. "I fucked up," he said, deciding not to make excuses. The guys stood around waiting for more. "I snuck up on him in the kitchen and…I kissed him."

"Oh shit Kev how could you? You know how much this guy means to Lance!" It was AJ blasting Kevin, taking everyone else by surprise.

Kevin hung his head and nodded. "I know. But it gets worse." Everyone stopped talking and looked at him. He couldn't meet anyone's gaze. "I told him …if Lance couldn't give him what he needs, I could."

Chris was shaking with anger. Things he had told AJ in confidence had been repeated to Kevin and used against Lance. He knew he had to leave before he did something he'd regret. "You better pray that this doesn't cost Lance his friendship with Martin," he said in a calm, cold voice.

Without looking at his lover, Chris walked back to the house, wanting to find Lance. Kevin glanced up and saw the tears in AJ's eyes. He suddenly realized he'd screwed things up more than just with Lance.

"I'm sorry AJ," he apologized.

AJ glared at him. "Don't even talk to me Kev. While you're doing that praying, you had better add a prayer for Chris and I. If I lose him, because of this…" AJ turned and walked away.

Lance walked into Justin's house needing some place to think. He walked upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms and fell across the bed. He finally let the tears fall completely as he sobbed into the pillow. He didn't know what Kevin had done but it was enough to chase Martin away. The thought of not having Martin in his life, even if he were only a friend, hurt. In the short time he'd know the older man, Lance had made him part of his life. He looked forward to their dinners together, just talking and laughing.

"James," a quiet voice said from the door.

"Josh, leave me alone," Lance said turning his head knowing JC wouldn't leave.

Josh walked into the room and closed the door. "What happened James?" he asked as he walked over to sit on the side of the bed.

Lance sighed and turned to look at his friend. "I'm not sure. Martin went to get more drinks, and when he came back he suddenly said he had to leave…he had to think. I saw him look over at Kevin…it was just the way he looked at him…I knew Kevin had done or said something."

They sat there quietly for a minute. "Was Martin angry when he left, or just confused?" JC asked.

Lance thought for a minute. "I guess he was confused," he sighed, "I don't know."

There was a soft knock at the door and Chris popped his head around the door. "Can I come in?" he asked.

Lance nodded and sat up, wiping the tears from his face. "So do you know what happened?" Lance asked.

Chris nodded and sat at the end of the bed. He took a breath before speaking. "Kevin walked up to Martin in the kitchen and kissed him." Lance gasped, but Chris continued. "He told Martin that if you couldn't give him what he wanted, Kevin could." Chris hung his head. "I'm sorry Lance," he added.

Lance was confused. "Why are you sorry Chris?"

Chris looked up and there were tears in his eyes. "I talked to Alex about you and Martin. He obviously repeated things to Kevin."

Lance shook his head and scooted down the bed. He hugged Chris tightly. "It was never meant to be a big secret, Chris. Don't be mad at Alex. Kevin was the one who screwed up, especially if he knows how I feel."

Lance made Chris meet his eyes. "Go. Go talk to Alex, he probably is terrified he lost you. I'll be okay."

Chris looked doubtfully at Lance. Lance smiled and nodded. Satisfied, Chris left the room to look for his lover. JC watched Lance.

"You really are remarkable, James," he said quietly.

Lance looked at him and smiled sadly. "Hey, at least one of us should be happy," he said.