Lance and Martin 8

by Kenitra

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Tucking the covers around Lance, Martin sat down on the side of the bed. He looked at Lance, who was staring at Martin sleepily. "I let Josh know you were here," he said quietly.

Lance yawned and nodded. "Thanks," he murmured.

"He said that if you want to stay here and talk tomorrow, they can work around you, and he'd take care of it," Martin continued.

Lance focused his gaze on Martin. "Would you like that?" he whispered.

Martin smiled and nodded. "Yes."

"Okay," Lance replied and rolled onto his side, hugging tightly to the pillow.

Martin gently ran his fingers through Lance's hair before standing. "Good night James," he whispered.

"Night Martin," Lance whispered back as Martin closed the bedroom door and walked across the hall to his own room.

Martin went to the bathroom before stripping out of his clothes, down to his boxers and climbing into bed. His mind was racing, and his heart was racing. He could clearly picture Lance in his mind. He wanted to feel that smooth flesh he'd just seen; he wanted to know what that flesh tasted like. Despite his confusion, Martin soon fell asleep; the weight of the past few days finally taking its toll.

Chapter 8

A loud CRASH jolted Martin awake. He sat up in bed confused. His heart pounded and he looked around, trying to figure out what woke him. Breathing deeply, he calmed his pulse and listened. He could hear sounds coming from elsewhere in the apartment. He jumped out of bed and grabbed some track pants before leaving the bedroom. He glanced at the door for the spare bedroom. It was shut so he didn't know if Lance was still sleeping or not. Martin continued along to the kitchen.

He stopped in the doorway as he saw Lance pouring water into the top of the coffee maker, then turn the machine on. Lance had pulled on his jeans, but wasn't wearing a shirt.

"Good morning James," he said, causing Lance to jump and turn around.

Lance grinned sheepishly. "I'm sorry Martin. I hoped the noise wouldn't wake you," he apologized.

Martin smiled. "That's okay. Anything break?" he asked as he walked over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair to sit on.

Lance sat down too and shook his head. "No, I just dropped the tin of coffee on the floor. Fortunately, the lid was on tight or else we'd be licking up the coffee from the floor."

Martin cocked an eyebrow. "We?"

Lance grinned. "Okay. Me." Martin smiled back.

"How'd you sleep James?" Martin asked as they sat watching the water flow through the filter and drip into the carafe.

Lance turned his attention to Martin. "I slept pretty good, I guess. I still feel like I could sleep another few hours, but my internal alarm clock woke me."

Martin smiled gently at Lance. "I'm not surprised. I guess you've been on quite the emotional roller coaster lately," Martin said. "I'm sorry I added to the stress," he added quietly.

Lance walked over to the nearly finished coffee. He'd already found the mugs and pulled two out. He leaned against the counter and looked over at Martin. "Martin, its not your fault. If Kevin hadn't have done what he did, everything would be fine."

"Would it?" Martin asked. Lance looked at him in confusion. "I mean, would you have been happy to continue being my friend, without ever letting me know how you really feel?"

Lance thought for a moment. He turned to the counter to pour two mugs of coffee. He grabbed the mugs and walked back to the table, handing Martin the black coffee. Lance sat down and stared into the mug of hot liquid. "I don't know Martin," Lance said with a sigh. He ran his hand through his short blond hair. "I guess I would have told you eventually... but I didn't want to push you, or scare you away, by coming on too strong."

They both sat quietly, drinking their coffee, lost in thought. Martin went through the things he'd been thinking the night before. There was no doubt anymore that he found Lance attractive, both physically and intellectually. He enjoyed sitting and talking for hours with Lance while they ate dinner. He looked forward to the time they spent together.

Martin looked up as Lance rose and took his empty mug to the sink. Without really thinking about it, Martin walked over behind Lance.


Lance turned to face Martin. He looked up into the pale gray eyes, and waited. Martin took a deep breath. "Would you... will you kiss me?" Martin asked hesitantly, breaking the hold of Lance's eyes. He looked at the floor. "I'm not trying to play any head games James," Martin whispered. "I just ... I need to know if there is something there."

Lance stared at the bent head. He'd wanted to kiss Martin since shortly after they met, and now he was being asked. Lance slowly raised his hand, gently lifting Martin's chin with his fingers. With his other hand, Lance cupped Martin's cheek, stroking it softly with his thumb. He pulled Martin's head down towards him and saw the older man close his eyes.

Their heads moved closer together until finally their lips touched. Lance pressed his mouth firmly against Martin's soft lips. He was a little surprised, but happy when he felt Martin's mouth open. Never breaking contact, Lance ran his hands over Martin's back and chest while he tentatively ran his tongue along the inside of Martin's lips.

Martin could feel the heat from Lance's body close to him. He wrapped his arms around the shorter man, pulling his body closer. The sensation of Lance's lips, against his own mouth, was melting Martin. When Lance ran his tongue along the inner edge, Martin instinctively opened his mouth wider, allowing Lance to gently probe inside with his tongue. Martin had never experienced a kiss like that. It was filled with tenderness and love, but also restrained passion.

Martin's mind was swimming from the sensory overload. He reluctantly pulled back from Lance and stared down at the light green eyes and sweet face. Martin's pulse was racing and his breath coming in short gasps. Lance simply stared at him, waiting for Martin to break the silence.

Martin hesitantly raised his hand and gently touched Lance's face. "I guess... I guess there's something there," Martin finally managed to get out. Once he said it, he felt a smile cross his face.

Lance smiled back and took Martin's face in his hands. "I guess there is," Lance said softly as he stood on his toes and gently kissed Martin's lips again. It was only a short kiss as he pulled Martin into a tight hug. Martin hugged him back.

"Now what?" Martin asked against Lance's neck. Lance moved back.

"Now we keep doing what we've been doing. We spend time together, get to know each other better, and see where that leads," Lance said.

Martin smiled. He leaned forward and quickly kissed Lance's lips. "With a few added bonuses, though," he said with a grin. Lance giggled. Martin still had his arms around Lance and really didn't want to let go. But his stomach was telling him it was time for some food.

He reluctantly released Lance and walked over to the fridge. "What would you like for breakfast, James?" he asked as he opened the door.

Lance followed Martin to the fridge and wrapped his arms around him from behind. He leaned forward and kissed Martin's ear. "I guess it should be something in the real food category huh?" he whispered.

Martin laughed. "I think that would be good." Martin turned around to face Lance. "Why don't you take a shower while I make breakfast? I can find some clothes for you if you like. I'll leave them outside the bathroom door?" he suggested before kissing Lance's forehead.

Lance leaned his head against Martin's chest, and Martin hugged him tightly. "Okay," Lance murmured as he pulled away from Martin and walked out of the kitchen. Martin immediately called one of his assistant managers, getting them to take his day shift at the restaurant. Then he pulled bacon, and pancake mix out of the fridge. He put the bacon on to cook then walked down to his bedroom. Rummaging through his closet, Martin found some jeans and a t-shirt he thought would fit Lance. Adding some clean boxers to the pile, he walked out to the bathroom.

He noticed the bathroom door wasn't tightly closed, but he wasn't ready for things to go further than they had. Deciding to play safe, he set the clothes outside the door and walked back to the kitchen. He started cooking up pancakes, and cutting up fresh fruit. He set the pancakes on a plate and layered the fruit with cottage cheese and yogurt between the pancakes. Once the stack was complete, Martin topped the pancake 'cake' with some syrup and whip cream.

Martin had just finished his creation when Lance walked back into the kitchen. "Wow!" Lance exclaimed, looking at the food.

Martin grinned. "What? Did ya think I just ran the restaurant?" he asked.

Lance smiled. "Oh, I figured you could cook, but didn't think you were this good." Lance sat down at the set table while Martin put the heaping plate in the middle. The two men devoured the pancakes and fruit, eating silently while occasionally glancing at the other.

Lance leaned back in his chair and rubbed his stomach. "Oh... I am soooo full," he moaned.

Martin smiled and leaned back too. He simply stared at Lance still unclear about what was happening between them, but enjoying it nonetheless.

Lance finally noticed the stare and began to blush. "What?" he asked self-consciously.

Martin snapped out of his daze and met Lance's gaze. "Sorry. Just thinking what an incredible man you are James," he said, making Lance blush more.

Lance couldn't stifle a sudden yawn. He really was still tired, and upon a closer look, Martin could see the exhaustion.

Martin stood up and stepped over to Lance, pulling him to his feet. "Why don't you go back to bed? I can see that you need the sleep."

Lance nodded in agreement and began to walk out. He stopped beside Martin and looked up at him. "Will you come lay with me?" he asked shyly.

Martin was surprised but nodded. Lance grabbed his hand and the two walked down the hall. Martin stopped Lance from going into the spare room, instead leading him to the master bedroom. "The bed is bigger," he explained.

Without thinking, Lance stripped back down to boxers and crawled onto the bed. Martin watched for a moment, then followed suit. He climbed on the bed and moved closer to the middle. Lance quickly moved over and snuggled up against Martin's side. Martin tensed at the unexpected closeness, and Lance withdrew slightly.

Lance looked up at Martin. "I'm sorry Martin. If I'm making you uncomfortable or moving too fast, just tell me," Lance apologized.

Martin smiled and pulled Lance back against him. "I'm not uncomfortable. It's just going to take a little getting used to, having someone close to me, touching me. I haven't been with anyone since I broke up with Jessica, and even before that, we were never really close." Martin looked down at Lance. "But I like the feeling of you near me, and I like feeling your skin against mine."

Lance listened to Martin, but was almost asleep. The warmth emanating from Martin was lulling Lance into oblivion. "Me too," he managed to murmur before sleep took him.

Martin listened to the steady sound of Lance's breathing. Everything was happening so fast and was so confusing, but he couldn't deny how good it felt to be holding Lance in his arms. Martin's thoughts drifted to Kaylie. He was supposed to fly to LA tomorrow, to pick her up on Saturday. Then they would both fly back to Orlando together. Kaylie was going to be here for a month. How could he and Lance discover what was between them with a ten year old girl in their midst? Martin sighed softly wondering what he was getting himself involved with. If he had just ignored his feelings, or if he hadn't gone to that damn party... He stopped himself. No point dwelling on the 'what ifs'. Things happened and he hoped they happened for a reason.

Gradually Martin began to drift back to sleep, lulled by the warmth beside him. Before he let go of consciousness he decided he would ask Lance to go with him to LA.

At first Martin thought he was having his usual dream when he felt warm lips kissing him. The lips kissed his face before moving to his mouth. When Martin felt the moist tongue probing into his mouth, his eyes popped open. Lance pulled back to stare down at Martin with a goofy grin on his face.

"Sorry," Lance apologized. "But you look so cute when you're sleeping I just had to kiss you."

Martin smiled tenderly at Lance. "I think I could get used to waking up that way," he said honestly.

Lance propped himself on his side on his elbow and simply stared at Martin. Martin turned to face him. His eyes roamed over Lance's pale skin, taking in every curve, every nuance, everything that was Lance. Finally, he focused his eyes on Lance's pale green eyes. Lance's gaze penetrated deeply into Martin. He felt like all his thoughts and feelings were being read, but he didn't break the eye contact. He let Lance read him, and learn about him.

Martin tentatively reached out and touched Lance's cheek. He was a little surprised at how soft and smooth the skin was beneath his fingers. "So are you slept out yet?" he asked quietly.

Lance grinned. "For now," he replied as he rolled over, pushing Martin onto his back. Lance half-laid on Martin as he began to nibble Martin's chin.

Martin giggled softly. He was enjoying Lance's actions but needed to talk to him. Reluctantly he reached up and pushed Lance back slightly so their eyes could meet again. "Could we talk for a minute James?" Martin asked.

Lance immediately noticed the serious tone and moved off Martin. He sat up on the bed, with his legs crossed looking at Martin. He waited for Martin to speak.

Martin pushed himself up on the bed so he was leaning against the headboard. "I was wondering if you were free or could be free for the next couple of days," Martin said.

Lance perked up. He was expecting bad news, but it sounded like Martin wanted to spend time with him. "Why Martin? What did you have in mind?" Lance asked gently.

Martin was suddenly hesitant, but forged ahead. "I'm supposed to go to LA tomorrow. Kaylie is coming in on a flight from Hawaii on Saturday. I was hoping you could come with me."

Lance continued to stare at Martin but a grin slowly spread across his face. "Really?"

Martin's smile matched Lance's. "Yeah. Really."

Lance leaned forward and hugged Martin, kissing him on the cheek. "I'll see what I can do," he whispered in Martin's ear. Lance sat back again. "Why don't you get cleaned up, and dressed? I'm gonna go home and change. Then we can go out for a really nice dinner," Lance suggested.

Martin thought about the idea. "Okay. But can we go to a different restaurant than Le Grande?" he asked.

Lance got a wicked smile on his face. "Oh, ya mean can we go some place good?" he asked as he laughed and jumped off the bed before Martin could grab him.

Martin tried to frown. "Oh, you'll pay for that comment, Mr. Bass," he threatened. Lance simply laughed.

"It's," Lance looked at his watch, "three right now. So why don't I come back here for six thirty and we can go eat. Is that okay?" Lance was pulling on the clothes Martin had loaned him earlier. Martin remained in the bed and watched, admiring the solid muscled chest and arms as Lance zipped up the jeans before pulling on the t-shirt.

Lance noticed Martin's stare and smiled. "You like?" he asked softly.

Martin felt himself blush as he realized Lance had caught him staring. Martin met Lance's gaze. He nodded. "Yeah. I like a lot," he admitted.

Lance walked over to the side of the bed and bent down, quickly kissing Martin on the mouth. "Good. I like what I see too," he said as he allowed his hand to run down Martin's bare chest, stopping at his bellybutton. Martin shivered slightly at the touch. Lance just smiled tenderly and walked to the bedroom door.

"I'll see you in a few hours?" Lance said.

Martin nodded and Lance walked out of the room. Martin could hear him walk to the living room. He heard Lance's keys rattle, as he must have picked up his jacket. Martin listened as Lance closed the door.

He relaxed back against the headboard. He could still feel where Lance's hand had touched his chest. His skin was tingling. How could he argue with that? With the feeling that being with Lance, just being around him, was right. His life had been set in front of him when Jessica got pregnant. He really hadn't had a choice. But now, he was starting over, a new business, a new city, new friends and hopefully a new lover.

He reluctantly crawled out of bed. He would shower then call the restaurant to make sure there were no problems.