Lance and Martin 9

by Kenitra

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Lance noticed Martin's stare and smiled. "You like?" he asked softly.

Martin felt himself blush as he realized Lance had caught him staring. Martin met Lance's gaze. He nodded. "Yeah. I like a lot," he admitted.

Lance walked over to the side of the bed and bent down, quickly kissing Martin on the mouth. "Good. I like what I see too," he said as he allowed his hand to run down Martin's bare chest, stopping at his bellybutton. Martin shivered slightly at the touch. Lance just smiled tenderly and walked to the bedroom door.

"I'll see you in a few hours?" Lance said.

Martin nodded and Lance walked out of the room. Martin could hear him walk to the living room. He heard Lance's keys rattle, as he must have picked up his jacket. Martin listened as Lance closed the door.

He relaxed back against the headboard. He could still feel where Lance's hand had touched his chest. His skin was tingling. How could he argue with that? With the feeling that being with Lance, just being around him, was right. His life had been set in front of him when Jessica got pregnant. He really hadn't had a choice. But now, he was starting over, a new business, a new city, new friends and hopefully a new lover.

He reluctantly crawled out of bed. He would shower then call the restaurant to make sure there were no problems.

Chapter 9

Lance took the elevator down to the lobby and ran out to his car. He was wired. He was so happy and relieved that he and Martin were going to try. He started the car and took out his cell phone. As he drove he punched in a speed dial number.


"Chris?" Lance asked, not recognizing the voice on the other end.

"No, its Alex. Who's this?" AJ asked.

"AJ, its Lance. Are you at the studio with the guys?" Lance asked, wondering why AJ was answering Chris' phone.

"Yeah. I'm in the control room. The guys are all in talking to the band right now." AJ paused. "Lance I really want to apologize... " Lance cut him off.

"Alex! It was not your fault. Kevin is the one who messed up, but I think I'll even forgive him, in a day or two," Lance said, trying hard not to laugh, he was so happy.

AJ could hear the happiness in Lance's voice. "You sound chipper! Are things better with Martin?"

Lance debated on telling AJ or not. He'd wanted to tell his close friends first, but he really just wanted to tell someone. Before he could say anything AJ spoke again.

"Actually, Lance, the guys just walked into the control room. Wanna talk to Chris?"

"Yeah, thanks AJ."

He could hear AJ hand the phone to Chris and tell Chris who it was. "Hey Lansten! Where are you?" Chris asked.

Lance was surprised, figuring Josh would have said something. "Josh didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what? Are you okay?" Chris became serious, wondering what was going on.

"I'm fine Chris. Actually I'm great." He paused. "I think you need to take your gaydar in for a checkup," he said, trying not to laugh.

Chris was quiet for a moment. Then it hit him. "You mean... You're with... he is... " Chris was suddenly as hyper as Lance.

Lance finally laughed. "Yes! He is. I think. It's a long story, but we're just going to see where things go. I just wanted to tell you guys... and ask for a favor. Is Josh right there?"

"I'm happy for you Lance," Chris said seriously. "I hope everything works out. I'll let you talk to JC."

"Thanks man."

"James!" JC said as he took the phone.

"Hey Josh, thanks for everything," Lance said sincerely, knowing how much effort Josh had put into helping him. "I hope they weren't too pissed about me not being there today?"

"Don't worry about it, James. How are things with Martin?" JC asked, getting right to the point.

Lance smiled to himself. "Things are good, Josh. We talked last night. We kissed this morning and talked some more," Lance said.

"You kissed? Does that mean... "

"It means that there is something between us. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. We're going to take things nice and slow," Lance said as he pulled into the parking lot for his apartment building. "But I need another favor, Josh," Lance told his friend as he parked the car and turned off the ignition.

"What do ya need, James?"

"Well, we're not scheduled to work this weekend, right?"


Lance decided to come right out and say it. "I really need tomorrow off too Josh."

JC was quiet for a moment. "Um... why James? What's going on?"

"Martin is flying to LA. His daughter is flying in from Hawaii on Saturday. He asked me to go with him. Please Josh, help me out with this," Lance pleaded.

JC sat down on one of the chairs in the control room. He could hear how much this meant to Lance. It had been a long time since Lance had sounded so happy. It was the first time in years where Lance was putting something or someone ahead of the music. He knew Lance deserved the chance. JC would deal with management if anyone complained. They were still early enough into the process that other things could be done to work around the missing singer.

"You'll have to work some long hours next week to get caught up, James," JC finally said, not wanting to make it look too easy to Lance.

"I will, Josh, I promise," Lance vowed.

"Okay James. I'll think of something," JC relented.

"Oh thank you, Josh! Thank you so much!" Lance almost shouted in joy.

JC laughed at Lance's enthusiasm. "Just have a good trip, and call when you get back on Saturday, okay?"

"I will Josh! Will you let the guys know what's going on? I promise we'll all get together in a few days, okay?"

"Alright James. Talk to ya later."

"Bye Josh." Lance shut the phone and got out of the car. He ran to the building and made his way to his apartment. He decided to take another quick shower before pulling out some nice clothes. He spent time in front of the mirror fixing his spiky hair, trying to make it presentable. He finally gave up. It wasn't perfect, but it would have to do. Once dressed, Lance realized he had some time to kill. He decided to pick out a nice restaurant and make reservations for he and Martin. That done, Lance made sure he had his wallet and phone and left the apartment. He knew he was going to be early, but was too excited to wait any longer.

On more than one occasion on the drive back to Martin's, Lance found he had to slow down because he was speeding, really speeding. What was normally a twenty minute drive with little traffic, Lance made in just over ten.

He buzzed Martin's apartment and waited for Martin to unlock the door. It felt like the elevator was moving at a snail's pace as it rose up the floors until it finally stopped on the twentieth floor. Lance paused to take a deep breath before knocking on the door.

Martin was surprised to see Lance so soon. He was almost forty minutes early. He opened the door as soon as he heard the knock. He stopped and stared at Lance.

"Wow! You clean up good," he said approvingly. Lance smiled broadly.

"Thank you sir," he said with a bow. "So do you, I might add." Martin grinned and pulled Lance into the apartment.

"You do realize that you're really early?" Martin said as they walked into the living room.

Lance blushed and nodded. "I know. But I was ready and anxious to see you," he admitted.

Martin stood in front of Lance and leaned forward to lightly kiss him. "That's sweet, James," he whispered. "I missed you too," he added. His hands grasped Lance's as they stood there. "So where are we going for dinner?" Martin asked.

Lance grinned. "You'll see! I'm going with you to LA by the way," Lance added nonchalantly.

Martin's head popped up. "You are? Why didn't you say something sooner?" he asked with a grin. "I have to book you a seat." Martin released Lance's hands and picked up the phone. He called the airline and was able to book another seat for the trip to LA, and the return flight on Saturday.

Once he hung up the phone Martin turned to look at Lance. "I'm really happy you're able to come with me. I hope it wasn't too much trouble," he said as he stared into Lance's expressive eyes.

Lance smiled slightly. "Nothing too much. Besides, the guys owe me," he said. He couldn't help but stare at Martin. He was wearing black pants with a steel blue shirt that made his eyes an indescribable color; a cross between metallic blue and sky blue. Lance could have simply stood there and lost himself in that gaze.

Martin finally broke the eye contact. He glanced around the living room and found his cell phone. Picking it up, he put it into his jacket pocket and looked back at Lance with a smile. "You ready to go?"

Lance nodded and walked towards the door. He waited outside while Martin locked the apartment. As they began walking down the hall to the elevator, Lance wasn't even aware that he'd reached out and taken Martin's hand in his. Martin glanced down at the clasped hands. He smiled to himself but didn't say anything. They stepped onto the elevator and rode down in silence.

As the elevator doors opened Lance started forward. Martin pulled him back. "Lance, aren't you forgetting something?" he asked quietly, with a small grin.

Lance paused at hearing Martin use his stage name, then looked at him in confusion for a moment, until Martin raised their clasped hands. Lance immediately began to blush. "Oh! Right," he muttered as he reluctantly released the warm flesh and stepped out of the elevator.

They walked to Lance's car. Playing the perfect gentleman, Lance walked around to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for Martin.

Martin simply smiled at the sweet gesture and got in. Lance walked back to the driver's side, got in and started the car. Once in motion, Martin reached across the seat and took Lance's right hand in his left. Lance glanced down then up at Martin.

Martin smiled. "My hand was cold," he explained. Lance grinned and continued to drive; his fingers entwined with Martin's.

They drove in silence as Lance made his way across the city to a favorite restaurant of his. The man beside him occupied his thoughts. Lance knew he was falling hard and fast for Martin, but didn't know how to stop it, and wasn't sure he wanted to. It had been a long time since he'd allowed anyone so close to his heart. But now that he had, it felt good; it felt great. It lifted a heavy burden from his soul that he hadn't even realized was there.

Martin's thoughts were similar. His entire adult life had been spent trying to make a home for Jessica and Kaylie at first, then a second home for Kaylie. He'd worked and been a father, nothing more. He knew it was time for him to have his own life, to find some happiness. Never would he have imagined that that happiness would be found with another man. But the more time he spent with Lance, the more it became apparent that he really didn't have a choice. Somehow, deep inside, he knew he was meant to be with Lance. And although he didn't get the choice, this was one twist of fate that he wasn't going to fight. Martin leaned back against the car seat and relaxed, accepting for the first time that he was gay.

Lance glanced at Martin as they pulled into the parking lot. He'd sensed a change in Martin during the ride over and was curious what had happened. Lance moved his hand to the door, but Martin reached out and stopped him. He turned to look at Martin.

Martin took a deep breath and released it. "I'm gay," he said quietly. Lance stared at Martin for a moment, realizing the giant step he'd just taken by admitting to someone that he was gay. Lance knew it was not an easy thing to do. He reached over and cupped Martin's cheek in his hands.

"Thank you," he said as he leaned forward to lightly kiss Martin's lips.

Martin pulled back and looked at Lance in confusion. "Thank you for what?" he asked.

"Thank you for trusting me with such a personal piece of information," Lance said, repeating what Martin had said to Lance many days earlier.

Martin recognized the words and smiled. "You're welcome!"

The two men got out of the car and walked to the restaurant. Once again, Lance held the door for Martin. At the front of the restaurant, the hostess immediately recognized Lance and quickly came over.

"Good evening Mr. Bass, your table is ready. Please follow me."

They followed the woman through the darkly lit restaurant to a very private and intimate booth away from the flow of traffic.

"May I get you gentlemen something to drink?" the woman asked.

Martin looked at Lance. "May I?" he asked Lance. Lance nodded.

Martin asked about the wines available and ordered a light blush vintage he knew would be suitable for almost any meal.

When the hostess left, Martin noticed Lance was smiling. He didn't really care why, he found the smile infectious and smiled back. Before either could speak, a waiter arrived with the bottle of wine, and to take their orders.

This time Lance spoke. "May I?" he asked, looking at Martin. As Lance had earlier, Martin nodded.

Lance proceeded to order garden salads as appetizers, then poached salmon in a white sauce with wild rice and baby carrots as the entrée. Martin liked Lance's choice.

Martin waited for the waiter to leave. "I take it you've been here before?" he asked as he sipped his wine.

Lance smiled. "A few times. The food is very good, but I like it because of the atmosphere. You feel like you're the only people in the entire place." Martin listened and realized it was true. The design of the restaurant prevented the spread of most common dinner sounds, making the room quiet. A very faint music played in the background.

"Tell me about Kaylie," Lance said suddenly drawing Martin's attention back to the table.

Martin's smile immediately grew. "What can I say? She's the best thing in my life. You saw her that day at the restaurant, right?" he asked. Lance nodded. "So, as you saw, she has long blonde, curly hair. Her eyes are a very pale blue color. She's smart; gets really good grades in school. Kaylie's tall for her age. She'll be ten in August. I don't know what else to say. She's funny, loves sports, and music." As Martin spoke, Lance's smile continued to grow.

"It's obvious how much you love her Martin. She's a lucky girl to have you as her father," Lance said seriously as he reached across the table to cover Martin's hand with his own.

Martin enjoyed the feeling of Lance's hand on his. He looked at the younger man. "Thank you, James, for everything. For believing me when I told you about Albany, for believing in me, but not pushing me to admit who I really am." Martin paused as he could feel tears threatening, as he realized how much Lance had done for him.

Lance squeezed Martin's hand. "Hey, don't forget, it wasn't all selfless," Lance said with a smile. Martin smiled back.

They sat back as their salads arrived. They slowly ate their appetizers while they talked and drank the wine. The entrees arrived and they lingered longer. Talking, laughing and eating. While they had spent many hours talking in the past, this was different. It was more intimate; it had more meaning.

Over two hours after they arrived, the waiter returned to take their empty plates. "Would either of you care for coffee or desert?" he asked.

Lance looked at Martin, then up at the waiter. "What do you have with chocolate?" he asked. Martin smiled.

They both ordered a piece of chocolate cheesecake.

Half an hour later, they were finished their desert and ready to leave. Lance refused to allow Martin to pay. "I asked you on this date, so I'm paying," Lance stated firmly.

Martin decided not to argue and waited with Lance until his credit card was returned and Lance signed. They walked out to the car side by side, but not touching. Lance unlocked the door and waited until Martin was in before getting in himself.

Martin leaned over and kissed Lance on the cheek. "Thank you James," he said softly. Lance just grinned and picked up Martin's hand from the seat.

Once again they simply held hands as Lance drove back to Martin's apartment building. He found a parking space and stopped the car.

"What time does our flight leave tomorrow Martin?" Lance asked.

"It's a two thirty flight so I guess we should be at the airport by one," Martin replied.

"Okay, I'll be around to pick you up at twelve-thirty," Lance said.

Thinking that was the end of the 'date' Martin opened the door and climbed out. Lance quickly followed and walked around the car. Martin looked up in surprise.

Lance grinned. "I always walk my dates to their doors," he said seriously.

Martin smiled and nodded as they walked into the building. As soon as they stepped onto the elevator, Lance took Martin's hand. They walked down the hall hand in hand until they reached Martin's apartment.

Martin turned to look at Lance. "James, this was the best date I've ever had," he said seriously, losing himself in the pale green emeralds.

Lance smiled softly and leaned forward. His warm lips found Martin's. Lance raised his free hand and gently brushed some of Martin's light brown hair off his face, pausing to stroke the warm cheek as he did. The kiss was a simple, sweet kiss, filled with tenderness and promises. When it ended, both men knew something had happened; a new relationship had begun to blossom.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Martin," Lance said quietly as he finally released Martin's hand and turned to walk back to the elevator. Martin stood outside his apartment and watched until Lance stepped onto the elevator and the doors closed.

Once Lance was gone, Martin unlocked the door and walked slowly into his empty apartment. He didn't bother to turn a light on as he walked down the hall to the bedroom. His mind was racing as he thought about the evening he'd just shared with Lance. It was incredible. He found it hard to believe how sweet and considerate Lance was. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He couldn't remember ever feeling that way about someone before. But then, he'd never been in the process of falling in love before, he realized.

Martin stripped out of his clothes, threw them onto the chair and flopped down on his bed. He knew he would have to talk to Kaylie as soon as possible to make sure she was okay with this new relationship. He tried to avoid thinking about what he'd do, if she objected. Martin knew the choice he would make, even though it would break his heart.

Lance got outside the building and couldn't restrain himself. "Yes!" he shouted, then looked around to see if anyone had noticed. He smiled to himself as he walked over to his car. He couldn't remember ever having such a good time on a simple date. Then again, when was the last time he was in love?

Lance turned the radio on as he drove home, singing loudly in the car. He thought about calling Josh or Chris to talk, but decided against it. He just wanted to get home, pack and get to bed. The sooner he was asleep, the sooner he would see Martin again.