Lance, Mikey & an Angel named Ethan
by James

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        This story is based loosely on events in the lives of the members of the group *Nsync.  What is depicted in the story came from the imagination of the author.  The author has never met any of the members of *Nsync or to his knowledge have not met any angels or had any personal dealings with God. 

       This story is offered for your enjoyment this holiday season.  With the chaos of today's world I'm offering this little story as a beacon of hope.  May this holiday season be a happy one and the coming new year a safe one.


Erwin, supervisor of the new soul department entered the heavenly halls of the New Soul building.  He floated above the crystalline floor as he made his rounds, stopping first at the delivery room; the place where god creates new souls.  As each new soul is formed a cherub would take possession of the new soul guarding and nurturing the new life force until it's time to take it to shipping for insertion into a new baby.  Entering the hall of records Erwin checked the production quota for the week against the current supply of new souls.  As always the numbers balanced out.  Finishing up his tour Erwin went to shipping and checked to see that everything was running smoothly.

Entering the outer chamber of his office Erwin noted Ethan, one of god's cherubs, waiting for him.

Ethan turned and nervously smiled at Erwin.

"Don't tell me you lost him again?"  Erwin inquired.

"Well, sir.  I didn't really lose him.  I just kind of misplaced him."

"You seem to have been misplacing him quite often lately," Erwin pointed out.

"Sir, it is unusual for a new soul to hang around so long."

"You know the boss has special plans for that one," Erwin said with a sigh.

"I'm not questioning the boss's plans but has there been any indication as to how much longer I have to watch over this one?"  Ethan asked.

"Nothing yet.  But the last time I talked to the boss she asked about your charge."

"She?"  Ethan queried.

Erwin sighed, "Our boss has been a little bored lately and decided to try a new form."

"Wasn't it the last time the boss tried to see the universe from the woman's point of view that she ended up pissed at everyone and decided to start over?"

"That was just bad timing," Erwin pointed out.  "No one knew how PMS would affect the boss."

"I must admit the ark was a ingenious idea.  Saving a mated pair of each animal sure saved her a lot of work."

Erwin nodded in agreement.  "Now. . .  What are we going to do about your charge?"

"I've looked everywhere," Ethan said in exasperation.

A flash of brilliant light preceded the arrival of the almighty herself.  Erwin and Ethan fell to one knee with heads bowed.  Floating above their heads the lord looked down at the two before her a slight smile forming on her lips. "Ethan."

"Ya, yes, my lord." 

"Have we misplaced something again?"

"Yes, my lord.  I have looked everywhere for him.  I'm sorry, Lord, I have not been able to find him."

"Lord, could you tell us where we may find him?"  Erwin asked.

"He's been with me all morning.  I found him hovering over my viewing portal to Earth again."

"Again?"  Erwin asked with a frown.  Looking up sure enough floating just above the Lord's right shoulder was the missing soul, a pulsating ball of quickly changing light.

"He seems to be fascinated with music and musical groups."

"I'm sorry, Lord.  I will see to it he doesn't bother you again," Ethan promised.
"He's not been a bother.  In fact I'm encouraging him to continue.  The insight he gains may help him with his assignment."

"Lord, what assignment?"  Ethan asked.

"In good time, gentlemen.   His time is quickly approaching and his training is not yet complete."  The Lord reached up and lovingly caressed the hovering orb with the back of her hand.  The light pattern intensified as the energy of the Lord flowed into him. 

 Erwin gasped as the size of the hovering soul seemed to increase in size.

"Ethan, I'm returning him to your care."  The Lord smiled and with a nod planted in Ethan's mind what needed to be done.  A sudden flash of light left Erwin and Ethan once again alone with the slightly energized soul zipping around above their heads.

Daily Ethan and his charge would go into the viewing hall and spend hours viewing what was happening on earth.  Ethan wasn't sure why but the lord had taken particular interest in the new music fad called pop.  And the group *Nsync seemed to be of interest to the new soul.  Ethan stood back and watched his charge.  Some how he has managed to gain some control of the portal, something new souls shouldn't be able to do.  But again the boss has taken a special liking to this one.  Ethan wondered what other things this soul could do.

Floating over to the portal Ethan looked down not recognizing the group.  "Is that the Backstreet Boys?"


 "What?" Ethan asked surprised at what he just heard.

"Nsync, sir," 

"How long have you been able to talk?"

"When the Lord caught me here.  She asked me what I was doing here.  But I couldn't answer her.  She touched me and I could talk.  I don't know how since I don't have a . . . . hole like you do."

"It's called a mouth, not a hole," Ethan chuckled.  "Why haven't you spoken before this?"

"You never asked me anything before, sir."

"You're right," Ethan laughed.  "Why are you so interested in this group?"

"The lord said one of them is going to be my assignment."

"Did she say which one?"


A flash of light heralded the arrival of the Lord.  Ethan knelt in the presence of the Lord.

"My child, your time has come."

"I'm ready, Lord," the soul proudly stated.

With a flash the room changed to the shipping department.

"I'm so excited.  I can't wait to be born."

"My child, you are not to be born."

"I don't understand Lord.  Am I not to be given life?"

"Child, you will be given life. . . one of my children will be coming back to me.  He has been damaged and I'm bringing him home." 

"Can't you fix him, Lord?"  Ethan asked.

"I can fix his body but his spirit can't be fixed.  That is your assignment my child.  You are to finish what that child was meant to."

"Ma'am, I'm scared.  Will it hurt?"

"At first you will be in pain.  But it will not last long."

"Lord, could not this one also be damaged?"  Ethan asked. 

"No.  The child's father will no longer be a threat.  I have made other arrangements for him."

"So he is to just step into this child's life and continue on?"  Ethan asked.


"It will be okay, sir.  I know the Lord will watch over me."

"That I will, my child.  But to be sure nothing else happens I am sending Ethan with you."

"My Lord!"  Ethan exclaimed.

"Ethan, I'm entrusting this child's well being into your hands.  Protect him from the evil down there and see to it he achieves his destiny."

"Thank you, Lord, for this honor."

The Lord looked out into space "It's time."

The Lord reached out and stroked the floating ball of energy.  The power of the Lord flowed into the ball and its form began to change.  Elongating and splitting the soul was given form.  The form of an eight-year-old boy.

The newly formed boy gazed at his hands grinning.  "Ma'am, will I have a name?"

"Yes, child, you do have a name.  You will be called Mikey."

Grinning, Mikey looked up at the Lord, "I like that name."

"I thought you would," the Lord said.  Once again the Lord looked out into space.  "It's time, child."

Ethan offered the boy his hand.  Mikey took Ethan's hand and smiled up at him.  "I'm ready."

A door of light opened and Ethan and Mikey steeped through to the new life waiting for them.

Mississippi Coroners Office

The door to the autopsy room opened as Dr. Jackson, chief medical examiner walked in.  "It looks like you had a busy night."

"Good morning, Doctor.  Yes it's been a busy night," assistant coroner Ben Stickly said.  "Two shootings, and a child beaten to death by his father."

"Good Lord.  This is the only part of this job I really hate.  To autopsy a child is the hardest thing I ever have to do. . . .  Shall we get started?"  Dr. Jackson said as he approached the table holding the body of the child.  "Who do we have here?"

"Male child, age eight.  Name: Mikey Donivan.  Height: sixty-four inches.  Weight: eighty-two pounds.  He was pronounced dead at the scene at three-fifteen this morning.  It turns out the kids old man had been beating on him for some time.  A neighbor called in complaining about the disturbance next door.  When officers arrived they found Mr. Donivan sitting in the living room holding his son.  The old man was covered in blood."

"It sounds like a pretty air tight case," Dr. Jackson said.

"Yeah, the DA just wants to know the cause of death."

Dr. Jackson pulled back the sheet covering the boy.  His heart sank as he viewed the battered boy.  Turning to pull his instruments closer Dr. Jackson didn't see his assistant look closely at the boy.

"Well that's a first," the assistant said.

"What's a first?" the doctor asked.

"Tears on a corps."

"That's not possible," the doctor said as he looked close.  Bring his hand to the boy's neck he felt for a pulse.  "Shit!  This boy's still alive.  Call an ambulance!"


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