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I can't get up the nerve to call you

But I want to call so bad

Too find out who's holding on too

The most beautiful thing I've ever had

Babe I guess I never really took the time

To show how much I cared

For the hundredth time in an hour, he slammed the phone down.

"Damnit." He cursed loudly as he ran his hands over his freshly shaven scalp. In a moment of pure hatred, he had shaved off his beautiful curls just to spite him. Now, he was kicking himself for his drunken rage.

He looked around his hotel room. It was a gorgeous penthouse suite at the top of the Four Seasons in downtown Los Angeles. But all of its beauty did nothing but to remind the young singer of his loss.

His eyes found the mostly empty bottle of Sky Vodka and he walked over to the counter. Not even bothering with ice or mixer, he dumped the remainder into a glass and walked outside to the expanded patio that the penthouse offered.

It was a stormy night in California and rain fell like tears on the brown haired singer. Walking all the way to the edge, he tilted back his head and emptied the contents of the glass into his mouth.

At this time of the night, the bitter drink didn't faze him. He had consumed too much of the potato liqueur this night. The rain fell down on his half-naked body and mingled with the tears that streamed down his face till all was lost in his confusion and pain.

"Why did you leave me?" He screamed into the night, demanding an answer from the gods.

But no answer came. No solace or forgiveness would come to him no matter how many times he cried out. Deep down in his heart of hearts, he knew the answer. He was alone because his lover was tired of dealing with the lies, the cheating, and the lack of love that was shown.

It was all his fault and the gods wouldn't forgive him. So night after night, he drank himself into a stupor and tried to find a peace that eluded him.

Let it rain (rain)

Let it rain down on me

Hide these tears I'm crying

So no one can see

That I'm still not over you

But if you're over me

Let it rain (rain)

Let it rain down on me

His eyes shut tight as memories assaulted his mind overwhelming him from the raw emotion that racked his soul. A memory of when he left.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I can't take no more of this shit Justin. It's killing me, can't you see that. You're killing me." Jc was screaming at his boyfriend.

It all started when Jc had got back to the hotel room early after a meeting with the tour manager and found Justin in bed with yet another man. It didn't matter who it was; all that mattered was it was another man for what seemed like the hundredth time.

"Wait, I can explain." Justin stammered as he tried with one hand to cover his naked body with a sheet while his other hand grabbed for his boxers.

The invisible stranger had a look of confusion and embarrassment on his young features. He was trying hard to hide under the sheet but was having a hard go of it since Justin kept ripping it out of his hands.

"No!" Jc stated. "No more fucking explanations. No more lies. No more Justin."

Justin was hopping on one foot trying to pull up his boxers and at the same time trying to stop Jc from walking out of the room.

"Wait. It's not what you think." Justin pleaded at Jc's back. "I didn't want it too happen."

"Really." Jc spun towards his lover with death in his blue eyes. "Did he force you at gun point? Or did you fall and accidentally put your dick into him?"


"No, fuck you. I am sick of you fucking every little suck pig you meet the second my back is turned." Jc yelled.

The invisible man spoke up, "Wait, I'm not just..."

Both Jc and Justin turned to him and ordered, "Shut up."

The invisible man ducked down under the sheet again.

"I'm so sorry. It won't happen again, give me another chance please." Begged Justin as he dropped to his knees.

Tears started to fall down Jc's face as he quietly said, "I can't. Not again, no more chances. It's over."

Justin was left on his knees as the door slammed shut behind Jc's retreating back. He stayed there for a long time just crying. He didn't even see the invisible man leave the room nor did he care. For everything he loved, just walked out on him.

We used to lay together like spoons

It was the only way I could sleep

And this pillow is a poor substitute

For you're body next to me

I reach to pull you closer

And remember you're not there

Justin kept flinching as the memories held him tight. Not letting him go until he looked at each and every one. Both hands gripped the edge of the railing and he tilted his head back and screamed into the night. But the scream didn't hold back the memories from crushing through his defenses, shattering his limited control, forcing him to remember.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You're so peaceful when you sleep." Justin whispered to Jc as he slept. Softly kissing his forehead, he moved down his face till ever so gently touching Jc's lips with his. A stirring of passion threatened to wash over him but he fought it down.

"Mmm, I love you." Jc mumbled in that lucid state in between reality and dreams. "How was the club?"

"It was fun, Chris is really wasted." Justin softly replied, kissing him again. This time more firmly.

"Tell me about it later." Jc said as he drifted off.

Justin snuggled up behind Jc and they lay there together in the manner of all lovers. Gently connected with Justin's legs and arms intertwined with Jc's till it would be hard to distinguish one from the other. And Jc's arms wrapped around Justin's and he felt safe. Like Justin was holding him, keeping him from all harm.

Jc softly pushed back till he felt the warmth of his lover, gently caressing his entire body. He moved his head back till he felt the shallow breath of his lover on the back of his neck. Justin's lips found the back of Jc's neck and he completed the nightly ritual.

The two lovers drifted off to sleep, both feeling the comfort of the intimate experience that they shared.

Let it rain (rain)

Let it rain down on me

Hide these tears I'm crying

So no one can see

That I'm still not over you

But if you're over me

Let it rain (rain)

Let it rain down on me

"I had it all. Why did I ruin it?" Justin mused. As always when he reached that point of inebriation, he couldn't tell up from down. Not that he would listen to the truth anyway, but he always asked that question.

He tried to wipe the tears away from his eyes but the pouring rain replaced them just as fast. His nipples were hard as his bare chest was slicked from the rain and the tears that fell from his blue eyes. His Tommy pants were soaked through and his body shivered from the cold drops of rain that fell like a punishment from the heavens. He stood there shaking from the cold and crying from the pain for so long that he was actually numb.

His savaged mind tried to comprehend the reality but pain and disillusionment kept it from seeing the destructive nature of his nightly ritual. So he kept on, playing the scene out night after night. Drinking until he couldn't feel the pain anymore. Till he passed out for a few fitful hours of sleep before the agony set in racking his body with nausea.

"I love you Jc." Justin stated to the sky. But it was too late, Jc was gone forever. And nothing would bring him back.

The rain is not so bad after all

It camouflages every tear that falls

It cleanses me of the blame

I've put upon myself

I hear you're married now

Well I hope he treats you well

Oh let it rain

Justin stumbled in to the bedroom. He didn't even bother to take off his wet jeans. He collapsed on the bed and curled up in a fetal position and continued to sob.

A note was lying by his head and he clutched it to his face until the tears made it a blurry mess. But it didn't matter; he knew the words by heart. He had read it over and over again until it was etched in his head.

The letter was from Lance and the last line read.

"I'm sorry Justin, but he's married now. Let it go."

For the thousandth time, his world exploded around him. His mind finally had enough and he drifted away to his nightmares. His last moment of clarity was a longing look at the phone. But he didn't call, he never did.

I can't get up the nerve to call you

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