Life Is What You Make of It

by David Carmona

This story is FICTION, people. I do not know the boybands written about, mentioned, or otherwise heretofore alluded to, or their sexual preferences. So there. If you're under 18, don't worry... there's enough content here for even the underage to enjoy... but chappies with sex in, I'll put the usual disclaimers in, for you to avoid. If you don't like or are not allowd to read sexual material, may I suggest you leave now. All praise, compliments, and fanmail are welcome and personally read, at Flames ignored, and if you are looking for picture porn, go there. Otherwise, enjoy the story!

Author's note: Two words, people: Chicken Gun.

Chapter Two

James Lance Bass, had a headache. "Joey, Chris... stop egging each other on! I swear, you two. Justin, can you please turn down that radio? It's a wonder the driver still has hearing left... that we ALL have hearing left, that thing's so loud. THANK you." he said, nursing what was beginning to become, a very fast migraine.

"Poofu, I thought ALL gay bois were supposed to be nice?" Justin pouted, after turning down his 'tunes'.

"Ah, he'll be okay Just... soon as he gets a MAN in his life again...!" Joey piped up. Chris chimed in right after, with: "Ten bucks says he tells you to shut up, Joe."

Before Lance could have a chance to say anything however, a toilet flushed. JC Chasez came out, pinching his nose. "Hey, Colonel KFC. Southern word of the day. Innare". Off Lance's quizzical expression, JC chuckled. "Definition: 'Ah wouldn't go innare if I wuz you...!'" he elaborated, jerking his thumb at the bathroom and dodging the punch to the arm Lance delivered.

A reluctant smile crossed Lance's face. "You're all insane. The whole bunch of you. 'Scuse me... gotta `pay my bills'."

Lance got up, but instead of heading directly for the bathroom, he decided to check first on how much longer until the next city. Sticking his head in the forward compartment, Lance spoke briefly with the driver to find out what he needed to know. Headed now for the bathroom, Lance paused and an inward smile touched his mind as he observed his fellow members of N'Sync joke around, relax, and generally terrorize each other as if they were family. I love them all, Lance realized, musing to himself that he really was lucky to have them in his life.

Each of them in their own unique way, had grown up. JC, at first the anal-retentive worrier about what personal lives would do to the group, managed to ease off when he fell in love. Who would have thought it was with Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys? Chris, was another pleasant surprise. Having privately nicknamed him "Bones", Chris deserved the nickname after not only taking a few psychology courses in his private time, but also knowing his fair share of medical first aid. Chris hated for his skills to be applauded publicly, so he often egged Joey on, the two of them being as close as Spock and McCoy on Star Trek.

Joey, was often the most observant and logical member of the group. Chris took great pleasure in debating and BAITING Joey into epic bets. While Chris often won the verbal arguments, Joey somehow always managed to come out completely unruffled, AND also often won rather than lost in a bet with Chris.

Looking briefly at the two of them at it again, this time Chris getting red in the face at Joey's matter-of-fact attitude towards something they were watching on tv, Lance mused that it was often Chris and Joey who he depended on most for advice and friendship, out of all of them. Whenever Lance had a problem, listening to the two of them duke it out was like having a personal angel and devil to advise him, and oftentimes the best way to solve the problem, came from figuring out the balance between their voiced views on the issue.

And then there was Justin. Justin was youngest of the group, yet he managed to find his own way of growing up into a sensitive, but sincere young man, in his own right. Lance often considered Justin to be the kid brother both of his dreams, and NIGHTMARES. Depending on what creative new teenage obsession entered his head. Justin was pure hormones at times, and often managed to come up with some pretty funny, if sexually tilted comments. But then there were other times, where Justin proved to be the best. Of all of them, Justin had the most heart of the group. A closet romantic, Justin often looked realistically at life and people, yet still hoped for the best in them. Not to mention, FOR them. Which is why when Lance came out to the group, it was to Justin he went first.

Lance groaned inwardly, knowing that Justin, Chris, and Joey no doubt planned on setting him up on yet ANOTHER blind date. It seemed to be the personal mission in life for those three, to get poor Lance a date. Lance chuckled, and mentally summed up Justin in his head. When I first met him, he was a little annoying pest when he wanted to be. Some things never change... he's now a BIG annoying pest. With FRIENDS. Scary thought. But he's an adorable guy... for a kid brother.

Lance paused, and then tapped Justin on the shoulder as he sulked. "I'm sorry for snapping earlier, Just. I've just got a headache, ok?" He gave Justin a small kiss on the lips, and smiled as Justin blushed.

"It's ok, man. Everyone gets headaches. We almost there?"

"Yeah, almost. Another 20 minutes, according to the driver. Though I did notice we were going a little faster than the speed limit..." Lance said, with a frown.

"Poof, you worry too much. Anyone ever told you?" Justin said with an affectionate grin on his face.

"Yes, someone has..." Lance responded. He then explained matter-of-factly that the person who did, was often a pain. He then described where on his anatomy, where said pain resided. Justin stuck his tongue out at him, forever the youthful brat Lance loved.

Having squared things with Justin for the moment, Lance stepped into the bathroom in the far rear of the bus, and breathed a small sigh of relief as he locked the door. The extra time he spent talking to the driver, helped air it out a little better, which was exactly what he had hoped for. The odor of JC, was now bearable. Yet still present in the room. What is that guy EATING, anyway? Lance asked himself.

Sitting on the toilet, he glanced over and realized to his horror, JC had used the last of the toilet paper to be immediately found. Lance cursed softly, but there wasn't anything to be done about it... there wasn't anything anybody hasn't already seen, and he can always get some out of the little storage closet outside the bathroom, when he was done.

The bus came around a sharp corner, a little TOO sharply Lance thought to himself. He frowned, wondering not for the first time, where this substitute driver had been picked. "The Indianapolis 500?" he muttered to himself. Their usual driver, Chuck, was away from the tour for a few weeks, his sister about to deliver triplets. So Jive arranged for a driver to sub, for the next few weeks. And today was his first day on the job, of all the luck. That's when he felt the bus's brakes suddenly slam on, and shocked and confused cries coming from the others 2 compartments up. "What in...?" Lance yelled.

The bus squealed, and then Lance was thrown from the toilet, cracking his head against the door solidly, and then bounced against the wall. Toilet water flew out, as the bus tipped over on it's side.

The last conscious thought Lance had, his pants and underwear still down around his ankles, partially covered in toilet water, and in extreme pain before blacking out was, "This is DEFINITELY... not my day." With that, James Lance Bass succumbed to the peaceful sounds of the little birdies chirping in his ear.

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