DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction and all celebrities mentioned are used as such. I am not implying anything in depicting them in this story. It's for amusement purposes only.

AUTHOR NOTES: When I finished LTR I received many emails asking if I was going to continue the series or not. The answer is no. LTR is finished but I will add to it one final trilogy. This trilogy will end the story how I first imagined it so long ago but for reasons better left unmentioned never made it in the final pages of the story. So I hope I have appeased all the readers in my final salute to Justin and Scott. Enjoy and thanks for supporting this series and all my series on Nifty.






Scott Taylor adjusted his guitar around his neck to the sound of applause. Turning his head to look at his writing partner and lead guitarist, he smiled. Though it was only a small club, the people seemed to be responding to his new music quite well. It felt good to be back on stage performing his own music after a year supporting Justin's solo effort.

Not that he hadn't enjoyed playing Justin's music, but it wasn't the same as playing his own. With almost two years gone since his departure from Zylvan, he had missed the thrill of performing for a live audience.

The house lights dimmed as he started playing, a harmonica blending in with his guitar. In his trademark raspy voice he started to sing the song he wrote just days before.

Dying to live

Living to die

Ain't no hellos here

Nothing but goodbye

It's like singing a song

That cannot be sung

It's like having to end child

What's yet to have begun

Hey, hey, hey now

Where I am at times I just can't tell

Hey, hey, hey now

I'm lost somewhere

Between heaven and hell yeah

Lance Bass leaned over and whispered to Shelia Seine, his long time girlfriend, "What do you think that means?"

Shelia replied somehow without moving her lips, "Hush."

"But..." Shelia reached over and gently placed her hand on Lance's arm silencing him, "Quiet. I want to listen."

Lance grinned at her and resumed listening to the music, silently trying to figure out the meaning behind the song.

All that you know

And all that you knew

In the end child

Tell what's it all mean to you

Don't forget just who and where you are

You can spread your wing's son

But don't you spread yourself too far

Hey, hey, hey now

Where I am at times I just can't tell

Hey, hey, hey now

I'm lost somewhere between heaven and hell

Hey, hey, hey now

Where I am at times I just can't tell

Hey, hey, hey now

I'm lost somewhere between heaven and hell

Scott finished and left the stage with his bandmates. Lance leaned over again and said, "Babe, what time did Scott say to meet him?"

The red head turned and faced her boyfriend, "Twenty minutes."

"Is Justin going to meet us there?" Lance asked as he stood up and helped her into her coat.

"I guess." Shelia replied absently as she acknowledge the fans that had been staring at her all night. Giving them a slight wave, the couple weaved through the small tables towards the exit. Lance smiled as many of the guys in the building followed every move the red head made. As she smiled and waved at them in passing, once again the feeling of disbelief almost overwhelmed the southerner. He had no idea what he did to deserve her but thanked god everyday.

Grabbing her by the elbow, they waited outside in the chilly air, their breath frosting into the night. Lance sighed, "Thank god, I was dying in there." Opening his coat to fan some of the cold air on his body.

Nuzzling his neck, Shelia teased, "Maybe it was that cute blond that kept giving you the eye."

Blushing, Lance smiled, "You know you're the only one that gets me hot."

"And it better stay that way." Shelia growled, kissing him softly on the cheek. "You're mine Mr. Bass and don't you forget it."

The two shared a passionate kiss as they waited for the car to be pulled around. A dark SUV pulled up and they quickly dived inside. The second the door slammed shut, Shelia jumped on Lance's lap and started kissing him.

Their driver, Mark Kinney called out from the front, "Where to?"

Lance broke the kiss long enough to say, "Four seasons."

Shelia laughed and shouted out, "Home."

"But babe, we promised to meet Scott..."

Shelia stared into his eyes and said, "It's good to be fashionably late."

"But..." Cutting him off, she grabbed his crotch and bit into his neck. His eyes widened and he stated, "Home Mark."

The driver laughed as the two resumed kissing. Shaking his head, he roared down the street. When Shelia's head disappeared from view, he moved the mirror down to give them some kind of privacy. Chuckling to himself he ran a red light to get them home faster. Pulling under the covered entrance, he cleared his throat loudly.

Shelia flew open the door and pulled Lance along with her. Calling out over her shoulder she said, "Give us forty minutes."

Lance looked at the driver with a grin and followed his girlfriend's lead into the building. Mark pulled around to the parking garage and waited for the call.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The house was dark except for a single light burning in the living room. Books and papers were strewn about the floor in front of the couch. Justin Timberlake had a frown on his face as he absently chewed on the end of a pen as he studied the book in his lap. He had propped himself against the arm of the couch hours earlier.

But as he tried to understand the concept behind classical music, his thoughts kept drifting to his boyfriend, Scott. Even now Scott was performing at a club with his new band and he was stuck at home cramming for a test in the morning.

He remembered the way he looked when he left. Wearing brown leather pants that seemed to be his trademark, a white fitted T that hugged his defined chest perfectly. He had let his hair grow again and it was down to his shoulders, long and flowing free. Much like Scott was himself. A free spirit.

Justin saw the hurt in Scott's eyes when he told the singer that he would not be able to see him perform. Though Scott understood, there was a level of disappointment in his steely blue eyes. Justin hated the fact that he couldn't be there for his first performance, but rationalized it away with logic. If he didn't pass this test tomorrow, then he would have wasted the last year of his life. But he still felt bad when he saw the pain in those eyes.

Yawing, he glanced at the clock for the hundredth time. If he were going to meet Scott at the after party, he would have to get ready now. Looking at the book in his lap, he shut it and stood up. Hoping that the information would be there in the morning, he walked upstairs and entered their bedroom.

It was still weird for Justin to think about "their" bedroom. Or even their house. When the tour ended the year before, they had looked at dozens of homes before settling on this property. It was everything they had wanted in a home.

A four bedroom, five bath, Mediterranean house nestled in the hills above Los Angles. Completely exclusive, their house came with a basketball court, a waterfall grotto pool, and a five-person hot tub just off the back deck. They had converted two of the bedrooms into music rooms, one for each of them. The guesthouse was located out back and had been turned into the entertaining room. Complete with pool table, big screen projection entertainment center, and a wrap around bar.

The moment they saw it both had fell in love. In typical Scott fashion, he had balked about the price and his lack of contributing to the five million-dollar price tag. No matter how many times Justin assured him that it wasn't his money but their money, Scott just couldn't seem to grasp the concept. Which to Justin's thought, was the main reason that Scott was so worried about his new band. He wanted no needed to contribute something to the relationship other than companionship.

It was a fight they had often and when Justin asked Scott's parents about it, they only replied that it was just Scott. He hated having to rely on someone else. Even as a kid he started working as soon as possible so he could support himself.

Stripping out of his clothes, Justin walked into the bathroom. After a quick shower, he dried off. Quickly brushing his teeth, he tried to control the mess of curls on top of his head. Giving up, he walked into the bedroom and tied a bandana over his curls. Grabbing a pair of faded jeans, he threw on a baby blue shirt. After dressing, he grabbed his wallet and keys and headed for the garage. After choosing to drive the black SUV, he pulled out of the garage and headed for downtown LA. If he were lucky he would just make it. Either way, he wouldn't let Scott down two times in one day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scott looked around the crowded room with a bored expression on his face. He was sitting with his back against the wall in a corner booth, a half empty beer sitting in front of him. Brushing the loose strains of hair from his eyes, he looked at his watch. Figures he muttered silently. No one had shown up yet and this was supposed to be his big celebration.

He marveled how alone he felt in a crowd. The room was filled with movie stars and music icons and here he was alone nursing a warm beer. Not that he blamed the crowd; they weren't there for him anyway. He had chosen this place simply cause it was his home away from home. Most of the people there barely knew who he was anyway. But that didn't stop him from glaring at them.

Every one was dancing and having a great time. Even Kyle Cook, his writing partner, was off dancing with some girl. Scott recognized her face but couldn't quite place from where. The rest of his band was mingling with the famous people trying hard not to make a total fool of themselves. As of late, Scott started feeling a bit left out. Of all people he had expected Justin to be here by now. Though by all rights, Justin wasn't late. But since he was always early, it accounted for the same thing.

As he mulled over the thoughts racking his brain, a voice broke his concentration. Looking up, he saw a dark haired man standing in front of his table. The man was smiling and Scott instantly recognized him but for the life of him he couldn't place a name to that face. Feeling like an idiot, he asked, "Excuse me?"

The man smiled and said, "Small world. I saw you tonight at the Whiskey. Good set man. But then I've always been a fan."

Scott smiled at the compliment, "Thanks uh..."

The man reached out his hand and introduced himself; "I'm Pat Monaham."

Fuck, Scott cursed silently. Outloud saying, "That's where I know you from. Train right?"

"That's me." Pat said with a toothy grin. Sitting down across from Scott, he continued, "That's refreshing."

"What is?" Scott asked, taking a sip of his warm beer.

"Never mind." Pat said with a wave of his hand at a passing waitress. "Need another one?"

Scott pushed the flat beer away and grinned, "Always."

The waitress approached the table and Pat ordered, "Two more beers please."

After she walked away, Pat spoke again, "So, are you planning on releasing a record soon?"

"Hopefully." Scott said with a grin, reaching for his cigarettes on the table. "If my boss puts it out."

Laughing, Pat said, "You're with Freelance right?"

"Yeah. Lance is the only moron dumb enough to sign me." Scott said, digging at his friend good-naturedly. At the mention of Lance, Scott wondered again where his friends were.

"It must be nice to be friends with your management company. Right now my label is pressuring me to write another Drops of Jupiter." Pat complained.

"I know that feeling." Scott laughed. "When I shopped around for a label. Everyone was more than happy to sign me as long as I gave them more Zylvan. No one understood that part of my life is over you know."

"And heaven forbid if you actually grow as a musician and change your style." Pat snorted loudly, anger showing in his eyes.

"It's all about the money." Scott said sadly. "It stopped being about the music when they realized how much money could be made. Now they sign a band that only has one hit on the whole album."

"And after about six months that band fades away into one hit wonderdom." Pat interjected with a grin. "Like that band Five for Fighting."

"I know. That album was so good but after Superman they just kind of disappeared."

"Here's to Superman." Pat stated raising his glass.

Scott clinked the bottles together and took a big swig of the harsh liquid. "I guess it really wasn't easy being him huh."

"Guess not." Pat said with a laugh. "In their case a hit was really kryptonite."

"Did somebody say Superman?" A voice exclaimed loudly.

Scott looked up and a grin broke out on his face. Standing up he yelled, "Joey."

Joey wrapped his arms around the blond and picked him up easily and spun him around. Putting Scott down he started laughing at the confused look on his face.

Scott exclaimed, "I didn't know you were in town."

"You didn't think I'd miss a chance to party with you again." Joey stated with a grin. "Not after the last one ended up with you naked and attempting to ride that mechanical bull."

Grinning broadly, Scott laughed, "Don't remind me. I still get shit from Justin for that one."

Scott suddenly remembered that Pat was still at the table. Turning back around, he said, "Pat, this is my good friend Joey."

Pat was smiling and extended his hand, "I know Joey. How you doing?"

"Couldn't be better." Joey replied, sitting down next to Scott. "And you?"

"Right as rain." Pat said, standing up. "I'll let you two catch up. It was nice meeting you Scott."

"You too." Scott said warmly as Pat walked away through the crowd. Turning his attention back to Joey, he asked, "Really what are you doing in town?"

Joey grabbed Scott's beer and finished it. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand he replied, "To see you. Sorry I missed the performance but I couldn't leave any earlier."

Scott was shocked that he would fly across the country just to see him. Not for the first time he felt like he did not deserve friends like that. Putting his arm around Joey's shoulders he stated, "I'm glad to see you. I missed you."

Joey grinned and flagged down a waitress. After ordering another round, he leaned over and kissed Scott on the cheek. Seeing Scott jump, he added, "That was from Christine. She sends her love."

Touching his cheek, Scott asked, "How's she doing?"

"Great, she wishes she could be here but she had a wedding shower to go to." Joey explained. Every time he spoke of his girlfriend, his face lit up and he got this stupid grin on his face. Scott smiled inwardly, knowing that most times his face looked like that when he thought of Justin.

Looking around, Joey asked, "Where is everyone?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Scott answered, "I don't know. Lance and Shelia was at the show and said they would be here."

"You know them. Probably stopped off for a quickie." Joey snorted. "They don't get to see each other much anymore."

Scott shook his head in agreement. With Shelia's movie career taking off and Lance's business obligations, they spent most of their relationship on the phone miles away from each other. But somehow they had managed to make it work.

"And Justin?"

"I don't know." Scott said sadly. "He couldn't make the show tonight because of his studies. But he said he would be here for the party."

Seeing Scott's face, Joey said trying to cheer him up, "You know Justin, he'll be here."

"I know." Scott said with a sigh. "Sometimes I feel like there is a wall between us. With his studies and my album we hardly seem to get on the same page anymore."

Joey nodded silently. He had this same conversation with Justin not two days earlier. One of the reasons he decided to fly out was see what he could do about them sitting down and talking. Like most couples, they weren't fighting and the silence was so comfortable that they had forgotten how to talk to each other. And the silence gets so comfortable that neither one knew how to break it. The same thing had happened to him and Christine at the beginning. Luckily Lance was there to talk some sense into him before things got out of hand. He figured he could do the same for them, since Lance was so busy trying to keep his own relationship in order.

"Don't worry." Joey smiled at him. "Justin will be here. After all he knows I'm here and since I'm his favorite he wouldn't dare not show up."

Scott laughed loudly. One of the reasons he loved Joey so much was the way he could make anyone feel better. No matter how down you felt, within minutes, Joey could have you laughing again.

At that moment, someone came over to the table and started talking to Joey. Using this time to zone out, Scott looked at the doorway in time to see him enter. Just the sight of him caused him to take a deep breath. He felt a smile break out on his face as Justin looked directly at him. In that one moment, Scott knew everything would be okay. His face lit up and a grin broke out on his youthful face.

Scott watched him walk across the room gracefully. Again completely amazed that even in a pair of faded jeans and a bandana on his head he looked gorgeous. A picture of raw sexuality that seeped from him, a confidence that was so strong it bordered on arrogance. But anyone who knew the curly haired singer knew differently. He didn't even know the affect he caused in the room as he quickly made his way over to the table.

Joey smiled and teased him; "He's here isn't he."

Scott looked at his friend, still a smile on his face. "What?"

"Justin's here." Joey stated, motioning to the stupid look on his face.

"Is it that obvious?" Scott asked with a grin.

"If it wasn't I would be worried." Joey said seriously, standing up to greet Justin with a hug.

Justin squeezed his friend tightly, the whole time looking over his shoulder at Scott. "Joey, I'm glad you made it."

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Joey started but Justin jumped in and finished his sentence for him, "Especially not after Scott's obsession with mechanical devices."

"You know it." Joey said, looking at a Scott mischievously, "Any chance to see that ass again."

Justin plopped down next to Scott and greeted him with a kiss that he returned passionately. After a few seconds, Justin broke the kiss and said, "Wow, what was that for?"

Scott answered immediately, "For two reasons. First one is cause I missed you."

"And the second?" "Justin asked, grinning at his boyfriend.

"Because you looked so hot walking over here and because I love you." Scott said fiercely.

Laughing, Joey said, "Hey dumbass. That was three reasons."

Justin glared at him and stated, "Shut up. It's not his fault he can't count."

Scott stuck his tongue out at Joey and took a drink from his beer. Joey rolled his eyes and flagged down the waitress. She must've seen Justin walk in because she approached the table with three fresh beers. Joey smiled at her and she blushed as she walked away.

"Jesus Joey. Can you go a minute without flirting?" Justin stated dramatically, handing Scott a fresh beer before taking one for himself.

Joey leaned back in the seat and snorted, "Like you don't do it."

"He better not." Scott exclaimed, trying hard to glare at his boyfriend.

Justin only looked at him cross-eyed and stuck his tongue out. Scott warned, "I told you about that. If you're going to stick out your tongue like an animal I have a place for it."

Joey called out, "Keep your sex games private, Jesus."

Scott looked at him and said slowly, "If you knew what he could do with that tongue you wouldn't be so fast to..."

Justin covered Scott's mouth before he could finish, "Don't frighten the straight animals. I told you about that."

Scott licked Justin's hand hoping he would move it but Justin only grinned at him and turned back to Joey, "How's Christine doing?"

"Good. She sends you a kiss but I don't think I'll give it to you now." Joey said, scrunching up his face.

Scott moved Justin's hand and said with a lopsided grin, "I already got mine Na Na."

Justin raised his eyebrows and asked, "Anything you want to tell us Joey? First that comment about his ass and then a kiss, thinking about changing sides are we?"

Joey waved it off, "If I would, it wouldn't be with either of you losers. I would have to go with someone like Hayden."

Joey laughed as both of their mouths dropped open. They exchanged looks and shook their heads in unison. At that moment, Lance and Shelia arrived.

After they hugged everyone and the waitress brought over new drinks, they settled down and got up with one another.

Shelia was sitting next to Scott and was saying, "You really sounded good tonight."
"Thank you." Scott replied, obvious happy at the compliment. But he looked over at Lance who had a weird look on his face. Thinking he hadn't like it, Scott asked, "What'd you think Lance?"

"What?" Lance replied, shaking his head.

"He asked what'd you think about his new material." Justin repeated the question with a grin. "Was it that bad?"

"You haven't heard it yet?" Lance asked in disbelief.

Justin looked at Scott from the corner of his eye and stated, "Nope, someone doesn't want anyone hearing the new songs until they're ready."

Scott rolled his eyes; this was an argument they had many times. Where Justin liked to bounce off his ideas on other people, Scott preferred to keep everything secret until he was satisfied with every song. But he did lean over and nudged Justin who pressed back slightly, letting Scott know that he understood.

Shelia kicked Lance under the table. He looked at her with a questioning glance. She nodded her head at Scott and Lance blushed, "Sorry Scott. I did like it. It's different but yeah it was good."

"Lance, where the hell are you?" Joey asked, never remembering Lance being so scattered before.

"Just thinking." Lance offered with a grin.

Justin leaned over and whispered to Scott loud enough for everyone to hear. "Probably still worked up by the quickie Shelia gave him."

Lance blushed, letting everyone know that Justin was right. As usual Shelia only smiled wickedly and nodded her head. "He still better be thinking about it. I used all my A material."

"Babe." Lance pleaded.

Shelia laughed and whispered something to Scott, who laughed so hard he almost spilled his beer.

Lance pouted and whined, "What'd you tell him?"

Shelia smiled and looked over at Joey and asked, "How long are you in town?"

Joey replied, "Till tomorrow. I have an audition first thing tomorrow morning and then take the afternoon flight back home to my baby."

"So you didn't come all this way just for me." Scott stated, feigning hurt. "You lied to me."

Joey smiled and spoke up, "No, I did come all this way just for you and your ass but I figured while I'm here I could do some business so I can write off this trip for taxes."

"So it's on you tonight huh?" Lance asked, punching his friend warmly, "Thanks Joey, you shouldn't have really."

"Since Joey's buying, I think champagne is in order." Shelia called out, loving the look of terror on Joey's face.

"Wait a minute." Joey called out. But Shelia had already motioned for the waitress. After she ordered a bottle of the most expensive champagne Joey confronted her, "But you don't even like champagne."

Grinning sweetly she replied, "I know, but that cute couple of there." She gestured across the room. "Would probably love a bottle."

"You little bitch." Joey said loudly, trying desperately to keep a smile off his face.

"Don't call my girlfriend a bitch." Lance said hotly. And when Shelia made a face at Joey Lance added, "Even if she's acting like one."

When Shelia smacked him in the stomach, Justin groaned, "Your going to pay for that one later."

"Love does have its hazards." Lance grinned weakly, kissing his girlfriend tenderly on the cheek.

Shelia moved away from him and nestled into Scott's shoulder. "What say you and me leave these losers and go shake our asses out there on the floor?"

Scott grinned and asked Justin to move so they could get out. Justin rolled his eyes and went and sat down next to Joey. Even Lance groaned as the two made their way to the floor when Nelly's Hot in Herr started playing.

Joey shook his head sadly and stated at Justin, "Fifty bucks says Scott is naked before the end of the song."

Laughing, Justin shook his head, "You think I'm stupid."

"I wouldn't even touch that bet." Lance shot out, watching his girlfriend grind against Scott suggestively.

"I wish Chris was here." Joey exclaimed to no one in particular.

The three watched as Scott and Shelia danced together. Arms wrapped around each other, they started groping one another in ways that made Lance blush. Halfway through the song, she had her hands under his shirt and he had one arm clutched tightly around her midsection, resting lightly on the top of her backside. When Nelly told everyone to take off all they're clothes; Shelia ripped his shirt off and threw it at some girl who was ogling him. The girl screamed and brought the shirt to her face.

Joey draped his arms around his friends and said, "You have to admit they dance well together."

Justin only grinned and tried to hide the fact that he had to adjust himself. Lance had broken out in a sweat but he couldn't take his eyes off the pair.

"Oh my god." Lance stuttered out as the chorus came around again and Shelia's top flew up in the air.

"Jesus. They're really worked up tonight aren't they." Joey said in disbelief. "I didn't think either one of them were that drunk."

By this time, the other dancers had surrounded the two as they basically humped each other on the floor. Groping and touching with a wild abandonment that neither knew they possessed. The three at the table couldn't see them anymore but as the song ended, the whole place erupted with a roar.

Joey laughed and pushed Justin, "And to think, you use to be the dancer in the relationship."

Justin shrugged and replied, "I know, sometimes I regret dragging him out that night."

"I know I regret you dragging him out that night." Lance stated blandly. "She makes me do that when he's not around."

They watched as Shelia and Scott made their way back to the table. Both shirtless, at least Shelia was wearing some kind of tanktop. Scott's chest glistened with sweat and his hair was matted and sticking up all wild. Both had a smile plastered on their face and were laughing about something as they sat down at the table.

"Have fun?" Lance said sarcastically, not really having to act upset at all. He hated when she did that. It made him feel less attractive to her cause he refused to do that in public.

"Babe." Shelia called out coyly, placing her hand on his leg. "You know I only love you."

"And besides." Scott offered, staring at Justin intensely. "I only have eyes for him."

"This is getting sick." Joey called out, looking up at the ceiling. "I need another drink."

Right on cue, the waitress brought over another round and everyone grabbed one and started drinking. At that moment, the couple that Shelia had sent over the bottle of champagne, they got Joey's attention and toasted him. All of them returned the toast laughing.

"You made at least someone happy tonight." Justin said with a grin at his friend.

"I give up." Joey declared standing up. Looking at Scott, he grinned mischievously, "Want to go to the bar with me Scott?"

"No." Justin said giving Scott a look.

Smiling, Scott stood up and said, "Sure, let's go see what's happening over there."

The two sauntered over to the bar leaving Justin scowling at their retreating backs. Justin shook his head and declared to the couple, "If Joey gets him sick again I swear Christine will never get the chance to bare his children."

"Calm down tiger." Shelia said musically, her voice smooth as honey. "Joey knows what he's doing."

Justin looked at her with a questioning gaze. The emptied headed smile she gave him only fueled his curiosity. "Okay, what's this all about?"

Lance looked at his friend with an ashamed stare and quickly looked down at his drink. Justin's gaze met Shelia's smile and she quietly stated, "Joey needs to talk to him. It doesn't concern you so don't look at me like that. You can't control everything Justin."


"Don't you dare." Shelia warned him. "No fishing for information with my baby here."

Lance took a drink and looked around oblivious to his surroundings. His blond head bouncing to the tune wafting through the room. More than content to let his girlfriend handle the situation for him. Besides, everyone knew he couldn't keep a secret to save his life.

"Bitch." Justin muttered, toying with his empty bottle of beer.

"Why is everyone calling me that tonight?" Shelia asked rhetorically.

"I don't know sweetie." Lance stated with a smile before kissing her cheek tenderly. "I don't think you're a bitch."

"Good answer." She cooed, stroking his cheek lovingly. "I knew there was a reason why I threw Leo over for you."

At the mention of Leo's name, Lance blanched for a moment. Suddenly as if he realized what he did, his smile returned bigger than before. Justin shook his head and wondered again how that relationship worked. If anyone was perfect together it was those two even if they were totally opposite.

Much like Scott and his relationship. Every time Justin looked at Scott, his breath quickened. His pouty lips and small nose, his angular cheekbones, everything about the struggling singer made him weak in the knees. But what really attracted him to the blond wasn't physical; the outside packaging was stunning. But it was the small things Scott did that endeared him to the charismatic singer. The way Justin would wake up in the middle of the night and feel Scott behind him gently stroking his cheek. Or the way he would drop everything if Justin needed to talk. And knowing when Justin needed time alone and giving him that space as well as being there when he just needed to be close.

The list in his mind could go on forever but as Justin sat there staring at his beer he realized how much he loved the man that shared his life. And in that moment, he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Scott. No doubts, no fear, no hesitation, he loved him more than he ever loved anyone before.

"Justin?" Shelia asked, looking at the curly one sitting there grinning broadly. "Are you alright?"

"I'm perfect." Justin sang out, hopping up and down in his seat excitedly. Turning towards the bar, he saw Joey and Scott returning. Both were smiling and each was carrying shots in there hand.

When they arrived at the table, Justin stood up and kissed Scott passionately. Scott looked at him, an unasked question on his lips. Justin waved his question away and waited till the shots were sitting on the table before clasping Scott's hands in his.

Justin smiled and stated, "Scott, never before have I ever loved anyone the way I love you. For the first time in my life I feel complete."

This statement was met with awes from the table. Scott opened his mouth to say something and Justin continued, not allowing him to speak, "Listen to me please. Everything about you makes me love you more. I have everything I'll ever need. Money, fame, houses, cars, but all that is nothing without you in my life to share it. I walk around the house when you're not there and it feels so empty. And yet there is a part of you in every room that makes my heart ache and soar at the same time cause I know you'll always be there inside here." He motioned to his chest. "And there is nothing in this world that would please me more than for you to marry me."

"Justin..." Scott stammered, tears in his eyes.

"Scott, my love, my heart, will you marry me?" Justin asked, wiping away the tears that fell down his lover's cheek.

Openly crying, Scott leaned in and kissed Justin softly on the lips, gripping his hands tightly to his chest, Scott said so softly that Justin could barely hear him, "I'm sorry Justin. I can't."

And with that Scott ran out of the room, leaving a stricken Justin standing there. Before the world started spinning, Justin felt three sets of arms encircled him and then everything went black.

To Be Continued

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