DISCLAIMER: As am sure you all know, this story is fiction and does not mean to imply anything about the sexuality of any of the celebrities mentioned. It's for amusement purposes only. This story contains a gay relationship so don't say I didn't warn you.

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"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The minister stated grandly, a smile splitting his face.

Lance pulled the veil over her head and smiled at his wife. For a moment they stared at one another, neither believing it was really happening. Then slowly, gently, Lance leaned in and kissed her. He was going for a quick peck, a simple kiss. But the fiery red head had other things in mind. With a power he didn't know she possessed, she grabbed his head and kissed him hard, her tongue finding its way into his mouth.

The crowd cheered and screamed as she kissed him for several minutes. Everyone was there. Standing in as best man for Lance, was a beaming Justin. Directly across from him, Scott stood in as maid of honor, wearing a matching tuxedo to Justin's. Next came Joey along with his wife, Christine, then Chris and his wife, Sara. And at the end was Jc and opposite from him was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Though no one really understood why Leo was in the wedding, it did round out the numbers and it made Shelia happy. And wisely, Lance kept any comments about the addition of Leo secret.

When the couple finally broke the kiss, the wedding party marched down the aisle and prepared for the day's festivities. Years later Lance would look back on this day and realize it was one of the happiest days of his life. So what if he couldn't really remember most of it, every time his mind drifted back to this day, he would sigh and smile stupidly.

The pictures took way too long, the reception wasn't nearly long enough and by the time all the guests had left, Lance and his new bride were positively pooped. With the exception of the wedding party, every one else had gone home. Now everyone was sitting in the bar, lounging and talking about old times.

Scott and Justin were side by side, not even realizing they were holding hands. Christine was sitting in a chair and Joey was leaning against her legs, chatting with Chris, who was propped against the side of the couch where his wife sat next to the newlyweds.

Scott nudged Justin and tilted his head towards Jc and Leo as they sat on a love seat lost in their own private conversation. Justin glanced over at them and smiled, giving Scott a playful look. Scott rolled his eyes and brought back his attention to Lance, who was explaining something about his upcoming tour.

"As of right now, you can have anyone open for you." Lance was saying excitedly. "I've gotten lots of offers already. Basically all you have to do is pick one."

Scott took a sip of his beer and replied with a grin, "I pick...Justin."

"Ooo thank you." Justin said, leaning over and kissing his boyfriend's cheek. "But I don't think the back cut would be worth it. Not even to open for you."

"Why not Just?" Joey asked, grinning broadly. "Don't you already open up for him every night?"

"Joey." Shelia called out, throwing a pillow at the Italian's head. "That's not very nice."

"Besides." Lance added, "Everyone knows that Scott's the bottom bitch anyway."

Everyone laughed, even Sara who was the most proper of the girlfriends. Grinning wickedly, she asked after a moment, "Everyone Lance? I didn't know that." Turning to look at her husband, she asked, "Did you know Chris?"

Chris shook his head and replied, "Nope. Not me. What about you Joe?"

The big Italian guy smirked and shook his head slowly, "Me neither. Babe?"

His wife, Christine answered, "Maybe Lance needs to have a little talk with Shelia before this marriage goes on any longer."

Scott looked at Lance and innocently asked, "What else do you know about our sex life, Boss?" When he said boss, he stressed the word slowly.

"Fuck you all." Lance stated blandly, flipping them all the bird.

"Leave my man alone." Shelia growled, hugging her new husband tightly while somehow managing to glare at everyone else. Lance shook his head and stuck his tongue out until Shelia continue, "It's not his fault he likes to watch the two fags fuck each other. I'm trying to break him of it but it's a long and arduous process."

Everyone laughed while Lance turned every shade of red imaginable though he took the teasing in stride. Normally he lost these battles of wit anyway, hours after the conversation he would finally think of a witty reply. Luckily Shelia always stuck up for him. Surprisingly, her only equal in this morbid game was Leo. The pair spent hours belittling one another, usually ending with them collapsing together laughing their heads off. Maybe this was one of the reasons that Lance could never really get rid of the popular actor. His wife and Leo had a weird bond that no one could really understand least of all destroy.

Lance smiled and looked at his friends as they joked and laughed together. Now, especially with everyone's careers, the time they got to spend together was shrinking rapidly. Joey was busy acting on the stage in New York, rarely leaving the Big Apple for months on end. Chris stuck pretty close to Orlando, choosing to work on his clothing line from there.

And Jc, well no one was really sure what the brunet did with his time. After his first solo album bombed, Jc had pretty much disappeared from the limelight. Though lately he had been spending more and more time with Leo. Lance had his own suspicions about the nature of their relationship but he kept his opinions to himself.

Lance shifted his gaze on his two best friends, Justin and Scott. He crinkled his forehead together as he tried to differentiate the two. Normally where you saw one you saw the other, like they were joined at the hip without being annoying like most couples. Never a fan of public displays of affection, they were subtle about their love. They showed it in little ways, a glance, a touch, a blush, a steady assuring love that only a blind person could miss.

He felt a surge of love for his friends as he thought about them. Without their knowledge, their relationship was the catalyst that pushed him over the edge and helped him propose to Shelia six months earlier. The two were almost a perfect pair, a true testament to perseverance and understanding and more importantly, forgiveness.

Like any couple, they had to work at it. They had fights, sometimes loud shouting matches that echoed off the surrounding mountains around them. Both had a quick temper and sharp wit. Each knowing the right buttons to push for maximum effect. But unlike most couples, they knew how to talk through things. No matter what happened, they maintained a steady line of communication that saw them through thick and thin,

As he watched them talk with Joey and Chris, he had to smile at them. They were sitting so close together that they may as well have been on top of one another. They were holding hands, something they just started doing a few weeks ago. He didn't even think they realized what they were doing; an unconscious display of affection that he thought was cute.

While he was staring at them, Scott noticed him and mouthed, "What?"

Lance smiled broadly and mouthed back, "I love you."

Scott returned the grin and winked at him before turning his attention back to the story Chris was relaying, his fingers brushing Justin's hands tenderly.

Lance shifted his gaze on his new wife. She was beautiful as usual but he could see something different in her since they said I do. She was positively glowing, a radiant glow that caused him to start sweating as he sat beside her. Her red hair was brushed over her left shoulder, jewels twinkling throughout the elaborate style. Her green eyes sparkled and when ever she looked at her newly husband they seem to dance, he liked to think it was love he saw in them.

Sighing for the hundredth time, he silently asked what he did to deserve her. As if she heard his thoughts, she leaned over and whispered in his ear seductively, "You are the most important person in this world my husband. And I love you with all my heart."

"I love you too." He said simply, his voice choking slightly as he leaned over and kissed her tenderly.

"Get a fucking room." Justin called out dramatically.

"Just because you like to watch doesn't mean the rest of us do." Scott teased, pretending to be disgusted at the pair.

Joey asked with a twinkle in his eye, "Who's the bitch in your relationship Lance?"

That caused his wife to slap him in the back of the head, "That's not funny Joseph."

He gave her a smile and rubbed his head with a massive hand. "Sorry babe."

Chris leaned and whispered loud enough for everyone to hear in this quiet scared voice, "I never figured Joey to be a bottom."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Justin wasn't sure what time it was or how long they had been drinking. All he knew was he couldn't feel his legs anymore and everything had a blue-ish tint to it. Lance and Shelia had long ago retreated to their honeymoon suite and Joey and Chris along with their wives had sought out their own beds.

Justin and Scott along with Leo and Jc had sat at the bar talking and celebrating long after the bar closed. Sometimes he was amazed by what they could get away with due to their celebrity status.

After the foursome polished off two bottles of Vodka, Scott had decided he wanted to go swimming. Leo was the only other one dumb enough to follow him to the pool. Jc and Justin had decided to sit poolside to keep an eye on the drunken pair, not that they could help if they needed it but more out of a security blanket.

Justin leaned back in the chair and patted his stomach absently and looked over at his one time best friend. Jc had changed greatly since Nsync officially called it quits so long ago. Gone were the arrogant days of being a pop superstar, gone were the blurry nights of drinking the pain away. In its place was a down to earth person who wanted nothing but to make amends for his actions.

In his drunken state, Justin had to admit he never looked better. He had let his hair grow long, just past his shoulders. It was a mixture of brown and blonde blended together perfectly; he had to fight down a pang of jealousy at Jc's "perfect" hair. His expressive eyes were hid behind a pair of eyeglasses that at the moment was slightly crooked. He was clean shaven again and it gave him a youthful appearance that Justin hadn't seen in many years. His body was still taunt and hard, tanned just right. Justin felt a stirring in his crotch and he adverted his eyes.

"What you thinking about Just?" Jc slurred, fumbling for Scott's cigarettes that were lying on the table between them.

Justin turned his head and tried to focus on his friend, "Nothing really. Just thinking back to old times."

"I do that too." Jc admitted, breathing the harsh smoke deep inside his lungs. "I think it's called nostalgic."

Justin grinned and looked back at the pair in the pool. He had to chuckle as he watched them splashing one another, seemingly without a care in the world. Jc interrupted the silence, "He's a lucky guy."

Justin disagreed by shaking his head, "I think I'm the lucky one."

"I know we haven't really talked about it before but I wanted you to know..." Jc stated quietly, his eyes staring at the ground, a cloud of smoke hanging about his head like a hat, "Scott is perfect for you. We don't get along as well as I wish but I can't help but respect him."

"That had to hurt." Justin replied quietly, his eyes finding Jc's face in the twilight.

"You'll never know." Jc stated with a weak smile. Leaning back into his seat, he continued, "Sometimes I look at the two of you and wish I could find that with someone."

"What about Leo?" Justin asked slyly, fishing for information.

Laughing loudly, Jc answered, "I think we're both too arrogant for anything serious. He's so focused on his career and I basically just exist now. All that's between us is sex. That's it."

Justin felt sorry for his friend, his eyes watering up slightly. "One day Jc, everyone finds someone."

"What if I already found my one and fucked it up?" Jc asked so softly Justin wasn't sure if he was suppose to hear it.

Justin was way to drunk to get into this conversation with anyone much less Jc. So he ignored the statement and sought out his lover, who at the moment, was yelling loudly that Leo was a cheater and a cocksucker. "Hey Leo. Better not be fucking with my man."

"He only wishes." Leo shot back, ducking Scott in the process. Scott came up sputtering, a grin splitting his face as he lunged for Leo, who maybe the more sober of the two, easily sidestepped him. Leo smacked him hard on the ass as he flew by, laughing like crazy.

"Try again you little cocksucker." Leo taunted, doing a horrible karate kid imitation.

Once again Scott went under the water, this time choosing to attack the lanky actor underwater. From what Justin could see, one second Leo was there grinning and the next he disappeared with a splash. Jc looked at Justin and grinned, "I think there might be a shark in that pool."

"Tragic." Justin stated blandly, shaking his head. "Maybe we should have a moment of silence for them."

"Fuck it." Jc grinned, flicking his cigarette wildly into the bushes.

They heard a squeal and saw Scott clamber out of the pool, his boxers around his knees and Leo wrapped around his ankles. "Get off me you freak." Scott was yelling through his laughter, kicking madly at the leech at his feet.

"Take it back you bastard." Leo called back, his arms locked around Scott's feet.

"No." Scott screamed. "Justin help."

"Children." Justin chided them good naturedly. "It's after..." He looked down for his watch and realized he had lost it somewhere along the way. "I don't know but it's really fucking late and people are trying to sleep."
Scott frowned but with a grunt, he managed to escape from Leo's grasp. Quickly rolling to his feet, he ran/stumbled over to Justin and jumped into his lap, his boxers still around his knees. "Hi baby."

"Hi." Justin answered, before kissing his lover passionately. Breaking off the kiss, he asked, "Now why don't you tell me why you're half-naked with another guy in the pool."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Justin had woken up at the crack of noon, tangled up in the sheets and sideways on the bed. The first thing he realized was the ache in his head, the second thing; he was alone in the bed. Groaning, it took him more than a few moments to untangle himself, by the time he did, his stomach decided to start doing flip-flops. "Lovely." He muttered as he sat up on the edge of the bed and hung his head in his trembling hands.

It took him a few deep breaths to choke back the nauseous feeling in his stomach. After several burps that threatened to heave up anything left in his tummy, he figured he was good enough to stumble to the bathroom. After relieving himself, he stared at his reflection. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy and there was a beginning of a bruise under his left eye. He touched the mark gingerly and winced. Wondering how it happened, he turned the water on and splashed his face. He let the water drip down on his chest as he stared in the mirror. His mouth had a nasty taste but he didn't want to risk using toothpaste, instead he rinsed his mouth out several times.

Bypassing the shower, he shuffled back to the room and fished around his luggage for a pair of shorts and a shirt. After pulling them on, he opened the door and walked into the hall. When he shut the door, he saw a note taped to the door.

Hey Justin,

I'm in my room. Come on over.


He yawned loudly and headed for Lances room. With his arms wrapped tightly around himself, he tapped on the door softly. After a few moments, the door opened.

Lance grinned at him and stated, "You look like shit."

"Fuck you." Justin croaked, pushing past Lance roughly.

"Testy aren't we." Lance teased, shutting the door with a slam, smiling at Justin's reaction.

Justin looked around the empty room and asked, "Where is everyone?"

Lance sat down and grabbed his cup of coffee before saying, "Jc and Leo haven't gotten up yet. Everyone else is off shopping."

Justin collapsed on the couch and covered his eyes with a pillow. "Scott go with them?"

"Yeah, he was up hours ago." Lance explained, standing up. "You want some tea or coffee?"

"Caffeine please." Justin stated dramatically. "How'd Scott look?"

"Better than you." Lance grinned, pouring a liberal amount of cream and sugar for the singer. Handing the steaming cup to him, Lance sat back down. "From what I heard, he was the drunkest too."

"I'm not sure about that." Justin moaned. "Do you know how I got this black eye?"

He heard a giggle coming from his friend and moved the pillow so he could stare at him, "What?"

Shaking his head, Lance said mysteriously, "I think we should let Scott explain that one to you."

Justin shook his head and tried to focus his scattered thoughts. He could remember only bits and pieces of the previous night. But from what he could remember, he was thinking it might be best if it all remained cloudy.

"How did Iówe get to the room last night? I don't remember." Justin asked, taking a sip of the steaming coffee.

Lance blushed suddenly and turned his head. This reaction caused Justin to order, "Don't say another word. I don't want to know."

"Good, cause I'm under strict orders to keep my mouth shut. Scott wants to tell you all the gory details personally." Lance smirked.

"Fuck I should've stayed in bed." Justin groaned and covered his head again.

Lance managed to choke back his laughter by staring at the muted TV set. For twenty minutes or so, the suite was silent. Just when he thought Justin had drifted back to sleep, the singer spoke softly.

"Did I tell you congratulations last night?"

"Several times." Lance nodded as he put the empty coffee cup on the floor next to him.

"Cause I couldn't be happier for you. I mean that." Justin said seriously, his head still covered by the pillow. "Shelia is the perfect woman for you."

At the mention of his new bride, Lance got this dopey grin on his face. "Thank you. I'm lucky guy."

"You know it." Justin teased, sitting upright slowly.

"Do you want some more coffee?" Lance asked, getting up and grabbing his empty cup.

"Yeah, warm it up for me." Justin replied, holding out his half-empty cup. His eyes were still bloodshot but he didn't have that look of someone about to heave up everything he ever ate. But he still moved sluggish and every few minutes a yawn would escape his lips.

After about the tenth sigh Justin gave, Lance asked softly, "What's up? You seem a bit sad today."

Justin wormed his way even deeper into the soft cushions of the couch before answering, "I don't know. This whole wedding thing has got me screwed up."

"How so?" Lance asked tactfully. The last thing he wanted to do was push the reluctant singer into any conversation, especially when he was hung-over and nauseous.

"It seems like all my friends are getting married and starting families." Justin sighed again. "And what am I doing? Nothing."

Lance shook his head sadly, knowing full well how bad Justin wanted to marry Scott. "Come on Just. You two have a perfect relationship. You love each other so much it makes everyone else around nauseous. And whether you're married or not, you both are committed to each other."

"But maybe it's not enough." Justin exploded, forgetting his aching head for a moment. Holding up his left hand, he added, "I want a fucking ring on this finger. I want to let the whole world know that Scott is my husband. I want to be an honest man for a change."

Lance snorted and they both broke out in laughter. After a moment, Justin continued, "I know it's a bit melodramatic but I want what you've got. I want that perfect day to look back on and remember the day when our life together started, you know?"

Justin's face was so earnest and sincere that Lance felt a pang of sorrow at his friend's situation. Scott's feeling about marriage was legendary in the circle of friends. As was Justin's desire to have a ceremony, it was the only real problem between the two. But sometimes that problem looked like the grand canyon, with them on opposite sides.

Lance took a sip of coffee before asking, "Why don't you ask him again?"

Justin snorted, an unpleasant sound that Lance seldom heard and replied, "No. I did that once and he turned me down. I won't ask again."

Lance brought his hand to his face and rubbed his temples. "Wasn't Scott's big problem that he didn't feel like he could contribute to the relationship?"

"Yeah or some stupid shit like that." Justin said with a shrug.

"Well, his new record is doing pretty good and after the tour kicks off in three weeks, I can guarantee his ability to contribute to the relationship." Lance stated seriously.

"I don't care." Justin said with a wave of his hand. "I won't be rejected again."

Justin had such a look of anger on his face; Lance had to ask sheepishly, "You two aren't having any problems are you?"

Justin replied by throwing a pillow at the southerner, "Don't be an ass."

Grinning, Lance deadpanned, "Just wanted to be sure. After all, you are the little bitch of the couple."

"Fuck you." Justin said, his eyes crossed and his tongue sticking out.

Justin sighed and changed the subject, "When are you two leaving for your honeymoon?"

"Midnight," Lance replied, that stupid grin on his face again. "Shelia wanted to get some last minute items before we leave."

"You didn't give her you're credit card again did you?" Justin asked, a grin splitting his face.

"What can I say, I love her." Lance shot back, sighing loudly.

Justin stood up and stretched before saying, "Are we still having dinner tonight?"

"Yep. Six o-clock, in the dining room downstairs. Don't be late Timberlake." Lance ordered, his face stern.

Justin gave him an innocent look and stated, "Who me."

"Yeah you."

Justin walked over and uncharacteristically kissed Lance on the cheek and said, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"You look so fucking hot." Scott panted out as he drove himself deeper inside Justin. Sweat dripped off his chin, splattering Justin's skin and pooling in the small of his back. Justin was on all fours, his head thrown back in ecstasy and whimpering like some small child.

The room smelled of sweat and sex, a heady combination that filled the suite completely. Much like the way Scott filled Justin. With every thrust, a groan escaped Justin's lips and he would push back against Scott fiercely. Scott's hands were on Justin's hips, controlling the speed and pace. Their hair was matted and wild, a mirror image of their lust exploding around them.

Scott lost himself in the moment and started to sing as he pounded Justin madly, "In your mouth, in your mind, in your body from behind, in your heart, in your dreams, inside of you until you scream. All I want to do is live inside of you."

"You dirty bitch." Justin croaked, his hands digging into the sheets. Not being able to control himself anymore, he steadied himself with one hand, the other finding his cock between his legs. Matching Scott's thrusts, he started jerking off wildly.

Scott lifted his face towards the ceiling, his eyes shut tightly as he tried to control the raging emotions flowing through him. But when Justin exploded, the extra friction sent him over the edge. With one last powerful thrust, he collapsed on Justin's back and filled Justin with his love.

Panting heavily, Justin fell on his side bringing Scott crashing down next to him. Scott wrapped his arms around his lover and pulled him close. Kissing his shoulder lovingly, he whispered, "God I love you."

Justin smiled and snuggled closer to Scott's form and replied, "I love you more."

"No you don't." Scott argued, squeezing Justin tighter.

Justin grunted from the added pressure but managed to say, "Yes I do. I let you hit me and give me a black eye. That's how much l love you."

"Fucker." Scott growled, biting the soft flesh of Justin's shoulder. "I told you I it was an accident."

"That's what they all say at first." Justin countered, absently rubbing Scott's forearm as they talked. "But later on, after the blows come everyday, you'll blame me for it. Saying how it's all my fault and that I deserve it."

"If you don't shut-up you will deserve it." Scott stated, nuzzling Justin's neck tenderly.

Sighing loudly, Justin said lazily, "I could stay right here with you forever."

"Ditto." Scott said with a yawn.

"But I can't." Justin said with a wicked grin. Turning over, he pushed Scott on his back and straddled him. Trapping Scott's arms down with his knees, he started tickling the singer.

Scott, the stronger of the two, took a moment before he threw Justin from his perch. In no time flat, their positions were reversed. Scott had pinned Justin's arms down and decided the best punishment he could give his lover was to smother him with kisses. It wasn't long before he felt an unmistakable sensation between his butt cheeks.

"What's this?" He replied, wiggling his hips seductively.

Justin grinned broadly and said tiredly, "It's nothing. Ignore it and it will go away."

"It doesn't feel like nothing." Scott said thoughtfully, wiggling his hips all the more. When Justin let out a moan, he smiled, "I don't think it's going to go away any time soon."

"Not if you keep doing that." Justin retorted, though he did begin thrusting his hips slightly.

Scott cocked his head and said, "Ignoring it doesn't seem to be working. We have to figure out another way to make it go away." Leaning down, he brought his lips to Justin's ear. Moving his body till he felt the erection just at the rim of his ass, he stated harshly as he pushed down, impaling himself on Justin, "Maybe this will help."

"Oh god." Justin yelled. "I don't think it will hurt to try."

Scott started moving up and down, slowly fucking himself. With a grin he stated, "You wouldn't be saying that if you were on the receiving end of this."

Justin squirmed his way free from Scott's grasp. Grabbing Scott's dick, he said, "If you remember correctly, I have been on the receiving end of this and let me tell you, it's a lot bigger than mine."

Scott groaned out, "Shut up and fuck me." With a fluid motion, Scott rolled over, bringing Justin with him. In no time, Justin had the singer's legs over his shoulders and was fucking him with wild abandoned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lance couldn't help but laugh at the way Justin was walking, kind of a stiff bowlegged walk that all but shouted out their afternoon activities. Add that to the bright glow surrounding the couple, they might as well have sold tickets to the entire hotel. To him, it was almost sickening. That is until he realized he was guilty of the same thing.

They had all met for dinner at six, opting to eat in the hotel dining room instead of going to a fancy restaurant. This way they could spend more time together before their plane left for the honeymoon.

Everyone was there, well everyone that was important to the newlyweds. And to Lance, this get together felt more like the last supper than a wedding celebration. He couldn't help but think after it ended, that this would be the last time they would all be together. For a moment, he hated the fact that everyone had grown up and made separate lives. Then he looked at his wife and the feeling melted away under her loving gaze. No matter what happened after tonight, his life would only get better. This was no time for childish desires.

He shook his head and tried to bring his attention back to the conversation around him with no avail. It was like he was studying each and every one, memorizing every detail. Joey's giggle, Chris's stupid jokes that no one ever really got, Jc's understating personality, Justin's infectious outlook on life and Scott's ability to turn anything into a joke. Not for the first time he wondered how he ever became so lucky in his friendships.

"Jesus Christ Lance," Scott shouted out above the noise of the live band playing onstage. "Will you pay attention? My boyfriend asked you a question."

"What?" Lance asked, a startled expression on his face.

Justin giggled and repeated the question, "I asked if you wanted to fuck me."

His expression caused the whole table to erupt in laughter. His blushing didn't help matters either, it only caused another round of laughter. "What?" He demanded loudly.

Through his giggles, Justin explained, "You were staring at me with this dreamy expression on your face and I just wanted to know if you wanted a fuck."

"Leave my husband alone." Shelia said with a glare, well she was trying really hard to glare. But it is a bit difficult to glare at someone when you have a stupid smile on your face.

"Fuck you." Lance stated loudly. But since the band stopped playing suddenly, the entire bar turned to look at the blushing groom. Lance turned every shade of red and tried to hide behind his wife. "I give up." He admonished to the crowd.

Shelia made a soft cooing noise and kissed him soundly, wrapping her hands around his head. The rest of the table wasn't any help, they raised their glasses and did a silent toast to him.

Lance rolled his eyes and watched as Scott whispered something to Justin and then stood up and left the table. Lance asked, "Where's he going?"

"The bathroom." Justin said absently, turning his attention to Jc. "When are you leaving for New York?"

Jc gave Leo a sidelong glance before replying, "I'm not going back to New York."

Joey spoke up, "Why not?" Jc had made plans to stay in New York for a couple of weeks to spend time with Joey and Christine.

Leo smiled brightly and grabbed Jc's hand in his and answered the question, "He's coming to LA with me."

"Ooh." Shelia gushed. "Do I smell love in the air?"

Leo shot back with a grin, "The only love you smell is the leavings Lance left on your chin this afternoon."

Sara covered her mouth and blushed deeply, the rest of the table laughed. Shelia fired right back, "For your information peewee, Lance didn't shoot it on my chin."

"You can't really call him peewee Shelia." Jc defended his lover. Stating casually, "After all, you've had his dick up your ass too."

Shelia opened her mouth but nothing came out. She looked at her husband for support, speechless. Lance was just as shocked and Sara had actually started choking. Justin looked at Leo, then over at Shelia, then back at Leo. He started laughing so hard he started crying.

Joey took a swig of his beer and then stated calmly, "I never thought I'd see Shelia with nothing to say. Kind of makes you question your sanity."

"Well." Chris offered. "Even the queen bitch has her off moments."

Justin waved his hand and stated, "Who cares about that? What I want to know is how serious are you two?" Staring at Jc and Leo over his beer bottle.

They exchanged a look and Jc replied, "Serious enough to move in with this big goofball." Leo leaned over and kissed Jc tenderly.

"That's so fucking sweet." Christine stated, wiping a tear from her eye. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks." Jc replied with a lopsided grin. "I am too."

"Ladies and gentleman. Can I please have your attention?"

Everyone looked up to the stage where the lead singer of the band was standing in front of the microphone. He cleared his throat and said, "We have a special guest in the audience tonight who's asked to join the band for a special song. Can you please welcome Scott Taylor."

Justin shot Lance a confused look as Scott ran up onstage carrying an acoustic guitar. Shelia leaned over and whispered to Lance, "What's he doing?"

Lance shot back, "I don't know."

Most of the audience recognized Scott and after the applause died off. Scott adjusted the microphone before saying, "Some of you might know who I am and for those who don't let's just say that I'm kind of a singer."

"But not a very good one." Joey called out, waving at the blonde energetically.

"Thanks Joe." Scott answered with a grin. Then his face turned serious and he continued, "My friends and I are here celebrating a most happy occasion. My manager, my confidant, my friend Lance got married last night to the most wonderful woman in the world, the lovely Shelia."

The audience responded with polite applause, few knowing the company in the room. After a moment, Scott continued, ignoring the glares the happy couple gave him, "When they first announced their engagement six months ago I sat down with my guitar and wrote a simple song for them. The idea was to sing it for them at the wedding. Kind of my little way of showing them how much they both mean to me and that I wish them nothing but the best in their life."

Ooo's and ahhs echoed around the room as the friends smiled, their attention fully on Scott as he stood under the soft lights. Scott smiled as Shelia wiped a tear from her eye and leaned against her new husband.

"But then the more I thought about it, I realized that I didn't want to give them the song I wrote." Scott added with a grin, unable to contain himself. He waited for the polite laughter to stop before focusing his attention on Justin.

For a heartbeat, he studied his lovers face. His face was expectant, a slight grin curling up the corners of his mouth. His hair was curly and wild; a look he knew drove Scott crazy. Justin, always confident, had a look of apprehension on his youthful face.

Scott started to play a simple melody on his guitar. He said almost in a whisper, "After playing this song over and over, practicing it, shaping it, molding it to say exactly what I needed it to say, I realized it wasn't about Lance and Shelia. It wasn't meant for them but for someone else I love even more."

This caused Justin to blush and Scott hurried, afraid that if he didn't keep going, he would lose his nerve and stop. The band behind him joined in the same simple melody and Scott cleared his voice and started to sing softly.

Diamond ring wear it on your hand
It's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man
Diamond ring, diamond ring
Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring

Red, red rose brought it home to you
Blood red rose, tells me that you're true
Red, red rose, blood red rose
Like a fire inside that grows, blood red rose

When you're hungry, I will fill you up
When you're thirsty, drink out of my loving cup
When you're crying, I'll be the tears for you
There's nothing that I wouldn't do, for you

Scott took off his guitar as the band continued playing the melody. Scott walked purposely towards Justin, their eyes locked on each other as the guitar player played his solo.

Scott walked over to Justin and held his hand out, beckoning the singer to stand with him. Justin gripped the offered hand and stood up. He noticed Scott had a microphone in his hand and realization dawned on him. Tears started falling down his cheeks and he brought one hand up to cover his mouth.
Scott brought the microphone up to his lips and started singing again.

When you're hungry, I will fill you up
When you're thirsty, drink out of my loving cup
When you're crying, I'll be the tears for you
There's nothing that I wouldn't do, for you
You know, I bleed every night you sleep
'Cause I don't know if I'm in you're dreams
I want to be your everything...
Diamond ring, wear it on your hand
I'm ready to tell the world I'm your only man
Diamond ring, wear my ring
Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring
Darling, you're my everything, diamond ring

Justin held out his hand and Scott slipped a plain silver band around his finger before kissing him passionately. Both men had tears in their eyes as the crowd exploded, clapping and whistling loudly. Wrapping his arms around Justin tightly, Scott whispered in his ear, "Now you've got me on your string, diamond ring."

Justin whispered back fiercely, "About fucking time."


Copyright 2002 Burning Angel