DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is directly from my diseased mind. I don't know the sexual preference of my celebrities and I really don't care. This is just a story for amusement. If you don't like male to male sex then read on and try it out, you might like it.



The weather was horrible in Orlando that hot, stormy night last August. Hurricane Kyle was hammering the coast of Florida like it had a death wish. The winds were exceeding one hundred miles and hour and blowing everything that wasn't tied down across the whole state. The Governor had issued a state emergency closing the Florida Keys, and having the residents evacuated.

Most of the state resident's were riding out this latest storm by sitting on their front porches and watching the miracle that is Mother Nature. Tourists on the other hand were a bit scared of the rain and the wind that completely ruined their chance of a great summer vacation.

But one young man had a job to do and Kyle wasn't going to get the best of him. His name was Scott Taylor and he was a musician. Scott was only twenty-one but had a dream that had driven his parents crazy. Ever since he could remember he wanted to be a rock star like his hero's.

Growing up in a small town of Juneau, Alaska, he knew that he would have to leave to pursue his dream. All his friends and relatives made fun of his dream but that only pushed him harder to succeed. Through out his whole life people had laughed at him for his dreams. But through all the hardship, he had managed to hone his song writing skills into a masterful work of art.

Turning pain into beautifully crafted songs, he had performed with his high school band for three years. But his fellow band-mates didn't have the drive that he did. So when he graduated, he packed up his car and headed for LA to live out his dream.

It didn't take him long until he ran into the three members of his current band, Zylvan. Each member of the band matched the intensity of its founding member, Scott. Greg Taylor(no relation to Scott) was the drummer.

Greg stood at six feet, and the perfect body due to hours upon hours banging on his drums. His long blonde hair was uncut and hung almost down to his ass. His tanned body was almost hairless except for his blonde pubic hair that was trimmed real close to his body. What little armpit hair he had, he shaved off and it gave him a childlike quality that the women really went nuts for. His piercing green eyes sparkled like a child that's always up for mischievous behavior.

Garion Mitchell was the bass player and he was Greg's best friend. They had been playing together since junior high. Garion was five foot six inches but always wore cowboy boots to make up for his shortness. He had his head shaved except a topknot that was colored bright blue. His brown eyes took everything in and processed it with his dry sense of humor. Garion had a smooth body that rippled every time he struck the bass strings. His chest was small but very defined that matched his six pack abb's and his muscular legs.

Garet Black was the lead and rhythm guitarist. He stood at six -foot and had long, black hair that matched his dark brooding eyes. His smooth body was a mural that he had covered almost completely with tattoos. Most days he sported a five-o-clock shadow.

Scott Taylor on the other hand had long blonde hair with streaks of red. His gray eyes were piercing and looked almost stormy. His muscular body was smooth and spoke of long hours in the gym. He was completely hairless as he waxed his body regularly. He had one tattoo on the back of his next that simply read, SLAVE, written out in gothic lettering.

Scott sat at the bar in the Resort Hotel. With all the bad weather, he didn't think too many people would show up for tonight's gig. Oh, well, he thought. At least they would still get paid. His band loved to play, and they still gave 120% even if no one showed up. He just wished it wasn't raining. He hated the rain.

Glancing at his watch he realized that he had two hours until show time. Motioning for another beer, he waved at his friends who had just entered the bar.

"Fuck this weather!" Garet said as he flapped his coat trying to get the excess water off.

Garion laughed, "What, are you gonna melt?"

Garet just stared at his band mate.

Greg interjected, "He just doesn't want to get his purty hair all mussed up."

Garet gave his band mates the finger as he lit up a cigarette.

"You have got to relax man. We have been together for almost two years and I don't think I have ever seen you smile." Garion stated.

"That's because you don't ever say anything that's funny. Sometimes you talk just to hear yourself." Garet replied.

"You're just mad that no girls want your ugly, scary ass. Maybe if you'd stop glaring at everyone and treat them like their human."

Garet cut him off by saying, "Stupid humans. You're all the same."

"Oh great. Now he thinks he's an alien. I think all the ink on your body has finally went to your brain Gar."

The bartender interrupted their friendly banter," What can I get for you."

The three friends ordered a pitcher of beer and sat down and continued to talk.

"Do you think many people will show up tonight?" Greg asked.

"No. We might be the only people here. I just hope that the guests will show up since they can't go anywhere else. I hate playing for ourselves." Scott answered.

"I think I am going to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. See you in a bit. I will be back in about an hour and half to get warmed up." Scott stated.

Scott left the bar as he heard his friends talking about the chance of some hot women showing up for the gig tonight.

He walked outside on the covered walkway. His thoughts were jumbled as he made his way over to the pool area. God how he hated the rain.

As Scott walked over towards the pool, he noticed a young man shooting at the basketball hoop. What a freak. Playing basketball in this downpour was just stupid. It was just asking for a bolt of lightening up your ass.

Scott got closer and could hear the grunting of the player as he dribbled the ball and dodged imaginary players. The young man was soaking wet and his blonde curls were plastered to his head. His young strong body was plainly visible through his wet T-shirt as it clung to chest and back. His baby blue shorts were also doing little to hide his manhood as he ran around the court.

Scott could just see the young cock bounce around as the player jumped for a three pointer.

Damn, this was one sexy kid. Scott stopped walking as he watched this young player. As he was now standing right next to the court, Scott could here that the blonde was talking to himself as he made shot after shot.

"Don't do this Justin. Don't do that Justin. Fuck, I am not a kid anymore."

With every sentence, the young player was getting angrier. Scott could see the anger boiling inside the young man's eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. Scott just watched this Adonis play for the longest time before he was noticed.

"What are you looking at?"

Scott was shaken back to reality as he heard the man speak.

"What, what you say?" He asked.

"I asked what the fuck are you looking at." The blonde youth stated.

"At a stupid kid playing in the rain." Came the reply.

"Really," the youth replied as he made another shot. Grabbing the ball, he stopped dribbling and looked at the man who had been watching him.

"And how would you know stupid if it bit you in the ass? You look pretty stupid with your long hair. What is that, red? Oh my god, you look like a Marylin Manson wannabe."

"Are you always this bitchy or are you bleeding this week?" Scott replied.

"Ohhh. Good come back. Don't want to battle with you, it would be too easy." The blonde man turned his back on the intruder and started shooting at the basket.

Scott was so taken back at the man's rudeness that he just continued to stare at him. Something at the back of his mind told him that he should know who the youth was. But for the life of him it escaped him. So he continued to stare at the youth as he shot basket after basket.

After a few minutes had gone by, the youth looked back and saw the longhaired man still standing there. Cursing rather loudly he walked over to the man.

"Can I help you?"

Scott snapped out of his trance and replied, "What the fuck is your problem? I am out here on a walk, I see an idiot out playing basketball in the rain. I stop for a brief second and I get this attitude from hell from this little kid. Is mommy and daddy getting tough on you? Won't let you play with the other nice kids?"

"What, are you a faggot? Like looking at my cock as I bounce around on the court. Do you want to take me to your room and have your way with me? The blonde asked.

"Think highly of yourself do you? What's wrong? Did your mommy forget your binky and you have nothing to suck on?"

"Funny, aren't you a comedian. Why don't you get the fuck out of my face, before I call security."

"What a spoiled brat." Scott stated as he began to laugh.

"Stop laughing at me! Do you know who I am? I could have you kicked out. I am warning you."

Between his laughter Scott couldn't help himself but say, "You are so cute for a little spoiled rich boy."
The blonde youth started to pout as he crossed his arms. Which only made Scott laugh more. He pulled out his cigarettes as he tried to regain composure.

"Don't smoke around me."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't like it." He answered.

"Get used to disappointment kid." Scott answered as he lit up a smoke blowing into the kid's face.

"God, you are such an asshole."

"Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?"

"Who you calling kid? You don't look older than me. How old are you?"

Scott started to turn away as he said, "Look, I just came out to get some air before the show. Why don't you take your spoiled ass and go home before mommy catches you out of your cage."

"The show, don't tell me you're the hotel's entertainment tonight. It's bad enough that we had to stop in this shithole. Now the only thing we get to hear is your shitty band. What was the name again. Oh yeah, that's right, Zylvan. What a stupid name."

Scott answered, "Too bad you aren't off your mom's apron strings, or you could come and check us out. Good bye you little fuck. Tell mommy I said hello."

Scott walked away as he heard many references of what he could do to himself. He just smiled as he left the youth standing in the rain yelling at him.

The time passed quickly as he drank a few more beers with his friends before show time. The foursome made it's way to the stage a few minutes before it was time to play. The band made last minute sound check before the lights went out and the tired announcer introduced them.

The room was about half full as the band opened with their first number. The guests who showed up seemed to like the heavy sound of Zylvan. Between Scott and Garet's riffs, and the distorted bass of Garion, and the wicked banging of Greg, the crowd started getting into the new band. After they played their first set, the band took a small break. Heading up to the bar for drinks, Scott noticed the blonde youth walking in with four other friends. Scott waved at the young Adonis as he got his beer. The youth gave him the finger as he sat down with his friends.

"I think we are ready to try out our new song tonight. What do you think guys?" Scott asked his band mates.

"I don't know, I am still not happy with the drums yet." Greg offered.

"Come on, are you ever happy about the drums." Garion asked his friend.

"I have been waiting to do this song for ever, come on Greg, just try it." Scott almost pleaded.

"Well, if it means that much too you."

"Thanks man. Hey guys, do you know who that group of guys are?" Scott pointed to the blonde youth and his friends.

"Nope. Why, do you have the hot's for one of them?" Teased Garion.

"Fuck you. I met the blonde curly one outside earlier, and he was an asshole. But I keep thinking that I should know them."

"You guys are fucking stupid. That's the boy band Nysnc." Garet stated.

The other three guys looked at the guitarist.

"Is there something you want to tell us, Gar?" Greg asked with a smile.

Garion beamed," Oh my god! Gar is a closet fag just like Scott."

"Who is a closet fag?" Scott asked laughing. "I think I ripped off that door long time ago."

Garet just rolled his eyes and took another drink of his beer.

"So how do you know who that is Garet?" Greg asked with a smirk.

"Fuck you all straight to hell." Garet replied as he walked back to the stage.

Looking at the time Scott motioned the rest of the band towards the stage.

"Looks like break's over, are we going to do Sex and Religion tonight?"" He asked.

Greg and Garion looked at each other and shrugged. They knew Scott was going to play it even if they said no. Scott asked Garet and he shook his head yes.

The lights went down again as Scott put his guitar around his neck and spoke.

"This is a brand new song, I hope you like it. Its called Sex and Religion."

With that Scott started a melodic melody that was punctuated by Garet's rhythm guitar. Greg started banging the bass drum as the distorted bass started thumping. Scott's started screaming as only metal singers can do, the opening line to the song.

Repent, repent, repent ye sinners

What do you think you got

When you thought you had a lot

But all your feelings are dead

And who do you think you are

When you're reaching for a star

But all your feelings are dead

Must you make a decision

Between sex and religion

Why can't you love god in your bed

Well Jesus Christ

Is in your bed tonight

To bring you back from the dead

How are you gonna fight

For what you think is right

If all your feelings are dead

And what can you know of love

From the eyes of a child to the heavens above

When all your feelings are dead

It's a tragic condition

Sex and religion

Makin a manic mess in your head

Jesus Christ

Or any son of the heatless light

When all your feelings are dead

Resurrection Rap

I raise my hands high up into the air

Get down on my knees

And then I start a-prayin

When love walks in

My body begins

I feel my promise land comin

But I have to go to hell now

And those creatures

Evangelist preachers

The ones that take money

For the promise of hope

Well they are dangerous

I'm not dangerous

Brain washing us

And we're not gonna take it

Scott's big solo was right here and he played his guitar like a man possessed. Ending the solo on his knees, Garion took up the vocals for some screaming.

I just want to know

Oh lord how is it so

How is it that you can take my sins away

Oh lord tell me

So I can see the light again

I don't think anybody can take my sins away

Oh no!

Scott resumed the vocals

How can the truth be known

If we got little black holes

In our souls

And all our feelings are dead


Are we imprisoned

By sex and religion

Or is god the one that's trapped in our mess

Well Jesus Christ

Is in your bed tonight

To bring you back from the dead

End rap

So remember now folks

When you kneel to pray

Blow alittle kiss to the hypocrites

Good god knows when you turn

The other cheek

Which direction you're pointing it

The song ended and the place went nuts. The band was shocked as most of the audience was out of their seats clapping like maniacs. Scott couldn't help himself as he glanced towards the blonde hair kid. He was shocked to see him jumping up and down clapping.

The rest of the night went extremely well. The band members were shocked as the hotel guest's screamed for more with they finished the show. They screamed as the band made it off stage after playing three blistering sets.

"Damn, I think they like us." Greg shouted at his friends.

"What gave you that idea?" Garion answered laughing as the crowd kept chatting one more song.

Scott and Garet looked at each other and smiled. It went over better than they dreamed.

The manager of the hotel came over and asked if they could do one more song. They eagerly agreed.

The crowd started cheering as the band walked back on stage.

Scott looked for his blonde Adonis and quickly found him screaming with the rest of the audience.

"I don't think I can go until I tell you about my dreams." Scott shouted over the PA system.

Garet started playing the opening riff for their signature song. Scott started singing without playing his guitar.

I'm watchin you

I'm wantin you

But you turn away

I'd crawl through broken glass to you

But it wouldn't pay

You take me for a fool

But if you only knew

What I do in my dreams with you

You're so cold and critical

And baby that's too bad

So my reality'll have to come to me

In my dreams

I know that you belong to me every night

You suddenly appear in my eyes

It happens when I sleep

It isn't right

What I do in my dreams with you

I love the way you come to me

Every night

My fantasies are real

And they never lie

If you only knew

What I do in my dreams with you yeah

Is isn't right

Lord knows that it isn't right

The world can make you cynical

With all its love and its pain

But I don't have to carry

The weight of the world

I know that you belong to me every night

You suddenly appear in my eyes

It happens when I sleep

It isn't right

What I do in my dreams with you

Baby don't wake me

Let me take you

On an endless journey

We touch

And the softest kiss

Explodes with lust

It's real you can't deny

The heat you feel

And if I die before I wake

Baby that's all right

Cause I know that you belong to me every night

You suddenly appear in my eyes

It happens when I sleep

It isn't right

What I do in my dreams with

The song ended to cheers and screaming for more, more, more. Scott looked at the manager and he shook his head no. Scott thanked the crowd for sticking around all night and the lights came on as the band made its way off stage.

Normally, the band would have started to take down their equipment, but they were playing here all week. The band members made their way into the audience to thank them and to try to sell their merchandise. Luckily, the crowd stuck around buying up the CD's and T-shirt's that were for sell. Scott talked for a few minutes but made his leave early. He needed a shower badly and went into his room.

Walking into his room, he stripped off his white shirt as he made his way into the bathroom. His body was covered in sweat from the three hours of playing. Hopping on one foot he tried to take off his black boots without losing his balance.

A knock on the door interrupted his striping. Mumbling to himself he un-buttoned his pants as he opened the door expecting one of his band mates.

There standing, in one of his band's T-shirts, was the blonde haired youth from earlier.

Scott asked, "What do you want?"

"Hi, my name is Justin. Can I come in?"


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