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A knock on the door interrupted his striping. Mumbling to himself he un-buttoned his pants as he opened the door expecting one of his band mates.

There standing, in one of his band's T-shirts, was the blonde haired youth from earlier.

Scott asked, "What do you want?"

"Hi, my name is Justin. Can I come in?"


Scott couldn't believe his eyes. There stood one of the sexiest men he had ever seen. Justin's blonde curls were still damp from the jumping he had been doing in the bar. His black T-shirt, had the logo of Zylvan of the front with white lettering, and on the back had the words, my dick smells like chapstick, was damp underneath the arms. His blue eyes questionably looking at Scott with a bit of hesitation.

Scott noticed Justin's eyes glance down at his open pants, and quickly buttoned them back up.

"Looks like your mommy let you out past curfew huh."

Justin grinned and replied, "I guess I had that coming to me. Are you going to let me in or am I going to have to drink these beers by myself out in the rain?"

Scott looked at Justin holding a six-pack of imports, his mind racing. Before he could make up his mind, Justin slid past him, and entered the room going over to the table and placing the beers down.

"Do you have any ice?" He asked.

"Make yourself at home." Scott stated sarcastically.

Scott closed the door and turned to face the pop star. Scott watched as Justin grabbed the ice bucket and started to open the door.

"I'll be right back." Justin smiled at the half naked man, and left the room.

What the hell just happened thought Scott? Still standing there with one boot off, one boot on, he grabbed one of the beers and took a long drink. What an attitude adjustment Justin must have gotten. Totally different then earlier. Scott was almost stunned speechless.

Justin stormed back into the room with a look of irritation on his smooth face. The ice bucket was still empty.

"The ice machine is broken. Looks like we have to drink all the beer before they get cold." Justin flashed his killer smile at the musician.

"Before they get cold?"

Laughing, Justin shook his head and grabbed the beer out of Scott's hand downing the rest of the beer.

"Ahhhh, that's good beer. Yea, you know what I mean. I hope you don't have any diseases. Wouldn't want to catch something from you in such a boring way like drinking after you."

"Do you always barge in other people's rooms and drink their beer?" Scott asked as he opened another beer. Handing it to Justin, he opened one for himself.

"Technically, I didn't steal your beer, I brought it. Secondly, I didn't barge in anyone's room." Justin laughed as he looked around the room for a chair. Finding one, he plopped down with one leg over the arm. He just sat there sipping his beer and looking at the man wearing only leather pants and one boot.

"What do you call what you just did?"

"You invited me in didn't you."

"How do you figure that?"

Justin laughed and answered, "You opened the door didn't you."

Scott looked at the man, and sat down on the bed shaking his head.

Grabbing his cigarettes off the nightstand, he lit up inhaling the blue black smoke deep into his lungs.

Justin crinkled up his nose at the smell of the harsh tobacco.

"You know, smoking is horrible for your voice. Plus it makes your teeth yellow and your clothes stink." Justin preached at Scott.

Scott laughed and blew a mouthful of smoke over towards Justin, who pretended to cough and choke.

"Damn, you're worse than my mom. Do you always try to force your beliefs onto other people? Or do you just like tormenting me?" Scott asked.

Justin leaned his head back and replied, "Well, I do try to help the feeble minded."

Scott laughed as he watched the blonde man finish off another beer. Damn, that kid could drink he thought. Not wanting to be out done by a boy band, Scott drank the rest of his beer. At the end, he shook his head and then burped very loudly without covering his mouth.

"I have never been more in love with you then I am right now." Justin deadpanned.

"That's just cause you don't know me. Anyway, I don't believe in love. Love is just a by-product of lust." Scott answered.

"Interesting," Justin said. "So love doesn't exist. I couldn't tell that by the words to your songs. Do you write them, or does your bandmates?"

"I write most of the lyrics and music."

"Why do you look lonely?"

"I'm not lonely." Scott countered.

"Really, could have fooled me." Justin snickered.

"Why do you think I'm lonely?"

"Because, when I met you earlier today. I was so rude to you, and you just stood there like a little kid begging for a friend. Then, tonight, in the bar, you looked so sad when you were singing."

Scott sighed and stretched his lean frame as he stood up. Walking over to where the beer was, he grabbed another one. Justin had stretched his legs out and had them resting on the other chair that was in front of him.

Scott asked, "Do you mind moving your feet so I could sit down?"

Justin replied with moving his feet. After Scott sat down, Justin reached over and grabbed the beer out of his hands with a grin.

"I have killed people for worse you know." Scott glared at Justin only making him grin bigger.

"Really, how did you kill them, cry them to death? You are too much of a pansy to hurt me." Justin said batting his eyelashes at the tall singer.

Scott started laughing as he grabbed the last beer.

"You look so much better when you laugh." Justin said in a soft voice.

"Thank you, I think. But I laugh all the time."

"No, you smile, but it never touches your eyes. I think you are the saddest person I have ever met. And your songs are so sad. Some girl must have ripped your heart out and set it afire with you looking on." Justin said sadly.

"Everybody has had a broken heart one time or another."

"Yea, but most people get over it. You need to stop dwelling man, that shit will eat you alive." Justin declared.

"You want this chair back pretty badly, don't you?"

"My feet were comfortable there." Justin replied as he drank the last of his beer. He sat down the empty bottle, and just stared at Scott as he peeled the label from the bottle. Scott was lost in his thoughts and stared away into nothing.

Both singers sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Justin watched as Scott absently played with his blonde hair. Twisting it around his fingers, first one way, then the other.

Justin broke the silence; "You have a great voice. I loved your band."

That brought Scott back to reality. "Really, thank you."

Looking over at the singer from Nysnc, he stated with a grin, "I don't really like your group. Think your music sucks."

Justin stuck his tongue out at him and said in a huffy voice, "I least people don't commit suicide after listening to my band. I think everyone started crying when you sang that one song about feeling so good feeling so bad."

Scott closed his eyes and softly started to sing.

In the end we want it all, in the end we take it all, in the end apart it falls, in the end there's nothing

"What was that? You didn't sing that tonight, did you?"

Scott shook his head yes. "It was during our first set. You know, when you were trying to get permission from mommy to stay up past nine."

"I would like my chair back now." Justin pouted.

The two performers sat in silence for three or four minutes before Scott asked, "Justin."

Looking over at Scott, he said. "Yea."

"Why did you come to my room tonight?"

"Their throwing a party in my room, the other members of my band, and I didn't feel like partying tonight. Plus, you looked like you needed some company."

"How did you know what room I was staying in?"

"That was easy. I asked the bass player, the one with the blue topknot, where you're room was. He refused at first, but then I made a deal with him." Justin stated looking pleased with himself.

"And what was the deal?"

"I told him that I would buy all your merchandise that you had with you."

"Really. You bought it all. That's like five thousand dollars." Scott exclaimed standing up.

"Well, I gave most of it away to the audience, but I still have like fifty of these shirts." Justin pulled at the front of the T-shirt.

"I love this logo. My dick smells like chapstick. Where did you come up with?"

Chuckling to himself, Scott changed the subject. "Like I said. How did you know that I would even talk to you again? The first time I met you, you were a real asshole."

Justin stood up and stepped real close to Scott. Scott could feel the blonde man's breath on his face. Justin almost whispered, "Because, Garion said that could be bought with a six-pack and a smile."

"What a fucking friend huh?"

"What are friends for," Justin asked as he turned away. "Besides, not his fault that you are so easy."

Scott grabbed for Justin but missed as he jumped over the bed. But he was laughing so hard that he tripped on the one boot that Scott had taken off earlier.

Scott looked down at the curly haired boy sprawled out on the floor laughing his ass off. He couldn't help but to laugh along with him. Finally Scott grabbed Justin's hand and helps him to his feet. Scott yanked on Justin's arm causing the lighter youth to slam into Scott's arms. Justin looked at Scott with a grin, then suddenly kiss the tip of his nose. Scott was unprepared for that, pushing Justin back down into the bed, he wiped off the kiss with the back of his hand. Justin just lay there and giggled.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Scott asked faking anger. "I don't get you at all man."

Justin stopped giggling and crouched down on all fours with his butt facing Scott. Looking over his shoulder he purred. "Are you sure you don't get me?"

Scott just stared at the ass that was facing him for a brief second. It started wiggling. "I need a shower."

Scott turned away from Justin and grabbed a pair of boxers from his suitcase and walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. As he took off his pants, he heard Justin laughing from outside the bathroom.

Stepping into the shower, he let the water rinse off the layers of sweat and smoke. Closing his eyes he let the water pour down his back as he put his head under the faucet.

He started soaping his body as his mind whirled at the events of the evening. What was happening? This beautiful man that had entered his life, turning his emotions upside down. At first, when he met Justin, he thought he was the biggest prick he had ever met. Then, he barges into his room with a confidence Scott had never seen.

Absently he made sure to wash his genitals and asshole as he thought. Yea, Justin was sexy. As he wiggled his ass on that bed Scott had wanted to jump his bones. The way he talked, just the way he sat in the chair made Scott's cock twitch. Even as he thought about him his cock had started to grow.

I can't let myself do this again he thought. Everytime he opened up to someone he had gotten hurt. Since the last, he swore to himself that he would never let his heart rule him again. But there he was, wanting to open up to this pop star. As he turned off the shower, he was scared to death to leave that bathroom and face him again.

He took a long time drying off. By this time he had been in the shower for twenty minutes. Tying his hair back, he pulled up his Tommy briefs and opened the door.

His heart sank. Justin was gone. The front door was opened and Scott could hear the rain falling down. Walking over to the bed he saw a note that Justin had wrote.

Scott- I had to go back to my room. If the hurricane lets up we have to get an early start for Miami. Time is money. Thanks for talking to me tonight and remember that life isn't sad so smile more. You have the cutest smile. Thanks for everything.

Your voice is a song

Sweet and long

I sing along

Your eyes are like pools

Bright and cool

They see through fools

Your hands make me feel

Feel for real

Feel so healed

My love is so true and my

Love is all for you

I'll never change my point of view

I wanted you to know the truth

That everything I'll ever do

I do for you

All for you

Remember that love is real. One day when you finally realize that we might meet again. As the old saying goes, never stand to close to someone, you might catch their dreams. Don't dream it, be it. Justin Timberlake

Scott's eyes teared up as he read the words over and over. How did that bastard know him so well? Fuck, why did I say that to him? Why can't my heart stop aching?

Scott slammed the door shut and made his way to the bed. He lay down and shut his eyes trying to force sleep to overcome him. But as he lay there, he could still smell Justin. A clean, almost boyish smell, that lingered on the bedspread where he had lain. Moaning to himself he rolled over and tried to put him mind asleep. For a peaceful sleep to take away all the pain that he had hid from everyone. That somehow Justin had managed to find in the brief amount of time that they talked and bring it bubbling back to the surface.

Sleep was along time coming for the singer. After who knows how long, he drifted off to his nightmares.


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