DISCLAIMER: This story is a complete work of fiction directly from my diseased mind. I don't know the sexual orientation of any of the celebrities that I use, and don't really care. If male on male sex isn't your thing, than I feel sorry for you. Remember that it's just a story for our amusement.




The guys from Nysnc had finished breakfast, and after their manager had explained to them about the cancellation of tonight's show, the five young men were free to do as they pleased.

That's how we find them all in Lance's room sitting around while Lance was trying to convince them that they needed to practice their dancing in the afternoon. Needless to say there was some argument.

"Come on Lance, it's a free day off. Can't we go at least one day without being Nysnc?" Joey pleaded.

The guys all stared at Lance with questioning looks.

Lance ran his fingers through his short blonde hair messing up the spiky look he wore. Shaking his head he tried to make them understand.

"A day off without being Nysnc? How is that possible?"

"Lance, we all work our asses off for months at a time without rest. With recording, touring, public appearances, photo shoots, we are always on the go." Chris stated standing up. "And I am tired. We need a break, Lance."

"Besides, isn't there a movie you would like to see on pay-per-view?" Jc tried to find something, anything that Lance would rather do.

Lance sometimes got tired of being the responsible one, but not today. He, like the rest of the guys, had the previous day off too because of Hurricane Kyle. He was well rested up.

He always seemed to work harder due to all the press saying that the other members were carrying him. He needed longer time to perfect his dancing, and wanted to get all the chances he could get. Some would say that he was a compulsive, they would probably be right.

"Guys, all I am asking for is some help for a few hours. Time to exercise and get rid of all that beer you guys drank last night. Is your belly poken out Joey?" Lance teased.

"Hey that's not fair." Joey exclaimed as he lifted his shirt to see if Lance was right.

Chris jumped right on in, "Well, you did have a huge breakfast Joey. You know what they say, syrup sticks right to ya."

Lance walked over to where Joey had stood up and tapped the Italian in the stomach. When it rippled from his touch, Joey groaned.

"I think he might be pregnant," Mused Chris.

"Well, his ass looks like it started to slide," Jc commented from behind.

"Fuck off guys," Joey said as he ran into the bathroom to check in the mirror.

All the boys were laughing except Justin who hadn't said a word since they entered the room and sat down.

"What's up, Just?" Jc asked his closest friend.

Justin continued to stare off into space but handed his friend an empty glass that was sitting next to him.

"What the hell is this," Asked Jc looking at his other friends.

"You must be the new maid." Smirked Lance.

Joey stormed back into the room with his pants dropped down around his knees. "Does this ass look flabby to you?"

"Oh god, it's out again." Lance shuddered.

Jc stammered, "That's the nicest most beautifulest ass in the whole world. I just want to kiss it and hug it and call it hairy."

Joey pulled up his pants with a proud look.

Chris turned to the chair and said, "Your lucky, I have to see that every night before bed."

A pillow smacked off the side of his head as he completed that sentence.

"Hey, that's not nice scaring the chair like that," Joey said as he took a flying leap into Chris. Knocking the wind out of himself more than hurting his friend. Jc yelled gang bang as Lance and himself fell on top of the twosome.

All this time, Justin had been lost in his own thoughts. He couldn't help but notice the noise that the four grown men were causing. He glanced at his friend, and started laughing. What made it even funnier, was that he had no idea how it got started.

But he knew that if he didn't do something quick, they would move the smashing party over to him. So he did what any young man would do, he jumped on top of them all.

Ump. That must have been Chris on the bottom Justin thought as he fought to stay on the safe side, the top.

"Hey, look who finally decided to acknowledge us."

That was all Justin heard before he was thrown down on the floor. Each boy grabbed an appendage and held him spread eagle lying on his back.

"Now that we got him, what do we do with him," Jc smirked evilly.

"Hummmmmm, I think we should..." Lance struggled.

"We could shave his head." Offered Joey.

With that, the youth struggled with all his might, but he wasn't strong enough. "Don't you touch my hair! Jc, don't let em!"

"Well, it would mean that we wouldn't be late anymore." Lance agreed. "He does make us late everyday. What do you think, Chris."

Chris pretended to think about for a few seconds then snapped his fingers. "I have it. Lets tickle him until he pees his pants."

Justin went crazy as the four boys started to tickle him without mercy. He was laughing and screaming at the same time, his arms and legs were pulling at the grip that they had him in. His head whipped back and forth as he pleaded for them to stop.

This went on for a few minutes before Jc decided it was time to stop. Justin had a great sense of humor, but he was an asshole if you took it to far. Looking at his face, Jc knew that time was near.

Letting go of his friend, Jc ordered, "All right guys, you just might make him piss his pants."

All the boys let go except for Joey, who gave him one last tickle for the hell of it. Justin was glaring at the boys as he tried to catch his breath.

"You guys suck." He wheezed.

All the guys were laughing as Justin half walked/half crawled to the bathroom. Seeing him doing the pee pee dance was just too funny for them.

"Hey Joey, go in there man. You know he can't piss if someone is watching," Jc said through his laughter.

"Don't you dare Joey!" Justin yelled. "I'll kick all your asses when I am auhhhhhhhh."

The guys had settled down by the time Justin came out of the bathroom with his hands behind his back.

"Just, what are doing?" Jc asked as the blonde youth approached the group.

Justin flashed his famous smile and replied, "Nothing."

Joey half stood up ready to run, "Show us your hands."

"Here, see." Justin said as he brought one hand out, and then put it back and brought the other one out.

"Both at the same time, Curly." Lance ordered.

"Get ready to run guys," Chris warned.

Justin lowered his head, then slowly brought it up to face his friends who had just tickled him almost to pissing his pants. A wicked smile crossed his features.

Without another word he lunged at Jc with a wet towel he had behind his back, whipping the dark hair man across the backside.

"Ouch," Jc howled.

"Oh shit, he's armed." Shouted Joey as he dove over the bed.

But he wasn't fast enough; the towel hit him right below his left buttock with a whack.

All the guys had scrambled away from Justin as he kept flicking the weapon to keep them at bay.

"Tickle me huh. Think that's funny." Whap

"Let's see him wet his pants." Whap

Justin motioned to Chris to come closer as he said, "This was all your idea. Come on, don't be scared. I just want to make your ass red."

Chris tried to back up further but the wall was in his way. Putting his hands out in front of him, he said, "That's sick Justin. What kind of faggot game is this? Count me out, sicko boy."

Chris was making a horrible face.

Justin laughed, "I'll show you sicko boy."

And with that he went to snap it back and it slipped out of his hand and hit the wall with a smack. Justin looked at the towel on the floor, then to Chris's grinning face. "Opps. Got to go."

Justin ran out of the room and down the hall till he came to his room. Locking the door behind him, he heard Chris pounding on the door.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna talk to you, Curly. Open up."

"Not fucking likely." Justin shouted through the door laughing.

Chris answered back in his best queen voice, "But ssssweety, I jussst want to let you ssssspank my asssssss red." Dragging out all of the s'es of the sentence.

Justin was laughing uncontrollably by this time. He opened the door quickly and pulled Chris close to him and gave him a big wet sloppy kiss right on the lips.

The other members had followed them and were laughing out in the hall. When they saw Justin kiss Chris, Joey actually fell over from laughing so hard. Jc was doubled over clutching his stomach.

"Ewwwwww. That's gross Just." Chris complained as he wiped off the kiss. With a little tilt of his head he smiled and said, "Gross, but kind of erotic. I want another one."

Justin grabbed Chris's face and held him at bay. "I don't think so. One per asshole. That's my limit."

Walking into his room, he sat down on the bed and grabbed his notebook. The rest of the guys came in and sat down on the bed next to Justin.

With a look of annoyance, Justin asked, "Did we decided what we are going to do today? Do we practice, or do we goof off?"

All four heads snapped to look at Lance. Still grinning from the sight of Justin kissing Chris, Lance answered.

"We can goof off, but only if Justin will let us read one his poems he's always writing in that notebook."

All heads turned toward Justin. The entire time they had known him, he had been writing in that book. Only once had they convinced him to let them see one. Only one. And he read it to them. He never went anywhere without that book.

"No." Justin stated.

"Come on Curly, please?" Chris begged. "I'll let you kiss me again."

Justin shook his head, "As tempting as that is, no."

"I will buy you any piece of jewelry you want." Joey bribed.

"No, I have enough thank you."

Jc turned on the charmed; "I will be your very best friend." Blinking his eyelids, he rested his head on Justin's shoulder.

Justin started to say no, but then Jc did something he very rarely ever did, he kissed Justin slightly on the cheek.

"Please Just."

Grinning more to him self than at Jc, he nodded. "Okay, but just one. Then you can leave me along for awhile, deal?"

All the guys promised. Justin searched in his book until he found one that he wanted to read. He began to softly read, just loud enough that the other boys had to strain to hear him.

Everyone is wondering the how

No one stops to answer the now

Society declares all the freaks insane

But individuals bears the majorities pain

Behavioral studies explains the questions

But the world evolves around class exceptions

To stop the hate and all the wars

We need to find the way of what we're fighting for

The hate is inside demanding release

As society morals constantly decrease

Living a life based on black or white

As technology brings us to unimaginable heights

If the world could degrade to utter misery

Maybe we then could find life's best destiny

As the innocence is lost by our young

Could the world ever be like Lennon sung

Imagine all the people striving to be free

And all the races living in a free and perfect society

Justin finished reading and his friends were silent for a few moments. Each one going over what had been written. Joey leaned over Justin's shoulder so he could read it again. Justin had a look on his face, one that screamed acceptance.

Chris broke the silence, "Wow. When did you write that?"

"That was beautiful. I didn't know that you could write like that." Lance patted Justin on the back.

Justin was beaming at the praise, but he kept looking at Jc for his reaction. Jc was quiet for a long time, and slowly tears started rolling down his cheeks. Grabbing Justin in a bear hug he squeezed until Justin started grunting.

"Hey man, that hurts." Justin complained to his friend.

Jc softly whispered in his ear, "That was beautiful. I want a copy, please?"

Jc finally released the blonde, and tried to hide the fact that he had been crying. Joey finished reading the poem again and remarked, "Just, that was amazing. Do you have any more like that in there?"

Justin shook his head; "I have all kinds, that was written a couple weeks ago. Some of my poems are kind of dark. I mostly write when I'm angry or really sad."

The mood had been taken down a notch from the rowdiness of before; Joey was the first one to stand up. "It's time to leave him alone. We did promise. Come on Chris, we can go and shoot some hoops." Turning to look at Justin, he added, "See Curly."

Lance followed after his friends but not before they said see ya. That left Justin and Jc still sitting on the bed.

The two boys were quiet for a few minutes when Jc asked, "Just, can you read me another one. I can't believe how could your work is."

"I don't know, Josh. I don't like other people to read my stuff. Its all my feelings, my thoughts, my hurts, I don't like to bear my soul to just anyone." Justin explained.

"I'm not just anyone. We have known each other basically our entire lives. I know all your fears, and your pain. Remember, I was there for it all." Jc uttered in a small voice.

"You have cried yourself to sleep in my arms more than once, Curly."

Justin put his arm around Jc, and replied. "I know I have. And if I needed to tonight you would let me. That's why I love you. My best friend."

"I love you too."

Justin leaned his head against the brunet's. They sat like that for a long time. Just enjoying each other's closeness.

"Damn, it didn't work." Jc broke the silence.

Punching him in the arm, Justin stood up and said, "That wasn't very nice. And I was going to let you read it too."

Jc just grinned. "Yea, I am a bastard aren't I?"

"Now, get out of here, I have to call my mom."

Jc gave Justin one last hug, and reminded him, "I still want a copy of that last one. Does it have a name?"

"I call it The Remains of Human Behavior."

"Tell Lynn I said hi. Talk to you later."

"See ya," Justin answered as he sat down on the bed and picked up the phone.

He had every intention of calling his mom, but when he pick up the phone he asked for Scott Taylor's room instead. He thought to himself, that he must be crazy. He really did need to call his mom.


Scott had only been asleep for an hour before the ringing of the phone startled him into wakefulness. Grabbing the receiver, he put it to his head.

"What! I told you I was sleeping. You woke me out of a very good dream, asshole." Scott almost screamed into the phone thinking it was Garet.

Scott heard someone giggling on the other end of the phone. Then a soft, seductive voice came out of the speaker.

"Were you dreaming about me?"

Scott was trying to clear his head. He didn't recognize the voice, even though it sent chills up and down his spine.

He stammered, "Who is this?"

Then he heard a laugh that he knew, "Is that you Justin?"

"In the flesh, right out of your dreams and into your bed." Laughed Justin.

"Do you always answer your phone like that? Don't get me wrong, I think it's cute, but..." Justin teased.

Scott was fumbling to light his cigarette and hold the phone at the same time. The cigarette won and he dropped the phone onto the floor.

"Fuck me." He screamed at the lamp.

Putting the phone back to his head he tried to apologize, but Justin cut him off.

"Okay, it's a bit sudden but all right."

"All right what?" Scott asked confused out of his mind. For some reason, Justin did that seemingly without trying.

"Nothing, it's about time you get your lazy ass out of bed anyway. It's almost noon." Justin lectured. "Besides, you're meeting me for lunch in half an hour."

"You for lunch? I don't remember agreeing to that?" Scott was really confused now. "Didn't you say in your note that you had to leave for Miami early this morning?"

"Yes, I did. But the fates have degreed another road. Looks like I am stuck here for at least another day. So, I couldn't think of anyone I would rather have lunch with." Justin explained.

"Have lunch with me?" Scott asked, trying to shake the last of the cobwebs from his head.

"Sure, thought you'd never ask. Meet me in the lobby of the hotel in thirty minutes, kay?"

"Justin, I just woke up..." Scott stammered. But he had already hung up the phone on his end.

"Damn." Scott screamed again. Looking down, he realized that he had a full blown chubby. Giving it a few wanks, he remembered dreaming about the blonde man giving him head. He got out of bed and quickly made it to the shower. He stripped his boxers off and got in. Turning the water to cold, he muttered to himself.

"Fucking asshole, I was dreaming about him. Why does he make me so horny? You'd think I've never had sex before with anyone the way I'm acting. Just like a twelve-year-old boy, god, I'm glad no one can see me right now. Jesus, I'm talking to the showerhead. Must be losing it."

Getting out of the shower, he dried himself off as fast as he could. He just hoped that his boner would go down sometime today. Glancing at the clock, he tried to rush even faster. While he was trying to pull up his Tommy brief's, they grabbed on his ballsac, which threw him off balance and he fell on the floor with his boxers half on and half off.

Cursing, he just hoped he wouldn't kill himself today. Please, he begged God. Don't let me be an idiot today. Please. But he really didn't think that God had heard him. He never seems too.


For a few hours, Garet had been playing his guitar. Trying to take his mind off Scott. Finally, he gave up and grabbed the phone. Using his calling card, he dialed a number and waited for an answer.

"Black's residence."

"Hi little brother, miss me?" Garet asked his brother Joshua.

"Ohhhhhhhh my god. Hey everyone it's Gar. Mom, Gar's on the phone." Screeched his younger brother.

In the background, Garet could hear his mom telling Joshua to talk to him.

"Hi Gar. I miss you so bad." Whined Joshua.

"I miss you too, Josh. How have you been?"

Joshua answered in a serious tone, "I'm okay, but Timmy keeps picking me. He says I'm too fat to play baseball."

"Awww, that's not nice of him, is it."

"No, he made me cry the other day. But Mommy says that he is bad, and I told him, he will probably go to hell cause he's so bad." Josh declared.

Garet made sure not to laugh at his brother. But he could just see his six-year-old brother telling Timmy that he was going to hell.

"Josh, just because he's mean to you, doesn't give you the right to be mean back." Garet said softly.

He could hear the tears in his brother's voice, as he said, "I'm sorry, don't be mad at me. Just sometimes I don't know what to do; I try to be good like you want me to be. But it's so hard to be nice to that stinky kid. He's such a butthole."

"Josh, don't use that language. Now, tell me. Are you being a good boy for Mommy?"

"Yes, I helped her make Mac and cheese yesterday cause she wasn't feeling good." Josh declared.

"That's good, Josh. See why I let you to be the man of the house."

Garet could almost see his youngest brother beaming from ear to ear.

"Josh, you know I love you."

"I love you too Gar, when you coming home?"

"Soon buddy. I have to be gone for two more weeks. Then I'll be home and I'll bring you something back.

"Mom, just two more weeks. And I get a present."

"I miss you and love you lots, Josh."

"Me too."

"Josh, when I get off the phone, give mom a big hug and a kiss for me, okay."


"Now put mom on the phone."

"Bye, mom he wants to talk to you." Josh screamed.

As Garet waited for his mom, he could hear Josh asking how long two weeks were.

`Hi son."

"Hi mom. I miss you so bad." Garet choked out.

"I miss you too. Are you having fun?" His mother asked. She was always more worried about him than she was about herself.

"Yea, we had a kickass show last night. We even sold all of our merchandise."

"Really, good for you. Are you doing okay? You sound a bit sad."

"I am fine," Garet answered through his tears. "I just miss you guys. Are you doing okay? Josh said you weren't feeling good."

"I just said that so he would help me in the kitchen. I'm okay."

"Did you get the money I sent you?"

"Yes, you don't have to do that. Your dad's check will get here sooner or later."

Garet bit down his anger at the mention of his father, "Well, broken promises won't put food on the table."

"Don't start about your father."

"I won't. I can't talk long, just wanted to hear your voice. Give Josh a big kiss for me and tell him that I love him."

"I will. Take care of yourself, and don't get into any trouble."

"I won't," Garet laughed. "Mom, I love you."

"I love you too. Bye."

"Bye," Garet hung up the phone and lay down on the bed. Tears started falling again, and he didn't even know why.


Justin had hung up the phone with Scott and had flown around his room looking for just the right clothes to wear. He wanted to make sure that he looked perfect for the singer.

Finally deciding on a baby blue fitted T that showed off his slim but perfect body, and tan cargo pants with his black work boots. He had spent thirty minutes on his hair when he thought that maybe he could use a new hairstyle.

After checking himself in the mirror, he decided that he was ready and he left his room. Walking down the hall, he got on the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. Glancing at his watch, he realized that he would be right on time.

Getting off the elevator he scanned the lobby looking for Scott. When he didn't see him, he made his way over to a chair and sat down to wait.

Where was he, he thought. Maybe he wouldn't even show up after last night. Maybe he was wrong, maybe Scott thought he was stupid. Oh damn, where is he at.

Justin always had confidence. His mother said he was born with enough for three people. Justin always had things under control. Everything he did, he was always sure of the outcome. Except for this time. Something about the brooding singer made him uneasy. He wasn't scare of him, but he found himself unsure when he was around. For the first time in his life, he didn't know what was going to happen. His confidence slipped just a little. But enough to make him extremely nervous. His hands started to sweat.

Justin was lost in his thoughts so he didn't see the boy running across the parking lot like a bat out of hell. He didn't see the blonde singer pause just outside of the doors and try to straighten his clothes. But when the singer approached, Justin could smell his cologne. Pleasures for men, Justin loved it.

Without looking up, Justin said hi.

"Hi, sorry I'm late, but you didn't give me much time."

Justin heard the sexy voice, and chills went down his spine. The chills seemed to take up residence in his groin causing his cock to jump inside his pants.

Justin looked up at the man who made his stomach clench. There was Scott standing right next to the chair, his hair dripping from the rain.

Justin looked him over one time, taking in the sight and smell of him. Scott was wearing faded brown leather pants that hugged his muscular legs and left nothing to the imagination of the picture perfect ass. He was wearing a white fitted T also, and had on some kind of snake skin cowboy boots. His long blonde hair was hanging down, and he had tucked the right side behind one ear. There, Justin saw his gray eyes. Stormy as ever, but deep and penetrating.

"That's okay," Justin grinned. "You couldn't figure out what to wear could you. As they say, dress to impress. Trying to impress me Scott?"

Scott's mouth dropped opened at Justin's last remark. Justin just laughed when he realized that Scott was late because of that very reason.

Justin stood up and grabbed Scott by the arm pulling him towards the lounge. "Come on, I need some food. Wasting away over here why you kept changing clothes. Damn, I think I should start calling you Betty."

Scott let himself be pulled by the smaller man into the lounge. The whole time praying to god that he would survive without looking like a complete fucking moron. But he had his doubts.

The found a table in the back and sat down. Scott finally found his vocal power again.

"Are you always this arrogant?"

"Most of the time, I find it helps for people to get to see me as I really am, right off the bat." Justin declared.

"And how are you, really?" Scott asked.

Justin motioned to the waitress, and then replied, "Perfect, charming, witty, always right, not to mention my best quality."

Scott just played along. "And that would be."

"A perfect ass."

Scott started laughing uncontrollably. Justin was looking at him with a straight face.

The waitress made her way over to the table and was about to ask them for their order when Scott finally stopped laughing long enough to say.

"A perfect ass. You are a perfect ass."

The waitress looked at Justin, Justin looked at Scott, and Scott looked at the waitress. Scott's face turned every shade of red you can think of. The other two started laughing at Scott's discomfort. Scott was stammering out an apology but it only made him seem more of an ass.

The waitress patted him on the cheek and said, "It's all right. Mr. Timberlake does have a nice ass."

"Why, thanks darling. Before my friend sinks into the floor, I will have a bottled water."

The waitress looked at Scott; he finally had regained some semblance of control. He answered, with what he thought was a steady voice, but it came out like he had just hit puberty.

"I'll have an ice tea."

His face turned red again.

Justin grabbed his hand from across the table and said in a serious, caring voice. "Don't worry Betty, you'll be over it soon."

The waitress gave them the menus and left chuckling to herself. Justin grabbed a menu and casually asked Scott.

"So, do you want me for lunch?"

Scott's eyes went all wide and his heart started to pound.


NOTES: I am trying to keep all the chapters close to the same length. So I figured this would be a great place to stop for now. As you can see, this is writing itself very fast. Right now I am two chapters ahead. As always, emails are most welcomed. I answer all email, even flames. Thanks for reading. Wolfflyer26@yahoo.com

The Remains of Human Behavior is an original poem that I wrote. I have lots of poems and when I can I will try to blend them in to the story. I hope you liked it.

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