DISCLAIMER: This story is a complete work of fiction and stem's from an overactive imagination that comes from years of being locked in a closet eating only crusts of bread. I don't know any of the celebrities in this story or their sexual preference and I really don't care. It's only a story for my amusement.




"What did you say?" Stammered Scott.

Justin looked over his menu at the blonde singer with an evil grin on his face. "I said, `What are you going to get for lunch? What did you think I said?'"

Scott's heart continued to pound, "Nothing, I guess I'm not awake just yet." He replied as he lit a smoke.

"I have to break you of that habit if we are going to remain friends." Justin declared as he waved his hand in front of his face.

But on the inside, He was laughing at the look Scott had on his face when he asked him if he wanted him for lunch. Damn, Justin, he thought to himself. Why not just throw yourself at him next time. I have to be more careful; I am in public.

"So, what makes you think that we are going to remain friends?" Scott asked him, trying to get some measure of control. It was hard with Justin, he couldn't think clearly around the young pop star.

Justin closed his menu and folded his arms in front on him and rested his hands on the table. "I have my ways. Besides, we make the perfect couple."


"Yep, I have this thing. I like to make friends with people who understand that I am the only thing that matters." Justin said without a trace of ego.

Scott started to laugh again. "Really, and do you always convince them of that?"

"Of course, and if I can't convince them, I just confuse them. Remember, I like to take care of the feeble minded." Justin said offhandedly.

"Now I'm feeble minded again. You are really great to be around. When I start feeling full of myself, you are here to deflate my big head. What a true friend?" Scott stated with a big grin.

Justin leaned back in his chair, and commented, "Now why would I deflate your head, maybe I want to inflate your Big head."

Scott just stared at Justin while he laughed at his own sexual innuendo.

Just then the waitress came over to the table with their drinks. The two musicians ordered their lunches and talked about life and show business. When they were done with their meal, Justin stretched his six-foot frame and stood up.

"Thanks for lunch, I really enjoyed talking to you again," Justin said as he tried to stifle a yawn.

Scott started grinning again. Justin had invited him to lunch and now Scott had to pay for it. He kept thinking to himself, either this guy is so confident, or he's just an asshole. He had to get him back for that. Suddenly he had an idea, looking around at the now crowded dining room; he stood up as he put his plan into action.

Justin was grinning at him as he opened his mouth. "May I have everyone's attention," He asked politely. "We have a special celebrity in here today."

All the families in the lounge and dining room could hear him as he continued. Justin had a look of terror on his face. Scott almost decided to stop, but the look was just too priceless.

"This is Justin Timberlake, of Nysnc," Scott declared.

At that moment, all the kids in the place went crazy. Justin was swamped in seconds at all the teens crowded around the pop star. Scott was pushed back as Justin made a face at him. Mouthing the words, I will get you for this, Justin put on his fan face and started taking pictures and signing autographs.

That will fix `em, Scott thought as he walked out of the building. Standing under the carport, he lit a cigarette and couldn't help but to laugh at the scene that was going on in the dining room.

Looking into the windows, he could see that Justin was slowly trying to make his way over too the door. A smile here, a handshake there, a quick, chaste kiss, and one picture before he was close enough to make his get-a-way.

Justin saw Scott sitting on a bench under the carport with a sad face. Storming over to him he gently punched Scott on the arm.

Feigning anger, "I will get you back for that. That was just mean."

Scott, who hadn't noticed Justin walking up, slightly jumped as he felt the hit. Looking up at Justin, he smiled. Justin noticed that it didn't touch his eyes.

"That will teach you to make me pay for lunch. I thought you rich and famous people always paid." Scott replied jokingly. But that smile didn't touch his gray eyes. Now more dark and brooding then before.

Sitting down next to the man, Justin commented, "Well, pay backs are hell..."

Both singers completed his next statement, "But revenge is a mother fucker."

They started laughing. Great thought Justin. We even think alike. This guy is perfect for me.

Scott flicked his butt into the ashtray, we he hoped it was an ashtray. More like an ash bucket, but at least it wasn't on the ground.


Turning his head, gray eyes met with blue ones. "Yea."

"Why so sad?"

"Nothing," He shrugged.

"Really, you look like you lost your best friend." Justin countered.

Scott stood up and walked to the edge of the carport and stared out at the rain with a far away look in his eyes.

Scott's gray eyes were misty as a single tear rode down his cheek and dropped down on his white T-shirt.

Justin approached the upset man and gently laid his hand on his shoulder. Turning him around his blue eyes tried to penetrate the mask that he saw in Scott's eyes.

All the hurt and confusion, Justin wished he could just hold the man that had stolen his heart. He kept thinking if only he would open up. Maybe, just maybe, he could be let in to all the pain and fear that he saw in his friend's eyes.

"I just don't like the rain." Scott said as he tried to break the grip that Justin had on him. Not only was Justin gripping onto his shoulder, Justin had his heart in his hands.

"Talk to me, please. I can help. We all hurt." Justin pleaded.

Shaking his head, "It's nothing."

Justin didn't look convinced. "Walk with me."

Justin let go of his friend and started to walk out into the rainstorm. Lightening started flashing all around as the thunder cracked loudly, making Scott jump up into the air.

A look of panic came over the singer as he pleaded with Justin. "Please, let's go inside. It's dangerous to be outside in a thunderstorm. Please!" The last came out almost as a whisper.

Justin opened wide his arms and slowly turned around in a circle. Tilting his head back he let the rain fall into his mouth. With a shake of his head, he tried to remove the excess water that was streaming into his eyes.

"It's only water, I won't melt."

"You don't understand. I don't want to lose you like I lost Roy." Scott almost yelled.

Justin walked till he was standing nose to nose with the scared singer. Wiping the water from his eyes, he demanded in a quiet voice.

"Then make me understand. Why are you in so much pain? Why? I can help you."

"Please, lets go inside. I don't like the rain." Scott begged as he tried to pull the pop star underneath the awning.

"Let me in Scott. No one is an island. If you don't let it out, it's going to wind up driving you crazy and anyone else that is in love with you." Justin declared as his temper started to slip.

"What the fuck do you know about my life? Huh, you waltz into my life and all of a sudden you know what's best for me. One second you're offering yourself to me and the next, you run out of my room leaving the most fucked up note." Scott raised his voice back at the blonde man.

"Why don't you make up your little feeble mind, Justin."

Tears started coming down from Justin's blue eyes. It wasn't because Scott was yelling at him, it was like Justin could feel all the anger and pain and the emotions were overwhelming.

"Tell me, do you like teasing me? Is it some kind of sick joke that you play? Scott demanded, looking intently into those blue eyes that showed so much hurt.

Scott couldn't look anymore; he turned to walk away just so he wouldn't have to look into those eyes anymore.

"I never wanted to tease you. If that's what you think I was doing, then so be it. But you won't push this shit on me." Justin shot right back holding on to Scott's arm.

"I left your room last night cause I didn't want to fall for you. I called you today because I couldn't stop thinking about you." Justin declared.

"Why didn't you want to fall for me? Cause I'm not famous or rich? I don't measure up too your showbiz friends."

"What kind of dick do you think I am? I didn't want to fall for you because I knew that you aren't ready. Jesus, I heard your music. You can't hide your pain. It's like you hold on to it, you won't ever be happy because till you let it go."

"Fuck off," Scott retaliated. "You don't know shit."

Justin anger was damn near at its breaking point. How could he let himself do this again? He wasn't going to have to take care of another basket case again. Not after the last time, never again.

"Fine, I will fuck off. But I wasn't teasing you. I haven't felt like this in a long time, but you know something." Justin asked as he half turned away from Scott.

"What?" Scott demanded.

"Maybe you're just not worth the effort." Justin stated.

Scott watched as Justin started walking away into the rain. The lightening had stopped but a heavy downpour was still falling making the ground look like a giant lake.

Scott didn't know why he took out his pain on Justin. All he wanted to do was help him. He hated the fact that everything Justin had said was true. But his anger had gotten the better of him and he chased off after the man's back into the rain.

"Wait, we're not done talking yet." Scott said as he grabbed an arm and pulled him around to face him.

Slapping away his hand, Justin answered right back, "The hell we aren't. It's not worth it. I won't let myself get hurt."

"I haven't felt like this either before, ever. When you walk into the room my heart starts pounding. My pulse races and I can't seem to say anything. I won't let it end like this."

"Then tell me. Tell me why I should stay and talk to you." Justin begged once again.

Scott was brushing the tear/rain out of his eyes and he relayed the story of his cousin. Both men were drenched as the story came to the end. Both men were crying, one out of guilt, and the other one out of the realization that they could never be together.

"Scott, I know why you're upset. But it wasn't your fault. And nothing you ever do can bring him back."

"I know that, but I can't forgive myself." Scott tried to make him understand. "I can't."

Justin had heard enough to know what was really going on. Slowly he tried to make himself calm down so what he had to say wouldn't be said in anger.

When he thought he was ready he started.

"Scott, you can only mourn so long before it becomes pathetic.

And you have become that. Just admit it. You have turned this accident into like a security blanket. Keeping everyone at arm's length just so you won't get hurt again. Well, it's not fair to you and it's not fair to me." Justin said softly.

Scott started to reply but Justin interrupted him, "I am truly sorry for you. But I can't get involved with a man that's scared to love. Not with a man who is afraid, afraid of pain or disappointment, or just plain afraid of himself. Sorry I can't help you. I have my own problems, and you aren't ready to face yours."

Scott was crying again, "You are right, I am scared. But I don't know how to fix it. I can't."

"Until you do, its better this way. When you realize that love does exist, maybe you could call me. Because I can't take this anymore." Justin said sadly.

"This is nothing to do with you," Sobbed Scott. "This is about me."

"I know," Justin answered. "But I feel myself falling for you, and you're not ready for love. And I can't live with seeing your pain everyday in your eyes."

Justin ran his hand down the side of Scott's. Brushing softly on his lips, he whispered. "I have to go."

"Don't go."

"I have to, I can't do this. Only you can."

Stepping up, he gently kissed him on both cheeks and then softly their lips met for the first time. Both of them felt the electricity that their kiss caused. Both of them felt the pain in each other. Both of them turn away from each other and started to walk.

One walked back towards the hotel, and the other one started walking further out into the afternoon storm.


A pounding on the door awakened the two musicians. Both of them groaned as the hangover reminded them that, yes, they were still alive.

"Go away." Garion mumbled.

The door pounded again.

Greg got out of bed sleepily. Walking over to the door, he answered, "This had better be good."

Garet's smiling face made him groan again. He walked back to the bed and fell into the covers, covering his head with his pillow.

"What do you want?" Garion asked groggily.

"Wakey, wakey, time for eggs and bakey." Garet called out to his bandmates. But he was only answered with moans.

"Come on, it's almost five p.m. I let you sleep an hour longer. We have a show to do tonight." Garion explained with a grin.

Greg's hand sneaked out of the covers and flipped him off. Garet jumped on his bed crashing into the unsuspecting blonde.

"Oomph." Popped out of Greg.

Garet kept bouncing on his back screaming at the top of his lungs. "Get up you lazy apes."

Garion sat up and shook his head trying to clear the affects the liqueur. "You fucking crazy devil worshiper. Get off my friend."

"Yea, get off me, you pansy ass." Groaned Greg. "Please, I am going to puke. OH God."

Greg pulled himself over to the edge of the bed and preceded to lose everything he ever ate. Garet crinkled his nose at the smell of the pile beside the bed.

Greg's head was hanging over the bed and every time his stomached clenched, his butt went up in the air. To Garet and Garion, this sight was extremely funny. They were laughing as Garion grabbed the trashcan and put it under Greg's face as he continued to dry heave.

"That's not funny guys." Greg complained in-between hurling.

Greg felt a big one coming and he stuck his whole head in the trash can and made the worst sound either of the men had ever heard. And the sound was echoing out of the trashcan. This made the two men laugh even harder.

"Well, maybe that was funny." Greg intoned.

Garet looked at Garion and asked, "Are you ready for breakfast?"

"Don't you mean dinner?" Garion replied.

Greg was finished by this time and was halfway sitting on the bed and the floor. "I think I need some hair of the dog." He stated as he burped loudly. Making a face, he tried to stand up.

"Don't you ever learn dumbass." Garet responded.

"After every night of drinking I swear it's the last time. I think this time I will just except the fact that I'm an ass and move on right to the fun part of drinking." Greg declared.

"And what's the fun part of drinking?" Garet asked.

"Getting the girls drunk too." Greg said without any hint of shame.

Garion laughed at his friend. Neither one of them were very smart in that arena. They loved to party, and last night they partied with everyone.

"You guys are hopeless. Don't forget, sound check is 8 p.m. sharp, be ready to play." Garet warned them as he started to leave.

"We'll be there. Or at least I will be there." Garion admonished to Garet.

Garet left the room leaving both of them in silence. Garion lay back down in his bed and rolled over. Greg looked at the mess he just made and fell back onto the bed. Damn, he thought. I wonder who is going to have to clean that up. He drifted back to sleep, and in seconds he was snoring.


Justin had left Scott walking in the rain, while he made his way back to the hotel. A couple of fans stopped him on his way up to his room. He didn't want to talk to them but he stopped for a brief second and explained that he got stuck in the rain and was sorry that he couldn't talk to them more. The fans shook their head in sympathy.

He finally made it back to his room, where he let out all the hurt and frustration on the pillow on his bed. This outburst lasted for awhile before he punched himself out. Grabbing his notebook, he flipped through it looking for a certain poem. The only one in his book that he didn't write.

Finding it, he leaned back against the headboard, and stretched his legs out in front of him. He still didn't seem to notice that he was still very much wet from his walk.

Softly he read the poem out loud to himself.

Goodbye to my best friend

We've finally reached the lonely end

The lies have been said stories told

All the feelings have just grown cold

Through all the good and bad times we shared

Now all the memories leave me impaired

It could have been different maybe great

When I see you it brings heartache

When we speak it turns to yells

Why should we stay with lives in hell

To break it up seems so wrong

But I can keep up this charade so long

Were we lovers were we friends

Through my tears these words I send

It's better for us separate and apart

Both find someone knew make a new start

Know these words are nothing but true

I can't stay playing your fool

Don't ask me to stay living our sin

Goodbye forever my fair-weather friend

Justin finished reading the poem and was softly crying to himself. He didn't want to go through all this pain again. He didn't know if he could take it.


His head looked up to see Jc standing at the foot of his bed.

Wiping the tears away, he exclaimed. "Don't you knock."

"I am so sorry Justin." Jc offered as he picked up his foot to step but then changed his mind.

Justin acting like nothing was wrong stood up and started to pass his friend.

"Sorry about what?" Justin casually asked.

"I heard about the fight with Scott."

Justin's head whipped around to look at his best friend's eyes. "How did you hear about that?"

"It doesn't matter. I just wanted to see if I could help you with anything." Jc offered.

"No, I am all right."

Jc started to say something then changed his mind and asked, "That poem was so sad."

Justin's anger was rising again, "Just how fucking long were you standing in my room?"

"It wasn't really that long, was the poem from Nick?" Jc tried to change the subject.

Shaking his head, he countered. "Naw, Nick was a fuck buddy, nothing more. We never loved each other."

"Then who was it, I didn't know you had any other boyfriends."

"I didn't. It was from Britney. That's the day I told her that I was gay." Justin explained as he ran his fingers through his still damp curly hair.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, he continued as Jc sat down in the chair. "We were arguing about stuff. Something about decorations of all things. I told her, her ideas were stupid and childish, and she said my ideas were gay. So I scream that if I was gay, fucking her made me that way."

"You never told me any of this." Jc said. His feelings were a bit hurt, he thought he knew everything about his friend.

Justin stood up and started to pace. "We were on a break from touring and you weren't here. Besides it wasn't important. I stormed out of the room and didn't speak to her for a couple of days."

"She sent me that poem that she had written. When I got that I cried for along time. We were such good friends and I knew that I hurt her." Justin said as he remembered the fight that had taken place.

"Was that when you told me that you were gay?" Jc questioned.

"Nope, she came over to my house. I was sitting in my room and my mom let her in. Well, she sat down on the bed and asked if I was really gay. I told her yes. She was a bit upset for a time and yelled at me. She kept asking why I slept with her if I knew that I was gay. I remember," Justin started laughing.

"She kept asking if she sucked in bed and if that was the reason why I turned gay. That's when I told her the same thing I told you. It's like any straight guy who has experimented with a guy, it's too see what all the fuse is about. I have always known that I was gay. But I always wondered what it would be like with a woman. I did chose someone that I loved. I still love her more than anything, but for those three days my life was hell."

Jc's face had a look of pain that Justin picked up on immediately. Even though he was going through his emotional roller coaster, he still hated to see anyone, much less someone that he cared for in pain.

"You always say if you are curious about something, you'll try anything at least once. You were lucky that a friend helped you with that particular curiosity." Jc stated as he started to leave the room. "I don't think anyone can help me with mine. I'm sorry I have to go."

"Wait," Justin started to say but his friend had already shut the door. No way he thought. I am not going to deal with that right now. After talking to Scott, and now he knew for sure what had been bothering Jc for the last two years. It all fit together and he didn't want to see it.

"I can't deal with any of this right now. I have to go," Justin said to the empty room. He started packing up a bag. Getting everything he thought he might need, he left the room.

He went to the front desk and asked if he could rent a car. The clerk argued with him about the weather and she didn't think he should be out driving in the storm.

After a few seconds of this, Justin flashed his killer smile and charmed his way into a rental. Thanking the girl, he went outside and got into the car and drove away. He needed to talk to his mom and he needed to do it right away. She was the only one who could help him.


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