DISCLAIMER: This story is complete work of fiction caused by too many nights of me being alone. And by a huge amount of beer drinking to sad country songs. I don't know the sexual preference of any of the celebrities I use and don't really care. This is for entertainment sakes only. This story has m/m sex and if you don't like that type of stuff, what's wrong with you?




It was a beautiful night in Michigan. It was still warm even though it was mid-September. I guess the Indian summer thing was real. The sky was completely clear and all the stars were twinkling down on the quiet Suburbs right outside of Detroit.

The stars lit the town causing an almost eerie glow to the inner city. The drug dealers and gang bangers were sticking to the shadows trying to sell their wares under the safety of the shadows. But that was in the city, where Justin Timberlake was, all was quiet.

Two months earlier, Justin had rented a nice modest house outside of Detroit while he tried to finish his first solo album. Working with a really good friend, he had been recording steadily. But the quality of the record was something he was worried about.

He wanted to push himself creatively on his first album. He was tired of doing the tired pop songs that other people had written. He was ready to give the world something they had never heard from him. He wanted to have his heart and soul on this record, and he didn't care how long until he got it right.

With his friend by his side, he had written all the lyrics and co-wrote all the music for the five songs that they had completed. But it wasn't enough yet, he wasn't sure what he was missing but he knew that it wasn't there. A small part of him was terrified that no one would like it.

This wasn't a Nysnc album. There were no dance songs or love songs on this record. He had played guitar and piano on all the tracks. And he was scared that he wouldn't measure up to Jc's solo attempt.

When Nysnc broke up, Jc was the first one to throw an album together. To Justin, it sounded exactly like Nysnc but without his vocals. It was a good pop album, but Justin was looking for a great album.

So Justin poured his heart everyday into the writing and just hoped that it would be enough. His days were filled with working in the studio recording all-day and writing new songs every night. He was close to being exhausted with all the stress that he put on himself.

The moon was shining on his worried face as he lay in bed sleeping. The windows were opened due to the heat and a gentle breeze moved his sheets as he lay there tossing and turning. The sheets moving, caressing him like a lover caused him to roll over and pull the sheets closer to him.

His mind replaying events that have happened in the last year. His forehead creased as he thought about that fateful night when it all started to go wrong.


Jc broke off the hug and looked directly into his friend's eyes and pleaded, "Don't, you'll only get hurt again. No one loves you like I do. I love you Just."

"I know that, I love you too." Justin whimpered.

Jc put the second part of his plan into motion. He gently kissed Justin's lips.

"What are you doing?" Justin demanded.

"Just, we love each other. I would never hurt you; I would always love and appreciate you. You know that." Jc stated fiercely.

"Jc, it's wrong. We're friends." Justin stammered.

"Did you like it?"

Justin stood up and started pacing. Looking at Jc, he answered, "I don't know."

"You always said that you would try anything once. I am asking you to try this, just once." Jc pleaded with his friend.


"No buts Justin. Just once, we love each other. That can't be wrong."

Justin looked at the friend that he had loved his whole life. Jc had never done anything to hurt him. He had always been there to help Justin with whatever his problem was. And this was one person that he knew loved him unconditionally. And that was all Justin had ever wanted. His biggest fear was to die unloved.

So, he looked into Jc's eyes and saw what he wanted most, love. Maybe he would grow in love with Jc, but right now it didn't matter. Jc had never hurt him before and had never given him bad advice.

"Okay, I'll try it." He whispered.

Justin sat down next to Jc and they met for a kiss. As they kissed they fell back onto his bed and Justin lost himself in the moment of lust.



Justin was turning so much the sheets were wrapped around his sleeping form encasing him like a shroud. His body was damp from sweat as the memories flooded through his psyche causing him to moan in pain.



Justin started to kiss Jc as they rolled around on his bed in his parent's house. His hands roaming over the muscled brunet. His left hand rubbed Jc's nipple till it stood at full attention. Softly rubbing the nipple in between his thumb and first finger, Jc moaned in pleasure.

The two friends were locked together as their tongues explored each other's moist mouths. By now, Jc was laying on top of Justin. He grabbed Justin's arms and held them behind his head. Jc pulled back from the kiss and stared at Justin's blue eyes.

Jc had been waiting for this for two years, and he was ready for his first time. Sitting atop of Justin's crotch, he ripped the shirt right off his smooth chest. He bent down as he gave Justin's nipples a tongue bath. First gently biting one, then moving to another.

Justin was a bit taken back at the ferocity of his friend. But Justin was too far-gone in pleasure to slow things down. He hadn't realized how bad he needed this until Jc had kissed him.

Jc stood up and started to take off his shirt but Justin beat him too it. Grabbing the collar, he did the same thing Jc had done to him. The shirt ripped easily in his lustful hands and he finally was able to touch Jc's rippled stomach.

Jc pulled Justin to his feet and their lips locked in another lust filled kiss as their tongues darted into each other's hungry mouths. Jc's right hand cupped Justin's rock hard ass and his left started to rub Justin's cock through his cargo pants.

Moaning out in pleasure, Justin's hand found Jc's member and began to stroke him through his shorts. But that wasn't enough for Justin, he quickly undid Jc's belt and fought with the button of his shorts.

Now he could reach in and rub Jc's cock through his silk boxers that he was wearing. Justin's hand felt the wet spot and gently rubbed his finger back and forth on the head of Jc's cock.

Jc moaned loudly as the friction of the silk against his sensitive member caused him to squirm. Justin dropped to his knees and Jc felt his hot breath on his cock. Justin began to gently bite on Jc's cock through the silk boxers causing the wet spot to spread.

Justin's tongue was licking the cock through the fabric as his hands were fondling Jc's balls. Not being able to take the sensation anymore, Jc reached down and pulled his boxers to his knees. His six and half inch cock hit Justin in the nose as it was freed from the confining boxers.

"Suck me Justin." Jc commanded.

Justin licked at Jc's nuts and engulfed both balls into his moist mouth. Taking a deep breath through his nose, Justin inhaled the essence of Jc's private parts. He loved the way a dick smelled he thought as he licked Jc's cock from the base all the way to the head.

"Suck me please Just." Jc pleaded as he gripped Justin's head and tried to force him onto his hungry cock.

"Not so fast, we have the whole night." Justin answered as he stood up.

Jc grabbed Justin's face and pulled it in hard for a kiss. He felt Justin's lips part inviting his tongue into his awaiting mouth. Jc's hands were busy with the buckle of Justin's belt, as the two friends continued to kiss one another deeply.

"How do you do this fucking belt?"

Laughing, Justin moved Jc's hands out of the way and undid his belt and then undoing his pants and dropping them to his knees.

Jc wasted no time into slipping his hands down the back of Justin's boxers, cupping his ass. Justin groaned as Jc kneaded his ass. One hand snaked around and grabbed Justin's cock.

"Oh yea," Jc moaned. "I've been wanting to do this for years."

Throwing Justin back onto the bed, Jc ripped Justin's pants and underwear from around his ankles. Stepping out of his boxers, he fell on top of Justin and kissed him deeply.

Jc broke off the kiss and began to bite and suck on Justin's neck causing him to squirm around on the bed. Jc lowered his head till his tongue found the hard nipple that was just waiting for some attention. Jc licked the two nipples until they were red from all the stimulation.

Jc scooted down further as he kissed down Justin's stomach. His lips could feel the hard abs as he kissed him. Stopping at the belly button, his tongue reached in and licked the hole. Justin was writhing around moaning as the sensation overloaded his senses.

Jc felt pubic hairs on his chin as he kissed lower and lower down the blonde's body. Jc smelled Justin's musk for the first time. He was hooked on the male smell. So much better than the women he had been with.

The smell was a mixture of sweat and pre-cum that engulfed Jc's senses. His tongue found the tip of Justin's six -inch cock. He tasted another man's pre-cum for the first time.

"Oh yea, Jc don't stop." Justin groaned as Jc's tongue licked his piss slit.

Jc grabbed the cock with both hands as he kissed the underside down to Justin's full balls. Jc stopped all thinking as he opened his mouth and went down as far as he could. He gagged at five inches, and he quickly fell into a rhythm of sucking Justin's cock.

Justin head was off to the side and his eyes had rolled back into his head as Jc bobbed up and down on his dick. His hands caressed Jc's head as he tried to force all six inches down his friend's throat. He felt his balls tighten close to his body and he knew that it wouldn't be long until he came.

"I'm gonna cum Jc." Justin stammered.

Jc continued his motion as his hand cupped Justin's ball trying to coax out the seed. Justin's body went tight and his back shot off the bed spearing his cock deep into Jc's mouth as he felt the release of cum.

Jc gagged as the first shots hit his tongue. He took the cock out of his mouth as the last of the cum hit him in the face. He looked at Justin who had gone still as he tried to come down from his euphoria. Justin's body went limp as Jc found his mouth and gave a taste of his cum back to Justin.

The two kissed mingling the cum back and forth to each other while Justin tried to get control back of his body.

"Just, I want to fuck you." Jc said as he stroked the younger man's hair.

Justin answered, "I don't know if I'm ready for that."

"You've done it before." Jc countered.

"I don't know if I'm ready to have you fuck me." Justin tried to explain.

Jc was confused. He had just sucked his friends cock and now his friend didn't want to repay the favor.

"Didn't what I just did for you mean anything?" Jc demanded.

Justin stammered, "It's a big step. This morning we were best friends, and now look at us."

Jc started to caress Justin's cheek as he purred, "Just, you know I would never hurt you. You said that we would try it once. I just want to show you how much I love you."

"Jc, I don't know..."

"I love you Justin, I always have." Jc whispered.

Jc knew what he was doing. That was all Justin wanted out of life. Jc had him where he wanted.

"Okay, but go slow. It's been along time for me." Justin agreed.

Quickly Jc got up and went to his bag and retrieved the tube of K Y Jelly that he had brought for this occasion.

Pushing Justin on to his stomach, he knelt behind him in between his legs. He squirted out some of the lube and roughly inserted his fingers into Justin's ass.

"Ouch, I said go slow." Justin stated angrily.

"Sorry, I've never done this before." Jc stammered as he lubed up his rock hard cock.

Grabbing Justin's hips, Jc pulled him up off the bed slightly and pushed his dick into Justin's ass until he felt the ring of the asshole.

Justin tried to relax his ass muscles as he felt pressure from Jc's cock. All of a sudden his face tightened as Jc pushed his cock inside of him, hard.

Jc sunk his cock all the way to his pubic hair in Justin's tight ass. Justin muttered to wait a sec, but the sensation's on Jc's cock was so intense, he began to thrust repeatedly into Justin.

Justin was trying not to scream out in pain as Jc plowed his ass faster and harder with every stroke. Jc was feeling an incredible feeling as his cock slipped in and out of Justin's tight ass. Jc could feel the insides moving to accommodate his swollen member. The feelings were out of control and he felt his balls tighten up against his body.

"I'm gonna cum." Jc screamed.

"Don't cum inside me." Justin answered back with a scared look.

At the last moment, Jc pulled out and dumped his load across the back of Justin. Falling down against Justin's back, he kissed the neck of Justin. The whole time whispering how much he loved him.

Justin could feel the limp dick resting on his asscheeks, as tears began to fall down his face. Jc seemed to have gone to sleep still lying on top of Justin. He was angry.

He was mad that Jc didn't go slow and that he was so rough. He tried to push Jc off of him, but the only thing he accomplished was that Jc hugged him tighter and softly whispered in his ear that he loved him.

When Justin heard those words, his anger melted away. He started making excuses for Jc as he lay on top of him. It was his first time. And he could be taught how to have sex with guys. And he finally found someone to just love him. He wasn't in love with his friend, but that was something he could learn, right?

He tried to snuggle deeper into Jc's embrace and softly told the sleeping singer that he loved him too. Justin drifted too sleep feeling content that maybe Jc was right, Scott didn't love him like Jc loved him. He should just forget about Scott.



Justin sat up in bed breathing heavily, the sweat glistening off his well-defined chest. Justin looked around the room franticly. Wild eyed, he lay back down realizing it was only a dream. A dream of what happened almost a year ago to the day.

He tried to get out of bed but the sheets were wrapped around him tightly. Finally he freed himself and went into the bathroom. He turned on the light and look at himself in the mirror.

His blue eyes were bloodshot and puffy as he looked at his naked form in the mirror. He had put on a little bit of weight since he quit the group but he still looked good. His chest had filled out nicely now that he was a young man of twenty-two.

He still had a six-pack, and his ass was as hard as ever. He still could turn heads wherever he went. His boyish looks were now replaced with the confidence of a handsome young man. His hands caressed his skin as he played with his new belly ring. He flashed himself his killer smile as he turned on the water.

He splashed his face and head with the cool water as he tried to calm down. But after that dream, he didn't think he would be sleeping too much for the rest of the night. He ran his hands through his now short hair trying to get all the water off his head.

He had cut off his hair six months ago and he was so glad that he did it. It was so much easier to take care of and it made him look his age. He didn't look anything like the person he used to be in Nysnc.

Walking back into his bedroom, he turned on a light and sat down in a chair. As he absently rubbed his head, he remembered why he cut his hair.






"Come on Justin. We are on in three minutes." Lance pleaded outside of Justin's dressing room.

Jc walked over to his boyfriend and wrapped his arms around Justin's waist. He kissed his back and said, "Hurry up, Lance is about ready to have a heart attack."

Fooling with his hair, Justin pushed gently back against Jc's body. "You are the one who likes my curly hair. It takes time to get it looking good." Justin replied.

"Yes I do like it." Jc agreed as he turned Justin around and found his waiting mouth.

"Still, I wish I could cut it off. It's a pain in the ass most days." Justin murmured as Jc kissed his neck.

"Don't you dare, I think you look sexy just like you are." Jc stated.

Justin smiled weakly. For some reason, ever since they got together, it was always what Jc wanted. It was like Justin didn't have say in anything anymore.

Jc told him when they were going to have sex. Told him what to wear on stage and off. Jc seemed to have complete control of his life. Justin liked having someone tell him what to do, but he was still very independent and it bothered him sometimes.

Pushing it out of his mind, he motioned that he was ready to perform. "Lets go, babe. Time to wow the audience."

Jc opened the door to see Lance with a red face.

"What took you guys so long?" Lance demanded. "We only have a minute to get to our places. Come on."

Lance grabbed one of their arms and pulled them along with him. They had to jog just to keep up with him. Dodging stagehands and crew workers somehow they made it to their places.

Someone attached a wireless headset to Justin and shoved the battery pack into his back pocket. At that moment the presenter announced Nysnc and the place went wild.

Nysnc performed their hit song It's gonna be me. The crowd ate it up. This year they were up for three awards and they knew that it was a lock. The fans vote for these awards, and they were on top of the world. Even beating out the Backstreet Boys with record sales. Shattering the record of most albums sold in a week's time, Nysnc just couldn't be stopped.

As the song came to a close, they bowed and ran offstage right into their manager.

"All right, listen up boys."

The band gathered around their manager and waited.

"After we are done here, you have to make appearances at two parties."

"Oh damn," Joey said sarcastically.

Punching his friend in the arm, Chris interjected. "Do we really have to go?"

The look on Chris's face looked so sincere that all the boys started laughing. Joey and Chris were well known to be party animals every night.

"All right. We have a backstage party here, but we will only stay for a few minutes before we go to Four Seasons." Their manager explained in a patient voice.

"Damn, I love that hotel." Lance stated.

"Whose party is it?" Questioned Jc.

"Jive records, so everyone will be there." Their manager replied.

"Kewl." Justin said.

Jc rolled his eyes, and said. "I thought I told you I hated it when you talk like that."

Justin started to reply but their manager interrupted him. "I expect you to be on your best behavior. The limo will wait to take you back to your rooms. You can't stay out all night and you two."

Joey and Chris looked at each other innocently and said in unison, "Who, us?"

"Yea you. Don't get all drunk and stupid. I don't want a repeat of Miami."

The two friends bowed their head in fake shame.

"Don't give me that shit, I know you to well. I want you to be back at the hotel no later than 2am. I mean it."

"Don't worry," Lance stated. "I will make sure we all arrive safely."

"I'm counting on you Lance. You're the only one who has his head on straight anymore." Their manager said as he put an emphasis on straight.

Jc just grinned and looked over at Justin who was staring off into space.

"Just," Jc asked as he pulled his boyfriend away from the others.

Coming to his senses, Justin replied, "What?"

"You okay?"

Shaking his head yes, he smiled at Jc.

They walked back to their seats and waiting for their awards to be called.

The rest of the show went by quickly for the band. They of course won all three awards and they went to the post party being held in the green room.

As Justin and his friends walked into the green room, celebrities were everywhere. Being used to the shows, they weren't star struck like they used to be way back in the day. The rest of his friends started to mingle into the crowd but Justin fought his way to the bar and got a beer.

"Hi Justin."

Justin stopped in mid drink. He knew that voice. He heard that voice in his dreams. Everytime he felt lonely, he would hear that voice saying it was okay. He had clung to that voice all these months.

Turning around, he looked into a pair of gray stormy eyes. His mouth fell open as he saw Scott Taylor. He knew that they had a hit single and he saw the video, but nothing could prepare him for what he saw standing in front of him.

Scott's eyes were bloodshot and very glazed over. His blonde hair still had red streaks in it but it was all matted like it hadn't been washed in days. His clothes looked dirty and didn't fit him well. His breath reeked of beer and cigarettes.

Justin just stared at his face, trying to see behind all the piercings. Scott had pierced his eyebrows, one on either side. His lip had a ring in it that moved back and forth as Scott played with it without even knowing that he was doing it. And right below his Adams apple, he had a ring above each collarbone, one on either side.

All this Justin saw in the few seconds before he answered, "Hi Scott, you look...different."

"Yea, I wanted to do something crazy." Scott replied as he weaved back and forth.

Justin thought he was going to fall down, so he asked, "Are you going to be all right?"

"Sure," Scott stated as he looked around for a chair. Finding one, well really it was a table, he sat down and looked at Justin.

Justin could feel himself starting to cry. It hurt him so much to see him in that condition. But it also made him realize that he made the right decision all those months ago in Florida.

"Scott, what happened to you?" Justin asked quietly.

Scott was fumbling for his cigarettes. Finding them he put one in his mouth and tried to light it. Justin grabbed the lighter from his hands and lit it for him.

Taking a big drag, Scott looked directly into Justin's eyes. For a moment, Justin could see Scott focus on him, but then his eyes glazed over again.

"Why didn't you return my calls?" Scott whispered.

"What calls?" Justin bent down close to Scott's face and said, "You never called me."

Scott was weaving worse as he stated in a much louder voice raising his arms as he talked, "I called you for days after you left the hotel. Jc said that you didn't want to talk to me."

Justin's eyes narrowed, "Jc said that."

"Yep, he said that I will never hurt you again and that you was his." Scott slurred. "All I wanted to do was tell you that you were right. I was selfish."

Justin shook his head, and tried to comfort the drunken man. As he was brushing Scott's hair out of his face, Jc stormed over to the pair.

Talking between clenched teeth, Jc demanded, "What the fuck is going here? I thought I told you to stay away from him."

Scott tried to stand up but Jc pushed on his chest and he fell over the table and onto the floor. By now everyone knew that something was going and they stopped and were staring at the threesome.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Justin demanded.

"I told you to stay away from him," Jc said as he looked around at everyone. "Can't we go somewhere else and talk about this?"

"I want to talk about it right fucking now," Justin screamed. "He said that he called me for days after we had our fight. Is that true?"

Jc stammered, "Yes, but..."

"Why didn't you tell me? You said that he told you that he hated me and never wanted to see me again." Justin shouted.

Jc was trying to calm Justin down. The last thing they needed was to cause a bigger scene then they were already doing.

"Don't you think we should leave?" Jc said trying to pull his boyfriend away from all the people.

By this time, Joey, Chris, and Lance had run over to the pair fighting.

"Just, what's going on," Chris asked as he saw a passed out Scott lying on the floor.

"This fucking asshole has been lying to me since the beginning." Justin said coldly. "It's all been one fucking lie."

"Just, don't say that. I only did it to protect you." Jc stammered at the wrath he could feel coming from Justin.

"Just to protect me, huh. Or was it just to fuck me." Justin screamed out the last sentence.

The onlookers took a step back at that revelation. But they didn't' look away, this was way to good. The reporters in the audience were getting every word. They could all ready see tomorrow's headlines.

"Fuck," Jc shouted right back. "Why don't you tell everyone?"

Joey grabbed Justin as the he pulled back his fist. "Calm down Justin." Joey pleaded as he dragged Justin away from Jc and the crowd that was surrounding him.

"Let go of me, Joseph." Justin said as he thrashed around.

Joey was strong and normally he could overpower Justin on any day, but Justin was furious and his anger made him stronger. Breaking away from the grip of Joey, Justin stormed back over to Jc.

"Just, let me explain."

Justin didn't say a word but his fist connected with Jc's jaw. Jc dropped to his knees and his eyes rolled back into his head. Justin grabbed Jc's face in his hands and said very quietly.

"It's over Jc. Everything is over."

Justin turned and started to walk away. Lance grabbed his arm on one side and Joey grabbed the other as they escorted him out of the room. Chris was right on their heels as they found a bathroom and went inside.

Justin broke down and started to cry. Lance pulled Justin close to him and was gently telling him that it was going to be all right.

Motioning Joey, Lance ordered him and Chris to go back and get Jc and put him in the limo and wait for them there.

For a few minutes, Justin cried softly into Lance's shoulder. Finally, Lance could feel the other man pull himself together.

"You okay?" Lance asked, with concern all over his face.

"No, I can't face him again. It's over man." Justin declared.

"Who, Jc? What the fuck happened?"

Justin stood up and started to pace back and forth.

"It doesn't matter anymore. I quit, I fucking quit." Justin kept saying as he paced back and forth.

Lance answered, "Don't say that Justin. You and Jc have fought before. Don't give up now, listen to his side first before you just quit on him."

"You don't understand." Justin stated as he approached his friend. Justin looked deep into Lance's eyes and said coldly and dispassionately. "I'm not just quitting on Jc. I quitting on everything."

Lance was shocked. He knew that Justin had been unhappy these last few weeks but he didn't think it had gone that far.

"Please Justin, we can work it out. Don't quit us." Lance whispered.

"I'm sorry, but I can't face Jc again after what happened. He used me in the worst way." Justin shrugged as he turned away from his friend.

"We can fix this, you love each other..."

"You don't understand, I loved him, but I was never in love with him. I always knew that but I was hoping that one day I would wake up and I would be in love with him." Justin said sadly.

"But it never happened, and now, Scott is lying out there on the floor looking like a freak from hell all because of Jc. I can never forgive him for hurting Scott. I'm sorry, I love you Lance." Justin hugged Lance for what seemed like an eternity. Justin broke off the hug and turned and walked out of the bathroom.

"What about the rest of the guys? What am I suppose to tell them?" Lance screamed out after Justin.

"Tell them what ever you want. Tell them that I'll miss them and I love them. Tell Jc that he could go to hell." Justin answered from over his shoulder.

He left his friend standing in the hallway as he made it outside. He didn't remember getting a cab but one pulled up in front of his hotel he was staying in. He told the driver to wait and he ran upstairs and got his clothes and some money.

He went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. His curly hair was matted down from sweat; he pushed it out of his eyes. He grabbed a pair of scissors and started to cut his curly hair.

After he was done, he left the hair on the bed that he was going to share with Jc. He wrote a note that said simply, "Since you like the curls, you can have them. Everything else is mine."

With that he left the room and got back into the cab and headed off towards the airport and his new life.







Justin noticed that he was crying, as the memories brought back all the pain he had suffered. He couldn't believe that he had let Jc deceive him that badly.

He thought of everything he gave up by quitting the band. It cost him a fortune to break his contract but he wouldn't' have given up his freedom for anything.

As he looked back on the last year of his life, he realized that he was looking back at someone else. He went over to his keyboards and started to play a simple melody. The words flowed out of his body like a river, and he began to write a song.

When I fell from grace

I never realized

How deep the flood was around me

A man whose life was toil was like a kettle left to boil

And the water left these scars on me

I know now who I am

If only for awhile

I recognize the changes

I feel like I did before the

Magic wore thin and the baptism

Of stains began

They used to say I was

Nowhere man

Heading down

Was my destiny

But yesterday I swear

That was someone else not me

Here I stand at the crossroads edge

Afraid to reach out for eternity

One step when I look down

I see someone else not me

Looking back and I see

Someone else not me

All my life they said I

Was going down

But I'm still standing

Stronger proud

And today I know there's

So much more I can be

From where I stand at the crossroads edge

There's a path leading out to sea

And from somewhere deep in my mind

Sirens sing outloud

Songs of doubt

As only they know how

But one glance back reminds and I see

Someone else not me

I keep looking back

At someone else...me?

Justin finished writing his song, and he stared at the lyrics for a few minutes. A great weight felt like it lifted off his shoulders and for the first time since breaking away from Jc, he felt totally at ease. He felt like he could move on with his life.

Justin turned the light off and went and lay down in his bed and quickly fell into a deep restful slumber. He would finish picking up the pieces of his life tomorrow. But for now, he was dreaming of a better time. A better place.


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