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Justin watched from the backseat as Lance and Shelia chatted like long lost friends in the front of the rented car. If his mind would not have been occupied, he would of saw the intense way Lance would sneak glances at he fiery red head. Or the way her face lit up every time she looked into his soft green eyes.

But he didn't see any of that; his mind was focused on Scott. The barrage of emotions that filtered through his head staggered him. Gone was the sad brooding singer, a spark of hope replaced the haunted look. The long locks gone, now his short hair reflected the new lease of life he felt.

He saw it in his eyes, pain was still evident in those gray orbs but it did not hold the singer completely in its grasp. This was a new Scott, a Scott that Justin was trying desperately to figure out.

On the long drive to Lodi, Justin struggled with his emotions. Even after all the months apart, Scott still ignited something inside him. He felt the electricity course through him when Scott's arm touched him. A feeling of happiness so powerful that he had no choice but to grab on and ride it. Unsure of where that force would take him, he surrendered to it, steadfast to see it to the end.

If Scott was sexy all those months ago, with his long hair and fuck the world attitude, now he was breathtaking. He bore the scars of his pain and the metal shown through to the surface, like a newly polished diamond. That was it, before he was a diamond in the rough, now he sparkled for the world to see.

Lance had commented on it during the services, Justin could see it in everyone's eyes as he looked around at the crowd of people sitting on the edge of their seats, mesmerized by his every word, every graceful movement. And when Scott turned his eyes to Justin, Justin was swept away.

Even now, he stared at the limousine ahead of them. Wishing that he could have ridden with Scott and his family, to get to know them better. To somehow reel Scott in and trap him in his embrace. But he could tell that Scott's parents needed to talk to him, he saw it in Yulonda's eyes.

Lance was saying excitedly, "I know I loved that movie."

Shelia placed one hand on his arm, and replied, "I think he is an under-rated actor. He's so much more than a pretty face."

Lance gripped the wheel tightly, both hands on ten and two. Justin could tell that the normally calm businessman was nervous. He hadn't seen him that nervous since he first found out that he had to dance so many years ago. Smiling at his friend's discomfort, he knew it was one more hold on Scott.

Apparently, Shelia and Scott were best friends since the days they were struggling artists in LA. With Lance and Shelia fawning all over each other, he had the perfect excuse to be around Scott.

Now if only he feels the same way about me Justin mused. Going over the conversation in the cemetery they had earlier. All the signs were there, Scott blushing softly as he poured out his heart to the former pop star. Maybe this will be easier than I thought.

"Justin!" Lance called out, for the fourth time.

"What?" Justin replied, looking at his friend's face in the rearview mirror.

Laughing musically, Shelia asked again, "What do you think of Leonardo DiCaprio?"

Justin's eyes narrowed, he was totally lost from their conversation. "I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention." He offered shyly, embarrassment written on his face.

"You were right." Shelia stated to Lance, a huge grin on her face. Lance replied mysteriously, "Told ya."

"Uh, excuse me." A confused Justin called out. "What are you two blabbering about?"

"You'll see." Shelia answered lightheartedly. "You'll see."

Turning around in her seat, Shelia asked bluntly, "Do you like the new hairdo?"

Justin felt like he had the attention span of a three-year-old. He was still thinking about the first question, what he thought of Leonardo DiCaprio. Shelia was like an ADD child on speed, her mouth running like a ducks back.

"Did you change it?" He ventured a guess. "It looks good."

"Not me, Scott's." She fired back quickly.

"I guess." Justin answered haltingly.

"And the way those leather pants hugged his ass, yummy." She continued, turning her head to look at Lance. Who was grinning like a deflowered virgin at Justin's discomfort. "Don't you think?"

"I really didn't look at his ass." Justin stammered out, the mental picture of Scott's leather clad ass exploding in his head.

Noticing Justin's smile, Shelia laughed and said, "I'm sure."

"So what do you think of Leo?" She asked again, still staring at him.

He was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable by the red head and more than a bit intimidated by her strong presence. "Leo?"

"Jeesh, don't you ever pay attention." She scolded him, trying to pout through a smile.

"Lance." Justin pleaded. "Help me."

Lance opened his mouth but Shelia stated, "Don't you dare. I want to get to know him better."

So Lance simply said, "You're on your own."

Taking a deep breath mentally, Justin said, "He's a great actor. I've seen every movie he's ever done."

Satisfied by his answer, Shelia turned around and instructed, "Turn here."

The limousine had pulled up to the front door and stopped. Shelia explained that she was taking them to the parking lot in the back. It was closer to the room.

Parking the car, the three of them got out. Shelia walked over to Justin and gave him a hug. She whispered in his ear cryptically, "Don't worry. He's happy to see you. Trust me."

"Thanks I think." Justin returned the hug.

Giggling, she linked her arm in Lance's and led the way inside the hotel. The hotel was an average one, nothing fancy like Justin was accustomed to staying at, but at least it was clean.

As they walked to the first story room, Shelia chatted like a manic to Lance, with Justin trailing a few steps behind. She was talking softly to him and he couldn't hear what she said. But from the reaction Lance was giving, it must have been funny.

The door to his parent's room was open, and they walked in. Scott and his father were on the patio smoking, and Shelia drug Lance outside.

"You made it." Richard called out, waving at them with his pipe. "Come in...or out, have a seat." He gestured to the chairs surrounding the table.

"Thanks." Justin smiled, his eyes focusing on Scott who gave him a smile. Justin sat down across from Scott, so he would have an excuse to stare at him.

Shelia and Lance sat down close side by side; they're heads close together. She glanced at Richard and asked, "Where's Yulonda at?"

"She's putting him to nap in Scott's room." Richard explained. "She didn't want us to disturb him. She be out soon."

Scott looked at Justin and asked, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Yea, what do you have." Justin answered, not being able to take his eyes off Scott's face.

"Nothing." Scott shot back with a grin. "I'll have to run down to the store."

Everyone broke out laughing; Justin felt his face reddening. Was this going to happen every time he opened his mouth? What is wrong with me today?

Lance spoke up, "Shelia and I could go."

"Yea, what do you guys want?" She asked the three men.

Richard suggested, "I could use a beer right about now. How `bout you Justin?"

"I'm a bit thirsty." Justin replied, meeting Lance's twinkling eyes. "How bout you Lance?"

"I'm a bit parched." Came the reply.

Shelia stood up and dragged Lance to his feet. "We'll be back in a bit."

Justin watched her retreating back and asked Scott, "Is she always that..."

"Neurotic." Scott offered. Richard added, "Mental."

Smiling, Justin nodded. "Yea, neurotic is a good word."

"No." Scott informed him. "Only when she's nervous. I think she's crushing on Lance."

"Tell me about it. The ride over here was amusing to say the least." Justin told them with a smile. Taking a deep breath of the pipe tobacco smoke, Justin asked, "What kind of tobacco are you smoking? It smells really good."

Grabbing the pouch from the table, Richard showed him, "It's called Black and Gold. It's the only stuff my wife will allow me to smoke inside."

Glancing over at Scott, who had a Marlboro stuck in his mouth, he stated, "It smells better than that."

"Tell me about it." Richard agreed, smiling at his son. "But he doesn't care what we think about it."

"That's right pop." Scott called out. "I can't give up all my habits."

"At least you gave up the worst one." Justin commented.

"I'd drink to that." Richard said. "But we don't have any drinks."

"You're not a very good host are you Scott?" Justin teased, feeling more and more comfortable around the two men now that Shelia had left.

"Blame it on my parents." Scott shrugged.
"Blame what on your parents." Yulonda asked as she walked outside. Walking over to her "guys" she kissed them softly on the cheek before sitting down between her son and her husband.

"Hi Justin. I see that you made it here alright." Yulonda chatted warmly. "Shelia didn't get you lost after all."

"It really wasn't her, Lance just followed the Limo." Justin replied.

"Where's Shelia and Lance?" She asked, waving off the smoke from Scott's cigarette.

"Getting some refreshments." Richard explained, tapping his pipe on the edge of the table.

Resting on hand on Richard's knee, Yulonda asked, "Now what are you blaming us for?"

Justin caught Scott off and said, "Scott was saying that the reason he's a lousy host was your fault."

"Oh really. How do you figure that Scott?" She asked, one eyebrow raised slightly.

"Justin asked for a drink and we don't have any." Scott flicked his spent cigarette on the ground. "I said...wait a minute. This isn't my room, it's yours. You're the bad hosts not me."

"I was hoping you wouldn't think about that." Richard replied dryly.

Yulonda patted him on the knee and looked at Justin and said, "My guys. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane one in the family."

With a twinkle in his eye, he stated, "I do feel sorry for you. I'm beginning to wonder how someone like you could ever produce something like Scott."

"Hey." Scott tried to sulk in his chair.

"I blame it on Richard of course." She replied with a martyred look on her face. "His entire family are a bunch of wack-o's."

"She's got you there dad. You have one strange family." Scott gave in and decided to join his mom's side. Looking over at Justin, he explained, "My dad is the only brother out of five that isn't in jail."

"Really." Justin smiled.

"Oh yeah. My dad comes from Alabama, talk about white trash." Scott said with a smile. "One of my uncles slept with a cousin and got her pregnant. Fifteen years later he slept with his own daughter and got her pregnant. We're still trying to figure out the lineage of that pairing."

Justin's eyes widened, he whistled softly, "Wow, I don't even want to try and attempt to figure that out."

The whole time Richard sat back and puffed on his pipe, the smoke lingering around his head. Justin could tell this was a common occurrence in the Taylor household and that Richard was taking the ribbing good-naturedly. Every so often he would meet Justin's gaze and Justin would see them sparkle quickly. Both parents were on cloud nine, after so many years of Scott's antics they were so happy to be sitting at the same table with him laughing and joking. For a brief moment he felt like he was intruding on something special.

"And what about your family Justin?" Yulonda asked, giving Richard's family a reprieve. "Any skeletons in your closet?"

"No skeleton's in my closet." Justin replied with a smile. "Matter of fact I pretty much destroyed my closet."

Scott snorted and broke out in laughter at Justin's joke even though Richard and Yulonda didn't get the subtle statement. "Oh really?" Scott asked. "Just kicked that door down and drag it all out into the light huh."

"Something like that." Justin answered with a grin. "But as I recall I did have some help from someone that will remain anonymous in kicking that door down."

"Ouch." Scott winced and grabbed for his cigarettes. "I guess I should apologize for that huh."

"A true gentleman would but I've gotten the feeling that you're not much of a gentleman." Justin stated as he leaned back into the chair. "What do you think Mrs. Taylor?"

During the exchange, Richard and Yulonda had first went from confusion to a slow realization of what the two were talking about. Yulonda blushed slightly but said, "Maybe that's something you will have to try and work on."

Scott dropped his lighter on the table and stared at his mother for a second. When he saw her amused look, he glanced at Justin who had decided to blush again. Richard laughed at deep rich laugh and patted his son on the shoulder.

"Looks like it's all over now." He commented as he tapped his pipe on the edge of his shoe. "I feel sorry for you Justin."

"By the way Justin." Yulonda stated firmly. "Please call me Yulonda. Mrs. Taylor sounds way to formal."

"Thank you Yulonda." Justin said with a smile.

"But I'm still Mr. Taylor to you bub." Richard said with a straight face.

"Okay." Justin stammered.

Richard looked at Scott who was only shook his head and rolled his eyes as Richard said with a laugh, "I'm just kidding. Please call me Richard. We're just backward trailer trash after all."

Justin smiled and suddenly became extremely thirsty. Events were moving way to fast for him at the moment and he felt swept away in a river with no end. Needing to change the subject he offered, "So Richard." He said, stressing the word Richard. "What do you do back in Alaska?"

"I work for the Alaskan Ferry Systems." He said as he leaned back in his chair. "I'm a trouble shooter. I make sure none of the employees try and smuggle duty-free products into or out of Canada."

"Sounds exciting." Justin mused.

"Sometimes." Richard shrugged. "But mostly I just piss off hundreds of employees."

"That's my dad. The hard ass." Scott said proudly.

"We're back." Shelia called out as she walked into the front door with Lance trailing behind her. She carried a grocery bag filled overflowing with snacks and Lance struggled with a large cooler also filled with beer and ice.

"Do you need any help?" Richard stood up and asked.

"Lance might." Shelia commented as she sat the bag on the table. "Hi Yulonda."

"Shelia, what did you two buy?" Yulonda asked as she peered into the bag.

"All sorts of goodies." Shelia beamed. "Lance and I decided that we were hungry so we bought out the store."

Lance had sat down the cooler and with Richard in tow they disappeared out of the room. Shelia informed them that they had another cooler in the car yet.

"Jesus, I should send you shopping for me more often." Scott said with a laugh as he opened a bag of chips. Offering the bag first to Justin, he munched loudly.

Justin's stomach started growling and he realized that he was suddenly ravenous. "What else do you have in there?" He asked the red head.

Shelia laughed and started pulling things out, "We have potato chips, pretzels, all sorts of candy cause I know how much Scott loves Skittles. Some dips and Lance bought a huge bag of jerky."

"Is there anything in there that I could eat?" Yulonda asked, a frown on her face as she saw all the junk food.

"Of course." Shelia answered. "You don't think I can eat that crap can you. I have some vegetables with a fat free ranch dipping sauce."

The two women quickly arranged the snacks on the table by the time Richard and Lance arrived with the second cooler carried between them.

"How much beer did you think we needed?" Richard asked the southerner with a smile.

Sitting down Lance stated, "I didn't know what everyone liked so I pretty much got one of everything. I do know that Justin loves imported beer and Shelia loves wine so we got a few bottles and some wine coolers."

Scott opened one of the coolers and said, "Mom, they got a nice Chardonnay. Would you like a glass?"

"It's a bit early don't you think?" She asked.

Smiling, Lance opened up the other cooler and produce a bottle of water, "That's why I also got soda and water."

"Oh, aren't you sweet." Yulonda cooed at him.

Lance managed to look coy as he sat down next to Shelia who only smiled at him mysteriously.

"What will you have Justin?" Scott asked.

"Beer please."

"Okay here." He opened it and then automatically handed one to his father who accepted it graciously and drained half of it with one gulp. "Lance?"

"I'll take a glass of wine." Lance said after looking at Shelia briefly. "Me too." She echoed him.

"Where's the corkscrew?" He asked.

"Damn. I knew I forgot something." Lance moaned.

"Dummy." Justin chided him.

Yulonda stood up and said, "I'll call the front desk. Maybe they have one."

Everyone else started munching on the snacks and talking loudly. She returned and said that one will be sent to the room in a few minutes. She sat down next to her husband and kissed him on the cheek before attacking the vegetable tray.

"Did I hear you correctly about a new album coming out soon?" Richard asked Justin through a mouthful of chips.

"Yeah. I'm almost finished with it." Justin said excitedly. "I can't wait for it to come out."

"It's really good." Lance said with a look of pride on his face. "He actually plays most of the instruments himself."

"Good for you." Scott said. "Looks like your going to finally become a musician instead of a performer."

"Funny." Justin said dryly. "Unlike Nsync days. I did write all the songs myself with just a bit of help from Lance."

"What type of music is it?" Yulonda asked, genuinely curious about Justin and his music.

Looking at Scott, Justin replied, "It's more pop rock. Definitely not as heavy as Scott's music is. But it's nothing like my old music at all."

"I was surprised that my little Justin could actually write songs that have a deeper meaning then feel good music." Lance said as he broke down and opened a beer. "You should hear some of them. Very melodic." He said to Scott who had an interested look on his face.

Rubbing his scalp absently, Scott said, "I would love too. He has a good voice."

Yulonda piped up, "Scott why don't you get your guitar and maybe he will be nice enough to give us a sample."

Justin blushed again as Scott asked, "Do you want to?"

"Come Justin. Please." Shelia begged her green eyes shining.

Scott smiled when Justin nodded and went to get his guitar. When he opened the door a bellhop was standing there holding the corkscrew. He took it and disappeared into his room and came back with an acoustical guitar.

Handing the guitar to Justin, he preceded to open the bottle of wine as Justin fiddled with the guitar, tuning it to his voice. Pouring two glasses of wine, he placed them in front of Shelia and Lance.

"What should I play Lance?" Justin asked, clearing his throat.

"I don't know. Pick something." Lance shrugged.

Justin thought about it for a moment and then began to play.

I want to see what people saw

I want to feel like I felt before

I want to see the kingdom come

I want to feel forever young

I want to sing

To sing my song

I want to live

In a world where I belong

I want to live

I will survive

And I believe that it won't be very long

If we turn, turn, turn, turn, turn

Then we might learn

So where's the stars

Up in the sky

And what's the moon

A big balloon

We'll never know

Unless we grow

There's so much world

Outside your door

I want to sing

To sing my song

I want to live

In a world where I belong

I want to live

I will survive

And I believe that it won't be very long

If we turn, turn, turn, turn, turn

Then we might learn

Learn to turn

When Justin went back into the chorus Scott's raspy voice blended with his strong clear voice and they both sang the chorus together.

I want to sing

To sing my song

I want to live

In a world where I belong

I want to live

I will survive

And I believe that it won't be very long

If we turn, turn, turn, turn, turn

Then we might learn

Learn to turn

"Wow." Yulonda said as Justin finished. "You are really good. Your voice is so pure."

Justin blushed again and said, "Thanks. That's the first song I've ever written." He emptied the rest of his beer and asked Scott for another one.

Scott opened one and handed it him. Lance cut in and said, "Justin, when Scott joined you I almost lost my lunch. You should ask him to sing background vocals for you. It was perfect."

Justin looked at Scott and said, "What do you think?"

Scratching his cheek, Scott answered, "Maybe. I like it. Wish I could hear the whole arrangement."

"What are your plans now?" Lance asked, the businessman coming out in him. He leaned forward in his chair and looked at him expectantly.

"I haven't really thought about it." Scott admitted. "I was thinking about going home for awhile."

"What about Zylvan?" Lance asked carefully, not wanting to open up old wounds.

"That's over. I'm out of the contract and without a job." Scott said blandly, trying to hide his pain behind a weak smile.

"Think about it." Lance said. "We could get you some money. Maybe even a record deal."

Scott's eyes lit up and he said, "Really."

"Yeah, believe it or not you're still a hot commodity. Trust me record companies are going to be knocking on your door now that you're a free agent." Lance said excitedly.

Richard had been watching the exchange with an amused look on his face. Scott's future had been on his mind as well. When Scott had brought up returning home with them and taking a break from the music scene he was worried that Scott might miss an opportunity. In his opinion, Scott needed to stay focused and if Lance could help him do that then he was all for it.

Yulonda was thinking along the same lines as her husband. As much as she wanted Scott home close to her, especially after so many years apart, she also knew if Scott came home he would never get another shot at fulfilling his dream. And as all mothers have to do, she was prepared to let her son go.

Scott had a dopey grin on his face. If he helped with Justin's album and then worked with Lance he would have an excuse to stay close to Justin and that was something he wanted desperately.

"And besides, if you go back to LA, then you could always stay at my apartment with me." Shelia said through a gulp of wine.

"Looks like everyone makes out." Yulonda said warmly. "I think I can trust Lance to take care of my baby."

Looking at Justin out of the corner of his eye, Lance said with a smile, "Between the three of us, I'm sure we can keep Scott on track."

"Have you all finished deciding my future yet or should I leave them room so you can talk freely?" Scott asked, downing his beer. He was trying hard to play angry but the thought of Justin taking care of him made him feel giddy.

Justin grabbed a cigarette and shoved it in Scott's mouth and stated, "Shut-up and let the adults talk now."

"Okay." Scott resigned him and opened another beer.

"That's a good boy." Justin patted him on the knee with a smile. Looking back at Lance he asked, "Where were we?"

To Be Continued

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