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A single light illuminated the balcony, the sky a twinkling backdrop for Scott as he sat quietly staring up at the sky. The last two months had been a blur for the young singer. Each day bringing new emotions for him to struggle with. It had all started with an impromptu sing along with Justin in his parent's hotel room.

Now he was hours away from making his debut as Justin's guitarist on the most anticipated release in music history. Already receiving great reviews from critics, Justin's first solo album We as People hit the stores tomorrow with a live broadcast on MTV. The buzz surrounding the event was staggering to say the least.

True to Lance's larger than life attitude, the show would showcase Justin's new direction in music plus have a reunion with the original members of Nsync performing some of the old favorites and then singing some background vocals on the new material.

When the press had learned that Scott had leant his raspy voice to the sessions as well as playing lead guitar the rumors started flying. Lance had warned them to keep a tight lip about their relationship, at least until the record came out. Not really in fear of their relationship, the world had known about Justin's sexually ever since that night at the MTV awards. He wanted to keep the rumors flying as it created great press. There wasn't a day that went by where Justin's name wasn't in the papers.

Where this did keep the buzz going, it had caused some major tension between Justin and Lance. Justin wanted to tell the world about his new relationship with Scott. After all, both of them had worked so hard to make it work, both professionally and personally.

Scott could understand where Lance was coming from. He wanted the focus to be on Justin's work not on his private life. And Justin only wanted to tell the world why he had such a stupid grin on his face all the time. It was explosive to say the least; many times Scott had to jump between them to defuse the situation before it came to blows.

It never ceased to amaze him how the two friends could stay so close even after the all the words in anger. At the end of the day, Lance and Justin would hug each other and forgive everything that was said. Scott noticed it in his own relationship with Justin.

Justin had a temper. And when something bothered him, he threw it on the table and discussed it. No matter how angry he was or how hurt something made him, he always talked it through. Scott had to learn how to openly show his emotions towards Justin. His years of hiding wouldn't do in this new relationship. Justin wouldn't allow it and always seemed to know how to drag it out of him.

It was a constant learning experience for the blonde. Many times he had called his parents for advice or just to cry on their shoulders so to speak. Starting a new life with someone was hard enough. Add the release of a new record along with scheduling a live show and a national tour it turned into a horrendous nightmare that threatened to engulf all the participants. His parent's always had advice for him and kept his head on straight.

They're advice more times than not, never let something go unresolved. Don't run from a problem but face it head on until a situation corrected itself.

Even now, all alone on the balcony, Scott waited for Justin to arrive. As the show crept closer, Justin spent more hours double-checking everything and more hours away from Scott. Scott knew he was nervous, this was an important event. Either the public would accept him as a new solo artist or they would reject him as a hack. He only had this one chance to prove everyone wrong.

Which was why Scott was surprised when he found out that Nsync would be the opening act for the live broadcast. Again that was Lance's idea. What better way to show the world what he was now then to show them what he was in the past? Kind of like a changing of the guard so to speak. Either way, Scott hoped the plan would work.

Looking at his watch, he sighed and lit another cigarette. It was already after midnight, Justin was two hours late. Looking inside the house, he saw the remnants of dinner waiting on the table. Wondering when he turned into the little bitch of the house, he took another drink of his lukewarm beer.

After tomorrow, everything would turn back to normal. Well as normal as going on tour could be. He had missed the road more than he thought he ever would. The excitement of playing live was the reason he got into the business in the first place.

The front door opened and he heard his boyfriend enter with a sigh. Smiling in the semi-darkness, he waited for the inevitable curse that was to follow as Justin saw the cold dinner waiting him.

"Damnit, I did it again." Justin called out quietly, still not seeing Scott out on the balcony.

Hearing the anger in his lover's voice, his own irritation vanished and he smiled. Turning his head, he could just make out Justin's form as he picked at the meal in the fading candlelight.

Scott heard the familiar sound of a beer opening and called out softly, "Get me one will ya."

"Jesus Scott."

Scott laughed when Justin jumped, spilling his beer on the floor in the process. Leaving the beer on the floor, he grabbed two more and joined Scott on the balcony.

Scott groaned as the singer jumped in his lap and greeted him with a kiss. For a few minutes they stayed like that, wrapped in each other's arms.

Breaking off the kiss, Scott asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Famished." Justin answered, kissing him again passionately.

"I could get use to this." Scott murmured, shifting the man slightly on his lap. "A cold beer and a hot body."

"God I missed you." Justin stated sadly as he leaned his head against Scott's. "I'm sorry I was so late."

"Don't worry about it." Scott assured him. "I understand."

"There just never seems enough hours in a day." Justin complained, taking a swig of the bitter liquid. "There's always just one more thing to do."

"I say blame Lance." Scott said with a grin.

Laughing musically, Justin agreed, "Sometimes I wonder what I let him talk me into."

"Let him. You practically begged him."

Grinning like a little child, Justin snuggled deeper against him. "You smell good."

Crinkling up his nose, Scott said, "That makes one of us at least."

Ignoring the joke, Justin sighed again.

"What's wrong? Is everything taken care of?" Scott asked, knowing the answer.

"Everything up to the second to the last commercial break. Apparently Lance has something scheduled for that time slot but won't tell me. It's a surprise." Justin informed him blandly. "I hate fucking surprises."

Scott kept his face neutral. Lance and him had come up with a surprise for Justin during that time and both of them were having a hard time in keeping it a secret. Justin was just to involved with the planning but somehow they managed it.

"Maybe it's a new act that Lance wants to showcase." Scott offered with a grin.

"Then they should be the opening act not the second to last." Justin disagreed hotly. "I wish I knew what was going on."

Moving Justin in between his knees, Scott started massaging the singer's shoulders. "What you need to do is get something to eat and get a good nights sleep."

Groaning softly, Justin tilted his head back and said, "I don't know about the food part but I could sleep for a week."

"If you do that then you'll miss the big show silly." Scott teased, kissing the man's neck.

"But if I'm in bed with you then I wouldn't care." Justin countered back.

"You always know what to say don't you."

Leaning back against his lover, he sighed as Scott's arms wrapped around his waist. Rubbing the strong arms that engulfed him, he answered lightly, "It's easy with you."

"How did it go with Jc today?" Scott asked, making sure to keep his voice neutral. He had never really forgiven Jc for the things he did in the past. Only at Justin's urging had he managed to keep things civil between them at all.

"Really good." Justin said with a smile. "He's been sober for over a month. Even Chris said he was back to the old Jc."

"That's good." Scott said genuinely happy that Justin had been able to mend the gaps with his old friends. He didn't have to like Jc.

"Rehearsal was a nightmare." Justin laughed. "Joey and Chris hadn't danced since we broke up and they had forgotten all the routines. Even Lance had trouble with them and he has stayed in pretty good shape."

"Shelia will do that to anyone." Scott commented, taking another drink from his beer.

"I don't know how he puts up with her at all."

"Its called love."

"It's something alright." Justin snorted, resting his head on Scott's shoulder. "She keeps him on his toes that's for sure."

"Are you going to be ready with the routines?" Scott asked, liking the feeling of Justin in his arms.

"We decided to scrap most of the dancing. Joey and Chris don't want to appear foolish you know on national TV."

"Which song did you guys settle on doing?"

"I think it's going to be Girlfriend." Justin told him. "But we'll know for sure tomorrow. Oh, did Shelia tell you that Leonardo is going to be there?"

"No. What does Lance think about that?" Scott asked, amazed that she would even ask her ex to the show.

"He's fine. After all, when they first got back to LA she told him flat out that she was with Lance now. He didn't seem to care one way or the other."

"That had always been a weird relationship anyway. Do you know who he's bringing?"

"Nope, she didn't say." Justin shrugged.

"What time do we have to be there tomorrow?"

Justin emptied his beer before replying, "Lance said anywhere around four."

"As much as I love holding you." Scott said, kissing his cheek. "We should probably march up to bed. It's getting really late."

"Do we have too?" Justin whined.

"I can still hold you in bed you know." Scott reminded him with a chuckle.

"Silly me." Justin stated as he stood up and stretched loudly.

Grabbing Scott's hands, he hauled the man to his feet and led the way inside.

"Shouldn't we clean up dinner." Scott asked as they passed the table.

"Nope, someone else will do that tomorrow." Justin said as he pulled the man towards the bedroom.

Justin headed towards the bed but Scott stopped him and said, "Before you get into my bed you better take a shower. You stink."

Grumbling, Justin disappeared into the bathroom. Scott smiled and went back into kitchen turning off the lights and making sure the balcony door was locked before walking back into the bedroom. Getting off his shoes, he took off his socks. Taking off his pants, he sat down on the bed.

Yawning loudly, he stripped off his shirt and lay down on the bed wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. A few minutes later, Justin emerged from the bathroom toweling off his hair as he walked towards the bed.

Seeing Scott lying there, he grinned wickedly. Scott looked at him and asked, "What?"

"I still can't believe that I get to sleep with you every night." Justin said in awe. "Do you know how long I've dreamt of this?"

"Yes but you can tell me again." Scott whispered, lust shining in his eyes.

Dropping the towel on the floor, Justin crawled into bed and rested his head on Scott's chest, hugging the man's body tightly. "I can't begin to tell you how much I love you."

"Then don't waste time trying." Scott growled and pulled Justin on top of him, kissing him hard.

For a long time they were lost in each other's embrace. Two lost souls that had finally found each other. Showing their love in the most intimate of ways, the room was filled with the sound of love. Hours later they drifted off to sleep still entwined; they're faces glowing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Justin, you have five minutes." The stage director called through the door.

"Okay." Justin called back as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

This was it. After months of planning, hours of preparations, the moment of truth had arrived. The entire morning had been a blur for him. Waking up next to Scott had been the highlight of his day so far. After that things fell downhill rather quickly.

From the band losing the music for the opening Nsync number to three sponsors pulling out in the last hours before show time. Luckily Lance had convinced they're major sponsor to fill in the gaps or they would have had to cut their two-hour special by forty minutes.

And not ten minutes ago, Justin had to deal with Jc freaking out with stage fright. Hopefully Joey and Lance would calm down the singer and he would be ready for the curtain call.

Standing up, he looked over his costume one last time. For the Nsync number they had decided on matching outfits, an ode to the past Joey called it. But now he was having second thoughts. Not just about his costume but about the whole Nsync thing in general. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to open the show with his past. After all, his new stuff wasn't anything like the pop songs that he grew famous with.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. "Come in."

He turned and in walked the fiery redhead, Scott's best friend and now Lance's girlfriend, Shelia. Grinning at her, he stated, "How do I look?"

"No worse than Lance." She said with a grin. "I can't believe you guys used to wear that."

"I knew it was a bad idea." Justin complained, as he grabbed his shirt and started to lift it off.

"I'm kidding." She stated quickly, grabbing his hands roughly. "You look sexy."

Walking over to the vanity table, she grabbed a towel and threw it at the nervous singer. "Wipe your hands."

"You would think I haven't done this before." He joked as he dried his hands on the towel.

"You'll do fine." She assured him as she straightened out his shirt. "All of you will do fine."

"How's Jc holding up?"

"Wonderful, everyone's waiting for you in the wings." She informed him.

"Where's Scott?" He asked, checking himself one final time.

"On stage already."

Taking a deep breath, he stated, "Let's do it."

She grabbed his hand and together they walked down towards the backstage area. When they approached the other members of Nsync, she let go of his hand and went directly over to Lance and hugged him.

"One minute guys." The stage director informed them before shouting into his headset loudly.

Joey, Chris, Lance, Jc and Justin huddled together in a circle to complete their oldest ritual. A quick prayer of thanks, a quick rendition of Mary had a little lamb, and then a loud Nsync rocks where they held onto each other and jumped around in a circle to get their blood flowing.

"Twenty seconds guys."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The eight thousand-seat studio was jammed packed. Music insiders where there as were critics, each one ready to bury Justin's music for once and for all. Movie stars had flocked to the gala to be seen on TV, not really caring one way or another if Justin was successful.

Insiders that were close to the band showed up to give support along with thousands of fans who gathered to see Nsync one last time and to be able to say that they heard the new music first. MTV was airing the special and they promoted the show endlessly. They even went as far as to show the arrival of the many stars in attendance with a half-hour red carpet show.

Now as the lights went down and the huge clock above the stage counted down from ten, the audience erupted in applause as the sign lit up to inform them they were live.

An announcer's voice echoed through the building, "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back, NSYNC."

The curtain dropped and the music blasted from the speakers as the five members of Nsync took the stage. From Scott's viewpoint on the stage, he saw everyone on their feet as the guys took their places and began singing one of their biggest hits.

As they danced and sang, Scott had to concentrate to hear the music as the crowd rose to a deafening roar. Completely taken back at the reception, he smiled and watched as his boyfriend wowed the crowd again. The old magic was back and each member could feel it, it fueled their performance to staggering levels. Any stage rust they had evaporated as the crowd showed its support.

When the song came to the end, Scott had to cover his ears to block out the sound. It was so loud it seemed to echo inside his mind. His face was beaming as the curtain rose and Justin ran off stage to change for his next song.

As they went to a commercial Scott had just enough time to congratulate the guys before they headed to their dressing rooms to change for the next number.

He watched in fascination as the Nsync band was shuffled off the stage to be replaced by Justin's touring band. Now with the clock counting down again, Scott checked over his guitars one final time. With thirty seconds to spare, Justin ran back on stage.

"That was fucking kick ass." Scott shouted above the noise of the audience.

Justin beamed at him and kissed him deeply before taking his place at a piano center stage. Now was the real test, would everyone accept him as a solo artist. He would find out in less than twenty seconds.

Taking a deep breath, Justin smiled at Scott on last time before the announcer's voice rang out again.

"Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. For the first time ever, Justin Timberlake."

The crowd went nuts again as the drummer started smacking his highhat with Scott's screeching guitar joining him. Justin started playing the piano intro for the song. In a clear voice Justin started the first verse.

Hell is gone heaven's here

There's nothing left for you to fear

Shake your ass come over here

Now scream

I'm a burning effigy

Of everything I used to be

You're my rock of empathy my dear

So come on let me entertain you

Let me entertain you

Life's too short for you to die

So grab yourself an alibi

Heaven knows your mother lied

Mon cher

Separate your right from wrongs

Come and listen to my song

The kettle's on so don't be long

Mon cher

So come on let me entertain you

Let me entertain you

Look me up in the yellow pages

I will be your rock of ages

You see through fades and your crazy phases yeah

Little Bo Peep has lost his sheep

He popped a pill and fell to sleep

The dew is wet but the grass is sweet

My dear

Your mind gets burned

With the habits you've learned

But we're the generation that's got to be heard

You're tired of you're preacher

And you're life's drag

You're not going to end up like your mum and dad

So come on let me entertain you

Let me entertain you

Let me entertain you

He may be good he may be out of sight

But he can't be here so come around tonight

Here is the place where the feeling grows

You gotta get high before you can taste the lows

So come on let me entertain you

Let me entertain you

From there Justin went into his next song and any fear he might have had disappeared and he started having fun. Many times in the performance, he would sing next to Scott, pushing his body close to the guitarist so they could use the same mic. Song after song, Justin slowly turned even the hardest critic to his side.

The passion in which he performed his songs and the intensely personal subject matter had everyone on their feet cheering loudly. Halfway through the second song he looked at Scott and they locked eyes, speaking without words they knew that his music was a success.

Finally, the second to last commercial break arrived. Justin saw Lance approach and looked at him with questioning eyes.

"Come on." Lance dragged him from the stage with a grin.

"What are you doing?" Justin asked again for the hundredth time.

"You'll see in two minutes." Lance said mysteriously.

Justin let Lance lead him down a long hallway, far away from the stage. Two men met them there; one of the men had a robe for Justin to wear. Justin put it on before being escorted out the door.

Much to Justin's surprise the door led them to the lobby of the building. Lance hushed him with a look and entered the back of the studio. Instructing the men to keep him at the very back of the room, Lance disappeared down the aisle way. Justin watched him as he moved and sat down next to Shelia in the front row.

Justin could do nothing as the curtain dropped and the lights went out. Squinting, he tried to see what was on the stage. But the stage was pitch black; suddenly lightening flashed across the stage silhouetting a single figure sitting on a stool center stage.

Thunder boomed from the speakers and rain began to fall across the front of the stage accented by the lightening. The sound of rain and thunder cascaded off the speakers, as the stage was backlight with soft white lights illuminating Scott.

The audience erupted with applause as they recognized the popular singer. Holding a simple acoustic guitar, Scott started playing softly to the sound of rain. Raising his voice he began singing.

I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you

Every thunder cloud that came was one more I might not get through

On the darkest day there's always light and now I see it too

But I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you

I hear it falling in the night and filling up my mind

All the heaven's rivers come to light and I see it all unwind

I hear it talking through the trees and on the window pane

And when I hear it I just can't believe I never liked the rain

Scott stood up and the rest of the band kicked in as the stage was flooded with light. Putting down his guitar, Scott walked to the edge of the stage, just inside the falling water and began the chorus.

Like the Rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you

Like the rain always calling for you I'm falling for you now

Just like the rain

When the cloud is rolling over thunder striking me

It's as bright as lightening and I wonder why I couldn't see

That it's always good and when the flood is gone we still remain

Guess I've known all along I just belong here with you falling

Like the rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you

Like the rain always calling for you I'm falling for you now

Just like the rain I have fallen for you

I'm falling for you now just like the rain

The music softened and Scott stepped through the falling water drenching him in the process. A spotlight led him to Justin who had taken the robe off due to urging from one of the men. Raising an outstretched hand, Scott locked eyes with him and sang softly.

And when the night falls on our better days

And we're looking to the sky

For the winds to take us high above the plains

I know that we'll find better way to look into the eye of the storms

That will be calling forever we'll be falling

Like the rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you

Like the rain always calling for you I'm falling for you now just

Like the rain I have fallen for you and I know just why you

Like the rain always calling for you I'm falling for you now just

Like the rain

Justin had walked slowly to the front of the stage and as Scott hit one last like the rain, he grabbed his outstretched hand and joined him on the stage. Scott smiled as his voice trailed off. For the two nothing else existed. Gone were the noise from the crowd, gone were the lights, gone were the cameras that were following their every move with a voyeuristic fascination. The only thing left was each other.

Slowly, as if time slowed down to let them capture every sense of the moment, they leaned in and kissed passionately. The audience stared in silence at the display of affection between the two men. Suddenly as if someone opened the floodgate, to a person the audience stood up and started to cheer.

Justin and Scott clasped hands and raised their hands high over their heads. Smiling they faced the audience, standing side by side together, strong like the tie that binds them. Showing the world that together there was no obstacle that they couldn't overcome with love.

As they walked back through the falling water, the curtain went up with cheers and yells. Scott looked at Justin and stated fiercely, "I love you."

With tears flowing down his cheeks, Justin replied, "I know."


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