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In the town of Stockton, California, a scared Scott Taylor was pacing in a hall of a hospital. The hallway was about thirty feet long and he would walk until he'd hit a wall, turn, and then walk the thirty feet to the next wall. Over and over he did this for what seemed like an eternity.

His once long blonde hair was cut shorter than he could ever remember it being. It stuck out in every direction, un-combed, and un-washed. Hell, everything about Scott at the present time was dirty and dark.

Scott kept rubbing his hands over his short hair as he stalked down the hall softly muttering to him self. During the course of his walk, every time he would pass a certain door, he would stop for a few seconds and just stare at the closed door. Then he would mutter something and continue his pacing.

Scott's gray eyes were red and glazed over from all the drugs he had in his system. His hands were shaking as he tried to retrieve his cigarettes from his coat pocket.

As he walked, Scott's mind was racing. What the hell was he doing here? He didn't need anyone's help, did he? It wasn't like he couldn't control himself. He couldn't take the time off anyway; he had a career to think of.

He started to walk down the hall towards the elevator, then paused. A memory hit his mind almost causing him to hunch down on his heels and cry out in pain. He remembered through the drug-induced fog. No! His mind reeled from the recall.


"Are you okay?" The stranger asked Scott, who was sitting on an empty basketball court in the pouring rain.

Scott looked through his tears and the rain at the person who had intruded into his pity party.

The stranger was about three inches shorter than Scott, who stood at six feet. He was wearing a uniform of a bellboy of the hotel that Scott was staying at. His brown hair was cut very short and his brown eyes had a look of such lust that Scott couldn't take his eyes away from the younger man. Scott guessed he was about 18 or 19.

"It's been a hard day," Scott explained.

"Do you know its raining?" The stranger asked with a smile.

Scott looked around and with a look of mock confusion he replied, "So, that's what you humans call this falling from the sky."

Laughing, the man stated, "Okay, kind of obvious question. I guess what I should be asking is, what are you doing sitting out in the middle of a freaking hurricane?"

"Just loving the view." Scott admitted as he opened his arms and leaned his head back and let the rainfall down on his body.

A look of total amazement crossed the employee's face. He raised one eyebrow as he asked, "The view?"

Looking around, he continued, "Not much to see. Just an empty court, some palm trees, the back of the hotel. You must be from back west if you like this view."

Chuckling outloud, Scott stood up and faced the man who had been the only one to make him laugh for days. Ever since Justin and him had that fight, a couple of days ago, Scott's mood was getting darker and darker. All he did was call Justin's house every hour begging Jc to put him on the phone.

But to his utter dismay, Jc said over and over that Justin never wanted to talk to him again. Scott was still confused about this, before Justin left; he made it seem that he wanted to keep in contact with the singer. He just wanted Scott to get his head straight first. But never? Scott just didn't know what to do so he sank deeper into depression.

Even Garet, couldn't pull him out of it no matter how hard he tried. Garion and Greg just shrugged when Garet asked them to try. Scott was still performing every night knocking the audience dead with his dark and brooding personality. They seemed to like him more when his heart was broken.

"I am at that," Scott replied. "I'm Scott by the way."

Taking Scott's offered hand, the stranger stated, "I'm Ian. I know who you are I work here. I love you're music, man. I watch from behind the bar every night."

"From behind the bar? Why don't you come in and see us up close and personal? Scott asked.

"Because, I'm only 18. Not allowed in the bar."

Scott mused, "Too bad, I would have loved to see you in the audience every night."

What the fuck did I just say?

Ian's eyes widened slightly, "You would have loved to see me huh. I thought you and Justin were together."

Ian noticed the look of anguish that came over Scott's face at the mention of the pop star. Damn, why did I say that, he thought to himself?

"Sorry, it's none of my business." Ian tried to cover up his mistake.

Shaking his head no, Scott replied evenly, "It's okay. I thought we had something, but I guess we didn't it."

"Is that why you're sitting in the rain in the middle of the night." Asked Ian.

"Yep," Scott intoned. "Believe it or not, this is where I first met him."

Scott proceeded to tell Ian all about the 36 hours that he shared with Justin. He found out to his amazement, he didn't hold anything back from this stranger. Everything inside of him was screaming to stop, but it just flowed out.

Ian was taken back from the singers honesty. He didn't really want anything from the man but a sweaty, hard, fuck. The only reason that he approached him was that he overheard Jc and Garet talking about the pair in the bathroom.

Ian tried to change the subject, "Look, you look like you could use help. Why don't we go back to your room, dry off and then we can do whatever you want."

He tried to stress the word whatever. By the look on Scott's face, he got it. Before Scott had time to think about it, Ian continued.

"Look, Justin was probably fucking with you. I hear that Nysnc does that a lot. It's like a game between them and the Backstreet Boys. They just see how many people they can screw with."

"How do you know that?" Scott asked in disbelief.

"They stay at this hotel all the time. Ask anyone, we all know about their sick twisted games they play."

"Come on, I am soaked to the bone. Let's go back to your room, huh."

"Okay, why not." Scott said as he offered to lead the way.

The two men made it back to the room. Scott opened the door and let Ian go in first. As Ian walked by Scott, Scott could smell the odor emanating of the youth.

It made him realize how bad he must have smelt. He had been out in the rain for awhile. Following the brunet inside, he closed the door.

Ian was looking around as he took off his uniform jacket. Scott just stared at him as he stood there in just his pants and a white T-shirt that was soaked through. Scott could see the every muscle through the wet shirt. Noticing that Ian didn't have the body Justin did. Must be all that time dancing he thought.

"Are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to get out of those wet clothes?" Ian asked as he went over to the table.

"Uh, yea," Scott replied nervously as he stripped of the shirt that he was wearing. Giving Ian a look at his gym toned body for the first time.

Appreciation shown in Ian's eyes, as he looked Scott up and down. Ian could see every muscle on the blonde singer. His erect nipples were dime sized with a light brown color to them. His six- pack looked so inviting still glistening from the rain. His eyes finally came to rest on Scott's ample crotch. He could see the bulge in the tight pants. With a look of hunger in his eyes, he turned back to the table and started fooling with something that he took out of his pants pocket.

Scott went to the bathroom and got a towel. As he walked back into the room, he bent over and started drying his long hair. The towel covered his face so he didn't see Ian approach him. Standing upright, he came face to face with Ian.

Ian broke the silence by asking, "What's that tattoo mean?"

Meaning the tattoo on Scott's neck that read, SLAVE in black gothic lettering. Because it's on the back of his neck, Scott had forgotten it was there.

"Exactly what is says. I am a slave."

"Oh really," Ian said seductively. "And who is your master?"

Scott smiled, "Who ever I want to be."

Coming in closer till their bodies were only inches apart, Ian asked breathlessly, "Who do you want your master to be?"

Scott didn't answer but he leaned in a kissed Ian's awaiting mouth. The pair kissed lustfully and deep. Both of their tongues were fighting for control as they kissed. Hands roamed over the wet bodies, not caring about anything. Not thinking, just reacting to the lust that filled their being.

Breaking the kiss, Ian stated, "Okay, since I am your master for the night, I order you to come with me to the table."

The pair went to the table where Scott saw what the youth had been messing with. On the table was a tiny mirror, and on the mirror were four little white lines. A tiny glass straw was lying next to the mirror.

Scott was no stranger to cocaine; he was a musician for Christ's sake. He eyed the powder with a hunger that he didn't even know he possessed.

Ian asked him, "Have you ever done Heroin?"

"Heroin, I thought that was coke?" Scott asked bemused. "I don't do needles."

Ian softly laughed, "You can snort this, fucking while you're high is the ultimate rush. See."

Ian demonstrated by taking the straw and devouring two of the lines. First in one nostril, then the other. Shutting his eyes tight, he fought for control as the drug immediately went to work. Coursing through his system at a powerful speed.

Now Scott, who had only dabbled with drugs up to this point. He was really a beer hound. But with all the emotions that had wrecked his mind ever since his cousin's accident. And with all the pain of Justin's rejection, he thought to himself, why not?

"Fuck it," Scott said as he grabbed the straw from the dark haired youth.

The drug hit him with all the ferocity of a Mac truck. His senses seemed to dull but yet pulsate with an intensity that he never felt before. If asked to describe what was going on in his body, his only reply would have been ecstasy. He felt so alive and yet so out of touch with his body. Like everything moved in slow motion only to periodically catch up to reality, smashing his senses and causing an overload.

After taking the drug, Scott could barely control what happened next. The pair somehow had made it to the bed, and they were naked now. Kneeling on the bed, they kissed and groped each other for what seemed like hours.

Bits and pieces were all Scott could ever remember. But the feeling he felt when his dick was moving in and out of Ian's tight well-rounded ass, he would always remember.

Moving as one, Ian would thrust his hips back to meet Scott's thrusts forward. Nothing mattered in the world but the feelings that started with his cock and then moved throughout his entire body effusing his mind with a pleasure that nearly made him pass out.

Moaning and groaning were the only sounds besides the slapping of flesh as the two men fucked. The smell of sweat and sex filled the room as they gave in to their animal desire.

Scott had reached around and was jacking off Ian in the same rhythm as his own thrusts. Both men had their eyes squeezed tightly closed as they felt the intense orgasm building. As they were one in the fucking, they climaxed together. As the thrusting stopped, both men collapsed onto each other in the center of the bed. Not even kissing, they passed from exhaustion.

Scott could never remember going for that long before. All he knew was that he just had the hardest fuck of his life. He didn't care about Justin anymore; all he cared about was feeling like that again. He was hooked, not only on heroin, but also on a permanent one-night stand. If he couldn't have love, then he would take mind-blowing sex, no passion, just two people fucking in the oldest way known to man, pure animal lust.


Scott was on his knees in the middle of the hallway as the feelings washed over him threatening to engulf him. He was tired of living like that. Everything that had happened to him in the past year was a fog that was slowly starting to life. Allowing him to see the depth he had sunk too.

"I never meant to hurt anyone." Scott almost screamed out. Instead it came out like a growl. Like Scott had de-evolved into something that wasn't human anymore.

How did I let it get this bad he thought? When had he lost control of his life? Who was this person that he one day woke up and looked in the mirror? It didn't even look him anymore.

He had lost weight. His once rock hard body had somehow ended up looking a corpse. His eyes were sunken in and his ribs shown through his skin. His hair, at just the thought of his hair, he rubbed his hands over his scalp. His hair felt dry and dead, exactly how he felt at that moment in time. When did it all go so wrong?


"I don't even know I agreed to come here with you." Scott declared to his friend, Shelia.

"Because you love me." Shelia stated. "Besides, Nysnc is going to perform tonight, and I thought it would be good for you to see him again."

Scott flashed her a look of pure hatred. "Him, you mean Justin."

Shelia's green eyes grew misty as she relied, "Scottie, why don't you just talk to him. It's been months since you guys argued. Who knows, maybe he wants to see you?"

Scott looked at his friend. She was beautiful, standing at five foot five; she had a way of looming over anyone when she got that damn Irish temper up. Her fiery red hair was done up and her designer gown clung to her perfect body. Her green eyes were shining and they had that look. You know that look that women get when they think that a man is being an idiot.

She was also an up and coming actress. Her first movie was a small independent flick that had the critics raving. Her last movie won her great reviews, she played opposite of Leonardo Dicaprio. For just being 21, she had started her climb to the top.

"We have been over this a thousand times. Jc said..."

"Damnit, Jc said. Why don't you find out what Justin said," She asked with a fire burning in her voice.

Scott noticed her temper flaring but he wasn't about to back down, "Just stay out of it. It doesn't matter anyway. Rumors are that he's with Jc now."

Shelia shook her head as if saying no, it still matters. She looked into those gray eyes and felt a pang of hurt. She loved Scott on some many different levels, and she hated what he had been doing to himself these last few months.

"Look, I know that it hurts. But there are not enough drugs or cheap fucks in the world to forget him." She declared adamantly.

Scott retorted with a bit of anger in his voice, "Jesus Christ. Don't start on that shit again. I am fine. It's not like no one else parties a bit."

"Scott, just look at yourself. You stink; I can't even believe that you would come here and look like that. What happened to the beautiful person that you used to be? You look like shit."

Scott just rolled his eyes. She had been riding him hard about his casual, and he meant casual drug use. He didn't care what she thought; he had everything under control.

Scott tried to smooth things over by changing the subject, "Shelia, lets just forget about Justin and my partying, and lets enjoy the show.

Shelia looked at the pain that Scott was trying to hide. He had a smile on his face, but those eyes just looked so haunted.

She felt it was her responsibility to help him realize the path that he was on. She knew from her own mistakes, that drugs grab you and then they destroy everything in your life. Once they got you, you either wised up and changed, or your friends get the chore of burying you.

"Look," Shelia said with much concern in her voice, "I know what that shit can do to people. Just don't get stupid."

"Hey, its me. Have I ever done anything stupid before?" Scott asked with a grin.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" She countered.

"Trust me. We have a single that's tearing up the charts. Our record came out last month. Why would I want to fuck now?"

"Just promise me that you will slow down." She pleaded.

"No worries, I'm as right as mail." Scott answered.

She didn't believe him but she let it drop. For now, but she would talk to his bandmates. She figured between the four of them, they could make him see.

Just then, it was announced that the show would be starting and to please find your seats. The two friends found there seats and the show started.

Scott didn't pay attention to the show; he was having a hard time focusing on what was happening. Right before they came to the show, he had shot up in Shelia's bathroom. Scott, who had swore that he never would do needles, had been shooting heroin daily for the last two months.

But he just did it to stay creatively awake now. With the pressure of having a hit record, everyone was looking to him to write the next album. He didn't know if he could do it without the mind-expanding power of heroin. But he promised himself that after the album was done he would stop using.

Scott was still in his daze, when the lights went down and Nysnc started to perform. Shelia glanced over at Scott as he leaned forward in his chair till his eyes found Justin. Shelia thought she saw him breath easier when his eyes found the curly hair Adonis.

Scott was enraptured by the performance. He had seen their videos, and watched them on TV but had never seen them live. Their show was magical. The five members moved effortlessly into the dance routines as their voices blended into perfect harmony while they sung Its Gonna Be Me. At first, Scott didn't think that they were singing live until he heard Justin take a deep breath.

After the song was over, Nysnc left the stage. Shelia looked at Scott who had tears in his eyes. She leaned over and put her arm around the troubled singer.

She leaned real close to his head, noticing the smell that drift up from him; she said gently, "After the show, go talk to him."

Scott collapsed into her embrace and whispered, "I don't know when it got so fucked up."

"Come on, let's get out of here." Shelia said as she pulled Scott out of his seat and dragged him down the aisle.

The two friends talk until the show was over. Shelia knew that between them both, their celebrity status could get them backstage for the party. The pair went towards the back, and after a bit of talking to the guards, they found their way into the green room. They found a space against the wall and waited for the members of Nysnc to arrive.

Shelia was looking around at all the guest in the room. She was trying to find anyone that could help her further her career. She wasn't a slut, but she was very driven in her goal to make it and she wasn't above sleeping her way to the top.

"Hey Scott," Shelia nudged him in the ribs.

"What," Scott answered, his voice just a bit slurred.

"I just saw Leo, I have to say hi to him. Are you going to be all right?"

Looking at her with glazed eyes, he smiled, "Yep, just nervous. You go and say hi. I'm going to get a drink and try to find Justin."

Scott watched her walked away dodging all the people in her path. He stumbled over to the bar and got a beer. The bartender noticed how messed up he was but didn't say a word as he gave him the free beverage.

Scott looked around the room, and then he saw him. Justin, the only person that had ever awakened such feelings inside of him, walked into the room with his fellow Nysncers.

Scott drank in the beauty of the stud from Tennessee. He was wearing blue jeans that had on patches all over them. He had on a baby blue fitted T-shirt that clung to his perfect form. Hugging his chest, and making his firm pecs stand out. His curls were still damp from the heat of performing. He was perfect.

Scott watched him talk to his friends. Then Jc leaned in close and said something to the blonde. Justin shook his head and Jc left with the other members. Justin walked over to the bar and got a beer, he was standing right in front of Scott.

Scott swallowed and at the same time he tried to get some moisture in his mouth. Finally, he spoke.

"Hi Justin."

Justin paused in mid-drink; slowly he turned around to face the speaker. Scott didn't notice Justin staring at him. Scott was starting to worry if Justin would even speak to him. Either it was the drugs flowing through his veins, or it was just seeing him again. Either way, Scott found the courage to speak.

"Hi Scott. You look...different."

Scott's heart skipped a beat. He stammered, "Yea, I wanted to do something crazy."

Scott was finding it hard to stay on his feet. He was so happy that Justin had spoken to him. He didn't know what his problem was; he hadn't even slept with him.

"Are you going to be all right?" Justin asked.

He could see the concern and what was that; he saw pain come over Justin's face as he asked that question.

It was getting to be too much for Scott to handle. He was getting light-headed. He needed to sit down before he fell down.

"Sure," Scott replied. But he hoisted himself on a table. Not caring that he just sat in some food.

"Scott, what happened to you?"

Oh my god! He knows, I can see it in his face. I have caused him pain again, Scott's minding was screaming.

To mask his own pain, Scott tried to light a cigarette. When he couldn't even do that, Justin helped him.

Scott stared directly into Justin's eyes, fighting with everything to keep control of his emotions. To somehow control the drug that held him so tightly. For a minute he thought he would win, but the drug destroyed his attempts and he lost it.

"Why didn't you return my calls," He whispered.

"What calls? You never called me," Justin said as he bent down close to Scott's face.

Scott couldn't was having problems keeping himself up right. He started waving his arms around as he spoke louder, "I called you for days after you left the hotel. Jc said that you didn't want to talk to me."

"Jc said that."

"Yep, he said that I will never hurt you again and that you was his." Scott said finding it hard to speak. "All I wanted to do was tell you that you were right. I was selfish."

Scott saw Justin shake his head. Then his hand reached out and brushed Scott's hair out of his face. Scott trembled at that touch.

There was so much that Scott wanted to tell him but he never got the chance. Jc stormed over to them.

Talking between clenched teeth, Jc demanded, "What the fuck is going on here? I thought I told you to stay away from him."

Scott never found out what Jc was going to say. He stood up and Jc pushed him down hard. He fell to the floor and passed out.

When Scott awoke, he was lying on a bed. Someone was holding his hand. He didn't open his eyes, he wouldn't the moment to last forever. He felt safe. He could feel, whoever was holding his hand, them slightly squeeze his hand every couple of seconds. It made Scott feel so secure and loved.

"You are going to be all right. Its okay, I won't let anything happen to you."

Scott recognized Shelia's voice. He opened his eyes to find her green eyes staring intently into his own.

"You scared me." Shelia spoke in a small voice.

Scott had never heard her sound that weak before. He was trying to remember what happened.

"Where am I?" He stammered.

Stroking his forehead, Shelia answered, "You're in my apartment."

"My head hurts."

"Here, have some aspirin."

Scott took the pills and the glass of water. He swallowed down the pills and handed her back the glass.

He tried to sit up, but she pushed him back onto the bed.

"What happened? What day is it?" Scott asked, as he gave in and lay back down on the bed.

"Its Friday, do you remember the awards show last night?" She asked.

"Barely, I remember talking to Justin. Or at least I think I did?" Scott tried to think.

"You talked to Justin all right."

"What happened?"

Shelia was wondering if she should tell him right now. It's not like it was a secret. The morning paper ran the story.

"You and Justin were talking, I don't know what about, but Jc saw you too and went kind of crazy. He went to where you guys where standing and hit you down. You passed out then."

"That little fucker. He hit me?" Scott said. His anger was starting to boil as the conversation with Justin started to come back.

"He lied to Justin. That's why Justin wasn't talking to me." Scott declared.

"I know, Scottie. Well, after you passed out. Jc and Justin had a big fight about it. Right there in the green room. It's the front-page story on every newspaper in the country. Justin and Jc of Nysnc are gay."

"Oh no." Scott groaned.

"Oh yes, Justin broke up with Jc on the spot, and the TV says that he quit the band too."

Scott heard this and started to shake. His body was starting to go through withdrawals. He sat up in the bed. He broke out in a sweat as he rubbing his arms and chest.

"Where's my pants?" Scott asked.

Shelia shook her head. She didn't realize that Scott had gotten that bad already. She stared at him as he rubbed his arms and licked his lips. She knew that look; his body was on fire.

"There on the chair," Shelia answered as she pointed to the chair.

Getting out of bed, he didn't even bother to hide his nakedness as he grabbed his pants and started checking the pockets.

"Looking for this?" Shelia asked as she held up his "Kit".

Scott reached out for it with a hunger burning on his face.

"Give that to me, it's mine."

"Scott," Shelia pleaded. "You need help. Let me help you."

"What I need is for you to give me my drugs. I don't need your fucking help. Now give it." Scott snarled.

Shelia lost her temper and she started to shout, "Really, you don't need anything but your little fucking needle. Let me tell you something, I have been right where you standing. I know how bad you need this. But I also know that you need help too."

"You don't know anything about it. You're nothing but a fucking whore that gets movie roles because you're blowing the director. Now give me my drugs." Scott struck out in anger.

Shelia put her finger on Scott's chest, and said, "I will forget that you said that. But if you're going to do this shit," She held up his drugs. "Then you can find another friend. I won't watch you die, Scott."

Scott grabbed the drugs out of her hand. He was so rough, that she got pushed to the ground in his eagerness to grab the kit from her.

"If you want it like that, then fine, I'll leave." Scott replied.

Shelia stared at Scott from the sitting position on the floor. She sadly said, "I knew you weren't strong enough. Get the fuck out of my house, you little faggot."

Scott temper flared, all he saw was red, but he felt the sting of his fist as it connected with her face. As if everything was in slow motion, he saw her crumple to the ground, blood pouring out of her nose.


"Noooooooooo" Scott screamed for an eternity.

A door opened, and a man step out into the hallway to see what the noise was. Seeing Scott on his kneeing, crying his eyes out, the man rushed to his side falling on his knees beside him.

"What's wrong son?" The man said gently.

Scott looked through his tears and saw the man. "Everything is so fucked up. I need help."

"Well, you came to the right place. My name is Doctor Reynolds and I can help you. Come with me."

Scott let the doctor haul him to his feet and usher him into his office. Motioning for Scott to have a seat, the Doctor went to the sink and got a glass of water.

Scott took off his coat and sat down.

The Doctor handed him the glass and noticed the track marks on the blondes arm.

"How long have you been using?" He asked.

Scott looked in the Doctor's eyes and his tears started falling again. "Forever." He whispered.

Scott mustered up all the courage he had and stated, "My name is Scott Taylor. And I have a problem."


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