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The sun had long since set, but the Indian summer still held Detroit in its fist. All the windows were open allowing what little breeze to flow through the house. The moon was almost full giving the illusion of mid-day. The sky was completely clear, and even with all the lights of the city, one could still see the stars twinkling in the night.

Justin sat out on the deck of his rented house with a bottle of beer. He was tired, he had been at the studio all day and most of the night. He glanced at his watch, damn, he thought, almost three a.m. He tried to stifle a yawn but it slipped out anyway.

Looking at his bottle of beer, he said aloud, "I need some sleep."

He finished the beer in one gulp, and walked back into the house and up the stairs into his bedroom. With the curtains open, his room was almost bright as day. He didn't bother with the lights as he started to strip off the shorts he was wearing. Stretching his tall, lean frame, he looked over his body in the moonlight.

"Damn, I need to start exercising again." He said to no one.

He rubbed his hand over his taunt abs and only imagined them getting soft. Years of dancing daily and proper dietary habits had left his 22-year-old body in peak condition. But to the once heartthrob of the teen population, his lack of real exercise gnawed at him daily.

Justin stood there naked in the moonlight and rubbed his body enjoying the sensation of touch on his smooth skin. His nipples became hard as chill bumps covered his entire body. Damn he thought it's been way too long since someone touched me.

He pushed that out of his mind as he remembered why he was in Detroit in the first place. His album, his new life, his freedom. He sighed loudly as he walked over to his bed and lay down atop of the sheets.

Justin missed his former life at times like these. He missed his bandmates more than he missed the fast paced life of Nysnc. But he even missed that. He missed everything except Jc, his one time best friend and lover. Justin had a strange feeling of hatred and disappointment as he thought of Jc.

He pushed those thoughts away and wondered how the rest of the band had spent their time after Nysnc. Deep inside of him, he felt guilty for never explaining things to Joey, Chris, and Lance. He just left them and walked away. He knew that Jc had an album out and was doing well on the pop charts. He figured that Freelance, the production company that Lance owned, who'd been doing fine now that the deep voiced singer could spend all his time on it. But he wondered about the other two, where were they right now.

But most of all he missed his mom and his younger siblings. He still stayed in contact with his family but it had been over six months since he saw then. He questioned his actions of leaving everything and recording his album in Detroit.

Just as quickly as that thought entered his head, another thought over shadowed it. For the first time in his life, he was truly alone. It was up to him to succeed or fail. That thought almost shattered his confidence. A tear started to fall out of his eye; he tried to choke back the fear.

"Oh fuck, I have to take my mind off of this," He suddenly said.

He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. He found the channel he wanted, MTV. For almost an hour he lay in bed with his eyes closed just listening to all the music videos.

Suddenly his eyes popped open and he sat up and stared at the TV. He knew that voice. His eyes were glued to the TV as he saw the new video by Zylvan.

Oh my god he thought. Scott looks worse now than he did six months ago. His eyes looked sunken into his head and his once muscular body looked weak and shrunken. Justin saw the pain in the singer's eyes in a close up, and tears started to fall. He looked like shit. Justin hated all those piercings.

He noticed all of that in seconds; he turned up the volume as Scott started to sing. The song was heavy and melodic, something that Justin wished he could do. He listened to the words as Scott sang them.

I ain't no Romeo
I just the man for you
Holding out as secrets travel
They kind of get to you

Everybody says that
It could've been something
Never was a smart kid
Never knew a good thing
Always hearing voices swim
In your liquid sky

Liquid sky
Just like all those voices
Like no more choices in disguises

I ain't no sacred idol
Or a saint pretending
I'll build you up
And tear you down
Turn you wrong side in

What am I afraid of
Everyone's listening
Standing on my soapbox
Lost the beginning
Always hearing voices swim
In your liquid sky

Liquid sky
Just like all those voices
Like no more choices
Like a lie
It's just
It's just
It's just liquid sky
I'm always hearing voices
Like electric shock waves in disguise

I don't know what this means
I'll leave it to your interpretation
It's just me at the edge

Everybody says that
It could've been something
Never was a smart kid
Never knew a good thing
Always hearing voices swim
In your liquid sky

Liquid sky
Just like all those voices
Like no more choices
Like a lie
It's just
It's just
Liquid sky

Always hearing voices swim...
Always hearing voices swim...
Always hearing voices

The video ended and Justin still sat in bed but the tears he had been crying were dry. As usual he was captivated like every other time he heard Scott sing. He could tell the difference in the singer's performance from the first time till now. He always sang with fire and passion but now it was with a dark commanding attitude that transcended all boundaries drawing you in, enticing you to become part of his vision. Like he was giving a part of himself to the listeners, something they could keep and hang on too.

He turned off the TV and lay back against the sheets, squirming around to try to find a cool spot in the bed. His thoughts drifted back to Florida and to the time he spent with Scott. His dick started to harden as he remembered the time when Scott was almost nude in front of him.

Unconsciously, his hand found his six-inch cock and grabbed the base just above his pubic hair. As his hand slowly worked his skin up and down, his mind was filled with every image of Scott that he had ever seen.

Every time his hand stroked the head, his body would quiver as it sent pleasure through out his entire body. His other hand gently rubbed his stomach and chest as he continued slowly jerking off.

In his mind, he saw the way Scott's hair always fell into his eyes and the way he would stick it behind his ears. The boyish way he blushed when Justin would embarrass him. The way he stared broodingly out into the rain and his gray eyes reflected the lightning. The way his shirts accented his body and the way his pants hugged his firm round ass. His smell, he remembered the intoxicating scent of Scott's hair when he hugged him. The way his face would light up when he smiled but never touching his gray stormy eyes.

Justin's hand was working faster now as the images quickly shot through his mind's eye. His breathing was getting rapid as his body convulsed with the sensation he had created. His body tensed up as he finally found the release he had been looking for.

He lay there for a few moments trying to get his body back under control. When his breathing returned to normal, he rolled over and quickly fell into a lust filled dream where Scott and him were making love in the rain.


"Hey Stevie, got that demo tape. I can't believe that's Justin's music. It sounds so different than his usual fare." Lance said talking excitedly into the phone.

Stevie Borders was Justin Timberlake's producer for his first solo record. Something that Stevie had kept from Justin was the fact that the record company was voicing major doubts about continuing the album. The execs didn't think that they had a viable product with the music that Justin was making. The album was close to being scraped before it even got off the ground.

Stevie had tried convincing Justin to write at least one radio hit, but he refused. Stevie had almost given up hope until Lance Bass had called him three days earlier telling him that his company, Freelance, was interested in hiring him for a new project in a few months.

As the two started talking about business, Stevie mentioned whom he was working for at the present moment. Lance quickly asked for some demo tapes. It took a lot of talking and promises from Lance to convince Stevie to send him the unfinished tapes. Stevie was breaking every rule in the music industry and if he were caught, he would never work in the business again. The only reason why he finally agreed was the fact that Justin had been friend and bandmate to Lance. And the fact that Lance was interested in releasing the album under Freelance if Justin got dropped.
"What do you think of it?" Stevie asked with a hint of desperation in his voice.

"I can't believe they don't like this. I know it's quite a departure from what Justin normally did, but if that's not a top ten record then I'm a fucking albino. They are definitely only looking at the crap that's popular now. I say in a year after release, Justin's album will be number one record with at least five top ten singles. Its so new and cutting edge." Lance had almost started screaming in his excitement.

Stevie let out a sigh of relief; "I'm glad that you feel that way. I think we could be dropped any day. They hated his last song he finished."

"Did I hear that one?" Lance asked as he grabbed the play list for the tape he received.

"Nope, we just finished it earlier today. It's called Someone Else Not Me, it's fucking unbelievable." Stevie replied truthfully.

"All right," Lance took charge, "This is what we do. Don't tell Justin about me at all. I would like to explain the situation to him myself. Second, let me talk to the management over there. If they want to drop him, I could buy his contract cheaply. I'll fly there tomorrow, fax me your address and I will meet you there sometime between the company and Justin's."

"Okay," Stevie agreed. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yep," Lance answered, "You can pray that we pull this off."

"You're a good friend to Justin." Stevie declared.

"Hey, it's not all about Justin. I am always on the lookout for new talent. I can make a lot of money having Justin on my label. I just hope he goes for it." Lance admitted.

"All right, see you tomorrow." Stevie said as he hung up the phone.

Lance hung up the phone and sat for a minute in his office. How he had changed in the last year since Nysnc. His spiky blonde hair was now back to his original darker brown and it was a bit longer. His green eyes showed more confidence than he used to have. He gave up his flashy clothes for a more businesslike attire. Now he wore a suit everyday to work and a briefcase instead of his shoulder bag.

He still exercised daily and his body was still toned and fit. The only thing that hadn't changed was his ability to keep track of the rest of his bandmates. He already had known that Stevie Borders was the producer for Justin. He also kept track of the rest of the Nysncer's. He stayed in close contact with each member, except for Justin. But that was about to change.

Glancing at his watch, he hurriedly left his home office and drove across town to where Joey was living. He had made plans to have dinner there this evening. He was already very late, but he knew that Joey, his girlfriend, Chris and his new bride would still be there partying.

The door was answered by a slightly drunk Joey. The two friends hugged and walked outside on the back porch where everyone else was talking and drinking.

"Hi, finally, you made it." Christine shouted as she ran over and gave him a big kiss.

"Whoa, Christine, Joey might get jealous," Lance replied good naturally.

"He should be, you're getting sexier every time I see you," Sarah interjected giving him a big hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

"Well Joey, looks like our women like Lance best," Chris replied in a sad voice. "I guess he can start paying the bills for us then."

"Hey, I can't help it if your women like a real man," Lance defended himself as he gave Chris a big hug. On an impulse, he kissed Chris on the forehead.

Chris gave a mock sigh and stuck his tongue out at the females. He said in a childish voice, "But he likes me the best."

The friends all laughed as they sat down and started catching up on each other's lives. Chris's clothing line was booming. It seems that everyone caught the craze for his crazy line of clothes. Lance looked at his friend amazed by the changes that had come over him.

Chris had always been a little bit on the chunky side, but since he left the band, he had a little potbelly that Sarah swore was the cutest thing in the world. His crazy hair was gone replaced by a normal cut. The only thing that was the same was his outrageous clothing style.

Sarah and him were like night and day. Sarah was a gorgeous brunette with a slight curvy body and nice dancer legs. Lance always thought that Chris married above him. But they did make a good couple.

Even now they were sitting so close that Lance couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. They even had that annoying habit of finishing each other's sentences.

Joey on the other hand hadn't changed at all. His looks were still the same. Right now his hair was three different colors. His hair was brown with red and blonde streaks running throughout. He still kept in great shape due to the fact that he had a budding movie career. His eyes still had that youthful quality that always made him look like he was about to play a joke. Every so often that look would change as he glanced at his girlfriend of two years.

Christine wasn't what you would call Joey's type. She was rather ordinary looking, not that she wasn't beautiful, it's just that she wasn't a model like Joey normally dated. She was rather short, only five foot two. So she looked really small standing next to Joey. Her close cropped hair was blonde and she had the most electrifying green eyes that Lance had ever seen.

But Lance had to admit that his friends couldn't have picked better partners if they had a choice from every girl in the world. He looked at his friends and had a pang of loneliness. He was still very single. Not that he wasn't looking but his responsibilities with Freelance kept him too busy for a relationship at the present time.

Joey who had asked him a question brought Lance back to reality.

"What did you say?"

"I said, I leave tomorrow for New York where I will be filming my first movie." Joey stated proudly.

"Really, who else is going to be in it. Don't tell me they're letting you star in it by yourself. If that's the case then the movie will definitely be a flop." Lance asked with a smile.

"Hey," Christine said defensively, "That's my Joey Buttifuco you're talking about."

"Buttifuco, that hurts." Joey said with a wince.

"But I still love you." Christine said as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Well, who is going to be in the movie?" Chris asked impatiently.

"I'm just a supporting role, but Shelia Seine is going to star in it opposite of Jude Law." Joey said with a hint of pride.

"Shelia, wasn't she in that movie with Leonardo last year?" Sarah asked.

"Yep, and she was very good." Chris declared.

"Wow, looks like you're moving up in the world." Lance said with a grin. "Bout time you do something instead of lying around this mansion having sex with Christine."

Lance was bombarded with beer bottle caps from all sides.

"Hey, that wasn't fair." Lance complained. "I didn't even say anything about you two." He pointed to Chris and Sarah.

"That's because you kissed Chris and not me," Sarah explained as she examined her nails.

"I did it because she told me too," Chris said with a shrug. "She is the one who has control of the money."

"But isn't the woman supposed to subject themselves to the man," Lance asked quoting from the Bible.

"Whoever wrote that was definitely not married," Chris stated.

The five friends laughed at that statement. Lance was still feeling like he was being ganged up on took the liberty of shifting some of that aggression.

"So," Lance asked innocently, "When are you two going to get married?"

Joey gave his friend a look of death. Everyone else was laughing but Joey started squirming in his chair as Christine looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes Joey, tell him. I am very curious about that myself," Christine stated.

Joey had that look of a deer in headlights, he looked over at Lance as if to say, I am going to get you for this. He tried to change the subject.

"Hey Chris, how is your clothing business doing?"

Chris had a big smile on his face as he answered, "Great, I think I am going to start a new line of clothes in the spring."

"Really," Joey jumped on this new conversation, "What kind of clothes?" Joey still was trying to avoid Christine's icy glare.

Chris looked at Lance and smiled, "We are going to do a whole wedding line."

"Fuck you." Joey said.

Everyone laughed at Joey's predicament. Christine was laughing uncontrollably as she watched her man shift and root around in his chair.

"I can't believe you set me up, you're suppose to be my friend." Joey accused Chris.

"Hey, if I'm going to be stuck, I want all my friends to be stuck right along with me." Chris stated as he leaned over and gave Sarah a passionate kiss. Sarah just rubbed his arm affectionately.

Christine touched Joey's arm and answered, "We have only just began talking about marriage. I'm in no rush, I know I have him right where I want him."

"Christine," Joey whined.

She just laughed and said, "You know I'm only teasing. I do love you."

They embraced and shared an intimate kiss. Joey had a look of pure love on his face as he looked deeply into his partner's eyes.

Lance rolled his eyes. Sometimes he felt like such a fifth wheel around his friends. Sensing that Lance was getting uncomfortable, Sarah changed the subject.

"How's Freelance going for you?"

Lance knew that she knew, he gave her a weak smile as if to say thanks, "It's going good. By the way guys, I might buy out Justin's contract and have him work for me."

Joey snapped his head around to look at Lance, "What, he's going to go for that? I didn't even know that you have been speaking to him."

"Well," Lance explained, "He doesn't really know about it yet. And I haven't spoken to him in about three months. The last time was at his house before he left for Detroit."

"They are just going to let you buy his contract. Why?" Chris asked confused.

"Well, they heard most of the new album and they don't like it. It seems Justin had more talent then even we knew about."

"What's wrong with it?" Sarah wanted to know.

"Nothing," Lance exclaimed. "I've heard the tapes. It's like somehow he's tapped into his very soul and captured his essence on tape. We all know Justin, and when I heard those songs. I knew that I was seeing a side of him that I didn't even know he possessed."

"He poured all his pain and hurt into beautifully arranged songs that make you want to laugh, cry, and yet ponder the universe at the same time." Lance tried to explain the feelings he got from the tapes.

"Wow," Joey said. "So why don't they like the record?"

"It's a complete departure for him. No dance songs, no sappy love ballads. He plays the guitar and the piano on all the tracks. I didn't even know he could play."

"Justin plays the guitar." Chris said. "I guess we don't know him very well."

"But it's good. I think it's the best album I have heard in years. He will lose his pop fans but I think he will finally gain the respect of the critics." Lance answered confidently.

Joey had a far away look on his face as he said, "God, I miss him all the time. Everyday I think about him and wonder what's he doing."

"I know, so do I." Chris agreed.

Sarah and Christine both gave their partners a reassuring squeeze. Lance offered, "I think we all do. When I talk to Jc, it's the only thing he can talk about."

At the mention of Jc's name, Lance saw the anger in the other men's face. Lance silently wished that somehow he could fix the divide that ripped his friends apart. He knew that it would take time to heal all the feelings.

"You still talk to him." Joey said. "How could you? After everything he's done."

"Hey," Lance said in defense, "Jc didn't do everything wrong. Justin made mistakes too. Remember, Justin left the band and all of us behind, not Jc."

"How can you defend him?" Chris asked venomously.

Lance sighed loudly, "I'm not defending him. But if you can forgive Justin, at least try to remember what we meant to each other and forgive Jc."

"I don't know." Joey said.

Lance stood up and started to pace, "Look, Jc knows he fucked up. It's killing him not being able to talk to the three of you." Meaning Joey, Chris, and Justin.

"Do you guys know that he's drinking again?" Lance asked to see their reactions.

"Oh shit," Chris exclaimed. "Is it as bad as it used to be?"

Lance answered sadly, "I think it's worse. When ever I talk to him, he is so blasted out of his mind he rambles on and on."

"Good, he deserves that." Joey stated. Christine looked at her boyfriend sadly. She knew more than anyone how much Joey missed Justin and Jc. But for now there was so much anger that had to be let go.

"Joey," Lance started.

"Don't Joey me. You never stop do you? You always have to be the problem solver."

"Don't talk to him like that baby," Christine ordered.

"It's all right Christine," Lance assured her as he gently touched her shoulder. Looking at Joey he continued, "And as if I ever stop? No, you four guys mean everything to me. I remember when we first formed. We made a pact to be brothers no matter what."

"That was along time ago, Lance." Joey said quietly.

`Nevertheless, I fucking hate the fact that I can't spend time with my friends together. I hate the fact that the five of us can't sit down for dinner. Nysnc is over, and I'm okay with that. But I am not okay with that fact that two of my friends are hurting and there is no one there to comfort them." Lance was on the verge of screaming.

"I know, I don't like it either." Chris finally said.

"Lance," Joey looked up at his friend with a sad face, "I miss both of them. I don't hate Jc. I hate to hear that he's drinking again. But what can we do?"

"I don't know. But I will start working on it tomorrow when I go to Detroit to see Justin. Jc will be there in two days for a show. If Justin forgives Jc, will you?" Lance asked Joey.

Joey had tears slowly coming down his cheeks; "He was forgiven along time ago. I guess I got so used to blaming him for everything that I didn't know how to stop."

Joey buried his face in Christine's neck. Christine looked at Lance and mouthed the words thank you. Lance gave her a weak smile and turned to find Chris hugging him tightly. Chris kept whispering in Lance's ear.

"Thanks, I didn't know how to say it to him. Justin and Jc both should be proud to have you as their friend. I really do love you Lance."

"I love you too."

Joey joined the two friends and they stood there hugging tightly. All their old feelings of camaraderie returned stronger than they ever were. Lance got the feeling that maybe his plan would work. He crossed his fingers in his heart and prayed for it too. It was too long already. He was ready to be joined with his friends once again.

Nysnc was dead, but the ties that bind were forged out of steel and life would not break them apart.


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