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Moonlight will Prevail---Highschool section of Nifty




Shelia Seine's Apartment, LA

"I don't care what you want Leo," Shelia Seine was yelling to her boyfriend as she held the phone receiver to her chest. "The doctor said no drinking while on that medication."

Getting back to her conversation, Shelia rolled her eyes at her boyfriend's puppy dog face. Talking into the phone, she said, "I know, you would think he would be smarter than that, but damn. With him it's all looks and no brains."

"Hey, I resent that," Leo said over the noise of the TV that he was watching in the kitchen. "I too am smart."

Shelia stuck out her tongue at him. He promptly gave her the finger and went back to eating his cereal.

Shelia tried to focus on the conversation she was having with her best friend but it was hard. She kept glancing over at her boyfriend of six months. She still couldn't believe that she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

She had met him on a movie last year and ever since the VH1 award show, they had been dating very publicly. Their high profile relationship had been the tabloids wet dream. They couldn't have a moment of peace unless it was inside a secured building. But she still was totally amazed at the prospect.

She had emerald green eyes and fiery red hair that matched her fiery temper perfectly. And at the moment, she was the next "it" girl of Hollywood. So it was only natural for her to date another Hollywood star.

But as she sat there talking on the phone, the only thing she could do was stare at him. His tall lanky body was folded up as he sat on a stool eating his morning cereal. His blue eyes were glued to the TV as his firm pouty lips wrapped around the spoon. She had to laugh to herself, even when he ate he was beautiful.

She loved the way his forehead would crinkle when he was wrapped up in something. He was sitting there in a pair of shorts eating breakfast, and all she wanted to do was jump his bones. She felt like a teenage girl with a crush.

But that was all it was, a crush. She was sleeping with one of the hottest guys on the planet and she wasn't in love with him. She loved him, but she didn't see the rest of her life with him. All her friends were envious of her, and she was worrying about love.

At first, she had decided to sleep with him to further her own career. But she did have so much fun with him, she decided to play until it got too damn boring. Besides, he was good in the bedroom. And they made a good pair, both of them were very selfish and for some reason, their relationship worked.

So for the moment, she would continue to sleep with him until she found someone better. She laughed at that thought. Sometimes she even surprised herself with her cold heartedness.

"What?" Her friend on the phone yelling in her ear snapped Shelia out of her daydream. "What channel?"

"Thanks, I have to go." Shelia said as she hung up the phone and ran into the kitchen.

Leo looked up from his cereal with a smile, "What did she want?"

"I have to change the channel. It's about Scott." Shelia stated as she turned the TV to MTV.

"Hey, I was watching that," Leo exclaimed with a hint of anger in his voice.

"Shut-up," Shelia answered as she tried to listen to the MTV news update.

"As everyone knows, Scott Taylor, the lead singer for Zylvan, has been in a rehabilitation clinic. He had been suffering with heroin addiction and had checked himself in five days ago. Shortly after his admittance, he slipped into a coma. Then, no more than twenty minutes ago, he had stopped breathing. Sources close to the story told us that doctors have been trying to revive him and as of the last report, they've had no response. More on this story as it unfolds from California. Stay tuned, we will give you updates just as soon as we get them, right here, on MTV News."

"I can't believe it." Shelia whispered.

Leo quickly got up from his stool and put his arms around her as he gently told her, "I'm sure he's all right, babe."

Shelia sunk into him and put her head on his shoulders. Tears started coming down her face as a memory broke to the front of her mind. Reminding her of that awful fight they had right before Leo and her got together. He can't be dead she thought. I have so much to say to him. Oh, God, please don't let him be dead.

"I didn't even know he was in rehab." Shelia sobbed.

Leo hugged her tightly and continued to sooth her, "It's gonna be all right. You know the fucking news, they never get anything right."

"I have to go see him." Shelia stated in between sobs.

"Babe," Leo said. "You don't even know where he is."

Shelia broke away from his grasp and started for the bedroom. Over her shoulder she cried out, "No, but I know someone who will know. And I am going where ever he is, he needs me right now."

"What about me? Maybe I need you here?" Leo asked.

Shelia turned around and faced her boyfriend, "Come on Leo. Do you really need anyone unless they're fans fawning all over you?"

Leo shook his head, "I guess not, but maybe I wanted to believe that I did."

"Look, I have to go to him. Sorry about tonight's plans." Shelia offered with genuine remorse.

"I know what he means to you. It's okay, what kind of man would I be to stand in your way? Friendship is important, especially in our business." Leo admitted.

"Thanks." Shelia called out over her shoulder as she went to call Rick (Zylvan's band manager). He should know where Scott is.


"Oh my god! When?" Richard Taylor asked into the phone that had awakened him at four am.

"What is it dear?" Yulonda, his wife, asked sleepily.

"Is he alive?" Richard asked fearing the worse.

Yulonda had sat up in bed at that statement. Call it a mother's instinct, but she knew the call was about Scott, her only son.

"No, I'm glad that you called. Don't worry about the time." Richard stated. "Thanks."

Richard hung up the phone and looked at his wife. The moment he saw her face, he knew that she knew. For a second his face beamed at her, she was such a wonderful woman and he thanked God everyday she was his wife.

"What it is Hon?" She demanded.

"It's about Scott." Richard started.

She sat there shaking her head with tears in her eyes, she asked, "Please, he's not dead is he."

"I don't know. That was Timmy's and Ellie's boy, he was watching MTV when a news bulletin flashed on. From what the news said, Scott has been in a rehab clinic for a week or so. He's been in a coma since checking in."

"Oh dear God!"

"It seems he has a problem with heroin." Richard said as gently as he could as he reached over the bed and hugged his wife close to him.

"Thirty minutes ago, he stopped breathing. The TV didn't say if he was alive or dead." Richard said as he buried his face in his wife's hair.

"What are we going to do if he's dead?" She whispered.

Richard knew that his wife was one step from breaking down and that he had to do something, anything to keep up hope.

"I can call…"

"Who? Who can you call? We don't know anything about his life? I don't know where he is, I don't even know if my baby is alive. Just what can you do?" Yulonda was sobbing as she screamed at her husband.

"Now, I think I have the Mitchell's phone number in my book. Surely, she knows where Garion is. I bet she knows where our son is." Richard said as he felt her body relax just a hair.

"Don't go thinking the worst. We've put him in God's hands, and we don't need to second guess him." Richard softly told his crying wife. "God won't let anything happen to him. You'll see."

"I love you." His wife said fiercely in his ear. "Hurry."

Richard squeezed his wife tighter before letting go. He left her crying into her pillow as he made his way downstairs to his study to find the Mitchell's number.

Upon entering the study, he fell to his knees with tears streaming down his face and started to pray for his only child.

"Father, you know we did everything we could to raise him right and to fear you. I always felt that as his father I had to let him go and find his own way. And when he left like he did, both of us gave him to you for protection. All I'm asking for now is that you keep your angels watching over him and see him through this tragic time. Let him feel your love and let him know that we still love him with all our heart. Watch over him, bring him back to us safely."


"I'm not sure, but I'll call you when we find out." Greg Taylor was saying to an assistant at MTV News.

He hung up the phone and stretched his lean frame. His long blonde hair was tied back and his green eyes looked puffy from the lack of sleep.

He glanced over at his long time friend and asked, "Can you believe all the free publicity we're getting off this?"

His friend, Garion Mitchell, answered with a smile. "Yep, everyone loves a drug addict. I can't believe that our video is doing so well."

Garion stood up and started to pace back and forth in the small waiting room of the hospital. His brown eyes frantically looked around the room at some unseen worry. His blue topknot was tucked into the back of his black T-shirt making him look like quite ridiculous.

Even though Garion loved the publicity, he was worried about Scott's health. It had been twenty minutes and still no word as to his condition. As of that moment, neither Greg nor him knew if he was going to make it. A small part of him felt horrible for going along with Greg's idea to cash in on Scott's problems. But they had told the world now there was no going back. He just hoped that Scott would understand when it was all over.

Seemingly reading his mind, Greg offered, "Don't worry about it, Scott would agree with what we're doing. He wants the band to hit it as bad as anyone."

"I'm not sure, he never liked his personal life in the spotlight." Garion countered.

"Look at it from my point of view," Greg continued. "Ever since we told MTV, our video has gotten thousands of requests. Radio stations have our song in heavy rotation. You can't buy publicity like that."

"But don't you think we should have at least contacted his parents?" Garion demanded. "How would you like to find out about your son's problems from a fucking TV show?"

Greg dismissed it; "Those religious bastards don't watch MTV, besides from the way Scott talks, they could give a shit about him."

"He's still their only kid. I just think we should have told them." Garion stated flatly.

"Do you know how to get in touch with them?" Asked Greg as he stretched for the hundredth time. He hadn't slept much in the last forty-eight hours. Someone had to keep Zylvan on track, especially now that Scott was incapacitated.

Shaking his head no, Garion slumped down into a chair and replied, "No, but maybe Rick knows how to contact them."

"Look, Rick is busy editing the footage from our live shows to release a new video. I agree that we should release a new single to capitalize on this newfound interest in the band. Liquid Sky has been falling off the charts for weeks, how long can it hang in there?" Greg asked.

"I just think we should tell them." Garion ended by leaning his head back against the wall.

Greg looked at his best friend with a look of disgust. Rick and he were the only people who saw the potential of Scott's condition. He rubbed his face tiredly; Scott would just have to understand his decision to release a new song. He owed the band that much after his personal problems interfered with the other members.

The door opened quickly, and a nurse entered the room holding a clipboard. Her white uniform was pressed and neat all the way down to her perfectly shined white shoes. A hat covered her hair, but her eyes shined with weariness. And it was only 7 a.m.

"How is he?" Garion demanded as he rose out of the chair in a single motion.


Garion's mother, Debra, was busy in the bathroom taking her morning shower when she faintly heard the phone ringing. Considering her short brown hair was completely covered with conditioner, she decided to let the machine get it.

She figured whoever it was could wait till she was ready to face the day. Besides, she hadn't had her morning coffee yet and was in no mood to run around the house soaking wet in just her skin.

Debra took her usual hour in getting ready to face the coming day. By-passing the answering machine, she went to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee that was waiting for her. She opened the front door and picked up the morning paper and sat down in her favorite chair to read the day's news.

In her morning ritual, she completely forgot about the message on the machine. She dressed for work, and quickly left the house.

The answering machine was still blinking as she turned off the lights and locked the door behind her. Completely unaware that a couple in Alaska were anxiously waiting for a return call from her.


Both Lance and Justin were eagerly watching MTV, just waiting for that update about Scott. Lance was completely confused as to why Justin was so worried about a person he only met twice.

"Hey Just, I didn't know you and Scott were such good friends?" He asked in a quiet voice.

Justin's head snapped around to look at his closest friend, "Well, we aren't really. I haven't seen him since the VH1 awards months ago."

"Then why the sudden curiosity about him?"

Justin stood up and touched his toes trying to relieve the kinks from his lean frame. Taking a few moments to sway back and forth and from side to side, giving his youthful body a good stretch, he replied.

"It's not a sudden curiosity, I've thought about him daily ever since I first met him. Even when I was with Jc, I thought about him." Justin admitted.

Lance was more confused than he was at first, "Why? You barely knew him. I thought you said he was really fucked in the head."

"In a way he is, but there is something about him that is so damn intriguing. I find myself thinking about him more and more. I didn't even fuck him and I can't get him out of my head." Justin complained to no one in particular.

Lance smiled, finally it made since. "You are in love with him aren't you?"

"Whatever!" Justin exclaimed. "Why would I fall in love with him? He's a junky; you know what I think about that. He's selfish, arrogant, always whining about his poor dead cousin. He's nothing that I had ever wanted."

"Oh really, but you can't stop thinking about him. Sounds like love to me." Lance argued laughing at his friend's denial.

Justin glared at his friend's assumption. He replied slightly angry, his blue eyes shining fiercely, "Fuck you James. Why would I fall in love with a junky that don't believe in love?

Lance was slightly taken back at the sudden outburst. Justin never called him James unless he was really mad. Lance tried to smooth things over.

"Then what could be the answer?"

"I don't know." Justin admitted with defeat. "Maybe it's because he's the only one I ever wanted that I didn't get."

"But I thought you said you could've had him?" Lance asked in an even tone.

"Fuck him, yes, but have him no." Justin answered quietly.

"Just, if you are worried about him, I can make some phone calls and find out if he is okay." Lance offered with a beginning of a plan.

Justin looked at his friend with a small smile. His eyes sparkled, showing that all was forgiven. He replied, "That would be cool. I think I need to know."

"Not a problem, can I borrow your phone?"

"Sure, it's over by the couch. Help yourself." Justin waved with his hand over towards the living room. "Are you hungry?"

Lance stood up and began to walk into the living room. Glancing back, he answered, "Yea, you know I hate airplane food. I want eggs and bacon."

Justin looked around the kitchen for something to throw at his friend, finding nothing, he gruffly answered, "What the hell do you think this is, the Hilton?"

Lance started chuckling as he disappeared into the living room to make his call.

Justin opened the fridge to see what breakfast would consist of, wasn't much in it. As he looked in the fridge, his mind began to wander.

Lance can't be right I don't love him. Now he's so ugly with all those piercings. Hell, he doesn't believe in love. If I were in love with him, it would be just like me to fall for someone that I can't have.

Justin shuddered as he remembered falling in love with his best friend years ago. Out of all the people he had to fall in love with, he had to fall for the biggest straight man in history.

He looked back on his life and the people that he had shared it with. Jc wasn't the best relationship he had, but it wasn't the worst. Could he be in love with Scott?

Was that the reason that he couldn't concentrate? Scott was cute back then. His eyes, oh what beautiful eyes. So dark and stormy, yet childlike, filled with pain. Could he deal with another man like Jc?

I can't love him, can I? Damn, why am I so cold? He realized that he had been standing in front of the open refrigerator door for awhile. He said out loud.

"Good thing Lance didn't see that. He would be convinced that I did love Scott."

"Lance saw it." Lance said with a grin from ear to ear.

Justin looked sheepishly at his friend as he closed the door. Stuttering, he tried to explain.

"I…there… wasn't…don't have anything for breakfast." He finally managed to say. "Did you find anything out?" He asked in the most carefree manner he could.

"Yes," Lance gently replied. "I found out how Scott is doing."

Justin turned to face his friend. "Well, spill it. How is he?"

Lance shook his head sadly. He walked over to Justin and held his friend as Justin started to weep in Lances arms.


Garet's mother was preparing breakfast for Joshua, Garet's six-year-old brother. Joshua was busy watching cartoons. She could hear his laughter coming from the other room. She sighed heavily. She tried to stifle a cough, but it came out anyway.

The coughing fit lasted longer than normal. By the time it was done, she was barely standing, clutching the counter for support. She brought a napkin to her face to wipe her mouth. When she laid the napkin down, there was blood on it.

She sat down wearily in a chair trying to catch her breath. Tears formed in her eyes as she thought of Joshua. Who would take care of him? Her thoughts drifted to Garet.

She had always been proud of her rock-n-roll son. He had been so strong for her when her husband left her. Always sending her money from the road. Sometimes she wondered how he managed to live. She knew he didn't make much, and he sent her a lot every month. What would he do now? How long could she last?

The ringing of the phone brought her head up from where she had been resting it in her hands. Clearing her throat, she called out to Joshua.

"Josh honey, could you get that?"

Silence from the other room. She raised her voice louder, which almost brought the coughing back, and said, "Joshua, get that sweetie."

Still nothing, the phone was on the forth ring, she stood up and gingerly made her way to the phone. Clearing her throat on more time, she picked it up.


"Oh, thank god you're there."

Her face broke out in a huge grin. It almost made her feel good. "Hi sweetie, I was just thinking about you."

"Mom, I have bad news." Garet said straightforwardly.

"What is it baby?" She asked with great concern.

"It's about Scott." Came the reply.

Her smile quickly vanished from her face with those words. "What is it?"

Garet sighed deeply. He knew his mom always had a soft spot in her heart for the lead singer of his band. He didn't know how to tell her about it. Hell, he didn't know how to tell her about himself.

"Scott's in the hospital."

"Oh dear god, is he alright?" She asked hoping for the best.

"I don't know. He checked himself into rehab last week. But for some reason he fell into a coma. Right now he isn't breathing, and they can't revive him." Garet said, the emotion clearly coming through his voice.

"Where are you?" She demanded.

"I'm in the hospital, they kicked me out of his room. I am so scared." Garet admitted, his composure collapsing.

"Calm down sweetie, everything will work out." She replied.

Her mind raced for a solution, she could hear him breaking down. Trying to keep him focused, she asked.

"What drug was he on?"

"Heroin," Garet stated. "I guess real bad."

"Dear Jesus, at least he went for help. What about the rest of the band?"

"I don't know. They have been acting strange ever since Scott came here." Garet offered. "I wish I knew what they're doing."

"It's gonna be okay sweetie, I just know it." She replied confidently.

"Mom…" Garet started.


"There's more."

She closed her eyes. Everything inside her was screaming for him to stop. But she whispered softly, "What is it?"

Garet completely broke down and tears were falling as he dropped in a chair. Through his sobs, she heard him say.

"I can't stop using it and I'm gonna end up just like him."

Her world crashed in around her and the room started to spin. Crying out for help, she fell on the floor. Her hand still clutching the phone, she heard Garet sobbing in one ear and Joshua screaming in her other. The darkness overtook her and she slipped into unconsciousness.


"Where are the freaking paddles?" Dan shouted.

"We're trying to get some from downstairs." The nurse answered calmly.

"How long? We can't keep this up forever."

Dan was sweating as he continued pressing on Scott's chest. He was running out of time. They needed a pulse and they needed it now.

"Doctor, I have a pulse."

Scott became taunt as his body came off the bed till the only thing touching was his head and feet. Everyone in the room heard Scott take a deep ragged intake of air. They saw his chest rise on its own as he took his first un-aided breath in over fourteen minutes.

Scott yelled out with every fiber of his being, "Noooooooo."

He collapsed on the bed and moments later his breathing returned to normal. His heart monitor beeped a steady sound, and the entire room breathed a sigh of relief.

"That was fucking freaky." Dan burst out.


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